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27 Dec 2013 - Families To Be Investigated By The Government Before 'Allowed' To Homeschool Their Children [More government intrusion into your privacy and life!]

18 Dec 2013 - Democrat: Investigate Every Homeschool Parent: Proposal Gives Nearly Unlimited Power To 'Unqualified' Social Workers

17 Dec 2013 - Parents Threatened For Opting Out Of Common Core [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Dec 2013 - German Homeschoolers Too White & Christian To Be Worthy Of Obama's Mercy

27 Nov 2013 - Home-Schooling Group Warns Of Effects Of U.N. Treaty

13 Nov 2013 - German Judge Bars Homeschooling Family From Leaving Country

11 Oct 2013 - Homeschooling Family In Deportation Fight With Obama: Asking Supreme Court To End 'Nazi-Era' Persecution

12 Sep 2013 - Homeschooling Is Verboten

11 Sep 2013 - Obama’s Cruel Fight Against School Choice

30 Aug 2013 - Tolerancemongers Denounce Private Education As Subversive: If You Send Your Kid To Private School, You Are A Bad Person [What they mean by tolerance is the forced acceptance of the EVIL ABOMINATION known as HOMOSEXUALITY and other EVILS! And no matter what your objections or opinions you must sit down and shut up!]

25 July 2013 - Homeschoolers Plead For Help Fighting ‘Anti-Parent’ Law

18 June 2013 - Court Orders DOJ To Respond To German Homeschooling Family Rehearing Request

10 June 2013 - Homeschooling Rate Surges [GOOD! The public school system is corrupt, broke, and ungodly!]

03 June 2013 - Court Sides With Homeschoolers In Schedule Fight: Confirms Students Are Not Bound Day-To-Day By Public School Calendar [GOOD!]

30 May 2013 - Home School Family Loses Asylum Case

30 May 2013 - Seven Undeniable Reasons To Homeschool Your Children

28 May 2013 - 5 Famous Christians Who Were Homeschooled

16 May 2013 - Homeschoolers Told: Go Back To Persecution

13 May 2013 - Parents Have No 'Right' To Homeschool Their Kids, Says Justice Department

25 Apr 2013 - Eric Holder: 'Banning Homeschooling Does Not Violate Rights' [I am guessing he has never read the Constitution of the United States of America]

25 Apr 2013 - Arguments Heard Today In German Homeschoolers Deportation Case

08 Apr 2013 - Homeschooling: The Future Of Liberty

08 Apr 2013 - The Dumbing Down Of America

08 Apr 2013 - Over 73,000 Signers Support German Homeschooling Parents In Danger Of Deportation

01 Apr 2013 - Americans To Obama: Protect Homeschool Family

27 Mar 2013 - U.S. Government: Homeschooling Unworthy Of Protection: Tens Of Thousands 'Rally' Demanding Action From Obama Through Official White House Petition

25 Mar 2013 - Life As Learning: Homeschooling And Gardening

18 Mar 2013 - Third Wave Feminism And Swedish Homeschooling

04 Mar 2013 - It's OK To Kill Your Children But Not Educate Them

27 Feb 2013 - German Homeschoolers Appeal Decision On Asylum In US Court

25 Feb 2013 - Transgenderism: One More BIG Reason To Abandon Government Schools

25 Feb 2013 - Homeschoolers Barred From Playing School Sports While Illegals Allowed To Play

25 Feb 2013 - America's Umbrella-Less Public Schools, Part 3 Of 3

21 Feb 2013 - What Makes People Stupid?

19 Feb 2013 - Connecticut Proposes Bill For Forced Mental Health Checks On Homeschoolers [More government nonsense and red tape. The government seems to go out of the way to pester and harass those that are homeschooled!]

15 Feb 2013 - USA Trying To Deport Christian Homeschooling Family Knowing They Face Persecution [That's because our government doesn't care!]

13 Feb 2013 - Conn. Bill To Require Homeschoolers To Undergo Behavioral Health Assessments [More government red tape and bureaucratic nonsense]

21 Jan 2013 - Homeschooler's Neighbor Sparks Social Services Case

16 Jan 2013 - Public Schools Are Teaching What? [Has embedded videos on the web page]

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