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19 Dec 2008 - U.S. De-Regulates Factory Farm Pollution

08 Dec 2008 - Health Risks Of Hybrid Cars Have Been Misrepresented By The Media

10 Nov 2008 - Pharmaceuticals In The Water: Why Medication Contamination Is A Danger To Our Health And The Environment (Transcript)

15 Oct 2008 - The EPA Refuses To Remove Rocket Fuel From Drinking Water

26 Sep 2008 - Calif. Warns People Not To Flush Pharmaceuticals

15 Sep 2008 - You Can Kill Fire Ants With Aspartame Or Orange Juice And Repel Them With Baby Powder

15 Sep 2008 - How To Kill Pests Without Killing Yourself Or The Earth

15 Sep 2008 - Air Pollution Can Interfere With Heart's Function

12 Sep 2008 - Lead Lurks In Backyard Gardens

11 Sep 2008 - AP Enterprise: Drugs Affect More Drinking Water

29 Aug 2008 - Germany Bans Eight Pesticides Linked To Honeybee Population Collapse; Clothianidin Chemical Found Contaminating Dead Bees

29 Aug 2008 - Broken Compact Fluorescent Lights Release Mercury Into The Air: Over 100 Times The EPA Limit

28 Aug 2008 - Bayer On Defensive In Bee Deaths: German Authorities Look Into Allegation That RTP Maker's Pesticide Harms Environment

20 Aug 2008 - Trace Arsenic In Water May Be Linked With Diabetes

18 Aug 2008 - Using Land To Grow Biofuels A Net Loss For Environment

23 July 2008 - Colony Collapse Disorder Debunked: Pesticides Cause Bee Deaths

05 July 2008 - The Poisoning Of America's Water Supplies

05 July 2008 - California Water Reservoirs Contain High Levels Of Carcinogenic Bromate

20 June 2008 - Pesticide Dangers To Human Health Carry Through Multiple Generations

13 May 2008 - What Is The Chemical Industry's Influence At The EPA?

28 Mar 2008 - Tracing Pesticides In Children From Ingestion To Elimination

20 Mar 2008 - Anything That Grows 'Can Convert Into Oil': Company Finds Natural Solution That Turns Plants Into Gasoline

17 Mar 2008 - More Testing For Drugs In Water Sought

10 Mar 2008 - Drugs Found in Drinking Water

10 Mar 2008 - Drugs Found In Watersheds Of 28 Areas

10 Mar 2008 - NYC: Traces Of sedatives In NYC water

03 Mar 2008 - $74.5 Million Set For The Spraying Of Toxic Chemicals Over San Francisco

27 Feb 2008 - Study: Contaminant Levels High In Parks

12 Feb 2008 - Fluorescent Lights Release Toxic Mercury Directly Into The Environment

07 Feb 2008 - Environmental Toxins May Cause Early Puberty

14 Jan 2008 - EU To Tighten Restrictions On Biofuels

04 Jan 2008 - Poisoning The Earth For Profit - DDT, A Vaccine For Mosquitoes?

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