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13 Dec 2019 - Disciples Of Skynet Target Seattle As Fertile Mission Field

13 Dec 2019 - Twitter Bans LifeSiteNews For Working To Protect The Lives Of Young Human Children… Because Twitter Is Run By Evil, Demonic, Anti-Human Tyrants

05 Dec 2019 - After Creating The World’s Most Dangerous And Evil Tech Company, Google Founders Leave, Turning It Over To Fascists Who Hate Humanity

04 Dec 2019 - Five Myths You Should Stop Believing About Phone Batteries

04 Dec 2019 - China Monitoring Mobile Phones, Blocking 'Harmful' Words Like 'Almighty God'

04 Dec 2019 - WebMD And Healthline Exposed Violating Your Privacy [Has an emebedded video on the web page]

04 Dec 2019 - Establishment Media Now Openly Pushing Tech Giants To Censor All Independent Media

22 Nov 2019 - Investigation Finds Google ‘Blacklists’ Entire Sites From Search Results

19 Nov 2019 - Zuckerberg Shills For Mark Of The Beast

14 Nov 2019 - Dr. Mercola Reveals How Google And Wikipedia Tag Team To Censor Natural Health Websites While Promoting Big Pharma And Processed Junk Food

12 Nov 2019 - Report: Google Not Telling Patients Or Doctors They’re Collecting Info On Millions Of People

07 Nov 2019 - As Criticism Mounts, Greta Thunberg Wants Facebook To Silence Opponents [Good! Facebook should NOT do a thing. She brought it upon herself! – Dr. B. Carey]

07 Nov 2019 - Five Apps You Need To Delete From Your Smartphone Today

07 Nov 2019 - Why Do Batteries Explode?

07 Nov 2019 - Elizabeth Warren Criticizes Twitter’s Ban On Political Ads Because It Covers Climate Change

30 Oct 2019 - Even the fundraising Site GoFundMe Is Now De-Platforming Vaccine Skeptics

29 Oct 2019 - Facebook And The Pro-Abortion NAACP Both Oppose Pro-Life Free Speech

24 Oct 2019 - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Admits To Helping Pete Buttigieg With Campaign Hires [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Oct 2019 - Want To Delete Facebook? Read What Happened To These People First

15 Oct 2019 - YouTube, Google, Facebook And Vimeo Are Complicit In The Massive Polio Outbreak Cover-Up: It’s All Caused By Vaccines

08 Oct 2019 - Texas Is Hiring Tech Industry Experts To Go To Battle With Google Over Anti-Trust Violations

02 Oct 2019 - Google Goes Full-Throttle With Health Censorship, Doubles Down On Big Pharma Drugs And Disease

01 Oct 2019 - Facebook To Exempt Opinion And Satire From Fact-Checking: Move Follows Controversy Over Fact-Checking Of Posts On Abortion, Climate Change

01 Oct 2019 - The Corporate Media Is Engaged In Open TREASON Against America (And Must Be Stopped)

24 Sep 2019 - Rotten Tomatoes Is Rigged Against Reality, Just Like Google, Facebook And All The Left-Wing Tech Platforms

20 Sep 2019 - Facebook Created Over 100 Pro-ISIS Pages, Meantime Censoring Conservatives

20 Sep 2019 - Facebook Creates Its Own 'Supreme Court' To Judge Content Ban Appeals

20 Sep 2019 - Google Has Become The Anti-Health Search Engine; Now Censoring Nearly All Holistic Health And Nutrition Websites On The Planet

17 Sep 2019 - Study Finds That Facebook Is Bad For Your Mental And Physical Health

16 Sep 2019 - Facebook Removes Angel Mom's Posts On Illegals, Permanently Bans Donations To Angel Families Group

16 Sep 2019 - Google And Facebook’s New Plan To ‘Save’ Journalism Already A Farce

13 Sep 2019 - Facebook To Review ‘Fact-Check’ Of Live Action Post By Activist Abortionists

10 Sep 2019 - Little Timmy vs. Google Spies

09 Sep 2019 - New Analysis Finds That Google Not Only Discriminates Against Conservatives But Also Anyone Who Challenges The “Climate Change” Hoax [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Sep 2019 - Google Fined A Whopping $170 Million For Illegally Profiting Off Of Kids' Personal Data On Youtube [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Sep 2019 - Facebook Censors LifeSite, Claims Opposition To Giving Kids Trans Hormones Is ‘Hate Speech’

30 Aug 2019 - Instagram Blocks Pro-Life Ad About Mom Who Chose Life Despite Brain Tumor

30 Aug 2019 - Evil Google Raced To Hide All Search Results For The Word “Covfefe” After Trump Tweeted It In Hopes Of Making Prez Look Stupid

29 Aug 2019 - Conservative Education Org Must Be Blocked Like Porn, Google Insists In Court

29 Aug 2019 - YouTube Demonetizes 'Warriors For Christ' Page With Over 500,000 Followers

28 Aug 2019 - Facebook Allows Washed-Up Former CNN Reporter To Determine Which Conservative Websites Get Completely Blocked… Massive Censorship Scandal [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Aug 2019 - Facebook Removes Trump Campaign Ad Designed For Women Voters [Has an embedded video on the web page]

23 Aug 2019 - Facebook Nixes ‘Women For Trump’ 2020 Ads

21 Aug 2019 - YouTube Blocks PragerU Ten Commandments Videos, Restricts To 'Mature Audiences'

21 Aug 2019 - Conservative Leaders Publish Letter To Google Demanding Explanation About Conservative Censorship

21 Aug 2019 - Google Threatens Former Employee With FBI Agents In Attempt To SILENCE Whistleblower

21 Aug 2019 - Google Is A Direct Threat To Human Freedom, And It Must Be Dismantled Or We Will Be Forever Enslaved

21 Aug 2019 - Why Is Facebook Spying On The AUDIO Of Its Users?

20 Aug 2019 - Walmart Declares War On The First And Second Amendments; Now Blocking Gun Sites From Walmart Wi-Fi

16 Aug 2019 - The Christian Post 'Blacklisted' By Google, Whistleblower Reveals [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Aug 2019 - Google Now Taking Sides On Key Issues Like Medicine, Cancer, Vaccines, GMOs, Climate Change And More, And Working To Obliterate All Views That Google Doesn’t Endorse

13 Aug 2019 - AOC Demands Law Restricting Trump’s Twitter Actions Not Apply To Her [Has an embedded video on the web page] [She thinks she is above the same rules that everyone else has to follow! – Dr. B. Carey]

13 Aug 2019 - Twitter’s Evil Double Standard

13 Aug 2019 - Leaves Facebook Today

09 Aug 2019 - By Censoring All Voices That Progressives Don’t Like, Youtube Becomes The Biggest Bigoted Bully Of Them All

08 Aug 2019 - FREE: Add Your Face To An Animal Picture Online

08 Aug 2019 - Prager: Google Censors Video That Exposes Lies About Trump [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 Aug 2019 - Former Google Employee's Story Of Anti-Pregnancy Bias Part Of A Pattern, Says Pro-Life Group

06 Aug 2019 - How Google Threatens Your Children

08 Aug 2019 - MINORITY REPORT: FBI trying To Build Social Media “Pre-Crime” Tracking Tool To Arrest People Before They Carry Out Crimes

06 Aug 2019 - Study: Many Health Apps Share Sensitive Medical Data With Third Parties, Leaving Patients At Risk Of Potential Privacy Loss

01 Aug 2019 - Facebook Admits That It Stored At Least 600 Million Passwords In Plain Text, With Employees Having Access To The Files For Years

01 Aug 2019 - While Banning All Conservatives, Twitter Openly Allows Extremely Graphic, Blood-Filled Images Depicting The Murder Of President Trump

26 July 2019 - DOJ Announces Review Of Practices Of Market-Leading Online Platforms (Google, Facebook, Etc.)

26 July 2019 - Speech And Censorship In The Internet Age

26 July 2019 - The Window Of “Allowable Speech” Is Collapsing, And The Dark Age Of Internet Censorship Has Arrived

24 July 2019 - DOJ Set to Launch Antitrust Probe Into Social Media Giants, & This Could Be Massive (Details) [GOOD! It's about time something was done! – Dr. B. Carey]

19 July 2019 - Facebook Says Posting About Dietary Supplements Is A “Violation,” But Issuing Death Threats Against Conservatives Is A-Okay

15 July 2019 - Brighteon 2.0 Is Now LIVE And Ready To Host Your Free Speech Videos That Are Banned By The Techno-Fascists [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 July 2019 - Security Alert: Experts Warn About Major Flaws In 4G And 5G Networks That Let Anyone Listen In, Send Fake Messages, Or Track Your Location

08 July 2019 - Conservative Commentator Joe Biggs Banned From Twitter After Questioning Antifa

05 July 2019 - EXCLUSIVE: Google To Block All Anti-Cancer, “Anti-Vax” And Anti-GMO Websites At The Browser Level As Tech Giant Goes All-In With Pharma Drug Cartels [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 June 2019 - Google Buries Search Results In Escalating Attack On All Independent Health, Nutrition And Vaccine Information

28 June 2019 - Google Doubles Down On Deceiving Customers About Its Political Manipulation

28 June 2019 - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Conspired With Abortion Activists To Ban Pro-Life Ads Before Ireland Vote

26 June 2019 - Google Execs Delete Social Media Accounts After Report Shows Anti-Conservative Bias

26 June 2019 - Google’s Meddling In 2020 Election Exposed By Project Veritas Proves Leftist Dems Can Only Win By Deception And Force

26 June 2019 - Google Executives Must Be Brought To Justice For Their Crimes And Conspiracies: Election Meddling, Knowledge Suppression And Fraud

26 June 2019 - Project Veritas Bombshell Report Exposing Google’s Likely Illegal Election Meddling Completely Ignored By The “Mainstream” Media

25 June 2019 - Google Executive Admits They Are Thought Police And Will Be Intervening To Stop Trump In 2020

25 June 2019 - Taiwan Citizens Protest Communist Chinese Infiltration Of Their National Media… But U.S. Citizens Say Nothing As The Same Happens In America

25 June 2019 - Project Veritas Bombshell: Google Engaged In Massive Censorship Effort To Prevent “Repeat” Of 2016 When Trump Won The Presidency

24 June 2019 - YouTube Deletes Video About Tech Insider Blowing Whistle On Pinterest’s Censoring Bible Verses, Pro-Lifers: Report

24 June 2019 - Facebook Now Has Its Own Cryptocurrency, But How Can You Trust A Platform That Steals Your Data And Bans Users?

24 June 2019 - More Big Tech fascism: Mailchimp Shuts Down GreenMedInfo newsletter For Sharing Science About Vaccines

21 June 2019 - Right Before 2020 Campaigns, Facebook Makes Disturbing Move Against Free Speech [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 June 2019 - Just Like Big Tech’s War Against Online Free Speech, Big Pharma Is Trying To “De-Platform” Homeopathy And Other Natural Remedies From Retailers

21 June 2019 - Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley Introduces Bill To Stop Tech Giants From Censoring Conservative Speech

18 June 2019 - The Best News Websites To Visit Each Day To Beat The Censorship Purge By The Evil Tech Giants

17 June 2019 - YouTube Removes Video of Pinterest Insider Exposing Pro-Life Censorship: Report [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 June 2019 - Pinterest Fires Whistleblower Who Exposed It Censoring Pro-Life Group’s Content [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 June 2019 - Conservative Principles Do Not Require Us To Roll Over For Big Tech

13 June 2019 - Facebook Attorneys Admit In Court There’s NO Privacy On Its Platform … Users Surveiled, Tracked And Spied On Without Boundaries Or Limitations

13 June 2019 - 43 Attorneys General Urge FTC To Take Action On Big Tech Competition, Privacy

12 June 2019 - Pinterest Caught Listing Top Pro-Life Website As Porn To Censor Its Content

11 June 2019 - Boom! Trump Just Responded To Twitter’s Banning Of ‘Conservative Voices’ [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 June 2019 - It’s Time To Stop Pretending That “Mainstream Media” Reporters Are Real Journalists: They Are Left-Wing Political Activists And Journo-Terrorists

11 June 2019 - YouTube Claims To Be Banning All “Bigoted” Videos But Won’t Stop Bigotry Of The Hate-Filled Left And Its Attacks On Trump, Conservatives And Christians

11 June 2019 - NY Times Now Whining About Conservatives On Youtube In Signal To Tech Giant: Ban Them Now!

10 June 2019 - Google Fires Republican Engineer Who Exposed Alleged Bias Against Conservatives – Report [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 June 2019 - Conform Or Die: Big Tech Has Become The Feared Big Brother, The Ultimate Thought Control Machine

10 June 2019 - Facebook Bans Natural News; Health Ranger Responds With Message For Humanity

07 June 2019 - It’s Time For America To Declare “D-Day” Against The Evil Tech Monopolists And Their War Against Human Rights

07 June 2019 - If You Use Gmail, Google Has Been Secretly Collecting Details On Everything You Purchase, Both Online And Offline

04 June 2019 - Google Culture Dominated By Witch Hunts Against Conservatives, Warns Engineer… Total Obedience To Lunatic Left Now Demanded Of Everyone

31 May 2019 - Social Media Bans Correspondent Over Nothing Actually Said

31 May 2019 - Facebook Is Complicit In The Global Chronic Disease Crisis

31 May 2019 - Netflix Threatens To Boycott Georgia If The State Disallows The Gruesome Murder Of Unborn Babies

29 May 2019 - Another Prominent Conservative Journalist BANNED From Twitter

29 May 2019 - Patriots Planning Mass Protest At Facebook Headquarters – May 30th – Over Politically Motivated Censorship Of Conservatives, Christians

29 May 2019 - The Censorship War On Health Information Escalates As Facebook Deletes Health Group For Advocating Low-Carb Eating Habits And Good Nutrition

28 May 2019 - Censorship Is The Last Tool Of Tyrants

28 May 2019 - Wikipedia Co-Founder: “Wikipedia Is Broken,” Run By Bad Actors And Special Interests To Smear All Voices Of Dissent

22 May 2019 - While Everyone Was Watching Game Of Thrones, Big Tech Just Seized Monopoly Control Over All Information, Knowledge And “News”

22 May 2019 - Twitter Blacklists Renowned Sexologist And Adjunct Professor For Tweeting “Hateful” Message That Explains Transgenderism Is A Mental Illness

16 May 2019 - Cyberterrorists Digitize Asymmetric Warfare

16 May 2019 - TECHNO-DICTATORSHIP: Apple Bans Natural News For Publishing True Climate Science Stories That Apple Claims Are “Rejected By The Scientific Community”

16 May 2019 - Apple Stocks Plunge After SCOTUS Challenges Tech Giant’s Monopolistic Practices, Racketeering

14 May 2019 - Chart Shows That Google Only Promotes Far Left ‘News’ Organizations

14 May 2019 - Cyberterrorists – They're Real And They're Extremely Tech Savvy

13 May 2019 - Louis Farrakhan Shows His True Colors After Being Banned From Facebook [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 May 2019 - Facebook Co-Founder Calls For It To Be Broken Up

08 May 2019 - Actor Rob Schneider Lambasts “Progressive Democrats” And Tech Giants Over Their Unbelievable Censorship: “We Are In An Orwellian Nightmare”

07 May 2019 - A Sting That Exposed Facebook’s Liberal Bias

07 May 2019 - Facebook Categorizes Christian Theology As Hate Speech

01 May 2019 - Twitter CEO Silences Omar After She Complains About Trump, Takes A Stand For Free Speech

01 May 2019 - Google Accused Of Retaliating Against Employees Who Criticize Company

01 May 2019 - Twitter Boots James Woods Over Post They Think Went Too Far [Has an embedded video on the web page]

01 May 2019 - Amazon Employees Not Only Listen To Your Private Conversations Captured By Alexa; They Also Know Your Home Address

01 May 2019 - Evil Google Colluding With Government To Illegally Spy On Citizens… Is Anyone Surprised?

29 Apr 2019 - AZ Governor Stands By Christian Facebook Post Despite Calls To Remove [Has an embedded video on the web page] [GOOD for him for standing up against this EVIL! – Dr. B. Carey]

26 Apr 2019 - Tech Giants Pushing For “Centralized Censorship” To Activate Coordinated, Universal Blocking Of ALL Videos And Articles Questioning Official Narratives

18 Apr 2019 - Bombshell: Google Manually Censors Conservative Websites From Search Results, “Blacklists” Ideological Defectors

18 Apr 2019 - Wikipedia: Our New Technological McCarthyism, Part 1

15 Apr 2019 - Amazon Admits They Record And Listen To Your Private Life Over The Alexa Device

15 Apr 2019 - Google Labels Pro-Life Film ‘Unplanned’ As ‘Propaganda,’ Quickly Backs Down After Backlash

15 Apr 2019 - Yes, Google Has Been LISTENING And RECORDING Everything You Say In Your Own Home Through Secret NEST Microphones

15 Apr 2019 - Why Aren’t Amazon And Google Being Charged With Recording Customers In States Where It’s Illegal To Do That Without Telling Them? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Apr 2019 - Google Doesn’t Take Bias Hearing Seriously, Cruz Move Will Make Company Regret It [They didn't even bother to show up] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Apr 2019 - Breaking Report: Western Journal Blacklisted By Google, Despite CEO’s Testimony To Congress [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Apr 2019 - Leaked Memos Prove Google Is A Massive Criminal Enterprise Engaged In Felony Election Meddling And Racketeering

08 Apr 2019 - Leaked Emails Suggest Google Is A Leftist Cult

02 Apr 2019 - Twitter’s Brief Suspension Of Pro-Life Movie ‘Unplanned’ Seriously Backfires

03 Apr 2019 - How Do I Contact Customer Service?

03 Apr 2019 - Can Everything I Do Online Be Monitored At My Router?

25 Mar 2019 - Why It’s Time To Change Your Facebook Password [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 Mar 2019 - 1984 Is Here: Facebook-Owned Instagram Is Actively Silencing Free Speech By Blocking “Anti-Vaccine” Hashtags

21 Mar 2019 - Google Banned Christian YouTube Ad On Homosexuality After Backlash From Employees

20 Mar 2019 - Coping With Gray Text

20 Mar 2019 - Why Don’t I Get Sound From My Computer? (A Checklist)

20 Mar 2019 - How Do I Get Rid Of

20 Mar 2019 - Facebook Just Suspended Natural News For 7 Days For Posting This Rather Ho-Hum Fluoride Infographic [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Mar 2019 - Facebook Backpedals As Fast As They Can After Don Jr, Conservatives Roast Them For Ban On Conservative Business Site Zero Hedge [Has an embedded video on the web page]

15 Mar 2019 - Facebook Under Criminal Investigation Over Data-Sharing Deals With Tech Firms

13 Mar 2019 - Trump Makes It Official, Calls Out BIG TECH For Colluding With Democrats To Silence Conservatives And Steal Elections

12 Mar 2019 - How Do I Get My Web Browser’s Menu And Toolbar Back?

12 Mar 2019 - How Do I Clean Up After Windows Update Breaks Other Applications?

12 Mar 2019 - Do I Need A New Email Address If Mine’s Involved In A Breach?

12 Mar 2019 - Facebook Announces Medical FASCISM Rule: All Content That Contradicts The Corrupt Vaccine Industry Will Be BANNED

05 Mar 2019 - James Woods Scores Major Victory In Twitter Case

05 Mar 2019 - Why Do System Cleanup Utilities Report So Many Errors On A Supposedly Clean System?

27 Feb 2019 - Should I Defrag My External Drive, And If So, How?

27 Feb 2019 - Why Am I Not Getting The Email I Signed Up For?

27 Feb 2019 - Mark Zuckerberg Goes All-In With The Deadly Vaccine Industry In Sweeping New Plan To Censor ALL Posts That Question Big Pharma’s Vaccine Dogma

26 Feb 2019 - New Study Confirms Twitter Censorship

22 Feb 2019 - Google Pulls Advertisers From NewsWithViews.Com For Its Conservative Content

21 Feb 2019 - Google Hid A Microphone In Its ‘Nest’ Security Device And Never Told Consumers

14 Feb 2019 - We Are Now Living In A “Dark Age” Of Internet Censorship Due To Dishonest Tech Giants

12 Feb 2019 - Is There A Real Alternative To Windows?

12 Feb 2019 - How Do I Delete Multiple Emails When I Have A Lot To Delete?

12 Feb 2019 - Twitter Bans Conservatives For Telling Laid-Off Leftist Writers “Learn To Code,” But Did Nothing To Those Who Called For Violence Against Covington Catholic Students

09 Feb 2019 - ALERT: Twitter Blocks All Natural News / Health Ranger Channels After Adams Comments On The Jack Dorsey / Joe Rogan Bitcoin Fraud [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Feb 2019 - How Can I Tell If My Computer Is Being Hacked?

30 Jan 2019 - Google’s Latest Plan To Sell Your Data Will Leave You FURIOUS

29 Jan 2019 - What Should I Do About The Latest Breach?

29 Jan 2019 - How Do I Get Rid Of “overseer.exe”?

23 Jan 2019 - What Does “Relaying Denied” Mean?

23 Jan 2019 - How Can I Make The Text On My Screen Larger?

17 Jan 2019 - RED-HANDED! Google’s Anti-Conservative Bias Revealed With SMOKING GUN

17 Jan 2019 - Arrest Google CEO Sundar Pichai For Lying Under Oath To Congress: Yes, Google Manually Alters Search Results

16 Jan 2019 - Alternative Healthcare: Silicon Valley’s Next Censorship Target?

16 Jan 2019 - Why Does My Email Program Keep Prompting For My Password?

16 Jan 2019 - How Do I Move The Taskbar Back To The Bottom?

16 Jan 2019 - What Is “About:Blank” And How Do I Get Rid Of It?

11 Jan 2019 - Google Caught Secretly Recording Conversations Through Your Mobile Device

10 Jan 2019 - How Do I Decompress All The Files That Windows Compressed For Me?

10 Jan 2019 - Crank Your Password Strength Up To 11!

04 Jan 2019 - Netflix Caves to Saudi Government’s Demands, Eliminating Episodes [In Saudi Arabia, there is no such thing as “free speech”. Netflix just endorsed that outlook with this cowardly move]