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01 Dec 2008 - Organic Consumers And Companies Harassed By Drug Agents And Police

17 Nov 2008 - The FDA Is Running An Extortion Racket

14 Nov 2008 - The Food & Drug Administration's New GMP's For Natural Health Supplements

22 Oct 2008 - FDA Running Extortion Racket: Natural Supplement Companies Threatened With Arrest If They Don't Pay Up

25 Sep 2008 - Uncensored Magazine 8-Page Special Edition - Diet Soft Drinks Are Poison [Also has some excellent information on health freedom, vaccines, and more] [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

15 Aug 2008 - The AMA Conspiracy To Contain And Eliminate The Practice Of Chiropractic

29 July 2008 - A Small Supplement Company's Fight For Health Freedom

21 July 2008 - Canada: Natural Health Advocates Defeat Government Power-Grab!

18 July 2008 - Restore Medical Freedom

26 June 2008 - Health Freedom Warning: Drug Company Seeks To Outlaw Vitamin B6 To Protect Pharma Profits

19 June 2008 - Vitamin C About To Be Made Illegal In Canada! Why Should You Be Concerned If You Live In The U.S.?

09 June 2008 - Anti-Supplement Congressmen At It Again & Other Important Legislation: Consumer Action Needed To Amend The FDA Globalization Act Of 2008 Contact Your Congressional Representatives Now

28 Mar 2008 - California Targeting Safe Supplements - Don't Let Them Succeed

06 Mar 2008 - Naturopathic Rights Were Included In The Founding Of America

15 Jan 2008 - FDA Announces Plan To Eliminate Vitamin Companies

14 Jan 2008 - Sheriff Defends Capture Of Boy By SWAT Team: Says Father Challenged Officers To Bring 'Army' Upon Their Return [There is absolutely NO excuse for what this sheriff and the authorities did! Are we now reverting to a NAZI state?]

10 Jan 2008 - Mother Warns Community About 'Nazi' Home Invasion: Officers Told Her 'Rights' Were 'Only In The Movies'

08 Jan 2008 - SWAT Team-Seized Boy Refuses Doc's Painkillers: 11-Year-Old Taken Against Parents' Will After Bumping Head At Family's Home [This is pure LUNACY!!!]

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