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06 Nov 2015 - Inflammation And Food: Inflammation Is Associated With Killer Diseases [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Nov 2015 - The Incredible Health Benefits Of Berries

03 Oct 2015 - Dementia Now Striking People In Their 40s As Mercury From Vaccines Causes Slow, Degenerative Brain Damage

01 Oct 2015 - 5 Health Problems Dogs And Humans Have In Common

31 Aug 2015 - Dementia Now Striking People In Their 40s As Mercury From Vaccines Causes Slow, Degenerative Brain Damage

25 Aug 2015 - STUPID: Washington Post Claims Omega-3s Are Useless; Science Shows They Improve Diabetes, Brain Health And More

11 Aug 2015 - Alzheimerís Recovery Testimony Using The Natural Allopathic Protocol

27 July 2015 - Alzheimer's And Diet: Fighting The Genetic Risks [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 July 2015 - Scientists Researching The Effect Of Aluminum Exposure Appeal To The Public

15 July 2015 - Green Tea Boosts Your Brain Power, Especially Your Working Memory

04 June 2015 - Type O Blood Protects Against Alzheimer's: Study

22 Apr 2015 - The Clinical Impact Of Vitamin C: My Personal Experiences As A Physician

19 Mar 2015 - Homocysteine: One Of The Best Objective Markers Of How Healthy You Are

10 Mar 2015 - High Fructose Corn Syrup Now Labeled As Fructose Or HFCS-90

09 Mar 2015 - Vitamin D Can Save You From Diabetes And Dementia

17 Feb 2015 - How To Make A Raw, Dairy-Free, Dill Cheese Dressing

17 Feb 2015 - Hay Fever Medications Increase Risk Of Alzheimer's And Dementia

16 Feb 2015 - New Research: Over The Counter Drugs Linked To Alzheimerís Disease

16 Feb 2015 - Cabbage Crunch Recipe

13 Feb 2015 - These Popular Medications Can Cause Alzheimerís

13 Feb 2015 - Walnuts Found To Improve Brain Performance

12 Feb 2015 - Aluminum, Fluoride, And GlyphosateóA Toxic Trifecta Implicated In Autism And Alzheimer's Disease

10 Feb 2015 - Curcumin May Help Lower Your Inflammation

10 Feb 2015 - 5-Minute Collard Greens

09 Feb 2015 - The Science Is In: Alzheimer's Can Be Prevented [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 Feb 2015 - 9 Surprising Health Benefits Of Drinking Tea

04 Feb 2015 - Six Preventable Disorders America Has Manufactured, Perpetuated And Propagated

27 Jan 2015 - Curcumin Eradicates Brain Protein Fragments To Fight Alzheimer's Disease

23 Jan 2015 - The Remarkable Effects Of Exercise On Cognition And Brain Cell Regeneration [Has an embedded video on the web page]

22 Jan 2015 - Is Your Deodorant Drugging You Through The Armpits Daily With This Neurotoxin?

19 Jan 2015 - Studies Show That Olive Oil Benefits Our Heart And Mind

19 Jan 2015 - How Avocado Can Help Improve Your Cholesterol, Heart, And Brain Health [as an embedded video on the web page]

12 Jan 2015 - Inflammation And Food [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 Jan 2015 - Healthy High-Fat Diet Protects The Brain From Aging

07 Jan 2015 - Five Best Natural Anti-Inflammatory Herbs

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