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31 Dec 2012 - Lower Your Blood Pressure Significantly With Omega-3 Fatty Acids

27 Dec 2012 - Information On The Herb Hawthorn

27 Dec 2012 - How To Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Prescription Drugs

17 Dec 2012 - Importance Of Magnesium Is Far Greater Than Previously Imagined

07 Dec 2012 - Five Ways Astragalus Helps Your Body Heal Itself

14 Nov 2012 - Johns Hopkins: Vitamin C Lowers Blood Pressure

13 Nov 2012 - Medications That Rob Your Body's Vital Nutrients

26 Oct 2012 - Why Beta-Blockers Don't Save Lives: Heart Drugs Given To Millions Don't Do Anything

25 Oct 2012 - What Happens to Your Body If You Don't Let It Sleep

18 Oct 2012 - Melatonin Helps Patients With High Blood Pressure To Sleep

08 Oct 2012 - Sesame And Rice Bran Oil Can Treat High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol, Study Shows

04 Oct 2012 - Pterostilbene Shows Blood Pressure-Lowering Power

01 Oct 2012 - Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally With These Four Fast-Acting Remedies

27 Sep 2012 - Eating Yogurt Regularly Found To Help Lower Blood Pressure

24 Sep 2012 - Control Blood Pressure Naturally, Not With Drugs

24 Sep 2012 - Mounting Evidence Pegs Broccoli As One Of Nature's Most Health-Promoting Foods, Tackling Hypertension, Cancer, And More [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 Sep 2012 - Foundational Lifestyle Strategies To Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Sep 2012 - Vitamin C Lowers Blood Pressure, Improves Vascular Function To Lower Heart Attack And Stroke Risk

11 Sep 2012 - Three Benefits Of Olive Oil Compel Its Continued Use

10 Sep 2012 - Olive Oil May Boost Blood Vessel Function

10 Sep 2012 - Five Healthy Lifestyle Modifications That Lower Hypertension Risk By Two-Thirds

05 Sep 2012 - Tame High Blood Pressure With These Natural Remedies

05 Sep 2012 - How To Stop Heart Attacks And Irregular Heart Beats In Their Tracks

31 Aug 2012 - Cocoa Compounds Lower Blood Pressure To Improve Cardiovascular Health

21 Aug 2012 - Cocoa Consumption Shown To Reduce Blood Pressure

27 July 2012 - High Blood Pressure? Not To Worry-Why Not Just Burn Away Overactive Nerves Deep In Your Body?

25 June 2012 - Nature Offers Safe And Effective Blood Thinning Alternatives To Mainstream Drugs

19 June 2012 - Watermelon Extract Lowers Blood Pressure Better Than Dangerous Pharmaceuticals

12 June 2012 - Infographic - Ten ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar

29 May 2012 - Federal Government Says It's Okay To Lie About Pomegranate Juice, But Not To Tell The Truth

11 May 2012 - Heart-Healthy Foods That Lower Blood Pressure, Reduce Symptoms Of Plaque And Improve Cardio Fitness

09 May 2012 - Vitamin C Lowers Blood Pressure

07 May 2012 - Attacks Your Liver Like Alcohol - Is This What's Making You Flabby And Sick? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Apr 2012 - 7 Medicinal Herbs And Spices That Help Lower Blood Pressure

26 Apr 2012 - Medical Science And Herbalists Agree: Hawthorn Berries Are A "Great Heart Food"

24 Apr 2012 - Sugary Soda Raises Stroke Risk - And Killed Young Mom

08 Mar 2012 - Meta-Analysis Shows Magnesium Linked To Better Blood Pressure

27 Feb 2012 - Almost Everyone Eats It, But It's A "Breeding Ground" For Disease [Has an embedded video on the web page]

01 Feb 2012 - $29 Billion Reasons To Lie About Cholesterol [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 Jan 2012 - Studies Confirm Chiropractic Treatment Prevents Heart Attacks And Lowers Blood Pressure

06 Jan 2012 - The Non-Condition That'll Get You Medicated: New Push To Drug People For 'Prehypertension'

05 Jan 2012 - Profound Miraculous Statements, And Studies On Hot Chocolate

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