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18 Dec 2012 - Sweden Uses Nazi And Communist Tactics Against Homeschooling Families

17 Dec 2012 - Take Your Precious Children Out Of Government Schools

30 Nov 2012 - CBC Trashes Homeschooling Mothers As Incompetent, Uneducated, And Sexually Irresponsible

14 Nov 2012 - Vaccine Dissenter Ordered To Be Homeschooled: Family Sued School Board Seeking Religious Exemption

25 Oct 2012 - Former German Minister: Homeschooling A 'Healthy' Response To State School Monopoly

22 Oct 2012 - Germany: 'Homeschooling Should Not Be Restricted Anymore!'

03 Oct 2012 - Schools Respond To 'Mix It Up' Day, SPLC Exposed

01 Oct 2012 - Judge OKs Social Workers' Invasion Of Homeschoolers: Search Ruled 'Voluntary' Despite Threat Armed Officers Would Seize Children

01 Aug 2012 - Defunding The Education Thugs

23 July 2012 - Sweden: Homeschoolers Take Banishment Protest To Government: 6-Day March Includes Stop At Ministry Of Education

18 July 2012 - Homeschool Organization Warns About Imminent U.S. Passage Of UN Treaty

16 July 2012 - Bullying Prompts Many Parents To Homeschool: 'I Just Cannot Stomach Seeing My Precious Child Under That Type Of Torture'

13 July 2012 - Senate Considers Adopting U.N Measure Regarding Disabled People

10 July 2012 - Gov't Monopoly In Education

26 June 2012 - 'Live Free Or Die' State Frees Up Homeschoolers: Two Laws Passed -- Removing Unnecessary Bureaucracy And Making New Hampshire More Homeschool Friendly

18 June 2012 - Swedish Home-Schooler To Be Reunited With Parents

12 June 2012 - College Prof Urges Parents To Homeschool: 'Get Them Out Now Before You Ruin Their Life'

15 May 2012 - Georgia Easing Up On Home-Schooling Parents

27 Apr 2012 - Homeschoolers In National Science Olympiad: 'The Competition Is Going To Be Really, Really Fierce'

13 Apr 2012 - 'Bully' Makes Case For Homeschooling: Documentary Explores Systemic Violence Children Endure On Campus

02 Apr 2012 - Homeschool, Private-Schoolers Win Tax Break: 'Why Shouldn't We Give The Choices In K-12?'

29 Mar 2012 - Canada: Home Schoolers In The Clear ... For Now

02 Mar 2012 - Canada: Home Schoolers' Family Values Not Allowed

01 Mar 2012 - Sweden's Anti-Home Schooling Attitude Out Of Hand

24 Feb 2012 - Canada: Homeschooling Families Can't Teach Homosexuality A Sin In Class Says Alberta Gvmt

24 Feb 2012 - 14-Year-Old Homeschooled Girl Receives Death Threats For Defending Marriage [Evil will do anything to silence those who stand up against it, including threatening a little girl!] [Has an embedded audio file on the web page]

22 Feb 2012 - Sweden: Homeschooling Chief Flees Government Persecution: Badgering, Fines, Court Hearings, Threats Become Too Much

09 Feb 2012 - Rescue The Perishing

01 Feb 2012 - Urban Parents Become Homeschoolers: Once-Unconventional Choice 'Has Become Newly Fashionable'

31 Jan 2012 - Homeschooler Is Repeat Spelling-Bee Winner: Girl, 12, Is Tops For 3rd Straight Year

31 Jan 2012 - Obama's Graduation 'Mandate' Questioned

25 Jan 2012 - Homeschoolers React To State Of The Union Education Demand

17 Jan 2012 - Sweden Crushing Homeschoolers: Exorbitant Fines As Politicians Call For Gov't To Seize Home-Schooled Children

05 Jan 2012 - Court Ruling Aids 'Dumbing Down'

03 Jan 2012 - Inspirational Historical Works For Homeschoolers: The American Story Like They Don't Teach It Any More

03 Jan 2012 - What's Driving The NEA's Plans For 'Quality'?

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