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13 May 2019 - The Dangers Of 5G

08 May 2019 - Florida’s Medical Police State Abducts Healthy Three-Year-Old From Parents For Refusing Unnecessary Chemotherapy Treatments

25 Apr 2019 - CDC Admits HIV Is Exploding Among Transgender Women… Total Silence From Left-Wing Media, Just Like With The Spread Of Anal Cancer Among Homosexuals

25 Apr 2019 - Stop Cancer Cells Dead In Their Tracks With Turmeric

23 Apr 2019 - Glyphosate: New Results From The Ramazzini Institute On Hormonal Balance And Reproductive Development In Mice. Interview With Mantovani Of The ISS

18 Apr 2019 - Proctor & Gamble, Whose Products Are Full Of Toxic Chemicals Linked To Cancer, Demands Facebook Enforce “Brand Safety” For Advertisers

10 Apr 2019 - Cancer Industry Not Looking For A Cure; They’re Too Busy Making Money

29 Mar 2019 - Drinking Soda Can Trigger Colon Cancer

27 Mar 2019 - New Science Links Soda With Heart Problems And Two Types Of Cancer

25 Mar 2019 - Monsanto: Roundup Substantial Factor In Man's Cancer, Jury Finds In Key Verdict

21 Mar 2019 - Prepare The Funeral Dirge For Monsanto/Bayer~Unanimous Federal Jury: Roundup Weedkiller Is Major Factor In Man's Cancer [Has an embedded video on the web page]

20 Mar 2019 - 10 Reasons Why Vitamin D Is Essential For Your Health

12 Mar 2019 - Research Shows That Berries Are One Of The Best Ways To Prevent Cancer

06 Mar 2019 - A Diet Rich In Nuts Like Almonds Is Found To Drastically Improve Colon Cancer Survival

12 Feb 2019 - There Is A DIRECT Correlation Between Higher Vitamin Intake And Lower Pancreatic Cancer Risk

09 Feb 2019 - Science Is Clear: Wi-Fi Increases Our Risk Of Brain Cancer

06 Feb 2019 - Vitamin D Reduces Cancer Risk: Why Scientists Accept It but Physicians Do Not

06 Feb 2019 - Government-Funded Studies PROVE That Cellphone Radiation Has Carcinogenic Potential

05 Feb 2019 - The Disturbing Link Between Vaccines And Pediatric Cancer

05 Feb 2019 - Cancer Industry Plotting To DESTROY The New Cancer Cure Developed By Israeli Scientists… The Attacks Have Already Begun

01 Feb 2019 - PROVEN: Eating Organic Food Lowers Cancer Risk

01 Feb 2019 - Studies Confirm: Potential Risks Of 5G Wireless Radiation Are Too Serious To Ignore

18 Jan 2019 - Bittersweet: Aspartame Breast Cancer Link [While this article by Dr. Woodrow Monte was published in 2008, the facts are current and its one everybody should read because of the link to breast cancer. In his book, "While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills" he correctly calls aspartame a killing machine. Dr. Morando Soffritti in one of his studies at the Ramazzini Institute on aspartame also proved it causes breast cancer. It goes into some detail about if a woman is pregnant and the baby survives (aspartame is a teratogen) that child can grow up to cancer. While we see the horror of the use of aspartame in the population and almost 100% of scientific peer reviewed studies prove the problems, the FDA goes ahead and approves another aspartame product, Advantame. Be safe, read labels and spread the word. – Dr. Berry Martini - Founder, Mission Possible Health International]

16 Jan 2019 - Aspartame Cancer, Obesity, Insanity