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31 Dec 2009 - Hated For Telling The Truth (Part One)

31 Dec 2009 - Salem Judge Disfavors Street Preacher

30 Dec 2009 - Lesbian 'Mother' Case Presents Constitutional Issue

29 Dec 2009 - Natural Law Prevails In UN

23 Dec 2009 - Marriage Is Good For Men And Women

22 Dec 2009 - NY Gov's Order Will Lead To Workplace Problems [His order only serves to promote EVIL!]

22 Dec 2009 - Competition Tough For AFTAH's First Annual 'Gay Homosexual Grinch Of The Year' Award: Tough Choice Awaits As Homosexual Hate Boiled Over This Year

21 Dec 2009 - UN General Assembly Eliminates Reference To "Sexual Orientation," Gender Identity

21 Dec 2009 - Rights Of Marriage Supporters Protected

21 Dec 2009 - Perversion 101: GLSEN In Our Schools

18 Dec 2009 - 'Czar' Promotes Explicit School Reading Lists

18 Dec 2009 - New Mexico Court Rules Against Christian Photographers

18 Dec 2009 - NY Gov. Orders State Agencies To Recognize "Transgender" Civil Rights [EVIL trying to force itself upon everyone!]

17 Dec 2009 - 'DOMA-Destroying Legislation' Afoot In Senate

17 Dec 2009 - CPAC And GOProud - Strange Bedfellows [This is so WRONG! By allowing this you are allowing compromise. By allowing compromise you will find a way to let other destroy your values and ethics, allowing evil to enter within!]

17 Dec 2009 - FoxNews Covers GLSEN's Lewd Books In GLSEN-Gate Follow-Up On Kevin Jennings

17 Dec 2009 - Liberty Counsel May Lead Pullout Of CPAC If Homosexual Group GOProud Remains As Co-Sponsor

17 Dec 2009 - Appeal To Be Filed In Case Of Photographer Fined For "Discrimination"

17 Dec 2009 - Thousands Demand Obama Dump 'Safe Schools Czar' : Jennings Accused Of Promoting 'Explicit And Vile Sexual Content'

16 Dec 2009 - D.C. Council 'Thumbs Its Nose' At Voters

16 Dec 2009 - Radical Feminism's Attack On Manhood In America

15 Dec 2009 - Gay Homosexual Group Promotes Controversial Kids' Books

15 Dec 2009 - Custody Battle A Stage For Homosexual Agenda?

15 Dec 2009 - Civil Unions Bill Passed In Austria

14 Dec 2009 - America Is Deeply Offended By The Truth Of The Bible

14 Dec 2009 - 'Witch Hunt' Expected Under New U.S. 'Hate Crimes' Law: Lawyer Who Handled Boissoin Saga Says Obama Plans To Bring Back 'Inquisitions'

14 Dec 2009 - Germany: Christian Fathers Put In Jail For Shunning Explicit Sex Ed: International Organization Fighting For Parents Protecting Their Children

14 Dec 2009 - Dutch MP: Homosexual Sexual Education Should Be Mandatory [PURE EVIL!!!]

14 Dec 2009 - Evangelical Alliance In Ireland Supports Civil Unions Bill

14 Dec 2009 - University Of Minnesota Considers Controversial Education Requirements

11 Dec 2009 - Marriage Penalty Hidden In Health Care Reform: Higher Premiums May Discourage People From Getting Married

11 Dec 2009 - Lesbian EEOC Nominee Chai Feldblum Is Running From Her Radical Record: Lesbian's Nominee's Newfound "Moderation" Is A Farce, Says Catholic League

10 Dec 2009 - Fistgate: Obama Chief 'Knew' Of 'Disgusting' Sex Subjects: Jennings Was Co-Chairman Of Committee That Set Up Statewide Program

09 Dec 2009 - Lesbian Bishop - Sign Of Apostasy [There is no place in the Kingdom of God, especially within the Church and the Clergy, for homosexuality!]

09 Dec 2009 - NJ Committee Passes Same-Sex 'Marriage' Bill: Senate Vote Expected Thursday

09 Dec 2009 - Lutheran Leader Was Quoting Others On Homosexuality

09 Dec 2009 - Obama's 'Buggery Czar' : Mainline Conservatives Finally Catch Up In Exposing GLSEN's Extremist Agenda

08 Dec 2009 - Canadian Pastor Cleared In Hate-Speech Case [GOOD!]

08 Dec 2009 - California Principal Apologizes For Homosexuality Workshop

07 Dec 2009 - Evangelical Lutheran Leader Suggests Bible Not The Final Authority [Pure BLASPHEMY! The Bible IS the Final Authority!]

07 Dec 2009 - Court To Decide If College Group Must Allow Gays Homosexual

07 Dec 2009 - Meredith Baxter Became A Lesbian, Let's Pray She Becomes A Christian [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Dec 2009 - Parental Rights Ignored In California School District

07 Dec 2009 - The Battle For Truth In Bible Translation

07 Dec 2009 - Episcopal Church: No sign Of repentance

07 Dec 2009 - Bronx Pastor Stands Firm Against Same-Sex 'Marriage' [Good for him! More people need to take a stand against this evil!]

04 Dec 2009 - Church Leaders Refuse To 'Compromise Their Conscience'

04 Dec 2009 - 'Honest And Open' Act A Misnomer

03 Dec 2009 - Gay Homosexual-Marriage Opponents Welcome N.Y. Bill's Defeat

03 Dec 2009 - New York Traditional Marriage Supporters Celebrate

03 Dec 2009 - The Discriminatory 'Non-Discrimination Act'

03 Dec 2009 - Churches Told Homosexual Opt-Out Illegal

02 Dec 2009 - D.C. Council Overwhelmingly Approves Same-Sex "Marriage" Law [This is EVIL and destroys what God Himself has established, marriage between one man and one woman only!]

02 Dec 2009 - Massachusetts Episcopal Bishop Approves Solemnizing Same-Sex "Marriages" [This is pure EVIL and goes against the teachings of God's Holy Word, the Bible!]

01 Dec 2009 - Rabbis Join N.J. Gay Homosexual Marriage Debate

01 Dec 2009 - New Jersey Catholic Bishops Urge Prayer Against State's Same-Sex "Marriage" Push

30 Nov 2009 - Over 150,000 Sign Manhattan Declaration In Less Than A Week

30 Nov 2009 - Amnesty International Pushes Same-Sex 'Marriage'

30 Nov 2009 - NC Same-Gender Adoption Case Continues

25 Nov 2009 - Lisa Miller Ordered To Hand Custody Of Daughter To Former Lesbian Lover [This is pure INSANITY! The other person is of NO blood relation to the child and should have no claim to her whatsoever!]

25 Nov 2009 - Maine Counselor Called Out For Marriage Support: A Complaint Says Social Workers Can Have Their Own Opinions On Issues, But Do Not 'Have The Right...To Make Public Comments.'

25 Nov 2009 - New Jersey Lawmakers Rethink Gay Homosexual Marriage Vote

25 Nov 2009 - EU Commission Demands UK Abolish Religious Freedom Rights

25 Nov 2009 - ABC Gets Complaints For Adam Lambert Performance [TOTALLY DISGUSTING!!! ABC and Adam Lambert should be heavily fined for this!]

20 Nov 2009 - 59 Catholic Bishops Contributed Financially To Maine Bishop's Effort To Oppose Maine Same-Sex "Marriage" Law: Bishop Says God Gave Him Courage, Perseverance And Serenity In The Battle To Defend Marriage [GOOD! More people need to take a stand against this evil!]

20 Nov 2009 - Lutheran Group To Form New Church Body After Gay Homosexual Clergy Split [There is No place in the Church or the Kingdom of God for homosexuality!]

20 Nov 2009 - Conservative Christians Issue Declaration, Warning

20 Nov 2009 - Amendment To Protect Marriage Fails In The House [That is bad news!]

20 Nov 2009 - N.Y. Court Recognizes Out-Of-State Gay Homosexual Marriages [Pure stupidity and insanity!]

20 Nov 2009 - Palin Basher And Pro-Homosexual-'Marriage' New York Times Columnist David Brooks Is A 'Joke' As A Conservative

19 Nov 2009 - D.C. Board Won't Allow Gay Homosexual Marriage Ban On Ballot [That is because they know the voters will reject this and say NO to this evil!!!]

18 Nov 2009 - Christian Leader Fights For Public Vote On DC Gay Homosexual Marriage

18 Nov 2009 - Washington D.C. Refuses Citizen Vote On Gay Homosexual Marriage [Of course they don't want a vote on it because the know The People will say NO to this mockery of marriage!]

18 Nov 2009 - National Organization For Marriage: Miss California "Sex Tape" Scandal "Weird, Sad And Ugly" : "I Cannot Believe That Reputable Media (Like The Today Show) Are Featuring Said Boyfriends As They Dump Intimate Details About Carrie," Said NOM President Maggie Gallagher

17 Nov 2009 - Gay Homosexual Activists Work To Spread Same-Sex Marriage: Lawmakers Ignore Public Opinion, As Marriage Amendments Also Come Under Fire

17 Nov 2009 - Family Advocates Protest Outside Department Of Justice

17 Nov 2009 - Clock Running Out On Same-Sex "Marriage" In New Jersey [GOOD!]

17 Nov 2009 - Largest U.S. Homosexual Publisher Shuts Down, Closing Major Gay Homosexual Newspapers [GOOD! That is GREAT NEWS!!!]

16 Nov 2009 - Conference Focuses On Help For Sexual-Identity Confusion

16 Nov 2009 - Marriage Is Positive For Kids

16 Nov 2009 - Catholic Church: DC's Same-Sex 'Marriage' Bill Threatens Programs

13 Nov 2009 - Mormon Church Decision To Embrace Pro-Homosexual Laws Could Presage Split In Pro-Family Movement [Does this now mean that the Mormon cult is now going to start accepting this EVIL?]

13 Nov 2009 - Interview: Former Gay Youth Leader Re-Emerges To Tell His Dramatic Conversion Story

13 Nov 2009 - Maine Churches Threatened Over Marriage Support: Opponents Of Question 1 Call On Activists To Turn Churches In To The IRS In An Attempt To Revoke Tax-Exempt Status

13 Nov 2009 - Catholic Social Services Will Go If D.C. Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

12 Nov 2009 - AMA Opposes 'Don't Ask Don't Tell,' Says Marriage Amendments Are Unhealthy: The Country's Largest Professional Organization For Doctors Takes A Position On Homosexual Issues [The AMA has NO business getting itself involved by making statements such as this, especially since they obviously are ignoring the facts! Same sex relationships are NOT safe or healthy!]

12 Nov 2009 - Latter-Day Saints Back 'Gay Homosexual Rights' Ordinance

12 Nov 2009 - NY Gay Homosexual "Marriage" Vote Delayed, But Senate Will Vote Before Year's End

12 Nov 2009 - Free Speech Clause In U.K. Gay Homosexual Hate Crimes Bill Defeated In House Of Commons

12 Nov 2009 - 'Counterfeit Clergy' Back DC's Same-Sex 'Marriage' Push

11 Nov 2009 - Full Text Of Violence-Threatening 'Joe.My.God' Post Against AFTAH And Pro-Family Leaders

11 Nov 2009 - Bye Bye To The AMA

11 Nov 2009 - Catholic Parish Cancels Series About Homosexuality In Face Of Homosexualist Pressure: Journalist/Author Organizer Says, "The Situation [In Quebec] Is Maybe Worse Than Outside Quebec."

11 Nov 2009 - Australia Considers Same-Sex "Marriage" [This is EVIL and a MOCKERY of what real marriage, as instituted by God Himself, really is!]

11 Nov 2009 - House Considers Same-Sex Partner Benefits For Federal Employees [This is WRONG and should NOT be allowed to happen!]

10 Nov 2009 - Homosexual Blog Forecasts Violence Against Christians

10 Nov 2009 - U.K. Homosexualist Group: Public Sex Is An Important Part Of Gay Homosexual Community [PURE EVIL! This clearly shows the immorality and ungodly behavior of the homosexual community!]

10 Nov 2009 - Pro-family Advocate - Target Of Threat

10 Nov 2009 - Most Californians Don't Want To Revisit Same-Sex "Marriage"

09 Nov 2009 - Washington's Pro-Family Amendment Effort Defeated - R-71 Almost Certain To Pass: Microsoft, Google, Planned Parenthood, Nike, T-Mobile Funded Efforts To Retain Pro-Gay Homosexual Domestic Partnerhip Law

09 Nov 2009 - Lawmakers Consider Special Rights For Homosexuals [Not only is this unconstitutional and anti-Biblical, it is PURE EVIL! No one deserves or is entitled to special rights!]

09 Nov 2009 - Mass. Employee Opposes Homosexual Opinion, Loses Job

09 Nov 2009 - Hate Crimes Law Meets Opposition [GOOD because this law is pure EVIL!]

06 Nov 2009 - Did Your Senator Vote For The "Thought Crimes" Bill? : See How Your Senators Voted And Send An E-Mail Of Complaint Or Commendation

06 Nov 2009 - Love Won Out Travels To Birmingham, Alabama

05 Nov 2009 - Maine Gay Homosexual Marriage Defeat May Halt Military Change

04 Nov 2009 - 'Gay homosexual Marriage' Loses In Maine, Kalamazoo Passes Pro-Homosexual Ordinance, GOP Sweep In Virginia

04 Nov 2009 - Wisconsin State Supreme Court Hears Arguments On Gay Homosexual Marriage Amendment

04 Nov 2009 - Traditional Marriage Now 31-0 [That is fantastic!]

04 Nov 2009 - What Price Victory In Maine? Barber Assails 'Neville Chamberlain' Approach Of YES On 1 Campaign

04 Nov 2009 - Breaking: Maine Voters Reject Same-Sex "Marriage" Law

03 Nov 2009 - New Hate Crimes Law Is A Mistake [Obama has signed into law the Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Actually, he signed into law the 2010 National Defense Authorization Act tacked (hidden away) onto which was the hate crimes legislation]

03 Nov 2009 - Belief In Marriage A Career-Threatening Stance

03 Nov 2009 - Parents Called To Take Pro-Family Stand

02 Nov 2009 - Homosexual Halloween Hate: 'Gay Homosexual' Couple Targets Maggie Gallagher, Carrie Prejean, And Mormons In Vicious Rooftop Display: Same Deviant Duo Hanged Palin In Effigy Last Year [This is what happens when EVIL is allowed to run wild and out of control!]

02 Nov 2009 - Planned Parenthood's Declaration Of Debauchery [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 Nov 2009 - Pensioner's Letter Deemed 'Homophobic' [Speaking the truth about how vile and evil homosexuality is, is NOT homophobic. The homosexual community wants to silence Christians and others that speak up against them and their activities because they know that the truth condemns them!]

02 Nov 2009 - NY Senator Stands Against Proposal [Good for him! May God Bless him for taking a stand against this EVIL!]

29 Oct 2009 - Hate Crimes Law - Ungodly, Unconstitutional, Unnecessary [The hate crimes bill and law has nothing to do with hate. It has to do with silencing those who speak the Word of the God as the Bible presents it, giving one specific group additional rights and protections above everyone else, and making immorality appear to be decent and normal. All of this is PURE EVIL!!!]

29 Oct 2009 - Gay Homosexual Marriage Vote Looms In Maine; Polls Show It's Close

29 Oct 2009 - Gay Homosexual, Transgender Persons Could Be In Future Census [INSANITY!]

28 Oct 2009 - Christian Broadcasters Leery Of 'Hate Crimes' Law [The hate crimes bill and law has nothing to do with hate. It has to do with silencing those who speak the Word of the God as the Bible presents it, giving one specific group additional rights and protections above everyone else, and making immorality appear to be decent and normal. All of this is PURE EVIL!!!]

28 Oct 2009 - Catholics And Orthodox Express "Sadness" Over Swedish Lutheran Decision To Embrace Homosexual "Marriage"

28 Oct 2009 - St. Louis Agrees To End Ban On Christian Handouts During Gay Homosexual Pride

28 Oct 2009 - Gay Homosexual Marriage May Affect Maine Schoolchildren

27 Oct 2009 - The Importance Of Values And Principles

27 Oct 2009 - D.C. Council Holds Hearings On Gay Homosexual Marriage: Officials Hear From Nearly 300 People And Will Consider A Ballot Measure

26 Oct 2009 - Christians On High Alert Over Hate Crimes Passage [The so-called "hate crimes bill" has nothing to do with hate crimes. It is about limiting freedom of speech, freedom to practice your religious beliefs and teachings, and giving one specific group more rights and protections above everyone else (something no one is entitled to!)]

26 Oct 2009 - See It Here: PepsiCo Raises Ante Once Again: Corporate Officers Drive Pro-Gay Homosexual Policies On Smaller Companies

26 Oct 2009 - Homosexual Activists Take U.N. Diplomat To Task

26 Oct 2009 - The Ominous "Success" Of Re-Education

23 Oct 2009 - Congress Extends Hate Crime Protections To Homosexuals [PURE EVIL!!!]

23 Oct 2009 - 'Ally Week' Pushes Gay Homosexual Agenda: GLSEN's Week Long Effort Uses The Anti-Bullying Message As A Springboard To Indoctrinate Students With The Homosexual Agenda

23 Oct 2009 - Gay Homosexual Activists Despise AFTAH Because We Expose their Radical Agenda

23 Oct 2009 - Attacked By "Tolerance" [Has attached audio files on the web page]

23 Oct 2009 - Marriage Supporters Battle Out-Of-State Money

22 Oct 2009 - Last Chance To Kill 'The Hate Crime Bill' [Remember this bill is NOT about hate or crime. It is about giving one, and only one specific group, more rights and protections above that of everyone else. Something that no one should have!]

22 Oct 2009 - Joe Jervis' Homosexual Hate Site Targets AFTAH Staffer For Phone Harassment: If A Christian Did This To A "Gay" Activist, Would It Be Reported As A "Hate Crime"?

22 Oct 2009 - Boycott Of Calif. Schools In The Making

22 Oct 2009 - Obama Czar Tied To 'Radical' Homosexual Group

22 Oct 2009 - High Court Keeps Names Of Marriage Advocates Private

22 Oct 2009 - Gay Homosexual Adoption Bill Would Infringe On States' Rights

20 Oct 2009 - Santorum: The Triumph Of Socialism in U.S. Requires Destruction Of Family And Church

20 Oct 2009 - Meeting Will Consider Future Of SC Episcopal Diocese

20 Oct 2009 - Federal Appeals Court Orders Washington Pro-Marriage Signatures Made Public 16 Oct 2009 - CWA Interviews LaBarbera On Obama's Radical EECO Appointee, Lesbian Chai Feldblum [She's demanding superior "rights" for homosexuals]

16 Oct 2009 - Italy Rejects "Sexual Orientation" In Hate Crime Legislation [GOOD!!!]

15 Oct 2009 - Terminating The GOP Brand: Schwarzenegger Signs 'Harvey Milk Day' Bill And Pro-'Gay Homosexual Marriage' Legislation [He is promoting EVIL and going against the will of the people and all that is moral and decent to push this EVIL on everyone!]

15 Oct 2009 - LaBarbera: Obama's 'Different Kind Of Hate' Scorns America's Judeo-Christian Tradition [That is because Obama is a very UNGODLY man and has no respect and cares for no one other than himself and his own self interests!]

15 Oct 2009 - Homosexuality 'Not A Civil Right'

15 Oct 2009 - The Planned Destruction Of Marriage

15 Oct 2009 - Lieberman Pushing Pro-Homosexual Measures

15 Oct 2009 - Gay Homosexual Partnership Foes, Backers In WA Await Ruling

15 Oct 2009 - Disney Stockholders Mull Resolution To Protect Ex-Gays Homosexuals

14 Oct 2009 - Obama EEOC Appointee Chai Feldblum Would Turn Christians And Moral Foes Of Homosexuality Into Second-Class Citizens: Key Gay Homosexual Legal Activist Says Homosexual Sex Is "Morally Good" - And Says Her Side's "Moral" Claims Eclipse Our Right To Oppose Homosexuality [PURE EVIL!!! What they have is not "moral" claims. What they have is IMMORAL claims, which is an ABOMINATION in the eyes of God! See Leviticus 18:22 and Leviticus 20:13]

14 Oct 2009 - What Did President Barack Obama Pledge To The Largest Homosexual Organization In America? : Call Your Senators Today And Let Them Know That Their Vote On "Hate Crimes" Will Affect Your Support When They Stand For Re-Election.

14 Oct 2009 - "Globally-Acceptable Truth" And The Crime Of Thinking - Part 2

14 Oct 2009 - Schwarzenegger Sides With Gay Homosexual Activists On Two Bills

14 Oct 2009 - Montana Judges Smack Down Parental Rights

14 Oct 2009 - Flip-Flopper Governor Signs 'Harvey Milk' Bill [This is WRONG and EVIL and should never have been signed!]

14 Oct 2009 - Disney Elevates Homosexual To Studio Chief

14 Oct 2009 - ADF Argues Two Marriage Cases Before New York's High Court

14 Oct 2009 - Compromise? Sometimes You Can't

14 Oct 2009 - Obama Criticizes People With "Old Attitudes" In Keynote Speech At Homosexualist Dinner: Promises To Repeal The "So-Called Defense Of Marriage Act" [What Obama calls "Old Attitudes" is what we call MORALS and DECENCY!]

13 Oct 2009 - President Obama Speaks At Gay Homosexual-Activist Event: Address Renews The Administration's Vow To Promote Homosexual Agenda

12 Oct 2009 - Obama Contradicts Nature And Nature's God By Declaring Homosexuality-Based Relationships 'As Admirable' As Normal Couples [Has an embedded video on the web page] [This is PURE EVIL and BLASPHEMY!]

12 Oct 2009 - The Article That Got Matt Barber Fired By Allstate: Intolerance' Will Not Be Tolerated

12 Oct 2009 - House Republicans Speak Out Against 'Hate-Crimes' Amendment: Conservatives Call It 'Inappropriate' To Place The Language On A Defense Bill [Everyone needs to take a stand against this bill. It is NOT about hate crimes. It is about giving one specific group of people extra rights and protections above everyone else, something no one should be entitled to!]

12 Oct 2009 - Lurching toward Sodom And Gomorrah

09 Oct 2009 - House Leaders Vote No On Hate Crimes [GOOD!]

08 Oct 2009 - Tell Congress To Vote 'No!' On 'Thought Crimes' Bill - Urgent: E-Mail Your Representative And Two Senators Today!

08 Oct 2009 - Obama's HRC Appearance Will 'Alienate' Americans

08 Oct 2009 - D.C. Bill Expected To Dismantle Traditional Marriage In Capital By December: Similar Measure Put To Illinois Senate

07 Oct 2009 - Obama To Keynote At Anti-Christian Homosexual Lobby Group 'Human Rights Campaign': By Celebrating This "Queer" Organization, The President Honors A New Form Of Bigotry That Equates Bible-Believers And Even Pastors With "Hate"

07 Oct 2009 - President Obama to Speak To Gay Homosexual-Activist Group: 'It's Going To Be Very Difficult For Him To Move Forward With A Real Activist Agenda, And My Hope Is The Conservatism Of America Will Continue To Balance Him Out.'

07 Oct 2009 - Texas' Marriage Amendment Under Assault [Evil hates it when people stand up against it and say "NO"]

07 Oct 2009 - Court Refuses To Get Involved In Church Dispute

06 Oct 2009 - Illinois Senate Introduces Gay Homosexual-Marriage Bill [This is EVIL and a MOCKERY of what real marriage, as institute by God Himself as being between one man and one woman only, is about]

06 Oct 2009 - Activists Push for Expanded Anti-Bullying Bill In New York [This bill is NOT really about "anti-bullying." It is really about giving one specific group extra rights and protections about everyone, something no one is entitled to]

05 Oct 2009 - GLSEN's Indoctrination Agenda: How One Teacher Explained Her Lesbianism To Kindergartners: In "Teachable Moment," GLSEN Speaker Compares Her Lesbian Kisses To A Boy Kissing His Father Goodnight [This is PURE EVIL!!! This teacher should be fired!]

05 Oct 2009 - Demand The Arrest Of Kevin Jennings

05 Oct 2009 - Another Pro-Homosexual 'Marriage' Push In DC

30 Sep 2009 - Obama Includes Homosexual Couples In "National Family Day" [More proof as to just how EVIL and UNGODLY Obama really is!]

30 Sep 2009 - Czars And Tyranny

29 Sep 2009 - Death Of The West: Our Sexual Identity Crisis

29 Sep 2009 - Responding To Banned Books Week: A Pro-Family Group Is Suggesting A Creative Way For Families To Act As "Salt And Light" In Response To The American Library Association's (ALA) So-Called Banned Books Week

29 Sep 2009 - Alabama's Anti-Bullying Law Could Further Gay Homosexual Agenda

29 Sep 2009 - Capturing Children's Minds; 'Can We Really Afford To Teach The Next Generation That There Is Nothing Distinctive Or Beneficial About Having A Mother And A Father?'

29 Sep 2009 - New UN Head Says Homosexuality "Totally Unacceptable"

28 Sep 2009 - Gay Homosexual Activist: ENDA May Lead To Homosexual Outing, Quotas In The Workplace

25 Sep 2009 - Conference Committee Tackles Hate-Crimes Legislation: U.S. Senate Has Added The Dangerous Proposal To The FY10 Defense Authorization Bill [This bill is really about limiting freedom of speech and giving one group extra rights and protections above everyone one, something that NO ONE is entitled to!]

25 Sep 2009 - Obama Appointee Kevin Jennings ["Safe Schools" Czar] Can't Remember Saying The F-Word To Bash Christians - In A Church: Double Standard For "Gay Homosexual" Appointees?

25 Sep 2009 - Obama's Homosexual "Safe School Czar" Tells God "Screw You, Buddy" In Memoir

24 Sep 2009 - House Committee Hears Arguments For Special Rights: Employment Bill Would 'Impose A Substantial And Crippling Burden On Religious Organizations.' [No one, absolutely no one, deserves special rights or protections! Especially a select group of individuals who flaunt their immorality in public and try to force acceptance of it on everyone and have no sense of decency!]

23 Sep 2009 - Uruguayan Legislators Approve Gender Change As A "Right" : Latest Anti-Family Legislation To Pass To Senate For Approval [What they are talking about is NOT a right, it is pure EVIL!]

22 Sep 2009 - Boy In A Bikini, Other Gay Homosexual Films Get Wide Audience In California Schools [There is NO place for this type of TRASH and EVIL in the school systems!]

21 Sep 2009 - NEA: Big Time Supporter Of ACORN

18 Sep 2009 - Take Action: Ask Congress To Oppose ENDA

18 Sep 2009 - Washington Teachers Leave National Education Association [Good for them for exercising their rights and taking a stand in support of their morals and values and opposing what is EVIL!]

16 Sep 2009 - Two Gay Homosexual Activist Bills Resurface In Congress

15 Sep 2009 - 'Million Taxpayers March' On DC? Massive Tea Party Protest Floods Nation's Capital: Yes, Change Is Coming To Washington; AP Distorts Size Of Huge Tea Party Rally [Has an embedded video on the web page]

15 Sep 2009 - Gay Homosexual Activists Push Films In California Schools

15 Sep 2009 - Anti-Parent Bill Fails In California; Two Bad Bills Pass: 'They Apply Their Special Specific Issue To Every Child And That's Inappropriate.'

15 Sep 2009 - Dems Focus On Homosexual Agenda

15 Sep 2009 - Obama's Denials Of Abortion Coverage 'Laughable'

14 Sep 2009 - Judge Shields Names of Marriage Supporters [GOOD! This helps to shield them from those who are against protecting marriage that would harass and try to intimidate them!]

11 Sep 2009 - Summit Will Promote Conservative Values

11 Sep 2009 - Amnesty: Lithuania Law Against Homosexualist Propaganda Is "State-Sponsored Homophobia" [Here they go with the name calling again because people stand up against this EVIL and ABOMINATION!]

10 Sep 2009 - Homosexual Activists Crudely Vilify Fired Christian Actress On 'Gay Homosexual' Blog

10 Sep 2009 - Christian Soap Actress Patricia Mauceri Fired Because She Objected To Pro-Homosexual Story Line

10 Sep 2009 - Leatherman Joe Jervis' Infantile Response To AFTAH Post Defending Fired Christian Soap Actress Patricia Mauceri

10 Sep 2009 - Knight: New ENDA Bill 'Turns Private Sin Into A Public Right'

10 Sep 2009 - Judge Rules In Favor Of Washington Marriage Referendum [GOOD!]

09 Sep 2009 - Congress Faces Flurry Of Gay Homosexual-Friendly Bills: 'The Gill Foundation And Other Homosexual-Activist Groups...Are Beginning To Demand Payment For Support During The Campaigns.'

08 Sep 2009 - Internet Censoring Going Global

08 Sep 2009 - Homosexual, Bisexual Men 50 Times More Likely To Have HIV: CDC - So Why Won't The Government Move To Close Down "Gay Homosexual" Sex Clubs And Teach About The Special Dangers Of Homosexual Sex In Schools?

08 Sep 2009 - ENDA - Work Place Is The Wrong Place For Sexual Politics: Let Your Members Of Congress Know You Oppose ENDA

08 Sep 2009 - Family Advocates Push For Veto Of 'Harvey Milk Day'

08 Sep 2009 - Canadian Ruling Good For Religious Freedom

04 Sep 2009 - Voter Referenda On Same-Sex "Marriage" On Nov. Ballot In Washington And Maine: Washington Gay Homosexual Activists Attempting To Obtain Full Details Of Referendum List To Threaten, Intimidate Signers

04 Sep 2009 - Legal Scholars React To UN Committee's Homosexual Rights Recommendation

03 Sep 2009 - Focus On The Family Sends Letter To Congress Opposing ENDA: 'This Is Going To Be A Minefield Of Lawsuits By People Who Are Suddenly Feeling That They Are Discriminated Against.'

02 Sep 2009 - Controversial U.K. Mayor Cuts Gay Homosexual Pride Funding, Pledges End To Political Correctness In Government [GOOD! More members of the government should follow his example and put their foot down once and for all against this evil!]

02 Sep 2009 - Normalizing Transgenderism In Schools [There is nothing normal about it! it is immoral and goes against the Word of God!]

02 Sep 2009 - Pro-Union Bill Contrary To Pro-Family Movement

02 Sep 2009 - & Jerry's Ice Cream Honors Same-Sex 'Marriage'

02 Sep 2009 - Baptist Children's Home Can Dismiss Homosexual Employee: Court

02 Sep 2009 - D.C. Catholic Archbishop Joins Black Pastors In Same-Sex "Marriage" Fight

02 Sep 2009 - Washington Voters To Decide On Marriage Referendum [GOOD! They need to stop the evil going on there and protect real marriage!]

01 Sep 2009 - Ted Kennedy Played Crucial Role In Blocking Massachusetts Vote On Marriage Amendment: Homosexual Lobby Reveals Intensive, Behind-The-Scenes Kennedy Role In Thwarting Popular Vote

01 Sep 2009 - Carrie Prejean Sues Miss California USA For "Religious Discrimination" Over Marriage Defense [GOOD for her for standing up against these people who put EVIL over what is right and moral!]

01 Sep 2009 - Washington Marriage Referendum Moves Closer To Ballot: 'The Purpose Of The Initiative Is To Prevent The State From Taking The Position That There's No Difference Between Homosexual And Heterosexual Relationships.'

31 Aug 2009 - Group Questions Catholic Funeral For Kennedy {a lot of what he stood for a did goes against the teachings of his own church!]

31 Aug 2009 - Americans For Truth Sues Naperville Hotel For Anti-Christian Discrimination

28 Aug 2009 - Healthcare Trickery & Scottish Wimpery

28 Aug 2009 - UN Committee: Nations Must Grant Special Rights For "Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity" [This is pure EVIL!!! Absolutely no one should have special rights, privileges, and protections, especially a group of individuals who have no morals and have freely ignored the Word of God!]

27 Aug 2009 - Was Tornado God's Rebuke?

27 Aug 2009 - Virginia Court Says Biological Mom Will Not Spend Time In Jail [This entire situation is totally INSANE and should never have happened, especially since the other person involved is NOT the child's biological parent and of no blood relation!]

27 Aug 2009 - Florida Gay Homosexual-Adoption Case Goes To Court: 'The Question In All Domestic-Relations Law Is What's Best For Kids' [Homosexuals do NOT care about what is best for kids or anyone else! They only care about themselves and their own ungodly wants and chosen lifestyle!]

26 Aug 2009 - NY Appellate Court Slams Pro-Gay Homosexual-'Marriage' Gov. For "Unconstitutional" Move To End Senate Stalemate

26 Aug 2009 - Anti-Marriage Case Thrown Out [GOOD!!!]

25 Aug 2009 - What's Next For Gay Homosexual-Affirming Lutherans - Allowing Porn-Addicted Pastors? The Folly Of Voting To Overrule God

25 Aug 2009 - State AG Tells Wisconsin: Find Someone Else To Defend "Unconstitutional" Domestic Partnership Law [PRAISE GOD!!! More politicians and persons in authority need to stand up against this EVIL!!!]

24 Aug 2009 - Evangelical Lutherans Abandon Bible Teaching On Homosexuality [The Church is NEVER to make a compromise or allow homosexuality to enter into the Church. To do so is accepting EVIL and going against the Word of God]

21 Aug 2009 - 'Alternate Routes' To The Fairness Doctrine [There is NOTHING fair about the so-called "Fairness Doctrine," and actually limits free speech and opinion!]

21 Aug 2009 - TAKE ACTION: Lawmakers Push Special Rights For Gay Homosexual Employees: Extending Special Rights To Gay Homosexual-Identified Individuals Is Set To Be Debated When Congress Comes Back In Session [This is so completely WRONG! No one, absolutely no one deserves extra or special rights, especially a selected group of individuals who have no morals and go against the Law of God!]

21 Aug 2009 - Gay Homosexual Activists Excluded From California Marriage Trial [GOOD!!!]

21Aug 2009 - Obama's 'Gay Homosexual Marriage' Doublespeak

20 Aug 2009 - Barack Obama Takes On DOMA As His Double Game On 'Gay Homosexual Marriage' Escalates: State Senate Candidate Obama Unequivocally Supported Legalizing Same-Sex "Marriage" In 1996

20 Aug 2009 - Anchorage Mayor Rejects Gay Homosexual Activism [PRAISE God that he put a stop to this and stood up to this EVIL!!!]

20 Aug 2009 - PepsiCo Forms Chicago Gay Homosexual Pride Organization

20 Aug 2009 - Evangelical Lutherans Adopt More Open View On Homosexuality [This is blasphemy and goes against the Word of God. God has spoken, and has called homosexuality an abomination. There is no place within the Kingdom of God, the church, or the clergy for homosexuality!]

19 Aug 2009 - In Gov We Trust

19 Aug 2009 - New Hire At DOJ To Handle LGBT Issues [More insanity because of this evil!!!]

18 Aug 2009 - Obama Follows Through, Files To Repeal DOMA

18 Aug 2009 - Declaration Of Human Rights Cites 'Natural Family': World Congress Of Families Supports 'Lifelong Marriage Of A Man To A Woman.'

17 Aug 2009 - Matt Barber Assails President Obama's Radical Gay Homosexual Agenda At AFTAH Press Conference [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 Aug 2009 - Harry Potter Star Blasts Parents Who Oppose Gay Homosexual Sex Ed In Schools

17 Aug 2009 - Obama Administration Moves To Strike Down Defense Of Marriage Act

17 Aug 2009 - The Psychological Profession And Homosexuality: Lunatics Running The Asylum?

17 Aug 2009 - Alberta Parental Rights In Education Could Be Implemented by October, Teachers Upset [Good the parents should have more rights then the teachers when it comes to their children and what they learn!]

17 Aug 2009 - Christian Legal Group To Lead Defense Of California Marriage Amendment [GOOD!]

14 Aug 2009 - The Undeclared War To ENDA Our Liberty

14 Aug 2009 - South Carolina Diocese To Weigh Its Future In Episcopal Church [More churches and Christian leaders need to take a stand against this evil!]

14 Aug 2009 - Christians Face Continual Threat Of Homosexual Agenda

14 Aug 2009 - No Difference between Marriage And Cohabitation: Italian High Court [The Italian High Court must be really stupid or blind or both, because there is a big difference!]

13 Aug 2009 - Evangelical Lutherans Consider Gay Homosexual Clergy [There is nothing to consider! God has declared homosexuality an ABOMINATION IN HIS SITE, and as such is SIN. There is NO PLACE in the Kingdom of God, the Church, or the Clergy for homosexuals!]

13 Aug 2009 - Horton's Coffee Backs Out Of Marriage Event

12 Aug 2009 - New FCC Chief Supports Fairness Doctrine [There is NO fairness in the Fairness Doctrine!]

12 Aug 2009 - Love Won Out Transitions To Exodus International: Long-Running Conference On Leaving Homosexuality Will Continue To Help Those With Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions

12 Aug 2009 - Quebec Government Has Begun Same-Sex Parenting Inclusiveness Training For Primary School Teachers [This is pure INSANITY!!!]

11 Aug 2009 - Psychologists Show Change In Orientation Is Not Harmful: Study Of People Who Have Struggled Free From Homosexuality Leads To Calls For More Research

11 Aug 2009 - Washington Marriage Protection On Track For Ballot

11 Aug 2009 - Knights Of Columbus Condemn Porn Industry And Reaffirm Fight To Defend Natural Marriage: Note Porn Link To Organised Crime And Porn A Major Contributor To Societal Disintegration

11 Aug 2009 - Pro-Family Man Chosen For Library Board, Despite Protest By Homosexual Groups

10 Aug 2009 - A Falling Away - Part 1

10 Aug 2009 - Teachers Dissatisfied With Pro-Abortion, Homosexualist NEA Turn To Ethical Alternatives

07 Aug 2009 - Fifth World Congress Of Families Faces Resistance

07 Aug 2009 - Radical Homosexual Group Targets CEDAW To Push "Gender Identity" Agenda

07 Aug 2009 - 'Inclusive' ENDA Introduced In Senate

06 Aug 2009 - The Folly Of Hate-Crime Laws [All the hate crime law will do is give one specific group extra protections and rights, which no one is entitled to, and attempt to silence those who speak God's truths from the Bible!]

06 Aug 2009 - ObamaCare Likely To Mandate Free "Sex-Change" Surgeries [Obama's health care plan is insane and seems to be getting more so all the time!]

06 Aug 2009 - Maddow Stumbles On Obama-Care Snd Transsexual 'Sex-Change' Surgeries: Barber

06 Aug 2009 - Psychologists Consider Treatment Of Homosexuality: Professional Association's Guidelines For Homosexual Patients Dismiss Research Showing People Can Change

04 Aug 2009 - AAA Recognizes Gay Homosexual Couples As 'Married' And A 'Family' [This is EVIL!!!]

04 Aug 2009 - American Bar Association Champions Same-Sex "Marriage" Benefits [More evil and a corruption of what real marriage is, between one man and one woman, as God commanded!]

04 Aug 2009 - Princeton Law Professor Defends Marriage In Wall Street Journal

03 Aug 2009 - L.A. Episcopalians Nominate Gay Homosexual Clergy For Bishop [This is EVIL and it is BLASPHEMY! This goes against the teachings of the Bible. There is no place in the Kingdom of God for a homosexual and no place in the church, especially in the clergy for someone who practices this EVIL!!!]

31 July 2009 - Pro-Homosexual Websites Slam AFTAH For Call To Investigate Health Risks Of 'Gay Homosexual' Sex

31 July 2009 - Kalamazoo LGBT Ordinance Challenged

30 July 2009 - Gay Homosexual Activists Bankroll Opposition To Pro-Marriage State Senator

30 July 2009 - Washington Marriage Defense Gets Closer To Ballot [GOOD! Let's pray that they be able to stop the abomination that has been taking place there]

30 July 2009 - "Two-Fold" Anglican Church Envisioned, One In Favor Of Homosexuality And One Christian: Archbishop Of Canterbury [There is no place within the Church or the Kingdom of God for homosexuality. God Himself has declared it an abomination!]

29 July 2009 - A Model Christian Response To 'Gay Homosexual' Pride: 'God Has A Better Way' In Charlotte

28 July 2009 - Gay Homosexual Activists Regroup To Defeat Marriage Amendment In California

28 July 2009 - No Nudity Crackdown In San Francisco - Police Again Allow Rampant Public Nudity, Sex Acts At Deviant 'Up Your Alley' Street Fair: Nancy Pelosi's District Continues To Ignore Laws And Kowtow To Radical Homosexual Extremists

28 July 2009 - The List - Television Networks Which Most Promote Homosexuality

27 July 2009 - The U.N. Seizure Of Parental Rights - Part 1

27 July 2009 - D.C. Law Gives Lesbian Partners Same Rights As Birth Mothers Of Artificially Conceived Children [Pure insanity!]

27 July 2009 - Episcopal Bishop Rejects Homosexual "Marriage," Ordination of Practicing Homosexuals [May God Bless him for taking a stand against this EVIL!!!]

27 July 2009 - Canada Court Rules Marriage Commissioners Must "Marry" Homosexuals: "In That Capacity [As Marriage Commissioner], His Personal Religious Beliefs Do Not Matter," Said The Judge [More of forcing this evil upon people!]

23 July 2009 - "F**k The Mormons!" Homosexual Group Stages Another 'Kiss-In' Protest At A Mormon Temple [This just goes to show how vile and immoral the homosexual movement really is!]

23 July 2009 - National Education Association's Top Lawyer Touts Their Real Purpose: Says Those Who Promote Traditional Values Are A Group Of "Right-Wing B****rds"

22 July 2009 - Walter Cronkite's Push For Abortion And Homosexuality, 1965-2003: "As Long As The Abortion Laws Remain Unchanged, Abortion Will Continue To Be A Critical Problem," Stated Cronkite In 1965

22 July 2009 - British Doctor Removed From Adoption Panel For Refusal To Consider Same-Sex Couples

21 July 2009 - One Man's 'Hate' Is Another Man's Moral Code

21 July 2009 - W.V. School Board Upholds Rights Of All Kids [GOOD!!!]

21 July 2009 - Federal Court Throws Out Challenge To Calif. Marriage Amendment

20 July 2009 - Senate Approves Amendment Adding "Hate Crimes" To Defense Spending Bill [This bill does nothing but give special protections and rights to one group of people above all others and is an attempt to silent those who speak out against this EVIL!!!]

20 July 2009 - Senate OKs Sweeping 'Hate-Crimes' Legislation [This is bad news!!!]

20 July 2009 - Exodus Teams With Two Groups To Spread Biblical Truth On Sexuality

17 July 2009 - Yes, A Hate Crimes Law Will Abridge Your Freedom Of Speech - Gagnon, Part II [Sen. John McCain has denounced Majority Leader Harry Reid for attaching the "Hate Crimes" amendment to a defense appropriations bill. They were obviously trying to hide it.]

17 July 2009 - PepsiCo Sponsors National Gay Homosexual Workshop

17 July 2009 - Judge Sides With Christian Student Professor Called "Fascist Bas**rd" Over Views On Marriage

16 July 2009 - REAL Women Speaks Out Against $400K To Toronto Pride, In Wake Of Further Reports Of Homosexual Funding

16 July 2009 - Two-Thirds Of Iowans Want To Vote On Marriage: 'The Political Power In This State Rests With The People.'

15 July 2009 - Gagnon On "Hate Crimes" Bill S. 909 - Part I: It Promotes Hatred Of People Opposed To Homosexual Behavior: Bill Will Be Used To Advance Left-Wing Notion That Defenders Of Normalcy Are Hateful Bigots

15 July 2009 - URGENT: Call Your Senators Today To Oppose Any Form Of Hate Crimes Legislation

15 July 2009 - Senate Close To Silencing Religious Speech - TAKE ACTION: Senate Will Vote Thursday On Hate Crimes. Please Call Your Senators

15 July 2009 - Episcopal Church Votes To Lift Ban On Gay Homosexual Bishops [This is WRONG and EVIL! There is no place in the Kingdom of God, especially within the Clergy of the Church, for a homosexual or homosexuality!]

14 July 2009 - Focus President Applauds Time's Pro-Marriage Story: Newsmagazine Makes A Strong Case For Society's Greatest Institution

13 July 2009 - Cohabitation Unhealthy For Marriage, Studies Continue To Confirm

10 July 2009 - Congress Considers Politicized Bullying Bill: Legislation Would Require Schools To Create Special Categories For 'Sexual Orientation' And 'Gender Identity.' [This bill is pure EVIL and has nothing to do with civil rights!]

10 July 2009 - Domestic-Partner Benefits Bill Introduced in U.S. House [This bill should be stopped. What it is introducing is wrong!!!]

10 July 2009 - Obama's NIH Pick Earns Praise From Family Advocates

10 July 2009 - Homosexual Adult Altar-Server Files Human Rights Complaint Against Bishop For Dismissal [There is no place within the Church or the Kingdom of God for a homosexual]

10 July 2009 - NEA General Counsel Complains Of Attacks From "Right-Wing Bastards"

09 July 2009 - Log Cabin Republicans Mock Military, Corrupt Children At Chicago 'Gay Homosexual Pride' Parade [Has an embedded video on the web page]

09 July 2009 - Massachusetts Sues Federal Government Over Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA)

08 July 2009 - N.H. Governor's Popularity Tanks After Gay Homosexual Marriage Legalized

07 July 2009 - New Study: Sexual Orientation Can Be Changed: Peer-Reviewed Scientific Survey Looks At More Than A Century Of Research To Determine That Those With Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions Can Benefit From Therapy And Should Continue To Have Access To It

07 July 2009 - Arthur Goldberg Of JONAH To Speak At AFTAH July 17 - Says 'Gay Homosexual Marriage' Is Bad Science, Bad Politics

07 July 2009 - The Age Of Despotism

07 July 2009 - California Considers Anti-Family Bills In The Midst Of Budget Crisis

07 July 2009 - NEA Votes To Undermine Marriage

07 July 2009 - D.C. Affirms Out-Of-State Same-Sex Marriages

06 July 2009 - WND: Media Gag Homosexual Factor In Frank Lombard Duke Boy Rape Case

02 July 2009 - Christians, Here Come The Lions - The End Of Our Religious Freedom In America Could Be At Hand

02 July 2009 - Northern Ireland Politician Cleared Of Wrongdoing after Reiterating Christian Teaching On Homosexual Acts

01 July 2009 - Obama Makes Big Policy Promises To Gays Homosexuals: At A White House Celebration, The President Chastises Those Who "Still Hold Fast To Worn Arguments" About God's Design For Human Sexuality

01 July 2009 - Obama Says Foes Of Homosexuality Hold To 'Worn Arguments And Old Attitudes'

01 July 2009 - Obama Celebrates Anti-Police "Gay Homosexual" Riots

30 June 2009 - AFTAH Warns Of Obama's Radical Homosexual Agenda As President Meets Today With Gay Homosexual Activists

30 June 2009 - R.I. Still Only N.E. State Without Gay Homosexual Marriage

29 June 2009 - Chicago Elementary Schoolkids To March In City's Gay Homosexual-Pride Parade [Forcing young children to participate in their EVIL!]

26 June 2009 - PepsiCo Says It Did Not Sponsor Gay Homosexual Pride Parades; Here's Proof It Did... : PepsiCo Not Being Honest With Those Who Complain

26 June 2009 - Should Children Attend Lewd 'Gay Homosexual Pride' Parades? LaBarbera Asks Biased Chicago Tribune Reporter

26 June 2009 - Australian Conservatives Fear "Human Rights Charter" Will Suppress Religious And Democratic Freedoms

25 June 2009 - Signs Of The Times: First The Bad News, Then The Good - Part 7

25 June 2009 - Gay Homosexual-Activist Movement To Be Honored At White House: Event Comes Just Months After The Obama Administration Failed To Acknowledge The National Day Of Prayer With East Room Celebration

24 June 2009 - Religious Leaders Urged To Oppose Hate-Crimes Bill: 'Please Tell Your Congregation This Legislation Is About Taking Away Your Freedom To Speak And Preach Biblical Truth.'

24 June 2009 - New York - Showdown At The Senate: Today Decides Fate Of Same-Sex "Marriage" Bill

23 June 2009 - Gay Homosexual Activists Want Pro-Family FPC Rep Ousted From Civil Rights Commission [They are trying to get rid of those who would stand up against their EVIL!]

22 June 2009 - Sally Kern: Obama Proclaims Whole Month Of 'Gay Homosexual Pride' Yet Will Not Acknowledge A National Day Of Prayer: Says President Does Not Know The Difference Between God-Given Rights And Sinful, Changeable Behavior

22 June 2009 - Poland Follows Lithuania In Considering Law To Protect Youth From Promotion of Homosexuality [GOOD!]

22 June 2009 - Why The State Must Oppose Same-Sex "Marriage": Professor

19 June 2009 - U.S. Civil Rights Commissioners Oppose Hate-Crimes Bill [Good! This bill is nothing but EVIL and would take away preaching from the Bible!]

19 June 2009 - Support For Same-Sex Marriage Plummets: New poll Finds Only 33 Percent Of Americans Favor, A 9-Point Drop Since April [Same sex marriage isn't really marriage at all. It is a mockery of real marriage as God Himself instituted!]

19 June 2009 - Lithuania Passes Law Against Homosexual Propaganda In Schools, Media [May God bless them for standing up against this evil! More countries need to stop being "politically correct" and stand up against EVIL!]

18 June 2009 - Gender Confusion, Confusion

18 June 2009 - Obama Undermines Marriage With Same-Sex Benefits Memo: President 'Thumbed His Nose At The Rule Of Law' To Placate Gay Homosexual Critics, Family Advocates Say [He obviously does NOT care about right or wrong or about decency. He just wants to promote this EVIL and does not care about anyone else or what people think or have to say!]

18 June 2009 - PepsiCo Sponsors Four More Gay Homosexual Pride Parades

18 June 2009 - Italian Song Tells Redemptive Ex-Gay Homosexual Story

18 June 2009 - U.S. Conference Of Mayors Advocates Homosexual "Marriage" [PURE EVIL!!!]

17 June 2009 - Senate Poised To Vote At Any Time On "Hate Crimes" Legislation: Punishing "Wrong" Beliefs About Homosexuality Is Its Sole Purpose

17 June 2009 - Hate-Crimes Vote Promised By August: Family Advocates Worry About "Chilling Effect" Such A Law Could Have On Religious Free Speech

17 June 2009 - D.C. Voters Lose Say In Same-Sex Marriage Debate

16 June 2009 - FRC Calls Nation To Pray

16 June 2009 - The Saga Continues As New Miss California Says No To Same-Sex "Marriage" [They fired one Miss California for taking a stand for God-given traditional marriage, so now how long before they start attacking the new Miss California for taking a stand against their evil?]

16 June 2009 - D.C. Ethics Board Rejects Referendum On Homosexual "Marriage" Advocated By Black Pastors [This is nothing but EVIL forcing itself upon everyone!]

15 June 2009 - Kevin Jennings' Legacy: 'Gay Homosexual Youth Pride' In Boston: Boys In Mini-Skirts, "Hot" Lesbian "B*tches," It's All A Part Of Government-Promoted GLBT "Youth Pride" Boston [This is pure EVIL!!!!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

15 June 2009 - AFTAH To Protest Obama Speech In Chicago, Says President Has No Mandate To Push Radical Homosexual Agenda

15 June 2009 - Canadian Human Rights Commission To Continue To Prosecute "Hate" [What they mean by "hate" is freedom of speech and freedom to speak from a Biblical viewpoint!]

12 June 2009 - WA Homosexual Group Threatens To Publish Names, Addresses Of Traditional Marriage Supporters [EVIL once again attempting to threaten and harass those who would stand up against it! And will the state do anything to stop it? Of course not! They are too worried about protecting their image and being politically correct (A tool of the devil!)]

11 June 2009 - 'Gay Homosexual' Leader Kevin Jennings Says Dream Is To 'Promote Homosexuality' In Schools [And this is the man that Obama appointed to oversee all the pubic schools! Major problem here!]

11 June 2009 - Traditional Marriage Becoming An Abomination...Part 2

11 June 2009 - Is Marriage On The Chopping Block In Washington, D.C.? : Residents Might Get To Weigh In On The Issue

11 June 2009 - Marriage Advocates Rally In New York

11 June 2009 - Vermont School District Funds Gender Program

09 June 2009 - Coup In New York State Senate Effectively Ends Same-Sex "Marriage" Bill [GOOD!!!]

08 June 2009 - Britain Forces Faith-Based Adoption Agencies To Sacrifice Principles

08 June 2009 - Ministry Leaders Frank And Anita Worthen: California Couple Helps Those With Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions

05 June 2009 - Christian Rally Set For Same Day As Gay Homosexual-Pride Parade [This is being done in response to Obama promoting this evil when he recently designated June as Lesbian, Gay Homosexual, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month]

05 June 2009 - New Hampshire Law Jeopardizes Religious Liberties: Despite Wednesday's Vote, The Definition Of Marriage Remains Non-Negotiable For The Majority Of Americans

05 June 2009 - Fight Erupts Over Backroom Dealing And "Mind Game" In New York Same-Sex "Marriage" Bill

04 June 2009 - Immigration Legislation Undermines Federal Marriage Law

04 June 2009 - New Hampshire Legalizes Same-Sex "Marriage": Governor Signs Bill [They are inviting the Wrath of God upon themselves for this EVIL!!!!]

04 June 2009 - Dick Cheney Voices Support For Same-Sex "Marriage"

03 June 2009 - UK Man Convicted After Trying To Stop Homosexual Sex In Public With Video Camera [So they arrest him for trying to stop this evil! Why don't they go after those committing the acts of evil?]

02 June 2009 - PepsiCo Supports Gay Homosexual Magazine With Advertising: Company Sends An "In Your Face" Message To Those Opposing Gay Homosexual Marriage

01 June 2009 - Gay Homosexual Activist Named To Senior Post In Education Department [This is NOT right!]

01 June 2009 - Schwarzenegger Tells Jay Leno Prop 8 Will Be Overturned [And just who does he think he is? So what if he is governor. The law clearly states that marriage is between one (1) man and one (1) woman, just as God intended it to be!]

01 June 2009 - Homosexual Boy Named "Prom Queen" At Fairfax High School, L.A. [This is pure STUPIDITY!!!]

01 June 2009 - County Considers Special Protection Based On Sexual Orientation [This is WRONG and EVIL!!! No one, absolutely no one, deserves special rights or protections, especially a group of individuals who have chosen to reject the Word of God and do EVIL!!!]

29 May 2009 - AFTAH Asks: Why Are 'Conservative' Leaders Selling Out On 'Civil Unions'?: Americans For Truth Rejects "Civil Unions" As A Capitulation, Not A Compromise

29 May 2009 - Majority Of Americans Oppose Homosexual "Marriage"

28 May 2009 - California School District To Teach Elementary Kids About Homosexuality [This is EVIL!!!!]

28 May 2009 - Focus Hosts U.N. Briefing On Marriage, Family: European Nations Are Seeking To Add Sexual Orientation As A Protected Human Right

27 May 2009 - 'Extremism' Report 'Tip Of The Iceberg' - Lawyer: Napolitano's Promise To 'Reword' Document 'Scary'

27 May 2009 - Thomasson Glad Prop 8 'Half-Upheld,' But Disappointed That 18,000 Counterfeit 'Gay Homosexual Marriages' Remain Valid

27 May 2009 - California Supreme Court Upholds Marriage-Protection Amendment

27 May 2009 - Nevada Gov. Vetoes Same-Sex Domestic Partnerships Bill: Says Bill Violates Marriage Amendment

27 May 2009 - Nevada Governor Says 'No' To Domestic Partnerships [GOOD!]

26 May 2009 - California High Court Upholds Gay Homosexual Marriage Ban [GOOD!!!! The only reason it went to court was because the homosexual community decided that their will is more important than what they people and did not like that the people said NO to their EVIL!!!]

26 May 2009 - Department Of Homeland Security: A "Man-Caused Disaster"

26 May 2009 - Homosexuals "Born That Way" - A Con Job: Part 1 Of 3

26 May 2009 - Federal Legislation Introduced To Protect Marriage In D.C.

21 May 2009 - Colorado Governor OKs Taxpayer-Funded Gay Homosexual Benefits [This is WRONG! Taxpayer money should NOT be used for this EVIL!!!]

21 May 2009 - House Committee Approves Flawed State Department Bill

21 May 2009 - Parents Allow 8-Year-Old Boy To Live As A Girl [This is PURE INSANITY!!!]

21 May 2009 - 8-Year-Old Boy Lives As A Girl [Has an embedded video on the web page] [These people are all nuts! No matter what they say or how they try to explain this or try defend it, it is still WRONG and is EVIL in the eyes of God. SIN is still SIN and EVIL is still EVIL no matter what you call them!]

21 May 2009 - A Nation Of Spouseless Mothers

21 May 2009 - Is New Hampshire Headed Toward Same-Sex 'Marriage'?: After A Close Vote Today [Wednesday], The Legislature Will Negotiate The Different Bills Before The Session Ends In June

21 May 2009 - NH House Votes Down Same-Sex "Marriage" Bill Over Objections To Religious Liberty Clause

20 May 2009 - PepsiCo A Member Of The National Gay Homosexual & Lesbian Chamber Of Commerce

20 May 2009 - Focus On The Family's Dobson On Hate Crimes Bill: "Utter Evil" Coming Out Of Congress

20 May 2009 - A False Theology: Obama's Appeal To Faith Runs Contrary To Christian Faith

20 May 2009 - Exodus Launches Web Site For Pastors

20 May 2009 - Canadian MP Tables Bill To Protect "Transgendered" People In Canadian Human Rights Act

19 May 2009 - Girl Scouts Exposed: Lessons In Lesbianism - Communists, Radical Feminists Cited As Role Models For Troops

19 May 2009 - NY Assembly Passes Same-Sex "Marriage" Bill [PURE EVIL!!!]

18 May 2009 - APA Revises 'Gay Homosexual Gene' Theory [EVIL! No matter what you call it or how you try to explain it!]

18 May 2009 - PepsiCo Sponsors The 2009 New York City Gay Homosexual Pride Parade

18 May 2009 - New Hampshire Governor To Veto Gay Homosexual Marriage Bill If No Religious Protections [This EVIL just needs to be vetoed and stopped now!]

18 May 2009 - Marriage Advocate Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse: 'I Came To The Conclusion That There Was A Real Desire Among College Students For Lifelong Married Love.'

18 May 2009 - Same-Sex 'Marriage' Spreads Through Northeast: 'This Is A Divisive And Polarizing Effort Driven By The Need To Play To The Democrats' Donor Base.'

18 May 2009 - Brazilian Government Seeks To Remove "Homophobic" Christian Programming From Daytime TV: Will Add Warning To Such Programs, Pushing Them To 11 PM Or Later

18 May 2009 - White House Drops Obama Opposition To Defense Of Marriage Act From Website

11 May 2009 - Are You A Terrorist?

11 May 2009 - Democrats Not Expected To Allow Vote On The D.C. Recognition Of Same-Sex Marriage: Move Would Make Homosexual Marriage Bill Law Without Members Of Congress Having To Vote

11 May 2009 - N.H. Poll Shows Majority Supports Marriage [True marriage, as in between one man and one woman only!]

08 May 2009 - Barber: 'Hate Crimes' Bill Is Full Of Swill

08 May 2009 - Federal Bill Would Add Pro-Gay Homosexual Policies To Public Schools

07 May 2009 - Opponents Challenge New Maine Gay Homosexual Marriage Law

07 May 2009 - Pro-Family Leaders Support Miss California USA: 'Standing On A National Stage And Defending Marriage Meant More For The Cause Of Marriage Than Anything Else

07 May 2009 - Openly Homosexual Phoenix Priest Excommunicated [GOOD! There is no place in the clergy or the Kingdom of God for homosexuality!]

06 May 2009 - Homosexual Indoctrination Booklets Distributed In Chilean Schools, Funded By Spanish Province

06 May 2009 - Washington State Referendum Challenges Expanded Same-Sex Partner Privileges

04 May 2009 - New Hate Crimes Bill Criminalizes Words And Thoughts

04 May 2009 - Maine Senate Passes Same-Sex "Marriage" Bill [This DEFILES marriage as God meant it to be, between one man and one woman ONLY!!!]

04 May 2009 - California Supreme Court Sides With Christian School [GOOD!!!]

01 May 2009 - Miss California Featured In National Marriage Ad

30 Apr 2009 - Traditional Marriage Becoming An Abomination...Pt. 1

30 Apr 2009 - U.S. House Creates Special Legal Status For Gay Homosexual People [This is pure EVIL! No one, especially a bunch of individuals who have rejected God and all sense of decency and morality, deserve special rights, privileges, or protections! This bill is nothing more than an attack on the Word of God and those who preach it!]

30 Apr 2009 - New Hampshire Senate Approves Same-Sex "Marriage" [They have no sense of decency or morality since they are allowing the blasphemy to occur!]

30 Apr 2009 - Obama Urges House Of Representatives To Pass Sexual Orientation "Hate Crimes" Bill

29 Apr 2009 - U.K. Teaches 11-Year-Olds About Homosexuality; San Francisco Schools Launch Pro-Gay Homosexual Web Site [PURE EVIL!!!]

29 Apr 2009 - Get Ready, America. Congress Set To Make Various Sexual Orientations Legally Protected [This is really SICK and EVIL]

29 Apr 2009 - Analysis Of 2009 Hate Crimes Bill, HR 1913

29 Apr 2009 - The Miss California Controversy

29 Apr 2009 - A Look Back At Obama's First 100 Days: 'I Would Hope He Would Do More To Protect Families In This Country.'

29 Apr 2009 - Hundreds Of Marriage Advocates Rally In D.C.

29 Apr 2009 - Prominent Gay Homosexual British Politician Jokes About Killing Miss California For Her Opposition To Same-Sex "Marriage": Calls Her A "Silly B**ch"

28 Apr 2009 - US Presbyterian Church Holds The Line Against Homosexual Clergy [There is NO place in the Church or the Kingdom of God for homosexuality!]

28 Apr 2009 - Family Advocates Gather In Prayer For Foster Children

28 Apr 2009 - Hate-Crimes Bill Threatens Pastors

28 Apr 2009 - Christian Teacher Suspended After Questioning Homosexualist Training Program

27 Apr 2009 - Napolitano's DHS Report Damages Bond With Military

27 Apr 2009 - Free Speech Concerns Ignored As "Hate Crimes" Bill Passes Fed. Judiciary Committee [This bill has nothing to do with "hate crimes." It is about giving extra right to one specific group of people and silencing those who speak Biblical truths, have morals, and stand up against evil!]

27 Apr 2009 - Perez Hilton: The Foul Face Of 'Gay Homosexual' Activism

27 Apr 2009 - AFTAH Responds To Letter: God Did Not Make Your Son a Homosexual

27 Apr 2009 - NH Senate Committee Opposes Same-Sex "Marriage" While Maine Holds Public Hearing On Issue

24 Apr 2009 - I Am NOT A Terrorist

24 Apr 2009 - A Case Of Religious Persecution: 'If Carrie Prejean Were In Favor Of Gay Homosexual "Marriage," She'd Actually Be In The Minority Of Americans.'

24 Apr 2009 - Hate Crimes Bill HR 1913- Separate But Unequal Protection [This bill will make it illegal to speak Biblical truths and as such, it is EVIL and needs to be stopped!]

24 Apr 2009 - House Committee Approves Hate-Crimes Legislation [This legislation is EVIL and will be used to limit preaching from the Bible and make speaking Biblical truths against the law!]

24 Apr 2009 - Pepsico Intensifies Support For Gay Homosexual Agenda: Pepsico Sponsors Explicit Scene Featuring Two Gays Homosexuals

24 Apr 2009 - Gates Hints At Changes To Ban On Gays Homosexuals In Military: The Defense Chief Says Obama Has Been Clear With The Military About His Stance. The President Will Move Cautiously And Deliberately, Gates Said.

23 Apr 2009 - Miss California Shows Rick Warren How It's Done [AMEN!!!]

22 Apr 2009 - Perez Hilton And In-Your-Face 'Queer' Activists: The Obnoxious Spoiled Brats Of Our Culture: Carrie Prejean Sought To Please God Rather Than Politically-Correct Man [Has embedded videos on the web page]

22 Apr 2009 - Miss California USA Loses Crown After Defending Marriage: 'It's Not About Being Politically Correct. For Me, It Was Being Biblically Correct.' [PRAISE GOD!!!! More people need to follow her example and stand up against this EVIL!!!]

22 Apr 2009 - Intolerance Marks Pro-Gay Homosexual Day Of Silence

22 Apr 2009 - Don't Allow President Obama To Remove America's Most Basic Freedoms: Contact Congress Today About Proposed "Hate Crimes" Legislation - Before It's Too Late!

22 Apr 2009 - Miss California Sparks Controversy For Supporting True Marriage, Called "Dumb B*tch" By Homosexual Judge

22 Apr 2009 - El Salvadorans Fight To Protect Marriage And Prevent Homosexual Adoption

21 Apr 2009 - Pageant Controversy Highlights Intolerance: Miss California's Answer That One-Man, One-Woman Marriage Is Best Draws Outrage From Gay Homosexual Activists [This clearly shows that the homosexual community is NOT about tolerance and is against people giving their honest opinion against this EVIL!]

21 Apr 2009 - House Committee Takes Up 'Hate-Crimes' Bill: Similar Laws Have Been Used To Prosecute Religious Speech In The U.S. And Abroad [Another attempt to silence those who speak out against the EVIL of homosexuality!]

20 Apr 2009 - D.C. Prepares To Recognize Out Of State Same-Sex "Marriages" May 5 [This is EVIL!!!]

17 Apr 2009 - DHS Report Says "Disgruntled Military Veterans" Might Be "Rightwing Extremists [PURE INSANITY!!! So much for freedom of thought and freedom of choice! This is nothing more than an outright attack on those who stand up for Biblical truths! How long until they try to outlaw Christianity?]

17 Apr 2009 - Anderson Cooper's Vulgar 'Tea-Bagging' Joke Epitomizes Media's Hatred Of Conservatives: Labeled As Powerful Homosexual By Gay Homosexual Magazine OUT, Cooper Owes Apology To Conservatives Nationwide

17 Apr 2009 - Students Take A Stand On Day Of Truth

17 Apr 2009 - Rhode Island Gov. Denounces Same-Sex "Marriage," Throws Weight behind Marriage Campaign [PRAISE GOD!!! More governors need to follow his example and take a stand against this evil!]

16 Apr 2009 - Snowing In Vegas Today, So Much For Global Warming

15 Apr 2009 - Signs Of The Times: Being Led Astray - Part 5

15 Apr 2009 - Rick Warren-Larry King Interview Transcript - Saddleback Pastor 'Apologizes' For Prop 8 Role: Popular Mega-Church Pastor Says Protecting The Definition Of Marriage "Very Low" On His List Of Priorities

15 Apr 2009 - Notre Dame Announces Homosexual-Themed Events For Easter Week

15 Apr 2009 - EU Parliament Removes Religious Exemption: Churches Could Be Forced To Perform Same-Sex "Marriages"

15 Apr 2009 - Baptist Seminary Prez Albert Mohler Dismayed By Rick Warren About-Face On Homosexual "Marriage"

14 Apr 2009 - Focus On The Family Unveils True Tolerance Web Site: Initiative Equips Parents To Counter Homosexual Activism In Schools

14 Apr 2009 - Prominent Pro-Family Activist Julio Severo Flees Brazil To Escape Charges Of "Homophobia"

14 Apr 2009 - Newspaper Rejects Ad For Love Won Out Conference

08 Apr 2009 - Vermont Redefines Marriage To Include Homosexual Couples: Forty-Three States Have Laws That Protect Marriage As The Union Of One Man And One Woman, Including 30 Constitutional Amendments [Vermont has freely chosen to transgress the Law and Word of God and obviously wants to experience God's wrath!]

07 Apr 2009 - Uganda Refuses To Bow To United Nations Pressure To Accept Homosexuality: Warns Homosexual Indoctrination And Recruitment Taking Place In Some Schools Under Guise Of Humanitarian Relief Organizations

07 Apr 2009 - Vermont House Approves Same-Sex "Marriage" Bill, Backers Seek Votes To Override Veto

07 Apr 2009 - Iowa Marriage Defenders Push For Marriage Amendment, Decry Foul Play In Activist Same-Sex "Marriage" Ruling

07 Apr 2009 - California's 'Gender Identity' Law Goes On Trial

06 Apr 2009 - Mexican Catholic Bishop Braves Attacks By Pro-Abortion And Homosexualist Groups After Issuing "Ten Electoral Commandments"

06 Apr 2009 - Iowa Supreme Court Strikes Down Marriage Law

03 Apr 2009 - eHarmony Launches Homosexual Dating Site - After Capitulating To 'Gay Homosexual' Legal Bullies

03 Apr 2009 - Iowa Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex "Marriage" [This is pure EVIL and a MOCKERY of marriage as God intended it!]

03 Apr 2009 - Sweden Legalizes Homosexual "Marriage" [They obviously want to experience the wrath of God for allowing this evil!!!]

02 Apr 2009 - Retired Officers Oppose Homosexual Military Service

02 Apr 2009 - New York's Highest Court Will Hear Same-Sex 'Marriage' Case

31 Mar 2009 - Promoting Perversion Pays - Professional Homosexual Activists Draw Massive Salaries

31 Mar 2009 - We're All Homophobes Now: Letter To FOX's Red Eye [EVIL once again stooping to name calling and attacking those who oppose this EVIL]

30 Mar 2009 - Pepsi Sponsored Program: 'Jesus Christ, Who Hates Many People, But None More Than Homosexuals' [More of those who support this EVIL attacking Christ, the Bible, and Biblical Truth!]

30 Mar 2009 - Pepsi Continues To Sponsor Homosexual Agenda: Boycott Continues

30 Mar 2009 - Don Quixote Lanced Marriage

30 Mar 2009 - Being Queer Is A Sexual (and a major spiritual) Disorder [EVIL is still EVIL no matter what it is called!]

27 Mar 2009 - Hawaii Defeats Civil Unions; Northeast Welcomes Same-Sex 'Marriage': 'The Cost Of Eroding Marriage Will Manifest Itself In Future Generations.'

27 Mar 2009 - Portland Ministry Helps Those With Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions

27 Mar 2009 - Former Homosexual Comments On George Weber Sex-Murder By Young 'Sadomasochist'

26 Mar 2009 - Fox's 'Family Guy' Goes Too Far; File A Complaint With The FCC: File An Official Complaint With The FCC Against The FOX Network And Your Local FOX Affiliate Station

26 Mar 2009 - Gainesville, Fla., Voters Support Gender-Identity Ordinance [PURE LUNACY!!!]

25 Mar 2009 - Take Action: Defend Marriage In Hawaii

25 Mar 2009 - Rep. Barney Frank Calls Justice Scalia A 'Homophobe' [Here goes EVIL and those who support it resorting to their name calling again! They just don't like it when people stand up against their evil!!!]

25 Mar 2009 - More Homosexual Hate: Peter LaBarbera Called 'Satan's Lover' [Seems that this is all those who are part of this EVIL can do, resort to name calling!]

24 Mar 2009 - New York Teacher Invites Seventh-Graders To Same-Sex 'Wedding' [PURE EVIL!!!]

24 Mar 2009 - Marriage Advocates In California Sue Over Unending Harassment

22 Mar 2009 - "Mr. Bean" Star Urges House Of Lords To Protect Free Speech Clause In "Anti-Homophobia" Law

22 Mar 2009 - Television's Judge Judy: "The Old Guard Has To Die Off"

22 Mar 2009 - AFTAH Urges FOX's Bill O'Reilly To Expose The Real Wayne Besen - Homosexual Extremist

20 Mar 2009 - Minnesota Introduces Marriage Amendment

19 Mar 2009 - Obama Administration To Sign UN Declaration To "Decriminalize Homosexuality" [More promoting of EVIL and unGodly lifestyles!]

19 Mar 2009 - Michael Steele's False Comparison between Race And Homosexuality

19 Mar 2009 - EU To Eliminate "Mrs." And "Miss" In Favor Of "Gender Neutral" Language [This is EVIL and wrong!]

19 Mar 2009 - Lively Accuses Throckmorton of Betraying Christ And Grove City College Mission: Homosexual Activists Are "Using You As A Patsy," He Tells Evangelical Professor

19 Mar 2009 - Grove City Prof Warren Throckmorton Affirms Homosexuality As 'Normal, Natural And Healthy' [Pure EVIL and BLASPHEMY against God!!!]

18 Mar 2009 - Vermont Begins Hearings On Same-Sex "Marriage" Bill

17 Mar 2009 - Preserving Marriage In Substance, Not Just Name: 'Much More Than The Private Union Of Consenting Adults, Marriage Is Vitally Important For The Well-Being Of Our Nation's Children.'

17 Mar 2009 - Homosexual Who Abandoned Wife Given Custody Of Children With Gay Homosexual Lover - Wife Pays Child Support [This is PURE INSANITY!]

17 Mar 2009 - New Hampshire Considers 'Bathroom Bill' [PURE STUPIDITY!!!]

16 Mar 2009 - Gay Homosexual Activists Work To Undo California Marriage Amendment [They have no concern for the will of the people or doing what is right and moral!]

13 Mar 2009 - Pepsi, FOX Team Up To Push Sickening Trash Into America's Homes: Pepsi Sponsors Perverted Sickness On "Family Guy"

12 Mar 2009 - California Initiative Proposes Abolishing All Marriage From Law [Yet another attempt by evil to force itself upon everyone!]

11 Mar 2009 - Gay Homosexual Sex Is Downright Dangerous And Abstinence Won't Kill You

11 Mar 2009 - Poll Finds 10% Of Soldiers Would Not Re-Enlist If Open Homosexuals Are Allowed In Military: 58% Oppose Repeal Of "Don't Ask/Don't Tell"

10 Mar 2009 - Conn. Legislature Moves To Regulate Catholic Church In Suspected "Payback" For Marriage Stance [So now the government wants to dictate Church policy! So what ever happened to the so-called separation of Church and State? As I have said before they use it to keep us in line and cross over it whenever it suites them!]

09 Mar 2009 - 'Civil Unions' Legislation Is A Trojan Horse Leading To Homosexual 'Marriage': Utah's "Common Ground" Package, Illinois "Civil Unions" Bill Would Help Courts Impose "Same-Sex Marriage"

09 Mar 2009 - Choices: The Real Truth Detector

09 Mar 2009 - British Prime Minister Says Proposition 8 Homosexual "Marriage" Ban "Unacceptable" [Evil promoting evil!]

06 Mar 2009 - Amnesty International Urges California Supreme Court To Overturn Proposition 8

06 Mar 2009 - California Supreme Court Hears Arguments Over Marriage Amendment

05 Mar 2009 - 75,000 People Gather For Premier Focus Marriage Conference

04 Mar 2009 - Gay Homosexual Couples Sue Over Federal Marriage Law [More of EVIL trying to force itself upon everyone!!!]

04 Mar 2009 - MSM=Disease

04 Mar 2009 - New Mexico Protects Benefits Of Marriage [GOOD!!!]

04 Mar 2009 - Utah GOP Leaders Cave In To Homosexual Campaign Targeting Veteran Republican Legislator

02 Mar 2009 - Ninth Circuit Upholds Church's Constitutional Rights

27 Feb 2009 - GLSEN's TransAction Day Pushes Transgenderism In Schools: 'There Is A Very Radical, Extreme Agenda At Play Here.'

26 Feb 2009 - Kentucky Lawmakers Take Up Pro-Family Legislation

26 Feb 2009 - Catholic Bishop Martino Calls For Dissolution Of Misericordia U's Homosexualist "Diversity" Institute: Requests Full Account Of Sexuality Curriculum

25 Feb 2009 - 'Thought Crimes' Legislation Predicted To Move Fast In U.S. House

25 Feb 2009 - Homosexual Republican Group Calls Pro-Family Activists "Domestic Terrorists"

23 Feb 2009 - Pepsi Produces Another TV Ad Promoting Gay Homosexual Lifestyle: Company Combines Promotion Of Pepsi And Homosexual Lifestyle

21 Feb 2009 - So Many Gender Identities, So Little Time

21 Feb 2009 - Nationwide Battle Over Marriage Continues: 'Unless You And Your Church Family Engage, We Stand To Lose A Lot Of Important Ground.'

21 Feb 2009 - Battle In Evangelical Lutheran Church As It Considers Allowing Pastors To Be In Homosexual Relationships [This is EVIL and goes against the teachings of the Bible. There is no place in the Kingdom of God for this evil!!!]

19 Feb 2009 - Is There Freedom From Homosexuality?: 'Love Won Out Proclaims The Truth That God Continues To Transform The Lives Of Men And Women Who Have Same-Sex Desires.'

19 Feb 2009 - California Jury Sides With Conscientious Firefighters [GOOD!!!]

17 Feb 2009 - Georgia 'Gay Homosexual' Republican Activist Calls AFTAH [A Christian organization exposing the evils of homosexuality] 'Domestic Terrorist Group,' Compares Us to Nazis [This is the viewpoint of most homosexuals and homosexual organizations against any Christian, Christian organization, or anyone else who takes a stand and speaks up against the evil and blasphemous lifestyle of homosexual!]

17 Feb 2009 - Hawaii Takes Steps Toward Same-Sex 'Marriage' [VERY BAD IDEA!!!]

17 Feb 2009 - Same-Sex Relationships "Comparable To Marriage": Anglican Head: US And Canadian Reports Say Anglican Leadership "Tearing The Fabric Of The Communion To Shreds" [This is WRONG and EVIL and goes against the teachings of the Bible!!!!]

17 Feb 2009 - Spanish Judge Says Government Is Persecuting Him For His Christian Faith: Accuses Authorities Of "Extortion" And Intimidation For Refusing To Approve Homosexual Adoption

16 Feb 2009 - Brazilian Government Says 99% Of Citizens Are "Homophobic" And Must Be Reeducated [What they mean by "reeducated" is brainwashed so they can't think for themselves and stand up against this evil!!!]

16 Feb 2009 - Transgender Janitor Shocks Elem. School Parents

16 Feb 2009 - Lawsuit Filed After Professor Calls Student 'Fascist Bastard' For Sharing Beliefs On Faith And Marriage

16 Feb 2009 - Utah Governor Voices Support For Homosexual Civil Unions

16 Feb 2009 - B.C. School Board Allows Pro-Homosexualist Social Justice Course After Human Rights Complaint

16 Feb 2009 - TV Stations Cancel Paid Ad About Homosexual Agenda

13 Feb 2009 - Calif. Professor Mocks Student After Speech On Marriage; ADF Sues

12 Feb 2009 - California Uses Taxpayer Money To Push Gay Homosexual Adoption

12 Feb 2009 - California Teachers Supported Marriage Amendment: Same-Sex 'Marriage' Is 'One More Thing That Is Not Going To Help' Students

12 Feb 2009 - Mexico's Most Pro-Abortion Political Party Seeks To Legalize Abortion-On-Demand, Hard Drugs, Homosexual "Marriage"

12 Feb 2009 - Spanish Families Defy Mandatory Homosexual Indoctrination In New Video

12 Feb 2009 - Replacing Post-Era Feminist Policy With "Marriage Values"

12 Feb 2009 - Portuguese Catholic Bishops Resolve To Fight "Homosexual Marriage" Proposal By Socialist Prime Minister

10 Feb 2009 - Christian Nursing Home Funding Restored After "Sexual Orientation" Flap

09 Feb 2009 - Princeton Professor Monitors Obama On Pro-Family Issues

06 Feb 2009 - Family Groups Seek To Strengthen Marriages In Florida

06 Feb 2009 - Pro-Family Groups Denounce New "Sexual Diversity" Program In Buenos Aires' Schools

05 Feb 2009 - Italian Superstar Vocalist Al Bano Speaks Out Against Gay Homosexual Pride Parades: Adds Voice To Growing Chorus Opposing Homosexualism [More people need to follow his example and take a stand against this evil!!!]

05 Feb 2009 - Obama Nominates Pro-P*Rn, Pro-Abortion Lawyer For The Number 2 Position In The Office Of The Attorney General: Phone Calls Need Now!

05 Feb 2009 - Obama's Judicial Nominees Stand On Anti-Family Principles: Appointees Represent 'Everything The Pro-Family Movement Has Fought Against.'

05 Feb 2009 - Wyoming House Set To Vote On Marriage Amendment

04 Feb 2009 - Columbus, Ohio Holiday Inn Hotel Hosts 'Winter Wickedness' Perversion-Fest: Sexual Extremism And Consensual Sexualized Violence Comes To Middle America; Stop This From Occurring By Calling Holiday Inn Today! [This is PURE EVIL!!!]

03 Feb 2009 - Child Forced To Endure Visitations With Mother's Former Lesbian Partner Suffers "Emotional Trauma [This is pure INSANITY! How can the courts order visitation rights for someone not even related to the child! This is EVIL!!!]

02 Feb 2009 - Hawaii Civil Unions Backed By A Majority In State House [This is WRONG and EVIL! They should be banning this abomination instead of backing it!]

30 Jan 2009 - City Council In Iowa To Vote On Marriage Resolution

30 Jan 2009 - Obama: Building A Monument To Tolerance On The Rubble Of Religious Freedom

30 Jan 2009 - Pepsi TV Ad Pushing Gay Homosexual Lifestyle

29 Jan 2009 - Children Can Be Compelled To Receive Homosexual Indoctrination Against Parents' Wishes: Spanish Supreme Court [PURE EVIL!!!]

28 Jan 2009 - Leader of Portuguese Ruling Party Seeks To Create Homosexual "Marriage" In Portugal [PURE EVIL!!!]

28 Jan 2009 - Spanish Supreme Court Deadlocked Over Allowing Families To Opt Out Of Homosexual Indoctrination Program

27 Jan 2009 - Obama's Enduring Support For The Gay Homosexual Agenda: 'Homosexual "Marriage" Is Certainly "Change," But It's Clearly Not The Kind Of Change That Most Americans Want.'

27 Jan 2009 - 'No Name-Calling Week' Has A Hidden Agenda

27 Jan 2009 - Bolivia Passes Constitution Containing Pro-Abortion, Homosexualist Language

26 Jan 2009 - Prepare Now For Huge Battles

23 Jan 2009 - Abortion And Homosexuality Movements Are Linked In Their War Against Life And Marriage

22 Jan 2009 - Obama Acts Quickly, Lays Out His Abortion And Gay Homosexual Agenda

22 Jan 2009 - Obama Reveals The 'Change' He Will Bring: 'This Is The Most Bold And Comprehensive Pro-Homosexual, Abortion-Friendly Administration Agenda We've Ever Seen.'

22 Jan 2009 - Stop Foreign Aid To Nigeria For Banning Gay Homosexual "Marriage": European Union's Homosexual Rights Group [More of evil trying to silence those who would oppose it!]

21 Jan 2009 - ADF Defends Arkansas Policy That Reserves Adoption For Married Couples

20 Jan 2009 - Lifetime Movie Casts Christians In Ugly Role: Family Advocates Are Concerned The Film On Homosexuality Tells Only Half Of The Story, Leaving Out The Redemptive Power Of Jesus Christ

20 Jan 2009 - 'Puberty Blockers' Pushed On Children [PURE INSANITY!!!]

20 Jan 2009 - Mother Told That Daughter Will Be Taken From Her By Force For Visits With Lesbian: Virginia Court Refuses To Enforce Law Denying Recognition To Homosexual Civil Unions [This is pure INSANITY!!!]

20 Jan 2009 - Gainesville, Fla., To Vote On Statute That Caters To 'Transgendered' Individuals [No one deserves special or extra rights or treatment, especially a group of individuals who flaunt their evil and try to force it on everyone, and reject the Bible, God, and all forms of decency and morality!]

16 Jan 2009 - Obama Supported Gay Homosexual 'Marriage' before He Opposed It: 'Is This What Obama Supporters Meant By Change We Can Believe In?'

16 Jan 2009 - Doubletree Hotel In D.C. Plays Host To Homosexual 'Pig Sex' Orgy During Inaugural Weekend [More proof as to how EVIL and UNGODLY these people are!]

16 Jan 2009 - Obama May End Military's Ban On Gays Homosexuals [The military is no place for homosexuals, nor any place else. They are an ABOMINATION in the eyes of God!]

16 Jan 2009 - GOD TV Takes Love Won Out Message Around The World

14 Jan 2009 - Mexican Socialists Threaten Catholic Church For Opposing Abortion, Homosexual "Marriage," Euthanasia

14 Jan 2009 - Bill To Allow Homosexual "Marriage" In Maine To Be Introduced [Pure EVIL]

13 Jan 2009 - EU Votes this Week To Push Same-Sex Civil Unions On All Member States [More of trying to force everyone to accept this EVIL ABOMINATION!!!]

13 Jan 2009 - Openly Homosexual Anglican Bishop To Kick Off Obama Inaugural Weekend [BLASPHEMY! There is no place in the Kingdom of God for homosexuality, especially among the members of the clergy!]

12 Jan 2009 - 14th Amendment - No Need For Hate Crimes Legislation [So-called hate crime legislation isn't about protecting anyone from hate crimes. It is about giving one group of people extra rights and protections above everyone else!]

12 Jan 2009 - Hate Crimes Bill - A Threat To Biblical Teaching

12 Jan 2009 - Pro-Marriage Supporters Face Threats In California

12 Jan 2009 - Prop. 8's Ripple Effect - Christians Still Persecuted

09 Jan 2009 - Campbell's Soup Refuses To Remain Neutral, Joins Gay Homosexual Activists In The Culture War

09 Jan 2009 - PepsiCo Gives $1,000,000 To Help Promote The Gay Homosexual Agenda: Company Forces Employees To Attend Sexual Orientation Classes

09 Jan 2009 - Canadian Law Prohibiting Polygamy Faces Challenge

09 Jan 2009 - Traditional Marriage Under Attack In Wisconsin...Again

09 Jan 2009 - Homosexuals Immune To Mass. Budget Cuts

09 Jan 2009 - Homosexual Soldiers Could Spell Trouble For Military Chaplains

08 Jan 2009 - Study Confirms Importance Of Mom And Dad

07 Jan 2009 - New Jersey Rules Against Christian Group That Declined To Host Lesbian Civil Union Ceremony [This is WRONG, the courts have NO place telling Christians or Christian organizations or groups that they must participate in this BLASPHEMY!!!]

06 Jan 2009 - Pro-Family Leaders: 'We've Got To Be Active Citizens': Obama Administration Threatens Marriage, Life, Other Family Values

05 Jan 2008 - Traditional Family Defenders Now In 'Gay Homosexual' Agenda Bull's-Eye: Licensing Proposal Could Require Lawyers To Endorse Homosexuality [More forcing the acceptance of EVIL on everyone!]

05 Jan 2009 - Wisconsin Congregation Breaks With Episcopal Church

02 Jan 2009 - N.J. Panel Charges Church Group With Discrimination [Where do they get off trying to force a Church to go against its own Biblical teachings? What happened to the so-called separation of Church and State? Seems like the government ignores it any time they want to!]

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