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Posted: 06 November 2008

From: Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum., To:
Date: Fri, Oct 31, 2008 3:15 pm
Subject: Pharma Testing 1976 Aspartame

Dear EFSA,

Here are some records you probably could not get your hands on from the congressional record in l976. It was in 1977 that the FDA decided to have Searle, manufacturers of aspartame indicted for fraud. Admittedly, this is not the greatest copy. Lane Shore, Mission Possible Chicago cleaned it up as best it can be done. You probably will have a hard time reading the confidential secret trade information and we have this in a separate form: It is discussed in this document. It's known all over the world about aspartame triggered brain tumors but notice that it actually triggered more mammary tumors. Of course, Dr. Soffritti brought this out in the second Ramazzini Study. Reminds me of what someone said the other day when I gave out some material: "Betty, I don't know everything aspartame causes but so many friends of mine use it, most either have brains tumors like I had when I used it, or breast cancer. Some have already died. It seems to be epidemic everywhere and now that I know something about aspartame from what you have given me, I must admit they are all aspartame users."

Lane Shore's wife worked for NutraSweet and is diabetic. She is no longer rational, and highly addicted. It's done to her what aspartame does to diabetics and she has had at least 40 operations, lost her two feet, then her leg, lots of operations on her eyes, cardiac problems, you name it. When I say aspartame victims eventually are no longer rational, one physician found out aspartame and the fact that the free methyl alcohol is causing them to lose limbs. He said to Lane's wife, "Get off of aspartame and we can save your foot." She said, "I'm too addicted, chop it off", and he did. In a discussion with Dr. Bill Deagle who has seen how aspartame is made he explained the reason so many are no longer rational is because damages the frontal lobes of the brain first, and it's like talking to someone who has had a lobotomy. I find that to be the case all the time.

So read this carefully and understand Searle could never get aspartame to prove safe and they were caught, why the FDA wanted them indicted. I've sent you complete impeccable information about Monsanto's studies on aspartame researched by Mark Gold of the Aspartame Toxicity Center, showing you what Monsanto did to get aspartame to be said to be safe, flawed studies. Consider Dr. Walton showed in research I've sent that 92% of independent studies show the problems aspartame causes. Very importantly he says if you eliminate 6 studies the FDA had something to do with because the FDA has changed now and given their loyalty to aspartame manufacturers, and one pro-aspartame summary, 100% of independent studies show the problems. Dr. Walton's study which was independent, of course, caused so many problems the institution had to stop it, and the administrator of the hospital who took part in it is now blind in one eye from the free methyl alcohol.

So you see industry could never get aspartame to prove safe before or after approval. The flawed studies with information from Mark Gold shows you their methods. All independent studies that I have seen since approval have all shown aspartame problems. You can't under any circumstances get an aspartame study to show safety. You better investigate if the manufacturers send ones that do. Their stooges continue to lie when you check them out very easily in the records as I did when Coke sent their stooge to New Zealand because they too are trying to get aspartame banned. If you investigate as I have every time they open their mouth you will see they are lying and the records prove it like in this case.

I ask you over and over again, do the right thing this time, investigate every thing and do not leave out independent studies. It has always been the case when too much aspartame dangers info gets out to the public a review is requested to give the opportunity to squelch the cries and say aspartame is safe again. You can see from the records there is no way in the world for aspartame to be safe. It's a literal chemical poison. You can do your own studies, and I can send you one a woman did, in fact, and all the rats got tumors and died. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to show how deadly this addictive excitoneurotoxic carcinogenic drug is.

To view the report "Preclinical And Clinical Testing By The Pharmaceutical Industry - 1976, Click: HERE [PDF format] (It will open in a new window)

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.
Founder, Mission Possible World Health International
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