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15 Jan 2020 - Privacy No More: Google, Which Censors Conservative Voices, Now Mining Tens Of Millions Of Health Records Without Your Permission

15 Jan 2020 - Virginia Gun Confiscation Bill Pulled As Huge Pro-Gun Crowd Shows Up At Legislature To Protest [Has an embedded video on the web page]

15 Jan 2020 - Virginia Democrats Drop Push For Confiscation Of "Assault Weapons" But You Can Bet They'll Be Back Once The Outrage Dies Down

14 Jan 2020 - Ilhan Omar Slams Pro-Life Christians: They're "Trying To Impose Their Beliefs On Society" [This ungodly, anti-Christian, spawn of Satan is doing just what she is accusing others of doing! - Dr. B. Carey]

14 Jan 2020 - Democrats Block Vote on Protecting Unborn Babies From Harmful Chemicals

14 Jan 2020 - Only Four Democrats Voted To Recognize Unborn Babies As "Vulnerable" Human Beings

14 Jan 2020 - Nebraska Governor Attacked For Issuing Day Of Prayer To End Abortion 14 Jan 2020 - Leftists Side With Mass Murderers Against Trump

14 Jan 2020 - Crazy California Democrats Just Destroyed Freelance Journalism In Their State, Limiting Writers To Just 35 Articles Per Year

14 Jan 2020 - Judge Levies Steep Fines Until Wisconsin Deletes 200K Illegal Voters

14 Jan 2020 - Gun Grabbers Who Complained About Big Money Were Funded Almost Entirely By Big Money [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Jan 2020 - The Coming Collapse

10 Jan 2019 - Dr. Google Has Your Health Data

10 Jan 2020 - Covington Boys Sue Elizabeth Warren, Kathy Griffin And CNN Host Who Called Nick Sandmann's Face “Punchable”

10 Jan 2020 - Elizabeth Warren Will Make States Get Federal Govt Permission To Protect Babies From Abortion

10 Jan 2020 - Pelosi, Biden, Clinton's Money And Wheeling And Dealing

10 Jan 2020 - Thanks Mr President For Placing American Lives Above Politics

10 Jan 2020 - Court Blocks Pittsburgh, PA Gun Control Scheme In Lawsuit

10 Jan 2020 - Virginia Dems Move To Shutter Indoor Gun Ranges, Enact Ammo-Free Zones

10 Jan 2020 - Video Catches Ilhan Omar Giggling As US Iraq War Deaths Are Being Discussed [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 Jan 2020 - Ocasio-Cortez And Pelosi Conjure 'War Crimes' In Assassination Of Soleimani

08 Jan 2020 - Trump on War Crime Charges: If Iran Can Kill Our People, We Can Hit Iran Cultural Sites

08 Jan 2020 - Flashback: Obama Gave Soleimani AMNESTY To Achieve Bogus Nuclear "Deal" Which Was Another Big Handout To Iran

08 Jan 2020 - Pelosi Introduces "Iran Protection Act" To Defend Terrorists And Blame Trump, Even When Dems Did NOTHING While Obama Killed Enemies

07 Jan 2020 - AOC Calls President Trump 'Monster' For Daring To Keep America Safe & Retaliate If Iran Acts

07 Jan 2020 - Woman Facing Hundreds Of Dollars In Gov't Fines For Flying Trump Flag In Her Own Yard

07 Jan 2020 - Double-Amputee Vet Goes Viral With Message Thanking Trump After Soleimani Killing

07 Jan 2020 - Nursing Home Worker Claims To Have Killed 11 Elderly Trump Voters

07 Jan 2020 - President Trump Calls Out Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Tlaib - 'They Hate Jewish People'

07 Jan 2020 - When Asked About Hero Who Stopped Church Shooting, Warren Says She Won't Back Concealed Carry [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Jan 2020 - Dems Slam Trump For 'Illegal' Strike, But Obama Launched 2,800 Strikes Without Telling Congress

07 Jan 2020 - Ilhan Omar Posts Video That Proclaims The US Is 'Not Very Good At Anything' Except War

07 Jan 2020 - Gun Confiscation Ordinance Declared Illegal In South Carolina Capital City

07 Jan 2020 - AOC Pushes Pro-Iran Propaganda From Russian State Media, Claiming Iran Doesn’t Target Civilians

06 Jan 2020 - 42.4M Babies Killed By Abortion In 2019; Here's What's Ahead For US Abortion Laws In 2020

06 Jan 2020 - What You Need To Know About The Thwarted Slaying At A Texas Church

06 Jan 2020 - After Armed Churchgoer Saves Lives, Liberals Move To Disarm Them

06 Jan 2020 - Joe Biden Called Texas Law That Saved Lives In Church Shooting 'Irrational'

06 Jan 2020 - The Bible And The Ballot: Using Scripture In Political Decisions

06 Jan 2020 - Time To End Churches As Gun-Free Zones

06 Jan 2020 - Full Preparation Critical In Response To Active Shooter

06 Jan 2020- Avoid Supporting These Companies if You Value Your Gun Rights

06 Jan 2020 - Dept. Of Homeland Security Investigates Liberal States For Giving Driver's Licenses To Illegals

06 Jan 2020 - Virginia Dems' Gun-Grabbing Plans Are Already Backfiring

06 Jan 2020 - Orthodox Jews Pack Heat In NY After Recent Anti-Semitic Attacks [GOOD! They need to do something to protect themselves! – Dr. B. Carey]

06 Jan 2020 - Ex-FBI Deputy Director McCabe Reportedly Admitted Lying About Role In Media Leak: 'I'm Sorry' [Has an embedded video on the web page]