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17 July 2018 - Robert Kennedy Jr. Launches First Lawsuit Of Thousands Against Monsanto Alleging Herbicide Roundup Causes Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

13 July 2018 - DAMNING EVIDENCE: Revealed Documents Prove That Monsanto Deliberately Sold Banned Chemicals For Years Despite Knowing Their Health Risks

11 June 2018 - A Win For Nature: EU Supports Ban Of Neonicotinoids Proven To Decimate Bees

30 May 2018 - The USDA FAILS To Enforce A Key Farm Bill Provision, Much To The Detriment Of The Residents Of The Midwest Who Are Now Drinking Contaminated Water

11 May 2018 - Germany To Halt Weed Killer Glyphosate Use In Household Gardens, Parks, And Sports Facilities

10 May 2018 - Toxic Truth: New Evidence For Banning Monsanto's Roundup Weedkiller

10 May 2018 - Judge Rules Non-Profits Can Sue Monsanto For Misleading Labeling Of Popular Herbicide Roundup

24 Apr 2018 - Trump Must Drain The EPA Swamp

20 Apr 2018 - Here Are America's Worst Places For Air Pollution

13 Apr 2018 - San Francisco Bay Shellfish Found To Be Contaminated With Four Different Types Of Toxins

04 Jan 2018 - Contaminated Chemo Drugs, The FDA, And Chemical Warfare Against The Public