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15 July 2024 - Biden Administration Files Emergency Motion To Strike Down Injunction In RFK Jr., CHD Censorship Case: The Move Came Less Than 24 Hours After A Lower Court Rejected A Bid By The Biden Administration To Prevent A Preliminary Injunction In The Kennedy v. Biden Censorship Lawsuit From Taking Effect. The Injunction Would Have Prohibited White House Officials From Coercing Social Media Platforms To Suppress Or Censor Online Content.

27 June 2024 - Supreme Court Rejects Lawsuit Against Gov't Over Social Media Censorship

27 June 2024 - DiGenova And Toensing To Newsmax: Court Made 'Perplexing' Decision On Speech

27 June 2024 - TikTok Bans Ads For Pro-Women's Sports Athletic Brand

25 June 2024 - Supreme Court Rejects NRB Request To Stop 'Unlawful' Religious Webcaster Fees

25 June 2024 - Biden's Internet Plan Fails Rural America Millions Spent No Connections Made

24 June 2024 - Meta Facing Coordinated Lawsuits Over Youth Policies

06 June 2024 - US Regulators To Open Antitrust Inquiries Of Microsoft, Nvidia, OpenAI

30 May 2024 - "Big Brother" Joe Biden Mandates End To Anonymous Use Of Cloud Services, Demands Official Identification For All Users

30 May 2024 - Biden Wants U.S. Government To Scan All Images On Your Phone To Comply With New AI Rules

30 May 2024 - ADL Brags About Controlling ALL Major Tech Platforms, Determining What Speech Is Allowed In America

23 May 2024 - This Undisclosed WhatsApp Vulnerability Lets Governments See Who You Message

21 May 2024 - A.I. And The Image Of The Beast [YouTube video]

21 May 2024 - Left's Cancel Culture Unleashed: Google Doc Targets Pro-Israel Authors, Sparks Outrage

21 May 2024 - Soros Funds Group Pushing Big Tech To Censor Before 2024 Election

16 May 2024 - RFK Jr. And Super PAC Sue Facebook Over Censorship, Election Interference: Lawyers Representing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. And A Political Action Committee Supporting His Presidential Bid On Monday Sued Meta, The Owner Of Facebook And Instagram, After The Company Censored A Biographical Film About Kennedy And His Work Challenging Corporate Corruption

08 May 2024 - TikTok Sues U.S. Government To Stop Potential Ban + More

06 May 2024 - Biden Admin Accused Of Coercing Tech Giants To Censor Speech

02 May 2024 - AI Misuse Leads To False Racism Accusations, School Chaos

16 Apr 2024 - Tech Exec Predicts 'AI Girlfriends' Will Create $1B Business: 'Comfort At The End Of The Day' [This is absolutely crazy - B. Carey]

08 Apr 2024 - 'Misinformation Expert' Who Attacked Doctors During COVID Apologizes For Some - But Not All - Comments: In A March 29 Tweet, Allison Neitzel, Founder Of "Misinformation Kills," Apologized For Online Posts She Made In 2022 Attacking Doctors For Their Views On COVID-19. Investigative Journalist Paul D. Thacker Blamed The Media For Creating "Experts" Who Have "No Credibility."

08 Apr 2024 - Facebook CEO Trashed By Angry Red-State Citizens

08 Apr 2024 - Left-Wing Election Group Still Rooted In These Areas With 'Zuckerbuck' Bans

04 Apr 2024 - Fear Of AI Rising

01 Apr 2024 - TikTok Throws Millions To Sway Dems & Dodge DC's Hammer

25 Mar 2024 - Democrats Already Trying To Use TikTok Ban Bill To Destroy Twitter Before The Election

21 Mar 2024 - Still Using Google? 6 Reasons To De-Google Your Life Now [Has embedded videos on the web page]

21 Mar 2024 - Bill To Ban TikTok Is 'Egregious Attack' On U.S. Constitution, Critics Say: Critics From Across The Political Spectrum Warned A Bill Passed Last Week By The U.S. House Of Representatives That Could Ban TikTok Also Grants The Executive Branch Sweeping Censorship Powers, Including The Ability To Ban Other Platforms, Websites And Hosting Services.

19 Mar 2024 - Biden's TikTok Ban Support May Turn Off Young Voters

19 Mar 2024 - Watchdog: Google Interfered In US Elections 41 Times [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 Mar 2024 - Did Government 'Coerce' Tech Giants? Supreme Court Weighs Arguments In Landmark Censorship Case: The U.S. Supreme Court Today Heard Arguments In A Case That Could Determine If The U.S. Government Can Legally Pressure Tech Companies To Remove Content From Social Media Platforms Without Violating The First Amendment.

14 Mar 2024 - TikTok On The Chopping Block: House Votes To Ban Red-Spangled App!

11 Mar 2024 - YouTube Fixes 'Disclaimer' On Chemical Abortion Video After 16 Attorneys General Demand False Information's Removal

11 Mar 2024 - Dr. Phil Exposes How Facebook Is Helping Biden Get Away With Major Human Trafficking Operation At Our Border

07 Mar 2024 - 16 AGs Demand YouTubeDdrop 'Misleading' Abortion Notice From Pro-Life Videos

06 Mar 2024 - Here's Why A SCOTUS Ruling On Social Media Rules Matters To So Many People

05 Mar 2024 - Elon's X Revives Orwellian Misgendering Punishments: Has Free Speech Been Silenced?

29 Feb 2024 - Microsoft's Cozy Cash Dance In Biden's White House!

28 Feb 2024 - NYTimes: Social Media Moms Expose Minor Daughters' To Predation

28 Feb 2024 - Google Apologizes Aor A Historical And Inaccurate Gemini AI Images, But Does Nothing To Correct Its Racist, Anti-White Programming

28 Feb 2024 - Supreme Court Weighs If States Can Crack Down On Social Media Censorship

27 Feb 2024 - Biden Bets On AI Anarchy, Ignores Expert Meltdown!

27 Feb 2024 - Woke AI Run Amok: Google's Gemini Bot Rewrites History With PC Images

27 Feb 2024 - Bill Gates Praises India's Sweeping Digital ID System As Model For Other Nations + More

15 Feb 2024 - Microsoft Says US Rivals Are Beginning To Use Generative AI In Offensive Cyber Operations

12 Feb 2024 - Tech Giants Unite For AI Safety Super-Consortium

09 Feb 2024 - Biden Administration Funding AI Tools To Censor Americans' Speech: "The Purpose Of These Taxpayer-Funded Projects Is To Develop AI-Powered Censorship And Propaganda Tools That Can Be Used By Governments And Big Tech To Shape Public Opinion," According To A Report Released This Week By The U.S. House Judiciary's Subcommittee On The Weaponization Of The Federal Government [This is going to be so abused and used for other purposes by our corrupt and ungodly government - Dr. B. Carey]

07 Feb 2024 - When TikTok Encourages Genital Mutilation Of Children

05 Feb 2024 - He Was Arrested For Making A Joke On Facebook. A Jury Just Awarded Him $205,000 In Damages

31 Jan 2024 - Tech Tyrants Muzzle Free Speech, Conservative Voices Silenced Again!

29 Jan 2024 - NSA Buying Americans' Internet Browsing Records Without Warrant + More [THat is becaiuse they think they are above the law and can do anythgn they want, including violating your rights and freedoms! - Dr. B. Carey]

29 Jan 2024 - Conservatives, Tech Lobbyists Push Back On Biden AI Plan [That is because he wants everyting they have so he can probablt give it to those that are loyal to him - Dr. B. Carey!]

18 Jan 2024 - Total Psyop: American Psychological Association Seeks Federal Funding To Fight "Misinformation" Online (In Other Words, To Commit More Censorship)

04 Jan 2024 - TikTok Menace Unchecked: Libs Ignore Red China's Data Heist!

02 Jan 2024 - FileZilla

02 Jan 2024 - Mozilla Firefox FTP

02 Jan 2024 - Free Kaspersky Antivirus & Internet Security Trial Downloads [I HIGHLY recommend this. I use the full version of the Internet Security and it is awesome! – Dr. B. Carey]

02 Jan 2024 - CCleaner [A great program for cleaning unwanted files on your computer - Cleans temporary files, history, cookies, autocomplete form history, index.dat, and more]