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03 Dec 2011 - Veggie Burgers Often Contain Hidden MSG

30 Nov 2011 - Health Basics: What Is MSG?

16 Nov 2011 - Prepare Healthier Meals With These MSG-Free Seasoning Recipes

02 Nov 2011 - Why MSG Is Unhealthy

03 Aug 2011 - MSG - A Hidden Danger [Also mentions aspartame]

01 Aug 2011 - MSG Hidden In Variety Of Foods And Contributing To Illness

18 July 2011 - Chemical Week - May 21, 1975 - Old Article On DKP [Note Aspartame and MSG cause brain Damage, per Dr. John Olney] [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

07 June 2011 - Dr. Blaylock: MSG Can Make You Fat - And Sick

01 June 2011 - Study Ties Eating MSG To Weight Gain

22 Apr 2011 - Coping With MSG

22 Apr 2011 - Evidence Of MSG Toxicity

21 Feb 2011 - Delusional Pepsi CEO Says Doritos Are Not Bad For You [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Feb 2011 - Gov. Martínez, Take A Stand For Consumer Protection

04 Jan 2011 - MSG For You And A Coffin Too! Ajinomoto Bribes U. S. Dept Of Agriculture And University Professors To Sanctify Poisons

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