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07 Dec 2009 - Diabetes Drug Found To Promote Cancer Tumors, But FDA Urges Diabetics To Keep Using It Anyway

01 Dec 2009 - Vitamin D Prevents Diabetes, Improves Insulin Sensitivity, Say Multiple Studies

05 Nov 2009 - Chromium Prevents Diabetes By Improving Insulin Sensitivity

05 Nov 2009 - Chinese Herbs May Prevent Diabetes In High Risk People

15 Oct 2009 - Chinese Herbs May Help Prevent Diabetes

05 Oct 2009 - Cinnamon Spice Helps Prevent Diabetes

28 Sep 2009 - Diabetes Drug Could Cause Pancreatic Cancer

25 Aug 2009 - Many Diabetic Foot Amputations Are Preventable

21 Aug 2009 - Diabetes Drug Increases Death Risk

07 July 2009 - New Research: Nitrates And Nitrites May Cause Alzheimer's, Diabetes And Parkinson's Disease

06 July 2009 - Two Reports On Aspartame/Splenda and Diabetes

29 June 2009 - Diabetes Drug May Increase Cancer Risk

02 June 2009 - AstraZeneca Told Sales Reps To Lie About Seroquel-Diabetes Link

11 May 2009 - Blueberries Reduce Belly Fat And Diabetes Risk

22 Apr 2009 - Aspirin Linked To Lower Diabetes Risk

22 Mar 2009 - $12.5 Billion Now Spent Each Year On Worthless Diabetes Drugs

17 Mar 2009 - Number Of Young Girls On Diabetes Drugs Skyrockets 147 Percent

20 Feb 2009 - Combination Of Prescription Diabetes Drugs Boosts Risk Of Cardiovascular Death

16 Feb 2009 - Daily Consumption Of Diet Soda Linked To Metabolic Syndrome, Type 2 Diabetes

12 Feb 2009 - Diet High In Vitamin C Reduces Risk Of Diabetes

12 Feb 2009 - Cinnamon Balances Blood Sugar And Lowers Cholesterol

02 Feb 2009 - Artificial Sweeteners Cause Weight Gain [There is also an embedded video on the web page]

23 Jan 2009 - Insulin, Leptin, And Blood Sugar - Why Diabetic Medication Fails

16 Jan 2009 - Chamomile Tea Regulates Blood Sugar, Prevents And Manages Diabetes