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31 Dec 2011 - The Two Heads Of Education

13 Dec 2011 - The Seduction Of Education

13 Dec 2011 - 4th-Graders Brainwashed With Occupy 'Propaganda'

30 Nov 2011 - Jamaican Prime Minister Homeschools: Coming From The Position Of Minister Of Education, Prime Minister Holness Withdraws His Children From Public School And Starts Homeschooling Them

10 Nov 2011 - Six Reasons To Homeschool Your Children

09 Nov 2011 - Germany: Government Willing To Use 'Force' On Homeschool Kids: Threats Come As Options Dwindle In Fight Over Education

27 Oct 2011 - Public Schools Are Not Public

17 Oct 2011 - 'Government Persecution Does Target Homeschoolers' : Law Journal Argument Says Family's Asylum Request Legitimate

13 Oct 2011 - Reader's Advice: Drop 'The Christian Argument' About Public Education

09 Sep 2011 - Home Schools Rise In China: Parents Think Their Children Cannot Realize Happiness Of Learning In Government Schools

22 June 2011 - The Department Of Education's S.W.A.T. Team [How long until we start seeing them use these same tactics on those who have chosen to homeschool their children or have elected to use schools other than those in the public sector?]

27 May 2011 - Homeschooling And The Clueless Miss Marple

26 Apr 2011 - Judge's Demand For Homeschooler IDs Canceled: Order Had Required Schools To Provide Names, Addresses [GOOD! This judge had no legal or moral right to make this order in the first place!]

18 Apr 2011 - Sweden: Abducted Homeschooler's Case Finally Advances: Police Took Child From His Parents Only Because Of Education At Home

13 Apr 2011 - Unusual Order Gets Court's Attention [The Mississippi Supreme Court is responding to home schoolers' allegation against a judge who has overstepped his bounds]

12 Apr 2011 - Judge Threatens Jail In Homeschool Case: Details Now Emerging About Battle Over Names, Addresses Of Students [This judge has no right or authority to do this. This is yet another attack against those who homeschool their children!]

08 Apr 2011 - Shocker! On His Own, Judge Demands Homeschool Student IDs: Issues Order For Attendance Officers To Provide Names, Addresses [This is insane and evil! Another attack against those who won't bow down to the corrupt public education system! This judge has no right or authority to order such a thing!]

08 Apr 2011 - Students Set To Confront United Nations: 'It's Not Going Away. Christians Cannot Just Ignore It'

25 Mar 2011 - Ron Paul: Homeschoolers Counteract 'Propaganda Machine' : Congressman Says Department Of Education Wants To 'Indoctrinate' Children

18 Mar 2011 - NH Supreme Court: Homeschooled Girl Must Go To Public School Against Mom's Wishes

16 Mar 2011 - Teaching Christian Morality Gets Parents Jailed: Mom, 2 Fathers Latest To Serve 6-Week Terms For Opposing Explicit Sex Ed

10 Mar 2011 - DC Parents Plead For Voucher Program

09 Mar 2011 - Christian Parents Jailed

17 Feb 2011 - Parents Heated Over Potential Home-School Regulations [Government trying to get it's foot in the door even more on homeschooling. Once they get all the way in then they will control it and destroy it, just like they did with the pubic school system. KEEP GOVERNMENT OUT OF HOMESCHOOLING!]

16 Feb 2011 - Illinois Homeschool Bill Dropped After Thousands Protest

14 Feb 2011 - Homeschool Bills Introduced In Illinois And New Hampshire

31 Jan 2011 - SWEDEN: Miracle May Be Home-Schooling Parents' Only Hope

21 Jan 2011 - Judge Slams Gag Order On N.J. Custody Case: Homeschooling Christian Parents Not Allowed To Talk To WND

21 Jan 2011 - Charter Schools Expanding [GOOD!]

20 Jan 2011 - Father: 'My Children Are Being Held Hostage' : Christian Homeschooling Family Broken Apart By N.J. Agency

19 Jan 2011 - Homeschooling Is The Best Option

06 Jan 2011 - Homeschooling Community Grows Beyond 2 Million