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30 Dec 2014 - Scientist Terrified Of Geoengineering Technology Being Developed Under Guise Of Halting Global Warming

29 Dec 2014 - The Myth Of Safe Pesticides [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 Dec 2014 - Gov. Andrew Cuomo To Ban Fracking In New York State

19 Dec 2014 - A New Resistance Film To Expose Dangers Of Roundup In Food, Water And All Around Us

30 Oct 2014 - Susan G. Komen Partners With Fracking Industry To 'Pink Wash' Cancer-Causing Chemicals Pumped Into Ground

28 July 2014 - Oregon Ignored Complaints For Six Years While Timber Company Sprays Residents With Deadly Herbicides

23 Oct 2014 - Antibiotic And Heavy Metal Contamination In Environment Contributes To Resistance Of Harmful Bacteria

21 Oct 2014 - Chemical Contamination In Environment, Including Pharmaceuticals, Are 'Growing At Exponential Rate'

26 Sep 2014 - EPA Knew Pesticides Were Killing Honeybees In The 1970s But Punished Those Who Spoke Out

26 Sep 2014 - 13 Natural, Easy Ways To Deal With Ant Infestations

29 Aug 2014 - Glyphosate - The Silent Danger Causing Lead Poisoning In Pregnant Women

21 Aug 2014 - EPA, Corps Hijack Clean Water Act To Expand Regulatory Authority

15 Aug 2014 - Mercury Levels Have Tripled In World's Oceans Since Industrial Revolution

13 Aug 2014 - EPA Used 20-Year-Old Jobs Data To Justify Regulations

13 Aug 2014 - How Big Ag Created Ohio’s Water Crisis

12 Aug 2014 - New Study Shows Bee Research Tainted By Corporate Funding [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 Aug 2014 - Scientists And Business Leaders Urge US Government To Reject Toxic Herbicide Mix Of Glyphosate And Agent Orange Ingredient

04 Aug 2014 - Why Monsanto's 'Cure' For World Hunger Is Cursing The Global Food Supply

04 Aug 2014 - The Truth You're Not Being Told About The Toledo Water Crisis In Ohio: Chemical Agriculture Poisoned The Water

31 July 2014 - Glyphosate Linked To Gross Deformities In Piglets

30 July 2014 - Homeland Security Gestapo Raid Evil Vehicular Emission-Standards Violators [Has an embedded video on the web page]

01 July 2014 - Environmental Impacts Of Neonicotinoid Pesticides Are Now 'Impossible To Deny'

25 June 2014 - Water Contaminated With Fracking Chemicals Disrupt Human Hormones

17 June 2014 - Five Reasons Why Roundup Should Be Banned Forever

13 June 2014 - Irrefutable Proof We Are All Being Sprayed With Poison: 571 Tons Of Toxic Lead 'Chemtrailed' Into America's Skies Every Year

10 June 2014 - Chemtrails Pose Serious And Increasing Health Risks To U.S. Citizens

10 June 2014 - Environmental Mercury Tied To Increasing Songbird Losses

09 June 2014 - N.C. Senators Introduce Bill To Restrict Information About Fracking Chemicals

30 May 2014 - Moms To EPA: Recall Monsanto’s Roundup

16 May 2014 - PFCs Contaminate 67 Percent Of New Jersey's Public Water Systems

15 May 2014 - Pesticides Suspected In Spike Of Illnesses In Washington State

08 May 2014 - Pesticides Are Heavily Used Near Thousands Of California Schools

29 Apr 2014 - EPA Proposing Biggest Land Grab In The History Of The World, Wants Control Over Everything

23 Apr 2014 - EPA Promotes Earth Day By Burning Thousands Of Gallons Of Jet Fuel [Seems they can do just the opposite that they demand everyone else to do because of the global warming hoax. Typical cult and its hypocrites, tell everyone else to do one thing, and they do the other!]

18 Apr 2014 - What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain - Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock [YouTube video]

18 Apr 2014 - Cancer-Causing Atrazine Is World's No. 1 Drinking Water Contaminant

09 Apr 2014 - World’s #1 Herbicide Discovered In U.S. Mothers’ Breast Milk

02 Apr 2014 - Analysis Of Medical Records Reveals Link Between Pesticides, Autism

02 Apr 2014 - Environmental Toxins Linked To Rise In Autism

01 Apr 2014 - Glyphosate Found To Accumulate In Animals And Humans, Leading To Chronic Illness

28 Mar 2014 - West Virginia Inspectors Find More Chemical Storage Tanks Dangerously Close To Public Drinking Water

26 Mar 2014 - How “Extreme Levels” Of Roundup In Food Became The Industry Normal

26 Mar 2014 - In-Ground Wastewater Disposal Contaminates Environment With Mercury

25 Mar 2014 - EPA Using Satellites, Drones To Fine, Bankrupt Citizens

24 Mar 2014 - Is Roundup Weedkiller A Brain-Damaging Neurotoxin?

18 Mar 2014 - Dramatic Increase In Kidney Disease In The US And Abroad Linked To Roundup (Glyphosate) 'Weedkiller'

03 Mar 2014 - Monsanto Causing Extinction Of The Monarch Butterfly

25 Feb 2014 - More Americans Are Saying “No” To Water Fluoridation While Toxic Fluorinated Pesticides Are Still Allowed

25 Feb 2014 - Dentists Targeted For Recklessly Polluting Water With Mercury Waste

24 Feb 2014 - Roundup Weedkiller Found In 75% Of Air And Rain Samples, Gov. Study Finds

20 Feb 2014 - Low-Level Pesticide Exposure Linked To Parkinson's Disease

18 Feb 2014 - Pesticide Spraying May Spread Norovirus

17 Feb 2014 - Genetic Fallacy: How Pesticide Companies Silence Scientific Dissent [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Jan 2014 - Digging Ourselves A Grave With Drugs And Chemicals

22 Jan 2014 - Associated Press Caught 'Restructuring' Old EPA News To Mislead Readers; Mainstream Media Blindly Plays Along

21 Jan 2014 - Radiation Levels At Fukushima Plant Increases To 800% Of Government Standard

17 Jan 2014 - U.S. Water Flunks Contamination Tests: U.S. Tap Water Overflowing With Chemicals

15 Jan 2014 - Radioactive Fish Continue To Be Caught Near Fukushima

13 Jan 2014 - CONtrail Or CHEMtrail, You Decide

07 Jan 2014 - Researchers Say Mass Deaths Of Sea Stars And Bald Eagles Could Be Related To Fukushima Radiation

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