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31 Dec 2009 - Wikipedia Meets Its Own Climategate: Pro-Warming Web Administrator 'Creates, Rewrites 5,428 Entries, Deletes Opponents'

31 Dec 2009 - 13 State AGs Threaten Suit Over Health Care Deal

31 Dec 2009 - Nelson Feeling The Heat In Nebraska

31 Dec 2009 - Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care Products Found In New York City Water Supply

30 Dec 2009 - Science Corrupted: Al Gore Won't Debate

30 Dec 2009 - EPA's Devious Power

30 Dec 2009 - A Warning To America's Teachers

30 Dec 2009 - Florida Attorney General: Healthcare Reform Unconstitutional?

30 Dec 2009 - Efforts Already Underway In Colorado To Blunt Federal Health Care Reforms

30 Dec 2009 - Proposed Reform Won't Solve Problems

30 Dec 2009 - Swedish Authorities Frown On Home Schooling

30 Dec 2009 - Studies Spotlight Problems In FDA Device Approvals

30 Dec 2009 - Humane Society Animal Cruelty Ad Make You Sad? What About Abortion Victims?

30 Dec 2009 - FDA Approves Crestor For People Who Have No Health Problem To Correct [More pushing of their drugs onto people who do not need them and have no health problems]

30 Dec 2009 - Ritalin Linked With Sudden Death Of Children

30 Dec 2009 - GM Seeds Threaten World Food Supply

29 Dec 2009 - Obama's 'Most Important Message'?

29 Dec 2009 - Compulsory Private Health Insurance: Just Another Bailout For The Financial Sector?

29 Dec 2009 - The Ice Age Still Cometh

29 Dec 2009 - Mainstream Media New Years Resolutions For 2010 #6 : 'Vaccines & Autism'

29 Dec 2009 - Avoid These 7 Foods And You're Off To A Healthier New Year

29 Dec 2009 - People Of Hawaii Pass Resolution Against Forced Vaccination

29 Dec 2009 - Will You Be One Of The 15,000 That Are Killed By CT Scans Next Year?

28 Dec 2009 - Senate Passes Health Care Bill: Funds Abortions, Mandates Insurance Coverage

28 Dec 2009 - The Shocking Truth About Dairy [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Dec 2009 - Democrats Pass ObamaCare Horror On Christmas Eve

28 Dec 2009 - The Effect Of Aspartame Administration On Oncogene And Suppressor Gene Expressions

28 Dec 2009 - Losing The Taste For Sweets: Artificial Sweeteners Are Not A Solution

28 Dec 2009 - Are Doctors' Loyalties Divided? : Journal Editor Gets Royalties As Articles Favor Devices

28 Dec 2009 - Vaccine 'Holy War' : Couple Suing New York Archdiocese To Let Preschool Daughter Attend School Citing Religious Beliefs Against Vaccines

28 Dec 2009 - Bugs Inside: What Happens When The Microbes That Keep Us Healthy Disappear?

28 Dec 2009 - Fish Oils Protect Aging Eyes

24 Dec 2009 - Good News - Christmas Survives 'Global Warming' [An attempt to brainwash young children and others into thinking the theology and lies of the Global Warming Cult are real!]

24 Dec 2009 - They're At It Again - Media 'Covers' U.N. Climate Conference

24 Dec 2009 - ObamaCare Income Tax Surcharge Unconstitutional

24 Dec 2009 - Slain Pro-Lifer Recognized

24 Dec 2009 - Air Pollution - The Cure For 'Global Warming'

24 Dec 2009 - What Two Surprising Factors Can Predict Your Risk For Heart Disease?

24 Dec 2009 - Two 'Foods' You Should NEVER Ever Eat

24 Dec 2009 - Did A Flu Drug Manufacturer Withhold Evidence From Drug Trials?

23 Dec 2009 - World Hit With Record Snow And Arctic Temperature As Copenhagen Global Warming Hoax Ends

23 Dec 2009 - Who Benefits From Senate Healthcare? ACORN!

23 Dec 2009 - Germany And Spain Seek To Cut H1N1 Vaccine Orders

23 Dec 2009 - International Journal Of Cardiology - January 2009 - 'Lone' Atrial Fibrillation Precipitated By Monosidum Glutamate And Aspartame [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

23 Dec 2009 - Nasal Swine Flu Vaccine Recalled

23 Dec 2009 - After Senate, Lawmakers Will Have To Decide Between Abortion And Health Care

23 Dec 2009 - Poll: 72 Percent Of Americans Oppose Paying For Abortions In Health Care Bill

23 Dec 2009 - Scientist Addresses Global 'Swine Flu Conspiracy'

23 Dec 2009 - Kathleen Sebelius Admits, Covers Up Abortion Funding In Health Care Measure

23 Dec 2009 - Prescription Narcotics Cause More Deaths Than Both Heroin And Cocaine

22 Dec 2009 - History Of Climate Gets 'Erased' Online: More Than 5,000 Entries Tailored To Hype Global-Warming Agenda

22 Dec 2009 - Top Cuban Official Says Obama Lied In Copenhagen: 'Does Not Listen, Who Imposes His Positions And Even Threatens Developing Countries'

22 Dec 2009 - Special Deals, Carve-Outs Keep Health Care Afloat [These so-called "special deals", no matter what you want to call them, are nothing but BRIBERY pure and simple, and those behind them should be removed from office and criminally prosecuted!]

22 Dec 2009 - Democrat Accuses Health Care Opponents Of Racism [So now those who think for themselves and take a stand are now being called names. Standing your ground for what you think and believe is NOT racism! This is just another attempt by those who want to take away your rights to confuse the issue!]

22 Dec 2009 - Dr. Julie Gerberding Named President Of Merck Vaccines [SICK!!! She got rewarded for her cooperation with drug companies while working for the CDC $$$$$$$$$$$$$]

22 Dec 2009 - UK: Gordon Brown Calls For New Group To Police Global Environment Issues

22 Dec 2009 - The climate Change Carnival In Copenhagen

22 Dec 2009 - Artificial Sweeteners And Weight Gain

22 Dec 2009 - Former CDC Head Lands Vaccine Job At Merck [Does this surprise anyone?]

22 Dec 2009 - Don't Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out, Sir Liam [UK Swine Flu Drug Dealer Chief Quits as 'Pandemic' Con Unravels]

22 Dec 2009 - Abortion Battle May Spoil Democrats' Healthcare 'Victory' [GOOD!!!]

22 Dec 2009 - Sen. Nelson 'Betrayed' Pro-Lifers Back Home: Some Nebraskans Are Upset With Senator Ben Nelson Over His Change Of Heart On Healthcare Reform

22 Dec 2009 - Healthcare Mandate: Get Insured...Or Else

22 Dec 2009 - Canadian Panel To Study Euthanasia Stacked With Pro-Euthanasia Academics

22 Dec 2009 - Nearly 100 Percent Of Women Reject Tamoxifen Drug Despite Claims That It Prevents Breast Cancer

22 Dec 2009 - Toothpaste Ingredients Your Dentist Will Not Warn You About

22 Dec 2009 - Could This 'Forbidden Medicine' Eliminate The Need For Drugs?

22 Dec 2009 - Why Are Millions In The US Drinking Filthy Water - Even In Upscale Suburbs? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

22 Dec 2009 - Warning! This Cell Phone Safety 'Spin' Could Make You Dizzy

21 Dec 2009 - The Christmas Story - Hear It Now

21 Dec 2009 - Record Storm Closes Federal Government [So what happened to global warming! This is exactly opposite of the theology that the Cult of Global Warming preaches. I am sure they will try to say this is a result of global warming]

21 Dec 2009 - Obama's Climate 'Emergency Powers'

21 Dec 2009 - Will Congress Give America "Obama-Care" For Christmas? [Let's hope and pray not!]

21 Dec 2009 - Harry Reid Schedules First Obama-Care Vote For 1 A.M. Monday [So why have it at 1:00 in the morning? They obviously want to do this while most people and the media are asleep so no one knows what is going on!]

21 Dec 2009 - Makers Of Vaccine Refuse To Take H1N1 [YouTube video]

21 Dec 2009 - Understanding The Global Warming Jihadists

21 Dec 2009 - The Greatest Hoax Since The Piltdown Man

21 Dec 2009 - FDA's Stormtroopers

21 Dec 2009 - H1N1 Vaccine: 25 "Test Subject" Deaths And The MSM Cover-Up For Obama

21 Dec 2009 - H1N1: Death, Deception, Science And Science Fiction

21 Dec 2009 - Healthcare Pork: Senate Bill Laden With Favors, Pet Projects For Democrats

21 Dec 2009 - Abortion Coverage Battle On Health Bill Continues

21 Dec 2009 - Taxes Won't Be Used To Decrease The Global Warming

21 Dec 2009 - Climate Change Is Natural: 100 Reasons Why

21 Dec 2009 - Kids Offered Pizza For Taking Swine Flu Shot [They are really desperate to get them to take this UNTESTED so-called vaccine!]

21 Dec 2009 - Healthcare Bill Targets Insurers' Taxes, Profits

21 Dec 2009 - Drug Giant General Electric Uses Libel Law To Gag Doctor

21 Dec 2009 - Logical Fallacies Of Global Warming

21 Dec 2009 - Maine To Consider Cell Phone Cancer Warning

21 Dec 2009 - Big Pharma Kills Yet Another Celebrity: Brittany Murphy On Multiple Prescriptions At Time Of Death

21 Dec 2009 - H1N1 Vaccine Liquidation Sale Now On: Hurry While Supplies Last!

18 Dec 2009 - God Laughs At Al Gore... Again

18 Dec 2009 - Lord Monckton Destroys "Global Warming" Hoax [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Dec 2009 - Student Suspended And Assaulted For Handing Out ANTI-VACCINE Fliers [YouTube video]

18 Dec 2009 - Student Suspended And Assaulted For Handing Out ANTI-VACCINE Fliers [Has an embedded video on the web page] [So much for freedom of speech!]

18 Dec 2009 - Antibiotics Weaken The Immune System

18 Dec 2009 - It's 'Weather' - Not 'Climate Change'

18 Dec 2009 - Sanofi-Pasteur Removes Thimerosal Free Vaccine From Market [Why remove only the Thimerosal free one? At least it did not contain the Thimerosal. They should be removing all of it once and for all!]

18 Dec 2009 - Obama Using 'Dire Scenarios' On Healthcare

18 Dec 2009 - Get Doctors' Opinions On Healthcare Bills

18 Dec 2009 - 'Czar' Promotes Explicit School Reading Lists

18 Dec 2009 - Feeling Old And Blue? Green Tea May Help

18 Dec 2009 - Big Pharma Paid $500,000 To Chicago Psychiatrists Who Used Children As Guinea Pigs

17 Dec 2009 - Climategate: Melting The Chains Of Tyranny

17 Dec 2009 - Global Warming Deception

17 Dec 2009 - Operation Rescue Names Slain Pro-Life Activist James Pouillon 2009 'Person Of The Year' : "Jim Gave His 'Last Full Measure Of Devotion' To The Cause Of Life."

17 Dec 2009 - CEO Of Christian Doctors' Group Quits AMA

17 Dec 2009 - Public Option - A Healthcare Smokescreen

17 Dec 2009 - ObamaCare - Does It Cover Stupidity?

17 Dec 2009 - Vaccines Optional For Most Local Health Care Workers

17 Dec 2009 - Joe Lieberman Alright With Forcing Taxpayers To Fund Abortions In Health Care

17 Dec 2009 - 20 Senators Demand Probe Of Health-Care Vote 'Threat' : Did White House Say It Would Close Air Force Base If Nelson Didn't Play?

17 Dec 2009 - Thousands Demand Obama Dump 'Safe Schools Czar' : Jennings Accused Of Promoting 'Explicit And Vile Sexual Content'

17 Dec 2009 - Cement Factories Release Huge Quantities Of Toxic Mercury Into The Air

17 Dec 2009 - Aspartame Alert: Diet Soda Destroys Kidney Function

16 Dec 2009 - Gore Finds His Own 'Truth' Inconvenient

16 Dec 2009 - Climate Conference Emits Its Share of Carbon [As with most cults, they say one thing and do the opposite. They are so quick to tell the rest of us how to live then they go and do what they tell us not to. Typical HYPOCRITES and CULT!]

16 Dec 2009 - Putting The "C" In Cure: Quantity And Frequency Are The Keys To Ascorbate Therapy

16 Dec 2009 - Biggest Loser Hurdles 'Fat Chance'

16 Dec 2009 - Blowing The Whistle On MSG

16 Dec 2009 - The Soap Opera With The Global Warming Hoax Continues

16 Dec 2009 - Forced Vaccinations, Government, And The Public Interest

16 Dec 2009 - Vaccine Recall Points Up Sorry State Of US Public Health Planning

16 Dec 2009 - Tell WalMart To Get Dangerous Products Off Its Shelves

16 Dec 2009 - Journalists Exaggerate Claims Of Pharmaceuticals, Misreport Risks

16 Dec 2009 - Ancient Herbal Mint Remedy Is Effective, Safe Pain Reliever, New Study Finds

16 Dec 2009 - Medtronic Medical Device Maker Paid $800,000 To Doctor Who Fabricated A Study

15 Dec 2009 - How Inconvenient. The Goracle Caught Lying...Again [He makes a normal habit out of this!]

15 Dec 2009 - When 'Real World Data' Fails....

15 Dec 2009 - New Zealand: Soft Drink Giants' Move A Pr Ploy, Green MP Says

15 Dec 2009 - A Suggested Survival List

15 Dec 2009 - Sour Finding On Popular Sweetener: Increased Cancer Incidence Associated With Low-Dose Aspartame Intake

15 Dec 2009 - Online Poll Draws Invective Comments Against H1N1 Vaccination Of Children

15 Dec 2009 - Non-Safety-Related Voluntary Recall Of Certain Lots Of Sanofi Pasteur H1N1 Pediatric (0.25 Ml, For 6-35 Month Olds) Vaccine In Pre-Filled Syringes Questions & Answers [They give a nice song and dance about it, but what is the REAL reason for the recall?]

15 Dec 2009 - Citizens Ignored In Abortion Money Approval

15 Dec 2009 - Blaylock: Mammograms Raise Cancer Risk

15 Dec 2009 - Plastic Bottle Chemical Inflames Intestines

15 Dec 2009 - Urgent Webcast Tonight To Combat Abortion-Funding Healthcare Bill

15 Dec 2009 - Important Family Services Cut From Spending Bill: Billions Will Be Spent On Government Services, But Little If Any Of The Money Will Go To Family-Friendly Causes

15 Dec 2009 - Obama Calls Democrats For Meeting As Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill Implodes

15 Dec 2009 - Study Verifies Mammography Screenings Cause Cancer

15 Dec 2009 - Cancer Researchers Announce Breakthroughs In Natural Prostate Cancer Prevention And Treatment

15 Dec 2009 - Many Of The Tallest Mountains In North And South America Contain PCBs

15 Dec 2009 - Overlooked 150 Year Old Household Cleaner A Remedy For Swine Flu?

15 Dec 2009 - How You Can Normalize Your Blood Pressure Without Drugs

14 Dec 2009 - America Is Deeply Offended By The Truth Of The Bible

14 Dec 2009 - Church [Cult] Of Global Warming Reveals Scientific Basis [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Dec 2009 - We Should Realize Global Warming Is A Hoax

14 Dec 2009 - People Of Hawaii Pass Resolution Against Forced Vaccination Laws [All states should be doing this!]

14 Dec 2009 - Why Are We Drugging Our Kids?

14 Dec 2009 - AP Investigation: Monsanto Seed Biz Role Revealed

14 Dec 2009 - Exposed: Was Expanding Medicare Obama's Plan To Get To 'Single Payer' All Along? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Dec 2009 - 'Witch Hunt' Expected Under New U.S. 'Hate Crimes' Law: Lawyer Who Handled Boissoin Saga Says Obama Plans To Bring Back 'Inquisitions'

14 Dec 2009 - Save The Planet, Hold Your Breath... Liberals First [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Dec 2009 - Hurricane Expert Rips Climate Fears

14 Dec 2009 - Proof Pandemrix Is A Dangerous Nano Vaccine

14 Dec 2009 - Glaxo Reaches Deal On Vaccine Patches [This is a really BAD idea and will be causing a lot of problems for people!]

14 Dec 2009 - What If Mother Mary Had Obamacare?

14 Dec 2009 - Europe Enters A Nutrition Science Dark Age

14 Dec 2009 - Criminal Background Checks Proposed For Homeschoolers: Plan Called Most 'Overbearing Law In The English-Speaking World' [Another attempt to attack, harass, and intimidate those who homeschool!]

14 Dec 2009 - Germany: Christian Fathers Put In Jail For Shunning Explicit Sex Ed: International Organization Fighting For Parents Protecting Their Children

14 Dec 2009 - US Senate Poised To Approve Bill Funding D.C. Abortions, Overseas Abortion Providers

14 Dec 2009 - Dem Senator Seeks To Alter Filibuster Rules To Pass Health Bill: Nelson Holds Ground Against Abortion, Public Option; Casey Uncommitted

14 Dec 2009 - University Of Minnesota Considers Controversial Education Requirements

14 Dec 2009 - Tamiflu Anti-Viral Drug Revealed As Complete Hoax; Roche Studies Based On Scientific Fraud

14 Dec 2009 - Antipsychotic Drugs Can Cause Heart Disease

11 Dec 2009 - Climate Summit Is The Name, Population Control Is The Game

11 Dec 2009 - The Algore Effect: Huge Snowstorm Batters U.S. [So how does Al Gore and his cult explain this? Year after year we see this happening. It goes totally against the theology and the preaching of the Global Warming Cult! How much more proof do people need that there is nothing to this cult but a pack of lies?]

11 Dec 2009 - Woman Claims Swine-Flu Shot Caused Paralysis - CDC: 10 Reports Of Guillain-Barre Syndrome Following H1N1 Vaccine In Last 2 Months

11 Dec 2009 - Marriage Penalty Hidden In Health Care Reform: Higher Premiums May Discourage People From Getting Married

11 Dec 2009 - ClimateGate - Hacker Or Whistleblower?

11 Dec 2009 - L.A. Anger: The West Coast Protests ObamaCare [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Dec 2009 - H1N1 Far Less Lethal Than Feared [So the CDC was WRONG yet again! They seem to be making a habit of it!]

11 Dec 2009 - Interview With Epidemiologist Tom Jefferson: 'A Whole Industry Is Waiting For A Pandemic'

11 Dec 2009 - The Climate Change Conspiracy

11 Dec 2009 - The Global Warming Gestapo

11 Dec 2009 - C-Reactive Protein Screening Found Virtually Useless

11 Dec 2009 - Big Pharma's Advertising Adds To Health Care Costs And Endangers Public Health

11 Dec 2009 - ClimateGate: IPCC Email Scandal [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Dec 2009 - Lord Monckton Warns Obama Will Attempt Use of Executive Authority To Commit US To Copenhagen Agreement

10 Dec 2009 - Copenhagen Labeled A 'Massive Waste'

10 Dec 2009 - ClimateGate, Green Dragon, & The End Of Christianity

10 Dec 2009 - Arrogance Of Power

10 Dec 2009 - Vaccine To Counter Bad Beef Is Being Tested [PURE STUPIDITY! Logic says that you just get rid of the bad beef and do your job on preventing it from getting on the market!]

10 Dec 2009 - Childrens Hospital Workers Fired Over Flu Shot Refusal, Claim Religious Rights

10 Dec 2009 - Millions In U.S. Drink Dirty Water, Records Show

10 Dec 2009 - Healthcare 'Compromise' An Insult To Seniors

10 Dec 2009 - Controversial EPA Ruling Linked To 'ClimateGate' E-Mails

10 Dec 2009 - Tiger And Global Warming - Media Imbalance

10 Dec 2009 - Senators Feinstein, Mikulski Call Taxpayer Funding Of Abortion "Morally Correct" [There is nothing at all correct about it, morally or otherwise!]

10 Dec 2009 - UK Doctors Demand More Cash To Inject Under Fives With Deadly Swine Flu Vaccine

10 Dec 2009 - World Health Organisation 'Mr Swine Flu' Under Investigation For Gross Conflict Of Interest

10 Dec 2009 - Stupak Defends Pro-Life Amendment To Health Care: Even As The Senate Kills A Pro-Life Amendment, Rep. Bart Stupak Says It's Necessary

10 Dec 2009 - UK Government Spent 500 Million On Tamiflu That Doesn't Work

10 Dec 2009 - Reports Probe Tamiflu Benefits, Call For Clinical Data Transparency

10 Dec 2009 - Cancer Profiteering? New Chemo Drug Costs $30,000 A Month

10 Dec 2009 - After Conventional Breast Cancer Treatments, Half Of Women Have Lingering, Long-Term Pain

10 Dec 2009 - Big Pharma Greed: Free Drugs Are Being Pushed On The Internet To Hook Consumers

10 Dec 2009 - Patients Choose Alternative Therapies When Granted More Personal Responsibility By Doctors

10 Dec 2009 - Eating Walnuts Cuts Cholesterol

10 Dec 2009 - Batch Of H1N1 Vaccine Pulled Due To Severe Allergic Reactions

09 Dec 2009 - What? The 28th Amendment? [This is a GREAT IDEA!!!]

09 Dec 2009 - More Polar Bear Lies From The Cult Of Global Warming [Just as the Dopenhagen party gets rolling the Cultists roll out the old polar bear story again. They must really like this one because they keep doing it over and over and over again!]

09 Dec 2009 - Famous Weather Scientist: ClimateGate 'Tip Of Iceberg' : 'Conspiracy Would Become Manifest' If All Climate Research E-Mails Unveiled

09 Dec 2009 - Global Cooling Documented In Last Decade: Contradicts Data Released At Copenhagen Climate Summit

09 Dec 2009 - The Depths Of Demcare Demagoguery

09 Dec 2009 - Biggest Urban Legend Of All?

09 Dec 2009 - Vitamin C And Acidity: What Form is Best?

09 Dec 2009 - Little Evidence Tamiflu Works

09 Dec 2009 - The Big Picture

09 Dec 2009 - Obama, Scientists Are Like Villains

09 Dec 2009 - Democrats' Health Insurance Efforts Labeled 'Desperate'

09 Dec 2009 - Senate Kills Nelson Amendment Restricting Abortion Funding

09 Dec 2009 - GAO: FDA Yet To Make Safety Changes Post-Vioxx

09 Dec 2009 - Science Czar's Guru Backed Eugenics: Sought To Limit 'Unfit' From 'Breeding' To Save Civilization

09 Dec 2009 - Bayer Admits GMO Contamination Is Out Of Control

09 Dec 2009 - Mega Corruption Scandal At The WHO

09 Dec 2009 - Pfizer Caught In Yet More Science Fraud: Company Altered Study Findings For Neurontin Drug

09 Dec 2009 - Injury Added To Insult: Dyes Injected For Imaging Are More Dangerous Than The MRIs

08 Dec 2009 - EPA Rules CO2 Harmful [The EPA must be run by idiots! They have completely forgotten about the cycle of life. Hhumans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide and that plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. What they say is harmful to humans, is what we call life!]

08 Dec 2009 - Tale Of Two Hoaxes: Man-Made Global Warming And ObamaCare

08 Dec 2009 - Swine Flu: The Pandemic That Ended With A Whimper

08 Dec 2009 - 35 Senators Warn Against Smuggling Pro-Abortion Policy Changes Into Omnibus Appropriations Bill [This is a copy of the actual Senate letter]

08 Dec 2009 - In Defense Of Sarah Palin & Conservative Women

08 Dec 2009 - Healthcare Loophole Benefits Illegals

08 Dec 2009 - Socialists Demand Trillions In "Climate Debt"

08 Dec 2009 - CO2 Science Videos Ask Key Questions About Copenhagen Climate Conference

08 Dec 2009 - Flu Pandemic Could Be Mild: H1N1 Toll Likely To Be Lower, But Vaccinations Are Still Encouraged [So what happened to the H1N1 virus being so deadly? Looks like they were wrong yet again!]

08 Dec 2009 - Study Confirms Low Mortality For Swine Flu

08 Dec 2009 - The Truth About Gardasil

08 Dec 2009 - Vaccine Choice And Awareness

08 Dec 2009 - Abortion, Public Option Could Derail Senate's Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill

08 Dec 2009 - President Obama Again Violates No Abortion Funds Pledge By Backing Senate Bill

08 Dec 2009 - Media Advisory: EPA Claims Carbon Dioxide Threatens Human Health [Guess the EPA doesn't realize that humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide and that plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. So what they say is a threat to humans, is what we call life!]

08 Dec 2009 - Copenhagen Delegates To See Videos Explaining Global Warming Myth

08 Dec 2009 - Time To Come Clean On Global Warming Hoax

08 Dec 2009 - "BPA-Free" Foods Found To Contain BPA

08 Dec 2009 - Merck Ignored Evidence For Four Years That Vioxx Had Deadly Heart Risks

08 Dec 2009 - Most Britons Reject Swine Flu Vaccine

08 Dec 2009 - Top 12 Foods For Healthy Immune Response

07 Dec 2009 - Evangelicals Push Back Against Global Warming Hoax

07 Dec 2009 - Question For Bill O'reilly: Who's The Idiot Now?

07 Dec 2009 - Ukraine: H1N1 Is Not The Problem. Economic Catastrophe Conducive To Deterioration Of Health Conditions [The Ukraine deaths attributed by WHO and Ukraine authorities to an uncontrolled outbreak of H1N1 Swine Flu are not the result of H1N1, a virus whose very existence has never been demonstrated by WHO]

07 Dec 2009 - Review Shows Safety of H1N1 Vaccine, Officials Say [More LIES and PROPAGANDA! They seem to have forgotten about the thirteen people who have died within 19 days after H1N1 vaccination, including five children or teenagers]

07 Dec 2009 - Kids Eat Less Junk Food When Middle Schools Stop Providing It

07 Dec 2009 - World's Top Hypocrites Meet In Copenhagen

07 Dec 2009 - Climate Change Hoax Ignored By Obama, Gore & The Elite Media

07 Dec 2009 - Parental Rights Ignored In California School District

07 Dec 2009 - Slim-Fast In Cans Recalled

07 Dec 2009 - Climate Change Ruling Threatens To Chill U.S. Economy [He doesn't care at all that it is a HOAX! All he cares about is his own desires and goals!]

07 Dec 2009 - Hey, Al Gore! About That Oscar... [The Climategate snowball is gaining speed! Some are calling for Al Gore's Oscar to be returned. They should recall his Nobel Peace Prize as well]

07 Dec 2009 - Missouri Government Plots Undercover Sting Operations Against Families Selling Raw Milk

07 Dec 2009 - Vitamin D Prevents Heart Disease

07 Dec 2009 - An Antioxidant In Broccoli And Cauliflower May Treat Cystic Fibrosis And Other Diseases

07 Dec 2009 - Diabetes Drug Found To Promote Cancer Tumors, But FDA Urges Diabetics To Keep Using It Anyway

07 Dec 2009 - Beware Of Side Effects Of PPI Drugs In Acid Reflux (GERD) Patients, Warn Doctors

07 Dec 2009 - The Man-Made Global Warming Hoax: Phase 4

07 Dec 2009 - Letter: The death Of A Science Myth

07 Dec 2009 - Why They Fell For The Global Warming Hoax

07 Dec 2009 - Mounting Debilities And Deaths From H1N1 Vaccine [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Dec 2009 - Does High Cholesterol REALLY Cause Heart Disease?

07 Dec 2009 - Avoid Routine Mammograms If You Are Under 50 [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Dec 2009 - The Ultimate Payback For Culprits Responsible For Sneaking Mercury Into Your Mouth? Put Them OUT OF BUSINESS! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Dec 2009 - Al Gore Tucks Tail And Runs! [GOOD! This is because he knows more and more people are seeing the truth about the lies and deceit behind the Global Warming Cult!]

04 Dec 2009 - Global Warming Promoter 'Dismayed And Deeply Shaken' By ClimateGate

04 Dec 2009 - Grassley: Healthcare 'Nuclear Option' Will Raise Taxes, Deplete Medicare

04 Dec 2009 - Senate Votes to Keep Medicare Cuts In Health Bill

04 Dec 2009 - Embryonic Stem-Cell Funding - An Incentive To Kill

04 Dec 2009 - ClimateGate: The Final Nail In The Coffin Of 'Anthropogenic Global Warming'?

04 Dec 2009 - The Global Warming Bulldozer

04 Dec 2009 - Pro-Life Group Faces Senate In Uphill Healthcare Battle

04 Dec 2009 - Vitamin C As An Antiviral: It's All About Dose

04 Dec 2009 - Senate Backs Mikulski Amdt, Could Require All Insurance Plans To Cover Abortions

04 Dec 2009 - The Non-GMO Shopping Guide

04 Dec 2009 - Global warming: The Truth Is Barely Emerging

04 Dec 2009 - Barbara Hollingsworth: Who's Who On Climate Fraud

04 Dec 2009 - Cornwall Alliance Keeps Climate Change 'Folly' In Spotlight

04 Dec 2009 - Warning: Drug Ads Are Harmful To Your Health

04 Dec 2009 - Cereal Ads Found To Promote Childhood Obesity

04 Dec 2009 - Number Of Prescriptions Written In UK For Antidepressants Nearly Equals Entire Population

03 Dec 2009 - Show Me The Warming: Where Is The Drastic Climate Change We Keep Hearing About?

03 Dec 2009 - Facing Troubled Times And A Wall Of Wind

03 Dec 2009 - Vaccine Adjuvant Alters Neurological Function In Rat Experiment, Symptoms Identical To Autism [There is an error in title, it should be Mercury. Mercury is NOT an adjuvant]

03 Dec 2009 - Kid Asthma Related To Formaldehyde

03 Dec 2009 - The Discriminatory 'Non-Discrimination Act'

03 Dec 2009 - Global Warming Revealed To Be The Hoax: We Always Knew It Was

03 Dec 2009 - The Great Climate Fraud Worse Than First Thought

03 Dec 2009 - Tapping Into Curry''s Health Benefits

03 Dec 2009 - Senate Passes Amendment That Could Mandate Abortion Coverage In Insurance Plans

03 Dec 2009 - Global Warming Hoax And Stupidity

03 Dec 2009 - How To Prevent The Flu -- As Easy As 1, 2, 3... [Has an embedded video on the web page]

03 Dec 2009 - Medical Imaging Tests Expose Patients To Dangerous Amounts Of Unnecessary Radiation

03 Dec 2009 - VA Hospital Botched Prostate Cancer Treatments In Nearly Four Out Of Five Men

02 Dec 2009 - 'ClimateGate' Deception Continues To Unfold

02 Dec 2009 - Global Warming Hoax Scientists Caught Red-Handed Fixing Data

02 Dec 2009 - Senate Health Care Bill Amendment Would Define Abortion As Preventative Care [This is WRONG and pure EVIL! This form of serial killing (abortion) is NOT preventative care. It is MURDER plain and clear!]

02 Dec 2009 - Conscience Protections For Pro-Life Medical Professionals Not In Senate Health Bill

02 Dec 2009 - How To Dry Herbs And Make Relaxing Herbal Tea

02 Dec 2009 - White House Is 'Deaf, Dumb And Blind' To Global Warming Hoax [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 Dec 2009 - Los Angeles Times Attacks Pro-Life Manhattan Declaration Signers As "Dangerous" [They are dangerous because they are standing up against this evil!]

02 Dec 2009 - Flavonoids From Fruits, Veggies Help Halt Dementia And Alzheimer's

02 Dec 2009 - Mammograms Cause Breast Cancer, Groundbreaking New Research Declares

02 Dec 2009 - Nutrition Victory: Cancer Doctors Begin Prescribing Vitamin D As Part Of Cancer Therapy

02 Dec 2009 - Global Warming Fraud Exposed

02 Dec 2009 - Global Warming Hoax And More

01 Dec 2009 - No Global Warming Coverage [Where are the front page headlines about the global warming data scandal? The dire predictions, now in question, always seem to be major news.]

01 Dec 2009 - Looking For Global Warming In Minnesota [Has an embedded video on the web page]

01 Dec 2009 - Why Drug Companies Are Working To Control Natural Supplements

01 Dec 2009 - Vaccines Become Drugmakers' Profit Boosters: Pharmaceutical Companies Drawn To Development Of Vaccines For Variety Of Diseases [New Vaccines means more mandates]

01 Dec 2009 - Assisted Suicide - Where Will Canada Draw The Line?

01 Dec 2009 - Tax Increases May Stall Senate Healthcare Vote

01 Dec 2009 - Frightful Profiteering [YouTube video]

01 Dec 2009 - Speaking Of Connecting The Players... [Has an embedded video on the web page]

01 Dec 2009 - Majority Of Abdominal CT Scans Not Needed

01 Dec 2009 - Walking A Dog Beats Gym Membership

01 Dec 2009 - ACLU Sues To Block AK Personhood Initiative

01 Dec 2009 - Joseph Moshe Update: November 18, 2009 [Joseph Moshe being held in California psych ward? He is the microbiologist and biowar specialist who called into Dr. Ott's radio program warning about the flu vaccine. He notified that Baxter's vaccine in the Ukraine was a biowar weapon and subsequently we all know what happened in the Ukraine. So whichever side you're on as to the validity of all this, it is an update, and there is a trial. You recall he was arrested.]

01 Dec 2009 - H1N1 FluMist Emergency Warning [YouTube video]

01 Dec 2009 - The Stupidity Of "Greening" Vaccines [YouTube video]

01 Dec 2009 - Mammograms May Boost Cancer Risk In High-Risk Women

01 Dec 2009 - Health Tip: Prevent Poisoning

01 Dec 2009 - Connecticut Sues CVS For Selling Expired Products

01 Dec 2009 - BPA Tied To Impotence In Men: Chinese Factory Worker Study Suggests More Potential Hazards From The Plastics Chemical

01 Dec 2009 - Harvard Study: Planned Parenthood Is An Abortion Business And Business Is Bad [Good! Hopefully they will shut down once and for all!]

01 Dec 2009 - Flaxseed Oil Could Reduce The Risk Of Osteoporosis

01 Dec 2009 - Vitamin D Prevents Diabetes, Improves Insulin Sensitivity, Say Multiple Studies

01 Dec 2009 - Pesticide Exposure May Make You Want To Kill Yourself

01 Dec 2009 - Beware Of Aluminum In Deodorant Products

01 Dec 2009 - Important New Vitamin D Research Papers

01 Dec 2009 - Polio Vaccine Blamed For Outbreaks In Nigeria

01 Dec 2009 - Scientists Believe Your Cell Phone Is a Death Trap

30 Nov 2009 - Nets Ignore Climategate While FNC & CNN Report, CNN Dismisses Relevance

30 Nov 2009 - Global Warming: Faith, Reason And The Temple Cult Of Scientism

30 Nov 2009 - Shameful: 16,000 Unprocessed Files Of Vets With The V.A.

30 Nov 2009 - Artificial Sweeteners: Not Such A Sweet Deal After All

30 Nov 2009 - Scientist Repeats Swine Flu Lab-Escape Claim In Published Study

30 Nov 2009 - Obama Buys Ticket On Titanic, After Hitting Iceberg [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Nov 2009 - CRU Destroys Crucial Data And Now Says Just Trust Us

30 Nov 2009 - Global Warming, Corruption, And Unethical Scientists [has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Nov 2009 - Over 150,000 Sign Manhattan Declaration In Less Than A Week

30 Nov 2009 - Social Science Is Dead

30 Nov 2009 - New Alias For 2 Killers - MSG And Aspartame

30 Nov 2009 - Olive Oil Protects Against Alzheimer's

30 Nov 2009 - Blacksmiths, Barbers And Dentists

30 Nov 2009 - Climategate: Connecting The Players

30 Nov 2009 - Climategate: Scientists Forged Climate Research To Make Up The Global Warming Hoax

30 Nov 2009 - Main Ingredients In Household Dust Come From Outdoors: Arsenic And Other Particles Tracked Indoors Can Be Harmful, Researchers Warn

30 Nov 2009 - Media Hysterical Over Rate Increase, Ignores Global Warming Tax

30 Nov 2009 - French National Assembly Rejects Euthanasia Bill By Wide Margin [GOOD!]

30 Nov 2009 - Keep Your Distance From Fluorescent Bulbs

30 Nov 2009 - Italian Senate Delays Sale Of RU 486: Cites Safety Of Women...Not "Ideology" [Hopefully they will just ban it altogether!]

30 Nov 2009 - UK: Low Public Take-Up Of Vaccine Signals Swine Flu Scepticism

30 Nov 2009 - Speaking Truth To Power: Global Warming Science Fraud Exposed

30 Nov 2009 - PHAC Confirms 24 Cases Of Anaphylaxis Across Canada After H1N1 Flu Shots

30 Nov 2009 - Princeton Rejects Abstinence Center

30 Nov 2009 - Does Everything Cause Cancer, Even Vitamins? Folate, B-12 And Cigarettes: Guess Who The Real Culprit Is

30 Nov 2009 - Self-Esteem For Your Child

30 Nov 2009 - Planned Parenthood Drops Lawsuit Against Former Abortion Center Director

30 Nov 2009 - CEDAW Treaty Committee, Which Bashed Pro-Life Nations, Releases New Report

30 Nov 2009 - U.S. Pressured To OK UN Convention On The Rights Of The Child, Abortion Concerns

30 Nov 2009 - Vaccines: Swine Flu Vaccine Risks, Dangers

30 Nov 2009 - An Inconvenient Truth

30 Nov 2009 - Global-Warming Legislation - Fight Isn't Over

30 Nov 2009 - Beverage Can Tabs Remain A Risk For Kids

30 Nov 2009 - HRT Drugs Promote Ovarian Cancer

30 Nov 2009 - FDA Fails To Follow Up On Safety Of Fast-Tracked Drug Approvals

30 Nov 2009 - Woman's Leg Amputated By Mistake Following False Cancer Diagnosis

30 Nov 2009 - Chemotherapy For Testicular Cancer Causes Long-Term Neurological Damage

30 Nov 2009 - Common Pain Medication Fuels Cancer Growth

30 Nov 2009 - Swine Flu Alert -- Shocking Vaccine Miscarriage Horror Stories

30 Nov 2009 - College Students Getting Smarter, Shunning H1N1 Vaccine

30 Nov 2009 - Can It Get Much Worse? Drug Company Now Claims Statins Recommended for Swine Flu [This is insanity! The drug companies will say and do anything to push their drugs!]

30 Nov 2009 - Swine Flu Vaccine: Physicians' Rejection Of The Injection

25 Nov 2009 - About Time: Investigations Into Global Warming Lies Are Called For

25 Nov 2009 - More Climate Change E-Mail Fallout [This is getting good! Chris Horner has filed notice of intent to sue NASA]

25 Nov 2009 - Godly Commitment-Our Resolve

25 Nov 2009 - UK Drugs Dealer Supremo Squanders 1Billion Plus On Swine Flu

25 Nov 2009 - An End To Global Warming Bad Science

25 Nov 2009 - Swine Flu Vaccine Investigated For Rare Side Effects

25 Nov 2009 - Senate Health Care Bill Contains Rationing Provisions, Pro-Life Group Warns

25 Nov 2009 - Baltimore City Council OKs Bill To Attack On Pregnancy Centers Over Abortion

25 Nov 2009 - Climate Change Fraud Exposed!

25 Nov 2009 - Merck's Vioxx Scandal Widens: Drug Maker Knew Vioxx Was Deadly For Years Before Risk Was Made Public (Opinion)

25 Nov 2009 - BPA Exposure Causes Erectile Dysfunction And Other Male Sexual Problems

25 Nov 2009 - Vitamin D Prevents Heart Disease

24 Nov 2009 - Women Bear Brunt Of 'Climate Change'? : A United Nations Group That Promotes Abortion Has Released Some Controversial Recommendations Concerning "Global Warming." [More LUNACY from the Cult of Global Warming!]

24 Nov 2009 - My Thanksgiving Prayer

24 Nov 2009 - Mayans And The Bible

24 Nov 2009 - An Avalanche Of Reports Of Adverse Reactions To The H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine - And Yet World Health Authorities Continue To Insist That It Is Safe

24 Nov 2009 - Nutrition Quiz, Tufts - Aspartame, And The Answers

24 Nov 2009 - Text of H.R.3200 as Reported in House: America's Affordable Health Choices Act Of 2009 [This is the so-called "ObamaCare" health care plan]

24 Nov 2009 - Someone Did Read The Entire House Bill 3200: The Affordable Health Care Choices Act Of 2009 [Michael Connelly - Retired attorney, Constitutional Law Instructor, Texas about the New Health Care Bill]

24 Nov 2009 - Great Video Against Mandatory Vaccination In Georgia [YouTube video]

24 Nov 2009 - Teaching Children To Use Drugs: Part 3

24 Nov 2009 - Vaccines: A Bullet To The Head

24 Nov 2009 - AMA Meeting: No Flu Shot Mandate For Doctors; Hand Sanitizer Pushed - The AMA Will Study If There's Any Benefit From Requiring All Health Professionals To Receive Influenza Vaccine

24 Nov 2009 - Vaccine System Remains Antiquated: New Production Techniques Are Mostly Years Away From Being Implemented [Vaccine makers using dog, worm, caterpillar and monkey cells]

24 Nov 2009 - 70 Heartbreaking Stories From People Who Have Had Their Lives Destroyed By H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Side Effects

24 Nov 2009 - Protests Rise Over Dems 'Cadillac' Health Tax

24 Nov 2009 - Fred Thompson: ObamaCare 'Dishonest'

24 Nov 2009 - Vioxx Heart Dangers Known Early

24 Nov 2009 - Health Care Support Drops To Below 40 Percent After Senate OKs Pro-Abortion Bill

24 Nov 2009 - Abortion-Expanding Senate Health Care Bill Passes Procedural Vote

24 Nov 2009 - GlaxoSmithKline Pulls Swine Flu Vaccines In Canada

24 Nov 2009 - Pharmaceutical Companies Write Their Own Drug Information Labels And Leave Out Side Effect Information

24 Nov 2009 - Acetaminophen Linked To Asthma In Children And Adults

24 Nov 2009 - Superstar CBS Reporter Blows The Lid Off The Swine Flu Media Hype And Hysteria [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 Nov 2009 - Why Canned Soups Can Be Dangerous To Your Health

24 Nov 2009 - Scientists Discover Influenza's Achilles Heel: Antioxidants

23 Nov 2009 - Main Stream Media Awakens To Global Warming Fraud

23 Nov 2009 - Gelnn Beck: Healthcare Bills Passing In The Night...When Does Congress Work On The Weekend? When They Don't Want The Public To See What They Are Doing [His show is embedded on his web page]

23 Nov 2009 - Adverse Reactions To The Swine Flu Vaccine Soar

23 Nov 2009 - Stay Away From Chemotherapy And Radiation

23 Nov 2009 - Methanol (11% Of Aspartame), Made By Body Into Formaldehyde In Many Vulnerable Tissues, Causes Modern Diseases Of Civilization, Summary Of A Century Of Research

23 Nov 2009 - Senate Health Care Bill Raises Taxes On Special Needs Children, Their Families

23 Nov 2009 - Common Plastics Chemicals Linked To ADHD Symptoms: Are Phthalates Really Safe For Children?

23 Nov 2009 - Canada: The Killer H1N1 Vaccine

23 Nov 2009 - Green Tea Eases Stress And Fatigue From Overworking

23 Nov 2009 - Canada: Officials Investigating One Lot Of Flu Vaccine Due To Allergy Concerns

23 Nov 2009 - France Finds Monsanto Guilty Of Lying

23 Nov 2009 - Deadlier Than Cocaine, Heroin, And The Swine Flu?

20 Nov 2009 - Global Warming Ate My Homework: 100 Things Blamed On Global Warming

20 Nov 2009 - Netherlands: Vaccine Use Halted After Baby Deaths

20 Nov 2009 - Stop The Washington Takeover Of Our Health Care System - Urgent: Contact Your Senators Today!

20 Nov 2009 - Food Standards Admits Not Accepting Scientific Evidence Regarding Aspartame ADI And Free Methyl Alcohol, In Favor Of Aspartame Propaganda Proven To Be False

20 Nov 2009 - Woodrow C. Monte PhD - Methanol: A Chemical Trojan Horse As The Root Of The Inscrutable U. - Prepublication Copy

20 Nov 2009 - Senate Health Care Bill Void Of Pro-Life Protections; Pro-Life Groups Call Majority Leader Harry Reid's Proposal 'Totally Unacceptable.'

20 Nov 2009 - Drug Firms Raise Prices In Face Of Health Reform: Industry Aims To Set Higher Price Base Before Legislation Passes, Critics Say

20 Nov 2009 - 'Tricks' And 'Gimmicks' In Senate Healthcare Bill

20 Nov 2009 - Goverment Chooses Cutting Costs Over Saving Lives?

20 Nov 2009 - World's Largest Aspartame Maker Ajinomoto Is Trying To Rename It AMINOSWEET [They want to rename it because they know people are wising up to just how deadly aspartame really is!]

20 Nov 2009 - Vaccine Against Yersinia Comprising One Or Two Antibodies, One Specific For Yersinia Pestis F1-Antigen And The Other One For Yersinia Pestis V-Antigen [This is the patent for the Pneumonic Plague Vaccine]

20 Nov 2009 - Republicans Blast 'Bait And Switch' ObamaCare

20 Nov 2009 - The Botax? Nip/tuck Taxes Part Of ObamaCare

20 Nov 2009 - Nighttime Aerosol Spraying By Planes Reported In Poland [Aerosol spraying over Poland? Pneumonic Plague - What country is next?]

20 Nov 2009 - Swine Flu Tragedy Of Tot Finlay: My Boy's Agonising Death After Virus Vaccination

20 Nov 2009 - Revealed: Germany's Secret Virus Vaccine Contract [Germany signed a secret contract to prepare for a pandemic of deadly flu - in 2007!]

20 Nov 2009 - 6 Out Of 10 Of Americans Oppose Public Funding Of Abortion: 51% Said That They Would Even Oppose Allowing Private Insurance To Pay For Abortions

20 Nov 2009 - Blood Test Results Often Kept From Patients

20 Nov 2009 - Excessive Radiation From Medical Imaging Tests Raises Concerns

20 Nov 2009 - Uva Ursi Herb Reverses Urinary Tract Infections

20 Nov 2009 - Doctors Tested Bird Flu Vaccine On Homeless People

19 Nov 2009 - H1N1 Package Insert Says Vaccine Is Unsafe [YouTube video]

19 Nov 2009 - Doctors Speak Out About H1N1 VACCINE DANGERS [YouTube video]

19 Nov 2009 - Cancer Industry Desperately Needs Mammogram Screenings To Recruit Patients And Generate Repeat Business

19 Nov 2009 - FDA Openly Allows Criminally-Convicted Doctors, Researchers To Keep Working On Pharmaceuticals And Clinical Trials

19 Nov 2009 - Vitamin D Emerges As Treatment For Prostate Cancer - Cuts PSA Levels By Half

19 Nov 2009 - More Evidence Brews About Green Tea's Benefits: It May Prevent Oral Cancer

19 Nov 2009 - Iodine Prevents Breast Cancer

19 Nov 2009 - Medications That Block Folic Acid During Pregnancy Can Cause Birth Defects

19 Nov 2009 - Former Monsanto Lawyer Hired by FDA As Key Advisor [Am I the only one or does this really looks suspicious. Wouldn't this a conflict of interest?]

19 Nov 2009 - Major Victory With Swine Flu Scandal [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 Nov 2009 - What Are The Dangers Of Mutating Pet Flu Viruses, And Does Your Pet Need A Flu Shot?

19 Nov 2009 - A Cell Phone on Your Hip Weakens Your Bones

18 Nov 2009 - UN: Fight Climate Change With Free Condoms [This INSANITY brought to you by the Cult of Global Warming!]

18 Nov 2009 - Six Transported To Hospital After Getting Swine Flu Vaccine

18 Nov 2009 - The Health Care Reform Bill Establishes A Program Called No Child Left Unimmunized Against Influenza Which Will Use Elementary And Secondary Schools As Flu Vaccination Centers

18 Nov 2009 - Possible Hidden Hazards Of Mass Vaccination Against New Influenza A/H1N1: Have The Cardiovascular Risks Been Adequately Weighed?

18 Nov 2009 - Palin Slams Obama For Bowing, Breaking Promises [She further charged that Democrats are 'purposefully' holding back details on their healthcare reform proposals from the American people to avoid an open debate. "I think it is a very dangerous place for Americans to be, to be told that the only solution is that government has to take it over."]

18 Nov 2009 - Garlic Can Fight And Cure Ear Infections

18 Nov 2009 - The Transsubstantiation Of Thimerosal: The Threat Of Echinacea And Elderberry

18 Nov 2009 - Sex Ed. vs. Abstinence: A Federal Official Blames Abstinence Education For The Increase In Sexually Transmitted Diseases [He must either be stupid or an idiot! If there is abstinence, then there is NO spreading of disease!]

18 Nov 2009 - Dr. Richard Wurtman - Dietary Phenylalanine And Brain Function - Chapter 20: Aspartame And Human Behavior: Cognitive And Behavioral Observations [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

18 Nov 2009 - 41 Secrets Your Doctor Would Never Share With You

18 Nov 2009 - RU Safe And Simple?

18 Nov 2009 - Concern Over Canned Foods: Our Tests Find Wide Range Of Bisphenol A In Soups, Juice, And More

18 Nov 2009 - Methanol: A Chemical Trojan Horse As The Root Of The Inscrutable U.

18 Nov 2009 - No-Fault Payment For Vaccine Side-Effects

18 Nov 2009 - Virginia Principal Criticized For Inviting Pro-Abstinence Speaker

18 Nov 2009 - 6 Million U.S. Kids Lack Enough Vitamin D: Minority Children Are Hit Hardest, Nationwide Study Finds

18 Nov 2009 - Cocoa In Chocolate May Be Good For The Heart: Study Shows It Reduces Inflammation Associated With Heart Disease

18 Nov 2009 - Flu, Viruses, And Vitamin C Megadoses: A Personal Statement

18 Nov 2009 - Suzanne Somers Speaks Out Against The Conventional Cancer Industry: Mammograms, Chemotherapy vs. Alternative Cures

18 Nov 2009 - American Cancer Society Admits Mammograms And Cancer Screenings Are Over-Hyped

18 Nov 2009 - Men Can Slash Risk Of Highly Lethal Prostate Cancer Naturally

18 Nov 2009 - Medicinal Properties Of Sage Revealed

18 Nov 2009 - Probiotics Reduce Food Allergies, Skin Reactions

18 Nov 2009 - Cancer Screening Is Essentially Useless; Experts Finally Begin Questioning Sanity Of "Routine Screening"

18 Nov 2009 - Genetically Engineered Hormones Used By Dairy Industry Promote Cancer

17 Nov 2009 - Al Gore And The Great Debate: Will He Or Won't He?

17 Nov 2009 - Can We Trust The CDC?

17 Nov 2009 - What The Inventor Of The Flu Shot NOW Thinks Of The Vaccine...

17 Nov 2009 - Response Letter To The Food Standards Agency

17 Nov 2009 - Can Diet Coke Kill You? - Part 2

17 Nov 2009 - White House Advisor Indicates Obama Will Work To Abolish Pro-Life Health Amendment [That is because Obama has NO respect for the sanctity of life!]

17 Nov 2009 - Canadian Docs Warn Of Danger Using Tamiflu On H1N1

17 Nov 2009 - One More Reason To Ban Artificial Sweeteners From Your Diet

17 Nov 2009 - Green Card Seekers Won't Have To Get HPV Vaccine [They don't have to get it, yet they are trying to force everyone else into getting it. Does this make sense?]

17 Nov 2009 - Doctors Learned Why Ukrainians Dying!

17 Nov 2009 - Population Reduction: Globalist Endgame Begins?

17 Nov 2009 - 1.25 Million Contract Mystery Flu In Ukraine As Flu Cases Spike In Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Norway, India And Canada

17 Nov 2009 - Armageddon Has Begun: A Tale Of Two Stories: The European BioWar Outbreak And The Censoring Of It By The Mainstream News Media

17 Nov 2009 - Reported Cases in Ukraine Double Again To 871,037

17 Nov 2009 - Baxter International Has Released A Bioweapon In Ukraine: Here Is The Evidence

17 Nov 2009 - Why Is Canada Holding Pneumonic Plague Training Drills? (Is Canada The Next Ukraine?) [Has embedded videos on the web page]

16 Nov 2009 - Alarmist's Warming Predictions Wrong, Again

16 Nov 2009 - WWF Global Warming Kids' Propaganda - Rush EIB Kids' Response

16 Nov 2009 - Borders Hospital In Scotland - Hospital Staff Sick After Swine Flu Vaccine [So why is this not in the mainstream news media? Obviously this information is being suppressed!]

16 Nov 2009 - Liar Of The Year Or How The CDC Tried To Save Its Own A** And Failed

16 Nov 2009 - BELL TOLLING For The Swine Flu (CAMPANAS Por La Gripe A) Subtitled On Vimeo? [Spanish Doctor Reveals Important Information About Swine Flu - The interview is in Spanish with clear subtitles in English: Teresa Forcades is a nun at the monastery of Sant-Benet, in Monserra-Barcelona. She is a doctor physician specializing in internal medicine, PHD in public health at Barcelona's university, specializing in the USA at the State University of New York. She gives verifiable scientific data and the disturbing irregularities related to this subject. This is relevant to all countries, all people] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Nov 2009 - Homeopathy For Autism

16 Nov 2009 - Good Plants And Toxic Plants For Cats

16 Nov 2009 - Teaching Children To Use Drugs - Part 2

16 Nov 2009 - Acetaminophen Increases Asthma Risk

16 Nov 2009 - Purdue Funded Doctors Suggest Increased Pain Meds For Babies

16 Nov 2009 - Shooting Fish In A Barrel

16 Nov 2009 - H1N1 fact Or Fiction? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Nov 2009 - Sure Glad Cows Don't Fly

16 Nov 2009 - Going To Extremes: Pro-Aborts Argue Pro-Life Health Amendment "Paves The Way To Religious Discrimination" [They will say or do anything to take away the sanctity of life and keep abortion available on demand!]

16 Nov 2009 - Household Insecticides May Be Linked To Autoimmune Diseases: Study Suggests A Connection With Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis

16 Nov 2009 - South Korean Teenager Jumps From Apartment Window After Taking Tamiflu

16 Nov 2009 - Ukraine, WHO And The Geopolitics Of Swine Flu Panic

16 Nov 2009 - Study Ties Common Antibiotics With Birth Defects

16 Nov 2009 - House Health Care Legislation Still Has End-Of-Life, Assisted Suicide Problems

16 Nov 2009 - Tapping Into Curry's Health Benefits

16 Nov 2009 - Farmers, Ranchers Fighting Back Against FDA Tyranny Over Animal Farms

16 Nov 2009 - Whole Foods To Use "Non-GMO" Seal On Its Private-Label Products

16 Nov 2009 - Stop and Kill Cancer Cells: Chrysanthemums Could Hold The Key, Chinese Scientists Find

16 Nov 2009 - Expert Pediatrician Exposes Vaccine Myths [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Nov 2009 - New York Times - June 1, 2003 - Companies Increase Spending On Efforts To Lobby Congress And Governments [Even Senator Orrin Hatch's son is a lobbyist. Hatch who has defended aspartame and prevented congressional hearings until 1985 not only has a son who is a lobbyist but shows his defense of drugs companies by having the audacity to say they do so much for people. Yes, charge them gouging amounts for prescriptions] [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

16 Nov 2009 - American Health Line - July 19, 2000 - RX Drugs II: Senators Under Fire For Industry Ties [Hatch has received more money from the drug industry than any other senator] [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

16 Nov 2009 - Deutsche Presse-Agentur - November 4, 2009 - Ukraine Flu Outbreaks Widens, Kiev Announces Control Moves [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

16 Nov 2009 - Canada Wire News - November 5, 2009 - Urgent Appeal To Canadians For Critical medical Support To Ukraine [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

16 Nov 2009 - Canada News Wire - November 8, 2009 - Flu Pandemic Has Reached Critical Proportion In Ukraine [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

16 Nov 2009 - Xinhua General News Service - October 30, 2009 - A/H1N1 Flu Outbreak In Western Ukraine [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

16 Nov 2009 - BBC Monitoring Europe - November 5, 2009 - Romania Reports Steep Increase In H1N1 Influenza Cases [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

16 Nov 2009 - Baltic News Service - November 12, 2009 - Latvia To Send Euro 13,700 Worth Of Medical Preparations To Flu-Stricken Ukraine [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

16 Nov 2009 - World Market Research Centre - November 10, 2009 - Slovakia Tightens Border Restrictions With Ukraine Over Swine Flu [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

13 Nov 2009 - A Reminder About CO2 [What the Cult of Global Warming calls pollution we call life. We breathe in oxygen and breathe out CO2 and plants breath in CO2 and release oxygen] [Had an embedded video on the web page]

13 Nov 2009 - Gore - Vulture Capitalism At Its Worst

13 Nov 2009 - Australian Institute For Bioengineering And Nanotechnology: Vaccines For Swine Flu [H1N1 In Regular Flu Vaccine And H1N1 In Swine Flu Vaccine]

13 Nov 2009 - Federal Health Agencies Continue To Deceive Americans: Congressional Report On A Vaccine Mercury-Autism Link Ignored For Six Years

13 Nov 2009 - Older Women Drinking Over 2 Aspartame Beverages Weekly Had 30% Decline Kidney Function In 11 Years

13 Nov 2009 - Al Gore: Junk Science Huckster

13 Nov 2009 - Swine Flu Vaccine Should Not Be Given To Children In Schools [Has an embedded video on the web page]

13 Nov 2009 - Harvard Abstinence Club Angers Activists

13 Nov 2009 - Ill This Fall? Maybe It Wasn't Swine Flu After All: Tests Show Fall Outbreak Is Rhinovirus, Not Swine Flu

13 Nov 2009 - Hepatitis B Vaccine Triples The Risk Of Autism In Infant Boys

13 Nov 2009 - Prevention And Holistic Treatment Of Viral Illness

13 Nov 2009 - Research: Women In China See 17% Higher Breast Cancer Risk From Abortion

13 Nov 2009 - From The 'What Were They Thinking' Department: RNC Plan Covers Abortions

13 Nov 2009 - Prevent Kidney Disease By Saying No To Diet Sodas And Excess Salt

13 Nov 2009 - Grapefruit Extract May Prevent Metabolic Syndrome

13 Nov 2009 - Health Experts Increasingly Worried About BPA (Plastics Chemical)

12 Nov 2009 - Latest Threat To Earth: Golf Balls! [This insanity is brought to you by the same kooks who brought you global warming! It's not about the environment, it's about control]

12 Nov 2009 - IPCC Fraud Exposed [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Nov 2009 - H1N1: Police Hold Down WV Boy During Forced Swine Flu Vaccination [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Nov 2009 - Va. Teen Suffers Rare Illness After Swine Flu Shot: Boy Diagnosed With Guillain-Barre Syndrome, But CDC Says No Clear Link [What do they mean no clear link? How does someone get something rare after getting the shot and it not be related? More lies and deception from the CDC. This seems to be their standard line whenever anyone get bad reactions from the vaccinations!]

12 Nov 2009 - AMA Opposes 'Don't Ask Don't Tell,' Says Marriage Amendments Are Unhealthy: The Country's Largest Professional Organization For Doctors Takes A Position On Homosexual Issues [The AMA has NO business getting itself involved by making statements such as this, especially since they obviously are ignoring the facts! Same sex relationships are NOT safe or healthy!]

12 Nov 2009 - Climate Change (The Winter Name For Global Warming)

12 Nov 2009 - Airplanes Sprayed Mysterious Substance Over Ukraine Days Before Pneumonic Plague Outbreak

12 Nov 2009 - New Hampshire Committee Votes Against Assisted-Suicide Bill [GOOD!]

12 Nov 2009 - Dark Chocolate Eases Emotional Stress

12 Nov 2009 - Kidney Angioplasty Brings Risks But No Benefit

12 Nov 2009 - UPDATE 1-Glaxo Wins U.S. Approval For Swine Flu Vaccine

12 Nov 2009 - Video: Doctors Bribed To Push Swine Flu Vaccine On Reluctant Public [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Nov 2009 - 'Opt Out' Not An Option, Says Judge: A Federal Judge In West Virginia Has Ruled In Favor Of Compulsory Vaccinations, Despite The First Amendment's Free Exercise Clause

12 Nov 2009 - Virginia Teen Athlete In Wheel Chair After H1N1 Vaccine Shot

12 Nov 2009 - Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Explains How To Reverse Heart Disease On The NaturalNews Talk Hour

12 Nov 2009 - When Antibiotics Fail, Nurses Turn To Maggots And Manuka Honey To Beat Superbugs

12 Nov 2009 - Antioxidant In Ginkgo May Protect Cells From Radiation Damage

12 Nov 2009 - Avon Under Fire Over Carcinogenic And Estrogenic Ingredients

12 Nov 2009 - Was An Eight-Year-Old's Death Caused By His Flu Shot? : Another Young Child Has Mysteriously Died After Receiving A Flu Vaccination

11 Nov 2009 - Thanks To Our Veterans [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Nov 2009 - The DNA Of America v. An Obama Ideology

11 Nov 2009 - Planned Parenthood Restraining Order Request Thrown Out [GOOD! They tried to silence those telling the truth about how evil their organization really is and it didn't work!]

11 Nov 2009 - The DoJ Is Hiring An Attorney For The Office Of Vaccine Litigation

11 Nov 2009 - Ukraine: Yushchenko: The Government Rejected The Flu Shot - President Demands To Stop The Epidemic, To Reduce Mortality And "Not To Escalate The Panic"

11 Nov 2009 - New York Times - The Path To Aspartame Approval [This is a collection of four news articles from the New York Times on how aspartame got its approval: 1. Hayes is made commissioner 2. Approval as a table top sweetener 3. Approval in Beverages 4. Just 27 days after approval in beverages he leaves] [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

11 Nov 2009 - Bye Bye To The AMA

11 Nov 2009 - Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure

11 Nov 2009 - Potassium And High Blood Pressure

11 Nov 2009 - UK: GPs Offered Cash Bonuses To Hit Swine Flu Uptake Targets

11 Nov 2009 - Can Potassium Reverse High Blood Pressure?

11 Nov 2009 - Obama: Health Bill's Handling Of Abortion Needs "More Work" : 'This Is A Health Bill, Not An Abortion Bill'

11 Nov 2009 - Boston CBS Affiliate Won't Run Pro-Life Group's Ads On Abortion, Health Care

11 Nov 2009 - Double Dose Of H1N1 Vaccine Given To 11 Children In Error

11 Nov 2009 - France: Online Poll Draws Invective Comments Against H1N1 Vaccination Of Children

11 Nov 2009 - Doctor Visits Get Longer, But Care Quality "Poor"

11 Nov 2009 - NC School Sells Test Points For $20 To Raise Money [This is completely INSANE and does NOT encouraging learning! Yet another reason why the public educational system is going down the drain!]

11 Nov 2009 - Obama Welcomes AARP Backing Of Health Care Bill

11 Nov 2009 - Reports Of H1N1 Vaccine Causing Miscarriages In The USA

11 Nov 2009 - They Call It "Arepanrix" ...I Call It The Pandematrix!

11 Nov 2009 - Statin Drugs Cause Muscle Damage Even After You Stop Using Them

11 Nov 2009 - Probiotics Found To Reduce Eczema And Skin Allergies

11 Nov 2009 - Stop Stomach Ulcers With The Miracle Remedy Of Cabbage

10 Nov 2009 - Former PP Director Describes Watching Unborn Child Struggle Before Being Aborted

10 Nov 2009 - England: Kingston GPs Refuse Swine Flu Vaccine

10 Nov 2009 - Open Data To European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) On Aspartame Review

10 Nov 2009 - New York Clinics See Few Crowds For Free Vaccine [What they should consider is that people are not showing up because they know how dangerous this vaccine really is!]

10 Nov 2009 - Mercury In Fish Linked To High Blood Pressure: But Researcher Downplays Importance Of Effect

10 Nov 2009 - Conflicts Of Interest? Dr. Mehmet Oz Owns 150,000 Option Shares In Vaccine Technology Company

10 Nov 2009 - Dean Foods pulls Bait-And-Switch On "Organic" Silk Soymilk

10 Nov 2009 - How Partially-Hydrogenated Oils And Trans Fats Destroy Your Health

10 Nov 2009 - Oily Fish Consumption Halts Eye Disease

09 Nov 2009 - Martin Hertzberg: The Scientific Hoax Of The Century

09 Nov 2009 - Senate Pushing Climate Bill Through Panel; Ditch "Cap & Trade" Name

09 Nov 2009 - Present Robert F Kennedy Jr Shocking Vaccine Cover Up - Part 1 [YouTube Video]

09 Nov 2009 - Why Should I Worry About The Health Care Bill?

09 Nov 2009 - Night Walkers - February 1998 - Aspartame Can Trigger Restless Leg Syndrome [It is a common complaint - See page 13] [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

09 Nov 2009 - The Washington Post - May 19, 1987 - NutraSweet: The Debate Continues [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

09 Nov 2009 - Big Pharma Maps Out A Global Vaccine Strategy

09 Nov 2009 - Polish Health Minister, A Family Doctor, Tells Parliament She Will Not Allow Use Of Untested Swine Flu Jabs: Reveals Secret Contracts Violate The Law

09 Nov 2009 - The Washington Post - July 1, 1983 - Aspartame: Sweet And Sour [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

09 Nov 2009 - Mussolini Care: Buy Insurance Or Go To Prison

09 Nov 2009 - Hate Crimes Law Meets Opposition [GOOD because this is law is pure EVIL!]

09 Nov 2009 - President Barack Obama Officially Endorses Abortion-Funding Health Care Bill

09 Nov 2009 - The Weston A. Price Foundation - Aspartame: Diet-Astrous Results [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

09 Nov 2009 - Cilantro Helps Detox Heavy Metals

09 Nov 2009 - Green Tea Reduces Risk Of Blood Cancers By 42 Percent

09 Nov 2009 - Associated Press Declares War On Alternative Medicine (Opinion)

09 Nov 2009 - Pelosi's Disastrous Health Care Plan [Has embedded videos on the web page]

09 Nov 2009 - Will Anyone In Their Right Mind Actually Buy Into These Three New Vaccines?

06 Nov 2009 - Global Warming Is A Scam!

06 Nov 2009 - Did Your Senator Vote For The "Thought Crimes" Bill? : See How Your Senators Voted And Send An E-Mail Of Complaint Or Commendation

06 Nov 2009 - House To Vote On Disastrous PelosiCare Bill - Urgent: Watch This Powerful Video And Call Your Representative Today!

06 Nov 2009 - Public Being Misled On Use Of Fetal Tissue

06 Nov 2009 - Cheerleader Who Got Dystonia From Flu Vaccine, Has Been Cured Through Alternative Medicine

06 Nov 2009 - Obama's H1N1 Swine Flu Declaration Of "National Emergency" Warning! [YouTube video]

06 Nov 2009 - Pro-life Proposal A Sham?

06 Nov 2009 - Healthcare Bill - The End Of Physician 'Right Of Conscience'

06 Nov 2009 - Obama Violates Pledge, Heads To House To Promote Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill

06 Nov 2009 - 14 Most Popular Vitamins And Minerals

06 Nov 2009 - What's Really In That Burger? E.Coli And Chicken Feces Both Allowed By USDA

06 Nov 2009 - Pomegranate Extracts Treat Diseases Of Inflammation

06 Nov 2009 - Skip Blah Beige Meals, Go For Phytonutrient Rich Colorful Foods

06 Nov 2009 - Potassium Normalizes High Blood Pressure

05 Nov 2009 - The Greatest Scientific Scandal Of Our Time

05 Nov 2009 - Why Is Al Gore Still Eating Meat?

05 Nov 2009 - Statement For Food Standards: 10/15/09 Meeting In England

05 Nov 2009 - H.R. 3962 Grants The Power To Ration Healthcare

05 Nov 2009 - Green Tea May Help Prevent Oral Cancer

05 Nov 2009 - Amendment To Health-Care Bill Would Undercut Pro-Life Proposal

05 Nov 2009 - Chromium Prevents Diabetes By Improving Insulin Sensitivity

05 Nov 2009 - Chinese Herbs May Prevent Diabetes In High Risk People

05 Nov 2009 - H1N1 Vaccine Shortage Fabricated To Create Hysteria, Boost Demand?

05 Nov 2009 - A Review Of Four Approved Swine Flu Vaccines' Ingredients

05 Nov 2009 - Rocket Fuel Found In Most Powdered Infant Formula

05 Nov 2009 - Top 'Safe' Cell Phones That Aren't Safe

05 Nov 2009 - The Great Orange Juice Scam [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Nov 2009 - U.K. Court Says Global Warming Is Religion, Not Science [So very true! It is a manmade religion, a very destructive cult. As with all cults it alters its beliefs and teachings, and viciously attacks anyone who questions or criticizes it!]

04 Nov 2009 - Lord Monckton Challenges Global Warming On Glenn Beck - Part 2

04 Nov 2009 - Codex Meeting In Germany Begins Amid Disputes Over Nutrient Reference Values For Consumers Around The World [This is very important. We don't want to lose vitamins and nutrients. Remember in the UK they did and they get vitamins from industry and even some they swallow they add aspartame to, so they know they are harming the public. They can make the amount so small they won't even help because of Codex. You may wish to subscribe to the National Health Federation who is fighting hard this issue. - Dr. B. Martini]

04 Nov 2009 - Not Another Czar, But Perhaps A 'Dictator'?

04 Nov 2009 - How FDA, Big Pharma, And Doctors Cause Injury For Profit

04 Nov 2009 - More And More Americans Are Waking Up To The Global Warming Hoax

04 Nov 2009 - Low Cholesterol May Prevent Some Prostate Cancers

04 Nov 2009 - Tomatoes Help Dieters Eat Less

04 Nov 2009 - 111 Bureaucracies Created By Pelosi Healthcare Bill

04 Nov 2009 - Abortion Still Alive In ObamaCare

04 Nov 2009 - 97% Say Texting While Driving Should Be Banned

04 Nov 2009 - 11,000 On Abortion Mandate Webcast Warned Against Phony Compromises In Healthcare Bill

04 Nov 2009 - Brooklyn Girl Winds Up In Hospital After Being Injected With H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Without Parental Permission

04 Nov 2009 - Parents: Send This Note To Your School Principal To Protect Your Child From Swine Flu Vaccinations

04 Nov 2009 - Women With Breast Cancer Have Low Vitamin D Levels, Scientists Discover

04 Nov 2009 - How Magnesium Prevents Heart Disease

03 Nov 2009 - Al Gore Set To Become First "Carbon Billionaire" : CO2 Tax Agenda Front Man Lining His Pockets On The Back Of Global Warming Fearmongering

03 Nov 2009 - Check Out The Facts For Yourself

03 Nov 2009 - New Hate Crimes Law Is A Mistake [Obama has signed into law the Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Actually, he signed into law the 2010 National Defense Authorization Act tacked (hidden away) onto which was the hate crimes legislation]

03 Nov 2009 - Move Over, KKK

03 Nov 2009 - Swine Flu -- One Of The Most Massive Cover-Ups In American History

03 Nov 2009 - FDA Hid Research That Damned Aspartame: Fatal Studies Should Have Blocked NutraSweet Approval

03 Nov 2009 - NYT: Al Gore Making A Fortune Spreading Global Warming Hysteria

03 Nov 2009 - House Healthcare Bill Totals $1.2 Trillion

03 Nov 2009 - States, Beware Of Medicaid Expansion By Feds

03 Nov 2009 - Middle Class Would Pay Thousands For Health Care

03 Nov 2009 - Twenty Reasons Why Vitamin D Is Better Than A Swine Flu Vaccine

03 Nov 2009 - Soldiers Nearly Killed With Military's Bioterrorism Vaccine

03 Nov 2009 - Kellogg's Claims Sugary "Cocoa Crispies" Cereal Can Boost Your Child's Immunity (Opinion) [What ever happened to common sense? If anyone believes the claims being made by Kellogg's they may need to get their heads checked! Common sense tells us that these types of cereals are NOT healthy!]

02 Nov 2009 - Lord Monckton Challenges Global Warming On Glenn Beck - Part 1 [Lord Christopher Monckton has been one of the leading voices speaking out against Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW,) the absurd hoax that Al Gore and so many others have been perpetrating on the world for so many years now]

02 Nov 2009 - Letter: Global Warming 'Hoax' Lives On Despite Evidence To The Contrary

02 Nov 2009 - Doctors Speak Out About H1N1 Vaccine Dangers [YouTube video]

02 Nov 2009 - Merck Vaccination Dangers...They Knew About Vaccines Causing Cancer And Laugh About It [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 Nov 2009 - Planned Parenthood's Declaration Of Debauchery [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 Nov 2009 - The Bressler Report [This is the complete report] [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

02 Nov 2009 - ObamaCare Threatens U.S. Medical Education System

02 Nov 2009 - The Democrat's New Debtors Prison IRS enforced health insurance mandate is the new debtor's prison]

02 Nov 2009 - Revelations Of The Swine Flu And Forced Vaccinations - Just Say No To The Vaccine [YouTube video]

02 Nov 2009 - Why This Doctor Questions Flu Vaccination

02 Nov 2009 - Dangers Of Fizzy Drinks

02 Nov 2009 - Ministers Of Euthanasia - Part 3

02 Nov 2009 - Dying Like Kings Or Paupers

02 Nov 2009 - Obama's Youth Corps

02 Nov 2009 - Believe It...Abortion Funding Is In Healthcare Bill

02 Nov 2009 - Fraudulent "Smart Choices" Food Labeling Program Crumbles As Food Manufacturers Flee Scrutiny (Opinion)

02 Nov 2009 - New Research From Japan: Green Tea Fights Blood And Liver Cancer, As Well As Pneumonia

02 Nov 2009 - How Eating Kelp Can Prevent (And Heal) Goiter [For those who do not know, goiter is an enlargement of the thyroid gland]

02 Nov 2009 - Common Links In Swine Flu Deaths...

02 Nov 2009 - More 'Safe' Water Bottles That Are Actually Dangerous

30 Oct 2009 - Cap-And-Trade Bill Would Harm Families: Testimonies On Cap And Trade Legislation Describe The Consequences Of Environmental Taxes On Families

30 Oct 2009 - Climate Change Treaty A Precursor To Global Government

30 Oct 2009 - Hawaii's Veterans - November Edition: To Our Local Veterans [Written by WNHO Board of Directors member Bishop Dr. Charles Sanders]

30 Oct 2009 - Iowa Department Of Justice - To Iowa Department Of Health - Public Readiness And Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act For H1N1 Vaccine And Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) For H1N1 Countermeasures [Please note questions 6 and 7] [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

30 Oct 2009 - Department of Human And Health Services - April 2, 2009 - Letter To President Obama Concerning The FDA [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

30 Oct 2009 - House Health-Care Reform Bill Unveiled [The so-called Affordable Healthcare for America Act (H.R. 3962) refers to "tax," "taxes" or "excise tax" more than 100 times -- and would cost taxpayers $900 billion]

30 Oct 2009 - The Goal Of Every H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine: Immunotoxicity, Neurotoxicity And Sterility [THE FLU SHOT & NASAL MIST ARE THE PANDEMIC]

30 Oct 2009 - US Government Report Recommends Blocking Popular Websites During Pandemic Flu Outbreak [this is a load of hog wash and just another way for the government to control the Internet and try to stop people from communicating and comparing information when something goes on]

30 Oct 2009 - Profit Driven Swine Flu Propaganda - Pump Up The Volume - Part Five

29 Oct 2009 - Storm Dumps 3 Ft. Of Snow On Rockies, More Expected [Hey Al Gore, what happened to all your talk about global warming? Looks like you were wrong yet again!]

29 Oct 2009 - Hate Crimes Law - Ungodly, Unconstitutional, Unnecessary [The hate crimes bill and law has nothing to do with hate. It has to do with silencing those who speak the Word of the God as the Bible presents it, giving one specific group additional rights and protections above everyone else, and making immorality appear to be decent and normal. All of this is PURE EVIL!!!]

29 Oct 2009 - A Winning Lifestyle

29 Oct 2009 - CDC States H1N1 Vaccine May Maim And Kill 30,000 Americans, FDA Requires Minimal Efficacy: CDC Says To Assume 1 In Every 100,000 Vaccine Recipients Will Suffer Serious Side Effects, FDA Only Requires Vaccine Be Effective In 3 Out Of 10 Recipients

29 Oct 2009 - Ten Million Lies From The CDC [Emergency? What emergency?]

29 Oct 2009 - Bioterrorism Evidence - Book On Swine Vaccines - Evidence Of Use Of Pandemic Flu To Depopulate [Remember the President is not having his children vaccinated] [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

29 Oct 2009 - States' Opt-Out Provision Labeled A 'Ruse'

29 Oct 2009 - German Doctors Refuse To Be Bullied By Authorities Into Giving "Swine Flu" Jab

29 Oct 2009 - Pro-Life Democrats Say 'No' To Abortion Funding In Health-Care Reform

29 Oct 2009 - The End Of An Era And The Promise Of A New

29 Oct 2009 - To All You Fuzzy Socialists Out There

29 Oct 2009 - Arizona Safe House Gets Kids Off The Street

29 Oct 2009 - Bizarre Beauty Secret Based On Unethical Technology

29 Oct 2009 - Curcumin Inhibits Cancers Of The Head And Neck

29 Oct 2009 - Secret Documents Reveal AstraZeneca Knowingly Promoted Psych Drugs For Unapproved Use In Children

29 Oct 2009 - Vegetable Juice Helps Promote Weight Loss

29 Oct 2009 - CDC Says Kids That Die From Swine Flu Have Coexisting Bacterial Infections

28 Oct 2009 - Christian Broadcasters Leery Of 'Hate Crimes' Law [The hate crimes bill and law has nothing to do with hate. It has to do with silencing those who speak the Word of the God as the Bible presents it, giving one specific group additional rights and protections above everyone else, and making immorality appear to be decent and normal. All of this is PURE EVIL!!!]

28 Oct 2009 - Monsanto's Mutated World And The FDA's Human Experiment

28 Oct 2009 - Constitutionality Of Health Overhaul Questioned

28 Oct 2009 - Curry Compound Kills Cancer

28 Oct 2009 - 'Poisoning Attempt' Charges Filed Against French H1N1 Campaign

28 Oct 2009 - AARP Two-Steps, Scrambles With Taxpayers' Dollars

28 Oct 2009 - Antipsychotics Cause Rapid Weight Gain In Youth

28 Oct 2009 - With Fancy Coffees, Calories Can Add Up: Popular Blended Beverages May Be 'Weighing You Down,' Health Official Says

27 Oct 2009 - Environmental Facts The Greens Will Never Mention

27 Oct 2009 - Chill Settles Over 'Global Warming'

27 Oct 2009 - The Importance Of Values And Principles

27 Oct 2009 - The Healthcare Fatal Conceit

27 Oct 2009 - "The New 'Twilight Zone' -- Obama Declares Swine Flu Emergency" : The Shocking Truth About Why Obama Announced A National Public Health Emergency In The US This Weekend [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Oct 2009 - Finland's Minister Of Health On Swine Flu [YouTube video]

27 Oct 2009 - White House Likes News Reported Its Way

27 Oct 2009 - Pelosi 'Public Option' Needs New Name [Typical tactic! Change the name of something so no one knows what it is!]

27 Oct 2009 - Unplugged: H1N1 Cases Overestimated? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Oct 2009 - Reid, Democrats Push Government Takeover Of Health Insurance Industry

27 Oct 2009 - Mandatory Adverse Event Reporting Required For Peramivir [New swine flu anti-viral]

27 Oct 2009 - CBS News Investigation - Forced Swine Flu Vaccination Under Obama's "National Emergency" Based On Wildly Exaggerated Statistics

27 Oct 2009 - Profit Driven Swine Flu Propaganda - Pump Up The Volume - Part Four

27 Oct 2009 - Oregano Oil Eliminates Parasites In Humans

27 Oct 2009 - What You Didn't Know About Fiji Water

26 Oct 2009 - Fewer Believe In Global Warming...Or Climate Change [GOOD! That means that more and more people are become aware of the fraud and lies behind it!]

26 Oct 2009 - Lord Christopher Monckton Issues Dire Warning [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Oct 2009 - Christians On High Alert Over Hate Crimes Passage [The so-called "hate crimes bill" has nothing to do with hate crimes. It is about limiting freedom of speech, freedom to practice your religious beliefs and teachings, and giving one specific group more rights and protections above everyone else (something no one is entitled to!)]

26 Oct 2009 - Government-Run Health Care: A Fraudster's Playground

26 Oct 2009 - Health Freedom Alliance - October 23, 2009 - H1N1 Vaccine Sweden: 190 Adverse Reactions, 1 Death [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

26 Oct 2009 - Free Market Healthcare Alternative To ObamaCare

26 Oct 2009 - More Evidence Global Warming Is A Fraud

26 Oct 2009 - ABC All Upset At Poll Showing Huge Drop In Global Warming Believers [When the Cult of Global Warming makes claim after claim that doesn't come true, people begin to see that it is nothing but a lie!]

26 Oct 2009 - Is Eli Lilly Milking Cancer By Promoting And Treating It?

26 Oct 2009 - GAO: FDA Fails To Follow Up On Unproven Drugs

26 Oct 2009 - NRTL Warns U.S. House On Coming Vote To Set Up Federal Abortion-Funding Program In "Public Plan"

26 Oct 2009 - Gardasil Researcher Drops A Bombshell: Harper: Controversal Drug Will Do Little To Reduce Cervical Cancer Rates

26 Oct 2009 - Merck: Disclosure Of Payments To Speakers In The U.S.

26 Oct 2009 - Merck Reveals Which Docs/Nurses/Etc It Paid To Speak [This is paying professional medical personnel to push their drugs on everyone! "Merck's top speaker in the last quarter, Dr. James Kemp, a former president of the American Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology, sees it differently. "I'm not a salesman," said the retired San Diego pediatric asthma specialist. "I feel clean and I feel Merck is clean."" (He made $22, 692.31) "I'm not a salesman," said the retired San Diego pediatric asthma specialist. "I feel clean and I feel Merck is clean." - Sure he's not a salesman!]

26 Oct 2009 - Drugmaker Reveals Which Docs It Paid To Speak [Money used to get doctors to push their products!]

26 Oct 2009 - Let's Start A Revolution. Tell Us Your Pediatrician Bully Story. : Pass This Page On To Someone You Know Has Been Pediatrician-Bullied!

26 Oct 2009 - The Ominous "Success" Of Re-Education

26 Oct 2009 - Abortion In Health-Care Reform May Hurt Minorities The Most

26 Oct 2009 - View The Entire Pro-Life Petition News Conference Video

26 Oct 2009 - Dr Horowitz Rips Dr Oz Apart On ABC's H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Fraud: PART 1 Of 3 [Be sure to watch all 3 parts] [YouTube video]

26 Oct 2009 - The Wizards Behind Dr Oz's H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine [YouTube video]

26 Oct 2009 - President Obama Declares National Emergency Over Swine Flu Pandemic; But Why? [The government's way to create more fear and panic!]

26 Oct 2009 - Obama's H1N1 National Emergency Declaration Could Invoke FEMA Response To Pandemic (Opinion)

26 Oct 2009 - Mesothelioma, Lung Cancer And Nutrition

26 Oct 2009 - CBS Reveals That Swine Flu Cases Seriously Overestimated [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Oct 2009 - What OTC Drug May Have Killed More People In 1918 Flu Pandemic Than Flu Itself?

26 Oct 2009 - Children's Diseases Linked To Chemicals Are On The Rise

23 Oct 2009 - Americans Shifting Away From belief In Global Warming Hoax [That is because more and more people are opening their eyes and seeing that the entire thing was one big LIE!]

23 Oct 2009 - Using "Global Warming" To Steal Your Rights

23 Oct 2009 - One Reason Not To Give Your Kids The H1N1 Flu Vaccine

23 Oct 2009 - Mercola / Fisher Swine Flu Vaccine Q&A 1, 10-21-09 [Be sure to watch all the parts of this interview] [YouTube video]

23 Oct 2009 - Drug Makers Are Advocacy Group's Biggest Donors

23 Oct 2009 - H1N1 FLUMIST (Ingredients)

23 Oct 2009 - More Smoke And Mirrors In Healthcare Debate

23 Oct 2009 - Dr. Coldwell: The Only Answer To Cancer [YouTube video]

23 Oct 2009 - President George W. Bush Awarded By Canadian Pro-Life Group For Abortion Fight

23 Oct 2009 - Obama Administration's HHS Web Site Promotes Pro-Abortion Health Care Bills

23 Oct 2009 - Belief In Global Warming Is slipping [Good! This means that more and more people everyday and realizing that the whole thing was a fraud!]

23 Oct 2009 - Experts: ObamaCare Will Erode Medical Quality

23 Oct 2009 - Associated Press: ObamaCare Does Pay For Abortion

23 Oct 2009 - The Truth About Flu Shots In Pregnancy

23 Oct 2009 - Quackbusters Sue Each Other - All Is Not Well In Scumville ...

23 Oct 2009 - Europeans Reject Swine Flu Vaccine

23 Oct 2009 - New York Abandons Swine Flu Vaccine Mandate For Health Care Workers, Blames Vaccine Shortage [That is a load of hog wash! The real reason is because so many people were opposing it and taking it to court!]

23 Oct 2009 - A Vaccine For Anxiety? The Real Reason Why Drug Companies Are Pushing More Vaccines

23 Oct 2009 - Profit Driven Swine Flu Propaganda - Pump Up The Volume - Part 1

23 Oct 2009 - Profit Drive Swine Flu Propaganda - Pump Up The Volume - Part 2 23 Oct 2009 - Profit Driven Swine Flu Propaganda - Pump Up The Volume - Part 3

23 Oct 2009 - Pesticides Destroying 60 Percent Of Honeybees

23 Oct 2009 - Dr. Weil Was Right: Astragalus Herb Really Helps Fight The Flu (Influenza)

23 Oct 2009 - FDA, FTC Threaten Dr. Weil Over Immune-Boosting Supplements For H1N1 Swine Flu (Opinion)

23 Oct 2009 - Hormone Therapy For Prostate Cancer Increases Risk Of Fatal Heart Problems

23 Oct 2009 - Medicinal Mushrooms Like Reishi, Maitake Can Help Fight Cancer

23 Oct 2009 - These 3 Things May Indicate Your Pet Has A Bladder Problem [Has an embedded video on the web page]

23 Oct 2009 - When Hamburgers Cause Sickness, Paralysis, And Death

22 Oct 2009 - The Fat Lady Sings

22 Oct 2009 - More Cap And Tax Idiocy

22 Oct 2009 - Last Chance To Kill 'The Hate Crime Bill' [Remember this bill is NOT about hate or crime. It is about giving one, and only one specific group, more rights and protections above that of everyone else. Something that no one should have!]

22 Oct 2009 - Letter To President Obama From The FDA [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

22 Oct 2009 - Doctors Make Statement On Health-Care Reform

22 Oct 2009 - At Least 200 Diseases Are Caused By Substances Like Aspartame

22 Oct 2009 - Brown Says Less Than 50 Days To 'Save The Planet' [More outright lies from the Cult of Global Warming!] [Has embedded video on the web page]

22 Oct 2009 - Seasonal-Flu Shots Halted In Canada

22 Oct 2009 - Pfizer Unit To Pay $1.3B In Multi-State Case

22 Oct 2009 - Clinical Studies Of Just Like Sugar On Human Blood Sugar [Word format] (It will open in a new window)

22 Oct 2009 - Clinical Studies Of Just Like Sugar On Human Blood Sugar [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

22 Oct 2009 - The Hidden, $120 Billion Cost Of America's Energy Mix

22 Oct 2009 - Focus Action Delivers Health-Care Petitions To Lawmakers: Thousands Of Signers Tell Their Representatives On Capitol Hill To Vote 'No' To Public Funding Of Abortion

22 Oct 2009 - Boycott Of Calif. Schools In The Making

22 Oct 2009 - New Study Demonstrates Significant Harm From Just ONE Mercury-Containing Vaccine

20 Oct 2009 - Robert Spencer Finds IPCC Prejudice

20 Oct 2009 - New Scientific Report Confirms, 'Global Warming' Is A Hoax!

20 Oct 2009 - Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Key In Health-Care Debate: As Health-Care Reform Moves Forward, Pro-Lifers Aren't Backing Down From Their Fight To Exclude Abortion Funding From The Bill

20 Oct 2009 - Ireland: Top insurer Tells 1,000 GPS Not To Give Swine Flu Vaccine

20 Oct 2009 - Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Focuses On Abortion In Health-Care Reform

20 Oct 2009 - Lawsuit Targets Illinois Parental-Notification Law

20 Oct 2009 - EU Farm Ministers Refuse To Okay New GM Maize Strains [GOOD!]

20 Oct 2009 - Serious Vaccine Reactions To Now Be Called 'Coincidence'? [This comes as no surprise. They always downplay the dangers and hazards of their "vaccines" and other products!]

20 Oct 2009 - The 10 Best Pollution-Busting Houseplants

20 Oct 2009 - Is Your Beauty Routine Causing Long-Term Health Damage?

20 Oct 2009 - Signs, Symptoms, And Solutions For Poor Thyroid Function

19 Oct 2009 - Global Warming Cult Trying To Recycle A Lie [Typical cult tactic and mentality. No matter what the facts prove, they just keep right on going with their false doctrines and lies!]

19 Oct 2009 - What Happened To Global Warming?

19 Oct 2009 - Obamacare May Be Unconstitutional

19 Oct 2009 - Green Tea Reduces Risk Of Dying From Pneumonia

19 Oct 2009 - Blast From The Past: H1N1 Documentary Obama And Bigpharma Doesn't Want You To Watch [Has embedded videos on the web page]

19 Oct 2009 - Judge Halts Flu Vaccine Mandate For Health Workers: New York Health Care Employees Won't Be Forced To Get H1N1 Vaccine...For Now

19 Oct 2009 - Obama Administration "Hyding" Taxpayer Funding Of Abortion In Health Care Bills

19 Oct 2009 - Avoid ALL VACCINATIONS

19 Oct 2009 - FREE DVD Warns Of Vaccine Dangers Even Greater Than Are Known By Health Advocates

19 Oct 2009 - Pro-Abortion Group Says Abortion Drug That Has Killed 13 Women "Saves Lives" [This is pure STUPIDITY!]

19 Oct 2009 - Organ Harvesting: Now Defining Defenseless Human Beings As Natural Resources [PURE EVIL!!!]

19 Oct 2009 - Ophthalmological And Biological Features Of The Oculorespiratory Syndrome After Influenza Vaccination

19 Oct 2009 - 2 ALS Cases May Be Linked To Gardasil Vaccine: Researchers Believe Cervical Cancer Vaccine Could Be Linked To Cases Of Lou Gehrig's Disease [Are we surprised that Merck doesn't think they were caused by Gardasil?]

19 Oct 2009 - Children Who Get Flu Vaccine Have Three Times Risk Of Hospitalization For Flu, Study Suggests

19 Oct 2009 - Cape Teens: HPV Vaccine Made Them Sick

19 Oct 2009 - Dr. Andrew Moulden (Interview): What You Were Never Told About Vaccines

19 Oct 2009 - Civilian Haz-Mat Team To Protest Flu Shots

19 Oct 2009 - Non-GMO Shopping Guide: How To Avoid Foods Made With Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

19 Oct 2009 - The Police State Road Map - March 2005 - Excitotoxins/Aspartame [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

19 Oct 2009 - Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Pitched "GMOs-Feed-The-World" To An Audience Of Experts--Oops [Mistakenly or was it a deliberate lie to mislead?]

19 Oct 2009 - Mums-To-Be In Swine Flu Jab Controversy

19 Oct 2009 - Normal Flu Jabs 'Double The Risk Of Catching Swine Bug'

19 Oct 2009 - Drugs For Irritable Bowel Might Increase Cancer Risk

19 Oct 2009 - Blood Thinner May Cause Problems After An Injury

19 Oct 2009 - Natural Substance In Melons Relieves Stress And Fatigue

19 Oct 2009 - Natural Remedies For Acid Reflux Disease (GERD)

19 Oct 2009 - Pfizer To Pay $1.3 Billion Criminal Fine For Misbranding Its Drugs

19 Oct 2009 - Prostate Cancer Myth Busted: No XMRV Virus Found In Patients

19 Oct 2009 - Everything You HAVE TO KNOW About Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods

19 Oct 2009 - State Of Washington Health Department Suspends Mercury Restrictions For Swine Flu Vaccine

19 Oct 2009 - Simple Way To Lower Your Blood Pressure -- Just Avoid THIS...

16 Oct 2009 - Eco-Messiah Al Gore And His Global Warming Flock Can't Handle The Truth

16 Oct 2009 - Guest Post Tax Carbon To Stop Corruption

16 Oct 2009 - No Deaths From Vitamins or Minerals: Poison Control Statistics Prove Supplements' Safety

16 Oct 2009 - Agent Orange Linked To Parkinson's, Heart Disease: Study Finds Possible Increased Risk Of Both Conditions Among Vietnam Vets

16 Oct 2009 - Trashumanism

16 Oct 2009 - Doctors Will Be 'Drafted' Under Public Option

16 Oct 2009 - Are You Vitamin D Deficient?

16 Oct 2009 - Barack Obama Wrong To Trample On Conscience Rights Of Pro-Life Advocates

16 Oct 2009 - Gimme, Gimme! : Teaching Children To Be Grateful And Generous

16 Oct 2009 - Pharmaceutical Advertising Biases Journals Against Vitamin Supplements

16 Oct 2009 - Dems' Healthcare Ideas 'All Increase The Deficit'

16 Oct 2009 - Blood Thinner May Cause Problems After An Injury

16 Oct 2009 - Ten Questions About Flu Vaccines That Doctors And Health Authorities Refuse To Answer

15 Oct 2009 - Global Warming Is All Politics

15 Oct 2009 - Global Warming? The "Deniers" Are My Heroes

15 Oct 2009 - Protecting America's Food Supply Takes Backseat With Obama

15 Oct 2009 - Trusting In Horses

15 Oct 2009 - Package Inserts And Manufacturers For some US Licensed Vaccines And Immunoglobulins [Mercury in 3 AH1N1 U.S. injectable vaccines]

15 Oct 2009 - Mandatory Flu Vaccination For N.Y. Health Workers Is Criticized

15 Oct 2009 - Lawmakers Receive Thousands Of Calls Opposing Health-Care Reform [GOOD!!!]

15 Oct 2009 - One More Thing Not To Worry About

15 Oct 2009 - Chinese Herbs May Help Prevent Diabetes

15 Oct 2009 - Groundbreaking In-The-Womb Photos Now Improved And Republished

15 Oct 2009 - Ever Wonder Who Took Those Aborted Baby Pictures?

15 Oct 2009 - FDA Approves Experimental H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Prior To Children Safety Trials Beginning [PURE INSANITY and more proof that the FDA is NOT doing its job. You should test something before approving it!]

15 Oct 2009 - Don't Inject Me! [A great song by Mike Adams] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

15 Oct 2009 - Woman Blames Paralyzing Neurological Disease On Flu Shot

15 Oct 2009 - Parents Voice Opposition To Obama 'Praise' Song

15 Oct 2009 - There's No Such Thing As A Virus That Causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

15 Oct 2009 - Chaparral Is Natural Medicine For Treating Cancer

15 Oct 2009 - Men Not Being Informed About Low Benefits And High Risks Of PSA Prostate Cancer Screening

15 Oct 2009 - Evidence Emerges That Seasonal Flu Vaccine Increases Risk Of H1N1 Swine Flu

15 Oct 2009 - "What Single Compound Is Crucial For Every Cell In Your Body?" : Your Body Desperately Needs This Substance To Help Produce The Cellular Energy You Need To Live [Has an embedded video on the web page]

15 Oct 2009 - 21 Children's Tylenol Products Recalled

14 Oct 2009 - I Accuse!

14 Oct 2009 - Global Warming II. The Fraud Has Dangerous Geopolitical And Expensive Consequences For Us

14 Oct 2009 - Lawsuit Filed To Halt Swine Flu Vaccine Distribution

14 Oct 2009 - Study Clearly Demonstrates That Aluminum Found In Vaccines Can Cause Neurologic Damage

14 Oct 2009 - Pro-Life Groups Take A Stand Against Health Care Bill: 'We Will Not Support Any Bill That Funds Abortion.'

14 Oct 2009 - MRSA May Succumb To Honey: Anti-Microbial Benefits Of New Zealand Variety Extend To Staph Infections, Researchers Say

14 Oct 2009 - "Globally-Acceptable Truth" And The Crime Of Thinking - Part 2

14 Oct 2009 - VA To Ease Way For Vets To Get Stress Disability [This is great news!!!]

14 Oct 2009 - Forget The People - Ram Healthcare Bill Through

14 Oct 2009 - Show Me The Bill!

14 Oct 2009 - Can Vitamin D Help Prevent H1N1 Swine Flu From Spreading?

14 Oct 2009 - Montana Judges Smack Down Parental Rights

14 Oct 2009 - A One-In-A-Million Shot: Flu Shot Suspected In Redskins Cheer-Leading Hopeful's Neurological Condition [Sure it is only a one-in-a-million. They ALWAYS downplay and outright LIE about how bad it really is. And when proof of what they are doing comes out they do everything they can to try to discredit it]

14 Oct 2009 - The Flu, & A 'Shot To The System'

14 Oct 2009 - Pennsylvania School Targets Student With "Abortion Is Not Health Care" T-Shirt

14 Oct 2009 - US Homeschooling Hero Christopher Klicka Passes Away

14 Oct 2009 - Flu Vaccines Revealed As The Greatest Quackery Ever Pushed In The History Of Medicine

14 Oct 2009 - Capsaicin Could Stop A Heart Attack In Progress, Scientists Find

14 Oct 2009 - Natural Remedies For Acne

14 Oct 2009 - GM Soy Herbicide Linked To Birth Defects

14 Oct 2009 - Vaccine Revolt! Swine Flu Vaccine Support Crumbles As Flimsy Rationale For H1N1 Shots Becomes Apparent

14 Oct 2009 - Children Exposed To Harmful Radiation From Unnecessary CT Scans

14 Oct 2009 - Nicotine Gum Linked To Mouth Cancer

13 Oct 2009 - Snopes: The Real Truth

13 Oct 2009 - These Are Not Negotiable

13 Oct 2009 - Dr. Russell Blaylock: Doctors Will Be 'Drafted' Under Democrats' Public Option

13 Oct 2009 - Associated Press Again Confirms Health Care Bills Include Abortion Funding

13 Oct 2009 - Pro-Life Groups Representing 30 Million: Do Health Care Right, Keep Abortion Out

13 Oct 2009 - Teacher Union Supports Safe-School Czar As More Questions Emerge

13 Oct 2009 - Dems Scramble As Health Insurers Make Warning

13 Oct 2009 - The Dr. Oz Bait For Vaccines: Why Did He Do It? [Has embedded videos on the web page]

13 Oct 2009 - Action Alert -- New Senate Bill Threatens Small Farmers

13 Oct 2009 - Artificial Sweeteners -- More Dangerous Than You Ever Imagined

13 Oct 2009 - FDA Admits To Massive Conflict Of Interest

13 Oct 2009 - Most Vegetables And Fruits Have 'Unacceptable' Levels Of Pesticides

13 Oct 2009 - Vitamin D Doubles Colon Cancer Survival Rates

12 Oct 2009 - Global Warming Scam Takes Another Hit

12 Oct 2009 - Geologist: The Earth Needs CO2

12 Oct 2009 - Mandatory Vaccination Is An Assault On Individual Liberty

12 Oct 2009 - Insurers: ObamaCare Will Raise Average Policy By Hundreds Of Dollars

12 Oct 2009 - United Press International - October 13, 1987 - Information About Aspartame [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

12 Oct 2009 - House Republicans Speak Out Against 'Hate-Crimes' Amendment: Conservatives Call It 'Inappropriate' To Place The Language On A Defense Bill [Everyone needs to take a stand against this bill. It is NOT about hate crimes. It is about giving one specific group of people extra rights and protections above everyone else, something no one should be entitled to!]

12 Oct 2009 - BBC Asks 'What Happened To Global Warming?'

12 Oct 2009 - Obama Spokesman Robert Gibbs Again Misrepresents Health Care, Hyde, Abortion

12 Oct 2009 - How Weight Loss Helps The Heart: Study Found It Reversed Structural Abnormalities Seen Among The Obese

12 Oct 2009 - Nicotine Plays Tricks On Brain: Study - Environmental Cues Then Trigger Urge To Smoke, Researchers Say

12 Oct 2009 - Saving The Earth By Hating Humanity

12 Oct 2009 - BBC Climate Correspondent Opens Eyes, Starts Walking Back Global Warming Baloney

12 Oct 2009 - Author Gross Decries Healthcare Figures As Lie

12 Oct 2009 - How Convenient! Govt Destroys Global Warming Hoax Data "Suspicious Destruction"

12 Oct 2009 - Why Are Monsanto Insiders Now Appointed To Protect Your Food Safety?

12 Oct 2009 - Simple Steps To Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk

12 Oct 2009 - How Much Vitamin D Do You Really Need To Take? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 Oct 2009 - Debunking Global Warming: From Idaho To Chicago... Early Snow! Global Warming A Political Tool, Mocked By Mother Nature's Record Global Cooling Trend [Has embedded videos on the web page]

09 Oct 2009 - Global Blushing

09 Oct 2009 - Package Insert For H1N1 Vaccine [And this vaccine that the government is trying to force everyone to take and claim it is "safe and secure." The information in the insert shows that it is NOT. The "safe and secure" is just more lies from the government!]

09 Oct 2009 - Recap Seasonal And Swine Flu Vaccines

09 Oct 2009 - Dr Oz's Children Will NOT Be Receiving H1N1 Vaccine! [Five minutes into this interview Dr. Oz says that his wife and kids will not be getting the H1N1 vaccine] [YouTube video]

09 Oct 2009 - 'Lone' Atrial Fibrillation Precipitated By Monosodium Glutamate And Aspartame

09 Oct 2009 - Supporters Of Health-Care Reform Continue To Reject Abortion Ban: Polls Show More Americans Now On The Side Of Life

09 Oct 2009 - C02 Doesn't Cause Warming

09 Oct 2009 - Next Vote on Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill Tuesday, Reid May Shut Out Pro-Lifers

09 Oct 2009 - Urgent Lawsuit Filed Against FDA To Halt Swine Flu Vaccines; Claims FDA Violated Federal Law

09 Oct 2009 - On-The-Job Pesticide Exposure Is Linked To Parkinson's Disease

09 Oct 2009 - Pro-Life Group: Obama Rep's Comment Shows President Would Fund Abortions

09 Oct 2009 - Poll: 23 Percent To Donate To Breast Cancer Research, Funds Go To Abortion Biz

09 Oct 2009 - Teeth Whitener Products May Weaken Tooth Enamel

09 Oct 2009 - Vitamin D Prevents Breast Cancer

09 Oct 2009 - Hepatitis B Vaccine Triples The Risk Of Autism In Infant Boys

09 Oct 2009 - Is YOUR Doctor Saying No To Drug Company's 'Free Lunch' Deception Campaign? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 Oct 2009 - FDA Warns About Eyelash Thickener Claims

08 Oct 2009 - "Globally-Acceptable Truth" And The Crime Of Thinking - Part 1

08 Oct 2009 - Ski Resorts Opening This Weekend: How's That Global Warming Workin Out For Ya? Many Ski Resorts Are Opening The First Week Of October, A New Record For Earliest Opening For Some [Looks like the theology and teachings of the Global Warming Cult aren't as accurate as they have been trying to tell everyone. This is just the opposite of everything they said would happen!]

08 Oct 2009 - Un-Teaching Teachers

08 Oct 2009 - Tell Congress To Vote 'No!' On 'Thought Crimes' Bill - Urgent: E-Mail Your Representative And Two Senators Today!

08 Oct 2009 - Media Issues Propaganda To Boost HPV Vaccine Sales And Renewed Confidence Following Children's Deaths

08 Oct 2009 - Healthcare Reform Needs Reforming

08 Oct 2009 - Vaccine Nation, By Gary Null, Ph.D. - Director's Cut [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 Oct 2009 - Vaccines With Alex Jones and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny - Part 1 [Be sure to watch all nine parts] [YouTube video]

08 Oct 2009 - Is Capitol Hill Ignoring 71% Of Americans?

08 Oct 2009 - Congressman Mike Rogers' Opening Statement On Health Care Reform In Washington D.C. [YouTube video]

08 Oct 2009 - Poll: Third Of Parents Oppose Swine Flu Vaccine

08 Oct 2009 - Free CFL Light Bulbs? Of Course Not

08 Oct 2009 - Vaccine Induced Disease Epidemic Outbreaks - The Engineering Of Pandemics

08 Oct 2009 - Plans To Take Children From Schools For Mass Vaccinations And Quarantines [YouTube video]

08 Oct 2009 - White House Continues Push For Health-Care Reform: 'Sadly, There Are People Out There Who Are More Interested In Their Agenda Than They Are With The Health Care Of Their Neighbors.'

08 Oct 2009 - Top Researcher Who Worked On Cervical Cancer Vaccine Warns About Its Dangers

08 Oct 2009 - Garlic Is Natural Medicine For Treating High Blood Pressure

08 Oct 2009 - Green Tea Could Naturally Prevent And Treat Osteoporosis, Scientists Say

08 Oct 2009 - Over A Million Men Overdiagnosed For Prostate Cancer, Treated Unnecessarily

07 Oct 2009 - Copenhagen: Someone Is Getting Greedy

07 Oct 2009 - Do Americans Trust The News Media?

07 Oct 2009 - MPWHI Resources On Aspartame Page Updated

07 Oct 2009 - Duty To Warn: Diet Coke Is Poison

07 Oct 2009 - Ohio Poll Shows Majority Oppose Abortion, Concerned About Health Care Rationing

07 Oct 2009 - Obama Has Only Read "A Decent Part" Of The Pro-Abortion Health Care Bills

07 Oct 2009 - Sebelius: Americans Must Get Swine Flu Vaccination [Pure HOGWASH and LIES! People do NOT need this vaccination and how dare they say it is "safe and secure" when it has NOT been fully tested? Another lie on their behalf to trick and force everyone into getting this so-called vaccine!]

07 Oct 2009 - Teen Girl Suffers Permanent Brain Damage After Cervical Cancer Vaccine

07 Oct 2009 - Why Ethanol Production Boosts E.Coli In Cattle

07 Oct 2009 - Swine Flu Vaccine Victims Encouraged To Post Reports Of Side Effects On SwineFluVaccineReport.Com

06 Oct 2009 - Firestorm Erupts Over Obama's Education Appointee: 'Parents Should Be Most Concerned About The Harmful And Radical Policies He Could Enact Today That Would Negatively Impact Public Schoolchildren.'

06 Oct 2009 - Poor Weather Doesn't Stop LifeChain From Telling America Abortion Kills Children

06 Oct 2009 - Vaccines Cause Autism: Supporting Evidence

06 Oct 2009 - Autism Rates Double In Children As Vaccines Poison An Entire Generation

06 Oct 2009 - Conventional Scientists Conclude Homeopathy Really Works To Ease Cancer Treatment Symptoms

06 Oct 2009 - Do NOT Let Your Child Get Flu Vaccine - 9 Reasons Why [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 Oct 2009 - Fat Deficiency Kills More People Every Year Than Breast Cancer

05 Oct 2009 - Global Warming Cult Targeting School Kids

05 Oct 2009 - Solar Cycle 24 Still Setting Records

05 Oct 2009 - Diet Coke Can Kill You [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Oct 2009 - Sugary Mix Is Just What The Flu Doctor Ordered [Sugary Mix is just what the flu doctor ordered. If that's not bad enough giving these kids Tamiflu, imagine if they are also using aspartame which interacts with drugs and vaccines, another adjuvant, and also an addictive excitoneurotoxic, genetically engineered, carcinogenic drug - Dr. B. Martini, D.Hum.]

05 Oct 2009 - Ministers Of Euthanasia - Part 1

05 Oct 2009 - House Members Working On Second Phony Compromise On Abortion In Health Care

05 Oct 2009 - America Needs A Climate Change Revolt

05 Oct 2009 - An Artificial Sweetener That Can Cause Irreversible Damage To Your Brain And Body

05 Oct 2009 - Direct And Indirect Cellular Effects Of Aspartame On The Brain European Journal Of Clinical Nutritio

05 Oct 2009 - Aspartame Sweetener Side Effects, Safety, Risk And Danger [They were unaware of the industry flacks on EFSA's panel]

05 Oct 2009 - Copenhagen Treaty Will Demand American Taxpayers Buy "Dignity" For Third World

05 Oct 2009 - EPA: The Blob That Ate America

05 Oct 2009 - Submission On Aspartame Petition To Health Committee

05 Oct 2009 - A Heretic's View Of Influenza's Role In Health & Disease

05 Oct 2009 - Vote On Healthcare 'Concept' Being Forced

05 Oct 2009 - 40 Days for Life: 123 Babies Saved - So Far!

05 Oct 2009 - 183 Congressional Reps Tell Speaker Pelosi: No Abortion Coverage, Or No Health-Care Bill

05 Oct 2009 - Duty To Warn: The Synthetic Sweetener Splenda Is A Poisonous Chlorocarbon

05 Oct 2009 - The Colorful History Of Colloidal Silver & Other Silver Compounds

05 Oct 2009 - Scientists Around The World Condemn FDA For Declaring BPA Is Safe

05 Oct 2009 - Middle Class To Feel The Pain Of ObamaCare

05 Oct 2009 - Choose Sneakers Over Heels For Future Foot Health

05 Oct 2009 - Traditional Plant Medicine Could Cure H1N1 Flu Virus, Chinese Scientists Find

05 Oct 2009 - Trace Mineral Selenium Helps Prevent Cancer

05 Oct 2009 - Anti-Inflammatory Painkillers Actually Worsen Dementia

05 Oct 2009 - Essential Oils In Common Spices Kill Sickness-Causing Germs In Food

05 Oct 2009 - Cinnamon Spice Helps Prevent Diabetes

05 Oct 2009 - Newly Discovered Role Of Vitamin C In Skin Protection

02 Oct 2009 - Cap And Trade Looms Large

02 Oct 2009 - 'Cap And Trade' Nothing More Than An Energy Tax

02 Oct 2009 - Assuming The Position

02 Oct 2009 - NaturalCures Newsletter - September 2009 - Important Information About Aspartame [Information By Dr. Betty Martini - Starting on page 6] [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

02 Oct 2009 - Feds Attack On Ephedra Cover For Aspartame Poisoning?

02 Oct 2009 - Teaching Children To Be Peacemakers: Here Are 12 Principles You Can Teach Your Children To Help Them Resolve Conflicts Among Themselves Or With Their Friends

02 Oct 2009 - Giant '71' To Remind Congress Of Opposition To Abortion

02 Oct 2009 - Senate Expected To Debate Pro-Abortion Health Care Reform Bill In Mid-October

02 Oct 2009 - Pro-Life Day Of Silent Solidarity Grows As Teens Prepare To Oppose Abortion

02 Oct 2009 - Healthcare Proponents 'Pulling A Fast One' On Voters

01 Oct 2009 - N.Y. Healthcare Workers Rebel Against Mandatory Forced Vaccinations [GOOD for them! More people need to take a stand against it!]

30 Sep 2009 - Hockey Stick Is Dead

30 Sep 2009 - America Needs God, Not More Laws

30 Sep 2009 - ObamaCare Will Make Criminals Of Non-Participants, Ration Care To Seniors: Contact Your U.S. Senators Today!

30 Sep 2009 - Czars And Tyranny

30 Sep 2009 - Obama's Phony Healthcare Horror Stories

30 Sep 2009 - Senate Finance Committee Rejects Public Option Proposal In Health Care Bill: Sens. Rockefeller And Schumer's Proposal Is Defeated After Five Hours Of Debate [GOOD!]

30 Sep 2009 - USCG Cadets Have H1N1 Event Too

30 Sep 2009 - 14 Year Old British Girl Dies After HPV Vaccination

30 Sep 2009 - More Time In School = Same Result

30 Sep 2009 - Healthcare Reform - Yes; Abortion Coverage - No: There's More Confirmation That The Public Does Not Want Abortion Funded In Any Healthcare Reform

30 Sep 2009 - Moderate Exercise May Lower Prostate Cancer Risk

30 Sep 2009 - Vaccines' Dark Inferno: What Is Not On Insert Labels?

30 Sep 2009 - Home Births Proven As Safe As Hospital Births

29 Sep 2009 - A One-Two Punch To The American People

29 Sep 2009 - Famous Global Warming Hockey Stick Graph Is A Hoax

29 Sep 2009 - Responding To Banned Books Week: A Pro-Family Group Is Suggesting A Creative Way For Families To Act As "Salt And Light" In Response To The American Library Association's (ALA) So-Called Banned Books Week

29 Sep 2009 - Homeopathy For H1N1

29 Sep 2009 - 40 Days For Life Saves 38 Babies From Abortion, Another Clinic Staffer Quits

29 Sep 2009 - African-American Leaders Oppose Black Pastors Backing Pro-Abortion Health Care

29 Sep 2009 - British Girl Dies After Cervical Cancer Vaccination [This and other major side effects are not uncommon with this so-called "safe" vaccine! The industry tries to downplay reports of side effects!]

29 Sep 2009 - Bill Clinton Attacks Pro-Life Americans, Pushes "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy"

29 Sep 2009 - Baucus' Proposal Contains 'Hidden Consequences'

29 Sep 2009 - Antidepressants During Pregnancy Double Heart Defect Risk

29 Sep 2009 - Green Tea May Lower Stomach Cancer Risk In Women

29 Sep 2009 - Americans Threatened With Jail Time, Huge Fines For Refusing To Buy Health Insurance

29 Sep 2009 - Long-term Tamoxifen Use Increases Risk Of Aggressive Breast Cancer

29 Sep 2009 - Pesticides Cause Childhood Brain Cancers

28 Sep 2009 - Getting The Gov't Out Of The Pulpit [The government has NO place telling a church what it may or may not teach or preach about! The same thing goes with the way they try to control all of the Christian schools! They claim that there is separation of Church and State, but it seems that it is only there for their convenience and they can cross their imaginary line whenever they want! Get the government out of the churches and schools!]

28 Sep 2009 - 18 Reasons Why You Should Not Vaccinate Your Children Against The Flu

28 Sep 2009 - In Memory Of Don Harkins

28 Sep 2009 - Doctor Admits Vaccine Is More Deadly Than Swine Flu Itself & Will Not Give It To His Kids [YouTube video]

28 Sep 2009 - State Lifts Limit On Mercury Preservative In Swine-Flu Shots

28 Sep 2009 - CoQ10 May Slow Parkinson's

28 Sep 2009 - Funding - A Major Factor In Viable Healthcare Reform

28 Sep 2009 - Fear Grows Among Pro-Life Activists

28 Sep 2009 - Washington Times Confirms Baucus Health Care Bill Has Rationing For Seniors

28 Sep 2009 - Common Spices May Suppress E. Coli

28 Sep 2009 - Doctors Fed Up With Obama, Massive March Planned 10/01/09!

28 Sep 2009 - Vaccine Nation, A Film By Gary Null, Ph.D. [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Sep 2009 - Merck Employees Had "Hit List" Of Doctors They Sought To "Neutralize", Court Documents Reveal (Opinion)

28 Sep 2009 - Diabetes Drug Could Cause Pancreatic Cancer

28 Sep 2009 - Flu Vaccine Exposed [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Sep 2009 - Pfizer To Pay Record $2.3 Billion Fine

28 Sep 2009 - Are Psychiatric Drugs Necessary?

25 Sep 2009 - Global Warming Hyperbole

25 Sep 2009 - Global Warming Scientist: "The Dog Ate My Homework"

25 Sep 2009 - Another Lay Case

25 Sep 2009 - Conference Committee Tackles Hate-Crimes Legislation: U.S. Senate Has Added The Dangerous Proposal To The FY10 Defense Authorization Bill [This bill is really about limiting freedom of speech and giving one group extra rights and protections above everyone one, something that NO ONE is entitled to!]

25 Sep 2009 - Pelosi, Dems Ignoring Public Sentiment On Healthcare [They DO NOT care about what The People think or want. They have their own agenda and to them that is all that matters and everyone else can jump off a bridge for all they care]

25 Sep 2009 - Obama Administration Issues 'Gag Order' On Humana

25 Sep 2009 - Obama Appointee Kevin Jennings ["Safe Schools" Czar] Can't Remember Saying The F-Word To Bash Christians - In A Church: Double Standard For "Gay Homosexual" Appointees?

25 Sep 2009 - Obama's Homosexual "Safe School Czar" Tells God "Screw You, Buddy" In Memoir

25 Sep 2009 - Hollywood Follows 'Fad' Of Global Warming

25 Sep 2009 - John Wild, 95, Created 'Window To The Womb'

25 Sep 2009 - Can Vitamin B6 Enhance Prostate Health?

25 Sep 2009 - Palin's Speech In Hong Kong

25 Sep 2009 - Pro-Life Harvard Prof Glendon, Rejected Notre Dame Honor, Gets National Award

25 Sep 2009 - UK Children Brainwashed Into MMR Vaccine Support Through Manipulation Of Academic Exams

24 Sep 2009 - Carbon Cap & Trade Swindle Behind Al Gore's 'Global Warming' Hoax

24 Sep 2009 - The UN Climate Change (Global Warming) Numbers Hoax

24 Sep 2009 - Quarantined Navy Ship - Captain And Chief Petty Officer Dead - Entire Crew Sick - After Being Given Swine Flu Vaccine [Has a recording of the original radio broadcast reporting this on the web page]

24 Sep 2009 - The Rise Of Tyranny

24 Sep 2009 - House Committee Hears Arguments For Special Rights: Employment Bill Would 'Impose A Substantial And Crippling Burden On Religious Organizations.' [No one, absolutely no one, deserves special rights or protections! Especially a select group of individuals who flaunt their immorality in public and try to force acceptance of it on everyone and have no sense of decency!]

24 Sep 2009 - VERY Important Vaccine Question

24 Sep 2009 - Washington Post - June 15, 2009 - Donald Rumfeld's Trouble Reign [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

24 Sep 2009 - Pro-Life Leader Worries House Won't Allow Vote To Ban Abortion In Health Care

24 Sep 2009 - Obama Continues Global Warming Hoax

24 Sep 2009 - U.S. Pharmaceutical Factories Dumping Huge Quantities Of Drugs Into Public Sewers, Rivers And Waterways

24 Sep 2009 - Dangerous Mercury Contamination Of Human Body Increasing, Study Finds

24 Sep 2009 - Choose Natural Sugars When You Have A Sweet Tooth

24 Sep 2009 - IV Vitamin C Used To Recover Terminal Swine Flu Case

24 Sep 2009 - "Does A Cell Phone's Radiation Effect Stop When The Call Ends?" [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 Sep 2009 - More Misleading News About Exercise

23 Sep 2009 - Obama Continues Global Warming Hoax

23 Sep 2009 - U.N. Climate Summit Leaves Large Carbon Footprint [The leaders of the cult of Global Warming believe they are above what they are telling the rest of us to do. They DO NOT practice what they preach!]

23 Sep 2009 - Catholic Medical Association Comes Out Publicly Against ObamaCare

23 Sep 2009 - Take Action: Senate Committee To Vote On Abstinence Education Funding

23 Sep 2009 - Letter To Kids Health.Org: About Your Article "Are Artificial Sweeteners OK To Consume During Pregnancy?

23 Sep 2009 - NY Times Writer Worries That Mother Nature Not Cooperating With Global Warming Agenda

23 Sep 2009 - Important Information About The Swine Flu Vaccine

23 Sep 2009 - Harm Begins With A Few Cigarettes, A Little Smog: Levels Of Toxins In Air Don't Have To Be High To Be Hazardous, Studies Find

23 Sep 2009 - Sweetener Aspartame To Be Investigated For Possible Side-Effects

23 Sep 2009 - Senate Panel Opens Abortion Debate On Baucus Bill, Pro-Life Amendments Coming

23 Sep 2009 - Media Analysis Says Pro-Life Group Right, Baucus Health Care Bill Funds Abortions

23 Sep 2009 - Are Candles Making You Sick? : Researchers Warn Of Toxic Buildup From Paraffin, Suggest Beeswax Instead

23 Sep 2009 - Vitamin B6 May Improve Prostate Cancer Survival

23 Sep 2009 - FDA, In First Tobacco Action, Bans Flavors

22 Sep 2009 - It Is Going To Be A Rocky Road

22 Sep 2009 - Congressman: Abortions Could Increase By One-Third Under Health Care Bills

22 Sep 2009 - Black Pro-Life Leader Says Opposition To Pro-Abortion Health Care Plans Not Racist

22 Sep 2009 - Winning The Aspartame War!

22 Sep 2009 - Commentary: Will Babies With Down Syndrome Just Disappear?

22 Sep 2009 - Abortion Advocates Upset by Dogged Pro-Life Campaign On Health Care Bills [There is NO place in healthcare for this form of serial killing and murder!]

22 Sep 2009 - Pro-Life Group To Continue Ads Targeting Harry Reid Over Abortion, Health Care [GOOD!]

22 Sep 2009 - The Truth About The Flu Shot!

22 Sep 2009 - "Smart Choices" Food Label Is Marketing Fraud; Tufts University Involvement Questioned (Opinion)

22 Sep 2009 - Walnuts Found To Prevent Breast Cancer

22 Sep 2009 - Inconvenient Truths About Gardasil And Swine Flu Vaccines [Has embedded videos on the web page]

22 Sep 2009 - What To Do If You Are Forced To Take Swine Flu Shot [Has embedded videos on the web page]

22 Sep 2009 - Despite Anti-Vitamin D Bias, CDC Stumbles On Deficiency Link To H1N1 Deaths

22 Sep 2009 - Is The FDA Poised To Ban A Century-Old Natural Remedy?

22 Sep 2009 - Secrets Your Dentist Doesn't Want You To Know

21 Sep 2009 - Leading Global Warming Scientist Goes "Oops, Sorry."

21 Sep 2009 - Liberal Lie #15 - The Right Is Against Science; The Left Promotes It: John Holdren, Obama's Frightening "Science" Czar

21 Sep 2009 - Obama Plans Internet Grab: FCC To Embrace 'Net Neutrality' [Sure it will be neutral. When the government gets involved with some, no matter how slight, it is just a matter of time until they take it over and control it completely! So much for free speech!]

21 Sep 2009 - Countdown: Fall 2009 40 Days For Life Campaign Begins Wednesday

21 Sep 2009 - Don Harkins 1963 - 2009 (In Memory Of Don Harkins - Idaho Observer)

21 Sep 2009 - Christian Health Professionals Address 'Right Of Conscience'

21 Sep 2009 - The Carbon Tax And The Triumph Of Green

21 Sep 2009 - Just How Awful Is The UN?

21 Sep 2009 - Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - July 21, 1990 - Nutrasweet Denies Health Risk Claim [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

21 Sep 2009 - The Sunday Times (United Kingdom) - February 27, 2000 - Top Sweetener Condemned By Secret Report [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

21 Sep 2009 - ObamaCare?

21 Sep 2009 - Life Advocates To Line Streets Across America [GOOD!]

21 Sep 2009 - Sneak Peak Into Over-The-Counter Natural Cures

21 Sep 2009 - Puking Up The Polypill

21 Sep 2009 - Santa Fe Pediatrician Ken Stoller Asks FDA To Rescind Aspartame's Approval

21 Sep 2009 - NEA: Big Time Supporter Of ACORN

21 Sep 2009 - U.S. Gravediggers To Be Fully Employed: Surprised?

21 Sep 2009 - Police And Military Train To Intern Swine Flu Vaccine Refusniks

21 Sep 2009 - Simple Cure For Tinnitus [Tinnitus is also one of the hardest aspartame symptoms to get rid of, maybe this article will help some]

21 Sep 2009 - Save On Out-Of-Pocket Healthcare Costs

21 Sep 2009 - Weight Loss Is Good For Kidneys

21 Sep 2009 - White House Noncommittal On Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

21 Sep 2009 - Antioxidants Abound In Cereals, Popcorn, Whole-Grain Snacks: Study Finds These Foods Contain High Levels Of Polyphenols

21 Sep 2009 - Vitamin C Deficiency May Damage Babies' Mental Development

21 Sep 2009 - ACLU Challenges Patenting Of Human Genes [PURE INSANITY! This time (and only for this) I am on the ACLU's side]

18 Sep 2009 - Take Action: Ask Congress To Oppose ENDA

18 Sep 2009 - Washington Teachers Leave National Education Association [Good for them for exercising their rights and taking a stand in support of their morals and values and opposing what is EVIL!]

18 Sep 2009 - Rasmussen: Opposition To ObamaCare Hits New High

18 Sep 2009 - Are Diet Drinks Healthier Than Non-Diet Drinks?

18 Sep 2009 - Chewing Tobacco No Safer Than Smoking: New Study Adds To List Of Carcinogens Harming Those With Smokeless Habit

18 Sep 2009 - More Pro-Life Groups Say Baucus Health Care Bill Contains Abortion Funding

18 Sep 2009 - White House Mtg Doesn't Alleviate Concerns Over Abortion Funds In Health Care

18 Sep 2009 - NY Nurse Challenges Vaccination Requirement

18 Sep 2009 - Toxins May Form When Skin, Indoor Ozone Meet: Some Of These Chemicals Are Benign, Others Might Pose Dangers, Experts Say

18 Sep 2009 - Even Small Amounts Of Lead Harmful To Kids

18 Sep 2009 - Sweet Potatoes: Improve Your Health With This Autumn Super Food

18 Sep 2009 - Ten Swine Flu Lies Told By The Mainstream Media

17 Sep 2009 - Baucus Bill Pressures Doctors To Ration Health Care Via Financial Incentives

17 Sep 2009 - "You Should Skip The Flu Vaccine -- But What If Forced To Take It?" [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 Sep 2009 - Over 100 Quebec Doctors Say No To Euthanasia

17 Sep 2009 - Baucus Bill Would Offer Abortion Funding In Health Care: 'We Don't Care About Rhetoric When It Comes To Protecting Innocent, Preborn Lives. We Care About Results.'

17 Sep 2009 - Analysis Finds Baucus Health Care Bill Contains Abortion Subsidies, Mandates

17 Sep 2009 - Why Are So Many Celebrities Dying After Chemotherapy?

17 Sep 2009 - Bill Gates Unleashes New Round Of Grants On Experimental Genetic Modification And Vaccine Research

17 Sep 2009 - Why Millions Of Americans Don't Need A Swine Flu Vaccine

17 Sep 2009 - Fish Oil Benefits Even After Heart Attack, New Study Finds

17 Sep 2009 - Many Health Workers Won't Take Swine Flu Vaccine: Do They Know Something You Don't?

16 Sep 2009 - Wow: Treasury Says Cap And Trade To Cost $100-200 Billion In New Taxes

16 Sep 2009 - Focus Action Asks People To Keep Up Pressure On Health Care: 'People Need To Keep Contacting Their Members Of Congress Asking Them To Specifically Exclude Abortion Funding From Any Health-Care Proposal.'

16 Sep 2009 - The Fruits Of Apostasy

16 Sep 2009 - Really Natural - August 25, 2009 - Artificial Aspartame Should be Banned According To The Cancer Prevention Center [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

16 Sep 2009 - Baucus Health Care Bill Draws Initial Opposition, Abortion Funding Ban Needed

16 Sep 2009 - Stressed? Eat Melon

16 Sep 2009 - Death Risk Of Gluten Allergy Underestimated

16 Sep 2009 - Pro-Life Advocates With Disabled Children Worried By Health Care Bills' Rationing

16 Sep 2009 - U.S. Senator To Look Into Cellphone-Cancer Link

16 Sep 2009 - Many U.K. Families Are Not Told When Doctors Deny Loved Ones Treatment, Report Has Found

16 Sep 2009 - A Young Pro-Lifer Writes To The President

16 Sep 2009 - Pesticides Linked To Parkinson's

15 Sep 2009 - 'Million Taxpayers March' On DC? Massive Tea Party Protest Floods Nation's Capital: Yes, Change Is Coming To Washington; AP Distorts Size Of Huge Tea Party Rally [Has an embedded video on the web page]

15 Sep 2009 - Anti-Parent Bill Fails In California; Two Bad Bills Pass: 'They Apply Their Special Specific Issue To Every Child And That's Inappropriate.'

15 Sep 2009 - Obama Proves To Ailing Nation He's No Doctor

15 Sep 2009 - Proposed Healthcare Reform 'Suffers Fundamental Conflict'

15 Sep 2009 - Uninsured?...Or Just Opting Out?

15 Sep 2009 - Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose ObamaCare On Key Points

15 Sep 2009 - Showerheads May Harbor Bacteria Dangerous To Some

15 Sep 2009 - Spanish Doctors Will Choose Jail Over Committing Abortion [May God bless them and protect them for taking a stand against this EVIL!]

15 Sep 2009 - Patrick Swayze Dead At 57 After Chemotherapy For Pancreatic Cancer

15 Sep 2009 - Evidence Mounts: European Conference Highlights Natural Health Strategies To Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

15 Sep 2009 - NJ School Mandating Toxic Hand Sanitizers For Children

15 Sep 2009 - Obama Asked To Apologize For 'Lies To Entire Country'

15 Sep 2009 - GM Seeds Threaten Food Supply, Claim Researchers

15 Sep 2009 - Fables For Adults

15 Sep 2009 - Obama's Denials Of Abortion Coverage 'Laughable'

15 Sep 2009 - 13 Things A Burglar Will Never Tell You

15 Sep 2009 - Doctors And Patients Sue White House Over Free Speech Violations

15 Sep 2009 - Pervasive B12 Deficiency Affects Millions - How About YOU?

15 Sep 2009 - These Four Beliefs Defy Modern Science...

15 Sep 2009 - The Simple Inexpensive Way To Radically Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease

14 Sep 2009 - Commentary: "You Lie!" Mr. President: Joe Wilson's War For Democracy In America [More politicians need to stand up and say "NO" to this EVIL that Obama is trying to push on the American people! May God Bless Joe Wilson for having the courage, when no one else in Congress did, for taking a stand against this EVIL!]

14 Sep 2009 - Chamber Resists Shell Game Over Environmental Policy

14 Sep 2009 - Oh No, Not This Rubbish Again: "Recent Projections Suggest Polar Bears Could Be Extinct Within 70 Years"

14 Sep 2009 - Doctors Rally Against Healthcare Bill, AMA

14 Sep 2009 - United Press International - October 12, 1987 - Seizure, Blindness Victims Point To NutraSweet [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

14 Sep 2009 - Codex Alimentarius And The Idiocracy

14 Sep 2009 - Hr-2749: The Food Safety Act - The Pale Horse

14 Sep 2009 - Natural Cures For The "Flu" And Other "Plagues" : Thieves Oil Formula

14 Sep 2009 - Natural Cures For The "Flu" And Other "Plagues" : MMS Standard Protocol

14 Sep 2009 - Gardasil: Oversold, Over-Hyped, And Risky?

14 Sep 2009 - HR 3200 Provides Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

14 Sep 2009 - FREE Book Documenting The Horrors Of Vaccination

14 Sep 2009 - Conservative Grassroots Movement Ignited By Obama's Policies On Healthcare, Economy

14 Sep 2009 - Obama Lied: He Supports Health Care For Unlawful Immigrants

14 Sep 2009 - Mandatory Training In Orwellian Thinking

14 Sep 2009 - To Hell With The United Nations

14 Sep 2009 - H1N1 Vaccine With Mercury And Squalene Pushed On Pregnant Women (Opinion)

14 Sep 2009 - Mercury Fillings Battle Heats Up In D.C. [Has embedded videos on the web page]

14 Sep 2009 - Huge Giveaways In White House Deal With Big Pharma

14 Sep 2009 - How Moms And Minorities Are Deceived About Dangers Of Plastic

11 Sep 2009 - Chicago Suffers Unusually Cold Weather; Chicago Tribune Warns Of Global Warming [Looks like someone forgot to tell the weather that it is suppose to be getting hotter, not colder. More proof that global warming is a lie!]

11 Sep 2009 - Republican Reponse To Obama's Healthcare Speech [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Sep 2009 - Obama Accuses Right Of 'Bogus Claims': 'The Truth Is, He Seeks To Cover Up His Intention To Use ... Government Subsidies To Pay For Health-Care Plans That Cover Abortion.'

11 Sep 2009 - Aspartame Flack Tries To Mislead New Mexico Legislature

11 Sep 2009 - Summit Will Promote Conservative Values

11 Sep 2009 - Tens Of Thousands To Protest ObamaCare In Washington This Weekend: 27 Hour Prayer Vigil Begins On Sunday

11 Sep 2009 - President Obama "Lies" On Abortion Funding During Health Care Reform Speech

11 Sep 2009 - Critics Say Obama-Care Prescription For Fraud And Abuse

11 Sep 2009 - Obama Misleads On Federal Abortion Conscience Clause In Health Care Speech

11 Sep 2009 - Obama Depopulation Policy Exposed! [YouTube video]

11 Sep 2009 - They Have Planned To Take Kids From Schools For Mass Vaccinations And Quarantines WAKE UP ! [YouTube video]

11 Sep 2009 - Vital Information On Immune Health

11 Sep 2009 - Listening To A Liar: Part 2

11 Sep 2009 - Obama Speech 'A Litany Of Lies'

11 Sep 2009 - Silver In Tiny Doses Kills Bacteria, Helps Wounds Heal

11 Sep 2009 - Diesel Exhaust Causes Cancer To Grow

11 Sep 2009 - FDA Approves "Emergency Rules" For Mass Medication Of Population With Anti-Viral Drugs

10 Sep 2009 - Aspartame Awareness Weekend, Sept 11 - Sept 13th 2009

10 Sep 2009 - Obama Uses Bad Math On Healthcare Costs

10 Sep 2009 - New Straits Times (Malaysia) - March 16, 2004 - Standing Up For The Truth About GM Food [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

10 Sep 2009 - DeMint: U.S. Doesn't Want Fed 'Takeover Of Healthcare'

10 Sep 2009 - The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost

10 Sep 2009 - Obama Approval Numbers Still Dropping, While Petitions Mount Against Health Care Plan [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 Sep 2009 - A Primer On Global Warming: Dispelling Myths

09 Sep 2009 - More Than Enough Evidence To Throw Out The Man Made Global Warming Hoax NOW

09 Sep 2009 - The Narrow Scope Of Flu Vaccine Usefulness

09 Sep 2009 - Pro-Lifers to Spend Two Weeks Protesting Health Care Bill [GOOD! Everyone should be protesting it!]

09 Sep 2009 - Surgeon Says Abortion Ups Breast Cancer Risk, Full-Term Pregnancy Helps Lower It

09 Sep 2009 - Smithsonian Natural History Museum: Global Cooling Exhibit Under Attack

09 Sep 2009 - Alarmists Abandon Air Temps, But Oceans Also Show Cooling

09 Sep 2009 - Hudson River Dredging Increases PCB Levels

09 Sep 2009 - MEDIA BIAS: Los Angeles Times: Massive Tax-Funding Of Abortion A Reasonable Compromise [There is nothing reasonable about it! It is still MURDER no matter what you call it or how you word it!]

09 Sep 2009 - Care Net Pregnancy Center Conference To Give Boost To Groups Helping Women

09 Sep 2009 - Brainwashing School Children For Fun And Profit!

09 Sep 2009 - Scientists Urge Congress To Reject Alarmism

08 Sep 2009 - More Rubbish From 60 Minutes Tonight. "The Age Of Megafires" [Guess they are just ignoring the fact that a majority of these fires have been caused by arson!]

08 Sep 2009 - Superior Climate Prediction Tool Unveiled

08 Sep 2009 - Internet Censoring Going Global

08 Sep 2009 - Stopping Intentional Blindness: Tell Congress That Abortion Is Not Health Care

08 Sep 2009 - Writer: President Barack Obama Not Forthright On Abortion Funding In Health Care

08 Sep 2009 - UPI Investigative Report: Maverick Scientist At Center Of Nutrasweet (Dr. Richard Wurtman)

08 Sep 2009 - New York Times - January 21, 1976 - Drug Research Under Question: F.D.A. Sees Doubt Raised In Study Of Searle Data [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

08 Sep 2009 - The Washington Post - December 12, 2001 - The Best Defense: Donald Rumsfield's Overwhelming Show Of Force On The Public Relations Front [If not for Rumsfeld this beverage would not have been possible. So here it is, the admission that if not for Rumsfeld this product would not be on the market] [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

08 Sep 2009 - Van Jones Mystery Solved?

08 Sep 2009 - Media Now Promoting Arctic 'Hockey Stick'

08 Sep 2009 - Dr Rauni Kilde On Swine Flue Conspiracy [YouTube video]

08 Sep 2009 - Tea Party Express Rolls Into D.C. For Healthcare Reform Protests

08 Sep 2009 - How Weight Loss Helps The Heart: Study Found It Reversed Structural Abnormalities Seen Among The Obese

08 Sep 2009 - Health Experts Renew Call To Ban Aspartame

08 Sep 2009 - Health Tip: Keep Mold Out Of Your Home

08 Sep 2009 - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Demands Public Option In Pro-Abortion Health Care

08 Sep 2009 - Pandemic, Inc., Government's Sledgehammer Control

08 Sep 2009 - Insect Repellent DEET Is Toxic To Brain Cells

08 Sep 2009 - Another Shocking Warning About Swine Flu Vaccine

08 Sep 2009 - What You Need To Know About Inflammation [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 Sep 2009 - Chickens Not Fooled By GM Crops

08 Sep 2009 - Most Common Cause Of Fatigue That Is Missed Or Misdiagnosed By Doctors

08 Sep 2009 - Why You Should Get Off Prescription Acid-Reducing Drugs ASAP!

04 Sep 2009 - UN Report Calls For More Funds To Combat Global Warming [Here they are once again using this HOAX to get more money out of people!]

04 Sep 2009 - Health Problems And Truvia

04 Sep 2009 - Equipping Your Teen With Character

04 Sep 2009 - Flu Vaccines And The Risk Of Cancer

04 Sep 2009 - Does Vitamin C Influence Heart Health?

04 Sep 2009 - Bob Casey Claims No Abortion Funding In Senate Health Care Bill, Draws Rebuke [This is an outright LIE on his part, for it is in there!]

04 Sep 2009 - Beetroot Juice May Boost Stamina Study: Findings Could Apply To Athletes, Elderly, Researchers Say

04 Sep 2009 - How Broccoli Can Protect Your Arteries

04 Sep 2009 - FTC Orders Daniel Chapter One To Lie To Customers About Cancer Remedies; Ministry Defends Health Freedom

04 Sep 2009 - Pfizer Pleads Guilty To Felony Crime In Fraudulent Marketing Of Bextra, Pays Billions In Fines

04 Sep 2009 - Mercury In Fluorescent Light Bulbs Poisons Factory Workers

04 Sep 2009 - WHO Admits To Releasing Pandemic Virus Into Population Via 'Mock-Up' Vaccines

03 Sep 2009 - Obama's School Speech - Social Indoctrination?

03 Sep 2009 - Swine Flu Alert: Medicinal Chemist Says "Think Before You Vaccinate"

03 Sep 2009 - Truvia: New Low Calorie Sweetener (Toxin)

03 Sep 2009 - FDA: Pfizer Ignored Warnings, Gets Record Fine

03 Sep 2009 - CDC H1N1 Forced Quarantine Docs Leak

03 Sep 2009 - Catholic Bishops From Kansas Urge Congress To Not Fund Abortion In Health Care

03 Sep 2009 - British Experts Say Terminally Ill Patients Pushed By NHS To Die Prematurely

03 Sep 2009 - Effort To Manipulate Science, Dismiss Women's Post-Abortion Problems Continue

03 Sep 2009 - Approaching Epidemic: Brain Damage From Mobile Phone Radiation

02 Sep 2009 - Al Gore Doesn't Want You To Know This

02 Sep 2009 - Obama's Latest Cyber Space Power Grab

02 Sep 2009 - Food Safety Bills - Misdiagnosis Strikes Again

02 Sep 2009 - The Brain May Not Be Fooled By Sugar Substitutes: Studies Indicate That, On Some Level, We Know Real From Fake. So What Does That Mean With Regard To Weight Loss?

02 Sep 2009 - Republican Party Runs New Health Care Ad Blasting Rationing, Targets Seniors

02 Sep 2009 - Vaccinations: Deadly Immunity, By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

02 Sep 2009 - McCain, McConnell: 'Step Back, Start Over' And Go Slow On Healthcare Overhaul

02 Sep 2009 - New UNESCO Sex Education Guidelines Call On Children To Promote Abortions

01 Sep 2009 - Death Knell For CarbonCare

01 Sep 2009 - Medical Journal Blames Disabled People "Who Want To Live" For Confusion On Assisted Suicide Debate [What confusion? So what if people choose to live instead of wanting to die. Assisted Suicide is just another name for MURDER and is EVIL!!!]

01 Sep 2009 - White House Sued For Hosting Online 'Snitch' Box

01 Sep 2009 - Rapid Swine Flu Test Misses Many Infections: Doctors Should Diagnose Based On Symptoms And Strains In Circulation, Experts Say

01 Sep 2009 - Aspartame Poison

01 Sep 2009 - Just Like Sugar: "True Health" - Can You Handle The Truth?

01 Sep 2009 - MEDIA BIAS: Newsweek's Eleanor Clift Wrong: Hyde Amdt Doesn't Stop Abortion In Health Care

01 Sep 2009 - Vaccine-Induced Disease Epidemic Outbreaks: The Engineering Of 'Pandemics'

01 Sep 2009 - Diet For Cancer Patients

01 Sep 2009 - White House Reality Check Web Site Still Silent On Abortion In Health Care

01 Sep 2009 - Ted Kennedy's Death Further Used To Promote Pro-Abortion Health Care Bills

01 Sep 2009 - Quit Using Ted Kennedy's Death To Advance The Pro-Abortion Health Care Agenda

01 Sep 2009 - No Mandatory Vaccinations

01 Sep 2009 - Why Swine Flu Vaccines Just Don't Add Up: Doing The (Fuzzy) Math

01 Sep 2009 - Long Or Short Term Use: All Hormone Replacement Therapy Raises Ovarian Cancer Risk

01 Sep 2009 - Aleni Prokopius Speaks Out On Vaccines And A Cure For Autism In NaturalNews Interview

01 Sep 2009 - Olive Leaf Offers Many Healing Benefits

01 Sep 2009 - Avoid Table Salt: Learn Why You Should Switch To Unrefined Sea Salt

01 Sep 2009 - Warning: Swine Flu Shot Linked To Killer Nerve Disease

01 Sep 2009 - 9 Hidden Toxins Lurking In Your Food

01 Sep 2009 - 8 Spots Germs Love To Lurk In Your Home

31 Aug 2009 - Scientists: Global Warming Conversation Is One-Sided: Panel Experts Say Extremists Are Dominating The Climate Debate

31 Aug 2009 - More Germans Turn Apostate From The Global Warming Cult

31 Aug 2009 - The Powerful Un-American Media

31 Aug 2009 - MEDIA BIAS: NBC Joins ABC In Refusing To Air Ad Critical Of Pro-Rationing Health Care Measure

31 Aug 2009- Barack Obama's 2007 Speech To Planned Parenthood [Has an embedded video on the web page]

31 Aug 2009 - Major Bills To Defeat After August Recess

31 Aug 2009 - Manmade Global Warming's Unlucky Number

31 Aug 2009 - Lyme/Autism Group Blasts GM Foods As Dangerous

31 Aug 2009 - How Safe Are Your Drinking & Agriculture Water Supplies?

31 Aug 2009 - Native Americans No Fans Of Government-Run Health Care

31 Aug 2009 - Speaker Nancy Pelosi Releases Misleading Factsheet On Abortion, Health Care

31 Aug 2009 - Ezekiel Emanuel, Obama's Rationing Czar, Says We Have Too Much Health Care

31 Aug 2009 - ObamaCare Will Put Planned Parenthood Inside Your Child's School

31 Aug 2009 - Healthcare Reform Bill A 'Feeder System' For Abortion

31 Aug 2009 - Historical Facts About The Dangers (And Failures) Of Vaccines

31 Aug 2009 - Chemo Fails To Treat Pancreatic Cancer

31 Aug 2009 - CT Scans Cause Cancer

31 Aug 2009 - 10 Ways Growing An Organic Garden Can Help Your Health And Budget [Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 Aug 2009 - Remove I.C.L.E.I. - Restore The Republic

28 Aug 2009 - Liberals Use Kennedy's Death To Push ObamaCare

28 Aug 2009 - Doctors Concerned by HPV Vaccine

28 Aug 2009 - Healthcare Trickery & Scottish Wimpery

28 Aug 2009 - Obama Health Plan: Rationing, Higher Taxes, And Lower Quality Care

28 Aug 2009 - Fish Oils May Prevent And Treat Heart Disease: Review Of Studies Involving 40,000 People Points Up Benefits

28 Aug 2009 - Rash On The Face Aspartame Listed (Rosacea Can Be Triggered By Aspartame - Its From The Methanol)

28 Aug 2009 - Healthcare Reform Bill = Loss Of Privacy

28 Aug 2009 - Ted Kennedy Death Used To Build Support For Pro-Abortion Health Care Bills

28 Aug 2009 - Persecuted German Homeschool Family Facing September Custody Hearing: Have Had Lien Placed On Their Home By Government

28 Aug 2009 - NH Court Orders Homeschooler Into Public School To Expose Her To Different Faith Views [This is pure INSANITY! Neither the courts nor anyone else has the right to order someone to go to one school or another! Homeschooling is vastly superior to public schools and now the system is doing everything it can to do away with homeschools and force the children to go to the pubic schools for the brainwashing that takes place there!]

28 Aug 2009 - Homeschoolers Beat National Average On ACT Test: Columnist Says, "Homeschooling Is The Sleeping Giant Of The American Education System" [More proof that homeschooling is superior to public education school system!]

28 Aug 2009 - Wall St. Journal Also Confirms House Health Care Bill Has Tax-Funded Abortions

28 Aug 2009 - Congressman Takes Mic Away From Pro-Life Advocate At Health Care Town Hall

28 Aug 2009 - Australia Insurance Company Won't Cover Doctors Who Dispense Abortion Drug [GOOD!!!]

28 Aug 2009 - Why Are These Bizarre Ingredients Allowed In Beauty Products? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Aug 2009 - Climate Fear Promoters Greatest Fear 'The Truth'

27 Aug 2009 - Glenn Beck Closing In On Van Jones

27 Aug 2009 - Obama's Bait And Switch

27 Aug 2009 - Talk About Pulling The Plug On Grandma

27 Aug 2009 - That Abuse Of Power Thing

27 Aug 2009 - New Hampshire Court Orders Christian Homeschooled Girl To Attend Public School [This is WRONG! The courts nor anyone else should be able to order or tell someone which school they must attend! Time and again it has been shown that homeschooling is far superior to the public school system!]

27 Aug 2009 - Health Care "Reform" Bills Would Exacerbate Death Panels Already In Texas

27 Aug 2009 - That's Where The Money Is: Geezers Beware ObamaCare

27 Aug 2009 - Illinois Pro-Life Pharmacists Win Injunction In Conscience Rights Lawsuit

27 Aug 2009 - AARP Ramps Up Support For ObamaCare With TV/Radio Ads [They claim that they do not officially endorse it, yet here they are supporting it!]

27 Aug 2009 - Kudzu May Treat Metabolic Syndrome

27 Aug 2009 - DEET In Bug Spray Tied To Neural Damage In Mice

27 Aug 2009 - CDC Leery Of Estimates About Swine Flu's Toll [They've been doing their best to create a panic over Swine Flu since May and now seem to be backing off. So what happened to make this sudden change and what are they up to?]

27 Aug 2009 - Statins Cause Serious Structural Muscle Damage

27 Aug 2009 - Defend Against Disease With Broccoli Juice

26 Aug 2009 - Undeterred By WH "Green Czar's" Boycott Strong-Arming, Beck Hits Back On Van Jones' Background & 'Color Of Change'

26 Aug 2009 - Scientists Rejecting Man-Made Climate Fears!

26 Aug 2009 - ABC Bans Television Commercial Opposing Pro-Abortion Govt Health Care Plan

26 Aug 2009 - Veterans Hospitals Offer End-of-Life Counseling [This is not only WRONG, it is EVIL!!!]

26 Aug 2009 - Americans 'Distrust' Gov't To Run Big Healthcare

26 Aug 2009 - Catholic Archbishop Chaput Steps Up Pressure On ObamaCare: Funding Abortions Not 'Common Ground'

26 Aug 2009 - Sunscreens May Be Linked To Alzheimer's

26 Aug 2009 - Abortion 'Explicitly' Covered Under ObamaCare

26 Aug 2009 - Setting The People Up To Die: A Conspiracy Of Silence About Swine Flu Natural Remedies

26 Aug 2009 - Baking Soda Found To Help People with Chronic Kidney Disease

26 Aug 2009 - Antidepressant Commonly Prescribed For Autism Found Utterly Useless

26 Aug 2009 - Reverse Halitosis: Natural Remedies For Bad Breath

26 Aug 2009 - Green Tea Nutrients Prevent Leukemia

25 Aug 2009- Time For The Elderly To Check Out?

25 Aug 2009 - Abortion Coverage In ObamaCare Is No 'Fabrication': "As For The House Bill As It Stands Now, It's A Matter Of Fact That It Would Allow Both A 'Public Plan' And Newly Subsidized Private Plans To Cover All Abortions," Writes Director [Obama knew this and LIED to the American people about it anyways! So what else is he lying about?]

25 Aug 2009 - Obama Continues Saying Pro-Life Advocates Lying About Health Care, Abortion [Obama knows it is in there! He is the one who is lying!]

25 Aug 2009 - The Alternative To Obamacare: HAA!

25 Aug 2009 - New Book Profiles Victims Of Rationing In Government-Run Health Care Systems

25 Aug 2009 - Bowling For Death Panels II: Obama Administration Promotes "Death Book" For Veterans [More proof of the EVIL in the Obama health care plan!]

25 Aug 2009 - Senator Wants Hearings On Obama Admin Veterans Guide Promoting Euthanasia

25 Aug 2009 - FDA Probes Liver Damage With Weight Loss Pill Alli

25 Aug 2009 - Time Magazine Confirms Health Care Bills Include Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

25 Aug 2009 - American Psychiatric Association Continues Denying Abortion's Mental Health Risks

25 Aug 2009 - Australia Hospitals In Queensland Stop Doing Abortions As Legal Debate Continues

25 Aug 2009 - Many Diabetic Foot Amputations Are Preventable

24 Aug 2009 - Eco-'Nuttery' & Global Warming Overreaches - Part 1

24 Aug 2009 - Dismanteling Our Christian Heritage

24 Aug 2009 - Questions And Answers Regarding Estimating Deaths From Influenza In The United States [This is from the CDC's own website. According to the CDC no one KNOWS how many die from the flu. The estimations were made from a percentage of those who die from respiratory disease deaths and other mathematical constructs. In other words, they are just guessing and assuming. No hard factual data, just their guess work. More proof that the CDC is exaggerating the numbers, and other information, for their own agenda and trying to create a panic!]

24 Aug 2009 - Mandatory Vaccinations? Tell Feds And States To 'Stick It'

24 Aug 2009 - Firestorm In Spokane [Spokane the first city in America to reject the sustainability fraud]

24 Aug 2009 - Will Court Enforce Rules About RU-486?

24 Aug 2009 - How To Dramatically Reduce Your Health Care Costs

24 Aug 2009 - When Fear Reigns

24 Aug 2009 - Chemotherapy Treatment Of Children Multiplies Risk Of Cancer Later In Life

24 Aug 2009 - MRIs Harm More Than Help Women With Early Breast Cancer

24 Aug 2009 - Breast Cancer Discovery: Vitamin A Derivative Normalizes Cell Growth

24 Aug 2009 - The Death Book For Veterans: Ex-Soldiers Don't Need To Be Told They're A Burden To Society [Obama Administration Tells Veterans To Consider Euthanasia]

24 Aug 2009 - FDA's Mercury Ruling Defies ALL Scientific Reasoning [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 Aug 2009 - Half Of Kids Given Flu Drug Have Side Effects

24 Aug 2009 - Another Poison Hiding In Your Environment

21 Aug 2009 - Exposing The Green World Order

21 Aug 2009 - Why Does The Hoax "Global Warming" Persist?

21 Aug 2009 - 'Alternate Routes' To The Fairness Doctrine [There is NOTHING fair about the so-called "Fairness Doctrine," and actually limits free speech and opinion!]

21 Aug 2009 - Obama Calls Abortion Funding In Healthcare Legislation A "Fabrication" [This is am outright LIE on his part. He knows it is in there. It is carefully worded, but it is in there nonetheless!]

21 Aug 2009 - Diabetes Drug Increases Death Risk

21 Aug 2009 - Climate Change Fraud: Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up: Aug. 21, 2009

21 Aug 2009 - Healthcare Reform And Abortions - What's The Truth?

21 Aug 2009 - Bowling For Death Panels: Euthanasia Group Behind "End-Of-Life" Counseling

21 Aug 2009 - Commentary: American Health Care Reform - A Good End Does Not Justify Evil Means

21 Aug 2009 - Experts Question Study's Asthma Drug Safety Claim [Time and time again, it has been shown that you cannot trust industry-funded studies!]

20 Aug 2009 - Global Warming 'Hoax' Costly

20 Aug 2009 - UPI Investigative Report - October 14, 1987 - Putting On The Blitz: The Selling Of A Sweetener [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

20 Aug 2009 - Ad Campaign Stresses Moral Objections To Healthcare Reform

20 Aug 2009 - National Health Insurance: The Socialist Nightmare [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

20 Aug 2009 - Sex, Lies & ObamaCare

20 Aug 2009 - Ten Things That Are Missing From Obama's Health Care Reform Debate

20 Aug 2009 - Eating Curry Fights Dementia

20 Aug 2009 - Legal Immunity Set For Swine Flu Vaccine Makers

20 Aug 2009 - Who's Sneaking Toxins Into Your Home-Cooked Meals? : Discover The Hidden Link Between High-Temp Cooking And Health-Damaging 'Villains' That Get Into Your Food... [Has an embedded video on the web page]

20 Aug 2009 - Prostate Cancer Treatment Choices [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 Aug 2009 - In Gov We Trust

19 Aug 2009 - Conflict-Of-Interest Investigation Of FDA Drug Director

19 Aug 2009 - Obama's Healthcare Co-Op Plan Slammed By Both Left And Right

19 Aug 2009 - Catholic Bishop Nickless: "No Health Care Reform Is Better Than The Wrong Health Care Reform" [AMEN!!!]

19 Aug 2009 - Sweden Outlaws Home Schooling

19 Aug 2009 - Coca-Cola, Pepsi On Beijing's Worst Polluter List

19 Aug 2009 - Breast Cancer Screening Exposed As Near-Useless: 2,970 Women Must Be Screened To Save One

19 Aug 2009 - Home Pesticides Linked To Childhood Cancers

18 Aug 2009 - Children Are A Blessing, Not A Carbon Curse

18 Aug 2009 - Heating Beat-Up Has Echoes Of Y2K

18 Aug 2009 - Letter To The FDA Concerning Monsanto Named In 50 Cancer Lawsuits (Dioxin, Etc.)

18 Aug 2009 - Venezuelans Protest New Law Banning Religious Education, Imposing Socialism In Nation's Schools

18 Aug 2009 - Catholics Urge National Fight Against Abortion In ObamaCare Bills

18 Aug 2009 - Want Proof That Global Warming Exists? Sorry, My Dog Ate It

18 Aug 2009 - Health Care Reform Bill Would Allow Abortion Business In Public School Clinics

18 Aug 2009 - White House Disables Email To Snitch On Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill Opponents

18 Aug 2009 - Swine Flu Vaccine Linked To Paralysis, Leaked Memo Reveals

18 Aug 2009 - Black Tea Fights Diabetes

18 Aug 2009 - The Generic Drug Rip-Off

17 Aug 2009 - EU's Carbon Market For Aviation Industry Will Include U.S. Airlines [More nonsense from the Cult of Global Warming!]

17 Aug 2009 - Obama's Big Lie: 'Green' Jobs

17 Aug 2009 - The Ultimate Control

17 Aug 2009 - Ronald Reagan Warned Americans Against ObamaCare [President Reagan's advice is just as relevant today as it was then. In part, he warned: "One of the traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine. It's very easy to disguise a medical program as a humanitarian project. . . . Now, the American people, if you put it to them about socialized medicine and gave them a chance to choose, would unhesitatingly vote against it." - Ronald Reagan] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 Aug 2009 - Brave Oxford Researchers Say Tamiflu Is Not For Kids: Governments Trying To Push Toxic Drugs For The Flu Onto Children

17 Aug 2009 - The Rumsfeld Plague: Aspartame Brings Horror (Opinion)

17 Aug 2009 - New York Psychiatrist Exhorts FDA To Rescind Artificial Sweetener Aspartame Approval

17 Aug 2009 - White House Under Fire For Sending Unsolicited Emails Promoting Health Care Bills

17 Aug 2009 - Alberta Parental Rights In Education Could Be Implemented by October, Teachers Upset [Good the parents should have more rights then the teachers when it comes to their children and what they learn!]

17 Aug 2009 - Swine Flu Jab Link To Killer Nerve Disease: Leaked Letter Reveals Concern Of Neurologists Over 25 Deaths In America

17 Aug 2009 - People Over 60 At Risk For ''Silent Stroke'': High Blood Pressure And Other Factors Play Role, Study Says

17 Aug 2009 - Planned Parenthood Continues Boasting Close Ties With White House On ObamaCare Bill

17 Aug 2009 - Media Bias: New York Daily News Joins Media In Abortion-Health Care Funding Coverup

17 Aug 2009 - Why Are Smart People So Ignorant When It Comes To Health, Vaccines And Vitamin D? - Part 1

17 Aug 2009 - Why Are Smart People So Ignorant When It Comes To Health, Vaccines And Vitamin D? - Part 2

17 Aug 2009 - Why Are Smart People So Ignorant When It Comes To Health, Vaccines And Vitamin D? - Part 3

17 Aug 2009 - Mayo Clinic DEAD Wrong On Diabetic Recommendations

14 Aug 2009 - HR 2749: Welcome To The Global Plantation

14 Aug 2009 - Sarah Palin Strikes Back Against Obama On "Death Panels": Has Massive Facebook Following Of 735,000 "Supporters" [May God bless her for standing up against this EVIL that is under the guise of "health care"]

14 Aug 2009 - FOX News Whistle blowers. UNBELIEVABLE!!! [YouTube video]

14 Aug 2009 - Senate Committee to Drop Controversial "Death Panel" Provision From Health Bill

14 Aug 2009 - White House Official Won't Retract Obama Misstatement On Senator, Euthanasia [And yet again Obama makes another false claim about someone support his health care program. Seems that he is doing this more and more!]

14 Aug 2009 - Polio Surge In Nigeria After Vaccine Virus Mutates

14 Aug 2009 - Gov't-Run Healthcare Would 'Stifle Innovation'

14 Aug 2009 - Media Bias: New York Times Taken To Task, Covers Up Abortion Funding In Health Care Bills

14 Aug 2009 - Planned Parenthood President Attends Special White House Health Care Meeting [This is the second time the Obama administration gave special privileges to Planned Parenthood]

14 Aug 2009 - CDC Figures Show Teen Abortions Lower In States Accepting Abstinence Funds

14 Aug 2009 - TX Congresswoman Accused Of 'Elitism' [A liberal Texas congresswoman is being accused of ignoring her constituents' concerns at a recent healthcare town hall meeting]

13 Aug 2009 - NYT Promotes 'National Security' Climate Fears

13 Aug 2009 - A. True Ott: WHO's "Citizen Jane" Burgermeister Expands Her Fraud And Disinformation Campaign [YouTube video]

13 Aug 2009 - Health-Care Conference Call Misleads: President Barack Obama Will Participate In A Conference Call Wednesday, Aug. 19, To Promote His Health-Care Agenda [Organized by Faith in Public Life, it includes several groups that belong to the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC). The RCRC's stand on health-care reform includes the inclusion of "reproductive health services," a code word for abortion.]

13 Aug 2009 - Letter To The Editor Of

13 Aug 2009 - The Straits Times (Singapore) - July 19, 2009 - 90 Medical Conditions Linked To Aspartame [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

13 Aug 2009 - List Of Healthcare Town Hall Meetings Nationwide

13 Aug 2009 - Congressman: Pro-Life Advocates Who Oppose Health Care Bill are "Political Terrorists" [First we are called "un-American" and now they are calling us "Political Terrorists." If anyone is being un-American and a Political Terrorist, it is those who are telling us that we cannot exercise our freedom of choice, freedom to think for ourselves, and the freedom to voice our opinion!]

13 Aug 2009 - Swine Flu Vaccine Makers To Profit $50 Billion A Year!! [And, to top it off, they will be using you and your family as guinea pigs]

13 Aug 2009 - Obama Wrongly Says Senator Backs Pro-Euthanasia Provisions In Health Care [He seems to be making a lot of FALSE claims as to who is support his health care bill]

13 Aug 2009 - Cat Out Of The Bag: Dem Congresswoman Admits ObamaCare Covers Elective Abortions

13 Aug 2009 - Healthcare Protesters Driven By Belief In Less Government, More Freedom

13 Aug 2009 - Obama In Full Retreat On Healthcare Public Option

13 Aug 2009 - Member Of Congress Admits House Health Care Bill Includes Abortion Funding

13 Aug 2009 - National Report Finds Disabled Left Behind In Emergency And Disaster Plans

12 Aug 2009 - Public Growing Wise To Global Warming Hoax

12 Aug 2009 - New FCC Chief Supports Fairness Doctrine [There is NO fairness in the Fairness Doctrine!]

12 Aug 2009 - AARP: Obama Got It Wrong

12 Aug 2009 - Healthcare Reform - No Place For Racial Quotas

12 Aug 2009 - A parent's Guiding Influence

12 Aug 2009 - Socialist Sweden Moves To Ban Homeschooling For Religious Or Philosophical Reasons: Government Accused Of "Showing Off Its Worst Totalitarian Socialist Roots"

12 Aug 2009 - Egypt Bans Trade In GM Food

12 Aug 2009 - Chinese Herbs Treat Endometriosis Better Than Western Medicine

12 Aug 2009 - Wyeth's HRT Drug Increases Risk Of Death From Lung Cancer

12 Aug 2009 - How To Alleviate Eye Strain

11 Aug 2009 - Political Climate For Energy Policies Cools: It Seems The Religion Of Global Warming Is Losing True Believers

11 Aug 2009 - More Dangerous Than Global Warming: AL GORE [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Aug 2009 - Speaker Nancy Pelosi Calls Opponents Of Pro-Abortion Health Care "Un-American" [If anyone is being un-American it is those who don't want people to exercise their freedom of thought and freedom of speech and want to take away your rights. Do you hear me Nancy Pelosi? Take a hint!]

11 Aug 2009 - Democrats Desperate To Stop Town Hall Protests [They want to stop it because they don't want the truth about ObamaCare coming out]

11 Aug 2009 - The "Novel" 2009 Flu Virus & Flu Vaccine: The Players, The Scripts, The Imagery

11 Aug 2009 - Sunday Express - January 9, 2000 - Bitter War Of Words Over The Safety of $1 Billion Sweetener [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

11 Aug 2009 - Representative Claims Censorship After Calling Health Care 'Democrat Plan'

11 Aug 2009 - Poll: Americans Fear Govt-Run Health Care More Than Insurance Companies

11 Aug 2009 - Health Care Is Front And Center As Lawmakers Take A Break

11 Aug 2009 - Researchers Warn Against Tamiflu For Children

11 Aug 2009 - Obama "Reality Check" Web Site Doesn't Dispute Abortion In Health Care Plan

11 Aug 2009 - House Health Care Bill Gives Doctors Financial Incentive To Push Euthanasia

11 Aug 2009 - Swine Flu Is NOT The Problem -- It Is The Vaccine That May Harm Or Kill You [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Aug 2009 - FDA Declares Mercury Amalgam Fillings Safe For All [This is insane and the FDA must think that we are all stupid! Since mercury is a toxin to the human body, then logic and common sense tells us that it would still be toxic even if used in fillings! But then again, the FDA seems to be very low on common sense!]

11 Aug 2009 - Health Tip: Staying Safe On The Playground

11 Aug 2009 - Medicines Cause Most Accidental Poisonings In Kids

10 Aug 2009 - I Accuse!

10 Aug 2009 - Computer Models Do Not Match Reality

10 Aug 2009 - Palin Calls Obama Health Plan 'Evil' [GOOD for her! She is calling it exactly what it is, EVIL!!!!]

10 Aug 2009 - Health Care Reform: Congress Has No Authority To Legislate

10 Aug 2009 - Burgermeister Claims to have filed Charges Against Bill Deagle, True Ott, Jeff Rense, Arthur Evangelista [PURE DISINFORMATION! This persons is a nut job and obviously trying to discredit those exposing the fraud and deception dealing with vaccines for her own personal reasons, and not for justice or truth!] [YouTube video]

10 Aug 2009 - Israeli Study: Soda Drinks Cause Liver Damage [This also includes diet drinks with aspartame]

10 Aug 2009 - New Warnings About Climate Change Founded On Politics And Faulty Science

10 Aug 2009 - Flu Tests Miss Up To 69 Percent Of Cases

10 Aug 2009 - A Falling Away - Part 1

10 Aug 2009 - Progressives Think The Protests Are Manufactured

10 Aug 2009 - Obama's Health Care Plan

10 Aug 2009 - AARP Officials Walk Out Of Meeting, Refuse Questions Concerning ObamaCare From Angry Seniors

10 Aug 2009 - So-Called Common Ground Abortion Bill Requires Tax-Funded Abortions Nationwide

10 Aug 2009 - Hundreds Of Thousands Of Reactions To Gardasil... Is Your Child Next? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Aug 2009 - Be VERY Careful When Replacing Missing Teeth

07 Aug 2009 - Studies Find Rapid Swine Flu Tests Ineffective: Rapid Tests For The Swine Flu Virus Can Return False Negatives More Than Half The Time

07 Aug 2009 - Liberals Seek To Silence And Demonize Those Who Oppose Their Socialism: New Poll Shows Those Opposing ObamaCare Are In The Majority

07 Aug 2009 - Obama's Dissident Database

07 Aug 2009 - Lawmakers Rip White House For "Orwellian" Blog Post On Health Care

07 Aug 2009 - When Murder Becomes A "Human Right," The First Victim Is The Truth: Amnesty International Has Issued A Report Filled With Falsehoods And Distortions In Attempt To Smear Pro-Life Nicaragua

07 Aug 2009 - Pro-Life Nurses Group Urges Congress: Keep Abortion Out Of Health Care

07 Aug 2009 - Detox Symptoms Are Often What Medical Folks Call Disease

06 Aug 2009 - Will NutraSweet Be Banned For Causing Cancer?

06 Aug 2009 - ObamaCare Likely To Mandate Free "Sex-Change" Surgeries [Obama's health care plan is insane and seems to be getting more so all the time!]

06 Aug 2009 - Maclean's Mag: Kids "Hurt Your Career, Your Marriage, Your Social Life, Your Bankbook. Why Bother?" [This magazine is promoting EVIL!!! The Bible tells us that children are a blessing from God!]

06 Aug 2009 - Over 100,000 Letters Sent Urging Congress To Keep Abortion Out Of Health Care

06 Aug 2009 - Grassley: Democrats' 'Public Option' Will Lead To Nationalization Of Healthcare

06 Aug 2009 - Obama's 'Clunker' Economics Bodes Ill For Healthcare

06 Aug 2009 - Proposed Obama Health Plan Bill

06 Aug 2009 - Media Finally Admit Health-Care Reform To Include Abortion

06 Aug 2009 - White House: Snitch On People Who Oppose Pro-Abortion Health Care Bills

06 Aug 2009 - Suicide Prevention Drug Pushing Racket - Part 1

06 Aug 2009 - Prostate Cancer Testing Doesn't Help, It Harms Men

06 Aug 2009 - Fish Oils Reduce Size Of Cancer Tumors

06 Aug 2009 - Proof That Thimerosal Induces Autism-Like Neurotoxicity

06 Aug 2009 - Squalene: The Swine Flu Vaccine's Dirty Little Secret Exposed

06 Aug 2009 - Statins Cause Muscle Damage

05 Aug 2009 - New York Times' Global Warming Hypocrisy

05 Aug 2009 - Record Lows Dispel Global Warming Myth

05 Aug 2009 - Big Pharma's Cancer Cure Secret

05 Aug 2009 - Congressman: I Would Rather Save My Soul Than Support Abortion-Promoting Health Care Bill

05 Aug 2009 - Obama Advisor, Health Care Architect, Criticized As Backing Rationing for Disabled

05 Aug 2009 - Climate Bill To Raise Energy Costs, Kill Jobs: Fed Study

05 Aug 2009 - Common Insect Repellent Affects Nervous System

05 Aug 2009 - New Video Exposing Overpopulation Myths Gains Traction, Hate From Opponents

05 Aug 2009 - Arthritis Drugs Pose Cancer Risk To Children

05 Aug 2009 - Dick Morris Says Obamacare Will Replace Medicare

05 Aug 2009 - THE INFLUENCE GAME: Biotech Drug Lobbying War

05 Aug 2009 - Not-For-Profit Nursing Homes Fare Better In Studies

04 Aug 2009 - New Study Shows How Government Dollars Perpetuate The Global Warming Hoax

04 Aug 2009 - Fort Wayne Smashes Record For Coldest July - EVER [So what happened to the global warming?]

04 Aug 2009 - Pro-life Amendment To Health-Care Reform Rejected: Lawmakers On Capitol Hill Continue To Wrangle Over Health-Care Reform, Including Whether Abortions Will Be Covered

04 Aug 2009 - Associated Press Misleads Readers On Abortion, Health Care, And President Obama

04 Aug 2009 - Open Letter To The GAO: Michael Taylor, Monsanto Attorney Should Be Removed From The FDA Because Of Conflict Of Interest, Aspartame Approval Reinvestigated And Banned

04 Aug 2009 - Searle's Lawsuit To Get Damning Aspartame Information Eliminated

04 Aug 2009 - An Overdue Ban On A Dangerous Sweetener

04 Aug 2009 - Chemicals Can Turn Genes On And Off; New Tests Needed, Scientists Say [This would also include aspartame and other so-called "artificial sweeteners" as well as MSG. All of which are chemicals and can damage your DNA!]

04 Aug 2009 - Nancy Pelosi Again Avoids Question Of Abortion In Government-Run Health Care

04 Aug 2009 - More Omega-3s Equal A Smaller Waistline

04 Aug 2009 - Vitamin D Deficiency Reveals An Instant Health Care Reform Solution

03 Aug 2009 - Eco-'Nuttery' & Global Warming Overreaches - Part 1

03 Aug 2009 - The Great Global Warming Swindle [Has an embedded video on the web page]

03 Aug 2009 - Whistle-Blower Accuses FDA Of Corruption

03 Aug 2009 - New Evidence: That The 'Swine Flu' Pandemic Is Man-Made

03 Aug 2009 - Climate Revolt: World's Largest Science Group 'Startled' By Outpouring Of Scientists Rejecting Man-Made Climate Fears!

03 Aug 2009 - FDA Issues Final Regulation On Dental Amalgam [This is more BS and LIES from the FDA! Mercury is toxic to the body, and as such no amount is safe for the human body!]

03 Aug 2009 - Belfast News Letter (Northern Ireland) - October 18, 2005 - Health Watch: Aspartame Can Leave A Better Taste Behind [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

03 Aug 2009 - American Chemical Society Revolts Against Their Editor-In-Chief

03 Aug 2009 - UPI - January 25, 1989 - Skinner Admits Mistakes In Nutrasweet Probe [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

03 Aug 2009 - Whistle-Blower Accuses FDA Of Corruption

03 Aug 2009 - The Express - February 29, 2000 - Cover-Up Over GM Food Safety Exposed [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

03 Aug 2009 - Should We Tax Sodas And Junk Food To Pay For Health Care?

03 Aug 2009 - Omega-3s From Fish Oil Protect Against Prostate Cancer

03 Aug 2009 - Americans Are Victims Of Undeclared War That Makes Universal Healthcare Unaffordable

31 July 2009 - World's Largest Science Group Rejecting Man-Made Climate Fears

31 July 2009 - Climate Change? Not So Fast Say Scientists

31 July 2009 - Full Text Of HR 3200 [This is the ObamaCare health plan. You better read it because you will be forced to live with it!]

31 July 2009 - Rep. Joseph Pitts: Healthcare Bill Promotes Abortion [Has an embedded video on the web page]

31 July 2009 - Critical Alert About Ritalin And Your Child [YouTube video]

31 July 2009 - UPI - October 13, 1987 - Former Searle Saleswoman Patty Wood-Allott Asserted That Rumsfield Said, "He Would Call In All His Markers And That No Matter What He Would See To It That Aspartame Would Be Approved That Year" [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

31 July 2009 - UPI Investigative Report - October 13, 1987 - NutraSweet: Questions Swirl [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

31 July 2009 - Urgent Warning About Gardasil [YouTube video]

31 July 2009 - Do Probiotics Impact Immunity?

31 July 2009 - Fresh Garlic Better For Heart Than Processed

31 July 2009 - Obama's Doctor Opposes Health Care Plan

31 July 2009 - Good Enough For You - Not Good Enough For Congress?

31 July 2009 - The Surprising Ingredient Causing Weight Gain

31 July 2009 - How Many Control Tentacles Will Obama Have Before People Wake Up?

31 July 2009 - Democrat's Healthcare Strategy: Attack Insurance Industry To Push 'Public Option'

31 July 2009 - Is Wi-Fi Making You Sick?

30 July 2009 - Global Warming Hoax: More Than 1000 Record Low Temperatures Have Been Broken In July

30 July 2009 - Public Opinion Turning Against Global Warming Almost As Quickly As Science

30 July 2009 - The Nuremberg Code

30 July 2009 - Rep. Tom Price Admonishes Govt-Takeover Of Healthcare [YouTube video]

30 July 2009 - Big Pharma Fraud & Overweight Americans Drive Health Care Costs

30 July 2009 - How To Survive A Venomous Snake Bite : How To Use An Extractor To Remove Snake Venom [You should also seek professional medical assistance as soon as possible!] [YouTube video]

30 July 2009 - Obama Science Advisor John Holdren Also Said Newborn Baby Not Fully Human [He is obviously an idiot!!! How can it not be human? If the mother is human and the father is human, then the unborn baby has to be human! This is an example of those who promote this evil turning a blind eye to the truth!]

30 July 2009 - What's Really In Obama's Health Care Reform Bill - A Plain English Translation

30 July 2009 - Gardasil Causes 400 Percent More Deaths Than Other Common Vaccine

30 July 2009 - Codex Threatens Health Of Billions

30 July 2009 - Important Turmeric Benefits Revealed: See Important Do's And Don'ts When It Comes To Using Herbs And Spices To Enhance Your Overall Health And Wellbeing [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 July 2009 - How Industry Giants Are Undermining The Organic Movement

29 July 2009 - Fred Thompson Interviews Betsy McCaughey Concerning Health Care Reform [Everyone should hear this brief interview about health reform - it ought to be called death reform, even with consultations to end your life]

29 July 2009 - Startling New Evidence That The 'Swine Flu' Pandemic Is Man-Made: Novartis Patent Detailed And Mass Murder Charge

29 July 2009 - Index: Key FDA Documents Revealing Hazards Of Genetically Engineered Foods (Note To EFSA)

29 July 2009 - Now Legal Immunity For Swine Flu Vaccine Makers [That should be a warning sign right there! They are giving immunity to the manufacturers of this UNTESTED so-called "vaccine." Just another reason to refuse this POISON!]

29 July 2009 - You're Appointing Who? Please Obama, Say It's Not So!

29 July 2009 - New U.N. Treaty Targets The Disabled Unborn

29 July 2009 - How To De-Stress A Recession-Riddled Life: Simple Strategies Should Help In Staying Calm And Moving On

29 July 2009 - Simple Steps Deliver Relief For Tennis Elbow: Strength-Training Exercises May Ease Pain, Improve Movement, Study Shows

29 July 2009 - Democrats Purport To Seek 'Compromise' On Abortion: Life Advocates Say The Effort Only Confuses The Issue [There is NO COMPROMISE!!! Murder is still murder no matter what you say or want to compromise!]

29 July 2009 - House Lawmakers Say Obama Health Care Plan An Abortion Industry Bailout

28 July 2009 - "Never Again Will I Doom The Earth Because Of Man..."

28 July 2009 - Fast-Tracked Swine Flu Vaccine Under Fire: The Vaccines Far More Deadly Than The Swine Flu; Mass Vaccinations A Recipe For Disaster

28 July 2009 - House Set To Vote On Fast-Tracked "Food-Safety" Bill

28 July 2009 - Why President Obama Is In A Hurry To Get Health Care Passed

28 July 2009 - Probiotics May Prevent Children's Colds

28 July 2009 - Ten Things You're Not Supposed To Know About The Swine Flu Vaccine

28 July 2009 - Is This The 1970s? Coca-Cola Claims It Doesn't Rot Teeth - Insists It's "Kiddie Safe"

28 July 2009 - Monsanto GM Corn A Disaster In South Africa

27 July 2009 - Peer-Reviewed Study Rocks Climate Debate

27 July 2009 - The Hamburg Declaration: Another 'Big Brother' To The Internet

27 July 2009 - The U.N. Seizure Of Parental Rights - Part 1

27 July 2009 - CDC: Hundreds of Thousands Dead in U.S. Without Flu Vaccine [More LIES and SCARE TACTICS from those who make the vaccine in an effort to panic everyone and force their vaccinations on everyone!]

27 July 2009 - AP Fact Check Obama Health Care Claims Not True

27 July 2009 - Healthcare Reform Moving Toward Euthanasia: Rationing Of Health Services Advocated By Emanuel

27 July 2009 - Senator Thompson On The Obama Health Care Bill: If You Want To Know How The Elderly Would Be Treated Under The Obama Health Care Bill

27 July 2009 - Agent Orange Linked to Heart Disease, Parkinson's

27 July 2009 - GM Crop Trials Start Again In Britain In 'Secret': Report [If GM crops are supposedly so safe, why do this in secret!]

27 July 2009 - Simple Cure For Tinnitus

27 July 2009 - The Faustian Of Modern Science - Part 2

27 July 2009 - Democrats Refuse To Allow Republicans To Mail Information On The Obama Health Care Plan To Their Constituents: See The Bureaucratic Mess Which Obama Is Pushing

27 July 2009 - WHO Moves Forward In Secrecy To Accomplish Forced Vaccination And Population Agenda

27 July 2009 - Exercise Fights Fatty Liver Disease

27 July 2009 - A Kidney Stone's #1 Natural Enemy [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 July 2009 - Nominate Your Pastor And Pastor's Spouse To Win A Trip To Israel

24 July 2009 - Call Congress: No On Obama's Health Care

24 July 2009 - Senate Leader Postpones Vote On Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill Until September

24 July 2009 - What to do when children lose their temper

24 July 2009 - The American Revolution Revisited

24 July 2009 - Her Highness Technology

24 July 2009 - Pro-Life Advocates Don't Trust Obama Saying He Wants No Abortion In Health Care

23 July 2009 - Global Warming Backers Pursue Personal Agenda

23 July 2009 - The Washington Post - October 1, 1981 - The Catch For Hatch [Senator Orrin Hatch was the one who kept aspartame congressional hearings from happening until 1985, and is said to be responsible for Senator Howard Metzenbaum's bill ever getting out of committee. It would have put a moratorium on aspartame and had independent studies done on the problems being seen in the population then like seizures, what it does to the fetus, behavioral problems and even drug interaction.] [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

23 July 2009 - The Washington Post - September 27, 1991 - Senator Hatch Helps Seat Former Monsanto Attorney To The U S Supreme Court [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

23 July 2009 - The Dirty Secret Of MSG - It's Everywhere

23 July 2009 - First Swine Flu Shots Will Not Be Safety Tested

23 July 2009 - Change You Never Expected: Health Care For Illegals

23 July 2009 - MEDIA BIAS: Associated Press Falsely Claims 90 Percent Of Insurance Plans Cover Abortion

23 July 2009 - Obese Get Higher Doses Of Radiation For X-Rays: Cumulative Effect Of That Needs Study, Experts Say

23 July 2009 - Drug-Induced Dementia Common In Seniors

23 July 2009 - Who's Really Guarding Your Water Supply? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

22 July 2009 - Global Temperatures Plunged .74 Degrees Fahrenheit Since Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth'

22 July 2009 - A 48-Week Natural Health Prescription From The Future

22 July 2009 - Is Aborted Fetal DNA In Vaccines Linked To Autism?

22 July 2009 - Compulsory Health-Coverage Plan Wins Support: Proposed Requirement Would Result In All Americans Having Policies [This is completely STUPID! What are they going to do, jail you for not having health insurance? If someone doesn't want it then they shouldn't be forced to have it. This is just another way the government is telling you that it knows what is best for your life, while taking away more of your freedoms and running your life for you!]

22 July 2009 - Bill Would Prevent The Government From Rationing Healthcare Services

22 July 2009 - Planned Parenthood Blasts Pro-Life Groups For Opposing Abortion In Health Care [Planned Parenthood wants it passed because it means a lot more money and business for them]

22 July 2009 - White House: Obama Would Defer To "Experts" On Abortion In Govt Health Care [He is referring to Planned Parenthood, the number one mass serial killer of the unborn!]

22 July 2009 - Obama's Inside Deals With Drug Makers Breaks Promise

21 July 2009 - Enviro-Nuts Were Wrong Then....

21 July 2009 - Donald Rumsfeld's Overwhelming Show Of Force (What If Donald Rumsfeld Had Never Been Born And Caused Rumsfeld's Plague?)

21 July 2009 - Experts: Obama's 'Public Option' Insurance Will Abandon 100 Million Citizens

21 July 2009 - Americans Skeptical Over Obama's Health Care

21 July 2009 - Three Ways To Avoid Or Reduce Vaccine Reactions [Hopefully people will avoid these shots but if somebody has taken them here is Dr. Dean's advice on how to avoid the reactions]

20 July 2009 - The EPA Conceals It's Own Report On Global Warming

20 July 2009 - Al Gored

20 July 2009 - Obama's "Health-Care" Death Lists Coming Your Way

20 July 2009 - Obama Health Plan To Cover 12 Million Illegals

20 July 2009 - How Subchronic And Chronic Health Effects Can Be Neglected For GMOs, Pesticides Or Chemicals: Evidence Re Monsanto's GMO Corn Toxicity In Human Food

20 July 2009 - Vinegar Might Help Keep Off Pounds

20 July 2009 - Extra Helpings Of Vegetables, Olive Oil May Extend Life

20 July 2009 - Baking Soda For Kidney Health?

20 July 2009 - Seek A Second...Or Third...Opinion

20 July 2009 - Aloe Vera Helps Teeth And Gums

20 July 2009 - Antibiotics To Avoid Like The Plague Due To FDA's Oversight Failure [Has embedded videos on the web page]

20 July 2009 - The Milk Myth: What Your Body Really Needs

17 July 2009 - Comprehensive Report Challenges Global-Warming Alarmism

17 July 2009 - Today's Government Is An Assembly Of Dupes

17 July 2009 - Yes, A Hate Crimes Law Will Abridge Your Freedom Of Speech - Gagnon, Part II [Sen. John McCain has denounced Majority Leader Harry Reid for attaching the "Hate Crimes" amendment to a defense appropriations bill. They were obviously trying to hide it.]

17 July 2009 - CBO Chief: Obamacare Doesn't Cut Medical Costs, Increases Debt

17 July 2009 - Major Legal UK Victory Against Aspartame Maker, Ajinomoto

17 July 2009 - Controlling Climate - Who Do They Think They Are Kidding?

17 July 2009 - Health Care Bill May Mandate Abortion Coverage: 'This Will Affect Americans Across The Country Throughout All Walks Of Life.'

17 July 2009 - Popular Heart Bypass Method Causes Risks

17 July 2009 - Major Expose On Swine Flu By 60 Minutes [Has embedded videos on the web page]

17 July 2009 - Finally The FDA Is Getting Serious With Tylenol Risks To Your Health

16 July 2009 - Americans Buying An Environmental Hoax

16 July 2009 - Ajinomoto, Aspartame Manufacturer, Loses Court Fight. ASDA (Walmart In The UK) Wins!!

16 July 2009 - Senate Committee Adopts Health Care Reform Bill That Funds, Promotes Abortion

16 July 2009 - Members Of Congress Concerned Obama Health Care Agenda Includes Abortions

15 July 2009 - Courier Mail - September 9, 1989 - Motorists Warned To Avoid Sweetener [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

15 July 2009 - Donald Rumsfeld And The Aspartame NutraSweet Fiasco

15 July 2009 - House Subcommittee Cuts Funds For Abstinence Education

15 July 2009 - Statins Given To Prevent Pneumonia In Elderly Actually Increase Pneumonia Risk by 61 Percent

14 July 2009 - Climate Bill Spells "Skyrocketing" Energy Rates, Unemployment, Less Freedom

14 July 2009 - Fraud And Climate Change

14 July 2009 - Vaccine Horror, From Russell Blaylock, M.D.

14 July 2009 - Can You Say 'Insane'?

14 July 2009 - Call To Action: Help Stop Unfair 'Fairness Doctrine'

14 July 2009 - Obama Healthcare Reform Bound To Include "Largest Expansion Of Abortion Since Roe v. Wade": NRLC, Chris Smith - NRLC's Johnson Said The Bills As They Stand "Have Kind Of A Built-In Freedom Of Choice Act."

14 July 2009 - Climate Change Reconsidered: Press Conference [Has several embedded videos on the web page]

14 July 2009 - Greening Our Schools And Nation

14 July 2009 - Obama Healthcare Plan Collapsing; GOP, Blue Dog Democrats Rebel Over Cost, Taxes [Good! His so-called "healthcare plan" would not work and would just be a catastrophe!]

14 July 2009 - Pesticide Linked To Parkinson's Disease

14 July 2009 - Climate Change Fraud - Because The Debate Is Not Over - The Global Warming News

14 July 2009 - New Research Links Nutrasweet To Leukemia and Lymphoma

14 July 2009 - 12 Food Additives To Remove From Your Diet

13 July 2009 - Moonwalkers Defy Al Gore's Claim

13 July 2009 - Not So Fast With Those Electric Cars

13 July 2008 - Still No Health Fairy On The Horizon

13 July 2009 - German Government Levels Crippling Fines, Threatens To Seize Custody Of Son From Homeschooling Family

13 July 2009 - Vaccine May Be More Dangerous Than Swine Flu

13 July 2009 - Is The Swine Flu Really News?

13 July 2009 - Brits Tell Goons With Needles To Stick It Where The Sun Don't Shine

10 July 2009 - Global Warming Alarmism Enriches Gore, Bankrupts The Rest Of Us

10 July 2009 - Australian TV Exposes 'Stranded Polar Bear' Global Warming Hoax

10 July 2009 - RU-486 Cited In Rise Of Chemical Abortion [This pill of murder needs to be banned!]

10 July 2009 - Can Walnuts Benefit Cardio Health?

10 July 2009 - Obama's NIH Pick Earns Praise From Family Advocates

10 July 2009 - Hoax Of Global Warming Brings Redistribution Of Wealth

09 July 2009 - The Inconvenient Truth : Global Warming Is A Hoax

09 July 2009 - Woolworths, South Africa, Removes Aspartame, MSG, Tartrazine, And Trans Fats From Its Own-Brand Foods

09 July 2009 - Bottled Water Less Regulated Than Tap Water

09 July 2009 - Disease Mongering Galore: Panel Says ALL Teens Should Be Screened For "Depression" [More insanity from those who think they know what is best for you.]

09 July 2009 - Flame Retardant Chemicals Found In U.S. Coastal Waters And Great Lakes

09 July 2009 - The Inconvenient Truth : Global Warming Is A Hoax

09 July 2009 - Woolworths, South Africa, Removes Aspartame, MSG, Tartrazine, And Trans Fats From Its Own-Brand Foods

09 July 2009 - Bottled Water Less Regulated Than Tap Water

09 July 2009 - Disease Mongering Galore: Panel Says ALL Teens Should Be Screened For "Depression" [More insanity from those who think they know what is best for you.]

09 July 2009 - Flame Retardant Chemicals Found In U.S. Coastal Waters And Great Lakes

08 July 2009 - Al Gore Likens Battle To His Global Warming Hoax To Fighting Nazis [Al Gore is now resorting to name calling and trying to do away with freedom of thought and freedom of choice. If anyone is being Nazi-like, it is he, his cult, and their followers! So it's you either agree with them or you are the bad guy!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 July 2009 - Global Warming Is An Expensive Hoax

08 July 2009 - Letter Sparks Investigation Of Baxter Vaccine By New Zealand Minister Of Health

08 July 2009 - Shocker: Medical Research Frequently Bogus

08 July 2009 - Daily Dose Of Broccoli Halts Ulcers And Cancer

08 July 2009 - What Happened To Global Warming?

08 July 2009 - Latest Satellite Info Proves There Is No Global Warming

07 July 2009 - The Age Of Despotism

07 July 2009 - Innoculations: The True Weapons Of Mass Destruction

07 July 2009 - Fetal Tissue In Vaccine Production May Be Linked To Autism In Children Claims Campaign Group

07 July 2009 - Some Pro-Life Doctors Could Quit If Obama Removes Abortion Conscience Laws

07 July 2009 - When A Celebrity Dies The Nation Mourns, But When A Baby Dies From Abortion...

07 July 2009 - Calculate Your Body Mass Index (BMI)

07 July 2009 - New Research: Nitrates And Nitrites May Cause Alzheimer's, Diabetes And Parkinson's Disease

07 July 2009 - Drug Tests Are Flagging Natural Health Products For Narcotics

07 July 2009 - Legal Action You Can Take Against Forced Vaccinations (Opinion)

06 July 2009 - Obama As God? Pelosi Thinks So [YouTube video]

06 July 2009 - Debunking Obama's Cap And Trade And Global Warming Myths

06 July 2009 - Two Reports On Aspartame/Splenda and Diabetes

06 July 2009 - Venezuela Bans Coke

06 July 2009 - Attorney General To Classify Pro-Life, Pro-Gun Americans As Terrorists

06 July 2009 - Death By Amusement

06 July 2009 - References Proving Vaccines Are Deadly

06 July 2009 - 'We're Setting Up A Global Warming Gestapo' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 July 2009 - The Fraud Of Global Warming

06 July 2009 - The Truth About The Flu Shot [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

06 July 2009 - Health Care Reform Fraud [YouTube video]

06 July 2009 - Obama Care - Better Off With Nothing [YouTube video]

06 July 2009 - St. John's Wort Again Proven Better than Antidepressant Drugs

06 July 2009 - Cancer Screening: Does It Really Save Lives?

06 July 2009 - Global Warming Causes Stupidity

06 July 2009 - Why Is The Hoax Of Global Warming Being Promoted?

06 July 2009 - Taurine Keeps Immune Systems Strong And Protects Organs

06 July 2009 - Widely Used Cancer Drug Causes Potentially Deadly Holes In GI Tract

06 July 2009 - Toxic Chemicals Release Report Shows Mercury, PCB Pollution Rise Dramatically

06 July 2009 - Letter: Don't Buy Into Global Warming Hoax

06 July 2009 - GMO Corn: France Rejects Report By EU Food Agency [More countries need to ban genetically modified crops]

06 July 2009 - Warning: Swine Flu Vaccine Coming Soon [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 July 2009 - Venezuela Bans Coke

06 July 2009 - Truths That Shatter Prevailing Weight Loss Myths [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 July 2009 - Obama's 'Climate Astrologer'

02 July 2009 - Impresarios Of The Inconsequential: The Man-Made Global Warming Hoax

02 July 2009 - Christians, Here Come The Lions - The End Of Our Religious Freedom In America Could Be At Hand

02 July 2009 - Suicide Warning Ordered On Anti-Smoking Drugs

02 July 2009 - Pro-Abortion Groups Ramp Up Efforts To Keep Abortion In Health Care Reform Bill [Abortion has no place in a health bill. It has nothing to do with health! It is murder and a form of serial killing!]

02 July 2009 - Abstinence Money Goes By The Wayside

02 July 2009 - Common Chemo Drug Kills Women

02 July 2009 - Research Helps Breast Cancer Patients Arm Themselves Before Visiting Oncologists

02 July 2009 - Ohio Supreme Court: Abortion Centers Can't Put Women At Risk With Abortion Drug [This drug, the pill of murder, should be outright banned!]

02 July 2009 - Obama's Plan To Change U.S. Health Care System Will Cost Nearly Two TRILLON Dollars [Has an embedded video on the web page]

01 July 2009 - Climate Change Alarmist Claims Arrival of Summer Is Really Global Warming: Some People Seem To Have Forgotten What Seasons Are [Yet another attempt to cause panic and fear brought to you by the Cult of Global Warming!]

01 July 2009 - Thanks to President Obama Federal Abstinence Education Funding Expires Today

01 July 2009 - Vaccine Expert Reveals What You Should Know Before You Roll Up Your Sleeve

01 July 2009 - Antibiotics May Boost Risk For Recurrent Ear Infection

30 June 2009 - Despite House Vote, Global Warming Hoax Begins To Collapse

30 June 2009 - The EPA Report That Could Have Sunk the C(r)ap And Trade Bill - And The Suppression Thereof

30 June 2009 - A Guide To Foods And GMO Foods.......Aspartame Listed [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

30 June 2009 - 60 Minutes - Children And Junk Food, Colors: New Zealand [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 June 2009 - Red Yeast Rice Lowers Cholesterol: Study Backs Up Centuries Of Traditional Use

30 June 2009 - House Health Care Bill Gets More Criticism for Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Coverage [Taxes should NOT fund the form of serial killing known as abortion!]

30 June 2009 - Obama Health Secretary Sebelius Claims Govt. Health Care Won't Include Rationing

30 June 2009 - Suit Filed Challenging Distribution Of Morning After Pill To Minors Over-The-Counter

30 June 2009 - What's Your Best Advice For Dandruff? Here's Mine... Dr. Mercola [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 June 2009 - Cap & Trade Rape Passed - What Must Be Done Next

29 June 2009 - John Boehner B-Slaps Henry Waxman [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 June 2009 - Diabetes Drug May Increase Cancer Risk

29 June 2009 - EPA May Have Suppressed Report Skeptical Of Global Warming

29 June 2009 - Stop! Read This BEFORE You Get That Mammogram... [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 June 2009 - Strike While The Crisis Is "Hot"

26 June 2009 - Congress Buying Into Global Warming Fiction

26 June 2009 - Aspartame Celebritoxicity: Deaths Of Farrah Fawcett And Michael Jackson

26 June 2009 - Parental Rights At Stake In Consideration Of U.N. Treaty

26 June 2009 - Medical Madness: More Women Scared Into Double Mastectomy As Way To "Prevent" Cancer

26 June 2009 - Discover The Amazing Benefits Of The Olive Leaf

25 June 2009 - Democrats Pushing For 'Job Killer' Climate Bill: Rep. Cantor [They are so desperate for votes on a costly climate bill Thursday that they enlisted former Vice President Al Gore to press global warming fears on reluctant lawmakers]

25 June 2009 - Nancy Pelosi Is Trying To Do WHAT This Friday? Ram Through Energy Tax Bill With Cap And Trade, Without It Being Fully Reviewed Or Americans Knowing How High Their Taxes Will Go

25 June 2009 - ABC And The White House Team Up To Push Government Run Socialized Health Care: Network Throws Its Weight Behind President Obama's Proposal To Reform Health Care In America

25 June 2009 - Court Upholds VA Partial-Birth Abortion Ban - Judge Says Future Generations Will "Shudder"

25 June 2009 - Journalist Files Charges Against WHO And UN For Bioterrorism And Intent To Commit Mass Murder

25 June 2009 - Eating Mushrooms Slashes Risk Of Breast Cancer By Two-Thirds

25 June 2009 - MSG Is The New Nicotine: What The Food Industry Does Not Want You To Know

25 June 2009 - Vaccine Doctor Given At Least $30 Million Dollars To Push Vaccines

25 June 2009 - The Genetic Conspiracy -- Are Genetically Engineered Foods Dangerous? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 June 2009 - Climate Change Fraud: Lomborg vs Gore

24 June 2009 - SFU Propaganda Report 'Fires, Drought, Weather Chaos Predicted'. Except Readers Not Buying It [Check out the reader comments to this SFU doomsday propaganda report covered in The Province. Sure seems like everyone is seriously waking up to the great climate change hoax!]

24 June 2009 - A Universal Declaration Of Resistance To Mandatory Vaccinations

24 June 2009 - Inventions And Inventors, Volume 1 - Page 67 - Aspartame [We thank Lane Shore for his incredible research. This book not only lists Arthur Hull Hayes as one of the inventors but other names we've never heard of. There have been others and an obituary of some else we never heard of who was claimed to be the inventor of aspartame. How much don't we know about all those involved in this poison.] [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

24 June 2009 - Williams Welcomes New FSA Aspartame Study

24 June 2009 - Roger Williams Who Tried To Have Aspartame Banned In Parliament Welcomes New Study On Aspartame

24 June 2009 - Pelosi Takes A Gamble On Climate Change Bill [More INSANITY from the Cult of Global Warming and its members!]

24 June 2009 - Sweet Victory: Texas Governor Vetos "Take Away Your Child Act"

24 June 2009 - MEDIA BIAS: PBS Celebrates Late-Term Abortions, Attacks Pro-Life Advocates, Religious People

24 June 2009 - House Health Care Restructuring Bill Funds Pro-Abortion Planned Parenthood

24 June 2009 - Swine Flu Pandemic, 2009, Part II, Baxter Corporation's "Accident" [YouTube video]

23 June 2009 - Growing Glaciers, Groaning Tree Huggers

23 June 2009 - Flatulence Taxes Coming Down The Pipe

23 June 2009 - Obama Disbands Bush Bioethics Panel: Group Advised White House On Issues Such As Embryonic Stem-Cell Research And Human Cloning

23 June 2009 - Cyber Warfare vs. Internet Censorship

23 June 2009 - Aspartame To Be Investigated After Decade Of Claims It Harms Health

23 June 2009 - Skeptics Beating Al Gore: Dem Advisors Say Drop Global Warming As Lead Message

23 June 2009 - Big Pharma And The FDA: Suppress The Science And Ban The Natural

23 June 2009 - The Real Reason Why Breast Cancer Is Plummeting

23 June 2009 - Who Knew Preventing Kidney Stones Was This Easy?

22 June 2009 - Another Ersatz Religion, The 'Global Warming' Hoax, Finally Fizzles...

22 June 2009 - Scholastic - Sept 20, 1985 - FDA Fielded 41,000 Requests For Information Says Patty Gee The Freedom Of Information Officer [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

22 June 2009 - Swine Flu 1976 & Propaganda [CBS " 60 MINUTES" documentary on the swine flu epidemics of 1976 in the U.S. It went on air only once and was never shown again. Please look at this, it talks by itself] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

22 June 2009 - ACLU Bullies Schools Teaching Abstinence [it is already a common fact that the ACLU is against life, against tradition marriage, against common morality and decency and against God!]

22 June 2009 - Alberta Finance Minister Praised, Vilified For Saying Stay-At-Home Parent Important For Raising Children

22 June 2009 - Global "Safe Abortion" Conference Denies Conscience Protections, Risks Of Abortion

19 June 2009 - The Man-Made Global Warming Hoax (Part 1) [Has embedded videos on the web page]

19 June 2009 - ABC Under Fire For Hosting Obama Healthcare "Infomercial"

19 June 2009 - Open Letter To President Hugo Chavez And The World: Coke Zero

19 June 2009 - Attorney General Slams Companies Over Apparent Plot To Blur BPA dangers

19 June 2009 - Artificial Sweeteners May Contaminate Water Downstream Of Sewage Treatment Plants And Even Drinking Water

19 June 2009 - FDA Threatens To Seize All Natural Products That Dare To Mention H1N1 Swine Flu

19 June 2009 - Green Tea Slows Prostate Cancer

19 June 2009 - Omega-3 Fatty Acids Slow Vision Loss

19 June 2009 - Use Natural Cures For Tinea, Or Fungal Skin Infections

19 June 2009 - FDA Staff Urge Review Of Abbott Drug Risks

18 June 2009 - Terrified Teens And Twenties [More nonsense caused by the Cult of Global Warming!]

18 June 2009 - FDA Approval Of Aspartame Under Scrutiny

18 June 2009 - New Evidence: Vinegar May Be Fat Fighter [We have been stating this fact for several years now!]

18 June 2009 - Beware Of Tricks In TV Drug Ads

17 June 2009 - Government To Give Our Money To ChiComs In Name Of Global Warming Farce

17 June 2009 - Merck Admits The Vaccine Gardasil, Can Cause Faints And Seizures

17 June 2009 - Sen. McCain: $1 Trillion For Kennedy Health Bill? From Where?

17 June 2009 - FDA: Zicam Can Cause Loss Of Smell

17 June 2009 - Whole-Cooked Carrots Better For Fighting Cancer

17 June 2009 - Traditional Chinese Food Ingredients Prevent Breast Cancer

17 June 2009 - Polio Vaccine Victim Wins Lawsuit Against Big Pharma

16 June 2009 - FRC Calls Nation To Pray

16 June 2009 - Sick Of Enviro Crowd

16 June 2009 - Barack Obama Health Care Speech Lacks Details On Funding, Promoting Abortions

16 June 2009 - Pro-Life Advocates Rally Outside Barack Obama Speech, Abortion Not Health Care [Of course abortion is NOT health care. It is MURDER and a form of SERIAL KILLING!]

16 June 2009 - Common Spices Work Better Than Aspirin To Stop Blood Clots

16 June 2009 - Ease Excruciating Earaches Naturally

16 June 2009 - How Do You Know If You Have Hemorrhoids... Or Something Serious?

15 June 2009 - BBC Interview with EU's Vaclav Klaus (President of the Czech Republic): "Global Warming" Hoax Being Used As vehicle To suppress Human Freedom [Has an embedded video on the web page]

15 June 2009 - Obama Admin: US Cities May Have To Be Bulldozed In Order To Survive [This is pure INSANITY!!!]

15 June 2009 - Obama's EPA To Institute Oppressive Tax And Control Plan For Farmers

15 June 2009 - Fix A Clogged Drain: Why resort to liquid drain cleaners that can destroy your pipes when you can fix that blockage yourself? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

15 June 2009 - Global Warming (I Mean Climate Change..Cough..Cough) Isn't A Hoax, It's A COMPLETE JOKE!

15 June 2009 - Global Warming Alarmist Under Stress As Temperatures Fall

15 June 2009 - Obama Urges Doctors To Back His Health Care Plans [He expects everyone to obey him and his every word without question or opposition, even in light of the fact that his health care plan would bankrupt the country!]

15 June 2009 - ADHD Drugs Linked To Sudden Death In Kids

15 June 2009 - Swine Flu Alert Moves To Highest Stage

15 June 2009 - Chicago June, 12 Degrees Cooler Than Last

15 June 2009 - Argentine Glacier Advances Despite Global Warming [This goes against the teachings of the Cult of Global Warming! More proof that they are preaching nothing but lies!]

12 June 2009 - Coke Zero Banned As A Health Threat By Venezuela

12 June 2009 - FDA Trying To Censor Claims Of Omega-3 Oils By Prohibiting Legal Content Claim

12 June 2009 - Cinnamon Is The Wonder Spice For Health And Wellbeing

11 June 2009 - Global Temperatures The Last 30 Years [If you take out the spike in '98 which was caused by nature, not man, it seems there is no warming]

11 June 2009 - Have It Your Way - Global Warming Is Baloney

11 June 2009 - Schools Set To Can Pop? : Trustees Vote To End Pepsi Deal

11 June 2009 - The WHO Plays With Pandemic Fire: The Continuing Saga Of The Flying Pigs Pandemic Flu

11 June 2009 - Health Minded Consumers Are Tricked Into Eating More Processed Sugar

11 June 2009 - FDA Approval Of Antipsychotics For Children Mirrors Bayer, AMA Approvals Of Heroin As Cough Medicine For Children

11 June 2009 - Could Your iPhone Be The Most Dangerous Cell Phone Ever? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 June 2009 - Magnesium Benefits Your Blood Pressure

09 June 2009 - Teflon Lawsuit Slides Off DuPont

09 June 2009 - In "The Land Of The Free", Is Natural Medicine One Of Your Freedoms?

08 June 2009 - Kofi Worse Than Fiction, He's a Liar [This shows just what a scam the Global Warming Cult is pulling]

08 June 2009 - NASA: Solar Cycles Responsible For Warming/Cooling

08 June 2009 - The Consumer Medical Journal - Are Aspartame-Induced Arrhythmias Associated With Sudden Death? [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

08 June 2009 - The Consumer Medical Journal - Doctor Sour On Artificial Sweetene [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

08 June 2009 - Drug And Chemical Toxicology, Vol. 27, No. 3. Pp. 257-268 - 2004 - Genotoxicity Of Aspartame [Note that in the summary it says that based on these results aspartame cannot be considered safe] [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

08 June 2009 - Fielding Wants Solar Flare Theory Investigated [Finally someone in the Australian government is finally starting to ask questions and debate the Global Warming junk there]

08 June 2009 - Tips To Lower Cholesterol Naturally [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 June 2009 - How Some Web Sites Sell Your Information To Drug Companies

08 June 2009 - Green Tea Shown to Fight Colds, Flu And Even Cancer

08 June 2009 - Vitamin D Deficiency Causes Multiple Sclerosis In Children

05 June 2009 - Can't Fix Cow Farts, Let's Work On The Other End [Here we go again. More insanity from the Cult of Global Warming! Now they want to sweeten the breath of cows to stop global warming. These nutcases do not even realize how stupid they sound]

05 June 2009 - Turmeric May Help Prevent Alzheimer's

05 June 2009 - FDA Releases List Of Potential Drug Risks

04 June 2009 - Drug Companies Using Third-World People As Guinea Pigs

04 June 2009 - Warning: Food Labels Can Fool Even The Smartest People [Has an embedded video on the web page]

03 June 2009 - Scientists, Economists Challenge Global Warming Alarmism

03 June 2009 - Will Obama Take Over The Internet?

03 June 2009 - Drug Samples Handed Out By Doctors Pose Risk To Patient Health

03 June 2009 - Vitamin C Shown to be Vital for Optimum Health

02 June 2009 - The Climate-Change Report The UN Failed To Write

02 June 2009 - Al Gore Less Than Truthful?

02 June 2009 - Controlled By Ajinomoto? EFSA Blesses Aspartame

02 June 2009 - Commentary: President Obama Calls Tiller Killing A Heinous Act Of Violence But Ignores Heinous Violence Of Abortion

02 June 2009 - Pro-Life Leaders: Murder Is Always Wrong: 'Violence In The Name Of Protesting Abortion Is Immoral, Unjustified And Horribly Harmful To The Pro-Life Cause.'

02 June 2009 - Cut Sugar Subsidy, Don't Add A Tax

02 June 2009 - Fish, Nuts And Olive Oil Reduce Age-Related Blindness Risk (AMD)

02 June 2009 - AstraZeneca Told Sales Reps To Lie About Seroquel-Diabetes Link

02 June 2009 - What the Research Really Says About Apple Cider Vinegar

02 June 2009 - Cigarettes Are Deadlier Than They Used To Be

01 June 2009 - Control & Loss Of Freedom: Ultimate Goal Of The Global Warming Lobby

01 June 2009 - Vikings And Global Warming

01 June 2009 - Coke's Aspartame Campaign To Bring You Pain

01 June 2009 - Despite Cancer Risk, Rumsfield Rammed NutraSweet Through FDA In 1980's: New Studies Appear To Confirm Cancer Connection [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

01 June 2009 - Full Out Attack On Our Freedoms And Christian Speech

01 June 2009 - Global Warming Is Baloney

01 June 2009 - Doctors Warn: Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

01 June 2009 - Ask Dr. H - Can You Still Spread Poison Ivy Even After You've Washed?

01 June 2009 - Is Insulin Condemning You To A Premature Death? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

01 June 2009 - The Newfound Link Between Probiotics and Your Weight

01 June 2009 - Major Confusion On How To Do Breast Checks

01 June 2009 - How Safe Is The Pill?

29 May 2009 - Kofi Annan Not Done Yet [Kofi Annan is still trying to destroy the world. This time he's jumped on the global warming bandwagon]

29 May 2009 - Global Warming Hoax - More Hot Air From Obama Admin [YouTube video]

29 May 2009 - Regent University Law Review - 2005/2006 - A Class Action Lawsuit Against Aspartame Manufacturers: A Realistic Possibility or Just A Sweet Dream For Tort Lawyers? [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

29 May 2009 - United States Court Of Appeals - 1985 - FDA Denied Hearing For Wet Use Of Aspartame But Had Full Knowledge Of Toxicity [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

29 May 2009 - Too Much Cola Can Cause Muscle Problems

28 May 2009 - Aspartame, Caffeine, MSG, Alcohol May Cause Migraine Headaches

28 May 2009 - Swine Flu May Be A Human Error From Vaccine Production

28 May 2009 - FDA Group Recommends Acetaminophen Liver Warnings [It took them long enough! People have been speaking up about the dangers of acetaminophen-containing products since they first hit the market!]

28 May 2009 - Top 10 Ways To Know You're Living In A Medical Police State

28 May 2009 - More Than 70 Companies Vow To Avoid Genetically Modified Sugar Beets

27 May 2009 - Obama's Energy Sec: Hey! Let's Paint The World White [Words cannot convey the stupidity. I thought it was a joke back in January but here it is being considered by Obama's administration]

27 May 2009 - US Wants To Paint The World White To Save Energy [More LUNACY from the Cult of Global Warming!]

27 May 2009 - 'Extremism' Report 'Tip Of The Iceberg' - Lawyer: Napolitano's Promise To 'Reword' Document 'Scary'

27 May 2009 - 'Private Health Insurance Would Vanish' : Obama Plan To Shift 119 Million Americans To Government-Run Care

27 May 2009 - Now The Climate Police Are Denouncing Lamb, Tomatoes, And Alcohol

27 May 2009 - Reusable Grocery Bags May Poison You

27 May 2009 - Green Tea May Help Fight Leukemia

27 May 2009 - Drug Company Freebies Turn Medical Students Into Drug Pushers

26 May 2009 - The Truth About Arctic And Greenland Ice

26 May 2009 - Illegal Climate Information [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 May 2009 - Proposed Bill: Cyber Security Act Of 2009 (SB773) [And what else will they use this "new" authority for? When the government gives themselves extra power and authority it is never good!]

26 May 2009 - Department Of Homeland Security: A "Man-Caused Disaster"

26 May 2009 - Exactly What Is The New Sweetener Erythritol?

26 May 2009 - Turmeric Reduces Weight Gain, Suppresses Fat

21 May 2009 - Waxman: Huh? I Need To Know What I'm Doing? [Has an embedded video on the web page] [This is proof positive that the Cult of Global Warming is just repeating the words!]

21 May 2009 - Copenhagen Doomsday Countdown

22 May 2009 - The Milkweed - Aspartame: One Man's Poison ... Another Man's Profit

21 May 2009 - Does Legalizing Abortion Abroad Protect Women's Health? : Analysis Shows That Modern Medicine, Not Abortion, Holds The Key To Reducing Maternal Mortality In The Developing World

21 May 2009 - The Rising Costs Of Health Care Explained

21 May 2009 - Meditation For Hyper (Too Much) Tension

21 May 2009 - CNN Poll: Interested Americans Oppose Obama's Pro-Abortion Record Nearly 2-1

21 May 2009 - Flu Vaccine Puts Kids At Risk

21 May 2009 - Health Tip: Thwarting Head Lice

21 May 2009 - So You Wanna Buy A Hybrid?

21 May 2009 - Al Gore Rakes In The Green

21 May 2009 - Damning CDC Investigation On Aspartame

21 May 2009 - Transplant Community Should Stop Blaming Others About Public's Doubts About Organ Donation

21 May 2009 - Waterboarding, Abortion & Liberal's Appalling Inconsistency

21 May 2009 - Global Warming Is A Scam

21 May 2009 - Stop Bailing Out Government Schools

21 May 2009 - Legislation Would Protect Kids From Morning-After Pill

21 May 2009 - Some Baby Foods Are Worse Than Junk Food

21 May 2009 - Your Tuna Is Getting More Toxic

20 May 2009 - Abstinence Funding In Jeopardy

20 May 2009 - Congressmen Challenge President Obama On Abortion-Conscience Clause Promise

20 May 2009 - Christians To Gather July 5 To Pray For Nation's Healing

20 May 2009 - Arrest Ordered For Mom Of Boy, 13, Resisting Chemo [This is totally WRONG! No one should have the right or the authority to order this sort of treatment over the parent's desires, especially when there are so many safer and more reliable treatments for cancer. Nearly all of which the government either refuses to use or just ignores!]

20 May 2009 - The Quackery Of Chemotherapy, Gunpoint Medicine And The Disturbing Fate Of 13-Year-Old Daniel Hauser

20 May 2009 - New Pro-Life Video Features Latest 4-D Ultrasound "Window To The Womb"

20 May 2009 - Congressmen Challenge Obama To Follow Through On Notre Dame Statement, Stop Efforts To Repeal Conscience Regulation

20 May 2009 - Excess Cola Can Cause Serious Muscle Problems

19 May 2009 - Video: Al Gore Is Full Of ... [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 May 2009 - EFSA's Review Of Ramazzini's Second Aspartame Study Shows Sellout

19 May 2009 - NCI Study Links Aspartame To Leukemia/Lymphoma

19 May 2009 - The U.S. Government Has Become Patently Anti-Christian

19 May 2009 - Oklahoma Legislature Bans Human Cloning [GOOD!!![

19 May 2009 - Whistleblower Accuses FDA Of Corruption

19 May 2009 - Scanners Take 'Naked' Pics, Group Says [This type of so-called "security screening" is wrong!!!]

19 May 2009 - U.S., States Join Medicaid Suits Against Wyeth

19 May 2009 - 1300 Girls Harmed By HPV Vaccines In UK; Bizarre Side Effects Like Paralysis And Epilepsy

18 May 2009 - Do Not Fear Global Warming

18 May 2009 - I Wonder What Gore Thinks About Obama's Faith?

18 May 2009 - Congressman: Janet Napolitano Disgraceful

18 May 2009 - Kiwis Warned To Avoid Poisonous Chewing Gum

18 May 2009 - FDA Should Rescind Approval Of MSG, Aspartame

18 May 2009 - Liberal Fantasyland

18 May 2009 - Our Nobel Prize Moron

18 May 2009 - Fed Moves To Control All The Water In The US

18 May 2009 - When Cheerios Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws...

18 May 2009 - Adult Stem Cells Solve Embryonic Research Problems

18 May 2009 - Court Orders Parents To Poison Their 13-Year-Old Child With Chemotherapy

18 May 2009 - PSA Screening For Prostate Cancer A Waste Of Over-Diagnosis

18 May 2009 - Spinach Knocks Out Cancer And Boosts Brain Power

18 May 2009 - Valerian Root Provides Relief To Those With Sleep Difficulties

11 May 2009 - It's Not Nice To Lie About Mother Nature

11 May 2009 - Bush's Polar Bear Ruling Upheld

11 May 2009 - Are You A Terrorist?

11 May 2009 - Obama Wants To Cut Funding For Abstinence Education

11 May 2009 - Are Danger Foods For Real?

11 May 2009 - Media Censoring Lethal Side Effects Of Flu Remedies

11 May 2009 - Pro-Life Doctor: Obama's Repealing Conscience Rules Would Hurt Health Care

11 May 2009 - Stressed & Burdened? How To Deal With It! [YouTube video]

11 May 2009 - MSG Is Being Sprayed On Fruits, Veggies, Nuts, Grains And Seeds: As They Are Growing...Even Those Used In Baby Food

11 May 2009 - Conflicts Of Interest Still Exist In Cancer Research

11 May 2009 - Natural Vitamin E Slashes Lung Cancer Risk By 55 Percent

11 May 2009 - Natural Remedies For Irritable Bowel Syndrome [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 May 2009 - Blueberries Reduce Belly Fat And Diabetes Risk

08 May 2009 - House GOP Demands Probe Of Obama Admin Report Saying Pro-Lifers Extremists

07 May 2009 - The Fat Lady Sings The A.G.W. Blues

07 May 2009 - As Nation Reflects On Prayer Day, Obama Declines

09 May 2009 - Obama: No Prayer In The White House

07 May 2009 - Pro-Life Student Group To Obama: We Oppose Abortion, But We're Not Terrorists [AMEN! Why would those who support life be classified as terrorists? It is because those who support the form of serial killing known as abortion are afraid of those of us who stand up against their EVIL and stand for the truth and for life!]

07 May 2009 - Army Officials Counting Soldiers Private Weapons [In the article they say: "Military officials insist the policy is not connected to a recent controversial Department of Homeland Security report that warned disgruntled veterans could pose a national security threat" My foot there is no connection. Just like when they apologized for releasing information about classifying those who are pro-life, anti-homosexuality, and those who are conservative as terrorists. What they were apologizing for was not what they did, classifying us as terrorists, but accidentally making the information public! So what are they planning on doing next?]

07 May 2009 - Stress Testing The MOTHERS Act

07 May 2009 - Prenatal Vitamin B12 Important To Prevent Neural Tube Defects

07 May 2009 - FDA Floats Hydroxycut Scare To Discredit Yet Another Supplement Company

07 May 2009 - Harvard Medical School Professors Are Paid Big Bucks By Big Pharma To Push Meds

07 May 2009 - New Studies Reveal The Medicinal Benefits Of Honey

07 May 2009 - When Unhealthy Foods Hijack Your Brain

07 May 2009 - Common Treatment For Stomach Flu Makes It Worse!

06 May 2009 - The Greens Are Never Happy [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 May 2009 - Obama Admin Terrorism Dictionary Calls Pro-Life Advocates Violent, Racist [They are so scared of the truth that they have to classify it and those who take a stand for and speak the truth as terrorists!]

06 May 2009 - Abstinence Education Backers Present Evidence Of Success To Congress

06 May 2009 - American With Swine Flu Dies [This headline, by the news media, is misleading. She did NOT die from swine flu. She had other health issues. This is just another attempt by the media to cause fear and panic!]

06 May 2009 - The Great Swine Flu Scare: Here We Go Again

06 May 2009 - 9-Day Count-Down To March For Life Canada - Action Item 2 - Send Out This Video [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 May 2009 - Natural Products Association Issues Disinfo Announcement Over Dietary Supplements And Swine Flu (Opinion)

06 May 2009 - Drug Company Money Is Top Factor In Publication Of Vaccine Studies

05 May 2009 - The Shifting Global Warming Argument

05 May 2009 - Ingraham and Morano Expose Gore's Global Warming Profit Motive [Has an embedded video on the web page] [At no stage did he claim that all future profits would be divested, only that he claims all previous have. So the question still remains as to whether he will personally benefit from this. He evaded answering the question!]

05 May 2009 - Fewer Americans Support Abortion: 'We Want Justice And Peace - For The Unborn As Well As The Born.'

05 May 2009 - How You Can Help Get Aspartame Out Of Hawaii And Reasons To Do So

05 May 2009 - What's Missing From Every Media Story About H1N1 Influenza

05 May 2009 - Pomegranate Juice Fights Prostate Cancer When Medical Therapy Fails

05 May 2009 - Important Swine Flu Update

05 May 2009 - Could Monsanto Be Responsible For One Indian Farmer's Death Every Thirty Minutes? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 May 2009 - Germany Bans Genetically Modified Corn [GOOD!!!]

04 May 2009 - Mesa Student Challenges Global Warming Theory

04 May 2009 - Global Warming Myth Exposed! - Part 7 of 11

04 May 2009 - Aspartame: GAO Report 6 Former HHS Employees Involvement With G D Searle

04 May 2009 - Burson Marsteller - The PR Firm From Hell - When Evil Needs PR

04 May 2009 - New Hate Crimes Bill Criminalizes Words And Thoughts

04 May 2009 - Administering Food And Drugs

04 May 2009 - Duty To Warn: Diet Soda Is Poison

04 May 2009 - Roll Up Your Sleeve And Hand Over That Gift Card

04 May 2009 - Dr. Bill Deagle, Swine Flu Man Made - All The Proof Anyone Would Need [YouTube video]

04 May 2009 - Dr. Russell Blaylock On 1976 Swine Flu And Current Outbreak

04 May 2009 - Unconscionable Police Raid On Family's Home And Organic Food Co-Op [Has an embedded video on the web page]

01 May 2009 - Lies, Damned Lies And Al Gore On Climate

01 May 2009 - 340,000 Support Doctors' Freedom Of Conscience: 'If The Bush Regulations Are Reversed And The Trend To Discriminate Continues, People Of Faith And Strong Conviction Will Stop Going Into Medicine.'

01 May 2009 - Searle, Monsanto And Ajinomoto: Three Corporate Miscreants In The Toxic Junk Food Additive And Aspartame Business

01 May 2009 - Mainstream Media Give Biased Reporting On Human Cloning, Stem Cell Research

01 May 2009 - Pesticides Shown To Be Huge Parkinson's Disease Risk

01 May 2009 - Aluminum In Medication Patches Causes Severe Skin Burns During MRI Scans

01 May 2009 - The Swine Flu Pandemic - Fact Or Fiction?

30 Apr 2009 - Thunderstorms Might Halt Streak Of 90-Degree Days [This is completely opposite of the claims made by the Global Warming Cult]

30 Apr 2009 - Greenpeace Protest Ties Up Traffic; Not So Green

30 Apr 2009 - Gloom, Doom And Democracy [This article may be a little political, but it presents some really good Biblical truths!]

30 Apr 2009 - Supreme Court Empowers FCC To Clean Up TV: 'This Is A Step In The Right Direction To Once Again Make Television A Safe Form Of Entertainment.'

30 Apr 2009 - Thirty-Six Thousand People DO NOT Die Each Year from "Regular Flu" (Confirmed)

30 Apr 2009 - Last Big Swine Flu Outbreak: On Fort Dix In 1976

30 Apr 2009 - Abilene, Texas Planned Parenthood Now Gives Women Dangerous Abortion Drug

30 Apr 2009 - Only 7 Swine Flu Deaths, Not 152, Says WHO [Does anyone know if this is true or not? If it is true, we'd love to see some documentation on it]

30 Apr 2009 - Missouri House OKs Conscience Amendment For Pharmacies On Morning After Pill

03 Apr 2009 - Mexican Flu Outbreak 2009: SPECIAL REPORT By Dr Leonard Horowitz [YouTube video]

30 Apr 2009 - MSG Now Used To Spray Crops

30 Apr 2009 - The SWINE FLU Vaccination For The New Pandemic [A 1976 commercial pushing the so-called "Swine Flu" vaccine] [YouTube video]

29 Apr 2009 - Third International Conference On Climate Change

29 Apr 2009 - Swine Flu Smoking Gun? CDC Was Combining Flu Viruses In 2004 [You would think they would learn by now from all of the science fiction movies and books about doing things like this, especially with the movies, "I Am Legend" and "The Stand." But they never learn and this is what happens when man tries to play God.]

29 Apr 2009 - Congressional Bill Could Allow Taxpayer Funding Of Human Cloning For Research [Tax payer money should NOT be use for this of EVIL!]

29 Apr 2009 - US Does About-Face On Camp Lejeune's Tap Water

29 Apr 2009 - Montana Supreme Court Gets Pro-Life Legal Brief Opposing Assisted Suicide

29 Apr 2009 - Boycott Kellogg's For Using Genetically Modified Sugar In Its Cereal Products

28 Apr 2009 - Hoax Is The Excuse For Mega Tax Increase

28 Apr 2009 - District Of The Criminally Insane

28 Apr 2009 - Abstinence-Education Funding In Jeopardy; 'It's Really A Travesty When A Political Agenda Is Put Ahead Of The Health Of Youth.'

28 Apr 2009 - President Obama's Health Care Plan Could Require Rationing, Warnings Begin

28 Apr 2009 - Backers Of Pro-Abortion Health Nominee Sebelius Abuse Swine Flu Concerns

28 Apr 2009 - Clinton Says Any Global Warming Pact Must Require Developing Countries To Cut Emissions [More nonsense from the Cult of Global Warming]

28 Apr 2009 - Toxic Waste Causes Thalidomide-Like Birth Defects

28 Apr 2009 - Hate-Crimes Bill Threatens Pastors

28 Apr 2009 - Washington State Receives First Two Prescriptions For Drugs For Assisted Suicides [PURE EVIL!!!]

28 Apr 2009 - BPA Chemicals Found In Soda Cans

28 Apr 2009 - 4 Ways To Shed Belly Fat

27 Apr 2009 - Democrats Protecting Gore's Global Warming Lies

27 Apr 2009 - Great Big Tax Will Keep Earth Cool [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Apr 2009 - Swine Flu In Mexico: The "New" Bird Flu [Yet something else to create a scare and panic the public!]

27 Apr 2009 - Chemical Week June - 1981 - A Warning On The Delaney Clause [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

27 Apr 2009 - Caitlin's Homeschool Story

27 Apr 2009 - Democrats And Gore Refuse To Let Global Warming Skeptic Argue His Case At Congressional Global Warming Hearing

27 Apr 2009 - Global Warming Delusions

27 Apr 2009 - Napolitano's DHS Report Damages Bond With Military

27 Apr 2009 - Fish Oil And Fatty Fish Protect Men From Heart Failure

27 Apr 2009 - Vitamin C Prevents Gout

27 Apr 2009 - Pomegranate Juice May Stop Prostate Cancer Recurrence

27 Apr 2009 - News Flash: Acid Reflux Caused By Too Little Acid, Not Too Much [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Apr 2009 - Irradiated Food Causes Brain Damage

24 Apr 2009 - I Am NOT A Terrorist

24 Apr 2009 - Justice For Desperate Voices: Return The Child; Stop The Wrongful Prosecution

24 Apr 2009 - Citizen's Petition To Recall All Vaccines That Contain Ingredients Shown Not To Be Safe

24 Apr 2009 - The Express - December 2005 - Crippled Girl Walks Again After Giving Up Sweetener [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

24 Apr 2009 - Home Tooth-Bleaching Reduces Enamel Strength

24 Apr 2009 - Classical Music Improves Mood And Productivity

24 Apr 2009 - What May Be Causing Your Child's Headaches

24 Apr 2009 - Radiation Exposure Of Americans Rises 600 Percent In 29 Years Thanks To Medical Imaging Scans

24 Apr 2009 - The Consequences Of Using Fluoride

23 Apr 2009 - The Wrenching Transformation Of America

23 Apr 2009 - An Earth Day Tribute [Has an embedded video on the web page]

23 Apr 2009 - The Judgment On Vaccines Is In??? [this is by the actor Jim Carrey]

23 Apr 2009 - FDA Set To OK 'Morning-After Pill' For 17-Year-Olds [This is totally INSANE! And will only further to cause death and increase the form of serial killing known as abortion!]

23 Apr 2009 - Commentary on April 22 News Reports - Development And Peace, Earth Day, Notre Dame

23 Apr 2009 - Antarctic Sea Ice Increasing: Study [More proof of the lies of Al Gore and the Global Warming Cult]

23 Apr 2009 - Drug Company Had Hit List For Doctors Who Criticized Them

23 Apr 2009 - The Disgusting Truth About Sports Drinks Revealed

22 Apr 2009 - It's Earth Day [This is like Christmas Day to OwlGore and the Cult of Global Warming!]

22 Apr 2009 - Biblical Earth Day Resources [Exposing the New Age and Evil meanings behind this day]

22 Apr 2009 - Time Magazine Promotes Euthanasia Kits Making Sure Assisted Suicide Really Kills [This is wrong and purely EVIL!!!]

22 Apr 2009 - Walnuts May Prevent Breast Cancer

22 Apr 2009 - Aspirin Linked To Lower Diabetes Risk

22 Apr 2009 - Many Doctors Are Clueless About Alternative Medicine Research

21 Apr 2009 - Ever Fewer Believe In Global Warming Farce, Even As It's Used To Destroy Economy

21 Apr 2009 - Herb Inhibits Development of Pancreatic Cancer

21 Apr 2009 - B Vitamins Offer Migraine Relief

21 Apr 2009 - MSG: Is This Silent Killer Lurking In Your Kitchen Cabinets?

20 Apr 2009 - Somebody Noticed: Antarctic Ice Is Growing

20 Apr 2009 - More Global Warming Lies From The Obama Crowd

20 Apr 2009 - Obama Official: Report Should Not Have Linked Pro-Life Advocates To Terrorists, Lawsuit Filed [The ONLY reason they are coming forward and saying this now is because of the great number of people who have come forward to criticize this and take a stand against their EVIL!!!]

20 Apr 2009 - "Most Proficient Killing Machine In The United States": Planned Parenthood Committing More Abortions Than Ever, Brings In Over $1 Billion A Year - A Third From Government Funding

20 Apr 2009 - Global Warming Strikes Again Up To 36" In Colorado

20 Apr 2009 - Stop The EPA Before It Destroys America!

20 Apr 2009 - Coffee, Tea May Lower Uterine Cancer Risk

20 Apr 2009 - Hot Peppers Make Prostate Cancer Cells Die And Taste Buds Come To Life

20 Apr 2009 - Arctic Ice Threatens Northern Hemisphere

20 Apr 2009 - AP IMPACT: Tons Of Released Drugs Taint US Water

20 Apr 2009 - Harvard Medical Students Rebel Against Big Pharma Ties

17 Apr 2009 - DHS Report Says "Disgruntled Military Veterans" Might Be "Rightwing Extremists [PURE INSANITY!!! So much for freedom of thought and freedom of choice! This is nothing more than an outright attack on those who stand up for Biblical truths! How long until they try to outlaw Christianity?]

16 Apr 2009 - Snowing In Vegas Today, So Much For Global Warming

15 Apr 2009 - Green Hell: Obama's Environmental Plans Will Lead To 'Energy Chaos,' Author Says

15 Apr 2009 - Climate Change: Hoax Of The Century

15 Apr 2009 - Monsanto Mulls Legal Action Over GMO Ban [So where do they think they have the authority to tell another country and its government what it may or may not do?]

15 Apr 2009 - Parkinson's Disease Drugs Trigger Destructive Behaviors

15 Apr 2009 - Conventional Cancer Treatments Bankrupting Patients, Families

14 Apr 2009 - WeAreChange Ottawa Confronts Suzuki, Trudeau On Global Warming Hoax [YouTube video]

14 Apr 2009 - "Green" Jobs Hurt The Economy

14 Apr 2009 - President Barack Obama Warped And Twisted Science With Embryonic Stem Cell Order

14 Apr 2009 - Germany Bans GM Maize: Minister [GOOD!!!]

14 Apr 2009 - Essential Oils Offer Many Health Benefits

14 Apr 2009 - Tart Cherries May Help Reduce Belly Fat

14 Apr 2009 - How Metals In Food Affect Your Child's Behavior

14 Apr 2009 - Common Peas Can Help Your Blood Pressure?

13 Apr 2009 - The Greens Are Lying To You....Again: And Of Course The Main Stream Media Just Parrots Everything They Hear Without Even Questioning It

13 Apr 2009 - Aspartame Sidebars - Aspartame's History Of Political Intrigue [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

13 Apr 2009 - Medical Researchers Face Conflicts of Interest

13 Apr 2009 - Common Table Grapes Reduce Blood Pressure, Repair Heart Damage

13 Apr 2009 - Alternative Therapies Safely Help Kids

13 Apr 2009 - DuPont Magically Granted Three-Year Extension On Safety Testing of PFOA (Teflon)

10 Apr 2009 - Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, April 10, 2009

10 Apr 2009 - Get Real About Global Warming

10 Apr 2009 - A Red Letter Day

10 Apr 2009 - Ajinomoto Seeks FDA Approval For New Sweetener [Ajinomoto has submitted a dossier to the FDA for approval of a new no-calorie sweetener derived from the same amino acids as aspartame, and vanillin. POISON is still POISON no matter how you label it or what you call it!!!]

10 Apr 2009 - Fueling The Obesity Epidemic? Artificially Sweetened Beverage Use And Long-Term Weight Gain

10 Apr 2009 - Dr. Ralph G. Walton And Stephen Fox On The Dangers Of Aspartame

10 Apr 2009 - Osteoporosis Drugs Linked To Heart Rhythm Problems

10 Apr 2009 - Elderly Being Poisoned By Cocktail of Prescription Drugs At Hospitals

10 Apr 2009 - Hibiscus Tea Significantly Lowers Blood Pressure

09 Apr 2009 - Global Warming - An All-Consuming Scapegoat

09 Apr 2009 - The Scientific Death Of Jesus [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 Apr 2009 - Sports Drinks Can Damage Teeth More Than Colas

09 Apr 2009 - Abortionists Ignore Real Needs Of Women: They Do Not Touch On The Root Causes That Drive Women To Abortion Clinics

09 Apr 2009 - Americans Support Medical Professionals' Freedom Of Conscience

09 Apr 2009 - Doctors Group Warns Obama Not To Overturn Protections Against Forced Abortions

09 Apr 2009 - HPV Vaccine Batch Makes Girls Sick; Emergency Recall Results

08 Apr 2009 - Years Of Solar Inactivity

08 Apr 2009 - Amino Acid Production

08 Apr 2009 - JK Sucralose Inc. Wins ITC Case Against Tate & Lyle; Voluntarily Intervened And Found Patents Not Infringed [All of it needs to be banned from the market]

08 Apr 2009 - Doctors Refuse To Help Patients Kill Themselves [GOOD!!!]

08 Apr 2009 - No To Ajinomoto Asking FDA Approval Of New Sweetener Advantame!

08 Apr 2009 - Kansas Governor Must Veto Bill That Endangers Milk Safety

08 Apr 2009 - Doctor Mehmet Oz Tells Oprah's Audience Embryonic Stem Cell Research Debate Is Dead

07 Apr 2009 - EU: Earth Warming Faster [More outright LIES from the Cult of Global Warming! They obviously are ignoring the prolonged winter and record lows in many areas!]

07 Apr 2009 - Ajinomoto Seeks Approval Of New Sweetener [Advantame, a New and as yet Unknown Biochemical Nightmare]

07 Apr 2009 - UK Supermarket Chain Bans Aspartame From Own-Label Products; Japanese Manufacturer Ajinomoto Sues!

07 Apr 2009 - Montana Doctors, Hospitals, Refusing To Allow Patients To Have Assisted Suicide [GOOD!]

07 Apr 2009 - Illinois Judges Upholds Pharmacists' Conscience Rights

07 Apr 2009 - Add A Little SPICE (& HERBS) To Your Life!

07 Apr 2009 - Red Wine Helps You Think

07 Apr 2009 - Ginger, Turmeric, Neem Declared "Hazardous" In Thailand After Chemical Companies Try To Protect Pesticide Profits

07 Apr 2009 - Our Crazy Health World: Roizen And Oz Recommend Irradiated Food, Psych Docs Push Amphetamine Drugs For Weight Loss

07 Apr 2009 - Warning: Never Swallow Regular Toothpaste [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Apr 2009 - Monsanto's Roundup Residues In GM Food Cause Cell Damage

06 Apr 2009 - Study: Arctic Sea Ice Melting Faster Than Expected [More propaganda and outright lies from the Cult of Global Warming!!!]

06 Apr 2009 - Al Gore Sued By Over 30,000 Scientists For Fraud [YouTube video]

06 Apr 2009 - Acidic Beverage Containing Aspartame (Japan)

06 Apr 2009 - Putting The Energy In Energy Drinks [Nice to see some companies removing aspartame]

06 Apr 2009 - Baby Broccoli May Help Prevent Stomach Cancer: Study

06 Apr 2009 - Global Warming? Don't Believe It, Says William Gray

06 Apr 2009 - Chemicals Used To Disinfect Water Create Dangerous Toxins

06 Apr 2009 - Myth Busted: Eating Eggs Has Virtually No Effect On Cholesterol Levels

06 Apr 2009 - Bottled Water Found Contaminated With Medications, Fertilizer, Disinfection Chemicals

06 Apr 2009 - South African GMO Crop Failure Highlights Dangers Of Food Supply Domination

06 Apr 2009 - A New Low In Drug Research: 21 Fabricated Studies

06 Apr 2009 - Sure-Fire Strategies To Help Asthma Naturally [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 Apr 2009 - Cancer-Causing Chemicals Now Found In Baby Shampoo

03 Apr 2009 - Texas Governor Proclaims April As Abortion Recovery Awareness Month

03 Apr 2009 - CDC: Rocket Fuel Chemical Found In Baby Formula

03 Apr 2009 - The Myths Of Modern Pharmaceutical Medicine Parallel Greek Mythology

03 Apr 2009 - Beta-Blocker Drugs Cause 400 Percent Increase In Heart Attacks

03 Apr 2009 - Ginkgo Reduces Brain Damage From Stroke By 50 Percent

03 Apr 2009 - Ginger Reduces Nausea and Vomiting Of Pregnancy And Relieves Menstrual Pain

02 Apr 2009 - Global Warming, It's All A Hoax

02 Apr 2009 - Group Calls For Greater Controls On Kids' Medicines

02 Apr 2009 - Why British Columbia Banned Artificial Sweeteners In Schools

02 Apr 2009 - Senate May Vote Thursday On Abortion-Conscience Rights For Medical Staff

02 Apr 2009 - Omega-3 Kills Cancer Cells

02 Apr 2009 - Study: Mammogram Benefits May Be Overstated

01 Apr 2009 - The Myth Of Global Warming [Common sense demonstrates that this great planet has survived many changes in climate and will do so again]

01 Apr 2009 - Global Warming A Hoax -- Sue Al Gore For Fraud

01 Apr 2009 - A Bill To Outlaw Organic Farming Next Week? How Could Any Human Pass Such A Law?

01 Apr 2009 - Four Years Later: Remembering Terri Schiavo - Second Annual Terri's Day Fosters Education, Prayer And Activism Regarding Discrimination Against The Disabled

01 Apr 2009 - Government Policy At Odds With Science

01 April 2009 - Bogeymen Of The C02 Hoax Losing Ground

01 Apr 2009 - First Trial Begins In Series Of Suits Charging Monsanto Tainted Food And Water In Anniston

01 Apr 2009 - Common Ingredients In Shampoos Cause Eczema

01 Apr 2009 - Democratic Senators Tell Obama Not To Rescind Abortion Protections For Doctors

01 Apr 2009 - Irradiated Foods Cause Severe Neurological Damage

01 Apr 2009 - Broccoli Compound Found To Protect Against Lung Disease

01 Apr 2009 - Increasing Fruits And Vegetables Leads To Permanent Weight Loss

01 Apr 2009 - Vitamin D Deficiency Linked To Health Conditions In Adolescents

01 Apr 2009 - Plan Seeks To Slash Industry Influence On Doctors

01 Apr 2009 - Health Tip: Calming Chickenpox

31 Mar 2009 - Blizzard In Full Gear Over The Upper Midwest [So where's the global warming Al Gore?]

31 Mar 2009 - Aspartame Almost Killed Me!

31 Mar 2009 - What To Do When Doctor Tells You Your Triglycerides Are Too High

31 Mar 2009 - Fructose Metabolism In The Brain May Increase Food Intake, Obesity: Review

31 Mar 2009 - Abstinence Education Funding Cut; Population Fund [forced abortion and sterilization] Gets $50M

31 Mar 2009 - Idaho Legislators Approve Conscience Clause Legislation For Pro-Life Pharmacists [GOOD!!!]

31 Mar 2009 - As CT Radiation Accumulates, Cancer Risk May Rise

31 Mar 2009 - Big Pharma's Latest Insanity? A "PolyPill" Combining Five Different Drugs Into One Pill

31 Mar 2009 - Statins Cause Heart Attacks In Some Users

31 Mar 2009 - 6 Sure-Fire Tips To Prevent Glaucoma Naturally

30 Mar 2009 - Al Gore: Huh, What Earth Hour? [You'd think the leader of the Global Warming Scam would at least make an effort]

30 Mar 2009 - The EPA Is Run By Morons

30 Mar 2009 - Human Subjects Research Vulnerable To Unethical Manipulation

30 Mar 2009 - Scientists Make Major Advance In Embryonic Stem Cell Research Alternative [This alternative does NOT involve the destruction of human life!]

30 Mar 2009 - Fish Oil Could Curb Cow Flatulence [More NONSENSE form the Cult of Global Warming!]

30 Mar 2009 - US Congress Told Global Warming Is A Myth

30 Mar 2009 - Low-Energy Light Bulbs Can Cause Rashes

30 Mar 2009 - The "Privately-Owned" Chicago Climate Exchange Is Heavily Influenced By Obama Cohorts Al Gore And Maurice Strong

30 Mar 2009 - FDA Under Increasing Pressure To Approve Stevia, Lift Import Ban

30 Mar 2009 - How To Recognize And Treat Insomnia Naturally

30 Mar 2009 - Department Of Health And Human Services Approves Fictitious Medical Device Review Board Led By A Dead Dog

30 Mar 2009 - U.N. 'Climate Change' Plan Would Likely Shift Trillions To Form New World Economy

30 Mar 2009 - Say Goodbye To Farmers Markets, CSAs, And Roadside Stands U.S. "food safety" bills currently under consideration were written by Monsanto, Cargill, Tyson's and ADM. All of them are associated with the opposite of food safety]

30 Mar 2009 - Simple Ways To Stop Acne Naturally [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Mar 2009 - Another Step Closer To Communism [More lunacy from the Cult of Global Warming! I don't think even the Communist limit your choice of colors on autos anymore, but California will. And in the name of Global Warming no less]

27 Mar 2009 - New Study: Green Jobs Myths [More proof that those involved in the Global Warming Cult will say anything to get people to believe or go along with their doctrinal teachings!]

27 Mar 2009 - New Citizens Petition To Allow Aspartame In School Milk Products: FDA's Constant Violation Of Law

27 Mar 2009 - Omega-3 Oils Slash Prostate Cancer Risk

27 Mar 2009 - Obama: 'You Screwed Up. You Trusted Us.'

27 Mar 2009 - EPA's Global Warming Regulations: Time To Let The Facts Sink In [Carbon dioxide (CO2) is NOT a pollutant! The followers of the Global Warming Cult just seem to forget very basic scientific fact!]

26 Mar 2009 - Obama: Red River Flooding Is Wakeup Call To Fight Global Warming [The HOAX THEORY of Global Warming has nothing to do with the flooding]

26 Mar 2009 - More Global Warming Scare Mongering From Obama

26 Mar 2009 - Health Options Magazine In New Zealand - March 2009 - Aspartame And Abby Cormack, Page 1 [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

26 Mar 2009 - Health Options Magazine In New Zealand - March 2009 - Aspartame And Abby Cormack, Page 2 [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

26 Mar 2009 - Abstinence-Education Funding In Jeopardy: Senate Budget Committee Is Expected To Vote Thursday On Key Amendment

26 Mar 2009 - Obama's Involvement In Chicago Climate Exchange--The Rest Of The Story

26 Mar 2009 - Al Gore Writes Book On Climate Change [He either never got the message or just doesn't care that global warming - which is now known as "climate change" is a complete hoax. He probably does know, but only intends to push this farce to make more money from it!]

26 Mar 2009 - Cardiac Patients Should Shun Energy Drinks

26 Mar 2009 - Income Tax: Why We Have It

26 Mar 2009 - President Obama Claims To Back Adult Stem Cell Research, But Removed Order For It [Shows his true colors and that he can't be trusted!]

26 Mar 2009 - Hawaii Is Leading The US In Getting Aspartame Off The Market

26 Mar 2009 - Hawaii House Concurrent Resolution 128

26 Mar 2009 - Reduce UK Population by Half: Leading Government Green Advisor [This is EVIL!]

26 Mar 2009 - Obama Falsely Claims Embryonic Stem Cell Research Will Cure Alzheimer's [Typical, will say or do whatever he wants to achieve his goals!]

26 Mar 2009 - Documentary Provides Hope For Those Hurt By Abortion

25 Mar 2009 - Judge Orders Morning-After Pill Be Made Available To Teen Girls: 'This Ruling Jeopardizes Girls' Health And The Ability Of Parents To Care For Their Daughters' Physical And Emotional Well-Being.' [This is WRONG and EVIL! No judge should have the power to order this!!!]

25 Mar 2009 - Pro-Life Groups Upset Judge Forces FDA To Allow Morning After Pill Sales To Minors

25 Mar 2009 - Honey Offers Many Benefits

25 Mar 2009 - Vitamin B And Folic Acid Supplements Prevent Migraines

25 Mar 2009 - Study: Range Of Pharmaceuticals In Fish Across US

25 Mar 2009 - Why High-Fructose Corn Syrup Causes Insulin Resistance

25 Mar 2009 - Inappropriate Drug Prescriptions Are Wasting Millions And Raising Health Risks

24 Mar 2009 - This Must Be True, I Read It In The Newspaper

24 Mar 2009 - New Zealand Pro-Life Group Opposes Family Planning Bid To Sell Abortion Drug

24 Mar 2009 - The Myth Of Global Warming

24 Mar 2009 - EPA Targets Cows, Grows Government

23 Mar 2009 - What's The Goracle Afraid Of? [Al Gore has taken to banning any media from his speeches. It's probably because if people knew what he was saying they'd know he's lying]

23 Mar 2009 - The 'Global Warming Three' Are On Thin Ice: The Only Problem With A Project To Prove That Arctic Ice Is Disappearing Is The Fact That It Is Actually Getting Thicker, Says Christopher Booker

23 Mar 2009 - Will Congress Wipe Out Home Gardens, Growers Markets?

23 Mar 2009 - Warning! Drug Company Buries Unfavorable Antidepressant Drug Studies

23 Mar 2009 - Monday Quick Bites

23 Mar 2009 - "You Couldn't Make This Stuff Up" : New Planetary Burden: Meat-Eating Pets [More LUNACY from the Cult of Global Warming!]

23 Mar 2009 - The Greens Hate Energy, America, And You!

22 Mar 2009 - 22 Members Of Hawaii House Of Representatives Sign Resolution Asking FDA To Rescind Approval For Neurotoxic Aspartame

22 Mar 2009 - $12.5 Billion Now Spent Each Year On Worthless Diabetes Drugs

22 Mar 2009 - Frankincense Oil Kills Bladder Cancer Cells

20 Mar 2009 - New Study Proves Global Warming Skeptics Right [This is a new study out there that proves global warming is a farce. Warming is cyclical. The only problem is, the other side did it. (Nature Magazine and NPR) Al Gore and his CULT will not be pleased.]

20 Mar 2009 - Global Warming Crusaders Freeze

20 Mar 2009 - Obama's Attack On Medical Civil Liberties

20 Mar 2009 - Abortion Backers Propose New Congressional Bill To Weaken Abstinence Education

20 Mar 2009 - HR 875 Could Result In Arrest, Imprisonment Of CEOs Of Processed Food Companies (If Enforced)

20 Mar 2009 - Chronic Pain In Women Linked With Low Levels Of Vitamin D

20 Mar 2009 - Sea Salt May Be Healthier Than Table Salt

20 Mar 2009 - Trans Fatty Acids Boost Risk Of Colon Cancer By 86 Percent

19 Mar 2009 - Quick Bites On The Global Warming Scam

19 Mar 2009 - Where Should I Direct My Anger?

19 Mar 2009 - Resveratrol In Wine Kills Cancer Cells

19 Mar 2009 - New Figures Showing Teen Birth Rate Rise Point To Need For Abstinence Education

19 Mar 2009 - Eight Senate Dems Come To Their Senses?

19 Mar 2009 - MEDIA BIAS: Media Ignores Adult Stem-Cell Successes: 'We Ought To Be Pouring All Of Our Resources On The Ethical And Successful Adult Stem Cells.'

19 Mar 2009 - Kellogg CEO: Food Safety Must Be Strengthened

19 Mar 2009 - Safety Concerns Raised Over Wakefulness Drug Modafinil

19 Mar 2009 - Two Food Additives Found To Have Estrogen-Like Effects

18 Mar 2009 - A World Gone Mad

18 Mar 2009 - Letter To Cynthia Oshita - Office Of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment

18 Mar 2009 - Education About Toxic Vaccines Is Sweeping The Nation

18 Mar 2009 - Anti-Seizure Meds May Increase Heart Risks

18 Mar 2009 - Drug For Heart Disease Causes Heart Attack And Stroke

17 Mar 2009 - New, All Natural, Climate Change!

17 Mar 2009 - Pennsylvania Psychiatrist And Aspartame Expert Endorses Hawaii And New Mexico Aspartame Legislation

17 Mar 2009 - 'The Unexpected Outcome' Is A Key To Human Learning [This article seems to indicate that anything that reduces dopamine in the brain, has an adverse affect on learning !! Food and environmental toxins impair cognition !!]

17 Mar 2009 - Texas Lawmakers Want To Deny Women Info On Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

17 Mar 2009 - Adderall: Deadly Drug Treats Bogus Disease

17 Mar 2009 - Number Of Young Girls On Diabetes Drugs Skyrockets 147 Percent

17 Mar 2009 - Obama: Food Safety System A Health 'Hazard'

17 Mar 2009 - What Your Gray Hair Says About You...

17 Mar 2009 - Case Not Yet Closed On Vaccines And Autism

17 Mar 2009 - More Than 1 In 3 Common Cancers Could Be Preventable

17 Mar 2009 - Are Americans Overexposed To Radiation From Imaging Tests?

16 Mar 2009 - From 'Global Warming' To Global Holocaust

16 Mar 2009 - Ban Humans To Lower Carbon Emissions? [More lunacy from the Cult of Global Warming!]

16 Mar 2009 - Obama's Attack On Medical Civil Liberties

16 Mar 2009 - Green Tea, Mushrooms May Reduce Breast Cancer

16 Mar 2009 - Manmade Climate-Change Hoax

16 Mar 2009 - Global Warming Skepticism Growing In U.S.

16 Mar 2009 - Baby Products Contain Toxic Ingredients

16 Mar 2009 - Lawmakers Seek To Ban Baby Bottle Chemical

16 Mar 2009 - Gore's Big Lie: The Global Warming Hoax

16 Mar 2009 - Antidepressant Use Tied To Cardiac Death In Women

16 Mar 2009 - FDA Running Extortion Racket: Natural Supplement Companies Threatened With Arrest If They Don't Pay Up

16 Mar 2009 - A Listing Of The Twenty-One Fabricated Studies By Dr. Scott Reuben

16 Mar 2009 - Vitamins B6, B12 And Folic Acid Found To Ward Off Age-Related Macular Degeneration

16 Mar 2009 - The Malicious Smearing Of A Crusading Doctor

16 Mar 2009 - Vegetables Aren't As Good For You As They Used To Be

13 Mar 2009 - Senomyx, Sweeter Than Sweet; Saltier Than Salt; More Sour Than An Aborted Fetus

13 Mar 2009 - Who Is Who In The Chemical Poison Industry (Aspartame Listed) [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

13 Mar 2009 - North Carolina Judge Ordered Homeschool Mom To Place Kids In Public School [This is WRONG!!! NO judge nor anyone else has the right to order this!]

13 Mar 2009 - Bill Clinton Shows His Ignorance On Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Biology

13 Mar 2009 - Dr Andrew Wakefield Demolishes Ignorant US Vaccine Lobby

13 Mar 2009 - FDA Scientists Accuse Agency Of Corruption, Intimidation

13 Mar 2009 - Top FDA Officials Say Preemption Policy Based On "False and Misleading" Information

13 Mar 2009 - Teens In Danger From Epidemic Of Low Vitamin D

13 Mar 2009 - Big Pharma CEO Fakes Cancer While Pill-Pushing Doctor Fakes Clinical Trial Results For Bextra, Effexor And Celebrex

13 Mar 2009 - HRT Link To Breast Cancer "Confirmed," Says New England Journal Of Medicine

13 Mar 2009 - Probiotics Found To Block Pneumonia In Critically Ill Patients

13 Mar 2009 - Mint Is An Ancient Healing Food

12 Mar 2009 - Climate Change Conference: Genocidal Global Warming Policies Will Kill Hundreds Of Millions

12 Mar 2009 - You've Been Lied To By The Media

12 Mar 2009 - Letter Concerning The Hawaii Aspartame Bill

12 Mar 2009 - Hawaii Lawmakers Pushing For Aspartame Ban Should Be Commended

12 Mar 2009 - Commentary: Obama's Murderous Executive Order - What Should Science Trump?

11 Mar 2009 - Heartland Update: The Problems With IPCC's Conclusions On Global Warming

11 Mar 2009 - 2009 International Conference On Climate Change: Update #3

11 Mar 2009 - Embryonic Research Is Financially Risky, Scientifically Unproven: Obama Is Demanding Taxpayers Pour Their Hard-Earned Dollars Into Risky Investments And Go Where Most Venture Capitalists And Drug Companies Fear To Tread

11 Mar 2009 - Georgia Committee Approves Bill Limiting In-Vitro Fertilization, Embryo Research

11 Mar 2009 - Researchers Suggest Insufficient Evidence Of Efficacy Of HPV Vaccine

11 Mar 2009 - Vitamin B12 Effective Against Canker Sores

10 Mar 2009 - The World Wildlife Fund's Polar Bear Lies [More of the lies of the Cult of Global Warming exposed!]

10 Mar 2009 - Global Warming Hoaxers Freezing Their Butts Off

10 Mar 2009 - Infamous "Bressler Report"

10 Mar 2009 - Obama Creates Incentive To Destroy Tiny Human Embryos: In Another Blow To Family Advocates, The President Also Wants To Overturn Rules That Protect Health Care Providers' Freedom Of Conscience [More proof that he has absolutely no respect for human life!]

10 Mar 2009 - Global Warming Debate Is Over, No Further Study Needed

10 Mar 2009 - Where's Global Warming?

10 Mar 2009 - Global Warming Debate Is Over, No Further Study Needed

10 Mar 2009 - Where's Global Warming?

10 Mar 2009 - Obama Funding Embryonic Stem Cell Research Seen As Ideological, Not Scientific

10 Mar 2009 - Ohio Supreme Court To Hold Hearing On Abortion Drug Safety Law On Tuesday [This drug of death and murder needs to be completely banned!]

10 Mar 2009 - State Senator Says "Regents Of The University Of California Have Been Conducting An Experiment On Women" By Allowing Planned Parenthood To Train Non-Physicians To Perform Abortions

10 Mar 2009 - 2009 International Conference On Climate Change: Update #2

10 Mar 2009 - Sununu Addresses Climate Change Conference

10 Mar 2009 - Antidepressants Linked To Sudden Death In Women

10 Mar 2009 - Obesity Isn't Genetic, It's Taught: Kids Learn Food Habits From Parents

10 Mar 2009 - Anti-Vitamin C Study Seriously Flawed And Misleading

10 Mar 2009 - BPA Plastics Chemical Linked To Neurological Problems

10 Mar 2009 - VitamIn C Fights Gout

09 Mar 2009 - Boston Globe Asks: Where's The Global Warming?

09 Mar 2009 - Czech Republic President Blames Al Gore For Crediting Unnecessary Panic

09 Mar 2009 - Resources On Aspartame (Updated)

09 Mar 2009 - Report Of The Comptroller General Of The US On Aspartame, With Part Of Record Stripped, The Last Page [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

09 Mar 2009 - Will You Let The Federal Govn't. Take Possession Of Your Medical Records?

09 Mar 2009 - Aspartame-Induced Hypertension

09 Mar 2009 - Top Japanese Scientists: Global Warming Is NOT Caused By Human Activity

09 Mar 2009 - Climate-Change Battle Heats Up

09 Mar 2009 - Obama To Sign Executive Order Monday Opening Public Funding Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research [PURE STUPIDITY!!! All this will do is cause the deaths of many more unborn children, and millions of dollars to go into research something that is a dead end and will NOT work!]

09 Mar 2009 - Pro-Life Hero Richard Doerflinger: The Obsession With Stem Cells Obtained By Destroying Embryos Has Little To Do With Evidence Of Therapeutic Benefit, And A Great Deal To Do With Being Able To Manipulate Human Life.'

09 Mar 2009 - 'Accidental' Contamination Of Vaccine With Live Avian Flu Virus Virtually Impossible

09 Mar 2009 - Ten Principles Of School Choice Podcast: Private Schools Should Remain Self-Governing

09 Mar 2009 -">Public Comment On Removing Conscience Protections For Health Care Workers Starts Today

09 Mar 2009 - Global Warming Skeptics Gather In New York City

09 Mar 2009 - Gore Allegedly Afraid To Debate Klaus On climate

09 Mar 2009 - North Carolina Upholds Abstinence Message [FANTASTIC!!!]

09 Mar 2009 - Vaccines As Biological Weapons? Live Avian Flu Virus Placed In Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent To 18 Countries

09 Mar 2009 - Former Astronaut Says Earth Not In Peril From Global Warming

09 Mar 2009 - 2009 International Conference On Climate Change: Update #1

09 Mar 2009 - Monsanto's Many Attempts To Destroy All Seeds But Their Own

06 Mar 2009 - Obama's Cap-And-Trade Rip-Off

06 Mar 2009 - Global Warming May Get Its Very Own Top Level Domain

06 Mar 2009 - NM Senator Ortiz y Pino Asks FDA's Torti: Rescind FDA Approval For Neurotoxic Carcinogenic Aspartame

06 Mar 2009 - National Day Of Prayer Under Attack From Atheists: 'We Pray Without Fear Of Retribution.'

06 Mar 2009 - Even In Tough Times, Families Make Home Schooling Work

06 Mar 2009 - Mushrooms Could Strengthen Immunity

06 Mar 2009 - Scientists Allege Fraud In 1984 HIV/AIDS Papers

05 Mar 2009 - New Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies Chill Global Warming Fears

05 Mar 2009 - Global Warming Myth Is An Excuse To Raise Energy Prices Worldwide!

05 Mar 2009 - Catholic Bishop Vasa: Parents Should Protest Fetal Vaccines From Aborted Babies

05 Mar 2009 - The Global Warming Hoax-A-Thon

05 Mar 2009 - Aluminum In Water Increases Alzheimer's Risk

05 Mar 2009 - Global Warming Pause?

05 Mar 2009 - Vaccine Studies: Under The Influence Of Pharma

05 Mar 2009 - Interesterified Fat -- Is It Worse Than Trans Fat?

04 Mar 2009 - Researchers Make Another Laughable Claim [More insanity from the Cult of Global Warming!]

04 Mar 2009 - Supreme Court Rejects Limits On Drug Lawsuits

04 Mar 2009 - Docs Seek To Ban Negative Comments By Patients

04 Mar 2009 - Moderate Alcohol Intake Protects Bones

04 Mar 2009 - Overexposed: Docs Overusing Imaging Tests

03 Mar 2009 - What If There Is No Man-Made Global Warming?

03 Mar 2009 - Global Warming Washington Protest Ruined By Freezing Weather!

03 Mar 2009 - Obama Seeks To Take Away Religious Rights Of Doctors And Health Care Providers Who Refuse To Perform Abortions - Urgent: Send Your E-Mail To The White House Today!

03 Mar 2009 - Global Warming Is An Apocalypse Myth For Atheists

02 Mar 2009 - The High Cost Of Climate Lies

02 Mar 2009 - Now The Greens Have Gone TOO FAR!: Now They Want Your Toilet Paper [Can you believe it? They're not satisfied with telling you how to eat, drink, raise your kids, now they want to tell you how to wipe your rear. That's just too much for me]

02 Mar 2009 - The Real Priority Of Public Education

02 Mar 2009 - Wine Slashes Risk Of Barrett's Esophagus

02 Mar 2009 - Green Civil Disobedience In D.C.

02 Mar 2009 - Girl Hospitalized After A Tetanus Vaccination

02 Mar 2009 - The Farce Of Global Warming

02 Mar 2009 - Flu Was Not The Real Killer In The 1918 Pandemic

27 Feb 2009 - The Green Energy Fantasy [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Feb 2009 - Japanese Commission Challenges UN: Global Warming Not Man-made

27 Feb 2009 - Merritt News - January 15, 2008 - Canada: Aspartame Banned From Elementary Schools [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

27 Feb 2009 - Romans 13 Revisited

27 Feb 2009 - Aspartame Almost Killed Me

27 Feb 2009 - Global Warming Is A Hoax - Quick And Dirty

27 Feb 2009 - "Brain Death" Is Life, Not Death: Neurologists, Philosophers, Neonatologists, Jurists, And Bioethicists Unanimous At Conference

27 Feb 2009 - The Real Truth Behind Flu Shots -- And Why So Few People Get The Flu During The Summer... [Has 2 embedded videos on the web page]

26 Feb 2009 - Daily Consumption Of Diet Soda Linked To Metabolic Syndrome

26 Feb 2009 - Hawaii State Legislature Kills Bill Banning Aspartame

26 Feb 2009 - The Milkweed - February 2009 - Yogurt Lobby: Kill "Grade A" Dairy Rules [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

26 Feb 2009 - Health Tip: Does Your Child Have An Ear Infection?

26 Feb 2009 - US Files Complaint Against Forest For Kids' Drug

25 Feb 2009 - Divorce Causes More Global Warming [Even more insanity from the Cult of Global Warming!!!]

25 Feb 2009 - T-Boone: Nobody Opposes Me [More arrogance from the Cult of Global Warming!]

25 Feb 2009 - National Health Federation: Help Ban Aspartame In Your State: Hawaii & New Mexico Are Leading The Way Act Now

25 Feb 2009 - Aspartame Exposure Triggered Central Nervous System Problems, Depression: Hawaii Should Support Resolution To Ask FDA To Ban Product From The Marketplace

25 Feb 2009 - Head Federal Dowser Thumbs Nose At Hatch Act, Still

25 Feb 2009 - 'Thought Crimes' Legislation Predicted To Move Fast In U.S. House

25 Feb 2009 - Abortion-Breast Cancer Link Is Real, Pregnancy Reduces Risk, Researcher Says

25 Feb 2009 - Ice Fails To Melt, But Obama Still To Use Global Warming Hoax To Finish Off Economy

25 Feb 2009 - Drug Industry Pushing New Treatment For Prostate Cancer While Ignoring Far Safer And Less Costly Pomegranate Seeds

25 Feb 2009 - Newer Antipsychotic Drugs Raise Fatal Heart Attack Risk

25 Feb 2009 - Chamomile Tea Lowers Blood Sugar In Diabetics By 25 Percent

25 Feb 2009 - Spain Withdraws Gardasil After Illnesses

23 Feb 2009 - NSIDC: We Know It's Better, We Don't Want It

23 Feb 2009 - The Evidence Against Manmade Global Warming

23 Feb 2009 - US Government Fails To Protect Its Citizens From Artificial Sweetener Aspartame

23 Feb 2009 - Tea Reduces Stroke Risk

23 Feb 2009 - Starving In The Cold

23 Feb 2009 - Obama Administration Shoots Down LaHood Mileage Tax Idea

23 Feb 2009 - Universal Vaccine For The Flu? Look No Further Than Vitamin C And Zinc

23 Feb 2009 - Natural Ways To Treat A Dog That Has Been Skunked

23 Feb 2009 - Sea Level Alarmists Think We're Really Stupid

23 Feb 2009 - Facts and Fictions Of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"

23 Feb 2009 - Are Your Supermarket Plums Genetically Modified? Here's How To Find Out!

23 Feb 2009 - 900 Studies Show Statin Drugs Are Dangerous

20 Feb 2009 - EPA Will Regulate Your Breathing Next

20 Feb 2009 - The Washington Post: Artificial Sweeteners: They're Enough To Give Some People A Headache

20 Feb 2009 - Bottled Water: You Should Be The One To Choose [has an embedded video on the web page]

20 Feb 2009 - Fast Food Tied To Stroke Risk

20 Feb 2009 - FDA Warns Users On Psoriasis Drug

20 Feb 2009 - An Apple A Day Keeps Breast Cancer Away, Six Studies Conclude

20 Feb 2009 - Big Pharma Quietly Hikes Drug Prices 100 Percent Or More

20 Feb 2009 - Combination Of Prescription Diabetes Drugs Boosts Risk Of Cardiovascular Death

20 Feb 2009 - Hospital Patients Made Sicker With Drug Reactions

19 Feb 2009 - Global Warming Admitted As Scam

19 Feb 2009 - Hawaii Aspartame Ban Bill Will Die If You Don't Call Hawaii Health Chair Senator David Ige Now!

19 Feb 2009 - Georgia Pro-Life Group Bill Will Limit In Vitro Fertilization Use Amid Concerns [GOOD!!! This will limit some of the insanity going on because of the immoral and selfish attitudes of individuals who abuse this and other things, as we have seen in the news lately!]

19 Feb 2009 - Latest 40 Days For Life Campaign Sees Canada, Australia, Northern Ireland Join

19 Feb 2009 - Brazilian Government Shuts Down Websites Distributing Abortion Drugs [GOOD!!!]

19 Feb 2009 - Aloe Vera Heals Burns And Digestion Problems

19 Feb 2009 - Milk Products May Destroy Antioxidant Benefits In Fruits, Vegetables And Grains

19 Feb 2009 - Rheumatoid Arthritis Medication Can Cause Shingles Outbreak

19 Feb 2009 - Katie Couric Reports On Serious Vaccine Safety Issues [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 Feb 2009 - Government By Crazy People

17 Feb 2009 - Mother Nature Is Unraveling Al

17 Feb 2009 - So-Called Fairness Doctrine Refuses To Die: 'The Idea That Serious Politicians Would Try To Take A Huge Bite Out Of The First Amendment Takes My Breath Away.'

17 Feb 2009 - Hawaii House Committee Approves Bills De-Funding Abstinence Education Efforts [This is a BIG mistake! Abstinence Education does work!!!]

17 Feb 2009 - The MMR Vaccine Is Not Holy Water

16 Feb 2009 - All Systems Go, For Tragic Al Gore Minimum

16 Feb 2009 - Global Warming Propaganda [Lies] Worse Than Predicted!

16 Feb 2009 - Daily Consumption Of Diet Soda Linked To Metabolic Syndrome, Type 2 Diabetes

16 Feb 2009 - Is The Flying Nun On Crash And Burn Course With Boniva?

16 Feb 2009 - Final Economic Stimulus Bill Permits Americans' Personal Health Information To Be Sold For Research And Public Health Purposes WITHOUT Patients' Consent

16 Feb 2009 - Christian Attorney Sees Threat To Parental Rights

16 Feb 2009 - Vaccine Insanity: Doctors Push Vaccines During Eighth Month Of Pregnancy

16 Feb 2009 - Two New Studies Document Natural Breast Cancer Fighters

16 Feb 2009 - Cancer Patients Turning To Complementary Medicine To Increase Wellness

16 Feb 2009 - Are Cold Sores Really Herpes? Here's the Truth... [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Feb 2009 - Most Common Source Of Calories In U.S. Is LOADED With Mercury!

13 Feb 2009 - Australia/California Fires Have Even More Similarities [When the California fires started the cult of global warming started screaming it was due to global warming. Then the facts came out that it was all arson. Now we see the same thing going on in Australia. Makes one wonder!]

13 Feb 2009 - A Load Of Hot Air [YouTube video]

13 Feb 2009 - Preclinical And Clinical Testing By The Pharmaceutical Industry, 1975 [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

13 Feb 2009 - Preclinical And Clinical Testing By The Pharmaceutical Industry - Part 2, 1976 [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

13 feb 2009 - Preclinical And Clinical Testing By The Pharmaceutical Industry - Part 3, 1976 [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

13 Feb 2009 - Abortion And Premature Birth Link Confirmed Again In Study Of German Women

13 Feb 2009 - Court Says Vaccine Not The Cause Of Autism [The courts obviously ignored all of the documentation, evidence, and proof to the contrary! Shows whose side they are really on]

13 Feb 2009 - Docs Override Most Electronic Drug Warnings

13 Feb 2009 - Economic Stimulus Bill Mandates $954 Million For Vaccinations, $545 Million For "Genomics Programs"

12 Feb 2009 - When Did His Official Title Change To 'Honorable'? [More feeding of the ego of the arrogant leader of the cult of global warming!]

12 Feb 2009 - France To Maintain Ban On Monsanto GMO Maize: PM

12 Feb 2009 - India Makes Cola From Cow Urine: To Millions Of Devout Hindus, It's The Real Thing: A Cola Made From The Urine Of India's Sacred Cows

12 Feb 2009 - The Flawed Theory Behind Vaccinations, And Why MMR Jabs Endanger Your Child's Health

12 Feb 2009 - FDA Declares Form Of Vitamin B6 A Drug, Effectively Banning Pyridoxamine From Dietary Supplements [here they go again! First one thing and then another!]

12 Feb 2009 - Diet High In Vitamin C Reduces Risk Of Diabetes

12 Feb 2009 - Study Finds Homeopathic Nasal Spray Effective For Allergies

12 Feb 2009 - Anti-Cancer Properties Of Olives Revealed In Two Recent Studies

12 Feb 2009 - Cinnamon Balances Blood Sugar And Lowers Cholesterol

10 Feb 2009 - Associated Press Report On Global Warming Is "Propaganda"

10 Feb 2009 - 2008: The Year Man-Made Global Warming Hysteria Was Sunk By An Iceberg

10 Feb 2009 - Grandma's Tea Kettle May Have Thwarted Flu

10 Feb 2009 - Italian PM Accuses President Of Complicity With Murder

10 Feb 2009 - Italy's "Terri Schiavo" Dies Suddenly

10 Feb 2009 - My Confrontation With A Global Warming Climate Change Activist

10 Feb 2009 - Stimulus Hides Socialized Healthcare Plan

10 Feb 2009 - Discover What Traditional Chinese Medicine Knows About Mushrooms

10 Feb 2009 - Researchers Detail Statin Drug Dangers

10 Feb 2009 - Hospitals Flush 250 Million Pounds Of Expired Drugs Into Public Sewers Every Year

10 Feb 2009 - Women's Multivitamin Study Seriously Flawed, As Usual By Mike Adams The Health Ranger

10 Feb 2009 - New Study Of Splenda Reveals Shocking Information About Potential Harmful Effects

10 Feb 2009 - 10 Diseases Linked To Soda

10 Feb 2009 - Three Cups Of Tea A Day Slashes Your Breast Cancer Risk

09 Feb 2009 - The Great Global Warming Hoax: Who Is To Blame?

09 Feb 2009 - GORE LIED: Save The Children (From Global Warming Propaganda)

09 Feb 2009 - Ashley's story: The HPV Vaccine: Ashley Ryburn Tells Her Story [an embedded video on the web page]

09 Feb 2009 - Italian Prime Minister Seeks To Stop Starvation Of Handicapped Woman With Emergency Legislation: Says He Will Even Seek A Constitutional Amendment If Necessary [Allowing her to starve is not only wrong it is MURDER and PURE EVIL!!!]

09 Feb 2009 - Radiational Cooling Trumps Greenhouse CO2 Every Time

09 Feb 2009 - Is Obama Bailing Out Big Pharma's Busting Bubble?

09 Feb 2009 - One Aspirin A Year Cuts Stomach Cancer Risk

09 Feb 2009 - Antarctic Sea Ice Up 35% On 1979 Levels

09 Feb 2009 - Reining In The "Pale Horse" Of The Theocratic Fundamentalist Greenies

09 Feb 2009 - Natural Cure For Bladder Control Problems

09 Feb 2009 - Tap Water Toxins: Is Your Water Trying To Kill You? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 Feb 2009 - Why Mammography Is NOT An Effective Breast Cancer Screen

06 Feb 2009 - More Science Fiction From The Global Warming Cult

06 Feb 2009 - Myth Blaster: Further Evidence To Debunk Global Warming Hoax

06 Feb 2009 - Hawaii Is Leading The Way In Battle To Ban Harmful Sweetener - Aspartame

06 Feb 2009 - Heartland's "Scare" Video Online: Promotes Climate Conference [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 Feb 2009 - Scare ["Scare," a two-minute video highlighting the scare tactics of global-warming alarmists, has made its debut on the Internet.] [YouTube video]

06 Feb 2009 - Infertility Linked To Common Household Chemicals

06 Feb 2009 - Fight And Prevent Osteoporosis Naturally

06 Feb 2009 - Ganahl Debunks The Global Warming Hoax

06 Feb 2009 - Facts Leave Global Warming Proponents Out In The Cold

06 Feb 2009 - Vitamin D Deficiency May Harm Brain Function: Study

06 Feb 2009 - Living Near Big Power Line May Up Alzheimer's Risk

06 Feb 2009 - Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Feb. 6th 2009

05 Feb 2009 - Hormone Therapy Doubles Breast Cancer Risk

05 Feb 2009 - The Hidden Dangers Of Roundup

05 Feb 2009 - Drug Companies Discover Clever Loophole To Avoid Listing Side Effects In Direct-To-Consumer Advertising

05 Feb 2009 - FDA Warns Risk Of Muscle Injury Linked To Simvastatin

04 Feb 2009 - 200 New Species Found. Global Warming To Blame? [According to the global warming cult, global warming is suppose to be making more species become extinct. How do they explain new species being found? This is just another fact that goes against what they teach and believe. More proof that they are just a cult!!!]

04 Feb 2009 - Preclinical And Clinical Testing By The Pharmaceutical Industry, 08 April 1976 [Senator Edward Kennedy's remarks concerning aspartame] [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

04 Feb 2009 - The Amazing Story Behind The Global Warming Scam

04 Feb 2009 - Pregnancy Center Group Wants To Defend Pro-Life Doctors On Abortion

03 Feb 2009 - Global-Warming Alarmist Advocates Abortion: U.S. Population Expert Calls Hyped-Up Report An 'Economic Death Warrant.'

03 Feb 2009 - NASA Is Censoring Global Warming Skeptics [They don't want anyone exposing the lies of the global warming cult!]

03 Feb 2009 - Ajinomoto 9Mos Group Net Loss Y4.31 Billion Vs Y30.26 Billion Profit Year Earlier [Ajinomoto is a manufacturer of aspartame. Merisant, another aspartame manufacturer has filed bankruptcy]

03 Feb 2009 - Kudzu Products May Help Cluster Headaches

03 Feb 2009 - Apple Juice Slows Alzheimer's Protein

03 Feb 2009 - Five Smart Strategies To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally [Has an embedded video on the web page]

03 Feb 2009 - Coca-Cola Sued For Marketing Vitaminwater As Healthy

02 Feb 2009 - Czech President Vaclav Klaus Dares Tell The Emperor He Is Wearing No Clothes! [Good for him!!!]

02 Feb 2009 - More Medicine For The Global Warming Cult

02 Feb 2009 - New Zealand Herald - "I'm No Poster Girl For Sweetener"

02 Feb 2009 - Artificial Sweeteners Cause Weight Gain [There is also an embedded video on the web page]

02 Feb 2009 - Some Harsh Words About Global Warming Forecasts

02 Feb 2009 - Vaclav Klaus Takes Another Swing At Global Warming Sham

02 Feb 2009 - FDA Approves 18 Drugs From Pharma Company Accused Of Conspiracy, Fraud

02 Feb 2009 - The Basics Of Aromatherapy

02 Feb 2009 - Vitamin D Halts Growth Of Breast Cancer Tumors

02 Feb 2009 - Important Details You Need To Know About Arthritis [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Jan 2009 - Oval Office Hypocrisy

30 Jan 2009 - Weather Channel Founder Blasts Gore Over Global Warming Campaign: John Coleman, Now A Weatherman At San Diego's KUSI, Writes On His Station's Web Site That Al Gore Is Ignoring The Faulty Research Behind Global Warming

30 Jan 2009 - Peanut Processing Plant Knowingly Sold Tainted Products

30 Jan 2009 - It Is Snowing On Al Gore

29 Jan 2009 - The History Of The Global Warming Scam [This is a must read!!]

29 Jan 2009 - Gore Warns Of Damage From Climate Change [More lies from the cult of global warming! It's obvious, even to a blind man, that global warming is a lie. Just look at how three quarters of the country is now in a deep freeze. This is completely contradictory to the teachings of the cult of global warming!]

29 Jan 2009 - Fight Colds And Flu Naturally With Garlic

29 Jan 2009 - 10 Antidepressant Alternatives Proven To Work

28 Jan 2009 - Global Warming Cult Caught Lying...Again

28 Jan 2009 - Big Storm Coats Nation With Ice, Snow [So whatever happened to the so-called global warming??? More proof that it was nothing but a LIE!!!]

28 Jan 2009 - Yogurt: FDA Plays Hide The Poison, It's None Of Your Business Anyway!

28 Jan 2009 - Keep Your Kids Healthy With 2 Nutrients

28 Jan 2009 - A Possible Central Mechanism In Autism Disorders, Part 1 [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

28 Jan 2009 - A Possible Central Mechanism In Autism Disorders, Part 2: Immunoexcitotoxcity [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

28 Jan 2009 - Cruciferous Vegetables Proven To Prevent Breast Cancer

28 Jan 2009 - Genetically Modified Food Researchers Want Crop Trial Locations Kept Secret

28 Jan 2009 - ADHD Drugs Cause Hallucinations In Children; Psychiatry Pushes Hallucinogenic Drugs For Profit

28 Jan 2009 - Flu Shot "Totally Worthless" At Reducing Death Rate In Elderly

28 Jan 2009 - Almonds Aid Weight Loss And Lower LDL Cholesterol

28 Jan 2009 - New York Times Exposes Vitamin D Testing Fraud

28 Jan 2009 - Mercury In Vaccines Was Replaced With Something Even MORE Toxic

28 Jan 2009 - Insider Reveals How FDA Demolished "Safe" Mercury Levels [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Jan 2009 - AP Finally Sees The Carbon Credit Scam [FANTASTIC NEWS!!! The eyes of the people are finally opening up to the truth!]

27 Jan 2009 - Global Warming Is Already Irreversible [As with all cults, the cult of global warming changes it teachings and beliefs form time to time, so they can adjust them for what is really going on or what they want people to believe]

27 Jan 2009 - Mercury From Chlor-Alkali Plants: Measured Concentrations In Food Product Sugar [if high fructose syrup wasn't already bad enough. YIKES! Doctors are going to have to learn all they can about diet and DETOX if they are going to successfully treat patients with all the "new" disease created by GMO foods and toxic foods......]

27 Jan 2009 - Hey Al. Your Slip Is Showing: Global Warming Last In Poll [There is also an embedded video on the web page]

27 Jan 2009 - Much High Fructose Corn Syrup Contaminated With Mercury, New Study Finds: Brand-Name Food Products Also Discovered To Contain Mercury

27 Jan 2009 - Not So Sweet: Missing Mercury And High Fructose Corn Syrup

27 Jan 2009 - Aspirin Can Prevent Liver Damage

27 Jan 2009 - Global Warming Debunked Again

27 Jan 2009 - A Visualization Of The Urban Legend Called, Man Made Global Warming

27 Jan 2009 - Well There's Yer Problem: Oil Drilling Off Santa Barbara Coast [The Democrats are showing their same old obstructionist ways. Even the environmentalists are for expanded drilling. The oil just bubbles up from the bottom of the ocean in Santa Barbara.]

26 Jan 2009 - Climate: Change You Can't Believe In

26 Jan 2009 - Six Most Embarrassing Moments In Environmentalism

26 Jan 2009 - St. John's Wort As Effective As Drugs

26 Jan 2009 - Earth Climate Update - Brrrr!

26 Jan 2009 - Lower Your Blood Pressure With Vitamin C

23 Jan 2009 - Climate Change Fraud: Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Jan. 23, 2009

23 Jan 2009 - Global Warming Based On Phony Science

23 Jan 2009 - "Researchers" Poison Infants With Aspartame

23 Jan 2009 - Global Warming Hoax

23 Jan 2009 - Is Cholesterol Drug Vytorin Linked To Cancer? Secret Clinical Trial Data Says Yes David Gutierrez

23 Jan 2009 - Insulin, Leptin, And Blood Sugar - Why Diabetic Medication Fails

23 Jan 2009 - Eating Apples Benefits The Heart

23 Jan 2009 - Study Shows Acai Berries May Kill Cancer Cells

23 Jan 2009 - Black Raspberries Kill Esophageal Cancer Cells

22 Jan 2009 - Lourdes College Blog Center: Global Warming Is A Hoax

22 Jan 2009 - Another Global Warming Nut-Case [PURE LUNACY!]

22 Jan 2009 - Obesity Tax: Richard F. Daines, M.D., Commissioner Of Health

22 Jan 2009 - Soft Drinks - Hard Facts [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

22 Jan 2009 - Reasons To Just Say No To Vaccines: Thousands Of Parents Have Experienced Consequences Of Vaccination, Including Autism

22 Jan 2009 - USDA: Shame On You For Using Our Kids

22 Jan 2009 - Ethanol Brought Down Flight 1549 [What? You Say Jets Don't Burn Ethanol? Well, Time Magazine Is Trying To Blame Global Warming, And They Don't Burn That Either. I Think There's A Better Argument For Ethanol]

22 Jan 2008 - Gloom And Doom Over Climate Change 'Silly'

22 Jan 2009 - Studies: Steroids Do Not Help Wheezing Kids

22 Jan 2009 - China Sentences Two To Death Over Tainted Milk

21 Jan 2009 - Let's All Do Our Part To Add To Global Warming

21 Jan 2009 - Blowing Holes In The Global Warming Hoax

21 Jan 2009 - Magnesium For Life [By Mark Sircus Ac., OMD] [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

21 Jan 2009 - Maryland May Force Doctors To Provide Information On Suicide [This is WRONG and EVIL!]

21 Jan 2009 - Americans Drug Their Children With 300 Percent More Psychotropic Meds

21 Jan 2009 - Inconvenient Truth Reducing CO2 Emissions

21 Jan 2009 - Many Arrive By Private Jets To Inauguration

20 Jan 2009 - Anxiety Grows In Global Warming Alarmist Camp [People are waking up to the fact that global warming was nothing but a LIE!!!]

20 Jan 2009 - Icy Depiction Of Gore Unveiled By Critic In Alaska

20 Jan 2009 - Aspartame, Brain Cancer And The FDA [Has an embedded video on the web page]

20 Jan 2009 - 'Puberty Blockers' Pushed On Children [PURE INSANITY!!!]

20 Jan 2009 - Future Of Abstinence-Only Funding Is In Limbo

20 Jan 2009 - Five Dead, 450 Ill From Contaminated Peanut Butter

20 Jan 2009 - Black Raspberries Inhibit Cancer

20 Jan 2009 - Most Successful Dieters Lose Weight On Their Own

20 Jan 2009 - Aspartame, Brain Cancer And The FDA [Has an embedded video on the web page]

20 Jan 2009 - Scientists Show How Certain Vegetables Combat Cancer

20 Jan 2009 - Can Tea Tree Oil Body Wash Prevent MRSA?

20 Jan 2009 - The Overwhelming Evidence That Sunlight Fights Cancer

19 Jan 2009 - Aspartame One Of America's Biggest Killers

19 Jan 2009 - Protect Feet In Winter

19 Jan 2009 - HRT Drugs Shrink Women's Brains

19 Jan 2009 - Consuming Common Food Additive MSG Increases Risk Of Weight Gain

19 Jan 2009 - How To Quit Smoking Naturally

16 Jan 2009 - Burning Bodies For Enviro-Friendly Heat [Are they for real? If so, and this isn't some hoax, this is totally INSANE!!! What's next, environmentally friendly crackers made from people like in the movie "Soylent Green"?]

16 Jan 2009 - Global Cooling: The Coming Ice Age: Some Things Never Change. It's Still About Control And Money [They pulled this same scare back in the 1970's and were saying that my 1985 there would be world-wide glaciation. Well guess what? It never happened! More of the scare tactics and panic creating like they tried to pull with Y2K and global warming!]

16 Jan 2009 - President Bush Declares Sunday National Pro-Life Day, Last Before Obama

16 Jan 2009 - Chamomile Tea Regulates Blood Sugar, Prevents And Manages Diabetes

16 Jan 2009 - Methane On Mars? Better Call Al

15 Jan 2009 - Global Warming Finally Hurting The Ski Industry [Gee seems the lies of the Cult of Global Warming are being exposed by nature itself]

15 Jan 2009 - Chairman Of Citizens For Health Declares FDA Should Review Approval Of Splenda: New Study Of Splenda And Sucralose Reveals Shocking New Information About Potential Harmful Effect On Humans

15 Jan 2009 - 20 Worst Foods In America, 2009

15 Jan 2009 - Post-Abortion Counselor Confirms Abortions Cause Women Mental Health Issues

15 Jan 2009 - The Worst Of The Cheap: What Are The 5 Unhealthiest Fast Food Value Items You Can Order?

15 Jan 2009 - Illinois Parental Notification On Abortion Law Heads Back To Court Today

15 Jan 2009 - Natural Treatments For Coughs: Use Herbs And Homeopathy

15 Jan 2009 - OIG Reports FDA Approved Drugs Without Following Federal Safety Laws

15 Jan 2009 - New Chemical Alternative To MSG That Is Coming Soon

14 Jan 2009 - Another Dissenter: U.S. Naval Academy Chemist Slams Climate Fears As `Imaginary Boogeyman`

14 Jan 2009 - Sour Economy Sweetens Americans On Herbal Meds

14 Jan 2009 - USDA Unable To Weed Out Unapproved Modified Foods [Is it really that they are unable to, or is it simply that they won't?]

14 Jan 2009 - Veterans Exposed To Incorrect Drug Doses

13 Jan 2009 - Sharp Cold Wave Shocks Upper Midwest, Temps To -36 [More proof that global warming is a load of rubbish!]

13 Jan 2009 - AP: Hybrids Don't Add Up

13 Jan 2009 - A Deficit Solution? A Tax On Aspartame Products [Note from Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.: Aspartame is actually in over 6000 products, not 300]

13 Jan 2009 - Tyrannical FTC Threatens Christian Church With Imprisonment For Selling Dietary Supplements

13 Jan 2009 - National 40 Days For Life Campaign Prepares For Exciting Spring Pro-Life Events

13 Jan 2009 - Obama's New Climate Czar Beloved By Socialists

13 Jan 2009 - Obama Health Plan Poses Danger To American Freedoms

13 Jan 2009 - Alcohol In Mouthwash Linked To Oral Cancer

13 Jan 2009 - Cholesterol Levels Don't Indicate Cardiac Risk

13 Jan 2009 - Vicks VapoRub Can Harm Small Children

13 Jan 2009 - Hormone Therapy Linked To Brain Shrinkage

13 Jan 2009 - Four Herbs To Ease The Symptoms Of Menopause

13 Jan 2009 - Officials: Toss Salmonella-Linked Peanut Butter

13 Jan 2009 - Decades-Old Vaccine Mystery Solved -- Why Did RSV Vaccine Make Kids Sick?

12 Jan 2009 - CO2 Fairytales In Global Warming

12 Jan 2009 - Al Gore's Global Warming Propaganda Creates Fear - But Also Big Laughter

12 Jan 2009 - Merisant, America's Aspartame Producer, Just Filed For Bankruptcy

12 Jan 2009 - Equal's Maker, Merisant Worldwide, Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy [Good! Maybe they will stop producing their POISON!]

12 Jan 2009 - Alternative Medicine Is Going Mainstream [Just keep the FDA and all government agencies out of it. Once they get their hooks into it they will corrupt it as with everything else they get a hold of!]

12 Jan 2009 - [This is not only wrong, it is EVIL!!!]

Hospital Could Force Staff To 'Dismember Preborn Babies'

12 Jan 2009 - Those Who Want To Save The Planet Are Killing It

12 Jan 2009 - Hidden Harm Of Google Searches [More NONSENSE and INSANITY from the Cult of Global Warming!!!]

12 Jan 2009 - Apple Pectin Helps Prevent Colorectal Cancer

12 Jan 2009 - New Study Finds Olive Oil Effective Against HER-2 Breast Cancer

12 Jan 2009 - Genetically Modified Crops Implicated In Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder

12 Jan 2009 - The Ice Age Cometh: More Evidence [So what happened to everything warming up?] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Jan 2009 - Earth On The Brink Of An Ice Age [Seems like I heard this one before back in the 1970's before they started the garbage with the so-called global warming!]

12 Jan 2009 - The Global Warming Crescendo Has Passed

09 Jan 2009 - Global Warming Hoax & The Myth Of Scientific Consensus

09 Jan 2009 - Corruption Just Confessed By FDA Scientists

09 Jan 2009 - Abstinence - More Than Just A Pledge

09 Jan 2009 - Home-School Protections In Idaho's Plans

09 Jan 2009 - Playing Tetris Eases PTSD

09 Jan 2009 - Alzheimer's Drugs Double Death Risk In Elderly

09 Jan 2009 - FDA Scientists Complain To Obama Of 'Corruption'

09 Jan 2009 - Antioxidants Relieve Pancreatitis Pain

09 Jan 2009 - Fast-Track FDA Drug Approvals Leads To Deadly Drugs Entering Market

08 Jan 2009 - Veterans With PTSD Risk Metabolic Syndrome

08 Jan 2009 - US To Vaccinate Pacific Girls Against Cervical Cancer [Pure STUPIDITY and INSANITY!!!]

08 Jan 2009- Washington Assisted Suicide Backers Outspent Opponents Nearly 3-1 On I-1000 [Suicide in NEVER the answer! It is throwing the gift of life that God gave you back into His face!]

08 Jan 2009 - Diet Pills From Brazil Pose Health Risk

08 Jan 2009 - The Proven Cure And Prevention For Cancer The Medical Establishment Doesn't Want You To Know (Part 2)

07 Jan 2009 - Expect More Gore

07 Jan 2009 - The Clinton Gore Connection Uncovered [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Jan 2009 - Aspartame And Fluoride

07 Jan 2009 - Abstinence Education Advocates Continue Bashing Johns Hopkins Virginity Study

07 Jan 2009 - Barack Obama And The Threat That Isn't There

07 Jan 2009 - Dr. James Hansen: Unethically Manipulating The Data (Global Warming Junk Science)

07 Jan 2008 - Seven Good Reasons To Avoid Cow's Milk

07 Jan 2008 - Grapeseed Extract Kills 76% Of Leukemia Cancer Cells In 24 Hours

06 Jan 2009 - What Global Warming: Most Sea Ice On Record

06 Jan 2009 - Global Warming Nannies Have Upped The Ante

06 Jan 2009 - Bayer's HIV Medicine Scandal: A MUST SEE!! Never Use A Bayer Product!

06 Jan 2009 - Blood Sugar Control Linked To Memory Decline, Study Says

06 Jan 2009 - Number Of Home-Schoolers Soars [GREAT!!! More and more people are realizing that home-schooling is far superior to public schools!]

06 Jan 2009 - Montana Catholic Bishop Promises to Fight Assisted Suicide Court Ruling [GOOD! Doctors are suppose to "do no harm", not help people commit suicide!]

06 Jan 2009 - Give Up Soda, The Only Way To Be Safe From Aspartame (Nutrasweet Going Sweeter)

06 Jan 2009 - British Schools Giving Morning After Pill To Girls As Young As 11, Without Parents Knowledge [More INSANITY!!!]

06 Jan 2009 - New Research Scandal: Scientist's Hidden Tobacco Agenda Exposed

06 Jan 2009 - Confessions of a pharmacist: What Big Pharma Won't Tell You About Prescription Drug Safety (Book Review)

06 Jan 2009 - Why You Should Avoid Fast Food At All Costs

05 Jan 2009 - The Plain Truth About Glorious Carbon Dioxide

05 Jan 2009 - Environment Minister Sammy Wilson: I Still Think Man-Made Climate Change Is A Con

05 Jan 2009 - FDA And Americans

05 Jan 2009 - FDA's Irresponsible Document On Eating Fish With Mercury

05 Jan 2009 - Flirting With Disaster

05 Jan 2009 - Illinois Supreme Court Allows Morning After Pill Conscience Case To Proceed

05 Jan 2009 - Cranberry As Effective As Antibiotics For UTIs

05 Jan 2009 - IMVA - Sodium BicarbonateLessons In Cancer And General pH Management International Medical Veritas Association (April 5th 2007)

05 Jan 2009 - Have Americans Gone Nuts Over Nut Allergies?

05 Jan 2009 - Spicy Food Can Prevent And Heal Disease

05 Jan 2009 - FDA Decides Against Warnings On Epilepsy Medication Suicide Risk

02 Jan 2009 - CO2, Polar Bears, And Volcanoes [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 Jan 2009 - Nobel Idiot: El Nino Linked To AGW

02 Jan 2009 - Abstinence Researcher Says New Study Bashing Virginity Pledges Is Faulty

02 Jan 2009 - Merck Stops Producing Vaccines Without Cells From Babies Killed In Abortions

02 Jan 2009 - Dr. James Hansen Admits The True Goal Of Global Warming Alarmists: Socialist Redistribution Of Wealth

02 Jan 2009 - Bone Drugs Tied To Esophageal Cancer

02 Jan 2009 - Antioxidants Relieve Pain Of Chronic Pancreatitis

02 Jan 2009 - Fosomax-Type Drugs Linked To Jaw Necrosis

02 Jan 2009 - FDA Aggressively Targets Herbal Cure Websites

02 Jan 2009 - Pediatricians Demand Annual Flu Shots For Infants As Vaccine-Pushing Doctors Descend Into Extremist Quackery

02 Jan 2009 - Alaska Employees Get Vaccine Ultimatum

02 Jan 2009 - Asthma Medicines Don't Work And Can Be Dangerous

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