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Posted: 08 July 2007

From: Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum., Bettym19@mindspring.com
To: The New Zealand Food Safety Authority
Date: Fri, Jul 06, 2007 11:11 am
Subject: Aspartame Propaganda of the New Zealand Food Safety Authority

This was sent in response to the Press Release by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority saying, "NZFSA Is Confident Of Aspartame Safety," which may be found at: http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/GE0707/S00018.htm

To the New Zealand Food Safety Authority:

I'm responding to your ludicrous press release on aspartame, an addictive excitoneurotoxic carcinogenic drug that will sicken and kill thousands of New Zealanders. The facts are of public record, you are informed of them, but prefer to poison your countrymen.

You assert, there is an extensive body of evidence that tells us it is a safe product that offers consumers a sweet low-calorie option in their diet. That evidence of which you speak was bought and paid for by the producers, and contradicted on every point by independent researchers unfunded by the aspartame cartel. Have you no conscience? Care you not for the agony, disability and destruction this poison eventually inflicts on all consumers.

The American FDA once published an annual tally of volunteered complaints on this chemical that named 92 toxic reactions including blindness, sexual dysfunction and death. When the toll exceeded 10,000 complaints in 1995, FDA halted this archive and today denies it ever existed. Here it is on FDA stationery: http://www.wnho.net/92_aspartame_symptoms.pdf

It's a Donald Rumsfeld product, among other of his disasters. As CEO of the aspartame manufacturer he used his political clout when he got to Washington to get a new FDA Commissioner appointed and immediately the poison they had rejected since it was created 16 years earlier was cleared. So the hounds of disability and devastation were unleashed upon an innocent, unwarned world population. This crime you boldly ratify. SHAME!

Research results are controlled by simply paying for them, so the test laboratory becomes an employee that knows full well that a negative result will assure the termination of their employment. Ralph G. Walton, M.D. Medical Director, Safe Harbor Behavioral Health, Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine and Adjunct Professor Of Psychiatry, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine researched the peer reviewed aspartame studies on aspartame and correlated the results with funding. He found that 92% of independent peer reviewed studies showed grave problems caused by aspartame. Eliminate 6 studies FDA controlled and one pro-aspartame summary and the score became 100% negative for aspartame. Only research bought or controlled by the manufacturers said it was safe. See this report at http://www.dorway.com/peerrev.html

Dr. Walton also did his own study, "Adverse Reactions to Aspartame: Double-Blind Challenge in Patients from a Vulnerable Population," Monsanto, who had acquired Searle, promised to provide the aspartame but changed their mind because they couldn't control the research. They knew the results would be a disaster for them. They were: one participant suffered conjunctival bleeding and another had a retinal detachment. Other subjects felt they'd been poisoned, so the institution interrupted the study. The administrator of the hospital had the retinal detachment, and he's now permanently blind in one eye from aspartame. http://www.mindfully.org/Health/Aspartame-Adverse-Reactions-1993.htm

In Searle's original studies they were caught removing brain tumors from the rats and putting them back in the study. Dead rats that died were resurrected on paper. Neoplasms were filtered out. FDA Jerome Bressler's honest Audit Report exposed it all. After he retired from the FDA I thanked him for his honesty and courage in telling the facts. He told me his report was much worse, but the FDA retyped and removed the worst 20%. He also discussed this with Doctors H. J. Roberts and Russell Blaylock. Doctor H. Roberts asked his congressman to have the FDA release this 20%. They refused, claiming it was confidential. In denying a Congressman this data FDA broke the law, but they do it all the time, as they're a law unto themselves, like you! Bressler's report wasn't confidential, it was just so bad that FDA couldn't let anyone see it. http://www.dorway.com/bressler.txt

Consider the 52-week toxicity study on 7 infant monkeys. Five had grand mal seizures and one died. Seizures were caused by the high serum phenylalanine in the blood. Phenylalanine is half of aspartame, and as an isolate is neurotoxic, flooding the brain and lowering the seizure threshold, depleting serotonin and triggering psychiatric and behavioral problems. You can understand why there are 4 types of seizures on the FDA list of 92 symptoms. http://www.wnho.net/fda_92_symptoms_on_aspartame.htm The study was used as pivotal in the approval of aspartame. Alice in Wonderland! In the FDA audit, the Bressler Report, it was noted Dr. Rao refused to testify in compliance with his attorney. Here is the RAO Study. http://www.dorway.com/raoreport.txt

There were two FDA toxicologists on site, Dr. Adrian Gross and Dr. Jacqueline Verrett and both testified before Congress. On August 1, l985 Dr Gross said that at least one of Searle's studies: "has established beyond ANY REASONABLE DOUBT that aspartame is capable of inducing brain tumors in experimental animals and that this predisposition of it is of extremely high significance. ... In view of these indications that the cancer causing potential of aspartame is a matter that had been established WAY BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT, one can ask: What is the reason for the apparent refusal by the FDA to invoke for this food additive the so-called Delaney Amendment to the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act?"

The Delaney Amendment makes it illegal to allow any residues of cancer causing chemicals in foods. In concluding testimony Gross asked, "Given the cancer causing potential of aspartame how would the FDA justify its position that it views a certain amount of aspartame as constituting an allowable daily intake or 'safe' level of it? Is that position in effect not equivalent to setting a 'tolerance' for this food additive and thus a violation of that law? And if the FDA itself elects to violate the law, who is left to protect the health of the public?" Congressional Record SID835:131 8/1/l985

Dr. Jacqueline Verrett, a member of the task force which investigated the research done to establish the safety of aspartame, testified in front of a U.S. Senate hearing in l987 that tests used as the BASIS OF FDA APPROVAL - WERE A "DISASTER and should have been 'THROWN OUT".

Dr. Verrett said the team was instructed not to be concerned with, or comment upon, the overall validity of the study and that a subsequent review discarded or ignored the problems and deficiencies outlined in her team's original report. Verrett concluded the data in the study was WORTHLESS, and the safety of aspartame and its breakdown products were therefore not determined, and emphasized that aspartame is in the marketplace without basic toxicity information, no data to assess the interactions with DKP, excess phenylalanine, other aspartame metabolites, additives, drugs or other chemicals. (Testimony of Dr. Jacqueline Verrett, Food and Drug Administration Toxicologist, before the U.S. Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources, regarding "NutraSweet Health and Safety Concerns" 11/3/l987)

If it were not a gargantuan tragedy it would be a hilarious comedy!

So much for the most tested product in history. Dr. H. J. Roberts, author of several books on aspartame including the 1,000 page Aspartame Disease, An Ignored Epidemic with hundreds of case histories, has listed the failures of FDA. One of the most outrageous is failure to challenge the manufacturer's contract with Universities Associated for Research and Education in Pathology (UAREP). He says this private group was engaged to determine the factual accuracy of prior aspartame studies - BUT with the stipulation that UAREP shall not express an opinion regarding either the design or safety significance of these studies, nor make recommendations about the safety of aspartame for human use! They were SWORN TO SILENCE. Interesting how much Searle pays to shut people up. In this case, UAREP was paid a half a million dollars.

Dr. Roberts writes about self-serving research and the industrialization of academic medicine. It now becomes necessary to scrutinize the results of research - including aspartame studies - for undue partiality toward corporate sponsors. Dr. Walton proved Dr. Roberts to be exactly right.

At Dr. Roberts first press conference he said: I think it would be a tragedy if this issue is ignored since we could be inviting disastrous medical, psychological and neurological problems. I hope I'm wrong. But lets look at the problem NOW instead of in five or 10 years when we might be having a medical plague on our hands. It was Dr. Roberts who declared Aspartame Disease to be a global plague.

Aspartame was never proven safe. It is the child of chicanery and corruption. On January 10, l977 FDA Chief Counsel Richard Merrill recommended in a 33 page letter to U.S. Attorney Sam Skinner that a grand jury investigate Searle for apparent violations of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, 21 U.S.C. 331 (e), and the False Reports to the Government, Act 18, U.S.C. 1001, for their willful and knowing failure to make reports to the Food and Drug Administration required by the Act, 21 U.S.C. 355 (i), and for concealing material facts and making false statements in reports of animal studies conducted to establish the safety of (aspartame).

What was Searle to do now? Both Federal prosecutors: Attys. Sam Skinner and William Conlon switched to join the defense team, and the statute of limitations expired closing the matter forever.

September 30, l980, The FDA Public Board of Inquiry concluded NutraSweet shouldn't be approved because of brain tumors and because it had not received proof that aspartame is safe. Read the report revoking the petition for approval. http://www.wnho.net/fda_petition1.doc You will see a commentary above this report with a clip from the movie, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, with James Turner, Attorney, explaining how Rumsfeld was on President Reagan's transition team and the day after he took office he appointed Arthur Hull Hayes as FDA Commissioner to over-rule the Board of Inquiry. The current FDA Commissioner who wouldn't approve aspartame was told to resign. President Reagan was so concerned it would take 30 days to get Hayes to the FDA that he actually wrote an Executive Order making the FDA powerless to do anything about aspartame until Hayes got there. Then Hayes over-ruled the Board and went to work for the PR Agency of the manufacturer for $1.000 a day on a ten year contract, and has refused to talk to the press ever since. Quite a reward!

The Ramazzini research was conducted on 1,800 rats over their entire lifetimes, three years, establishing a gold standard, for aspartame investigations. But you bray: Recent media reports about possible reactions to large doses of aspartame from chewing gum, and reports of a study by the Italian Ramazzini Foundation which link aspartame with cancer, are not consistent with the findings of a large number of studies over many years which have been evaluated by leading food safety agencies around the world.

The findings and studies you cite were all paid for by the poisoners, and you ignore the mountain of independent evidence condemning aspartame. To compare prestigious studies by scientific giants with incredibly sloppy science the words of Dr. Alexander Schmidt, former FDA Commissioner used to describe their shabby counterfeits, is worse than folly, its the betrayal of the health of your entire nation. Aspartame is going down regardless of how frantically you strive to deceive your people.

The 2005 Ramazzini Study, confirmed FDA's original studies showing aspartame to be a multipotential carcinogen. It was peer reviewed by 7 world experts. At New York's Mt Sinai School of Medicine DR. MORANDO SOFFRITTI was honored this April with the Irving J. Selikoff Award for Outstanding contributions to the identification of environmental and industrial carcinogens, and his promotion of independent scientific research. But that's not good enough for you. Obviously your bread is buttered on the other side. The Selikoff Award was created in 1993 by the Collegium Ramazzini, an academy of 180 international experts in occupational and environmental health from over 30 nations. It had been given only twice before. See picture below.

Of all the aspartame products gum is one of the worst because it's buccal. Since aspartame is a drug it works like nitroglycerin under the tongue, goes through saliva straight to the brain. Dr. H. J. Roberts wrote a paper on it: http://www.wnho.net/aspartame_absorption.htm I've written Wrigley's as others have for years as victims suffered such problems as grand mal seizures. One person had never used aspartame until someone handed her a piece of sugarfree aspartame gum and she immediately had a grand mal seizure. Her case was used by a TV station for an expose here in Atlanta some years ago. Finally in 2004 suit was filed in California against Wrigley's because they had been notified for many years of the harm they were causing by having this deadly neurotoxin in their product. Instead of removing it they put it most all their gums. People who had been using the version with sugar never noticed the label changed and many had horrible experiences like one man who almost went over a cliff, and other who recently almost died of a grand mal seizure. They cannot tell you they don't know.

Dr. Soffritti receiving award:

Here is just one letter written to Wrigleys some years ago:

You say The United Kingdom Food Standards Agency, the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have all recently reconfirmed their confidence in the safety of aspartame. " First of all, consider how aspartame got approved in England. If they had found out that the FDA wanted them indicted for fraud they would never have approved aspartame. So Searle made a business deal with Professor Paul Turner in Food Standards and he approved it without anyone knowing. There was a big blowout in Parliament but they didn't rescind the toxin. The story was in the Guardian. Here it is:

February 13, l984, The Guardian
By Andrew Veltch
Medical Correspondent

Professor Paul Turner, head of the Government committee which approved the controversial artificial sweetener, aspartame, has an indirect link with its manufacturer, G. D. Searle.

Synthelabo, Searle's major partner in Europe, is behind the funding of Professor Turner's research at St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London.

Professor Turner told the Guardian on Friday: "The Department of Health and Social security are aware of any commercial relationships I have, including my relationship with Synthelabo and the Charterhouse Unit. These were declared several years ago."

His research is funded by a charity called the Synthelabo Foundation, which receives it money from a limited company called the Charterhouse Clinical Research Unit. The share capital for that company was provided by Lers, a subsidiary of Synthelabo.

Studies have shown that aspartame would seriously damage some children.

The head of the Government committee responsible for approving the controversial new artificial sweetener aspartame - sold as Canderel and NutraSweet - has an indirect but significant link with the manufacturers, G. D. Searle.

A charity set up by Professor Paul Turner, chairman of the toxicity committee, to fund his research at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London, is backed by Searle's biggest partner in Europe, Synthelabo.

Chairman and members of expert committees which examine potentially hazardous substances are obliged to declare their commercial interests when they are appointed, and in practice, before each meeting. Although Professor Turner's interest may not qualify as a "commercial interest," senior members of the medical establishment consider it to be in the public interest for such matters to be declared.

The junior health minister, Mr. John Patten, wrote in a letter during the parliamentary row over aspartame in October that Professor Turner had never had any connections with Searle.

Professor Turner's charity is the Synthelabo Foundation, of which he is one of two trustees. The other is the vice-president in charge of research at Synthelabo. Professor Guiseppe Bartholini.

Searle and Synthelabo, the fourth biggest drugs company in France, have set up three joint companies in the last two years --one, called Lorex, in the UK last year.

Four years ago a Synthelabo subsidiary, Lers, provided the share capital to set up a limited company to fund Professor Turner's charity, the company is called the Charterhouse Clinical Research Unit.

Professor Turner is a consultant to Charterhouse, whose chairman, Mr. Paul Barclay, is the English lawyer for the Synthelabo group. The Charterhouse medical director, Dr. Steven Warrington, is an honorary lecturer in Professor Turner's pharmacology department at St. Bartholomew's.

Mr. Patten said in a letter to the Labour MP, Mr. Dale Campbell-Savours, in October: "Professor Turner has never had any connections with Searle, nor has he or anyone in his department been funded by them."

Professor Turner told the Guardian: "The Department of Health and Social Security is aware of any commercial relationships I have, including my relationship with Synthelabo and the Charterhouse Unit. These were declared several years ago."

Both aspartame and the partnership with Synthelabo are considered essential to Searle's survival, according to City analysts.

When the l983 results are in, they are likely to show that Searle's operating profits from drugs have "plunged by as much as 75 per cent," while profits from aspartame may have "more than quadrupled," according to the US brokers, Kidder Peabody. Searle is expected to sell nearly $600 million worth of aspartame worldwide this year.

The decline in Searle's drug business has been caused by a lack of new products. The Synthelabo connection gives Searle access to high-grade European research. The first joint company was Lorex, set up in the United States in l982. Lorex has since formed a Canadian subsidiary. The other two joint companies were set up last year -- one in Holland, the other in the UK.

Synthelabo, based in Paris and owned by the beauty firm L'Oreal (which is itself owned by Nestle) was until a few years ago a medium-sized company investing heavily in research.

The Searle deals form what is thought to be the largest single sector of am ambitious expansion programme that has made it the fourth biggest drugs firm in France. The Searle connection has given Synthelabo the status of an international company, as well as a new outlets, for its producers. It is in Synthelabo's interests to ensure that Searle thrives.

Professor Turner and his colleague. Dr. Warrington, have worked on the development of Synthelabo's beta blocker, Betazolo. They have published several papers on the drug in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.

Charterhouse was heavily criticized last month for paying unemployed people and students 250 lbs or more to act as guinea pigs in the first trials of a cancer drug, which, it was feared might itself promote the growth of certain tumours.

Professor Turner told the Guardian in a statement last month that Charterhouse was an independent company. Mr Barclay, the Charterhouse chairman, explained: "It was setup by Lers (Synthelabo's research subsidiary), it was their idea, and they subscribed the initial share capital. In l981 most of their interest was transferred to the charity. It was a way of having a research facility in England for them and for other pharmaceutical companies."

Professor Turner also told the Guardian last month that "any profits" from Charterhouse went to his charity. According to the last accounts filed by Charterhouse, in l982 the firm paid 10,131 lbs "under covenant to the trustees of Synthelabo Foundation. After this payment was made, the firm recorded a profit of 40,464 lbs. In l981, Charterhouse paid 5,294 lbs to the trustees.

Mr. Barclay explained: "The taxable profits went to the charity. They are the profits upon which, if they had not been covenanted in this way, tax would have to be paid."

The charity's file at the Charity Commissioner contains only one set of accounts (for l983). They have not been audited. The trustees are required by the Commission t file accounts every year. According to the unaudited l983 accounts, the charity received 15,425 (lbs) under covenant from Charterhouse and gave St. Bartholomew's Medical College 21,206 (lbs).

The two trustees, Professor Turner and Professor Bartholini, of Synthelabo, are empowered according to the charity's records, to use the money to fund research into clinical pharmacology and allied fields, for education and "for the relief of sickness" not necessarily at St. Bartholomew's. The trustees may, if they wish, invest the money.

The Guardian asked Professor Turner if he had been aware of the Searle/Synthelabo connection, and if so whether he considered it might have influenced his views on the products. He was also asked if he agreed that people in positions such as his had an ethical duty to declare their interests. He did not answer.

End of article

No studies were ever done in the UK. Once approved in England Searle could say its approved in the US and in England, and then they rubberstamped the approval around the world. You will notice that it talks about studies showing it would damage some children. They knew about that. Dr. John Olney who founded the field of neuroscience called excitotoxicity did studies on aspartic acid, 40% of aspartame, and found that it caused lesions in the brains of mice. Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon, wrote the book on it, Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, http://www.russellblaylockmd.com When I lectured in England representatives of Food Standards were there. I would have liked to have given Paul Turner a piece of my mine but he had already died of liver cancer according to them. Perhaps he also used it. If he did he obviously reaped what he sowed. So once approved in the UK standard industry propaganda was added to their web site. However, sometime ago a study was done in Liverpool regarding aspartame and interaction. http://www.organicconsumers.org/toxic/msg010306.cfm Then Food Standards sponsored a study on additives and found behavioral problems and temper tantrums. Its been known for a quarter of a century that aspartame triggers behavioral problems. In fact, in one of Dr. Roberts books in a chapter titled, The Myth of The Most Thoroughly Tested Additive in History he quotes Senator Howard Metzenbaum in 1988 who was behind the three congressional hearings.

He said: "Finally, we should learn a lesson from the NutraSweet experience. If a food additive has potential neurological or behavioral effects, it should undergo human clinical testing, similar to the process a drug must undergo before it is put on the market. . . the food and beverage industry, and their various institutes, exert tremendous influence over scientific research and investigations. I want to make sure such work is genuinely independent."

Dr. John W. Olney, Professor of Neuropathology at Washington University School of Medicine, wrote Senator Howard Metzenbaum on December 8, l987:

If glutamate and aspartate are released from cells and not rapidly taken back up, they flood the excitatory receptors on the external surface of nerve cells and excite nerve cells to death. It has been recently shown that certain drugs which block the action of glutamate and aspartate at these excitatory receptors can protect the animal brain against damage associated with stroke, cardiac arrest or perinatal asphyxia. Thus, it is an ironic fact that today knowledgeable neuroscientists in many parts of the world are working fervently to develop methods for preventing endogenous excitotoxins from damaging the human brain, while other elements of society, including the FDA, are promoting and sanctioning the adulteration of foods, with unlimited amounts of exogenous excitotoxins which are known to destroy nerve cells in the mammalian brain following oral intake.

Forty per cent of the aspartame molecule is aspartic acid, which is an excitotoxin, sister to glutamate. http://www.truthinlabeling.org Aspartame has a synergistic and additive effect with MSG, what a deadly double whammy.

Because of the recent study sponsored by Food Standards the major food chains in the UK are now removing aspartame from their products. Unfortunately they say they will use Splenda which is a chlorocarbon poison http://www.wnho.net/splenda_chlorocarbon.htm However, we are working on that issue to advise them that replacing cyanide with arsenic is simply not a good thing.

There really is no excuse for this because now there is a safe sweetener, Just Like Sugar, which is approved even in the UK, and also in Australia and New Zealand. In this case, Dr. Russell Blaylock, asked for an analysis and found it only contained chicory and orange peel, Vitamin C and Calcium. Chicory has been used for 70 years to improve the health of diabetics. On the other hand, aspartame can precipitate diabetes, simulates and aggravates diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy, destroys the optic nerve, causes diabetics to go into convulsions and even interacts with insulin. You can now understand the epidemic of diabetes! Dr. Roberts is a diabetic specialist and took care of aspartame diabetic victims in the trenches of medical practice. Splenda is also extremely detrimental to diabetics, and a petition for recall in the US has already been filed with the FDA.

As to the European Food Safety Authority, ESFA, who evaluated the first Ramazzini Study, they have confessed they were pressured by industry to hi-jack science. Some of the people on their committee also had connections to the aspartame industry. http://www.wnho.net/letter_to_efsa.htm

Its almost hard to believe your next statement: Extensive studies have shown that, even if taken in high doses, the metabolites of this sweetener do not accumulate in toxic amounts. What comic book have you been reading? As an example, the Trocho Study showed that the formaldehyde converted from the free methyl alcohol accumulates in the cells and embalms living tissue. It also damages DNA. Here is that study: http://www.wnho.net/formaldehyde_from_aspartame.pdf In fact, I visited the researcher in Barcelona in November and he told me aspartame could kill 200 million people. I answered, it already has. The NutraSweet people tried to assassinate his character for exposing the facts, their usual modus operandi. Dr. Alemany remains another giant in independent precise and factual research, a hero in his field. Dr. Roberts medical text actually has a page on pre-embalming.

The entire aspartame molecule breaks down to diketopiperazine, a brain tumor agent. Dr. James Bowen recently writing about DKP said, "Diketopiperazines are the most frequently utilized chemicals to form plastics, because they greedily form larger molecules with other substances such as proteins. This makes the formate, formaldehyde and DKP then immensely denaturing of your DNA and body proteins. Thus all of those immediately damage your immune system by forming altered DNA within it, as well as denaturing other body proteins: both, thereby causing autoimmunity whereby your immune system itself is triggered to then attack your own body and brain."

Dr. Bowen also has Lou Gehrigs triggered by aspartame. He wrote the FDA 20 years ago that it is mass poisoning of the US and more than 70+ plus countries of the world. http://www.dorway.com/drbowen.txt

There is just so much nonsense in your industry propaganda letter that I will stop at this point. You can simply check the web sites listed.

Understand if aspartame is so safe why is there a medical text on the global plague of Aspartame Disease by a world renowned physician who was even selected by Practice 84 as the Best Doctor in the United States? Mission Possible International is a global volunteer force with operations in more than 38 countries warning the population off of this deadly poison. What would we exist for if aspartame cases were not flooding in 24 hours of the day with the sick and dying? Why are there millions of posts on search engines on google on the issue? Why has it remained controversial since the day it was released on the market? Why were there three congressional hearings because of the outrage of the public being poisoned? Why are there centers like Essence in Asheville, N.C. who take aspartame cases because they deal in addiction? http://www.dorway.com/tldaddic.html Why do renowned physicians like Doctors Blaylock and Walton lecture and write on aspartame alerting the public? Why are there Aspartame Detoxification Centers in several states and other countries? Why are documentaries made about it? Aspartame is also in the news daily. Why is that if its so safe? Why is there an Aspartame Toxicity Center taking cases? Why are attorneys in New York taking the aspartame brain tumor cases in New York and New Jersey? Why do we need an Aspartame Information List to help educate victims and give support as they go through withdrawal trying to get off this poison. http://www.mpwhi.com? I doubt you will answer these questions.

With regard to the second Ramazzini Study showing aspartame causes cancer even at low doses:

To Review or Not To Review:

Chris Wheeler, Mission Possible New Zealand on aspartame:

If you care about the health and lives of those in New Zealand start the immediate recall of this deadly neurotoxin which listed with the pentagon in an inventory of prospective biochemical warfare weapons submitted to Congress: http://www.mpwhi.com/ecologist_September_2005.doc This is the entire timeline, about a 17 page cover story, so it takes awhile to load.

It really boils down to this, if you're there for safe food and drugs ban aspartame (Canderel, E951, Equal, NutraSweet, Benevia, etc.) from New Zealand. You have the facts. If you're just there for industry, simply send me an excuse.

Dr. Betty Martini
Founder, Mission Possible World Health International
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Aspartame Toxiocity Center: http://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame