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13 Dec 2018 - Immunoexcitotoxicity As The Central Mechanism Of Etiopathology And Treatment Of Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Possible Role Of Fluoride And Aluminum

30 Oct 2018 - Thyroid Disease Linked To Iodine Deficiency And Fluoridated Water

26 Oct 2018 - Fluoridated Water Or Pus-Laden, Antibiotic-Laced Milk? Nanny State Of California’s New Law Limits Kid’s Choices On All Restaurant Menus

16 Oct 2018 - Five MORE Fluoride-Condemning Studies Published

12 Sep 2018 - Fluoride Poisoning: The Top Signs And Symptoms To Watch Out For

02 Aug 2018 - Fluoride In The Water Is ‘Compulsory Mass Medication And A Breach Of Human Rights’

10 July 2018 - Here’s How Fluoride Destroys Your Health In Obvious, And Not So Obvious, Ways

02 July 2018 - Public Health Fraud: Why Water Fluoridation Is One Of The Greatest Crimes Against Humanity

13 Apr 2018 - Here’s Another Dangerous Effect Of Fluoride: It Literally Turns The Pineal Gland To Stone

06 Apr 2018 - Water Fluoridation Found To Increase Hypothyroidism Risk By 30%