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Here is information on aspartame and MS in English: I actually spoke with this sister as so many MS and aspartame victims called after an email went viral about me lecturing for the World Environmental Conference years ago. All the ones I spoke with after getting off aspartame got well. Cori Brackett was one of the MS patients drinking diet soda and could hardly walk or talk. She had one of the largest lesions ever diagnosed in an MS patient. Eight months after abstaining the lesion all but disappeared. Cori walked out of her wheelchair, and as a film producer went on to make the movie "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World" - Here is another article on the subject:

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This is in response to the article, not in English, which may be found out:

Here is the translation of the article into English:

A woman in the United States is in pain, ill, and the doctor is at his fingertips. By chance, her sister found her etiquette to drink a soft drink every day. Schematic. (Fotolia)

(Epoch Times, January 17, 2018) (Reporter Fang Ziyun from The Epoch Times compiled reports) A woman in the United States was in pain for months, but the doctor could not find the cause at all. She felt hopeless survival arrangements for funerals, to accept the last medical examination, the report was the eldest sister to see the problem and asked her if she is not always drink a very ordinary drink. Now, this woman has recovered.

Women endure pain pain arrangements

Rhonda Gessner, a U.S.-based blogger and woman living in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, published an article in a blog in September 2013 about the experiences of her own sister.

In October 2010, my sister was suddenly experiencing an unwell illness. Her stomach mainly manifested as stomach cramps, weakness and weakness. Walking was becoming a difficult task and her bed was quickly ached.

Seek medical examination, sister found a lot of doctors, changed a lot of hospitals, but doctors are completely clueless about her illness, but she was covered in pain more and more powerful.

As of March 2002, her sister had taken as many as 24 medications per day, but her pain has not only failed to improve, but she has been so serious that she realized she could not live long before.

At that time, the doctor had removed some of the tissues and muscles from her body for biopsy. However, no pathogen was still detected, but her pain relieving treatment was mandatory.

"She just knew she was going to death!" Ronda wrote that her sister knew he was a long time, and arranged for the aftermath.

She transferred all her property, bank accounts, life insurance, and all the property, all to her eldest daughter, hoping that when she died, the children could grow up comfortably.

After the last physical examination, Ronda's sister booked a plane ticket to Florida on March 22 and planned to end her life in that warm spot.

The doctor's certificate came out Sister found the fundamental problem

Before leaving March 19, Ronda called her sister about the progress of the recent doctor's examination. Sister told her recently released test, doctors believe she is suffering from "Multiple Sclerosis."

Upon hearing this, Ronda suddenly remembered a medical study she had just read about "Aspartame poisoning," which described the symptoms of aspartame poisoning , including Multiple Sclerosis symptoms , body aches and so on.

Ronda immediately asked her sister if she often drank Diet Soda (sugar-free soda drink). Sister strangely replied: "Yes! I am now going to open a Diet soda it."

Ronda immediately stop her sister, do not open this can of drink, but to drink water or ordinary soda. Then Randa explained to her sister what was aspartame poisoning.

Hanging up the phone, Ronda emailed to her sister's lawyer friend about the harm of Aspartame's essay.

My sister follows her sister's advice for physical recovery

Thirty-two hours after she spoke to Ronda, her sister called her and told her to shock her.

After speaking with her sister, my sister stopped all drink, changed her drinking water and other drinks without aspartame. She did not expect less than 2 days she could walk!

Sister said that although she can not be 100% sure that he is about to heal, but she really feel better, the body is no longer so painful.

Sister quickly returned home and she called to tell her sister that the doctor was "shocked" when she saw her. "The doctor said he wanted to call all patients with multiple sclerosis to see if they also eat in large quantities. Artificial sweetener. "

On March 22, the day was originally scheduled to go to Florida, my sister checked in on time, but she had only one drug in her package, which was a tablet that relieved aspartame.

Ronda said her sister's condition has improved since then and has gradually recovered.

What is aspartame

Aspartame is a non-carbohydrate artificial sweetener that was successfully synthesized and patented in 1965. This sweetener has high sweetness, pure sweetness, no caries, low calorie, low hygroscopicity, no stickiness and caking, and is therefore mainly used in beverages, vitamins, or chewing gum instead of sugar. Diabetics and people who are losing weight are also happy to use aspartame as a substitute for sugar.

Aspartame, however, decomposes at temperatures above 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius) and produces chemicals such as formaldehyde, formic acid and methanol, leading to metabolic acidosis. If you eat too much, can cause the body suffering from multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus.

Aspartame enters the body at low temperatures, including stupid alanine, and patients with genetic disease who have phenylketonuria must avoid aspartame.

According to Ronda's blog, symptoms of aspartame poisoning include dyspnea, elevated blood pressure, abdominal pain, tinnitus, muscle pain, cramps, joint pain, depression and anxiety.

Precisely because Aspartame can cause so much harm to people, Diet Drink recently changed its formula and is clearly labeled on the package: No Aspartame.

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