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30 Dec 2007 - Judge halts Oregon's same-sex partnerships: Challenge claimed petition signers' names improperly rejected by state [That's good news!!! No one, especially a group of sinners who reject the Word of God, deserve special rights, privileges, or protections about the rest of us!]

30 Dec 2007 - Pro-Family Leaders Urged To Leave Romney Over ENDA Stance

28 Dec 2007 - CWA Says Domestic Partners Bill A Precursor To Same-Sex 'Marriage'

26 Dec 2007 - Canada: Bible Standards Attacked In 'Bastardized Courts': Homosexual Advocates Claim Hurt Feelings, Demand Penalties [Evil again trying to silence the truth and attack the Word of God!]

26 Dec 2007 - Canadian Family Advocate Sees Need For 'Human Rights' Acts To Be Fixed

21 Dec 2007 - 2007 in Review: Attacks On Faith, Family And Freedom: 'The Game Is On Again In 2008, And Our Side Had Better Show Up.'

21 Dec 2007 - Perspectives: A 'Gay Homosexual Man' Trapped In A Woman's Body And Other Nonsense

21 Dec 2007 - Grandfather's Transgendered Schoolchildren Questions Unanswered: Orono (ME) School Chairman Swindelhurst Ends Presentation, Overrides Superintendent [This is pure LUNACY!!! The child is a BOY and NOT a GIRL, so as such should be using the BOY'S restroom ONLY!!!!]

20 Dec 2007 - Student Complains After She Is Kept Out Of Men's Locker Room [She was born female, is female, and will always be female, and as such has NO business in the men's locker room]

20 Dec 2007 - Delay Sought For Oregon 'Domestic Partnerships': County Clerks Wrongfully Rejecting Signatures For Voter Referendum On New Law

20 Dec 2007 - Hungary Moves Closer To Recognizing Same-Sex "Marriage": New Law Now Gives Homosexuals Almost All Rights Of Married Couples With Few Exceptions [And they move one step closer to inviting the wrath of God for their promotion and recognition of this evil!]

18 Dec 2007 - Revealed: 'Gay Homosexual' Plans To Target 2-Year-Olds: 5th-Grade Students Could Be Handed 'Coping With Sexual Orientation'

18 Dec 2007 - Canada: Demand For Same-Sex Marriage Was Based On A Lie

18 Dec 2007 - Less Than Five Per Cent Of Gay Homosexual Canadians Wed Since 2005

18 Dec 2007 - California Law Opens The Door To Gay Homosexual-Activist Group: 'They Are Ready To Go In And Take Over Our Schools With Gay Homosexual, Lesbian And Transgender Issues.'

17 Dec 2007 - Florida Marriage Protection Amendment Headed To Voters

17 Dec 2007 - Legal Case Seen As 'Backdoor' Attempt To Get Civil Unions Recognized In Mississippi

14 Dec 2007 - Canadian MP Introduces "Transgender" To The Hate Crimes Act [EVIL is still EVIL no matter what you call it!]

14 Dec 2007 - Florida Marriage Amendment Headed To 2008 Ballot

14 Dec 2007 - Catholic Activist "Banned For Life" From Publicly Criticising Homosexuality: Saskatchewan Court Upholds Human Rights Commission Ruling [This is totally wrong]

14 Dec 2007 - N.H. Civil Unions Will Do More Than Undermine Marriage: Same-Sex Couples In New Hampshire Are Lining Up To Enter Civil Unions, Which Become Legal Jan. 1

13 Dec 2007 - Rhode Island Says Divorce Only For Real Marriages

13 Dec 2007 - Latvian Cardinal Asks Politicians To Keep Homosexuality From Invading Public Life

13 Dec 2007 - Socialist Gays Homosexuals Seek Punishments For Brazilian Christian Congressman

12 Dec 2007 - Philadelphia Boy Scouts To Lose Historic Building For Not Accepting Homosexuality: Homosexual City Solicitor Breaks 1929 "In Perpetuity" Agreement And Said To Pursue Scouts With "Vengeance" [May God Bless the Boy Scouts of American for standing up against this evil and doing the right thing!!!!]

12 Dec 2007 - Pro-Family Group Quips That Romney Is A 'Bad Mormon'

11 Dec 2007 - Supreme Court of Rhode Island: No Same-Sex 'Divorce'

11 Dec 2007 - Same-Sex Couples Forgo Civil Unions: States That Allow Civil Unions Are Finding That Few Same-Sex Couples Sign Up [The so-called "same-sex" unions and marriage are nothing more than a mockery of what real marriage is, as established by God Himself!]

10 Dec 2007 - The Health Of Marriage In America

10 Dec 2007 - Petition Drive Seeks To Protect Marriage In California

10 Dec 2007 - Evanjellyfish Church Leadership

10 Dec 2007 - Hate-Crimes Amendment Dropped From Defense Authorization [GOOD!!! We do NOT need this sort of EVIL legislation that gives special protection and rights to anyone, especially those who have willingly chosen to transgress the Word of God!]

06 Dec 2007 - Harvard Law Clinic Caters To Gay Homosexual Clients

05 Dec 2007 - Study: Marriage Is Good For The Planet: God's Design For Family Helps The Environment

05 Dec 2007 - Homosexodus! Students Flee Forced 'Gay Homosexual' Agenda: California Parents Start Reacting To New 'Education' Requirements

05 Dec 2007 - Arizona Considers Benefits For Domestic Partners [Very bad idea!]

04 Dec 2007 - Peru Rejects Pro-Abortion, Pro-Homosexual UNFPA Treaty On "Rights Of Young People": Five Nations Have Ratified Spanish-Portuguese Treaty, 10 Others Moving Towards Ratification

04 Dec 2007 - Boy Scouts Ignore 'Pay-Up-Or-Move' Ultimatum: Philadelphia Threatening $199,999 Rent Increase Or Eviction [Good for them for standing up to and resisting this evil!]

04 Dec 2007 - APA Shuns Academic And Religious Coalition On Homosexuality

04 Dec 2007 - New Jersey Campaign To Protect Marriage A Success: Legislature Will Not Take Up Same-Sex 'Marriage' During Lame-Duck Session

04 Dec 2007 - California Petition Drive Targets Pro-Homosexuality Law: SB 777 Redefines Gender, Brings Indoctrination Into Schools

30 Nov 2007 - California Pro-Family Group Sues Gov. Schwarzenegger Over 'Gender Bender' Bill

30 Nov 2007 - CNN Hands Mic To Homosexual Clinton Campaigner During GOP Debate

29 Nov 2007 - Poll: Floridians Support Traditional Marriage

29 Nov 2007 - Airline 'Discount' Charges Heterosexual: Customers More 10% Penalty Applied If Buyers Don't Get Tickets From 'Gay Homosexual' Site

29 Nov 2007 - Australian Pro-Family Group Decries New Prime Minister

29 Nov 2007 - Pennsylvania Hate Crimes Legislation Ruled Unconstitutional

29 Nov 2007 - Brazilian Homosexuals File "Hate" Charges Against Brazilian Christians

29 Nov 2007 - California Family Council Sues State Over Gender Redefinition

29 Nov 2007 - Proposed Sex-Ed Lessons For D.C. Schools Said To Falsely Claim Homosexuality Innate

28 Nov 2007 - Golden State Grandma Urges Public School Boycott [Good!!!! People need to stand up against this EVIL!!!]

28 Nov 2007 - Cross-Dressing Day Sparks School Exodus: Parents Pull Students From District, Citing Conflicts With Biblical Rules

28 Nov 2007 - Senator Gordon Smith's Frightening Hate Crime Bill

28 Nov 2007 - Mich. Governor Adds Special Rights For 'Transgendered' State Workers [This is WRONG! No one deserves special rights!]

28 Nov 2007 - Christian Political Party Before Human Rights Commission For Speaking Against Homosexuality

27 Nov 2007 - Maine Church 'Proudly' Hosts Heretical Homosexual Film [This church has transgressed the Word of God and is teaching EVIL!]

27 Nov 2007 - Homosexual Agenda Wastes California Education Resources: Family Advocates Say It's Time To Get Back To The Basics

27 Nov 2007 - Rhode Island Election Could Affect Definition Of Marriage

24 Nov 2007 - Second Anglican Bishop Leaves Anglican Church Of Canada Over Homosexuality Endorsement: Prominent Theologian Says Anglican Church Of Canada "Poisoned" By A Liberal Theology

23 Nov 2007 - Author Testifies Of Misery, Family Dysfunction That Comes From Homosexual Parenting

23 Nov 2007 - Christian Activists Fighting 'Sexual Orientation' Resolution In Baton Rouge

23 Nov 2007 - Take Action: New Jersey Legislature Seeks To Redefine Marriage: Two Bills Aim To Legalize "Same-Sex Marriage."

20 Nov 2007 - Is The Decline Of Marriage Inevitable?: Research Shows Younger Generation Values Family

19 Nov 2007 - God's Design For Marriage: Find The Key To Making Your Marriage Flourish - Just As God Designed

19 Nov 2007 - Pennsylvania Court Strikes Down 'Hate-Crimes' Law [Good NO ONE should have or deserve special rights or protections, especially these ungodly that want to transgress His word!]

19 Nov 2007 - Grant Helps Exodus Reach Out To Churches

19 Nov 2007 - University Sanctions Transgender Bathrooms: Facilities Set Aside 'For Those Whose Gender May Not Conform With Societal Stereotypes' [Universities are suppose to be a place of learning and wisdom, but this is PURE STUPIDITY!!!]

19 Nov 2007 - Unfortunate Truth

19 Nov 2007 - Warren, Clinton Urged To Tackle Homosexual Promiscuity At AIDS Summit

16 Nov 2007 - Gay Homosexual School Club Refuses Offer To Change Name, End Lawsuit [Of course they refused! They want to shamelessly flaunt their EVIL in everyone's face and try to force people to accept them!]

16 Nov 2007 - Sweeden: School Slammed For Gay Homosexual Slur [it's amazing how we cannot promote or teach the true teachings of the Bible and yet the individuals who practice this evil can say and do whatever they want. What ever happened to their saying they are for tolerance? Seems they are the most intolerant of all!]

16 Nov 2007 - Court Dismisses Church Suit Against New Jersey For Threatening Its Religious Freedom: Church May Be Prosecuted For Refusing To Rent Pavilion For Lesbian Civil Union Ceremony [So much for separation of Church and State! Seems it is only there when it serves the government and no one else!]

15 Nov 2007 - Coed Locker Rooms Given Green Light: Statute Allows People To 'Choose A Gender' [This is pure insanity!!!]

15 Nov 2007 - Homosexual Activists In Massachusetts High School Target Vulnerable Youth: Special Needs Daughter Of Pro-Family Activist Propagandised To Point Of Considering Herself To Be Lesbian

15 Nov 2007 - Referendum Campaign Launched To Overturn California's Pro-Homosexual "Anti-Bias" Law: Must Raise More Than US $500,000 And Gather 433,971 Voter Signatures By End Of Year

15 Nov 2007 - Terms "Father", "Mother, "Wife", "Husband" Being Legally Suppressed In More Nations By Homosexuals

15 Nov 2007 - Virginia Governor Called "Very Liberal, Extremist" For Cancelling Abstinence-Only Education Funding: "Catholic" Governor Will Instead Ramp Up Pregnancy And Disease Causing Sex-Ed Programs

14 Nov 2007 - Diversity Flag Returns: Petition At Maranacook Protests Earlier Removal [PURE INSANITY! This flag and all it represents stands totally against God and all forms of decency and morality!]

14 Nov 2007 - Marriage Brings Stability, Economic Well-Being: Heritage Foundation Research Shows Benefits Of Traditional Families

12 Nov 2007 - 'Heckler's' Lawsuit Opposes Wisconsin Marriage Amendment

09 Nov 2007 - Wisconsin Family Council, ADF Defend Marriage In Court

09 Nov 2007 - Family Advocate Says ENDA Vote Shows 'Arrogance'

09 Nov 2007 - N.J. Hurtles Toward Same-Sex 'Marriage': 'The People Of The Garden State And Of This Nation Need To Be Prepared.'

08 Nov 2007 - Conservative Groups Blast MD County's 'Gender Identity' Proposal [NO ONE deserves special rights, protections, privileges, especially a bunch of people who have freely chosen to go against the Word of God!]

08 Nov 2007 - Catholic Archbishop Chaput Says Follow Example Of Early Christians In Fight Against Culture Of Death: "In The Long Run, We Serve Our Country Best By Remembering That We're Citizens Of Heaven First"

08 Nov 2007 - Polish Homosexual Activists Hopeful That New Government Might Advance Their Cause: Asking For Civil Unions, Homosexual Indoctrination In Schools And Banning Of Discrimination [More of those who have freely chosen to transgress the Word of God wanting more and special rights above that of everyone else!]

08 Nov 2007 - California Middle School Cancels Cross-Dressing Day [GOOD NEWS!!!]

07 Nov 2007 - Transgender Pastor Allowed To Remain At Baltimore Church [THIS IS WRONG!!! This pastor is violating the Word of God and so is this church for allowing this to go on!]

06 Nov 2007 - Jury Acquits Man Falsely Accused By Homosexual Activists: Evidence Emerges Of Police Coverup [GOOD! Those who have freely chosen to transgress the Word of God will say or do anything to silence those who expose their sin and teach the true teachings of the Bible!]

05 Nov 2007 - Conservatives To Calif. Parents: Leave K-12 Public Schools

05 Nov 2007 - Univ. Of Delaware Halts Mandatory Re-Education Program In Residence Halls

05 Nov 2007 - Dems' In-House Dissension Delays ENDA Vote

03 Nov 2007 - Argentine Appeals Court Rules Against "Gay Homosexual Marriage": States That The Law Rightly Favors "Unions That Tend To Continue The Species"

03 Nov 2007 - Editorial - The Dalai Lama, Like the Pope, Says Gay Homosexual Sex Is "Sexual Misconduct"

03 Nov 2007 - Christian Couple No Longer Required To Promote Homosexuality In Fostering Children: Couple Thanks Media For Making Their Situation Known To Public

03 Nov 2007 - California Public School Cancels 'Gender-Switch Day'

01 Nov 2007 - Same-Sex Pair Seek Status For Both As Parents Of Son [This is totally WRONG!!!! Parents are meant to be ONLY one man and one woman, and NOT a homosexual couple!]

01 Nov 2007 - Two New Polls Find Majority Of Americans Still Reject Homosexual 'Marriage'

31 Oct 2007 - US Christian Groups React Strongly To Harry Potter Books' Homosexual Character

31 Oct 2007 - Government Of Catalonia Joins International Homosexual Organization Associated With Pedophilia: Outraged Catalonians Denounce Decision As Immoral And Unjust

31 Oct 2007 - Baltimore Mayor Announces Gay Homosexual-Issues Office

31 Oct 2007 - Despite Media Reports, Values Voters Alive And Well

30 Oct 2007 - Italian Regional Government Runs Ad Using Newborn Baby To Promote Homosexuality

30 Oct 2007 - Miller Beer Boycott Still In Full Force As Miller Refuses To Halt S&M Gay Homosexual Parade Sponsorship

30 Oct 2007 - TVC: ENDA Would Force Christians To 'Kowtow' To Homosexual, Transgendered Employees

30 Oct 2007 - Case Against KY School Censorship Can Go Forward

27 Oct 2007 - Media Missing From N.J. Marriage Rally

26 Oct 2007 - Pro-Family Activist Accuses NJ Lawmakers Of Kowtowing To Homosexuals

26 Oct 2007 - Black Evangelicals Decry Obama Invite To Homosexual Minister

25 Oct 2007 - Is Hating "Haters" Hateful?

25 Oct 2007 - Pro-family Activist Outraged At Teacher's Homosexual Indoctrination

25 Oct 2007 - Scout Advocate Calls On Americans To Boycott Philadelphia

25 Oct 2007 - Vote On Homosexual Jobs Bill Looms In House

25 Oct 2007 - New California Law Labeled Anti-Family, 'Insidious'

25 Oct 2007 - NJ Pro-Family Activists Say Area Media Hostile To Message

24 Oct 2007 - Take Action: Ask Congress To Oppose Special Rights For Gay Homosexual Employees: 'Religious Organizations And Even Churches Could Be Forced To Abandon Their Moral Teachings.'

24 Oct 2007 - White House Warns 'Gay Homosexual' Plan Unconstitutional: Senior Advisers Promise To Recommend Veto

23 Oct 2007 - Pro-Family Legend Dobson Gets Hero's Tribute

23 Oct 2007 - Analyst: Lifting Homosexual Ban Could Drive Up HIV Rates In The Military, Hurt Readiness

23 Oct 2007 - Philadelphia Punishes Boy Scouts For 'Discriminating' Against Homosexuals

23 Oct 2007 - Beware Of An Arnold Dressed As A Rudy: If Republicans Lose Their Opposition To Abortion And Gay Homosexual Marriage, They'll Lose Much Of The Christian Vote

22 Oct 2007 - Gay Homosexual Documentary Denies Biblical Truth: 'This Movie Is False Doctrine, Pure And Simple.'

22 Oct 2007 - Dumbledore Is Gay Homosexual, 'Harry Potter' Author Reveals [Yet another hidden motive behind this EVIL and UNGODLY series of books is revealed!]

22 Oct 2007 - Moral Guidelines Will Cost Boy Scouts $200,000 In Rent

22 Oct 2007 - White House Helped Craft 'Gay Homosexual'/Transsexual Rights Bill: Family-Values Advocates Oppose Sex-Based Workplace Privileges

22 Oct 2007 - Hidden Agendas In The Global A.I.D.S. Campaign

22 Oct 2007 - Philly Punishes Scouts Over 'Gay Homosexual' Issue: Raises Rent For Building Use By $199,999 A Year

19 Oct 2007 - Constitutional Change Would Fix 'Mom,' 'Dad' Ban: Pro-Family Group Says That's Only Way To Overcome Radical Indoctrination Bill

19 Oct 2007 - We Can't Have Those Pesky Parents

18 Oct 2007 - Federal Tax Dollars Fund Gay-Gene Study: Christian Experts Say Findings Won't Trump Personal Responsibility 18 Oct 2007 - Episcopal Leader Adds Fuel To Heated Debate Re: Homosexuality [There is no place in the Church or the Kingdom of God for homosexuality!]

18 Oct 2007 - Court Approved Homosexual Adoption Arrives In Maine [Pure insanity!!! This goes completely against what the family stands for!]

17 Oct 2007 - Values Voters In Calif. Still Fighting After Setback

17 Oct 2007 - Penn. Governor Lends Hand In Extending 'Same-Sex' Benefits To Educational Employees [This is completely STUPID!!! No one deserves extra or special rights, especially these evil abominations that have chosen to go against the Word of God!!!]

17 Oct 2007 - Clinical Psychologist Lists 5 Ways Same-Sex 'Marriage' Harms Children Psychologically

17 Oct 2007 - Ottawa Anglicans Approve 'Same-Sex' Blessings [They obviously care nothing about the true teachings of the Bible and want to experience the wrath of God for supporting this abomination!]

17 Oct 2007 - California 'Mom,' 'Dad' Ban Garners International Scorn: World Congress Of Families Condemns Promotion Of 'Polymorphous Perversion'

16 Oct 2007 - House Set To Vote On Special Rights For Gay Homosexual Employees: 'This Is Not A Democrat Or Republican Issue, This Is A Moral Values Issue.' [NO ONE, absolutely NO ONE, deserves special or extra rights!!!]

16 Oct 2007 - Ban On 'Mom' And 'Dad' Sparks Call For Exodus: 'Public Districts No Longer Are Safe Environment For Children'

16 Oct 2007 - Schwarzenegger Signs Anti-Family Bills Into Law: California Governor Forces Teachers To Promote Homosexuality [He obviously does not care abut morality or the Word of God!]

16 Oct 2007 - Maryland Court Supports Outrageous Sex-Ed Curriculum

16 Oct 2007 - Republican Governator Hands Cal. Kids To Homosexuals [He cares more about letting evil run wild than about the Word of God!]

16 Oct 2007 - Will Miller See The Light?: Miller Brewing Funds A Questionable Gay Homosexual Event

16 Oct 2007 - California Governor Schwarzenegger Veto Of Gay Homosexual "Marriage" Made Meaningless By Other Bills: "Demonstrates The Negative Consequences Of Electing A Liberal Republican To Office"

16 Oct 2007 - Twelve Year Old Boy Using Girls Bathroom In Orono Public School [This is pure lunacy!]

15 Oct 2007 - Vatican Bars Cleric Who Spoke Of Gay Homosexual Sex [Good there is NO place in the Church or elsewhere for this type of evil or those who endorse it!]

15 Oct 2007 - Schwarzenegger Gives Homosexual Measures A Thumbs-Up [Bad news for decency and morality!]

15 Oct 2007 - UK's Christian Institute Says 'Homophobic Hatred' Law Would Stifle Free Speech

15 Oct 2007 - No 'Hate' Needed For Hate-Crimes Prosecution

15 Oct 2007 - Christian Activists To Witness At Homosexual Pride Event, Despite Judge's Ruling

15 Oct 2007 - Calif. Attorney Encourages Citizen Action To Thwart Pro-Homosexual Legislation

15 Oct 2007 - Calif. Churches Line Up Behind Traditional Marriage

15 Oct 2007 - Defending Marriage: Broadcast Guests Call Nation To Action: Dr. Dobson Says, 'It's Not Just Marriage That Is At Stake, It's Absolutely Everything.'

15 Oct 2007 - Judge Rules Lesbian Students Do Not Have Special Rights: School Was Sued After Notifying Parents Of Hallway Kissing Incident [GOOD!!! No one should have special or extra rights!

04 Oct 2007 - Conservative Pastor Faults Episcopalian Leaders' Non-Biblical Stand For Exodus

04 Oct 2007 - California Court Upholds Property-Tax Law For Gay Homosexual Couples [This is insane!]

03 Oct 2007 - Homosexual Sex "Immoral" And Should Not Be Condoned In Law - Outgoing US Military Chief

03 Oct 2007 - President Bush Poised To Make 'Hate Crimes' Veto [Good! No one needs or deserves special or extra rights!]

02 Oct 2007 - Iowa Pastors Push Marriage Amendment

02 Oct 2007 - N.J. Commission Expected To Push For Same-Sex 'Marriage': Apparently, Homosexuals Are Not Satisfied With Civil Union Law [These vile and evil sinners won't be happy until they pervert and destroy everything marriage stand for!]

01 Oct 2007 - San Francisco ... 'No' To Marines, 'Yes' To debauchery

01 Oct 2007 - NY Judge Shifts Gears In Favor Of Same-Sex 'Marriage' [And he invites the wrath of God!!!]

01 Oct 2007 - Passage Of 'Hate Crimes' Measure Met With Conservative Disgust

01 Oct 2007 - Speaker Pelosi Determines "Christianity Has Not Been Harmed" By S&M Last Supper Mockery

28 Sep 2007 - Marine General Stands By Biblical View Of Homosexuality

28 Sep 2007 - Senate Passes Dangerous Hate-Crimes Amendment: Demoncrats Don't Have Enough Votes To Override A Promised Veto

28 Sep 2007 - Ad For Gay Homosexual Street Fair Mocks The Last Supper: Taxpayers Help Fund 'Incredibly Perverse' San Francisco Event

28 Sep 2007 - Kennedy 'Humiliates' Soldiers To Further Homosexual Rights: Claim Military Rife With 'Bigotry' Used To Justify Hate-Crimes Amendment To Defense Spending Bill

28 Sep 2007 - Homosex-Fest Sparks Holy War With Miller: Christians Launch Boycott Of Beer Giant As Company Still Sponsoring Fetish Fair

28 Sep 2007 - Demoncratic Candidates Say They're OK With Second-Grade Teacher Reading Gay Homosexual Prince Fairy Tale

27 Sep 2007 - Miller Pulls Logo From 'Gay Homosexual' Last Supper Ad: But Opposition Might Continue Over Fetish Fair's Inclusion Of 'Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence'

27 Sep 2007 - Kennedy, Smith Succeed In Tying 'Hate Crimes' Measure To DoD Bill

27 Sep 2007 - Compromise Unlikely, Says Episcopal Leader [There is NO room for compromise within the Church or the Word of God!]

27 Sep 2007 - Federal Appeals Court Rejects Demand Of "Transsexuals" For Special Rights [Good! No one deserves special rights, especially these immoral sinners who reject and go against the Word of God!]

27 Sep 2007 - Child Porn Seized From 'Art' Show Comes From Anti-Christian Elton John's Private Collection

27 Sep 2007 - Senate Set To Vote On Hate-Crimes Amendment: Kennedy Bashes Military, Says Crimes Against Homosexuals Are Tantamount To Terrorism

26 Sep 2007 - Appeals Court: No Special Rights For Transsexuals: ENDA Legislation Would Tie The Hands Of Employers [No one should get special rights, especially those who transgress the Word of God!]

26 Sep 2007 - Miller Brewery Funds Gay Homosexual Sadomasochistic Orgy On San Francisco Streets: Ad For Event Portrays Christ And His Disciples As Half-Naked Homosexual Sadomasochists

25 Sep 2007 - Washington Court OKs Gay Homosexual 'Marriages' From Canada: Homosexuals Travel North In Their Effort To Redefine Marriage [More evil out of control!]

25 Sep 2007 - Ugandans Respond To Homosexual Lobby's Attack Against Anti-Sodomy Laws: International Organization, Human Rights Watch, Has History Of Opposing Human Life And Family Legislation

25 Sep 2007 - Nova Scotia Scratches Out "Father" On Birth Certificates For "Father/Other Parent": Progressive Conservatives Rapidly Cave To Homosexual Couple Rather Than Fight Losing Court Battle

25 Sep 2007 - ENDA: Workplace Is The Wrong Place For Sexual Politics: Legislation Would Strike At The Very Heart Of Our American Liberties

21 Sep 2007 - President George Bush Proclaims September 24 Family Day 2007

21 Sep 2007 - Germany: Expiration Date For Marriage: Glamorous Politician Wants Law To Allow 7-Year Itch [PURE LUNACY!]

21 Sep 2007 - Episcopal Church Faces Large Departures Over Gay Homosexual Bishops

21 Sep 2007 - 20/20 To Feature Love Won Out Conference

21 Sep 2007 - Largest Gathering Of Pro-Family Leaders In Florida Draws Homosexual Protest

20 Sep 2007 - Gay Homosexual-Activist Suit Prompts Loss Of Church Group's Tax Exemption: Illustrates How "Non-Discrimination" Language Can Be Used To Hammer Churches, Religious Groups

20 Sep 2007 - Hate Crimes Bill Averted: Attempts To Grant Civil Rights Status To Homosexuality Continue

20 Sep 2007 - Stop Apologizing To The Devil

20 Sep 2007 - Amnesty International Organizes Worldwide Gay Homosexual Protest Against Nicaragua

19 Sep 2007 - Take Action: Let Your Lawmaker Know You Oppose ENDA: Bill Seeks To Enshrine Sexual Orientation In Federal Law

19 Sep 2007 - Maryland High Court Affirms Marriage: Constitutional Amendment Still Needed To Protect It From The Legislature

19 Sep 2007 - Wisconsin Schools Change Policy On Controversial Surveys

19 Sep 2007 - Idaho Pro-Family Group Accuses Judge Of 'Normalizing' Transgenderism

18 Sep 2007 - Focus On the Family Applauds Study On Leaving Homosexuality

18 Sep 2007 - Attorney: Common Sense Rules The Day In Maryland Marriage Decision

17 Sep 2007 - Church 'Storm' Of Mass Defections Brews": Flight From Biblical Orthodoxy Triggers Exodus Of 'Faithful'

15 Sep 2007 - Take Action: Business Community Stands Against ENDA: Legislation Would Put Homosexuals' Rights Above Employers.'

14 Sep 2007 - Oregon: Million Voters Overruled By 54 Lawmakers: Deadline Approaches For Petitions To Keep Traditional Marriage [The ones behind this obviously do not care about where the United States Constitution says, "WE THE PEOPLE...' and also want to experience the wrath of God firsthand!]

14 Sep 2007 - PTA Endorses Demand To Show 'Gays Homosexuals' Positively: Supports Law Banning Content Reflecting Adversely On Homosexuality

14 Sep 2007 - Researchers Say Sexual Orientation Can Change: Book Released Today Reveals It's Difficult, But Possible

14 Sep 2007 - Christians Arrested For Park Prayer Get Legal Help: ADF Wants City Court To Drop Charges

13 Sep 2007 - U.S. House Set To Vote On Special Rights For Gay Homosexual Employees: Under The Employment Non-Discrimination Act, Even Churches May Be Forced To Comply

13 Sep 2007 - Christian School Sued For Upholding Faith-Based Policies

13 Sep 2007 - So Much For 10% Gay Homosexual: New Statistics Show Homosexual Couples Represent Only 0.6% Of All Couples In Canada: Legal Marriage In General Losing Popularity, Especially In Quebec; Single Person Residences Increasing The Most

13 Sep 2007 - Court Forces Michigan High School To Give Bible Club Same Benefits As Gay Homosexual Club

12 Sep 2007 - State's 'Hate Crimes' Code Used Against 'Pure Speech': Civil Rights Advocate Warns Federal Plan 'Still Lurking In Shadows' In U.S. Senate

12 Sep 2007 - 'Mom,' 'Dad,' Targeted By California Bias Ban: 'Parents Want Fundamentals, Not Indoctrination About Sex'

12 Sep 2007 - Christians Will Not Be Prosecuted For Voicing Opposition To Homosexuality Northern Irish Judge Rules

12 Sep 2007 - Fox News Channel Blasted For Supporting Pro-Homosexual Group

12 Sep 2007 - California School Gender-Training Mandate Rockets Toward Governor

11 Sep 2007 - California Legislature Sends Same-Sex 'Marriage' Bill To Governor [Not only is this insane, it is pure EVIL!!!]

11 Sep 2007 - Arkansas Gay Homosexual-Adoption Ban Hits Roadblock

11 Sep 2007 - Chilean Homosexual Non-Discrimination Law Fails Following Protest: Activist Believes Bill's Proponents Will Try Again On September 11th

11 Sep 2007 - Pew Survey Finds Voters Uninformed On Life And Family Issues: Abortion, Homosexual "Marriage" Issues Continue To Take Back Seat In Voters' Minds

11 Sep 2007 - Virginia Voters Target Senior Senator On Hate Crimes

08 Sep 2007 - More Schools Offer Gay Homosexual Studies Classes [This is pure INSANITY!!! We do not need classes promoting this sin or degrees that major in this sin! This is evil out of control!!!]

08 Sep 2007 - Legal Tips For US Parents To Protect Family Values From School Tampering

08 Sep 2007 - Swiss Court Says Labor Law Forbids Catholic Bishop From Removing Dissident Priest From Parish: Priest Repudiated Essential Catholic Teachings On Marriage And Homosexuality And Criticized Vatican [This is completely WRONG! No court anywhere has the right to tell the Church what it may or may not believe or who may and may not be in their clergy! If someone violates the Church teachings then they should be removed if the church so dictates that it is necessary!]

08 Sep 2007 - California Launches Same-Sex Marriage: Vote Substitutes 'Two Persons' For 'Man And Wife' In State Law [Wasn't it not long ago that the voters in California voted to keep marriage only between 1 man and 1 woman? Seems these senators behind this don't care about what The People want, and only want to do their own thing. Well they are inviting the WRATH OF GOD to come upon them for their actions!]

07 Sep 2007 - Aftermath Of Homo Sympathizers

07 Sep 2007 - Homo-Expect-US: Imposing Values On Christians

07 Sep 2007 - US House Begins Hearing On Homosexual Non-Discrimination Act: Act Would Discriminate Against Religious Organizations

07 Sep 2007 - Poland Demands EU Make Day For "Right To Life" Not Just Day Against Death Penalty

07 Sep 2007 - Homosexual EGALE Group Cancels Ontario Party Leaders' Debate Due To Lack of Interest [Great news!!!]

07 Sep 2007 - Investigative Panel: "Gay Homosexual" Status Helped Couple Get Away With Sexually Abusing Foster Children: Blame Laid Squarely On Culture Of Political Correctness Among British Civil Authorities

07 Sep 2007 - Montgomery County Parents Ask Court To Stop Gay Homosexual Curriculum

07 Sep 2007 - Take Action: California Legislature Takes Up Batch of Bad Bills: Dr. Dobson Says, 'They Have Outdone Themselves This Time.'

06 Sep 2007 - Thousands Of Spanish Families Boycott Homosexual Indoctrination Program: Whole Provinces And Schools Declare Their Unwillingness To Teach The Material [Good for them for standing up to this evil! We need to see this same thing done in the U.S. and everywhere else!]

06 Sep 2007 - Prominent UK Tory Politician Says Support For Civil Unions "Insults Intelligence" Of British

06 Sep 2007 - Russian Court Upholds Moscow Ban On Gay Homosexual Pride Parade [Good for them for standing up and stopping this evil!]

06 Sep 2007 - Maryland Parents Move To Halt Student Indoctrination

05 Sep 2007 - Proposed Chilean Law Threatens Religious Freedom: Would Destroy The Legal Right To Oppose Homosexual Behavior

05 Sep 2007 - Homosexual Indoctrination Grade 12 Curriculum To Start In British Columbia Schools: Result Of Human Rights Settlement By The Government With Homosexual Activists

04 Sep 2007 - BBC Schedules Week Of Pro-Gay Homosexual Programs To Commemorate 1957 Sodomy Legalization

04 Sep 2007 - Anglican Schism Over Homosexuality Widens: Two American Episcopal Church Bishops Re-Ordained For Service In Kenya Anglican Church

04 Sep 2007 - Iowa Judge Temporarily Imposes "Gay Homosexual Marriage" On State: "Renegade Judge" Ordered County Officials To Give Marriage Licenses To Six Gay Couples

31 Aug 2007 - Renegade Judge Strikes Down Iowa Defense Of Marriage Act: Dr. Dobson Calls It A 'Purely Political Ruling.'

31 Aug 2007 - Brazilian Gay Homosexual Groups Launch Multiple Lawsuits To Silence Christian Opposition: Flurry Of Lawsuits Is Attempt To Prevent Criticism Of Homosexual Movement

31 Aug 2007 - VIDEO: Lord Of The Rings Film Star Ian McKellen Admits To Ripping Out Hotel Bible Sections Against Homosexuality

30 Aug 2007 - The Slippery Slope Of 'Hate-Crimes' Laws: Congress Is About To Take Up A Bill That Would Establish Special Protections For Homosexuals

30 Aug 2007 - AETNA Insurance Will Cover Any Abortion, For Any Reason, Any Time During Pregnancy: Aetna Is Also One Of Only 11 US Company's Which Is Given A 100% Approval Rate By Homosexual Activists

29 Aug 2007 - Gay Homosexual Activists Assault Ex-Gay Homosexual, Trash Parents And Friends Of Ex-Gays Homosexuals Booth At Fair: Activist Struck PFOX Ex-Gay Homosexual Over Testimony About Leaving Homosexual Lifestyle

25 Aug 2007 - One Quarter of Black Population Missing From Abortion Genocide Says Dr. Alveda King

25 Aug 2007 - Wife Of Chinese Opponent Of Forced Abortion Missing After Police Confrontation: Passport Suddenly Declared Invalid At Airport, Police Detained Her, Took Her Away, But Now Deny Seeing Her

25 Aug 2007 - Researchers' "Blind Faith" In Embryonic Stem-Cell Research An "Idolatrous Gospel" Says Catholic Cardinal: Scientist Warns Bioethics Fundamentally Opposed To Traditional, Christian Medical Ethics

25 Aug 2007 - Dominican Republic Protest Against Attempt To Legalize Abortion: Although Abortion Currently Illegal In Island Nation, Law Is Rarely Enforced

25 Aug 2007 - Evangelical, Greek Orthodox And Roman Catholic Leaders Endorse Sept. 30 Canadian Life Chain

25 Aug 2007 - Restrictions On Pro-Life Advocacy During Elections Unconstitutional Says Denver Court

24 Aug 2007 - Virginia Commission Works To Strengthen Marriage: Team Of Scholars, Attorneys, Counselors, Pastors And Lawmakers Seeks Policy Solutions To Divorce

24 Aug 2007 - Homosexualists Have No Argument Against Christians

24 Aug 2007 - Gay Homosexual' Lessons Violate Civil Rights, Man Says: Case Of Dad Handcuffed And Jailed For Objecting Moves To Appeals Court

23 Aug 2007 - Ugandan Vice President Opposes Abortion And Homosexuality As "Abnormal" And "Immoral" [Praise God! We need more leaders like him in the world who are not afraid to stand up to this evil!]

22 Aug 2007 - Washington State Launches Family Policy Institute: Director Has His Work Cut Out For Him In The Defense Of Marriage

22 Aug 2007 - The High Price Of 'Hate-Crimes' Laws: Next Month Congress Is Expected To Take Up A "Hate-Crimes" Bill That Would Establish Special Protections For Homosexuals

22 Aug 2007 - Uganda Pro-Family Rally: "God Loves Homos, He Hates Homosexuality

22 Aug 2007 - Methodists Sue New Jersey Over Attempt To Force Gay Homosexual "Marriage" At Church Owned Camp

21 Aug 2007 - MTV/AP Study Shows Youth Value Marriage, Family: Is The Culture Getting In The Way Of Their Dreams?

19 Aug 2007 - Forced Education In Homosexuality And Evolution Leads To Exodus Of Mennonites From Quebec

19 Aug 2007 - New Jersey Gay Homosexual Activists Seek To Redefine Marriage: Family Advocates Question A Poll Being Used To Make The Case

17 Aug 2007 - Civilized Societies Don't Have 'Hate Crimes' Laws

17 Aug 2007 - Reject The 'Hate Crimes' Bill

17 Aug 2007 - San Diego Firefighter Says He Received Threats" Captain And Three Others Sued City Over Gay Homosexual-Pride Parade

17 Aug 2007 - Maryland Schools To Teach That Sexual Deviance Is Normal This Fall

15 Aug 2007 - Church Refuses To Hold Funeral For Homosexual Man Because It Would Include Gay Homosexual Propaganda: The Decision Is "Not Based On Hate, Or Discrimination, But Upon Principle And Policy"

15 Aug 2007 - Church Group Sues N.J. Over Free Exercise Of Religion

14 Aug 2007 - Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Says 'Committed' Relationships OK For Gay Clergy: 'This Decision Will Be An Excuse For Bishops To Disobey Policy.' [WRONG!!! These types of "relationships" are not "OK," especially for members of the ministry! This is totally wrong and goes against the teachings of God! EVIL is still EVIL no matter what they or anyone else says!]

14 Aug 2007 - It's Not About Marriage

14 Aug 2007 - Victory For San Diego Firefighters: No Longer Forced To Drive In Gay Homosexual Parade [GOOD!!! It was wrong to force them to participate in the first place!]

11 Aug 2007 - Grandma Got Run Over By A 'Hate-Crimes' Law: Next Month Congress Is Expected To Take Up A 'Hate-Crimes' Bill That Would Establish Special Protections For Homosexuals

11 Aug 2007 - Same-Sex 'Marriage' Floodgates Open Wider In Massachusetts [More evil out of control!]

11 Aug 2007 - Canada's Barbarian Playground?

11 Aug 2007 - Philly Schools Drop 'Gay Homosexual And Lesbian History Month' [Good! This evil does not need to be celebrated or promoted, especially in the schools!]

10 Aug 2007 - Court Rules In Favor Of Same-Sex Adoption: Okalahoma Amendment Thrown Out As 'Unconstitutional.' [This is pure nonsense and should NOT be allowed to happen!]

10 Aug 2007 - Gay Homosexual Endorsements Could Keep Voters Away: Homosexuality Was The Most Polarizing Issue In Recent Study

09 Aug 2007 - Gay Homosexual Lutherans Challenge Celibacy Policy [First they break what the Word of God says about homosexuality and now they want to break even more. There is NO place in the Church for homosexuals, especially as ministers!]

09 Aug 2007 - Ex-Gay Homosexual Group Can Hand Out Fliers in Virginia Schools: School District Settles After Legal Challenge

09 Aug 2007 - Marriage Education Catches On

09 Aug 2007 - Bush Pledges To Veto Homosexual Hate-Crimes Legislation

09 Aug 2007 - Search For "Gay Homosexual Gene" Is "Bad Science" Says Nebraska Professor

08 Aug 2007 - Bush Pledges To Veto Hate-Crimes Legislation: It's Important To Talk With Your Senators While They Are Home On Recess [GOOD!!! I hope and pray he does what he promised! We do NOT need any laws that give anyone or any group special or extra rights and protection. Everyone is suppose to be treated exactly the same under the law!]

07 Aug 2007 - Firefighters Forced To Join In 'Gay Homosexual Pride' Parade: File Lawsuit Against City After Enduring 3 Hours Of Lewd Remarks, Gestures

07 Aug 2007 - Christian Mayor Rejects 'Gay Homosexual Pride' Flag: Knows Decision Unpopular But Says He Must Abide By Bible [Amen! More public officials need to stand up against this evil and do what is right!]

07 Aug 2007 - Gutsy Mayor Exposes National 'Gay Homosexual' Public Sex Scandal - Gets Support Of Women's Group [Why do we not see more public officials standing up against this evil?]

07 Aug 2007 - Homosexual Immorality: What's The Debate?

04 Aug 2007 - 'Hate-Crimes' Laws Ultimately Drag Christians Into Court: Next Month Congress Is Expected To Take Up A "Hate-Crimes" Bill That Would Establish Special Protections For Homosexuals

04 Aug 2007 - Florida Marriage Amendment Moves Full Speed Ahead: Residents Seek To Prevent Redefinition Of The Sacred Institution

04 Aug 2007 - Twenty Priests Defrocked Over Opposition To Homosexuality [There is NO place in the Church for homosexuality!]

04 Aug 2007 - Human Rights Complaint Dropped Against Canadian Conservative Website: Website Administrators Say Canadian Human Rights Commission And So-Called 'Hate-Crime' Laws Are Serious Threat To Free Speech In Canada

03 Aug 2007 - Same-Sex Marriage Could Spread With 'Divorce' Ruling: Lesbian Couple United In Massachusetts Challenges Law In Neighboring Rhode Island [Evil completely out of control!!!]

03 Aug 2007 - Love Won Out Conference Comes To Oregon Saturday: Portland's City Bible Church Welcomes Message Of Hope For People Who Are Unhappy With Their Homosexuality

03 Aug 2007 - Massachusetts Welcomes Gay Homosexual Couples To Come Get Married: States Without Laws To Protect Marriage Are Targeted

02 Aug 2007 - BC To Seek Supreme Court Opinion On Whether Polygamy is Constitutional

02 Aug 2007 - Son Suing Mother and Lesbian Partner for Horrifying Abuse [Good for him! This continues to prove the point about same sex couples and children!]

02 Aug 2007 - 'NetNanny' Labels WND Site As 'Hate': Software Filters Still Blocking Web Access [NetNanny just doesn't like those who proclaim the truth and expose evil for what it is!]

02 Aug 2007 - Telling Kids Homosexuality 'Innate' Challenged: Court Asked To Overturn Curriculum Deemed Inaccurate, Unsafe [This brainwashing in the schools needs to be stopped immediately!]

02 Aug 2007 - Maryland OKs Outrageous Sex-Ed Curriculum [More brainwashing in the public schools!]

02 Aug 2007 - British Columbia Government Releases Overview Of Controversial Pro-Gay Homosexual School Curriculum [Even more brainwashing going on]

01 Aug 2007 - Those Deliberately Playing In Traffic Should Get Run Over

01 Aug 2007 - Vermont Commission Studies Same-Sex Marriage: State Considers Move In The Wrong Direction Seven Years After Legalizing Civil Unions [There is one word that perfectly describes this, EVIL!]

01 Aug 2007 - Brazil Attacks Against Family Defenders Backed By Pro-Homosexual Regime Of Nation's President: Part 2 Of Report On Brazil's Aggressive Homosexual Movement

01 Aug 2007 - Bush Administration Votes To Give U.N. Consultative Status To Radical Homosexual Groups: C-Fam's Austin Ruse States, "There Is A Large And Influential Homosexual Lobby Within The State Department."

01 Aug 2007 - Judge's Decision 'Normalizes' Transgenderism: Family Values Group Criticizes Ruling Taxpayers Must Fund Treatment [This is pure insanity! There is nothing normal about this evil and chosen way of life!]

31 July 2007 - Gay Homosexual-Activist Groups Granted Special Status At The U.N.: U.S. Votes In Favor [More madness for and by those who have freely chosen to go against the Word of God!]

31 July 2007 - German Government Publication Promotes Incestuous Pedophilia As Healthy Sex Ed: Micheal O'Brien, Author On Crisis Of Culture In West, Says This "German State Intervention In Family Life Is A New Level Of Auto-Destruction"

31 July 2007 - Marriage Down, Cohabitation Up: Expert Says The U.S. Is Near A Tipping Point

28 July 2007 - New Survey Finds Majority Of Americans Remain Opposed To Same-Sex "Marriage"

28 July 2007 - UK Catholic Church Agency To Cease Adoption Work As Government Forces Homosexual Adoption

28 July 2007 - U.K. Girl Guides Gear Up For New "Safe-Sex" Program [More brainwashing!]

27 July 2007 - Massachusetts Allows Out-Of-Staters To Obtain Homosexual "Marriage" [Evil completely out of control!]

26 July 2007 - Seattle Mayor's Gay Homosexual Benefits Policy Challenged For Undermining The State Ban On Same-Sex "Marriage" [This clearly shows that this mayor and those he supports have no regard for the law, decency, or morality!]

26 July 2007 - Gay Homosexual-Friendly "Diversity Training" To Be Mandatory In Spanish Schools: Such programs Can Be Expected To Be Put In Place All Over World As Part Of Movement To Deconstruct the Family [More brainwashing!]

26 July 2007 - Massachusetts Family Advocates Take On Lawmakers: Eleven Legislators Who Switched Votes On Marriage Amendment Are Highlighted

25 July 2007 - Spanish Judge Tells Lesbian Mother To Choose Children Or Same-Sex Partner, NOT Both: Now Under Disciplinary Proceedings From Murcia Supreme Court

25 July 2007 - Political Website Cited For Crime Of 'Offending': 'All It Takes Is For Someone To Say My Feelings Were Hurt'

25 July 2007 - Senate Delays Important Hate-Crimes Vote: Amendment Would Give Homosexuals Special Protection

24 July 2007 - Corporations Help Advance Gay Homosexual Agenda: Alliance Defense Fund Offers To Assist Chief Executives Who Resist Pressure From Activists

23 July 2007 - Judge Upholds Decision Of Church To Leave Denomination Over Homosexual "Marriage"

21 July 2007 - 'Tolerance' Equals Censorship In Public School District: Official Tells Group To 'Stay Out Of Our Schools.'

20 July 2007 - California Marriage Amendment Drive Takes Shape: Golden State May Join The 27 That Have Changed Their Constitutions To Protect Traditional Unions

20 July 2007 - Radical Homosexuals Outline Strategy For Advancing Their Agenda At UN: Muslims, Christians Fear Accepting Term "Sexual Orientation" Could Deny Religious Freedom To Criticize Homosexual Lifestyle

20 July 2007 - Canada's Human Rights Commission Used To Target Conservative Website With "Hate Speech": Free Dominion Website Not Yet Given Any Details

19 July 2007 - Pastor Accused Of "Hate Speech" Defends Himself Before Human Rights Commission: "I Do Not Hate The Homosexual. I Hate The Practice," Boissoin Tells Commission [Yet another attempt by the followers of evil to silence the truth!]

19 July 2007 - Parents And Friends Of Ex-Gays Homosexuals Kept Out Of Maryland Schools: Threaten To Sue

18 July 2007 - Gay Homosexual Activists Try To Stop TV Report On Lesbian Gang Attacks: High School Students Are The Victims

17 July 2007 - Kennedy Cramming Hate Crimes Into Defense Bill: 'Shameless Attempt To Push Homosexual Agenda ... By Exploiting Soldiers'

17 July 2007 - The Mother Of The Homosexual Movement - Evelyn Hooker PhD

14 July 2007 - Experts: Credit Romney For Homosexual Marriage: 'What He Did Was Exercise Illegal Legislative Authority'

13 July 2007 - U.S. Senate Prepares To Vote On Dangerous Hate-Crimes Bill: Vote Could Come Monday On Amendment To Create Special Protections For Homosexuals [This is completely wrong! NO ONE should be entitled to special rights or protections!]

12 July 2007 - Psychologists To Review Policy On Homosexuality: Focus On The Family, Others Urge APA To Consider Faith Of Patients

12 July 2007 - Homosexual Library With Hard-Core Porn Opens On Public City Property: Mayor: "I Fear That We're The First City That Has A Hard-Core Porn Collection In Our Public Library."

12 July 2007 - Liverpool Catholic Church Praised For Refusing To Allow Pro-homosexual Group To Use Church Premises

12 July 2007 - Capitol Hill Rally To Protest New "Hate Crimes" Legislation A Success

11 July 2007 - UK Minister Says "Homophobic Abuse" Same as "Racist Abuse" [He obviously has no idea what he's talking about. Homosexuality has NOTHING to do with race. And just because you are against homosexuality does not mean you are homophobic. See the article, "Homophobic, Politically Correct, Or Anti-Sin?" at:]

11 July 2007 - Homosexual Conference Instructs How To Influence Government, Society [More work of the DEVIL!]

10 July 2007 - Payback For Exposé On 'Dyke' Gang Rapes: Homosexual Activists Attack Revelations Of Lesbian Assaults

10 July 2007 - United Church Of Christ Announces Support Of Same-Sex 'Marriage' [They have obviously turned their backs on Biblical teachings and want to experience the wrath of God!]

10 July 2007 - Man Claims Bar Exam Question About Homosexual Rights Is Unconstitutional

08 July 2007 - Have You Ever Visited A Gay Homosexual Pride Parade? : Dave Visited Sodom & Gomorrah On Parade [This verse seems to describe the homosexuals and their activities perfectly: "Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do." John 8:44]

07 July 2007 - Now Praying Gets 7 Christians Arrested: Cops Call Holding Bibles While Lying Prostrate 'Disturbing Peace'

03 July 2007 - 'Gay Homosexual'-Rights Leader Quits Homosexuality: Rising Star In Movement Says God Liberated Him From Lifestyle

01 July 2007 - Protesting Pastors Jailed - Signs Wider Than Torsos: Police At Homosex-Fest Use Girth To Enforce Free-Speech Limitations [So much for the Constitution of the United States of America! Now we see who are the real haters. The homosexuals want their say but won't let anyone else have theirs! They scream for tolerance, but only so long as you agree with them and don't have a different viewpoint! I see no tolerance on their part here.]

01 July 2007 - Not Even Baseball Safe From 'Gay Homosexual' Promotions: Afternoon At The Park To Feature 'Pride' Singers, Free Caps For Kids

01 June 2007 - Hetero Woman: Feminism Turned Me Into Lesbian: 'I'd Had A Very Happy Marriage And A Very Good Relationship With Men'

30 June 2007 - Ugandan Minister Receives Dozens Of Threats Daily From Homosexual Activists: States, "With Such Words And Language Used, I Have Noticed That Those People Are Sick. They Need Help."

30 June 2007 - Uganda Protects True Marriage And Criminalizes Same-Sex 'Marriage'

30 June 2007 - Ugandan Archbishop Warns Of God's Wrath In Homosexual Relationships

30 June 2007 - Uganda: Gays Homosexuals Attacking Me, Says Minister Buturo

30 June 2007 - League Challenges Maine Catholic Chancery On Marriage

29 June 2007 - Belgian Catholic Bishop Accused Of Homophobia For Calling Homosexuals "Abnormal": Bishop States, "Promotion Of Homosexuality Through Gay Homosexual Prides Signifies The Return To Gréco-Roman Antiquity... A Recession Of 20 Centuries"

29 June 2007 - Communist Cuba Goverment Seeks To Secure Homosexual "Right" To Adoption

29 June 2007 - Pastor Leads Southern Baptist Ministry To Homosexuals

29 June 2007 - California Committee OKs Bill To Push Gay Homosexual Agenda In Schools [They obviously want to experience the wrath of God firsthand]

29 June 2007 - Exodus Conference Offers Hope To Hundreds

29 June 2007 - Public Gagged At City's Homosexual Festival: Restrictions Planned Include Sign Limits, Bullhorn Bans

28 June 2007 - Only 1 Canadian Same-Sex Couple "Married" In Toronto This Year: Mostly Foreigners Now Getting Licenses

28 June 2007 - Oppose Federal Funding Of D.C. Domestic Partnerships

26 June 2007 - People Born Homosexual, Say Local School Officials: Parents, Doctors, Ex-'Gays Homosexuals' Protest Planned Curriculum [So what qualifies these school officials to make that sort of determination? Obviously they have NO idea what they are talking about!]

26 June 2007 - "America's Rabbi" Warns: "Enormous, Humanic And Historic Upheaval" Rapidly Approaching: Interview With Rabbi Daniel Lapin On How Today's World Compares To The Days Of Noah

26 June 2007 - Massachusetts Catholic Church Announces State-Wide Initiative To Promote Marriage [More churches need to do the same thing and get involved and take a stand!]

23 June 2007 - Atlanta Officials Declare Constitution Free Zone: 'Your Message Is Not Congruent,' So Leave Public Property Or Be Arrested [Out of all the different groups, Christians were banned and ordered NOT to even attempt to come onto this public property under threat of arrest!]

23 June 2007 - California Exodus Freedom Conference Draws A Crowd - And Critics: 'A Unique And Relevant Voice' In The Dialogue About Homosexuality

22 June 2007 - "Our Views On The Nature Of Marriage Won't Be Changing": Australian PM: Prime Minister Also "Opposed To The Recognition Of Civil Unions" And Same-Sex Adoption [If only more leaders would stand up and do the right thing like him, then we wouldn't have the mess that is currently going on]

22 June 2007 - Two Colleges, One City Trying To Skirt Michigan Marriage Amendment

22 June 2007 - Charges Against Student Accused Of Hate Crime Dropped

22 June 2007 - Victory For Marriage In Latin America -- For Now

21 June 2007 - Will Hate Crimes Legislation Be Used To Silence Talk Radio?

21 June 2007 - State Education Chief Pushes 'Gay Homosexual' Pornfest: Board Member Calls Comments An 'In Your Face' Problem

21 June 2007 - Last Minute Heroics Stave Off Homosexual Bill In Colombia

19 June 2007 - Four Massachusetts Lawmakers Renege On Marriage Promises: They Refuse To Let The People Decide The Definition Of Marriage [It's obvious that Massachusetts no longer believes in what the Constitution of the United States says concerning 'WE THE PEOPLE..."]

19 June 2007 - Homosexuals March In Rome: Government Sponsors This Event But Declined To Sponsor Previous, Vastly Larger Pro-Family Event

19 June 2007 - Pro-Family French President Wins Majority For A Second Time, But Loses Ground To The Socialists

16 June 2007 - English-Language Media Wildly Overestimated Brazil Gay Homosexual Pride Numbers, Underestimated Pro-Family March: Brazilian Gay Homosexual Pride March Vs March For Jesus: A Comparative Analysis [This adds to the proof of the media's bias]

15 June 2007 - Kupelian Explores 'War On Fathers': 'Marketing Of Evil' Author Guest On Nationally Broadcast 'Today's Issues'

15 June 2007 - Massachusetts Lawmakers Silence Voters On Marriage: A Dozen Legislators Bow To Pressure, Vote Against Sending A Constitutional Amendment To The People [I guess it is no longer "WE THE PEOPLE" anymore in Massachusetts]

15 June 2007 - Airline, Bank Criticized For Funding Gay Homosexual Pride Festival

14 June 2007 - No Gay Homosexual Marriage Vote For Massachusetts [So why did the governor there block this? What happened to the words, "WE THE PEOPLE"? Obviously he doesn't care about what the people want, only what he wants!]

13 June 2007 - A Call To Prayer: Marriage Under Fire In Massachusetts: Key Vote On Amendment Could Come Thursday

13 June 2007 - Homosexual Activist Sends Three More Bullets And 2nd Death Threat For Pro-Marriage Catholic Bishop

12 June 2007 - National Ex-Gay Homosexual Group Defends Surgeon General Nominee Holsinger and Ex-Gay Homosexual Community Attacked By Gay Homosexual Groups

12 June 2007 - Washington Parents Weren't Told Before Students Had Homosexuality Lesson

09 June 2007 - Australian PM Opposes Homosexual Adoption

09 June 2007 - President Bush's Choice For Surgeon Gen. Said Homosexual Practices "Unnatural And Unhealthy"

08 June 2007 - No More Gay Homosexual Benefits In Michigan City [This is excellent news!!! Neither they nor any other group should be allowed to have special benefits or privileges]

07 June 2007 - CBS News Anchor Bryant Gumbel Says He Was Right To Call Pro-Family Advocate A F***ing Idiot [HE SHOULD BE FIRED!!!!]

07 June 2007 - Mitt Romney Challenged On 'Gay Homosexual Marriage' [Good for him for sticking up for what is right!]

07 June 2007 - California Assembly Approves Gay Homosexual-Marriage Bill: Schwarzenegger, Who Vetoed Similar Legislation In 2005, Has Said He'll Do It Again [Good I hope he keeps his word]

07 June 2007 - 2008 Democratic Candidates Push Gay Homosexual Agenda

07 June 2007 - Maine Legislature Expands Family Leave Act To Include Gays Homosexuals [This is wrong and should NOT be allowed!]

05 June 2007 - N-Word Fine, But 'Family Values' Banned: Christians Challenge Ruling That 'Hate Speech' Could Scare Workers

02 June 2007 - Gay Homosexual Activist Group Opposes Surgeon General Nominee: Man Of Faith Is Under Fire For Biblical Stance On Homosexuality

02 June 2007 - United Methodists To Weigh Transsexuality: Issue Will Be Discussed At 2008 General Conference [There is NO issue to discuss. It goes against the teachings of the Bible so it is wrong. Period!]

02 June 2007 - N.H. Governor Signs Civil-Union Law [And invites the wrath of God upon himself and his state!]

02 June 2007 - eHarmony Sued For Only Matching Men And Women [Those who participant in the evil known as homosexuality will do anything to get themselves recognized or try to normalize their vile sin and sugarcoat it into making it look like something that is natural and normal]

02 June 2007 - Philly City Council Ends 79-Year Boy Scout Lease Over Refusal To Accept Homosexual Leaders [So the punish the Boy Scouts for standing up and doing what is right. Who are they to dictate policy to the Boy Scouts or anyone else?]

31 May 2007 - Irish Politician Accused Of Inciting Violence Against Gays Homosexuals For Saying Homosexuality Is Wrong [There is nothing wrong with speaking the truth about an evil!]

30 May 2007 - Lawsuit Challenges New York's Same-Sex Benefits: Experts Say New Regulations Are Part Of An Agenda Coming Down From The Governor

29 May 2007 - The Real Hate Speech

29 May 2007 - Homosexual Radicals Demonize Religious Beliefs Of Opponents - Brief Article

26 May 2007 - California Senate Passes Bill Aimed At Indoctrinating Kids: Despite Last Year's Veto, Senator Again Pushed Radical Homosexual Agenda On California Schools

26 May 2007 - FDA: Gay Men Still Banned From Donating Blood Over Documented Risk Concerns [GOOD!!! Well at least the FDA can do one thing right]

25 May 2007 - Nebraska Senate Won't Give Gays Homosexuals Special Protection [GOOD!!! No one should be allowed to have special rights or protection!]

25 May 2007 - Lawmakers Pass Redefinition Of 'Sex': Bill Threatens References To 'Mom,' 'Dad' At School [This is pure insanity!]

24 May 2007 - North Carolina Speaker Kills Marriage Amendment Bill

24 May 2007 - Thomas More Law Center Tells Michigan Legislators "Adoption By Homosexual Partners Is Gravely Immoral"

23 May 2007 - Suspensions, Furor Over 'Anti-Gay Homosexual' Shirts: Parents, Students, Church Leaders Press Board For Free-Speech Rights

18 May 2007 - Bill Sees Churches As Political Lobbies: Grassroots Advocacy Again Under Fire From Congress [Yet another attempt to silence the Churches from speaking the Truths of the Word of God!]

18 May 2007 - House Committee Kills Dangerous Grassroots Language: Calls, E-Mails, Petitions Convince Lawmakers To Respect Free Speech

17 May 2007 - President Carter To Military: Get Rid Of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Homosexual Policy: Carter Has Been Outspoken Advocate Of Homosexual "Rights", Supporting Homosexual Civil Unions And Indicated Openness To Same-Sex "Marriage" [He just continues to show that he has no morals or sense of decency at all]

17 May 2007 - Colorado Gov. Bans Abstinence-Only Sex Ed, Permits Homosexual Adoption

16 May 2007 - 12-Year-Old Forced To Watch Brokeback Mountain Sues School: She Claims Teacher Shut The Door And Told The Class Not To Tell

16 May 2007 - Decline Of Marriage Leads To Decline Of Civilization: International Gathering Centers On Importance Of Family

15 May 2007 - India Refuses Diplomatic Status For Homosexual Partners Of Canadian Gay Homosexual Diplomats [GOOD FOR INDIA!!! More countries need to follow this example]

15 May 2007 - 1.5 Million Italians Turn Out In Massive Rome Protest Against Homosexual Civil Unions: Organizers Were Expecting Only 100,000

15 May 2007 - House Set To Take Up Grassroots-Lobbying Legislation: 'The Harder They Try To Silence Us, The More Convinced We Should Become That We Must Speak Out'

15 May 2007 - International Gathering Affirms The Natural Family: 'We See A World Restored In Line With The Intent Of Its Creator'

14 May 2007 - 'Gay Homosexual' Cowboy Love Scenes 'Traumatize' Schoolgirl, 12: Family Sues District For $500,000 After 'Brokeback' Shown In Class [What in the world is this being shown to a classroom full of 12 year old kids for? Not only should the school district be sued, but the instructor(s) and everyone else responsible should be fired!]

13 May 2007 - 'Repulsive' Poland Confronts Europe: 'They Are Inspiring People Around The World With Their Stance' [More countries need to be just as "repulsive!"]

12 May 2007 - Bill Requires Hiring 'Gays Homosexuals,' Cross-Dressers: 'Perceived Sexual Orientation Or Gender Identity' Protected [Another bill supporting those who have chosen to go against the Word of God!]

12 May 2007 - University Tries To Conceal 'Gay Homosexual' Advocacy: Admits Designating New Facility For 'Transgenders' [Pure insanity!]

12 May 2007 - Catholic Bishops' Family Group Refutes Gay Homosexual Parent Study Findings

12 May 2007 - Largest-Ever Gathering Of International Pro-Family Forces Opens In Warsaw Poland

12 May 2007 - Catholic Latvian Cardinal Warns "Gay Homosexual" Pride Parade A Foretaste Of "True Military" Attack On Nation's Values

12 May 2007 - Catholic Ugandan Archbishop Warns Of God's Wrath In Homosexual Relationships

12 May 2007 - Students Take A Stand For Truth: Nearly A Month After The Day Of Silence And Day Of Truth, Controversy Continues

12 May 2007 - Massachusetts Governor: Marriage Vote To Bring 'Political Circus' [Typical comment from someone who supports this mockery of what marriage is really about. He just doesn't want the abomination they are supporting and involved in to be stopped!]

11 May 2007 - God's Design For Marriage

11 May 2007 - Same-Sex Benefits Now Law In Oregon [This is ABSURD!!! They really are inviting the wrath of God to come upon them!]

10 May 2007 - Dangerous 'Hate-Crimes' Legislation Heads To Senate: Government Could 'Muzzle The Church' If Americans Don't Speak Out

10 May 2007 - Chicago Pulls Billboard That Mocked Marriage

09 May 2007 - Thank Lawmakers Who Voted Against The 'Hate-Crimes' Bill: Let Them Know You Noticed How They Voted

09 May 2007 - 8-Year-Old's Amazon Search Turns Up Porn: Student Handed Offer For 'Pornucopia' In Hunt For Science Videos

09 May 2007 - Rome's Chief Rabbi Accused Of "Racism" For Opposing Italy Gay Homosexual Rights Bill [No matter how hard these evil people try, homosexuality is NOT a racial issue]

08 May 2007 - Massachusetts Legislature Debates Marriage Amendment: Ballot Issue Could Be Delayed By Months

08 May 2007 - Lawsuit Takes Aim At Iowa Defense Of Marriage Act: Attorney For Gay Homosexual Couples Claims Law Is 'Mean Spirited,' Violates Constitution [The protection of marriage and the family is not "mean spirited." This is just how those who scream for tolerance react when people do not agree with them!]

08 May 2007 - Parents Outraged After Fifth-Graders Told To Read Gay Homosexual-Marriage Column

08 May 2007 - Court Ruling Does Support Incest, Polygamy: Time Admits Critics Of 'Gay Homosexual' Rights Decision Were Right [This just goes to prove the point that one thing leads to another and another!]

08 May 2007 - Pro-Family Candidate Elected President Of France Over Gay Homosexual 'Marriage', Euthanasia Supporter: Sarkozy Stated, "Our Model Must Remain That Of A Heterosexual Family: Children Need A Father And A Mother"

08 May 2007 - Lithuania Holds First March For Life And Family

05 May 2007 - Appeal In N.Y. To Block Unconstitutional Same-Sex Benefits

05 May 2007 - 'Gay Homosexual' Activist Says 'We Will BURY You': Threats Made Against Christian Workers Opposing Homosexual Agenda

05 May 2007 - Students At Pro-Gay Homosexual High School Swarm Parents Protesting Homosexuality: "Screaming, Swearing And Throwing Food" While Several Teachers And Administrators Stood By

04 May 2007 - Oregon Senate OKs Same-Sex Partnerships [They must really want to experience the wrath of God!]

04 May 2007 - President Says 'Hate Crimes' Plan Unneeded: Advisers Would Recommend Veto Of Discriminatory Federal Plan

04 May 2007 - Dr. Dobson Applauds Bush's Pledge To Veto 'Hate-Crimes' Bill: U.S. House Passes Legislation Contradicting The 14th Amendment's Guarantee Of Equal Protection

03 May 2007 - Focus Launches Petition Drive To Stop 'Hate-Crimes' Bill: Dr. Dobson Wants To Send 250,000 Names To Congress

03 May 2007 - Dr. Dobson, Pro-life Groups Warn Sexual Orientation "Hate Crime" Law Threatens Religious Freedom: Christian Leaders Urge President Bush To Veto Legislation

02 May 2007 - Dr. Dobson Asks The Nation to Oppose Hate-Crimes Bill: Says Legislation Could "Pave The Way For Religious Persecution" In The U.S.

02 May 2007 - 700,000 Petitioners Say They'll Boycott Ford

02 May 2007 - NY Governor Spitzer Pushes Abortion And Gay Homosexual Marriage

01 May 2007 - Threats Escalate With Bullet Mailed To Italian Cardinal Opposing Same-Sex Civil Unions

30 Apr 2007 - Teachers Insist: Being 'Gay Homosexual' Good - 'Educators' Promoting Homosexuality No Matter What Children Learn At Home

30 Apr 2007 - California Bill Would Mandate Gender-Neutral Schools: Christian Students Would Be Silenced In The Name Of 'Bias-Free Education' [More insanity from those who hate God!]

28 Apr 2007 - YouTube Pulls Videos Showing Homosexual Indoctrination Of Elementary School Children

28 Apr 2007 - Homosexuals Brainwashing Our Children In Elementary Schools [The videos are now posted here since YouTube removed them]

28 Apr 2007 - What The Bible Says About Homosexuality

27 Apr 2007 - Ban On 'Mom' And 'Dad' Considered - Again: California Agenda Would Require K-12 'Gay Homosexual' Indoctrination [This is pure insanity!]

27 Apr 2007 - European Parliament Passes Resolution Vowing To Take 'Homophobic' Countries To Court: Slams Poland As "Hateful" For Failing To Allow Promotion of Homosexuality In Schools

27 Apr 2007 - Democrats Refuse Religious Freedom Amendment To Hate Crimes Bill: Law Would Grant Federal Government Sweeping, Entirely Subjective Authority To Regulate Thoughts, Words And Actions Of American Citizens

27 Apr 2007 - Dozens Of California Students Suspended For Peacefully Countering Pro-Gay Homosexual Propaganda: Estimated 3-4,000 Students In The Sacramento Area Chose To Stay Home

27 Apr 2007 - Florida Family Policy Council Sues Harassing Police Officer: Staff, Volunteers Were Told To Stop Collecting Marriage Petitions

27 Apr 2007 - Iowa House, Senate Give Gays Homosexuals Special Protection [No one, regardless of who they are, should be entitled to special protection or rights!]

26 Apr 2007 - Indianapolis Billboards Claim The Bible Affirms Homosexuality: Signs Are Sponsored By Gay Homosexual-Affirming Church [Anyone who has read the Bible knows that the Bible condemns homosexuality!]

26 Apr 2007 - Christians In Bull's-Eye In New 'Hate Crimes' Plan: Congress Working To Create Penalties For Non-PC Views

25 Apr 2007 - MUST SEE VIDEO - Homosexual Propaganda Fed To Elementary School Children

25 Apr 2007 - Pro-Family Leaders Call For Equal Protection For All Americans

25 Apr 2007 - Students Punished For Opposing 'Gay Homosexual' Advocacy: Dozens Of 1st Amendment Lawsuits Being Considered Against Administrators

24 Apr 2007 - Student Sent Home For Protest Of Gay Homosexual Day Of Silence: At Issue: A Piece Of Tape On His Shirt That Read, 'I'm Straight'

24 Apr 2007 - New York Governor Pushes Same-Sex Marriage [He obviously wants to feel the wrath of God come against him!]

24 Apr 2007 - Washington Governor Signs Domestic Partnership Bill [And yet another politician who wants to experience the wrath of God]

24 Apr 2007 - Advocates Of Same-Sex "Marriage" Advance Agenda In Washington, Oregon, New York, And Connecticut

24 Apr 2007 - Judge: Catholic Position Against Homosexual Adoption Justifies Government Hostility Towards Church [This judge obviously thinks he is above the US Constitution!]

22 Apr 2007 - On Wednesday Students In 5,000 US Public Schools Were Given Pro-Homosexual Propaganda

22 Apr 2007 - Wash. Gov. Signs Domestic Partner Bill [Despite the Will of the People, she does this anyway. She must really want to experience the wrath and condemnation of GOD!!!]

20 Apr 2007 - Same Sex Marriage: Til Death Do Us Part?

20 Apr 2007 - Minnesota Lawmakers Need Input On Legislation: Speak Up For Marriage And Abstinence Education

20 Apr 2007 - Left-Wing EU Coalition Demands US Government Official Withdraw From Pro-Family Meeting

19 Apr 2007 - Pro-homosexual Churches Begin Campaign Of Misinformation On Biblical Prohibitions Against Sodomy: Billboard Ads Present Interpretations Alien To Their Scriptural Authors [Yet another example how those who practice this evil will twist the truth of the Bible and what God says!]

19 Apr 2007 - Leading 'Gay Homosexual' Blog Attacks Farah's Christianity: Compares Faith In Jesus With 'Fascist Mind Control' [Evil hates being confronted with the truth about itself!]

19 Apr 2007 - N.Y. Judge: Taxpayers Have Right To Challenge Recognition Of Canadian Same-Sex "Marriages"

19 Apr 2007 - Netherlands Forces Homosexual 'Marriage' On Aruba: Aruba's Government Lawyer: "Gay Homosexual Marriage Is Against The Civil Code And Aruban Morals."

19 Apr 2007 - 'Pagan Morality' To Go Before Voters?: Lawmakers Advance 'Gay Homosexual' Marriage, Mandatory 'Attitude' Adjustments [More INSANITY by those who practice and support this evil!!!]

18 Apr 2007 - N.Y. Case Challenging Same-Sex Marriages Goes Forward

17 Apr 2007 - Ex-Gays Homosexuals, African-Americans Unite Against 'Thought Crimes' Bill: Sexual Orientation Is Not The Same As Race

14 Apr 2007 - Author Dispels Myth That Homosexuality Is Compatible With Scripture

14 Apr 2007 - Voters Plan Rally Against 'Pagan Morality': Legislature Could Decide Monday On Mandate To Change 'Attitudes'

12 Apr 2007 - Gay Homosexual-Benefits Bill Attacks Marriage: Legislation Was Drafted By Activist Group

12 Apr 2007 - 'Pagan Morality' On Way To Becoming Law: State Aims To 'Eliminate Attitudes' That Oppose Homosexuality

12 Apr 2007 - Canadians Apologize To World For Pushing Legalization of Homosexual "Marriage": Warn "The People Of The World... To Learn From Our Mistakes And Avoid Repeating Them In Your Own Countries"

12 Apr 2007 - Head Of Italy's Catholic Bishops Under Police Protection After Threats From Homosexual Activists

12 Apr 2007 - CWA Claims Fake "Hate Crimes" Being Used To Force Legislation Through Congress: Laws Would Give Homosexuals And Their Behavior Special Protections Under US Law And Muzzle Free Speech

12 Apr 2007 - California Democrats Push, Yet Again, For Homosexual Marriage Despite Voter Opposition: Opponents Emphasize Proposed Legislation Violates California Constitution And Rights Of Voters [This is yet again another example of how these vile and evil people do not care about the rights of others, only about themselves!]

11 Apr 2007 - Oregon Senate Bill To Impose Gay Homosexual Agenda On Churches, Schools, Businesses: Evangelical Leaders Warn It Will Have The Effect Of Outlawing Criticism Of Homosexual Lifestyle

11 Apr 2007 - 'Toxic' Environment After Christian's Complaint: 'Bullying' Found In Government Social Work Course

11 Apr 2007 - Catholic School Libraries Stock Gay Promoting Books And Videos Warns Pro-Marriage Group

11 Apr 2007 - Homosexual Marriage Minces West To California: Radical Agenda Pursued Despite Opposition From Voters, Governor

10 Apr 2007 - Pro-Family Group Calls For Investigation Of Hate-Crimes Claims: At Issue: Whether Incidents Used To Support Legislation Are Fabricated

07 Apr 2007 - 'Gay Homosexual'-Rights Bill Lets Court Define Church's 'Purpose': 'Most Sweeping And Culturally Devastating Law In Oregon History, Establishing Pagan Morality' [What happened with the Separation of Church and State and the government not being involved with religion?]

05 Apr 2007 - Indiana Voters Denied Chance To Protect Marriage: Democrat-Dominated Committee Kills Proposed Amendment

05 Apr 2007 - Alaskans Want Chance To Vote On Marriage Amendment

05 Apr 2007 - 'Your Argument Is With Bible, Not Us': Bob Jones University Declines Meeting With Pro-'Gay Homosexual' Advocates [Good for them for standing against these promoters of evil and evil ways!!!]

03 Apr 2007 - If We Don't Say No To Same-Sex Unions, Then Why Not Incest And Pedophilia Says Catholic Archbishop

03 Apr 2007 - Mass. Governor Stands Against Traditional Marriage: Reversing Romney's Decision, He Orders Out-Of-State Unions To Be Recorded

30 Mar 2007 - Will 'Hoosier Values' Drive People Away?: Eli Lilly Says Marriage Amendment Would Brand Indiana As "Intolerant." [And who are they to tell us about or dictate morals? If they want to be moral then they need to start with their own company and be completely honest with the public about their products!]

30 Mar 2007 - Parents take out ad chiding school for homosexual program [Good for them! More people need to come forward and take a stand against this EVIL!]

27 Mar 2007 - Gay Homosexual Activists Shift Strategy On Marriage: Civil Unions, Domestic Partnerships Seen As Stepping Stones

27 Mar 2007 - Coach Tony Dungy Speaks Out In Support Of Traditional Marriage: Sign A Petition To Thank Him For Bravely Sharing His Biblical Values

27 Mar 2007 - 'Never Give Up'

27 Mar 2007 - South Carolina Bans Same-Sex "Marriage", New Hampshire Moves Toward Civil Unions [Good for South Carolina! I guess New Hampshire wants to experience the wrath of God]

27 Mar 2007 - Amnesty International Attacks Polish Child Protection Bill: Say Bill Would Create An "Official Climate Of Bias," Against Homosexuals

23 Mar 2007 - Suit Against Faith-Based Marriage Institute Rejected

24 Mar 2007 - Homosexual Practice Trumps Religious Belief

23 Mar 2007 - UK Regulations Barring Religious Schools From Teaching Against Homosexuality Approved: Sexual Orientation Regulations Pass House of Lords [So now the question comes to mind, "How long till they go and outright ban the Bible?"]

23 Mar 2007 - Hate-Crimes Bill Would Give Gays Homosexuals Special Rights: The House Is Considering A Measure That Would Make Opposition To Homosexuality A Crime [This bill is a crime in itself and goes against the LAWS OF GOD!]

23 Mar 2007 - More Details On The Proposed Brazil Law To Jail Pastors Who Preach Homosexual Activity Is Sin

22 Mar 2007 - Coach Dungy Defends Family Values: "We're Not Trying To Downgrade Anyone Else, Hate Anyone Else," He Tells Supporters Of An Indiana Marriage Amendment

20 Mar 2007 - Christian Attorneys Defend 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' Student: Attorneys Say The Case Could Affect The Rights Of Christian Students To Express Pro-Life, Pro-Family Views

19 Mar 2007 - Bible Clearly Condemns Homosexual Acts, Says Top Rome Scholar

17 Mar 2007 - Senators Clinton, Obama, Say "Homosexuality Is Moral" While Brownback Publicly Supports General Pace [Evil speaks for itself. These people obviously have no morals or sense of decency when they think immorality is moral]

17 Mar 2007 - UK Government Program Teaching Four-Year-Olds About Homosexuality: Program Underway In 14 Schools

16 Mar 2007 - Polish Legislation To Protect School Children From Homosexual Propaganda Proposed - Youngest Polish Parliamentarian: "Homosexual Acts" Not To Be Presented To Children As Normal Or Healthy [This is what we need here!]

15 Mar 2007 - Principal Bans Parents From Pro-'Gay Homosexual' Seminar: Public District Students Offered Guidance On Being Homosexual

15 Mar 2007 - Gay Homosexual Indoctrination Infuriates Chicago Parents: Mandatory Class For Freshmen Includes Section On Accepting Homosexuality

15 Mar 2007 - French High Court Affirms Lower Courts' Rejection Of Gay Homosexual 'Marriage': Declares That "Under French Law, Marriage Is A Union Between A Man And A Woman."

14 Mar 2007 - District Gags 14-Year-Olds After 'Gay Homosexual' Indoctrination: 'Confidentiality' Promise Requires Students 'Not To Tell Their Parents'

13 Mar 2007 - Top General: Homosexuality Is Immoral [Good for him! More people need to public state their opinion against this evil]

13 Mar 2007 - Wyoming Priest Denies Communion To Lesbian Activist Couple "Married" In Canada [Good for him! He did the right thing!]

13 Mar 2007 - Gay Homosexual Activists Take Aim At Tony Dungy: Indianapolis Colts Coach's Christian Pro-Family Beliefs Challenged

09 Mar 2007 - Thousands Of North Carolina Citizens Rally For Marriage At State Legislature

08 Mar 2007 - Librarian Sues 'Gay Homosexual' Profs Over 'Marketing Of Evil': Christian Accused Of Sexual Harassment For Recommending Best-Selling Book

08 Mar 2007 - 9th Circuit Endorses Censoring Christians: Ruling Says 'Family Values' Is Hate Speech That Scares City Workers

07 Mar 2007 - 'Natural Family' Ruled Hate Speech

06 Mar 2007 - Two States Consider Subversion Of Marriage: Bills In Maine And New Mexico Would Bar Clergy From Signing Marriage Licenses And Remove Mention Of Brides And Grooms

06 Mar 2007 - Hilary Clinton Addresses Gay Homosexual Activists - Identified As Leader Of Gay Homosexual Activist Leaders

05 Mar 2007 - Hillary's Speech To Gay Homosexual Rights Group, Calls Marriage Amendment 'Mean Spirited' [Obviously she has no sense of decency or morality and doesn't understand what marriage and the family is all about!]

27 Feb 2007 - Court Rules Schools Can Teach Homosexuality Without Parents Consent Or Choice To Opt Out: Judge Says Good Citizens Must Accept Homosexuality In The Name Of "Diversity" [If this is now going to be the case at all public schools, then it is time to get ALL Christian children out of them and into private schools!]

27 Feb 2007 - Parental Rights Under Attack In Massachusetts: Judge Shoots Down Lawsuit Brought By Outraged Parents

24 Feb 2007 - Judge Orders 'Gay Homosexual' Agenda Taught To Christian Children: Rules Kids Need Teachings To Be 'Engaged And Productive Citizens' [What ever happened to the government's imaginary line of Separation of Church and State??? Seems they cross over whenever and as often as they want]

24 Feb 2007 - Lawyers Fire Back As ACLU Claims Parental Rights Stop At The Schoolhouse Door: State "The First Amendment Protects Religion, Not Secularism"

21 Feb 2007 - REAL Women Tracks Climb To Power By Homosexuals In Canada Through Liberal Government

15 Feb 2007 - Nigeria Legislature Proposes Increased Laws Against Homosexual Activity

13 Feb 2007 - States Press For Marriage Protection: Florida And New Jersey Lawmakers Voting On State Constitutional Amendments To Protect Marriage

13 Feb 2007 - Family Advocates Dispute Study Backing Homosexual Adoption: Authors' Conclusions Are Not Supported By Their Own Research

08 Feb 2007 - No Recognition Of Gay Homosexual Couples' Foreign Adoptions [GOOD!!! More countries need to ban these abominations]

03 Feb 2007 - Court Rules No Same-Sex Benefits In Michigan [GOOD!!! That is the way it should be]

01 Feb 2007 - Indiana Legislature Considers Marriage Amendment

27 Jan 2007 - S.C. Legislature Move Toward Ratifying Marriage Amendment [More states need to do the same thing!]

27 Jan 2007 - Polls Find 68% Americans Back Abortion Restrictions And 51% Back Same-Sex "Marriage" Ban

23 Jan 2007 - Romney Violated Massachusetts Constitution By Ordering 'Same-Sex Marriage' : 44 U.S. Pro-Family Leaders Signed Letter Asking Him To Recant Illegal Orders

19 Jan 2007 - New Mexico To Consider Constitutional Amendment Banning Homosexual "Marriage"

17 Jan 2007 - N.J. Pastors Spared From Performing Civil Unions: But Experts Expect Activists Will Seek To Force Ministers And State Officials To Perform The Ceremonies

17 Jan 2007 - Wisconsin City Officials Turn Up Nose At Marriage

16 Jan 2007 - N.J. Law Considered Necessary To Protect Clergy's Right To Refuse Same-Sex Union Ceremonies: Civil Marriage Commissioners Forced To Perform Ceremonies Regardless Of Conscience

11 Jan 2007 - Dobson Rebuffs Gay Homosexual Activists Over Time Article: Allegation That The Child Development Expert 'Cherry-Picked' Research Is Preposterous

04 Jan 2007 - Redefining Marriage Is Not A Civil Right

04 Jan 2007 - Judaism Teams With Vatican to Counter Worldwide Homosexual 'Marriage' Push

02 Jan 2007 - Massachusetts Legislature Approves Marriage Amendment

23 Dec 2006 - Court Will Decide If California Voters Were Right: 2000 Vote Overwhelmingly Limited Marriage To 1 man, 1 woman [What ever happened to the will and voice of the people and "WE THE PEOPLE...."?]

19 Dec 2006 - Left Apoplectic Over Dr. Dobson's Time Platform

06 Dec 2006 - Same-Sex 'Marriage' And Civil Unions

14 Sep 2006 - New York Officials Face Lawsuits After Recognizing Gay Homosexual Marriages

14 Sep 2006 - Polls Look Good For Marriage Protection: But Family Advocates Stay It's Still Important For Voters To Turn Out To Support Traditional Marriage In Eight States This November

07 Sep 2006 - Illinois Voters Won't Be Allowed Say In Protecting Marriage

05 Sep 2006 - Pro-Family Legislation Still Waiting For Action In Congress

30 Aug 2006 - Washington State Marriage Ruling Under Fire Again

02 Aug 2006 - Victory For Marriage In London

31 July 2006 - Gay Homosexual Groups Announce Agenda 'Beyond Same-Sex Marriage'

31 July 2006 - UK High Court Refuses To Recognize Canadian "Marriage"; Lesbians Will Appeal To EU Court: Canadian law Being Used As Launching Pad For Assaulting Marriage Laws Of Other Nations

31 July 2006 - Homosexuals Seek To Shut Down Canadian Pro-Family Websites: "This Is Becoming The Biggest Battle In Canada's History For Freedom Of Speech And Freedom Of Religion"

28 July 2006 - Maryland Marriage Law Faces Court Challenge

28 July 2006 - What's Next For Marriage?: The Battle To Defend Traditional Marriage May Stand At A Turning Point - But Never Have We Needed A Federal Constitutional Amendment More Than Now

26 July 2006 - Washington High Court Upholds DOMA

25 July 2006 - Washington State Marriage Ruling Expected Wednesday

20 July 2006 - Christian Teachers Turning To Alternative Unions Over NEA's Support Of Same-sex "Marriage"

19 July 2006 - Judge Who Gave Canada Homosexual "Marriage" Had Conflict Of Interest Says Women's Rights Group

18 July 2006 - House Falls Short on Marriage Protection Amendment: Pro-Family Leaders Say Voters Will 'Remember In November'

17 July 2006 - 5000 Christian Youth On Parliament Hill Praying For Life And Family

17 July 2006 - DNC Hatches Plan To Combat State-Marriage Initiatives

15 July 2006 - Nebraska Amendment Banning Gay Homosexual "Marriage" Stands - Federal Appeals Court: Nebraska Will Not Be forced To Recognize Same-Sex Unions

15 July 2006 - Tennessee Supreme Court Allows Gay Homosexual "Marriage" Ban On Ballot

15 July 2006 - Judicial Arrogance, Wrath of Khan Style: Even In Defeat, Massachusetts Liberal Justices Threaten Marriage Amendment

15 July 2006 - Federal Appeals Court Upholds Nebraska Marriage Amendment: Supreme Court In Tennessee Also Affirms State Marriage Amendment Can Be On Fall Ballot

11 July 2006 - Traditional Marriage Makes Gains Across U.S.

09 July 2006 - Massachusetts High Court Dismisses Efforts To Block Marriage Amendment: State's High Court Dismisses Efforts To Block Amendment

06 July 2006 - Two Top State Courts Rule For Marriage: Challenges In New York And Georgia Are Turned Aside

06 July 2006 - 2 top Courts Rule Against Gay Homosexual Marriage

06 July 2006 - N.Y. Top Court Rules Against Gay Homosexual Marriage

05 July 2006 - Protect Marriage Arizona Coalition Leader Killed In Car Crash

05 July 2006 - Ban On Homosexual "Marriage" Introduced In Philippines Parliament

30 June 2006 - Canadians Think Marriage Should Be One Man, One Woman For Life

28 June 2006 - Commentary Media Provides Cover For Assault On Traditional Marriage

28 June 2006 - Pennsylvania Senators Let Down Pro-Family Group

26 June 2006 - Police Probe Charges Family Advocates Were Harassed

23 June 2006 - France: 51 % Oppose Homosexual "Marriage," 60% Oppose Homosexual Adoption

22 June 2006 - Defending God's Design For The Family

21 June 2006 - Teachers Union Removes Endorsement Of Gay Homosexual Marriage

16 June 2006 - Pennsylvania Senators Urged To Fully Protect Marriage

14 June 2006 - Senate's Rejection Of Marriage Amendment "Unconscionable": Dr. Dobson

08 June 2006 - Opposition To Marriage Amendment Based On Hypocrisy And Cynicism: The people Of America Want To Protect Marriage

08 June 2006 - Court Considers Future Of Tennessee Marriage Amendment

08 June 2006 - Florida Marriage-Amendment Campaign Charges Police Harassment: Petitioners Say An Officer Orders Forms Removed From Public View And Intimidates Volunteers

07 June 2006 - See How Your Senators Voted On The Marriage Protection Amendment

07 June 2006 - We Lost, But We Have Not Quit: Marriage Is Too Important An Issue To Abandon

07 June 2006 - Alabama Passes Marriage Amendment

07 June 2006 - Pennsylvania Marriage Amendment Passes House

07 June 2006 - Senate Refuses To Take Up-Or-Down Vote On Marriage Amendment

07 June 2006 - Senate Rejects Gay Homosexual Marriage Ban

06 June 2006 - Poll Shows Most Favor Protecting Marriage; ABC Anchor Calls It 'Evenly Split'

06 June 2006 - Marriage Protection Amendment Defended And Derided: Opponents Say The Amendment Is A Waste Of Time; Supporters Say The American People Demand It

06 June 2006 - Pennsylvania Legislature To Vote On State Marriage Amendment

05 June 2006 - Alabama State Marriage Amendment Vote On Tuesday

05 June 2006 - Bush Throws Support To Marriage Amendment; Senate Debate Begins

02 June 2006 - Prime Minister Harper Says Same Sex "Marriage" Vote Coming This Fall

31 May 2006 - Man Loses Position For Signing Marriage-Protection Petition

30 May 2006 - Costa Rican Supreme Court Says No To Homosexual "Marriage"

30 May 2006 - Focus Action Launches Marriage Protection Blitz

25 May 2006 - Oklahoma Gov Henry Signs Pro-Life Bill On Abortion-Parental, Informed Consent [GOOD!!!! Now let's get other states to do the same thing]

22 May 2006 - Volunteers Needed To Protect Marriage: Grassroots Effort Is Under Way To Tell U.S. Senators That America wants Marriage Constitutionally Protected

18 May 2006 - Taiwan Thinks Adultery Should Remain A Crime

17 May 2006 - States Look To Keep Children In Traditional Homes

14 May 2006 - Massachusetts High Court Weighs Marriage Protection Effort: Ballot Initiative Under Fire Is Aimed At Constitutionally Defining Marriage In Traditional Terms

08 May 2006 - The Coming Conflict Between Same-Sex Marriage And Religious Liberty

08 May 2006 - Federal Judge Throws Out Challenge To Marriage Laws

05 May 2006 - State Marriage Amendment Efforts Underway

12 Apr 2006 - Words "Mother" & "Father" Barred From Spanish Birth Certificates

08 Apr 2006 - Pro-Life Businessmen Boldly Put Choose Life Plates On Company Cars

24 Mar 2006 - New Marriage Poll Doesn't Tell Whole Story

20 Mar 2006 - 'Twin Bills Of Destruction' Threaten Family Values In California Schools

02 Mar 2006 - Pro-Family Groups Celebrate SCOTUS Victory, Pro-Life Protesters' Vindication: Justices Say 'No' To NOW; RICO Can't Be Used Against Defenders of Unborn

14 Feb 2006 - AFA Calls For Senate To Push Federal Marriage Amendment

09 Feb 2006 - Dissolving Marriage: If Everything Is Marriage, Then Nothing Is

30 Jan 2006 - EU States Warned To Accept Same-Sex Marriage [European Union countries must accept a public health disaster, or be kicked out]

26 Jan 2006 - Pro-Family Attorney Sees Tide Turning Against ACLU's Anti-Religion Efforts