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Posted: 02 June 2022

Amyloid plaques are aggregates of misfolded proteins that form in the spaces between nerve cells. These abnormally configured proteins are thought to play a central role in Alzheimer’s disease. The amyloid plaques first develop in the areas of the brain concerned with memory and other cognitive functions. But with the vaxx they can form even in the heart as explained, or anywhere.

Listen to the radio program below about the spike protein. These are not blood clots. People are even told not to live near crematoriums. This is Jeff Rense with Erica Khan. There is a column on, Jeff and Erica They also discuss transmission from the vaxxed. The Amyloid Clots are rubbery, and they grow and move. Thousands have worked so hard to warn the public, but so many wouldn't listen.

Please listen…. Time HAS run out for most

Explanation Of Deadly Amyloidosis And Amyloid Clots - A Revelation Of The Dangers

After you have listened to this there is another program titled "Absolute Proof How The Bioweapon Destroys The Blood” Think what is going on when people take blood transfusions from the vaxxed or anything that has blood in it, like the vaxx itself. A Canadian doctor also is on the program. Listen to the experts and pass the information on.

If you today go to the web site, at the top of the page where he has daily news you will hear Bouria, head of Pfizer say to the audience they are achieving their goal, that by 2023 they will have eliminated 50% of the population. We sure tried to tell the world what was going on. As soon as I turned on the computer today the first email was about another death. Then you read about them all day long. Bouria has already been indicted by the International Criminal Court. Here is another case just came in, young boy died with myocarditis: Children not even at risk in the first place.

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