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07 Dec 2015 - Florida County To Prosecute Homeschool Families For Failure To Enroll Kids In Public School

24 Nov 2015 - USA Freedoms On Chopping Block

13 Nov 2015 - The Mediaís Lying Propaganda About Texas Homeschool Case

04 Nov 2015 - The Hypocrisy Of Prosecuting Homeschoolers

04 Sep 2015 - How Texas Actively Destroys Families Through CPS Medical Kidnapping

09 July 2015 - Inclusivist Tolerancemongers Advocate Exclusionary Discrimination Against Homeschoolers

26 June 2015 - The National Education Association Hates Homeschoolers

12 Mar 2015 - House Bill Approved To Give Homeschooling Families Asylum In America [Itís about time!!!]

26 Feb 2015 - Seven Homeschooled Children Become Prisoners Of The State

23 Feb 2015 - Arkansas Homeschool Children Still Being Held By County DHS Without Charges Or Reason

26 Jan 2015 - Seizure Of Homeschoolers Point To The Rapid Decline Of Liberty In America

16 Jan 2015 - School Claims Right To Question Homeschooled Students

15 Jan 2015 - Homeschoolers' Interrogated For Religious Beliefs

13 Jan 2015 - Virginia Homeschooling Kids Required To Defend Religious Beliefs

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