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20 May 2019 - Weeding Out Vaccine Toxins: MMR, Glyphosate, And The Health Of A Generation

20 May 2019 - Prescription Drugs In America Are Completely USELESS For Long-Term Health “Fixes”

16 May 2019 - Legal Defense Fund For Dr. Kenneth Stoller

16 May 2019 - BOMBSHELL: Bayer Discovers “Black Ops” Division Run By Monsanto, Shuts It Down, Initiates Internal Investigation As Law Enforcement Prepares Criminal Charges Against The Chemical Giant

15 May 2019 - Monsanto Maimed By Yet ANOTHER Enormous Round-Up Settlement

15 May 2019 - Health Canada NOW Says: "Avoid Sugar Substitutes!" But U.S. Won't Do So Because Of Corporate Manipulation [Maybe sometimes, but only with relentless perseverance, consumer activism can win the day. In the past year, Health Canada has done an about face on not labeling artificial sweeteners, to recommending that they avoid them altogether. Ideally, the strongest response should have been to ban them altogether but behemoth bureaucrats take careful baby steps, only when forced to do so, in this case (we believe) by a large number of Canadian Parliamentarians. Dr. Martini and I wrote articles and sent them several times to every single member of Parliament. I am happy to share some of this breakthrough with the real leader of the ban aspartame movement, Dr. Betty Martini, who has worked tirelessly on this for almost 30 years. - From Stephen Fox, Mission Possible New Mexico Santa Fe NM]

15 May 2019 - Oregonians SMASH Big Pharma – NO Vaccine Mandates For Oregon’s Children…

15 May 2019 - What DNA Testing Kit Companies Are Really Doing With Your Data

15 May 2019 - 5 Biggest Risks Of Sharing Your DNA With Consumer Genetic-Testing Companies

13 May 2019 - “Anti-Vaxxers” Have Stepped Up To The Main Battleground…

13 May 2019 - France Bans All Five Neonicotinoid Pesticides Linked To Bee Deaths

13 May 2019 - The Dangers Of 5G

10 May 2019 - Flint, Michigan Residents Get Green Light To Sue The EPA For Negligence Over Water Contamination That Started 5 Years Ago

08 May 2019 - Florida’s Medical Police State Abducts Healthy Three-Year-Old From Parents For Refusing Unnecessary Chemotherapy Treatments

07 May 2019 - Are Vaccinations Liquidating The Excess Population?

02 May 2019 - Will Vaccination Opponents Be Culled From Population Final Solution Style?

02 May 2019 - Measles Vaccines Kill More Children Than The Measles… And It’s Not Even Close

01 May 2019 - Nightmare: 33-Year-Old Left Barren After Socialized Medicine In Canada ‘Treated’ Her [Has an embedded video on the web page]

01 May 2019 - Measle-Infected Baby Photos FAKED By NBC News To Push Mass Hysteria And Demand Vaccine Compliance

01 May 2019 - Bombshell Flashback: Merck FAKED Mumps Vaccine Research, Released Faulty Vaccine That Didn’t Work, Say Virologists In False Claims Act Filing

29 Apr 2019 - Robust 4 year-old. No vaccines

26 Apr 2019 - Shingles Vaccine Responsible For Causing Huge Number Of Shingles Cases, Vaccine Injuries [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Apr 2019 - Tech Giants Pushing For “Centralized Censorship” To Activate Coordinated, Universal Blocking Of ALL Videos And Articles Questioning Official Narratives

26 Apr 2019 - Metals-Poisoned Residents Of Flint, Michigan Given Go-Ahead To Sue EPA Over Faked Water Quality “Science” That Exposed Millions To Heavy Metals

25 Apr 2019 - Timeline For U.S. Government’s TOTAL CONTROL Of Your Health [Has embedded videos on the web page]

25 Apr 2019 - NY Judge Declares The State Owns Your Body And Can Force You To Be Injected With Anything They Want

23 Apr 2019 - Blind Food Additives In The Market "Death" By Kim Bien

23 Apr 2019 - Glyphosate: New Results From The Ramazzini Institute On Hormonal Balance And Reproductive Development In Mice. Interview With Mantovani Of The ISS

18 Apr 2019 - Vietnam Bans Roundup/Glyphosate, Then The Nation That Endured Agent Orange Is Chastised By US Agriculture Secretary [Has an embedded video on the web page] [To think that the current US Secretary of Agriculture could chastise and preach down so patronizingly to Vietnam that their decision to ban Roundup "flies in the face of science," and all of the phony medical evidence given to them by our corporate controlled department of Agriculture, to support the obviously lies about Roundup being considered "safe"! – Stephen Fox, Mission Possible, New Mexico]

18 Apr 2019 - Organ Donor? Organs Are Cut Out Of Patients’ Bodies Even While They Are Conscious And Aware, Horrifying New Science Study Reveals

18 Apr 2019 - Proctor & Gamble, Whose Products Are Full Of Toxic Chemicals Linked To Cancer, Demands Facebook Enforce “Brand Safety” For Advertisers

15 Apr 2019 - Anyone Who Gets The Measles Vaccine Should Be BANNED From All Public Places For At Least Two Weeks Due To Likelihood Of Virus “Shedding”

15 Apr 2019 - Proposed New Texas Law Would Demand Safety Studies For Vaccines… No Wonder The Entire Vaccine Industry Opposes It

15 Apr 2019 - SHOCKING Report: Coca-Cola Tried To Manipulate The CDC To “Influence Policy On Nutrition And Artificial Sweeteners”

12 Apr 2019 - NYC Mayor De Blasio Tells Citizens: We Own Your Bodies, And We Can Force You To Be Injected With Anything We Want

12 Apr 2019 - Wikipedia: Supporting The Dark Side Of Medicine

11 Apr 2019 - Irate Mayor Orders New Yorkers To Get Measles Vax Or Face $1,000 Fine

11 Apr 2019 - Taxpayer-funded HIV Treatment Making Big Profits For Big Pharma

11 Apr 2019 - Horrible Vaccine Injury - As Clear As It Can Get [YouTube video]

11 Apr 2019 - Surgeon With Vaccine Injured Son [YouTube video]

11 Apr 2019 - Food Labels - What Do All Of Those Little Letters Really Say?

10 Apr 2019 - Cancer Industry Not Looking For A Cure; They’re Too Busy Making Money

08 Apr 2019 - Sabrina Sweeney: Weighing Children Is Not The Way To Tackle Childhood Obesity [See the "Report for Schools" This will give you a better understanding of childhood obesity. They should have named aspartame - "asparfatter" because they are putting it in pediatric drugs and so many foods and 17 products unlabeled in dairy, and on and on. The children are the victims. – Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.]

08 Apr 2019 - New York Supreme Court Overturns Rockland County’s “Medical Martial Law” Ban On Unvaccinated Children; Medical Fascist Ed Day Rebuked By Common Sense [Has embedded videos on the web page]

08 Apr 2019 - U.S. Government Is Committed To Corporations, Not The Public: USDA Dietary Guidelines Set By Corn Syrup Lobbyists

05 Apr 2019 - Vaccines For Profit And Destruction

05 Apr 2019 - Millions Of Lives Depend On Refuting And Reversing 4 Decades Of FDA's Aspartame Lies---Statement By Dr. Betty Martini

05 Apr 2019 - Medications And Aspartame: Aspartame Now In Advil - Being Put In Pain Killers

05 Apr 2019 - Immunization Ploys: Are Parents Being Manipulated? [By Neil Z. Miller - (Originally and very prophetically - written in 1995) - (This version is an abridged version of Neil's brilliantly-written 1995 article. It has not been authorized by Neil, but was artificially (and not necessarily rationally) shortened by GGK to not over-burden the internet or people's computers. This version is ?only? half the length of the original (at 6,659 words), whereas the unabridged version is 13,290 words long ?see attachment for the unabridged version.) Neil deserves our thanks for the work he has been doing for the last several decades. If actually read and studied, Miller's book would convince even the most indoctrinated pediatrician and/or CDC/FDA/NIH/AAP/WHO official of the many reasons that caution concerning the over-vaccination agendas of our corporate ruling elites that are dictating the over-vaccination agendas recommended and now enforced by those institutions.]

05 Apr 2019 - The Truth About The “Inactive Ingredients” In Your Medications

02 Apr 2019 - 55 Years Of Carte Blanche Lies By Main Stream Media

02 Apr 2019 - Arizona Bill Proposes Full Disclosure Of Vaccine Ingredients And Side Effects

02 Apr 2019 - Testosterone Being Given To 8-Y-O Girls, Age Lowered From 13: Doctors [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 Mar 2019 - Dept. Of Justice, Federal Court Agree: Obamacare Is Unconstitutional

29 Mar 2019 - The Truth About Diet Coke: Is The Fizzy Drink Harming Your Health?

29 Mar 2019 - BREAKING: Rockland County NY Becomes America's First Vaccine Police State

29 Mar 2019 - Unvaccinated Child Plucked From His Home By Police SWAT Team

26 Mar 2019 - NBC’s Today Show Spreads Misinformation And Attacks Vaccine Safety Advocates [Has embedded videos on the web page]

25 Mar 2019 - Insurers ‘Spy’ On Ordinary Americans, Deny Claims And Coverage

25 Mar 2019 - California Company Recalls Avocados As Precaution Against Listeria: Is Your Fruit Safe?

25 Mar 2019 - Degeneration Nation: GMOs, Toxic Chemicals And Factory Farms

25 Mar 2019 - Monsanto: Roundup Substantial Factor In Man's Cancer, Jury Finds In Key Verdict

25 Mar 2019 - Russia Labels GMOs, While America’s Government Sells Out To The Biotech Poisoners And Propagandists

25 Mar 2019 - 1984 Is Here: Facebook-Owned Instagram Is Actively Silencing Free Speech By Blocking “Anti-Vaccine” Hashtags

21 Mar 2019 - Monsanto CA Judge Worked For Firm That Defended Monsanto's Bovine Growth Hormone; 3rd Trial Starting March 25

21 Mar 2019 - Prepare The Funeral Dirge For Monsanto/Bayer~Unanimous Federal Jury: Roundup Weedkiller Is Major Factor In Man's Cancer [Has an embedded video on the web page]

20 Mar 2019 - Nine Out Of Ten Drugs Contain Excipients That Can Cause Allergies Or Intestinal Disorders, According To A Study. Lactose, Peanut, Dyes: Are These Substances Really Dangerous And Can They Be Easily Replaced?

20 Mar 2019 - Facebook Just Suspended Natural News For 7 Days For Posting This Rather Ho-Hum Fluoride Infographic [Has an embedded video on the web page]

20 Mar 2019 - Glyphosate Is The Next Big Tobacco … Thousands Of Lawsuits Could Bankrupt Monsanto / Bayer

18 Mar 2019 - The Dishonest Persecution Of Andrew Wakefield: Over 50 Scientific References Say This Important Issue Shall Not Be Censored Any Longer

15 Mar 2019 - Big Pharma Owns Congress, According To Major Federal Player

15 Mar 2019 – Why Vaccine Herd Immunity Is A Hoax [NOTE: The following information is being censored by the corrupt, fascist entities as Google, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, etc. as corrupt corporations protecting corporations, the FDA [Federal Depopulation Agency], and corrupted congressmen submitting to the lobbyist of the Pharmaceutical industry. They are trying to suppress the scientific evidence, as in this report, in favor of financial interest of the Pharmaceutical industry, sacrificing the lives of children and adults, and eliminating "inform and consent" which majority of doctors do not provide patients or parents. Think about it. When was the last time your doctor pulled out the vaccine makers packaging list of warnings, adverse symptoms, or the complete list of ingredients being injected into you or your children. It is time to educate yourself and gain as much knowledge as you can to make an "informed decision" rather than becoming a sheeple lead to the slaughter house out of ignorance. Today, people out of ignorance, only look at and support one side of an issue rather than also looking at the opposite side of an issue to make an honest decision not only for themselves, but their innocent children. The vaccine issue involves (1) money verses health, (2) non-scientific in-house studies with prejudice verses independent scientific studies without prejudice, and (3) death or lifelong damaged health verses a lifelong quality health without a manmade products compromising or damaging the immune system that has be implanted in our bodies by our "Grand Creator."]

12 Mar 2019 - FDA Surprise: Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, Aggressive Regulator Against Vaping, Resigns

12 Mar 2019- Facebook Announces Medical FASCISM Rule: All Content That Contradicts The Corrupt Vaccine Industry Will Be BANNED

11 Mar 2019 - Is Booze Literal Composed Of Human Pesticide?

11 Mar 2019 - Sugar-Free? Unsweetened? No Added Sugar? How To Decode Sugar Labels

11 Mar 2019 - Kids Got 11 Vaccines In 1986 And 53 In 2017… Why? The Answer Is All About Big Pharma Profits

06 Mar 2019 - He Died As A Direct Result Of The HPV Vaccine [This is information is of importance that must be shared with parents of children (girls and boys) who are being targeted for HPV Vaccines. Especially since many states are looking at enacting laws to make vaccines mandatory for all children with no exemptions for medical reasons and even religious exemptions. These laws will even affect home schooled children and even the Amish, etc. Most doctors are too busy to research this type of information, or are either ignorant, or being bribed by the pharmaceutical companies. I would even advise parents to print out this article which is attached in PDF format to give to all health care providers. After doctors, nurses, and others in the health care industry read and research and digest this information, I do not understand how their conscience would allow them to do any type of vaccines without informing the parents and patience before they give their consent. This article also educates you with scientific proof about the toxic adjuvants in vaccines like 1). Mercury (Thimerosal or Thiomersal), 2). Aluminum; and the scary reality of what they do to the brain as it keeps accumulating with each and every vaccine injected into the body. When you read this information, you will now understand why more and more informed parents, adults, and doctors are becoming educated and resisting vaccines. Also learn of the over 4 billion of dollar the government has already paid out for vaccine injuries cause be mercury in the vaccines and Gardasil injuries. This is only accounting for 1% reported with 99% injuries never reported. Do your homework. You cannot trust the corporate government that backs and shields corporate entities like pharmaceutical corporations that are not in the business help the sick, but to profit off of the sick, even if their drugs cause even worse health issues. - Tom Armstrong]

06 Mar 2019 - Portable Laser Against Food Fraud Signed By Enea. The Technology Has Already Been Tested On Large Consumption Foods

06 Mar 2019 - Glyphosate In Beer And Wine: New Study Finds Roundup’s Main Ingredient Is Widespread In Alcohol

05 Mar 2019 - Amazon Bans “Anti-Vaccine” Films, But Gladly Sells Books On The Religious Worship Of Satanism, With Chapters On “Teenage Satanists” And “Animal Sacrifice”

01 Mar 2019 - Diapers And Menstrual Pads Laced With Toxic Chemicals

01 Mar 2019 - HPV Vaccine Linked To Growing Rates Of Infertility In Both Men And Women

28 Feb 2019 - Studies On Aspartame Are Alarming, So We Need More?!

27 Feb 2019 - Mark Zuckerberg Goes All-In With The Deadly Vaccine Industry In Sweeping New Plan To Censor ALL Posts That Question Big Pharma’s Vaccine Dogma

27 Feb 2019 - Stunning Video Shows How The Vaccine Industry Has Turned The Measles, An Ordinary, Non-Fatal Infection Like Chicken Pox, Into A Hyperventilated National Emergency [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Feb 2019 - Sorry FDA Commissioner: Vaccine Exemptions Need To Be Expanded, Not Eliminated

27 Feb 2019 - Unsustainable: Medical Bills Cause TWO-THIRDS Of All U.S. Bankruptcies

26 Feb 2019 - Vaccine Debate Makes More People Question Safety And Effectiveness – So The Industry Has SHUT DOWN All Discussion

15 Feb 2019 - Rats, Public Defecation & Open Drug Use: Our Major Western Cities Are Becoming Uninhabitable Hellholes

15 Feb 2019 - FDA And Supplements

15 Feb 2019 - Government Vaccine Expert Witness Turns Whistleblower, Tells Truth About Vaccines Causing Autism… Total Media Cover-Up

14 Feb 2019 - Here’s Why To Be Very Afraid Of The MMR Vaccine But Not The Measles

14 Feb 2019 - The Truth Is Coming Out: 30% Of Parents Realize Flu Shots Spread The Flu… Vaccine Industry In Total Panic To Censor All Real Science About Vaccines

14 Feb 2019 - Doctors Admit Vaccines Are Harmful And Turn Our Immune Systems Against Us

11 Feb 2019 - Death Cult Democrats Say Killing Newborn Babies The Day They’re Born Is “Good For The Economy” … So What’s Next, Exterminating All Kids With Autism And Senior Citizens?

11 Feb 2019 - Generic Drug Companies Conspired To Fix Drug Prices And Rake In Billions By Cheating Customers, Lawsuit Says

11 Feb 2019 - Court Ruling Confirms Gardasil Vaccine Kills People… Scientific Evidence Beyond Any Doubt… So Where Is The Outcry?

09 Feb 2019 - Dirty Secrets Of The Gardasil La Fraud Trial

09 Feb 2019 - Dirty Secrets Of The Gardasil La Fraud Trial - Video

09 Feb 2019 - Stop Mandatory Vaccines – Stories

09 Feb 2019 - Censoring Speech And Stealing Nature The FDA Way

09 Feb 2019 - Will Natural Medicine Be Snuffed Out In Your State?

09 Feb 2019- Did You Know The Zika Virus Is Patented? (Guess Who Owns It…)

09 Feb 2019 - ALERT: Twitter Blocks All Natural News / Health Ranger Channels After Adams Comments On The Jack Dorsey / Joe Rogan Bitcoin Fraud [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 Feb 2019 - Neocon Propaganda Group “NewsGuard” Now Waging New War Of Total Economic Terrorism Against The Independent Media

09 Feb 2019 - Are You Really Providing Informed Consent? Many People Are Vaccinated Without Being Fully Aware Of What They Are Agreeing To

09 Feb 2019 - Gotta Look Busy: Doctors Order Many Unnecessary Scans, Therapies, Surgeries, Only Adding To Patient Stress

06 Feb 2019 - Vitamin D Reduces Cancer Risk: Why Scientists Accept It but Physicians Do Not

06 Feb 2019 - Democrat Frontrunner Kamala Harris Promised To SHUT DOWN All Private Health Insurance Nationwide… Then Walked It Back After The Insanity Of The Plan Emerged [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Feb 2019 - One Of The Most Dangerous Inventions In The HISTORY Of Public Health – VACCINES

05 Feb 2019 - Questionable Data Being Pushed To Support Annual Flu Vaccination Campaigns

05 Feb 2019 - The Disturbing Link Between Vaccines And Pediatric Cancer

05 Feb 2019 - Real ID Laws Are A Back Door To Adult Vaccine Mandates Across The U.S., Experts Say

05 Feb 2019 - Cancer Industry Plotting To DESTROY The New Cancer Cure Developed By Israeli Scientists… The Attacks Have Already Begun

04 Feb 2019 - Official Analysis Shows – California SB277 FAILED [California’s “Mandatory Vaccines For Children” Law, SB277, Passed In 2015, Accomplished ABSOLUTELY NOTHING… But SB 277 Author Senator Richard Pan Tried to Cover That Up…]

04 Feb 2019 - A Look Inside Hitler’s Vaccine Racket [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Feb 2019 - Vaccines Distributed In Kentucky, Ohio And Indiana Causing Infections [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Feb 2019 - U.S. Chicken Farms Are So Dirty, Meat Has To Be Washed With Chlorine Before Being Sold For Human Consumption

04 Feb 2019 - Is Big Vaccine Plotting To Use Argentina’s New Mandatory Vaccine Law As Blueprint For Similar Tyranny In America? Watch At

04 Feb 2019 - NewsGuard Censorship Plug-In Labels Confirmed Media HOAXES To Be “Credible” News, While Blacklisting All Independent Media

04 Feb 2019 - Vaccine Industry Targets Adults: Gardasil HPV Vaccine Approved For Adults 27 To 45 [They are still trying to push this worthless and deadly vaccine – Dr. B. Carey]

01 Feb 2019 - HCM City Cracks Down On Use Of Harmful Food Additives

01 Feb 2019 - Studies Confirm: Potential Risks Of 5G Wireless Radiation Are Too Serious To Ignore

30 Jan 2019 - Walgreens To Pay $269 Mil. For Cheating Taxpayers

30 Jan 2019 - Socialist Senator Kamala Harris Calls For Eliminating Private Health Insurance

28 Jan 2019 - Letter To FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb: Aspartame May Be Contributing To The End Of Human Civilization

28 Jan 2019 - The Truth About Vaccines, Part 2

22 Jan 2019 - The Truth About Vaccines, Part 1

22 Jan 2019 - Bill Gates And The World’s Elite DO NOT VACCINATE Their Own Children… And For Good Reason

22 Jan 2019 - Exposure To Heavy Metals Linked To Autism In Children… And Vaccines Still Contain Mercury

18 Jan 2019 - FDA Allows Aspartame, A Seizure Triggering Drug To Be Added To Anti-Seizure Medication

17 Jan 2019 - Vaccines Found To Contain Pig Virus DNA And Monkey Kidney Cells… The “Dirty” Little Secret The Vaccine Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

17 Jan 2019- Drinking Diet Soda May Be Killing You

16 Jan 2019 - Alternative Healthcare: Silicon Valley’s Next Censorship Target?

16 Jan 2019 - Aspartame Cancer, Obesity, Insanity

11 Jan 2019 - FDA Refuses Petition To Ban Aspartame Because Approval Was A Criminal Act

11 Jan 2019 - A Mistake Called Light

11 Jan 2019 - NYC Announces Health Care Coverage For All Illegals, Guaranteeing A Financial Implosion While Attracting Diseased Migrants From Across The Country

11 Jan 2010 - Same Excitotoxin That Damages Brain Cells Is Also Being Deliberately Added To Vaccines, Reveals CDC Document

10 Jan 2019 - The Vaccination Debate [Remember that aspartame interacts with vaccines and is not only an excitoneurotoxic, carcinogenic drug and teratogen but also an adjuvant (immune stimulator – Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum. – Mission Possible World Health International - ]

10 Jan 2019 - Who Cares? Why We Sued Ben & Jerry's

10 Jan 2019 - Organic Consumers Association Wins On Motion To Dismiss In Case Against Unilever-Owned Ben & Jerry's For Deceptive Marketing Claims

10 Jan 2019 - So Where Are The Bodies THIS Year? : Nutritional Supplement Safety Again Confirmed By America's Largest Database

10 Jan 2019 - Why Doctors (And Newspaper Columnists) Rarely Dare To Question Vaccine Safety

07 Jan 2019 - Connecticut State Law Requires Mandatory Flu Vaccines For All Kids Ages 2 To 4: Comply Or Don’t Go To School

07 Jan 2019 - Caravan Of Disease: 50 Migrants A Day Turn Up With TB, Flu, Parasites And All Kinds Of Diseases

04 Jan 2019 - New Flu Vaccine More Dangerous And Less Effective

04 Jan 2019 - Heart Disease Drugs Cause…Heart Disease

04 Jan 2019 - Short Sighted Influenza Control Policy Based On Poorly Designed Vaccines Will Sicken More People