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05 Dec 2008 - Fluoride Exposure May Contribute To Early Puberty

24 Nov 2008 - Fluoride Added To Children's Milk In Schools

19 Nov 2008 - Fluoride In Drinking Water May Negatively Affect Health Of Fetuses And Infants

10 Nov 2008 - Cities, States Questioning Wisdom Of Adding Fluoride Chemicals To Public Water Supplies

16 Sep 2008 - Govt. Report Says Fluoride Added To Water Supply May Harm Population

28 Aug 2008 - Fluoride: Must see Shows Which Parts Of USA Will Be Gone Agenda 21 [YouTube Video]

19 Aug 2008 - Health Canada Suggests Lowering Fluoridation Levels To Protect Children's Teeth

18 Aug 2008 - UK Health Secretary Orders Mass Fluoridation Of England's Children

04 Aug 2008 - TV Report Says Fluoride In Water Is Safe While Research Shows Otherwise

05 July 2008 - The Poisoning Of America's Water Supplies

05 July 2008 - California Water Reservoirs Contain High Levels Of Carcinogenic Bromate

18 June 2008 - Lawsuits Threatened Over Forced Fluoride: Attorney Warns Water Group To Preserve Legal Evidence

16 June 2008 - Southern California Metropolitan Water District Begins Poisoning Millions With Toxic Synthetic Fluoride Chemicals

23 May 2008 - Your Drinking Water Causing Depression?: Other Impacts Of Fluoridation: 'Constipation, Fuzzy Thinking'

14 May 2008 - Citizens Uniting Against Fluoride: Large-Scale Lawsuit Seeks To Ban Chemical Poisoning Of Water Supply

06 May 2008 - Fluoride: Miracle Drug Or Toxic-Waste Killer? - Safety Debate Over Public Water Treatments Heats Up With Release Of Shocking New Studies

05 Mar 2008 - Fluoride: Lowering IQ's?

22 Jan 2008 - Scientific American Has Second Thoughts About Fluoride

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