By Dr. Josť V. A. Humphreys, M.D., FICPS

Posted: 21 August 2007

Originally Published in Health Watch News - Volume 1, Issue 9 - July/August 2005 Edition

I listen many times as natural medicine is referred to as "Alternative Medicine". Even those who practice it seems to buy into this false notion.

The fact is that there is nothing alternative or complementary about natural medicine. Natural medicine was the very first type of medicine used, so in fact it is the conventional medicine.

We must realize that natural medicine is a unique, safe, effective, and enduring method of healing.

It is time tested and longest used approach of wholistic medicine and healing modality that involves the balancing of mind, body, emotions, spirit; the whole person.

No one is trying to outdo modern allopathic medicine or extinguish its flame. We have the greatest respect for it and its involvement in treating acute cases. We would not advocate giving someone who walked in with an acute myocardium infarction hawthorn berries. Neither would we recommend indefinite use of a drug for the same. There must be consolidation of efforts.

It is not about which or who is better. It's all about the consumer and the benefits to be had. We see greater benefits for the consumer if a merge were to take place Don't you?