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12 Nov 2012 - Documentary Reveals How The Medical And Pharmaceutical Industry Conspire To Maintain A Failing Business Model [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Aug 2012 - Chiropractic Treatment Improves Functionality Of Individuals With Rheumatoid Arthritis

11 June 2012 - The Cost-Effectiveness Of Chiropractic Care Vs. Medical Care

18 May 2012 - Chiropractor Overcomes All Obstacles To Open Practice

13 Apr 2012 - Chiropractic And Diabetes - The Connection Between Blood Sugar And The Spine

27 Jan 2012 - Get Rid Of That Pain In The Neck: Exercises Beat Meds For Pain Relief

26 Jan 2012 - Healthy Pregnancy Following Chiropractic Care In Ovarian Cancer Patient After 2 Years Of Infertility: A Case Report

25 Jan 2012 - Studies Confirm Chiropractic Treatment Prevents Heart Attacks And Lowers Blood Pressure

19 Jan 2012 - Got Neck Pain? New Study Says Chiropractic Care And Simple Home Exercises Work Better Than Painkillers

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