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12 Dec 2008 - The Cover-Up Of Hidden MSG

25 Nov 2008 - Should I Avoid MSG? [Note comments by Jack Samuels,]

29 Oct 2008 - Winning Formulas For Health, Vitality, Longevity And Fat Loss

23 Sep 2008 - Red Clover Blocks Neurological Damage From MSG

09 Sep 2008 - Dirty Secrets Of The Food Processing Industry

27 Aug 2008 - Fat, MSG, Aspartame, It's In All The Food [Google Video embedded on web page]

25 Aug 2008 - UNC Researchers Find MSG Use Linked To Obesity

24 June 2008 - 12 Food Additives To Avoid

03 June 2008 - The Hidden Danger In Your Food

03 June 2008 - Your Brain's Biggest Enemy

03 June 2008 - MSG, Cancer And Your Heart

03 June 2008 - Avoiding The MSG Threat

13 Mar 2008 - Center For Science And The Public Interest, And MSG

05 Mar 2008 - Yes, MSG, The Secret Behind The Savor [Also brings up the fact about aspartame being an excitotoxin near the end of the article]

14 Feb 2008 - Dick Allgire - MSG And Aspartame - A Personal Story

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