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30 Dec 2010 - The EPA Attacks

27 Dec 2010 - Crops Absorb Pharmaceuticals From Sewage Sludge Spread On Farmlands

20 Dec 2010 - Likely Carcinogen Taints Drinking Water

10 Dec 2010 - GMO Canola Contaminates Majority Of Land On Organic Farm

08 Dec 2010 - Organic Farms Have Better Soil (Thanks To Microbes)

06 Dec 2010 - Over Half Of China's Water Polluted Beyond Drinkability

06 Dec 2010 - CDC And EPA Caught Withholding Truth About Toxic Drinking Water

23 Nov 2010 - Did You Know That Splenda Is In Your Drinking Water?

22 Nov 2010 - Pesticide Exposure Causes Attention Problems In Children

19 Nov 2010 - DEET Chemical Now Being Found In Municipal Water Supplies

12 Nov 2010 - Honeybee Collapse Due To Toxic Combination Of Pesticide Chemicals

04 Nov 2010 - Gulf Still Loaded With Chemicals, But FDA Says Seafood Safe To Eat

01 Nov 2010 - Monsanto And Agent Orange Kill On [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Oct 2010 - Drug Factories Flush Painkillers Down The Drain, Contaminating Streams

25 Oct 2010 - British Prawns Getting High On Prozac In The Water

21 Oct 2010 - Arctic Seabirds Loaded With Environmental Poisons

20 Oct 2010 - Monsanto Roundup Linked To Birth Defects In New Study

20 Oct 2010 - GMO Poisons Found In Indiana Waterways

11 Oct 2010 - Update On The Gulf Oil Spill Catastrophe

16 Sep 2010 - Philips Introduces Amazing LED Light Bulb Producing 800 Lumens (Replaces 60-Watt Bulb)

24 Aug 2010 - Pesticides May Be A Leading Cause Of Major Diseases

23 Aug 2010 - Environmental Toxins Affect Military And Civilians

16 Aug 2010 - Next Major Toxic Hazard That Can Ruin You And Your Children's Health [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Aug 2010 - Chemicals in Water Supply Near Chicago Linked To Cancer

09 Aug 2010 - Camp Lejeune Update

09 Aug 2010 - El TORO'S UNWANTED LEGACY: TOXIC CHEMICALS: Marine Veterans Of Former MCAS El Toro Were Exposed To Toxic Chemicals. None Were Notified And Most Are Unable To "Connect The Dots Of Serious Illness" To Military Service

06 Aug 2010 - Corexit: Coast Guard And Obama Administration Betrays The People And Country It Is Sworn To Protect [Has embedded videos on the web page]

03 Aug 2010 - Camp Lejeune Brain Cancer Cases, Lawsuit Filed In District Court: Alabama Marine Veteran Files Suit In District Court For The Death Of One Child And The Injury To Another From Camp Lejeune's Contaminated Well Water

02 Aug 2010 - Mekong River / Catfish [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 July 2010 - Herbicides Prove Ineffective As 'Superweeds' Start Taking Over

12 July 2010 - Weed Killer Kills Human Cells. Study Intensifies Debate Over 'Inert' Ingredients

07 July 2010 - Millions Of Vaccine Doses To Be Burned [So what happens when you burn mercury laden substances? - The mercury goes into the air you breathe]

22 June 2010 - Just A Few Things BP Does NOT Want You to Know [Has embedded videos on the web page]

18 June 2010 - BP Gets OK To Dump Mercury Into Lake Michigan

14 June 2010 - NY Hospitals Agree To Stop Flushing Pharmaceuticals Down The Drain And Polluting Watershed

11 June 2010 - Toxic Corexit Dispersant Chemicals Remained Secret As Feds Colluded With Big Business

10 June 2010 - Another Power Grab By The Feds?

10 June 2010 - Research: Electropollution Can Cause Diabetes (Type-3)

04 June 2010 - A Toxic History Lesson [Has an embedded video on the web page]

01 June 2010 - France Finds Monsanto Guilty Of Lying [This comes as no surprise since they lie about so much else!]

18 May 2010 - Pesticides Linked With ADHD In Children

29 Apr 2010 - Report: Most Americans Still Live In Unclean Air

23 Apr 2010 - Millions Drink Toxic Water In The USA, But It's EPA-approved!

13 Apr 2010 - BPA Hormone Disruptor Now Contaminates Earth's Oceans, Scientists Warn

01 Apr 2010 - Weak Rules On Toxins And Safety

25 Mar 2010 - Topical Drugs May Pollute Water

15 Mar 2010 - Battle Over Boy's Jesus Poster Sent To Supreme Court: 'Save The World'? No, That's Only For Environmentalists, Not God

12 Mar 2010 - Stock Up On Incandescent Light Bulbs: In Fact, Buy A Lifetime Supply Of Them

01 Mar 2010 - Even Drugs Thrown In The Trash Can End Up In Your Drinking Water

23 Feb 2010 - Pesticides Increase Thyroid Disease

22 Feb 2010 - Serious Birth Defects Linked To The Agricultural Chemical Atrazine

22 Feb 2010 - Bayer Pesticide Banned Over Threat To Honeybees

19 Feb 2010 - U.S. Government Wants Farmers To Spread Toxic Powder From Coal Plant Scrubbers On Their Food Crop Fields

04 Feb 2010 - Nearly 17,000 Chemicals Remain Corporate Secrets - Even The EPA Doesn't Know What They Are

27 Jan 2010 - Compact Fluorescent Lights Dumping Mercury Directly Into Landfills

26 Jan 2010 - EWG Study Finds Hundreds Of Pollutants In Nation's Drinking Water

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