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30 Dec 2010 - Obama's Attitudes On Homosexual 'Marriage' 'Evolving' - God's Remain The Same: Obama "Man Without A Biblical Conscience"

29 Dec 2010 - Selection Of 'Gay Homosexual' Leader No Step Toward Christian Unity [Putting this sinner in this position is WRONG and goes against the Word of God. This will just lead to one compromise after another of the Word of God]

29 Dec 2010 - 'Don't Ask' Survey Really Didn't Ask: Pentagon Soldier Poll 'Absurd,' Borders On 'Fraud,' Says Expert

29 Dec 2010 - Expert: Open Homosexuality In Military Being 'Rushed' - 'It's Like Pelosi Saying We Have To Pass This Bill So People Can Find Out What's In It'

29 Dec 2010 - Special Forces Wary Of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal

28 Dec 2010 - While You Were Shopping, Congress Attacked! Merry Christmas!

28 Dec 2010 - Repeal The Homosexualization Of The American Military

28 Dec 2010 - Biggest Conservative Names Bidding Goodbye To CPAC: Participation Of Homosexuals, Financial Mismanagement Cited

28 Dec 2010 - NC Council Of Churches To Be Led By Open Homosexual [They obviously don't care about Biblical teaching or morality!]

28 Dec 2010 - Fighting Back Against Sodomized Military

27 Dec 2010 - There Will Be A Great Cost To Repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

27 Dec 2010 - Bryan Fischer: Whoops: Homosexuals Lose Get Out Of Jail Free Card

23 Dec 2010 - Vets Protest Plan Opening Military To Homosexuals: Officer Requests Command Relief Over Scheduled 'Behavior Modifications'

23 Dec 2010 - Love Compels Christian Fight Against Homosexuality

23 Dec 2010 - Obama Says Repeal Of Gay Homosexual Ban Strengthens US [Really? And what planet is he on? This in no way strengthens the US. It only serves to weaken us and cause more problems!]

23 Dec 2010 - Orthodox Rabbi Predicts Deadly Fallout From Permitting Homosexuality In Military

22 Dec 2010 - Obama Gushing At The Signing Of Repeal Of Don't Ask Don't Tell [An evil man promoting more evil and try to force its acceptance on everyone!]

22 Dec 2010 - Jimmy Carter: We've Had A Black President, Now It's Time For A Gay Homosexual One [More of the trying to force acceptance of this evil abomination on everyone!]

22 Dec 2010 - AFTAH Targeted In Biased FOX-Chicago TV Report On SPLC's Fraudulent 'Hate Group' Classification [Yet another attempt to discredit and silence those who take a stand against this evil!]

21 Dec 2010 - Hold Your Homosexuals! Military Ban Not Over Yet: Look What Needs To Be Done Before Changes Take Effect

21 Dec 2010 - Obama Plans To Sign Repeal Of Gay Homosexual Ban Wednesday [More proof as to how ungodly he really is and how he cares nothing about God's truths found in the Bible!]

21 Dec 2010 - Brazilian President Becomes 'Santa Claus' For Homosexuals As Reign Ends [PURE EVIL!]

21 Dec 2010 - SPLC: Medical Science, Christianity Equal 'Hate' [In reality, it is the SPLC that stand for hate, hatred for God, the Bible, morality and decency, and those who stand up for what is right!]

21 Dec 2010 - ENGLAND: Cop Arrests Preacher For Saying Homosexuality A Sin: Told Law Bans Affirmation Of Biblical Perspective Of Lifestyle Choice [More of trying to silence the truth about what God says concerning this evil abomination!]

21 Dec 2010 - The Queering Of Our Military And God's Wrath

21 Dec 2010 - Obama Gets His Repeal, Troops Pay The Price [He is an evil and ungodly man!]

20 Dec 2010 - Sen. Lieberman Is Wrong - Repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell Is Not About 'Civil Rights' But Pushing Homosexuality On The Military

20 Dec 2010 - Bryan Fischer: The Darkest Day In 456 Years

20 Dec 2010 - An End To Religious Liberty In U.S. Military?

20 Dec 2010 - Chaplain: Congress Redefines Morality: Warnings Issued Over Rushing Through DADT Repeal

20 Dec 2010 - Haverford County, Pennsylvania - No Special Rights For Homosexuals [GOOD! No one should be entitled to special or extra rights or privileges!]

17 Dec 2010 - Congress' Christmas Lump Of Coal For Troops - Open Homosexuality? : Urge Your Senators To Vote Against The Hasty Repeal Of The Military's Common-Sense 'Gay Homosexual' Ban

16 Dec 2010 - House Votes To Repeal Ban On Gays Homosexuals Serving Openly In Military [This is a big mistake and should NOT be allowed to happen!]

16 Dec 2010 - Bryan Fischer: Southern Poverty Law Center Belongs On Its Own Hate Group List [They basically label anyone and everyone who stands up for Biblical teachings against homosexuality as promoting hate! If anyone is promoting hate, it is them promoting it again those that are for morality and decency!]

16 Dec 2010 - Illinois Gives 'Gays Homosexuals' Civil Union 'Marriage' : Analysts Say Provisions Put Homosexuals On Par With Traditional Couples [This is EVIL! It makes a total mockery of real marriage as God Himself ordained it, between one man and one woman only!]

15 Dec 2010 - 'Hate Crime' At Harvard Nothing More Than An Accident [Before even investigating it they called it a "hate crime" and demanded "workshops about homosexual issues should be mandatory for all student." This is yet another attempt to force acceptance of this evil abomination!]

14 Dec 2010 - 'The Move Continues' For Society's Acceptance [More of trying to force this evil abomination on everyone!]

13 Dec 2010 - FCC's 'Diversity' = Federal Interference

10 Dec 2010 - Gay Homosexual Activists Push Policies, Legislation To Add Special Protections Based On Sexual Orientation [Absolutely no one deserves or is entitled to special rights and protections!]

10 Dec 2010 - Media Strategy Behind The Hate Crimes Racket

10 Dec 2010 - UN And Planned Parenthood Seek To Decriminalize Willful HIV Infection

10 Dec 2010 - Sexuality Survey 'Indoctrination In High Gear

10 Dec 2010 - Appeals Court Asked To Remove Bull's-Eye From Christians: 'Hate Crimes' Law Challenged For Cracking Down On Biblical Beliefs

10 Dec 2010 - 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Battle Lingers

10 Dec 2010 - AFTAH's LaBarbera Applauds Senate Vote To Block Repeal Of Military's Homosexuality Ban

08 Dec 2010 - D-Day For "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Begins Wednesday In Senate

08 Dec 2010 - Is AFTAH A 'Hate Group'? - Higgins On The 'Morality Police' At The Southern Poverty Law Center: Biased, leftist SPLC Has Never Reported Hateful Homosexual Groups Like ACT UP

07 Dec 2010 - Say NO To Congress Mandating Open 'Gays Homosexuals' In Military: Petition Demands Senate Stop Push For Social Experimentation In Armed Forces

07 Dec 2010 - University: Dump Christian Beliefs On Homosexuality, Or Else: Demands Student Get Re-Educated, Attend 'Pride' Event

07 Dec 2010 - Marriage Advocate Says Voters Can Define Institution: But Judges On Appellate Bench Express Doubts Over Validity Of State Provision

06 Dec 2010 - Arguments Set On Courts' 'Hostile Takeover Of Marriage'' : Americans Understand This Lawsuit Seeks To Impose Agenda That Has Been Rejected'

06 Dec 2010 - Pastor Politician: Church Should Have Fought Civil Unions

06 Dec 2010 - Prop. 8 Appeal Goes Before Federal Court

03 Dec 2010 - Pro-'Gay Homosexual' Movement = Forced Change Of Heart

03 Dec 2010 - Don't Ask, Don't Tell Report Rife With Contradictions

03 Dec 2010 - McGill Prof: Canadian Transgender Bill A 'Trojan Horse' To 'Reorganize' Society's View Of Sex

03 Dec 2010 - Former Army Law Chief 'Can't Imagine Anything More Damaging' Than Abandoning 'Don't Ask Don't Tell'

03 Dec 2010 - Pentagon Survey: Spinning A Yarn

03 Dec 2010 - Ilinois Passes Gay Homosexual Civil Unions Bill; Catholic Gov. To 'Follow Conscience' And Sign [He obvious does not care about the what the Bible has to say on this abomination or what the teachings of his Church say about this evil!]

02 Dec 2010 - Who Will Get Last Word On Prop. 8?

02 Dec 2010 - Lesbian Professor Resigns, Claims She Was Fired

01 Dec 2010 - Pentagon Report On 'Gays Homosexuals' Rigged? : 'This Is A Profoundly Radical Experiment With The Military'

01 Dec 2010 - Open 'Gays Homosexuals' In The Service: All Risks, No Benefits: Is Fulfilling Campaign Promise Worth Compromising Military Effectiveness?

01 Dec 2010 - Smithsonian Christmas-Season Exhibit Features Ant-Covered Jesus, Naked Brothers Kissing, Genitalia, And Ellen DeGeneres Grabbing Her Breasts [The Smithsonian is going way out on a limb pushing homosexual and lesbian influences in art]

01 Dec 2010 - Majority Of Military Families Say 'No' To DADT Repeal, Says Center For Security Policy

01 Dec 2010 - LISTEN: AFTAH Interview With Barb Anderson - Discusses Radical Sex Ed And School Promotion Of Homosexuality

29 Nov 2010 - 'Lunatic' Transgender Bill Could Pass Next Week, Warns Pro-Family Leader

29 Nov 2010 - United States Sees 53 Million Abortions Since Roe In 1973 [This is disgusting!]

29 Nov 2010 - 'Hate Group' Label Applied To Christian Ministries [Another attempt to silence those who stand up and speak the truth about the EVIL known as homosexuality!]

29 Nov 2010 - Bryan Fischer SPLC: Truth Is Now Hate Speech

24 Nov 2010 - New Jersey Lawmakers Whisk Through Far-Reaching 'Gay Homosexual Bullying' Legislation

24 Nov 2010 - What The ...? Can You Believe This Is Even Allowed Online? : 'Gays Homosexuals' Who 'Wed' On Skype Setting Trend? Christian Lawyer: 'I Still Can't Believe The Antics Of Some Of Those On The Other Side'

24 Nov 2010 - Pro-Family Activists Concerned Canadian 'Transgender' Bill Will Increase Bathroom Attacks

24 Nov 2010 - Author: God's Design For Marriage The Best

24 Nov 2010 - AFTAH Interview with Elaine Donnelly: Warns Of Radical Changes If Congress Repeals Military Homosexual Ban

23 Nov 2010 - Public School Pro-'Gay Homosexual' Films = Indoctrination

22 Nov 2010 - 'Anti-Bullying' Teacher Was The Bully

19 Nov 2010 - Feds To Hospitals: Go Gay Homosexual...Or Go Broke [More insanity from the government!]

19 Nov 2010 - WTTW's Phil Ponce's Fawning Interview With Dan Savage, Homosexual Activist And Anti-Christian Extremist: Perverted And Christian-Hating Sex Columnist Treated With Great Respect In Chicago

19 Nov 2010 - The Home Depot And The Mockery Of Marriage

18 Nov 2010 - Lithuanian Parliament Considers Law Banning Promoting Homosexuality [GOOD! This evil and the promotion of it need to be stood up against and stopped!]

18 Nov 2010 - CEDAW Dangerous For Families: Non-Discrimination Treaty Denies The Obvious

18 Nov 2010 - Christian Doctor Forced Off Adoption Panel Loses Employment Tribunal Hearing

17 Nov 2010 - Colombian Court Refuses To Impose Gay Homosexual 'Marriage' On Country [GOOD!]

17 Nov 2010 - Push On For Gay Homosexual 'Marriage' In Australia

17 Nov 2010 - N.J. Pushes For Controversial Anti-Bullying Bill Of Rights

17 Nov 2010 - LaBarbera: GA Pastor 'Christianizing' Sin

17 Nov 2010 - Teacher Punished For Ejecting Student With Religious Objection

16 Nov 2010 - Should Gay Homosexual TSA Agents Be Barred From Giving 'Same-Gender Pat-Downs'?

16 Nov 2010 - 'Coming Out' Assembly Concerns Parents [This is EVIL!]

15 Nov 2010 - Supreme Court Denies Petition To Lift DADT

15 Nov 2010 - Paraguay Rejects Homosexualist 'Youth Rights' Agreement

15 Nov 2010 - ENGLAND: High Court Considers Barring Christian Foster Parents: Clergy Argues, 'This 'Equality' Privileges Homosexual Rights Over Those Of Others'

12 Nov 2010 - U.S. Grilled On 'Human Rights' By UN Panel: Emphasizes Homosexual Rights Efforts

12 Nov 2010 - Yes, AFTAH 'Discriminates' : AFTAH Banquet's Married Couples Discount Not Available To Counterfeit Homosexual "Marrieds"

12 Nov 2010 - Spin Precedes Release Of Military DADT Report

12 Nov 2010 - Given The Chance, Voters Choose Traditional Marriage

12 Nov 2010 - Utah Cities Create Special Rights Based On Sexual Orientation [This is insane! No one deserves special rights or protections!]

11 Nov 2010 - Keep On The Firing Line

11 Nov 2010 - NH Ripe For Overturning Marriage Law

11 Nov 2010 - Conservatives Defend DOMA Amid More Lawsuits

11 Nov 2010 - Whoops! Bizarre Story Of A Double-Sex-Change Patient: Man-To-Woman Who Changed Back: 'All I Needed Was Counseling' [This is crazy!]

10 Nov 2010 - Are Americans Playing Around With The End Of Civilization? : Forget Socialism And Inflation; Something Else Is Already Causing Society To Unravel

10 Nov 2010 - Gay Homosexual Activists File Two New Lawsuits Against Marriage

10 Nov 2010 - U.S. Supreme Court Refuses Crucial Appeal In Lisa Miller Custody Case

10 Nov 2010 - DADT Faces Uncertain Fate In Lame Duck Senate

10 Nov 2010 - Pastor Issues Warning To Activist Judges

09 Nov 2010 - Waiting For Superman

09 Nov 2010 - Gay Homosexual Activist Promotes Gay Homosexual 'Marriage' At Ontario Catholic College

09 Nov 2010 - SC High Court Overturns Street Preacher Conviction

09 Nov 2010 - Woman Gives Birth To Homosexual Son's Baby [This is completely disgusting!]

08 Nov 2010 - What Is Obama Thinking? Renews Push For Homosexuals In Military

08 Nov 2010 - Pentagon Survey On Homosexuality In The Military Flawed: FRC

05 Nov 2010 - 'Don't Ask' To Stand Indefinitely: Appeals Court

04 Nov 2010 - Iowa Voters Kick Out Gay Homosexual "Marriage" Justices [GOOD!!!]

03 Nov 2010 - Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission To Appeal Case Against Pro-Family Activist

02 Nov 2010 - Lesbian 'Mother' Remains Legally Victorious [THIS IS INSANE AND PURE EVIL! She has no ties to the child whatsoever!]

02 Nov 2010 - Court Sides With City Against Catholic Church [So much for Separation of Church and State. Now the courts condone attacking churches and their beliefs!]

02 Nov 2010 - Anti-Bullying - A Pro-Homosexual Pretext

01 Nov 2010 - Unreal. Can America Possibly Get More Warped Than This? : America's 'Gay Homosexual' Obsession: Culture, Politics, Marriage, Even The Military - Why Homosexuality Is Rapidly Advancing

30 Oct 2010 - Obama Touts Pro-Gay Homosexual Record, Says Attitude On Gay Homosexual Marriage is Evolving [Talk about arrogant! He has no basis for his claims on this evil evolving. Most Americans say NO to it. If anything, homosexual marriage is a mockery of true marriage as God intended it, and its acceptance will further cause society and morals to de-evolve.]

29 Oct 2010 - President Obama Seeks To Reassure Gay Homosexual Activists

29 Oct 2010 - Dude, Obama: Here are Some Less Hip Questions We Wish Jon Stewart Had Asked You On The Daily Show

29 Oct 2010 - Countries Slam Attempts To Create New "Right" To Sexual Education At UN

29 Oct 2010 - Ordinance Granting 'Special Rights' Under Fire [NO ONE deserves special rights or privileges!]

29 Oct 2010 - South Bend Council Rejects Pro-Homosexual Employment Discrimination Bill

29 Oct 2010 - Homosexual Suicides: Correlation Vs. Causation

29 Oct 2010 - Alaska Senate Candidate Joe Miller Endorses Federal Same-Sex 'Marriage' Ban

29 Oct 2010 - The Choice That Liberals Hate

29 Oct 2010 - Obama 'Mangling' Scripture, Says Commentator

29 Oct 2010 - Obama And DOMA - High Crimes And Misdemeanors?

28 Oct 2010 - Government Implements Same-Sex Benefits, Furthering End-Run Around Marriage

27 Oct 2010 - Obama Most 'Gay Homosexual'-Friendly President In History

27 Oct 2010 - Court Allows San Fran City Resolution Condemning Catholicism As 'Insulting,' 'Hateful' [The truth is neither insulting or hurtful. This is just another attempt to silence those who expose their evil!]

27 Oct 2010 - Indiana Council Says 'No' To Special Rights Based On Sexual Orientation [GOOD! No one should be or is entitled to special rights, protections, or privileges!]

26 Oct 2010 - Children Raised By Homosexual Parents More Likely To Identify As Gay Homosexual: Study

26 Oct 2010 - The Home Depot Gives Gifts To Thousands Of Homosexual Activists: Gay Homosexual Marriage Ceremony Prominent Part Of Company's Brochure Sponsorship

26 Oct 2010 - Homosexual Civil Unions Bill Looms For Illinois Lame-Duck Session [Of course they wait till then to do it because they know that the People would say no to it and not re-elect them. So since they are on the way out they figure to pass it and not care what the people say or think or want!]

25 Oct 2010 - New HRC Corporate Scorecard Demands Coverage Of Transsexual 'Sex-Change' Operations: Will Businesses Cave To Homosexual Lobby Group's Brazen Demands?

25 Oct 2010 - American Newspaper Refused To Publish Gay Homosexual Wedding Announcements: Publisher Asserts '1st Amendment Right To Choose What We Print' [GOOD! More people need to stand up against the evil of homosexuality!]

25 Oct 2010 - President Obama Endorses LGBT Youth 'Spirit Day' [An UNGODLY man endorsing EVIL!]

25 Oct 2010 - Purple Homosexualist 'Spirit Day' Saturates U.S. Schools, Media, Stock Exchange

25 Oct 2010 - Moscow Must Permit Gay Homosexual Parades: European Court Of Human Rights [Moscow should tell the European Court of Human Rights what they can do with their EVIL decision]

22 Oct 2010 - Gay Homosexual Marriage Foes Seek Freedom In Running Ads

22 Oct 2010 - Facebook Teams Up With Gay Homosexual Activist Orgs To Stop 'Hateful' Comments [What they mean by "hateful" is those who are saying and exposing the truth about the evil abomination known as homosexuality!]

22 Oct 2010 - DADT Legal Seesaw: Now Judge Reinstates Ban On Open Homosexuals In Military

22 Oct 2010 - "Married" Lesbian Couple From U.S., Australia Denied Refugee Status In Canada [GOOD!]

22 Oct 2010 - Judges Controlling Military A Bad Idea: Freeze Granted On Lifting Military Ban

22 Oct 2010 - Omaha New Target For Discriminatory 'Nondiscrimination' Employment Bill

22 Oct 2010 - ACLU Joins Free Speech Challenge In Ohio - In Support Of Pro-Life Group

21 Oct 2010 - Citizenship Via Homosexuality?

21 Oct 2010 - Judge Denies Request for Stay On Ruling Against Don't Ask, Don't Tell

20 Oct 2010 - Christians Urged To Wake Up To Reality Of GLBT Agenda

20 Oct 2010 - HRC Engaging In Pro-Homosexual Corporate 'Blackmail'

20 Oct 2010 - UMC Official's Flawed View Of Sexual Orientation

19 Oct 2010 - Military Recruiters Told To Accept Gay Homosexual Applicants

19 Oct 2010 - Colorado Senate Candidate Vilified For Calling Homosexuality A Lifestyle Choice

19 Oct 2010 - 'Transgenderism' Up In Public Schools

19 Oct 2010 - What Homosexual-Run Military Could Lead To

19 Oct 2010 - Religious Discrimination Or Not? Jury To decide

19 Oct 2010 - Bakery's Business Booming

18 Oct 2010 - Federal Court: Firefighters Don't Have To Attend Gay Homosexual Pride Parade [Good!]

18 Oct 2010 - Gay Homosexual Activists Tell Businesses To Provide Unlimited Health Care For 'Transgender' Employees

15 Oct 2010 - Threats To Troops Opposed To Open Homosexuality [So whatever happened to freedom of speech and the right to give your own opinion?]

14 Oct 2010 - Homosexual Activists Are Exploiting Tragedies To Silence Religious Opponents

14 Oct 2010 - Bryan Fischer: GLSEN Shares Responsibility For Homosexual Suicides

14 Oct 2010 - Gates Says Courts Should Not Set Policy On Gays Homosexuals

14 Oct 2010 - Obama Justice Department Appeals DOMA Rulings

14 Oct 2010 - DOJ Finally Defends Marriage, Family Groups Fear Mediocre Effort

14 Oct 2010 - Stand4MarriageDC Appeals Same-Sex Marriage Ruling To The High Court

13 Oct 2010 - Presbyterian Court Affirms Ordination Of Partnered Homosexual [This is WRONG! It goes against the teachings of the Bible and as such is EVIL!]

12 Oct 2010 - Gay Homosexual-Activist Groups Look To DOJ, Courts To Repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

12 Oct 2010 - Liberal Agenda Pushing LGBT Issue In KS

12 Oct 2010 - N.Y. Gubernatorial Hopeful Rips 'Dysfunctional Homosexuals' : Paladino: Kids Shouldn't Be 'Brainwashed' Into Thinking Homosexuality Acceptable [GOOD! More people in office and running for public office need to stand up and say NO to this evil!]

12 Oct 2010 - More Companies Sponsor GLBT Dinner, Help Undermine Marriage, Religious Liberties

12 Oct 2010 - Pro-Homosexual Film Challenged, Nixed

12 Oct 2010 - Feds Balk -- So ADF Steps In To Defend Marriage

11 Oct 2010 - Firefighters vs. City's 'Gay Homosexual Pride' Mandate [More of those who support evil trying to force it upon everyone!]

11 Oct 2010 - Homosexual Group Wants To 'Out' Marriage Supporters [More of trying to intimidate and harass those who stand against their evil!]

08 Oct 2010 - Schwarzenegger Vetoes Gay Homosexual-Sponsored "Trojan Horse" Measure On Marriage

08 Oct 2010 - Family Is Under 'Permanent Attack' By United Nations, Says Catholic Cardinal

08 Oct 2010 - Motions Filed To Defend Federal Marriage Definition

07 Oct 2010 - U.S. Congressman Steps Up To Defend DOMA

07 Oct 2010 - Legal Coalition Fights For Traditional Marriage

06 Oct 2010 - Pro-'Gay Homosexual Marriage' Judges Await Voters' Verdict

06 Oct 2010 - So, Mr. Gates -- DADT...Or Draft?

06 Oct 2010 - High Court Blocks Release Of Videos Covering California Marriage Trial

04 Oct 2010 - Pelosi's Promise to Gays Homosexuals Displays Arrogance

04 Oct 2010 - School Must Oblige Transgender 6th-Grader [PURE INSANITY!]

04 Oct 2010 - Fresh From HomoCon, Ann Coulter Comes To Chicago For Culture Campaign Event Oct. 7th: Conservative Pundit Angers Liberal "Gay Homosexual" Activists By Telling GOProud That There Is No Gay Homosexual "Civil Right" To Marry; Criticizes Homosexual Propaganda In Schools

04 Oct 2010 - Rainbow Cookie Scandal Strikes Indianapolis - Update From AFA-Indiana's Micah Clark

01 Oct 2010 - The 'Gay Homosexual' Deathstyle

01 Oct 2010 - The Truth About GLSEN's School Climate Report

01 Oct 2010 - Marriage: America's Greatest Fiscal Issue

01 Oct 2010 - Understanding Male Homosexuality - God's Power To Change Lives, Part 1

01 Oct 2010 - Prop. 8 Judge Calling It Quits

01 Oct 2010 - Homosexual Agenda Safe In U.K's Labour Party Under New Leader Miliband

30 Sep 2010 - Walk A Mile In Her Ruse

30 Sep 2010 - Ann Coulter Rocks HomoCon, Blasts Same-Sex "Marriage"

29 Sep 2010 - 13 States File Joint Brief Opposing Same-Sex Marriage

29 Sep 2010 - School Must Allow 'Transgender' 6th Grader To Use Girls' Bathroom: Maine Human Rights Panel [This is CRAZY! He is a boy and not a girl, and as such he should only be using the boy's bathroom!]

29 Sep 2010 - U.N. 'Wactivist' Agenda Made Clear

28 Sep 2010 - The Home Depot: See It In Their Own Words

27 Sep 2010 - What Is NY Anti-Bullying Bill Really About?

27 Sep 2010 - Homosexual Activists Hard At Work In PA

24 Sep 2010 - Reagan Shows The Way: No "Government Endorsement Of Homosexuality"

24 Sep 2010 - Maine Public Schools Under Pressure To Let Boys Use Girls' Restrooms [This is completely insane! Boys are suppose to use the boy's restroom and girls are suppose to use the girl's restroom]

24 Sep 2010 - CDC Report Accurate, But Ignores Truth

21 Sep 2010 - UN Secretary Pushes Countries To Adopt Gay Homosexual Agenda

21 Sep 2010 - U.S. General: Don't Like Homosexuality? Leave The Army: Controversy Erupts As DADT Repeal Teeters On Brink

21 Sep 2010 - Calif. County Keeps Prop. 8 Battle Going

21 Sep 2010 - Senate To Take Up Homosexual Military Ban

21 Sep 2010 - Catholic Adoption Agency Pushed Out Of Business

20 Sep 2010 - Obama's New 'Gay Homosexual' Army - Lt. Gen. Bostick Compares Soldiers Who Oppose Homosexuals In Military To Racists

20 Sep 2010 - Senate's 'Don't Ask' Repeal To Face Challenges: Injunction Request Filed Against Gay Homosexual Military Ban

20 Sep 2010 - ELCA Receives 3 Lesbian Ministers [They are just completely ignoring the Word of God, which tells us that there is NO place in the Church or the Kingdom of God for the sin of homosexuality!]

20 Sep 2010 - Nicaraguan Legislation Seeks To Legalize Abortion, Protect "Sexual Orientation"

17 Sep 2010 - The LGBT Data Collection Bill And Health Disparities

17 Sep 2010 - Senators Ready To Fight Defense Authorization Act [GOOD!]

16 Sep 2010 - Perkins: 'We Must Love People Enough' To Combat Homosexuality

15 Sep 2010 - Love Won Out Conference - Sept. 25

15 Sep 2010 - Court, White House Team Up Against 'Gay Homosexual' Ban

15 Sep 2010 - The Home Depot Shock Factor - We Found More Kid's Workshops At More Gay Homosexual Events: Children Exposed To Transvestites, Cross Dressers And Nudity

15 Sep 2010 - Senate To Vote Next Week On 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell', Abortion Measures

15 Sep 2010 - Schwarzenegger, Brown Avoiding Responsibility

15 Sep 2010 - 'Log Cabin Republicans' Are Plaintiffs In Federal Judge's Ruling Striking Down Don't Ask, Don't Tell As Unconstitutional: Why Are Republican Leaders Like Sen. John Cornyn Courting This Radical Group?

14 Sep 2010 - Focus On The Family Publishes Open Letter Response To GLSEN Board Member

13 Sep 2010 - Lesbian Flight Nurse Margaret Witt Set To Test Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy In Seattle Federal Trial

10 Sep 2010 - Iowans Seek To Sack Three Judges Who Legalized Gay Homosexual "Marriage"

10 Sep 2010 - Calif. Gov. Remains Resolute - No Prop. 8 Appeal

10 Sep 2010 - Minneapolis Settles With Psychologist Michael Campion, Who Was Fired For His Christian Beliefs

10 Sep 2010 - A Thousand Times Less

10 Sep 2010 - Federal Judge Deems Military 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Rule 'Unconstitutional' [RUBBISH! There is nothing unconstitutional about it!]

10 Sep 2010 - Legislator Refuses To Dine With Iceland's Lesbian Prime Minister And Her "Wife" [GOOD!]

10 Sep 2010 - Transvestites Seek Right To Use Opposite Sex Bathrooms In Argentina [This is pure insanity!]

09 Sep 2010 - Guest Analysis: 'The Case For Marriage'

09 Sep 2010 - Pro-Family Speaker Cautions 600 Montana Parents About 'Safe Sex' Curriculum

08 Sep 2010 - HE Is GOD - Not "the goddess"

08 Sep 2010 - Billionaire Soros Donates $100 Million To Anti-Family, Anti-Faith Group

07 Sep 2010 - Calif. Court: State Does Not Need To Defend Prop. 8

07 Sep 2010 - Texas Appeals Court Reversed Lower Court, 'No' To Same-Sex Divorce

01 Sep 2010 - Proactive Lawsuit Filed To Force California Attorney General to Defend Marriage

01 Sep 2010 - Calif. Gov. Urged To Veto Bill 'Strengthening' Religious Freedom

01 Sep 2010 - Is Glenn Beck Blind To The Cultural Issues 'Overton Window'?

01 Sep 2010 - Better Off Divorced Thanks To The Marriage Tax Penalty [This headline is hard to miss. "Why is the Government Trying to Force Me to Divorce My Wife?" But even more noticeable is the $80-100,000 dollars Scott Sumner and his wife will miss over their lifetime simply because they're married.]

01 Sep 2010 - Charitable Status Revoked From New Zealand Homosexual Reorientation Group

31 Aug 2010 - CA Lawmakers Hope To Repeal DOMA [They obviously do not care about morality and decency!]

31 Aug 2010 - Despite Catholic Bishop's Objection, Seton Hall To Pursue Gay Homosexual 'Marriage' Course

30 Aug 2010 - Combating Homosexual Promotion In Schools

27 Aug 2010 - True Tolerance: Faithfully Serving The God Of Truth [Those who stand for truth are often branded as narrow-minded, intolerant and judgmental. Unfortunately, this is often the case when it comes to Christianity]

27 Aug 2010 - Barney Frank: ENDA Is About Men Showering With Women

27 Aug 2010 - Activist: Beck, Others Off-Base On 'Gay Homosexual' Agenda

27 Aug 2010 - N.Y. City Council Votes To Promote Same-Sex Marriages Out Of State [This is evil. Immoral, and blasphemous, and goes against the Word of God!]

26 Aug 2010 - Changes In Store For Conservative Lutherans

26 Aug 2010 - ELCA Head Responds To Rival Lutheran Body [The ELCA is now trying to defend their turning against the true teachings of the Bible and allowing evil to come into their church!]

26 Aug 2010 - Documenting The 'Real Hatemongers'

25 Aug 2010 - The Home Depot Says AFA Is Lying - Here's Proof We're Not

25 Aug 2010 - Ultimatum: Conform Or Close Shop

25 Aug 2010 - Judge Says 'Remediation' Lawful, Student Appeals

24 Aug 2010 - Federal Judge Tells Christian Student To Attend 'Sensitivity' Classes Or Be Expelled [This judge is out of line and has no right telling someone this, especially when they are standing up for Biblical teaching and what is right and moral and decent and calling sin for what it is!]

24 Aug 2010 - State Violating Voter-Approved Amendment

23 Aug 2010 - Mexico City Mayor Unleashing "New Religious Persecution": Catholic Archdiocese: Ignoring Threats, Spokesman Denounces "Criminal, Perverse Laws" Permitting Abortion And Homosexual Adoption

23 Aug 2010 - Attorney: Impartial Ruling Impossible From Judge Walker

23 Aug 2010 - Obama Appoints Another Homosexual Official

20 Aug 2010 - El Paso Catholic Priest On Homosexuality: Genuine Love Seeks Eternal Salvation, Not 'Tolerance'

20 Aug 2010 - TX Rep To Initiate Marriage Measure

20 Aug 2010 - ACLU Targets 2nd Mississippi School Over Lesbian's Yearbook Photo [If it is not one thing, it is another. Nothing is never enough. What they really want to more rights, privileges, benefits, and protections, over that of everyone else!]

20 Aug 2010 - Vast Majority Of Peruvians Opposed To Homosexual Unions

20 Aug 2010 - Legal Group Sues To Protect Wisconsin Marriage Amendment From Attack

19 Aug 2010 - A Not-So-Rosie Outlook On Marriage

19 Aug 2010 - Expert: Prop 8 Trial Based On False Or Dubious Statements About Homosexuality

19 Aug 2010 - German Court Orders Government To Give Homosexuals Equal Inheritance Rights [This is EVIL! No one deserves special rights or privileges!]

18 Aug 2010 - Why Glenn Beck Is Wrong - Legalizing Homosexual 'Marriage' Will Destroy Freedom [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Aug 2010 - Survey Shows Support For Maintaining Military Ban

18 Aug 2010 - ACLU Endangering Religious Liberty: ACLU's Interpretation Of Case 'Very Dangerous'

17 Aug 2010 - Pimps For Jesus Or Men Of God?

17 Aug 2010 - Court Halts Calif. 'Gay Homosexual Marriages' Pending Appeal [GOOD! They just need to stand up against this evil and say "NO" once and for all!]

17 Aug 2010 - Mexican Supreme Court Advances Gay Homosexual Marriage Agenda [This is evil and an abomination in the eyes of God!]

17 Aug 2010 - College Presidents To Advocate 'Gay Homosexual' Agenda

17 Aug 2010 - Fallout Continues From ELCA's Gay Homosexual Clergy Decision As Lutheran Churches Leave [There is no place in the clergy or the Kingdom of God for the abomination known as homosexuality!]

17 Aug 2010 - Conservative Christians: It Won't Stop At Gay Homosexual Marriage

16 Aug 2010 - Government Should Not "Recognize" Marriage

16 Aug 2010 - Is The GOP Becoming The Gay Homosexual Old Party?

16 Aug 2010 - Gay Homosexual Marriage And The End Of Christian Civilization

16 Aug 2010 - Marriage traditionalists Rally Outside U.S. Capitol

16 Aug 2010 - Gay Homosexual Activists Use Federal Summit To Push For Homosexuality Teaching In Elementary Schools

13 Aug 2010 - Federal Judge Clears Way For Gay Homosexual Marriage To Resume In California [This is wrong! No judge should have this authority! What ever happened to the US Constitution and the will of "We The People"?]

13 Aug 2010 - Appeals Court Asked to Block Start Of Gay Homosexual Weddings

13 Aug 2010 - Top 10 Gay Homosexual Marriage False 'Facts'

12 Aug 2010 - Judge To Decide If 'Gay Homosexual Marriages' Resume [A judge has no right deciding this! They seem to forget about the US Constitution, what is right and moral, and what "We The People" have voted upon and want!]

12 Aug 2010 - 'Anti-Bullying' Bill Caters To Homosexuals [No one. No matter who they are, either deserves or is entitled to special rights and protections!]

12 Aug 2010 - Judicial Activism Taking Center Stage In Run-Up To 2010 Elections [What do U.S. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, U.S. District Judge Vaughn R. Walker, U.S. District Judge Joseph L. Tauro and 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals nominee Goodwin Liu have in common? They all favor the redefinition of marriage and are known to have favor or participate in legislating from the bench.]

12 Aug 2010 - One Judge Trashes 8 Million Votes

12 Aug 2010 - Born A Boy, But Fighting For Death Benefits As Widow [PURE INSANITY!!! Once again we see those who oppose the Word of God with their abomination wanting special rights, benefits, and privileges!]

12 Aug 2010 - California County Asks To Be A Part Of Marriage Amendment Defense

11 Aug 2010 - Some College Presidents Organize To Press Gay Homosexual Agenda

11 Aug 2010 - Conservative Congressmen Take Stand Against Federal Judge's Marriage Ruling [GOOD! People need to stand up against this EVIL that this judge is trying to force upon everyone!]

11 Aug 2010 - Homosexual 'Marriage' Advocates Seek To Destroy Matrimony And Society Itself: Cardinal Archbishop Of Mexico City: 'Church Cannot Cease To Call Evil, Evil,' Prelate Says [More Churches need to follow this example and stand up to this EVIL!]

10 Aug 2010 - Prop. 8 Judge: Pope Hurt Homosexuals: "Catholic Teaching And [That] That Of Other Religions Are Harmful To Anyone" [What he means by "hurt" is that they do not like to hear the truth about their EVIL lifestyle and ABOMINATION in the eyes of God]. More proof of how the so-called "tolerance" movement has no tolerance for anyone who does not agree completely with them! If anyone with a different opinion of point of view they want to silence them!]

10 Aug 2010 - Patriotism, Out! Homosexuality, In!

10 Aug 2010 - Sen. DeMint Offers Bill To Stop U.N. From Taking Rights Away From U.S. Parents: U.S. Senators Are Under Pressure To Ratify A U.N. Treaty That Could Give Government The Last Word On Parenting Decisions

10 Aug 2010 - Australian Senate Candidate Under Fire After Calling Gay 'Marriage' Child Abuse

10 Aug 2010 - Prop 8: Marriage On Trial In The Courts - And The Media [Those who are fighting Prop 8 are doing so because they have no sense of morality or decency and don't care about what "We The People" think!]

10 Aug 2010 - LaBarbera To Ann Coulter: Reconsider Appearance At Event For GOProud - Phony 'Gay Homosexual Conservatives'

09 Aug 2010 - HHS Funds 'Gay Homosexual' Sex Education [Our tax dollars are NOT supposed to be used to fund or support this EVIL!]

09 Aug 2010 - Kagan - A Solid Vote For Homosexual 'Marriage'

09 Aug 2010 - Deceptive 'Anti-Bullying' Act Introduced In U.S. Senate, Pushed By Gay Homosexual Activists

09 Aug 2010 - Beware Of "Whole Child Education"

09 Aug 2010 - The Home Depot Fires Patriotic Christian, Approves Homosexuals: Employee Wearing Patriotic Button Is Fired. Employees Wearing Pro-Homosexual Buttons Praised

06 Aug 2010 - The Cost Of Kagan's Confirmation

06 Aug 2010 - Anti-Employer ENDA Still Alive And Kicking

06 Aug 2010 - Prop. 8 Attorneys File Appeal To Defend California's Marriage Law

06 Aug 2010 - Marriage On Trial: Reactions To The Prop 8 Decision

05 Aug 2010 - The Separation Of Law And Morality

05 Aug 2010 - AFTAH Launches 'Truth Academy' To Train Young And Old How To Answer 'Gay Homosexual' Misinformation: August 5-7 Seminar Will Teach Pro-Family Advocates How To Answer Homosexual Misinformation [Teaching Truth Is Not "Hate"]

05 Aug 2010 - Federal Judge Rejects Calif. Marriage Definition [This judge decided to go against what "WE THE PEOPLE" voted upon, and ignored the Constitution and what is right and moral, and used his office to push his own agenda and promote this EVIL!]

05 Aug 2010 - Federal Judge Strikes Down Prop 8; One Man, One Women Marriage 'Irrational' [His logic and sense of decency and morality is what is irrational!]

05 Aug 2010 - Newt Gingrich: Gay Homosexual Marriage Ruling 'Outrageous'

05 Aug 2010 - Activist: Judge's 'Sexual Proclivity' Compromised Prop. 8 Ruling

05 Aug 2010 - Prop. 8 Ruling Will 'Stir A Fire'

05 Aug 2010 - Opinion: The APA's Biased Paper On Same-Sex Attraction And Therapy

05 Aug 2010 - HHS to Use Tax Dollars To Promote Gay Homosexual Sex, Abstinence-Only Education Programs

03 Aug 2010 - Gay Homosexual Curriculum Aimed At Middle School Students [More of pushing their EVIL upon people!]

03 Aug 2010 - UMC To Decide On Gay Homosexual Membership [There is nothing to decide and no issue to discuss. The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is against the Word of God and is therefore EVIL, and as such there is no place for it in the Church or the Kingdom of God!]

02 Aug 2010 - Military Homosexual Scandal Tied To WikiLeaks Treason

02 Aug 2010 - Traditional Marriage Group Goes On 23-City Campaign

30 July 2010 - Truth Academy Vs. 'Gay Homosexual' Thought Police [EVIL attacking and trying to silence those who are standing up against them and presenting the TRUTH about their ABOMINATION!]

30 July 2010 - Gay Activists Sue Hawaii Over Civil Union Veto [More of trying to force their EVIL upon everyone!]

30 July 2010 - 'Open Season' Leaving Christians' Rights Unprotected

30 July 2010 - Lesbian Professor's Research Biased

30 July 2010 - CBS President Apologizes For Not Having Enough Homosexual Propaganda [This is lunacy!]

30 July 2010 - Judge Orders Arizona To Help Pay Homosexual Partners' Insurance

29 July 2010 - Methodist Court To Reconsider Denial Of Membership To Homosexual [The BIBLE is very specific, There is NO place in the Church, the Clergy, or the Kingdom of God for homosexuality!]

29 July 2010 - Hawaiian Gay Homosexual Couples File Lawsuit Demanding Marriage In All But Name [More of their attacking real marriage (one man and one woman only, as God has ordained it) and trying to force their evil upon everyone!]

29 July 2010 - Homosexual Hate Group To Protest AFTAH 'Truth Academy' [They hate to when someone exposes them for the EVIL that they are!]

27 July 2010 - Scottish Catholic Bishop To Prime Minister: No Gay Homosexual 'Marriage' In Church, Now Or Ever [GOOD! More Churches need to stand up against this EVIL and do the same thing!]

27 July 2010 - NJ Marriage Battle Back To Square One

27 July 2010 - Court: Professor Has Free-Speech Rights

26 July 2010 - Boycott McDonald's For Promoting Youth Homosexuality: Should Christians Take Solace In Fact That Pro-"Gay Homosexual" Ad Will Only Run In France And Not USA? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 July 2010 - Evangelical Lutheran Pulpits Welcome Non-Celibate Gay Homosexual Pastors [This is EVIL and goes against the teachings of the Bible]

26 July 2010 - Students Support Professor's Conservative Stand

26 July 2010 - Obama's Gay Homosexual Rights Push 'Distressing,' Says So. Baptist Leader

26 July 2010 - Pro-Marriage Backers Seek Protection

23 July 2010 - Hell Has Many Rooms With The Obama Administration

23 July 2010 - 'Lose Christianity Or Face Expulsion' : Georgia Student Told To Read 'Gay Homosexual' Lit, Attend 'Pride Parade,' Change Beliefs [More of trying to force this evil upon everyone!]

23 July 2010 - AFA Makes It Official: Don't Shop At The Home Depot

23 July 2010 - Christian Student Fights For Her Beliefs

23 July 2010 - Part One - AFTAH Interview With John Mccartney And Wayne Lela: Two Men Share Truth About Homosexuality With Chicago College Students

22 July 2010 - UN Council Fast-Tracks Accreditation For Gay Homosexual-Activist Group

22 July 2010 - Legal Group Lowering The Bar

22 July 2010 - Last Ditch Effort To Be Filed to Block Release Of Washington Pro-Family Petitioners

22 July 2010 - Pro-family Group Boycotting Home Depot

21 July 2010 - Gay Homosexual Rights, "Evil Angel" And The Age Of Moral Suicide

21 July 2010 - Will Elena Kagan Be A Social 'Leftist-For-Life' On Supreme Court?

21 July 2010 - Mississippi School District's Settlement With Lesbian Teen Seen As 'Precedent-Setting' [This is pure STUPIDITY! They should have stood up and fought her and the EVIL she is trying to force upon everyone!]

21 July 2010 - Constance McMillen Case Has Put Every U.S. High School 'In Jeopardy'

21 July 2010 - Legislating Immorality In Schools

21 July 2010 - Report: Christians Unfairly Targeted By UK Hate Laws

20 July 2010 - Senate Judiciary Set To Vote On Kagan Tuesday; Nominee Will Not Step Aside On Health Care Cases: 'I Urge The Senate To Reject The Politicization Of Medical Science And Vote No On The Kagan Nomination'

20 July 2010 - Thousands Support Catholic Prof Fired For Explaining Catholic Church Teaching On Homosexuality

20 July 2010 - Homosexuals Step Into Immigration Reform [More of pushing their evil and trying to get special rights, benefits, and protections above that of everybody else!]

20 July 2010 - Possible Ultimatum For NC Attorneys: The Tar Heel State Might Force Lawyers To Choose Between Conscience And Their Career [May God give them the strength to continue to stand up against this evil!]

19 July 2010 - Will American Christians Learn From Britain's 'Gay Homosexual' War On Christians? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 July 2010 - 'Thought Police' Slam Media With Fine Totaling $125,000: Offending Ad Sang Praises Of Traditional Family Structure

16 July 2010 - People Have No Right To Vote On Gay Homosexual 'Marriage' Rules D.C. Appeals Court [The appeals court is out of its mind and has no right making such a decision. What happened to "We The People..."?]

16 July 2010 - Mass. Homosexuals Strike Gold

15 July 2010 - LCMS Adopts Measures In Response To ELCA's Pro-Gay Homosexual Actions [GOOD!]

15 July 2010 - Argentina Legalizes 'Gay Homosexual Marriage ' [They obviously want to experience the wrath of God firsthand for allowing this evil!]

15 July 2010 - Gay Homosexual Liberation Network Leader Bob Schwartz Acclaims U-I's Firing Of Catholic Professor

15 July 2010 - NEA Celebrates 'Drag Queen' Teachers [More proof as to how ungodly and immoral the NEA really is!]

14 July 2010 - Grade 1 Student To Learn About Gay Homosexual Relationships In Montana Sex-Ed Program [Not only in this INSANE and STUPID, it is EVIL!!!]

14 July 2010 - U. Of Illinois' President Hogan Says Kenneth Howell Firing Under Review

14 July 2010 - American Bar Association May Adopt Same-Sex Marriage Measure

13 July 2010 - Why You Should Never Watch NBC's 'Today' Show Again: Let NBC And Its "Today" Show Know Their Decision To Recognize Two Gay Homosexual Men As "Husband And Wife" Is A Reason To Cancel Your Viewership

13 July 2010 - The E-Mail That Got Dr. Kenneth Howell Fired At U. Of Illinois

13 July 2010 - ABC Family's New Program 'Pretty Little Liars'

13 July 2010 - 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Survey Leaked To Press; Pentagon Under Fire: The Pentagon Appears To Assume That Repealing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Is A Done Deal, When It's Not

13 July 2010 - Media's Task: Making The Bizarre Appear Ordinary

12 July 2010 - Gay Anglican Dropped From UK Bishop Nominees [GOOD! There is no place in the Kingdom of God, especially among the Clergy, for homosexuality!]

12 July 2010 - Why Is Dr. Laura Schlessinger Promoting Homosexuality And PFLAG? : Dr. Laura Needs To "Do The Right Thing" And Support PFOX Instead

12 July 2010 - Mass. Court's Ruling Against DOMA 'Erroneous'

12 July 2010 - PCUSA's 'Gay Homosexual' Measures Reflect 'Modern Paganism'

12 July 2010 - Appeal Likely In 'Lunatic' Marriage Rulings

12 July 2010 - Blade: Won't Oppose Homosexuals in the Military" href="">Sen. Lugar To Blade: Won't Oppose Homosexuals In The Military: Aide To Veteran Republican Says He Has Not Issued Statement On Issue

12 July 2010 - NBC's 'Today' Show Caves, Opens Wedding Contest To Gay Homosexual Couples [This is completely WRONG and should NOT be allowed!]

12 July 2010 - Activist Massachusetts Judge Chips Away At The Defense of Marriage Act: 'This Judge's Claim That There's No Reason For Marriage To Be Defined As 'One Man And One Woman' Should Go Down As One Of The Most Outrageous Rulings In Court History.'

12 July 2010 - Hawaii Update: Gov. Linda Lingle Vetoes Civil Unions, 'Too Much Like Marriage'

09 July 2010 - Breaking: Federal Judge Rules Fed Gay Homosexual 'Marriage' Ban Unconstitutional [This judge is an idiot! This is pure EVIL! The Constitution has nothing that supports abomination against God!]

09 July 2010 - Homosexual 'Marriage' Is A Machination Of The Devil, Argentinean Catholic Cardinal Warns [AMEN! That is exactly what it is!]

09 July 2010 - Presbyterian Church USA Continues To Be Divided Over 'Gays Homosexuals'

09 July 2010 - BMA: Therapy To Treat Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction Should Be Banned [Junk science trying to stop those who oppose this evil!]

09 July 2010 - Hawaii Gov. Rejects Same-Sex Civil Unions Bill [GOOD!]

09 July 2010 - Faith Under Fire: Chaplains, Service Members In Harm's Way If Homosexuality Normalized In Military - 'It's Going To Set Up A Perfect Storm For Repealing The Defense Of Marriage Act.'

08 July 2010 - Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Signals Support Of Gay Homosexual Revisionist Theology

08 July 2010 - US Joins Britain, Netherlands, UN To Support 'Gay Homosexual Pride' In Peru

08 July 2010 - Hawaii's Governor: Let The People Decide

08 July 2010 - Former Lesbian: I Craved Emotional Balance Of Hetero Relationship

08 July 2010 - Presbyterian Church USA To Vote On Same-Sex 'Marriage,' Ordination [There is no need for a vote. The Bible said it is WRONG and that settles it. No room for discussion!]

08 July 2010 - Policy Change = Distraction

08 July 2010 - Defending The Military While They Defend Us

07 July 2010 - White House Authorizes Implementation Of Gay Homosexual Agenda In HUD, Fed Agencies: 'A Federal Law Codifying Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity Rights As "Civil Rights" Would Be Another Nail In The Coffin For Religious Liberty.'

07 July 2010 - Hawaii Governor To Decide Fate Of Civil Unions, No 'Veto Override' Session

07 July 2010 - Hawaii Governor Vetoes Same-Sex Civil Unions Bill

06 July 2010 - PC (USA) Elects Pro-Gay Homosexual Moderator [There is no place in the Church or the Kingdom of Heaven for homosexuality! This is bringing evil into the Church and a corruption of the Word of God]

06 July 2010 - Our Military Is Facing A Perfect Storm

06 July 2010 - Presbyterians To Consider Redefining Marriage [There is no reason to redefine marriage. Marriage, as God Himself instituted it, is to be between ONE man and ONE woman only!]

06 July 2010 - A Gay Homosexual Bishop For The Church Of England? [This is pure EVIL!]

06 July 2010 - Argentinean University Urges Government Not To Legalize Gay Homosexual 'Marriage'

06 July 2010 - Google To Pay Homosexual Staff More Than Heterosexual Employees

02 July 2010 - Rhode Island Governor Vetoes Expansion Of Hate Crimes: 'Those Who Struggle With Gender Confusion Deserve Our Compassion And Understanding - Not Laws That Cement Them Into An Identity Which Denies Biological And Objective Reality.'

01 July 2010 - Christian Views On Homosexuality Deemed "Hate Speech" By European Rights Agency [That is because they have chosen to reject the Word of God and do what is evil in God's site, and as such they hate the Word of God because it condemns them of their evil and abomination!]

01 July 2010 - Marriage In Wisconsin Survives 'Sneaky Attempt'

30 June 2010 - California Judge Agrees To Hear Challenge To 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' : 'Once Again, Gay Homosexual Activists Want To Use The Courts To Impose Social Change Rather Than Leaving This Issue To The Democratic Process.' [The homosexual community has no concern with what is right or what is wrong. They only want their wants and desires to be fulfilled and has no desire or concern about what others say or think! The is the way evil is, it forces itself upon everyone and lets no one else have any say!]

30 June 2010 - Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Ban On Same-Sex 'Marriage' [GOOD!]

30 June 2010 - Illinois 'Anti-Bullying' Bill Signed Into Law, Erodes Parental Rights

30 June 2010 - Christian Legal Society: It's Not Over Yet

29 June 2010 - Supreme Court Decision On Religious Freedom 'Narrow And Troubling' : "What the court did not decide is whether a nondiscrimination policy - one that prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion or sexual orientation, for example -trumps students' First Amendment rights."

29 June 2010 - U.S. Supreme Court Rules Gay Homosexual, Diversity Rights Override Religious Freedom [More proof as to how corrupt and anti-God the Supreme Court really is! So where did so-called separation of Church and State go? Seems it is ONLY there when it benefits the government and courts!]]

29 June 2010 - Obama And Dems Want To Censor Pro-Family Groups At Election Time

29 June 2010 - Elderly Baptist Sues D.C. Church For Performing Gay Homosexual Commitment Ceremony [There is NO place in the Church or the Kingdom of God for this abomination!]

29 June 2010 - Christian Grad Student Argues Her Case

28 June 2010 - Obama's Court Pick Kagan A Dangerous Judicial Activist

28 June 2010 - Court: Christian Group Can't Bar Homosexuals, Get Funding [So much for separation of Church and State. Now they are telling Churches to go against Biblical teachings!]

28 June 2010 - Wisconsin Court Tells Lesbian: Legal Adoption, Not 'Nurturing,' Gives Parental Rights

28 June 2010 - White House Vs. Boy Scouts, Part 2

25 June 2010 - 'Gay Homosexual'-Pride Parade Features 10-Year-Old Grand Marshal: 'Shameful That Adults Would Abuse A Brain-Washed Child In This Way'

25 June 2010 - A "Gay Homosexual" Future For U.S. Conservatives? : America's Founders Regarded Homosexuality As A Crime Against Nature

25 June 2010 - Supreme Court Rules Against Petition-Signers' Privacy: "Supreme Court Ruled That The Disclosure Of Petition Signatures Does Not Violate The First Amendment, But Petition Signers Can Still Act To Protect Their Privacy."

25 June 2010 - 'Gay Homosexual' Icon Frank Kameny Condemns AFTAH Truth Academy [That is the way this and other evils are, they condemn and attack anyone and everyone who exposes them for what they really are, EVIL!]

24 June 2010 - The Intended Consequences Of 'Pride' Month: "The Normalization And Celebration Of Homosexuality And Transgenderism IS A Big Deal."

24 June 2010 - Philadelphia Scouts Can Keep Building Despite Homosexual Ban: Federal Jury

24 June 2010 - Group Rebukes Canadian Gvmt For Pushing Homosexuality In Romania

23 June 2010 - Expansion Of Gay Homosexual Benefits Threatens Private Sector: The Obama Administration Plans To Give Family Medical Leave Benefits To Gay Employees And Their Partners

23 June 2010 - Hawaii Civil Unions On Governor's Veto List [Good it needs to be banned. Real marriage, as God Himself instituted it, is to be between one man and one woman only!]

23 June 2010 - Biblical Sexuality Leads Activists To Protest Conference [Those who support and participate in the abomination of homosexuality do not like it when they are confronted about their sin and their evil acts!]

23 June 2010 - Obama Admin To Force Businesses to Give Gay Homosexual Partners Unpaid Leave

23 June 2010 - White House Fetes Lesbian Banned From Cross-Dressing At Prom

23 June 2010 - Obama's 'Two Fathers' Reference Inappropriate

22 June 2010 - Obama Celebrates "Gay Homosexual Pride" As HIV Cases Rise [An evil man with an evil agenda!]

22 June 2010 - Black Christians Demand 'Rebuke' For 'Unwise' Obama: 'He Is Putting Twisted Sexual Desires Of Adults Ahead Of The Needs Of Children'

22 June 2010 - Obama Inches Toward 'Gay' Homosexual Agenda [More proof as to how evil both he and his agenda really are! He has no concern for what the people want or what the Word of God says!]

22 June 2010 - Obama 'Gays Homosexuals Down' Father's Day By Extolling 'Two Fathers' As A Nurturing Family

22 June 2010 - Obama Praises Two-father Families [More of his supporting and endorsing evil!]

22 June 2010 - Home Depot's 'Gay Homosexual Pride' Support Spotlighted

22 June 2010 - Child Custody Fight Resumes, Despite Disappearance

21 June 2010 - Campaigns Don't Sway Votes On Gay Homosexual Marriage

21 June 2010 - Irish Bishops Lobby Against Gay Homosexual Unions, Call For Conscience Protections

21 June 2010 - Ten "Marriage Values" Policies To Rebuild America

21 June 2010 - Home Depot Exposes Children To Homosexuality In Celebrated Style: Home Depot Is A Willing Participant In Exposing Children To Unhealthy And Risky Homosexual Events

18 June 2010 - Closing Arguments In Historic Marriage Challenge Begin

18 June 2010 - Southern Baptists Denounce Oil Spill, Pro-Gay Homosexual Bills, Divorce In Churches

18 June 2010 - Universal Religion Discards Fathers

18 June 2010 - Prop 8 Supporters Want People's Vote Respected

16 June 2010 - Battle Over The Blood - FDA Upholds Ban On Homosexual Male Blood Donations

16 June 2010 - No Gay Homosexual 'Marriage' In Germany, Court Rules [GOOD!]

16 June 2010 - One More Milestone In The Prop. 8 Saga

16 June 2010 - Anti-Discrimination Trial Against Philadelphia Boy Scouts Begins

15 June 2010 - U.S. Blood Ban For Gays Homosexuals Remains [GOOD!]

15 June 2010 - Illinois State Treasurer Defies Marriage Law With Domestic-Partner Benefits

15 June 2010 - Trial Opens On Scouts' Philly HQ

15 June 2010 - Conference On Homosexuality To Focus On Freedom

14 June 2010 - Surgery No Longer A Requirement For Changing Gender On Passport [This INSANITY is getting worse and worse. This is what happens when SIN is allowed to run out of control instead of standing up to it and taking a stand against it!]

14 June 2010 - Gay Homosexual Activist Joe Jervis Smears AFTAH Academy As 'Fostering Violence' Against Homosexuals [The homosexual community attacks, harasses, and slanders those who take a stand against them in an attempt to discredit those that are against their evil in hopes that others will not stand against them!]

11 June 2010 - Va. High Court Rules Against Breakaway Anglicans

11 June 2010 - Smarter Than God

11 June 2010 - N.Y. Senate Committee Rejects Gender Bill

11 June 2010 - Nat'l PTA Snubs PFOX - Again

10 June 2010 - The Battle Over Blood

10 June 2010 - Homo No Mo': Woman Splits 'Gay Homosexual' Couple: 'Star-Crossed' Pair Whose Jailing Sparked International Furor Break Up When 1 Goes Hetero

10 June 2010 - AFTAH Launches 'Truth Academy' To Train Youth On How To Fight 'Gay Homosexual' Agenda: August 5-7 Seminar Will Teach Pro-Family Advocates How To Answer Homosexual Misinformation

10 June 2010 - Berating Bus Driver Remains Undisciplined

10 June 2010 - To Equality And Beyond: CA Tax Break For Gays May Exceed That For Married Couples [More of forcing the acceptance of EVIL upon everyone and giving evil even more rights and benefits beyond that of everyone else!]

10 June 2010 - Episcopalians Banned From Anglican Meetings

10 June 2010 - Minnesota And Its Marriage Definition

10 June 2010 - Prop. 8 Judge Preps For Closing Arguments

10 June 2010 - California IRS Ruling May Violate Federal Marriage Law

09 June 2010 - Judge Rebuffs Christian In 'Marketing Of Evil' Lawsuit: Librarian Accused Of 'Sexual Harassment' By 'Gay Homosexual' Profs For Recommending Book

09 June 2010 - Children Of Lesbian Couples Do Well - Not!

08 June 2010 - Catholic Archbishop Tries To Stop Pro-Gay Homosexual Military Policy: Bible Demands Disapproval Of Homosexuality

08 June 2010 - Commentary: Homosexuality And The Military - What's Really At Stake?

07 June 2010 - Can Transgender Men Go Topless? Sunbathers At Delaware's Rehoboth Beach Raise Eyebrows [This is just more proof as to how ungodly, immoral and indecent the homosexual movement really is!]

07 June 2010 - Homosexual Senator 'Throws Constituents Under The Bus'

04 June 2010 - Administration Expands Federal Same-Sex Benefits: New Orders Go Beyond The Initial Offer Of Long-Term Care [This is NOT right! They are constantly being given more and more benefits, rights, and privileges that they are NOT entitled to! This is just another example of how Obama has no sense of morality or decency!]

04 June 2010 - Obama's 'Gay Homosexual Pride Month' Proclamation

04 June 2010 - 'Gay Homosexual Day' A Mayday For Families

04 June 2010 - Berating Driver Uses School Bus As 'Bully' Pulpit

04 June 2010 - Repeal Rush Infuriates Military Leaders

04 June 2010 - McD's Ad Abroad Raises Eyebrows

04 June 2010 - Obama Makes Taxpayers Foot The Bill For Marriage Benefits For Homosexual Couples

03 June 2010 - Rep. Mark Kirk Outed By Gay Homosexual Activist - Why AFTAH Asks The 'H Question'

03 June 2010 - April Showers, May Flowers, June Pride

03 June 2010 - McDonald's Ad Promotes Teenage Homosexuality

02 June 2010 - Pride Comes Before A Fall

02 June 2010 - School Bus Driver Lectures Girl On Gay Homosexual Rights [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 June 2010 - Throckmorton, History And Gays Homosexuals In The Military

02 June 2010 - The Marriage Penalty In MussoliniCare

01 June 2010 - With Obama's Blessings, LGBT Month Kicks Off

28 May 2010 - Congress Bows To Gay Homosexual Agenda, Repeals 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

28 May 2010 - Saving Soldiers From Gay Homosexual Death

28 May 2010 - Massachusetts Judge Hears Case Against Marriage

28 May 2010 - Military Leaders Ask For More Time On DADT; Lawmakers Push Ahead: Letters To Congress Ask Lawmakers To Defer A Decision Until A Pentagon Review Is Complete

28 May 2010 - Lift Another Ban? Nation's Blood Supply At Risk [Seems like the FDA has simply forgotten the health reasons they started the ban for in the first place!]

28 May 2010 - Homosexuality, Hitler And 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

27 May 2010 - Top Gays Homosexuals-In-Military Activist Aubrey Sarvis Tells MSNBC That Serving In Army As Homosexual Was 'Not A Big Deal' : What Price Will America Pay To Celebrate "Gay Homosexual Pride" In Our Armed Forces? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 May 2010 - Most Iowa Gay Homosexual Marriages Performed For Non-Iowans

27 May 2010 - Minnesota Offers Marriage Reconciliation Services: Divorce-Minded Couples Can Get Counseling, On Minnesota's Dime, If They Take Part In A State Program To Save Their Marriage

27 May 2010 - Vote Pending On 'Political Payoff'

26 May 2010 - Gay Homosexual Rights: Don't Ask, Don't Think

26 May 2010 - Moscow Refuses Permit To "Gay Homosexual Pride" Parade Organizers: Defies International Gay Homosexual Lobby For Fifth Year In A Row [GOOD! May God bless them for standing up against this evil!]

26 May 2010 - Perkins: Dems Force-Feeding Repeal Of 'Gay Homosexual' Ban

26 May 2010 - Corporal Klinger And The Barney Frank Brigade

26 May 2010 - Deal On 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Is No Deal At All: A 'Compromise' To Allow Gay Homosexual-Identified Individuals To Serve Openly In The Military Has Conservatives Crying Foul

25 May 2010 - Gates Will Support Proposed Immediate 'Gay Homosexual' Ban Lift

25 May 2010 - Committee Seeks To Sneak 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal Before Pentagon Study Results

24 May 2010 - Candi Cushman Warns Parents About Deceptive 'Safe Schools' Programs: Parents Beware: "Safe School" And "Anti-Bullying" Initiatives Are Gay Homosexual Activists' Latest Tools Of Choice For Getting Homosexuality Lessons Into Classrooms

24 May 2010 - Federal Bill Requires Schools To Grant LGBT Protections [This is crazy! No one, especially a group of individuals who have chosen to transgress the Word of God, deserves extra rights or protections!]

24 May 2010 - District 'Slams Door' On Pro-LGBT Curriculum

21 May 2010 - Homosexual Activists Bullying CA Therapists

21 May 2010 - Same-Gender 'Marriage' And Rights Of Conscience

20 May 2010 - From Lesbian Atheist To Stay-At-Home Mother Of Six: Quebec Journalist Tells Her Story: Brigitte Bedard Captivates 200-Strong Crowd With Her Conversion Story At May 15 Quebec Life Coalition Conference In Quebec City

20 May 2010 - Pelosi Vows To End 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' [That is because she is evil and immoral and has no sense of moral decency!]

20 May 2010 - Texas Man Cancels Progressive Insurance Policy Over Promotion Of Homosexuality

20 May 2010 - Preaching Homosexuality As Sin Is Not Against The Law

20 May 2010 - PTA Banishes Organization Battling Discrimination: Says Pro-Tolerance Agenda 'Not In Harmony' With Association 'Beliefs'

20 May 2010 - Don't Ask Don't Tell On The Table Again

19 May 2010 - This Burly-Voiced Man In A Dress Demands Passage Of ENDA Now! : Once-Size-Fits-All Federal Bill Would Impose Gender-Confusion-Based "Rights" On All 50 States [In addition to being thoroughly disgusting, this is completely stupid! What happened to common sense and decency and morality?] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 May 2010 - Quinlan: 'Why Does Pepsi Fund Hate?'

18 May 2010 - Conservative Anglicans Lament Ordination Of 2nd Gay Homosexual Bishop [This is EVIL! It contradicts the teachings of the Bible and goes against God's Word!]

18 May 2010 - Keep The Pressure On - We Can Win On "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" : Please Contact Your Representative Today And Insist That They Vote Against Any Effort To Overturn The Military's Ban On Homosexual Behavior

18 May 2010 - Marry Me Minnesota Takes Aim At DOMA

17 May 2010 - Charges Dropped Against UK Preacher Who Called Homosexual Acts A Sin [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 May 2010 - American Eagle Gives In To Cross-Dressing Demand

17 May 2010 - Healing From Homosexuality

17 May 2010 - Bill Could ENDA Democrats' Congressional Careers

17 May 2010 - Ill. Church Dismissed From PC (USA)

17 May 2010 - Lesbian Couple Demands Listing As Child's Parents On Birth Certificate [INSANITY!!!]

14 May 2010 - Progressive Insurance Co. Promotes Homosexuality: Boasts Of 100% Ranking With (Anti-Christian) Homosexual Lobby Group Human Rights Campaign

14 May 2010 - Arizona Pro-Family Group Highlights Successful Legislative Session: A Dozen Family Friendly Bills - Covering Issues Like Parental Rights And The Sanctity Of Human Life - Are Enacted Into Law

14 May 2010 - Parents Warned About Upcoming 'Milk Day' In Calif.

14 May 2010 - Lesbian Bishop To Be Consecrated Saturday [This is wrong and completely contrary to the teachings of the Bible! There is no place in the Kingdom of God, especially in the clergy, for homosexuality!]

13 May 2010 - ABC's 'Modern Family' Doesn't Want To Show Two Men Kissing Because Most Viewers Don't Want To See It: Homosexuals Launch Pressure Campaign To Show 'Gay Homosexual' Couple Smooching

13 May 2010 - Same-Sex Couples Challenge Minnesota Marriage Law

11 May 2010 - ELCA Censures S.D. Pastor, Congregations [The ELCA Church is censuring those who stand up for Biblical authority and reject EVIL]

11 May 2010 - Nat'l Organization For Marriage: A Vote For Kagan Is A Vote Against Traditional Marriage

11 May 2010 - Obama's Supreme Court Nominee "Abhors" 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Policy: Ask Your Senators To Closely Investigate The President's Choice

11 May 2010 - Homosexual "Marriage" Bill Advances In Argentina [This is NOT real marriage. Real marriage is between one man and one woman, as God intended it!]

10 May 2010 - Hope College Upholds Gay Homosexual Policy Amid Protest

10 May 2010 - Health Care Taxes Undermine Marriage

10 May 2010 - If Elena Kagan Is A Lesbian, She Should Say So Because Public Has A Right To Know

10 May 2010 - Accuracy Of 'Hate Group Identifier' Questioned

07 May 2010 - It's Not Too Late To Reconsider Pro-Gay Homosexual Actions, LCMS Tells ELCA

07 Apr 2010 - Lingle 'Up In The Air' On Civil Unions

07 Apr 2010 - Calif. Schools 'Indoctrinate' Alternate Lifestyles

06 May 2010 - GLAD Tries To 'Chip Away' At Marriage

06 May 2010 - Illegal To Label Homosexuality A 'Sin'? [Not only is it a sin, but it is an abomination in the eyes of God]

06 May 2010 - New York High Court Grants Parental Rights To Ex-Lesbian Partner

06 May 2010 - New York Gives Same-Sex Partners Parental Rights: Non-Parents Get Full Rights

05 May 2010 - ELCA Reinstates Partnered Gay Homosexual Ministers [This is WRONG! The Bible condemns homosexuality as an ABOMINATION and as such it is EVIL. There is no place in the Kingdom of God, and especially among the clergy, for homosexuality! The ELCA has ignored God's Word, the Bible, and is now openly taking part in this evil!]

05 May 2010 - D.C. Same-Sex Marriage Recognition In Court: Family Groups Argue People In The District Should Have The Right To Vote On The Definition Of Marriage

05 May 2010 - Michigan Advances Bill To Protect Students' Religious Rights

05 May 2010 - Defense Secretary: Delay Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal

04 May 2010 - Should Schools Promote 'Gay Homosexual Clubs'?

04 May 2010 - Court Won't Hear Appeal On Boy Scouts Land Rental

04 May 2010 - California Therapist Association Pressured To Disbar Members Who Treat Unwanted Homosexuality

03 May 2010 - Homosexuality Or Religious Liberty - Take Your Pick

03 May 2010 - 'Washington Blade' Gets Another Stab At Publication

03 May 2010 - Psychiatrists Mull Changes To Sexual Definitions: Pro-Family Groups Are Concerned About The American Psychiatric Association's Plans To Change Its Manual That Helps Doctors Diagnose Mental Illness

03 May 2010 - Judge Sets Date For Closing Arguments

03 May 2010 - Lesbians Look To Boot Boy Scouts From Own Facilities: Ruling Threatens Faith-Based Groups Trying To Help In Their Communities

03 May 2010 - Christian Preacher On Hooligan Charge After Saying He Believes That Homosexuality Is A Sin

30 Apr 2010 - Hawaii House Sneaks Gay Homosexual Civil Unions Bill Out Of The Closet And Into Law With Surprise Vote

29 Apr 2010 - Military Chaplains Urge Obama To Maintain Ban On Open Homosexuals In Military

29 Apr 2010 - Evangelicals: Repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell Threatens Religious Liberty

28 Apr 2010 - SCOTUS Hearing Petition Signers' Case [The only reason the homosexual activists want the names released is so they can harass and intimidate those who oppose them, as they have done so many times in the past! Let's pray that the courts will stand up to them and not release the names!]

28 Apr 2010 - 'I Stand By My Statement Absolutely': Scottish Candidate Sacked By Conservatives For Opposing Gay Homosexual Agenda

28 Apr 2010 - Chaplains Contest 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal

26 Apr 2010 - America's All-Out Spiritual Battle - Part 3

26 Apr 2010 - KY Supreme Court rules Against Baptist University

23 Apr 2010 - Obama Allows Lt. Choi To Make A Mockery Of The U.S. Military [Has embedded videos on the web page]

22 Apr 2010 - Family Values Advocates Claim Victory: Delays In 'Gay Homosexual' March, Hearing On 'Transgender' Rules Cited

22 Apr 2010 - Lesbian Student Seeks Damages For MS Prom Flap [This is totally insane! She is doing this because officials stood up to her and told her NO concerning her evil]

22 Apr 2010 - California Lawmakers: Boy Scouts Teach 'Hate' : Committee Members Shred Resolution Honoring Organization's 100th [So they consider taking a stand against their evil and speaking the truth as hate. If anyone is teaching hate, it is all of those who want to attack and silence those that oppose their evil!]

21 Apr 2010 - School Gives Credits For Participation In Day Of Silence [More of forcing this evil upon people!]

20 Apr 2010 - Gay Homosexual-Activist Group Challenges Federal Marriage Law [More of their fighting decency and morality and trying to force their evil upon everyone!]

20 Apr 2010 - Gay Homosexual Groups Scrutinize Women's Basketball Coach's Comments [So much for freedom of speech if you say something that they do not approve of or agree with! But then that is how evil is. They want to silence all of those who would stand against it!]

19 Apr 2010 - U.S. House Ethics Panel Seeks To Recognize Gay Homosexual 'Marriages' [This is EVIL!]

19 Apr 2010 - Homosexuals, Liberals, And Lawyers Attack Boy Scouts Of America

19 Apr 2010 - Balancing The One-Sided 'Gay Homosexual' Message

19 Apr 2010 - ENDA, Schools, And Your Children

19 Apr 2010 - Skirmishes Continue For Families In Calif. Schools

19 Apr 2010 - Breakaway Anglican Flock Adds Over 100 Churches

16 Apr 2010 - New Effort Launched To Protect Rights Of Churches

16 Apr 2010 - Focus On The Family Clarifies Position, Opposes Homosexual Judicial Nominees: "Homosexual Behavior .. Lies At The Heart Of Personal Morality," Says Focus' Minnery

16 Apr 2010 - LaBarbera Commends Focus For Clarifying Its Principled Opposition To Homosexual Judges

16 Apr 2010 - Congress Set To Recognize Same-Sex 'Spouses' On Forms [This is WRONG and EVIL! It makes a mockery of real marriage as God intended it!]

16 Apr 2010 - Schools' Assignment: Squelch Family Values: State Lawmakers Urge 'Meaningful' Counseling For Wrong Attitudes

15 Apr 2010 - Homosexual Supreme Court Justice? Not Under Any Circumstances

15 Apr 2010 - Making The 'Day Of Silence' Costly

15 Apr 2010 - Suit Against Pro-Marriage Counselor Is Dropped [GOOD! It never should have been initiated in the first place!]

14 Apr 2010 - Polish President Remembered As Pro-Family Advocate

13 Apr 2010 - Employment Commissioner: "I'm Having A Hard Time Coming Up With Any Case In Which Religious Liberty Should Win." : Urge Your Senators And Representatives With Regard To ENDA: End It, Don't Mend It

13 Apr 2010 - Christian Ads Promoting Biblical Take On Sexuality Pulled From Toronto Public Transit

13 Apr 2010 - Day Of Silence, Day Of Truth Make Bid To Influence The Nation's Youth: 'It's Time For An Honest Conversation About The Biblical Truth For Sexuality.'

12 Apr 2010 - Pepsi Continues To Support Homosexuals

12 Apr 2010 - Pro-Family Groups Picket Protest

12 Apr 2010 - Philly Continues To Hassle Boy Scouts

09 Apr 2010 - AFTAH Sounds The Alarm On ENDA As Grave Threat To Religious Freedom

09 Apr 2010 - Religious Liberties At Stake With ENDA Back In Play: The Bill Could Force Christian Business Owners To Close Shop

08 Apr 2010 - If Your Child's School Allows 'Day Of Silence' Propaganda, Keep Your Child At Home April 16: Let Your School Officials Know That If They Are Going To Allow Social And Political Action In Class, Your Child Will Not Be There

08 Apr 2010 - Obama 'Queers' The Census

08 Apr 2010 - A Victory For British Parents, Families

08 Apr 2010 - Census Bureau Tells Same-Sex Couples To Check 'Married' : Government Video Explains Step By Step

07 Apr 2010 - Census Used As Gay Homosexual Gimmick'

07 Apr 2010 - Homosexual Activists Try 'End Around' On Marriage: Legislation Takes Another Shot At Divorcing Marriage From Its True Intent

07 Apr 2010 - How To Pay For Federal Same-Sex Benefits - Still A Mystery

07 Apr 2010 - Play Banned From TX School Resurfaces

07 Apr 2010 - Vancouver School Board Hosts Homosexual Conference For Teens At Elementary School

06 Apr 2010 - Asylum For Homosexual Perverts U.S. Policy

06 Apr 2010 - The Truth About Homosexual Sex

06 Apr 2010 - Doctors Say Schools May Be Spreading Misinformation About Homosexuality: Education On Hot-Button Issue Could Mean Students Miss Out On Opportunity To Change

05 Apr 2010 - House Plans To Resurrect Law Requiring 'Gay Homosexual' Hires: Fresh Off Health-Care Victory, Dems Target Christian Employers

05 Apr 2010 - McHugh Won't Enforce Military's 'Gay Homosexual' Ban

05 Apr 2010 - NJ Activists Seek New Marriage Definition [This is EVIL]

02 Apr 2010 - April Fool's Day Jokes For America's Culture War? We Wish! : San Francisco Drag Queen "Sisters'" "Hunky Jesus" Contest Mocks Resurrection - On Easter Sunday

02 Apr 2010 - Conway Concerned With Gays Homosexuals In Barracks

02 Apr 2010 - New Jersey Family Advocates Bracing For Marriage Battle

02 Apr 2010 - Another Congregation Quits Episcopal Church

01 Apr 2010 - Pennsylvania Judge Says 'No' To Lesbian Divorce

01 Apr 2010 - People In New Hampshire Want Say On Marriage

31 Mar 2010 - Advancing The Homosexual Agenda, One Prom At A Time

31 Mar 2010 - Preacher Peeved, Play Canceled [GOOD! This play was EVIL and BLASPHEMY]

30 Mar 2010 - Pepsi Accused Of Funding Gay Homosexual Religious Doctrines

30 Mar 2010 - 'Day Of Truth' Counters Homosexual Agenda

30 Mar 2010 - Parents Sue Spain Over Mandatory Course Material

30 Mar 2010 - Obama Appoints Lesbian Activist To EEOC Board

29 Mar 2010 - Judge: Same-Gender 'Marriage' Not A 'Fundamental Right'

29 Mar 2010 - California Adoption Bill Embraces 'Gay Homosexual' Agenda

29 Mar 2010 - Lithuanian Pro-Family Group Denounces 'Gay Homosexual Pride' Parade In Vilnius [GOOD!]

29 Mar 2010 - S.C. Diocese Engages In 'Battle' With Episcopal Church

27 Mar 2010 - AFTAH's Labarbera Challenges SPLC's Potok To A 'Debate On Hate,' Asks To Reverse 'Hate' Designation: Questions Whether SPLC Has Ever Investigated Gay Homosexual Activist "Hate" And Homosexual Assaults On Churches

27 Mar 2010 - Tennessee Rally Focuses On Importance Of Family

26 Mar 2010 - Don't Want Gays Homosexuals In The Military? Your Career Is Toast

26 Mar 2010 - Episcopal Theologians Detail Both Sides Of Gay Homosexual Debate [This is pure stupidity! The Bible says it is an abomination in the eyes of God, and as such is evil! So there is NO debate!]

26 Mar 2010 - Dismantling Of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Begins

26 Mar 2010 - Prom Ruling Affirms ACLU's Agenda

25 Mar 2010 - Pentagon Increases Protections For Gays Homosexuals In Military [This is PURE STUPIDITY! No one deserves or is entitled to special protections and rights, especially a group of individuals who have freely chosen to reject the word of God and turn their back on decency and morality!]

25 Mar 2010 - Barber: Southern Poverty Law Center Officially Declared 'Left-Wing Hate Group' [Seems like whenever any one takes a stand on Biblical teachings and principles and is for morality and decency they are accused of promoting hate. That is because those who reject God do not want to hear His Word because they know it condemns them of their evil!]

25 Mar 2010 - SPLC Plays Politics With Hate, Smears Americans For Truth As 'Hate Site' [Biblical Truth and decency being attacked as hate by those who hate God and His Truths!]

25 Mar 2010 - Jesus Gets 'Gay Homosexual' Just Days Before Passover, Easter: Protests Planned Saturday As Town Erupts Over Homosexual Christ [EVIL mocking Christ and the Bible and attempting to spread their blasphemy and abomination!]

25 Mar 2010 - Oh, Canada!]

25 Mar 2010 - California Asks IRS To Change Tax Code To Accommodate Same-Sex Couples [This is EVIL and now they are trying to force acceptance of this evil upon others!]

25 Mar 2010 - Pentagon Changes "Don't Ask" Guidelines

24 Mar 2010 - Adoption Agencies May Be Forced To Violate Religious Principles

24 Mar 2010 - Judge Rules Against Lesbian Teen In Prom Flap

23 Mar 2010 - Garden State Faces Another Same-Sex 'Marriage' Battle

22 Mar 2010 - C-FAM Investigates Girl Scout Meeting At U.N.

19 Mar 2010 - VICTORY: 'Hate Speech' Language Removed From Mass. Bill - Would Have Criminalized Criticism Of Homosexuality

19 Mar 2010 - Unintended Consequences Of A Lesbian Bishop [There is no place in the Kingdom of God, the Church, or the clergy for homosexuality!]

19 Mar 2010 - Male-On-Male Sexual Assaults In Military

19 Mar 2010 - Senate Begins Hearings On 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

18 Mar 2010 - News Just Keeps Getting Worse For Homosexuality

18 Mar 2010 - Episcopal Church USA Approves Lesbian Bishop [This goes against the teachings of the Bible and as such is EVIL! They are inviting the wrath of God upon themselves!]

18 Mar 2010 - Pennsylvania Lawmakers Table Marriage Amendment

17 Mar 2010 - CDC: Gay Homosexual Men's HIV Rate 44 Times That Of Other Men; Syphilis Rate 46 Times Higher ["The risk of HIV transmission through receptive anal sex is much greater than the risk of transmission via other sexual activities." - CDC]

17 Mar 2010 - Toss Your Cookies? Girl Scouts Taught How To Be 'Hot' : Planned Parenthood Brochure Handed Out At 'No-Adults-Welcome' Event

17 Mar 2010 - Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Well, She Told

17 Mar 2010 - Coalition: Keep Students Home On Homosexualist 'Day Of Silence'

16 Mar 2010 - Gay Homosexual 'Marriage' Activists Forcing Pro-Family Views Out Of California Therapist Association

16 Mar 2010 - Mass. Bill Targets Conservative Activists

16 Mar 2010 - AFTAH Effort To Hold Grove City College Accountable On 'Gay Homosexual'-Affirming Prof Warren Throckmorton Gains Steam

15 Mar 2010 - ELCA Closer To Adopting Policy Revisions On Gay Homosexual Ordination [This is EVIL and BLASPHEMY!!! There is no place in the Kingdom of God or the clergy for homosexuality!]

15 Mar 2010 - U.K. Registrar Faces 'The Sack' For Christian Beliefs

15 Mar 2010 - Maryland AG Could Be Overruled On Marriage

12 Mar 2010 - Gay Homosexual Gestapo Hunts Pro-Family Family Counselors In California

12 Mar 2010 - Gay Homosexual Agenda In New York Classrooms

12 Mar 2010 - Homosexual Activist, ACLU Shut Down Senior Prom

12 Mar 2010 - ACLU Lawsuit Challenges Bible Belt Traditions

12 Mar 2010 - VA Governor Protects Gays Homosexuals, Contradicts Scripture

12 Mar 2010 - Disney Disregards Ex-Homosexuals

11 Mar 2010 - Court: Christian's Stand On 'Gay Homosexual' Unions 'Not Important' : Refuses To Hear Case Of Registrar Forced To Perform Same-Sex 'Marriage' [More of evil forcing itself upon everyone, as well as a clear violation of individual rights and religious freedoms!]

11 Mar 2010 - Miss. School Axes Prom After Lesbian Date Request

11 Mar 2010 - Argentinian Judge Reverses Homosexual 'Marriage' : Orders Couple To Return All Documents Within 72 Hours

10 Mar 2010 - Christian College Prof Encourages 'Gay Homosexual Identity'

10 Mar 2010 - 'Safe Schools' Czar Dodges Question On Whether To Promote Homosexuality

10 Mar 2010 - Christian's Speech Deemed 'Hateful Propaganda'

08 Mar 2010 - Vote For Marriage? You're On A Hit List: Battle Looms In Supreme Court Over 'Gay Homosexual' Activist Harassment

08 Mar 2010 - Is Grove City College Still 'Authentically Christian' If It Abides Pro-'Gay Homosexual' Professor Warren Throckmorton And His 'Sexual Identity Therapy'?

08 Mar 2010 - Impartiality The Key In Military Ban Study

08 Mar 2010 - AZ Adoption Bill Supports Mother + Father

05 Mar 2010 - Marine Veteran Told To 'Take A Hike' : A Foreshadowing Of Repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Tells A Scary Truth. Andrews Air Force Base Censors Free Speech Guaranteed By The First Amendment [As a former US Marine, I find this as a total insult and a slap in the face. Not just to myself and all Marines, but to everyone who has ever served in the US Armed Forces and takes a stand for morality and what is right!]

05 Mar 2010 - Soldiers Left Out Of Policy Change Debate

05 Mar 2010 - DC Pastor Finds 'Silver Lining' In Same-Sex 'Marriage' Ruling

05 Mar 2010 - Marriage Amendment Stymied Again In Hoosier Land

05 Mar 2010 - Maine Schools Asked To Consider New 'Transgender' Guidelines

05 Mar 2010 - Don't Ask, Don't Bleed

05 Mar 2010 - Bible Belt School Policy Under Attack

04 Mar 2010 - Homosexual Activists Target Lawmakers Who Took A Stand For Marriage: Tim Gill And His Friends Are Trying To Push Their Agenda On New Yorkers

04 Mar 2010 - Lieberman, Democrats Push Ending Ban On Gays Homosexuals In Military

04 Mar 2010 - 'Equal Footing' Act Puts More Pressure On Other Foot

04 Mar 2010 - Notre Dame Paper Snubs Prof's Column Upholding Catholic Church Teaching On Homosexual

03 Mar 2010 - Court Refuses To Stop D.C.'s Gay Homosexual Marriage Law

03 Mar 2010 - Maryland AG May Face Charges After Sanctioning Out-Of-State Gay Homosexual Marriages

03 Mar 2010 - Chaplain Corps Threatened By Policy Change

03 Mar 2010 - Attack On 'Biology-Based' Restrooms Sparks Backlash: Pro-Family Activists Target Repeal Of State's Human Rights Statute

03 Mar 2010 - Pro-Bible Ad Campaign Runs On Fox, MSNBC

02 Mar 2010 - NCAA Squashes Pro-Family Message - The Censorship Of Christians Continues

02 Mar 2010 - 'Biology-Based' Restrooms Called 'Discrimination' : 'Schools Therefore Cannot Segregate Students Based On Sexual Orientation' [This is pure INSANITY!]

02 Mar 2010 - UK's Sex-Ed Bill Imposes Controversial Teachings

02 Mar 2010 - HUD Study - A 'Classic Attempt' To Create A Crisis

02 Mar 2010 - APA To Highlight Support Of Same-Sex 'Marriage' : Family Advocates Say Influential Group Is Overstepping Its Boundaries

01 Mar 2010 - Marriage vs. The Healthfare State

01 Mar 2010 - Military Ban On 'Gays Homosexuals' - Where To From Here?

01 Mar 2010 - Head Of Marines Defends Military Ban On Open Homosexuals: Army, Air Force, Navy Officials Express Concern With White House Plan

01 Mar 2010 - Maryland AG: Gov't Can Recognize Out-Of-State Gay Homosexual 'Marriages' [PURE EVIL!!!]

01 Mar 2010 - Dissident Lutherans Forming New Denomination

01 Mar 2010 - Christian-Owned 'Hot Air' All Cobbed Up Over Perkins, Homosexuality

01 Mar 2010 - No 'Blind Eye' Toward NY Homosexual Group

01 Mar 2010 - Indiana House Votes Down Marriage Amendment

26 Feb 2010 - Beauty Queen Quotes Bible, Accused Of 'Promoting Death Of Gay Homosexual People' : Beverly Hills Disowns Contestant For Remarks Against Gay Homosexual "Marriage" [Evil once again attacking those who stand against it!]

26 Feb 2010 - Homosexual Agenda Or The Constitution: Take Your Pick Because You Can't Have Both

26 Feb 2010 - Veteran Sees Invitation To Prayer Luncheon Yanked

25 Feb 2010 - Retired Navy Captain Jim Jefferis Writes Adm. Mullen With Common Sense On Homosexuals In The Military

25 Feb 2010 - U.K. Commons Passes Sex-Ed Bill Forcing Schools To Promote Homosexuality, Abortion

25 Feb 2010 - NCAA Pulls The Plug on Focus Ad After Protest: Organization Caters To Homosexual Activists Over Benign Ad

25 Feb 2010 - West Virginians May Not Get To Vote On Marriage [EVIL forcing itself on everyone!]

24 Feb 2010 - Marine Corps: Words Of Warning About Lifting 'Gay Homosexual' Ban

24 Feb 2010 - Gay Homosexual Mob Protests Wedding Vow Renewal At Chicago Catholic Cathedral [EVIL once again trying to pervert and destroy that which is of God! Marriage is between one man and one woman only. Period. No exceptions!]

24 Feb 2010 - Mexican Supreme Court Rejects Lawsuits Against Capital's Gay Homosexual 'Marriage' Law

24 Feb 2010 - Marriage Amendment Making Inroads In W. Virginia

24 Feb 2010 - Christian Mom's Arrest Ordered In Lesbian Custody Case [This whole case is INSANE! The child should be allowed to stay with her mother!]

24 Feb 2010 - Thousands Across North America To Focus On Marriage

23 Feb 2010 - Calif. Pastor Weighs In On Abortion, Homosexuality, Woods' Buddhism

23 Feb 2010 - Wis. Presbytery Approves Ordination Of Openly Gay Homosexual Man [This is EVIL and BLASPHEMY! It is totally against what the Word of God says!]

23 Feb 2010 - Lawmakers Endorse West Virginia Marriage Amendment [GOOD!]

22 Feb 2010 - Elton John: 'Jesus Was A...Gay Homosexual Man' [BLASPHEMY and EVIL from a man who rejects God and the Bible and practices EVIL!]

22 Feb 2010 - Is There A "Gay Homosexual Gene?"

22 Feb 2010 Disagree With The Admiral On 'Gays Homosexuals'? No Way!

22 Feb 2010 - How To Respond To Teachers Pushing Pro-Gay Homosexual Curriculum: Family Group Advises Parents

22 Feb 2010 - Lutherans Nationwide Wrestle With Staying In, Leaving ELCA

22 Feb 2010 - Donnelly Touts Dangers Of Gays Homosexuals In Military

19 Feb 2010 - Obama Accused Of Establishing Religion For Soldiers: Opening Ranks To 'Gays Homosexuals' Called 'Constitutional Offense'

19 Feb 2010 - Fake "Conservatives" Embrace Homosexual "Monster"

19 Feb 2010 - Lisa Miller Safe For Now: Virginia Judge Refuses To Issue Arrest Warrant

19 Feb 2010 - Lesbian 'Divorce' Case Stymied In TX

19 Feb 2010 - Prop. 8 Judge Encouraged To Step Down

19 Feb 2010 - New Hampshire Citizens Will Not Get A Vote On Same-Sex Marriage

18 Feb 2010 - President Obama Wants To Give More Taxpayer Money To Controversial Education Czar; Budget Could Mean More Promotion Of Homosexuality In Schools

18 Feb 2010 - College Prof Cited For 'Anti-Gay Homosexual Bias' [More of evil attacking and trying to silence those who would stand up against it!]

18 Feb 2010 - Catholic Foster-Care Program In D.C. Ends

18 Feb 2010 - 'Faith Leaders' Undermine God's Plan For Marriage [PURE EVIL]

17 Feb 2010 - 167 Iowa Faith Leaders Back Same-Gender 'Marriage' [This is EVIL and goes against what God Himself has ordained marriage to be!]

17 Feb 2010 - State Rep Fights To 'Let NH Vote'

16 Feb 2010 - Gagnon Paper Debunks Homosexual Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson's Claim That New Testament Book Of Romans Does Not Apply To 'Gay Homosexual Monogamy' : Robinson Claims Homosexuals Are "Born" That Way Despite Lack Of Evidence And His Own Abnormal Upbringing [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Feb 2010 - Leaked Document: No Opt-Out For Children From Pro-Gay Homosexual Classes In Ontario Schools

16 Feb 2010 - Maine Considers Banning Biology-Based Restrooms: 'Transgender ID' In Schools Under Scrutiny By Human-Rights Commission [This is pure INSANITY!!!]

15 Feb 2010 - Speak The Truth, Defend Your Rights

15 Feb 2010 - Cheney: 'Time To Reconsider' Ban On Gays Homosexuals In Military [This is evil!]

12 Feb 2010 - Is The 'Gay Homosexual' Fix In On Prop. 8?

12 Feb 2010 - Odd Couple Of Coburn And Franken Condemn Uganda: Threats & intimidation From U.S. Congress & The Obama Administration [And who are they to judge someone for standing up against the evil known as homosexuality? They should read what the Bible has to say and realize that they are promoting evil and not following the Word of God. Their condemnation of those standing against this evil is just more of the same, evil and ungodly men promoting evil!]

12 Feb 2010 - Texas Gay Homosexual & M University

12 Feb 2010 - Repeal The Law, Reinstate The Draft

12 Feb 2010 - West Virginia Family Group Seeks To Protect One-Man, One-Woman Marriage

11 Feb 2010 - It's Ba-ack! Health-Care Plan Redoubles 'Marriage Penalty' : Congressional Proposals Could Penalize Couples $10,000 For Saying 'I Do'

11 Feb 2010 - Obama Czar's 'Homo-Genda' Proposed For U.S. Schools: Congressional Legislation Called 'A Sexual Revolutionary's Dream'

11 Feb 2010 - 'Sleight Of Hand' Measure Favors Homosexuals

11 Feb 2010 - Indiana Marriage Bill May Get Stalled Again

11 Feb 2010 - New Hampshire Bill Could Bring Homosexuality Lessons Into The Classroom [This is pure EVIL!]

11 Feb 2010 - Iowa Lawmakers Shoot Down Marriage Amendment

10 Feb 2010 - ACLU: Instructor Improperly Teaching Religion, Abortion And Global Warming Views As Fact [The ACLU has no right telling someone how to teach their views on anything. Their main purpose is to attack anything that is of God, for God, and presents the entire truth]

10 Feb 2010 - Obama's New Military: Gays Homosexuals Showering With Straights: Tell Congress Not To Overturn Ban On Homosexuals In The Military [What Obama is doing is EVIL and does nothing but promote this EVIL and is not good for anyone! Remember, evil men will do and promote evil!]

10 Feb 2010 - San Francisco Chronicle: "Open Secret" That Prop. 8 Judge Is "Gay Homosexual" [This is clearly a conflict of interest and he should not have been presiding over this case at all]

10 Feb 2010 - Appeal Filed To Give D.C. Voters Right To Vote On Gay Homosexual "Marriage" Law

10 Feb 2010 - Lancaster, CA - Hate Crimes Harbinger? [What they are calling "hate crimes" is the Truth taught in the Word of God, the Holy Bible. The reason that they hate and fear it so much and want to silence it is because the truth convicts them of their sin and evil ways!]

10 Feb 2010 - Wyoming Public Schools Resist Promotion Of Homosexuality

09 Feb 2010 - Christian Speech Targeted As 'Hate' : 'Gays Homosexuals' Pledge To 'Pursue Every Method' Of Protesting Flyers For School Students [EVIL trying to silence those who speak the truth and expose it for the abomination it is! So what happened to the so-called tolerance movement being all about tolerance? Now they are trying to take away everyone's Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion. Clearly they were never really about tolerance, only forcing their EVIL upon everyone!]

09 Feb 2010 - Vote And Stay Sought In DC Marriage Debacle

08 Feb 2010 - Uganda Rejects Obama's Pro-Homosexual "Change" [GOOD for Uganda! They are standing up for what is right, decent, and moral. Where on the other hand, we see an evil and ungodly man promoting and trying to force evil upon everyone!]

08 Feb 2010 - Researcher: Half Of Gay Homosexual Couples Choose To Be 'Non-Monogamous' [More proof as to just how immoral and ungodly this lifestyle is!]

08 Feb 2010 - Chuck Norris And Wife Say Americans Can't Stay Silent On Family Issues: TV Star And His Wife, Gena, Talk About Family Values And The Difficulties Facing Every Parent In The Shifting American Culture

08 Feb 2010 - Tax Incentives For Body Mutilations: Transsexual Wins Deduction For 'Sex-Change' Operation [More special and extra treatment and rights for those who are involved in this EVIL and reject the Word of God!]

08 Feb 2010 - Pastor Comments On His 'Hate Crimes' Lawsuit

08 Feb 2010 - Veterans Groups Oppose Repeal Of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

05 Feb 2010 - Uganda Confronts "Loud-Mouthed Homosexual Lobby" [May God bless them for taking a stand against this evil! More countries need to follow their example and say NO to this evil!]

05 Feb 2010 - Obama Slams 'Odious' Uganda Anti-Gay Homosexual Bill [This goes to show that EVIL supports EVIL! Obama is mad because Uganda is taking a stand against this EVIL and ABOMINATION]

05 Feb 2010 - Gay Homosexual Rights: Don't Ask, Don't Think

04 Feb 2010 - Our Problem Is Unrepentant Sin ["For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do. Now if I do that I would not, it is no more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me. I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me. For I delight in the law of God after the inward man" Romans 7:19-22 KJV]

04 Feb 2010 - Defense Secretary Gates To Phase Out Ban On Openly Gay Homosexual Military [This is EVIL! As a veteran I can tell you that this will cause nothing but problems with those serving in the armed forces!]

04 Feb 2010 - Rosie O'Donnell And HBO Documentary On Their Idea Of 'Family' [This is pure INSANITY and EVIL! She has no place telling people what a family should be!]

04 Feb 2010 - Obama Pushes 'Gay Homosexual,' Green Ideals At Prayer Breakfast: 'Stretching Out Of Our Dogmas ... Can Help Us Regain A Sense Of Civility' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Feb 2010 - Holder Sued Over 'Hate Crimes Act'

04 Feb 2010 - Redefining Marriage Via The Back Door

04 Feb 2010 - AFTAH Condemns Sec. Gates' And Adm. Mullen's Capitulation To Obama's Radical Plan To Homosexualize The Military

04 Feb 2010 - Californians Wait To Hear Marriage Decision: The State Of Marriage In The United States Could Be Hanging In The Balance, Based On The Decision Of A California Judge

04 Feb 2010 - West Virginians Endeavor To Save Marriage

02 Feb 2010 - Officials To Review Military Ban On Homosexuals

02 Feb 2010 - Hawaii Puts Same-Sex Unions Bill Back In Legislative Closet

01 Feb 2010 - God Save The U.S. And Our Courts

01 Feb 2010 - Military Ban Still Has Supporters

30 Jan 2010 - Federal Bill Would Impose Gay Homosexual Agenda On Local Schools

30 Jan 2010 - Gay Homosexual Military Porn Bust Reminds Us Of Some Inconvenient Truths Regarding Homosexuality And The Military: "Gay Homosexual" Lobby Group HRC Plans $2 Million Campaign To Push Radical Agenda On Armed Forces

30 Jan 2010 - Mexico's Ruling Party Seeks Supreme Court Decision Against Gay Homosexual "Marriage"

30 Jan 2010 - Judge Gives Miller 30 Days To Transfer Daughter To Former Lesbian Lover Or Face Arrest [This is pure INSANITY!]

30 Jan 2010 - Delegate Tries To Protect Marriage In Maryland

30 Jan 2010 - International Planned Parenthood Pushes "Sexual Rights," Abortion For Children [This is pure EVIL!!!]

29 Jan 2010 - The Inconvenience Of Truth

29 Jan 2010 - Letter To A CBS Affiliate

29 Jan 2010 - California's Prop. 8 Trial On Hold

28 Jan 2010 - Know The TRUTH About The Government Health Care Bill H.R.3200 - Key Points [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO WATCH THIS VIDEO] [YouTube video]

28 Jan 2010 - Hawaii Debates 'Institutional Fiction' - Civil Unions

28 Jan 2010 - Family Group Looks To Protect Marriage In West Virginia

28 Jan 2010 - Obama To Seek Repeal Of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

27 Jan 2010 - Mayor Of Moscow Calls "Gay Homosexual Pride" Parade "Satanic" [GOOD! That is exactly what it is, SATANIC and EVIL!]

27 Jan 2010 - Lawyers for the California Marriage Amendment Make Their Case: Defense Witness Refutes The Claim That Gays Homosexuals And Lesbians Are "Politically Powerless."

27 Jan 2010 - Prop. 8 Trial Moves To A Close

27 Jan 2010 - Experts Debunk Study Claiming Two Moms Better Than Mom And Dad

26 Jan 2010 - Prop. 8 Trial Meets Halfway Mark

22 Jan 2010 - Marriage Testimony In California Calls Religion A 'Hindrance' [They say that because they fear that which convicts them of their EVIL!]

21 Jan 2010 - Group Wants Prize Money To Promote Pro-Gay Homosexual Curriculum

20 Jan 2010 - What Qualifies The United States To Lecture Uganda On Homosexuality? : Knight Exposes New York Times Bias On Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Law

20 Jan 2010 - High Court To Determine Petition-Signers' Protection [This is INSANE! The ONLY reason that those who support so-called same-sex marriage wants the names made public is so that they can harass and intimidate those who signed the petition and are for the sanctity of real marriage, between one man and one woman only, as God intended it!]

19 Jan 2010 - Homosexual Service Push Delayed

18 Jan 2010 - Judge Says Public Vote On D.C. Gay Homosexual "Marriage" Law Would Violate Human Rights Act [Talk about a double standard! They are just forcing their EVIL upon everyone!]

18 Jan 2010 - Homosexual Imperialists Target Uganda

18 Jan 2010 - Right To Vote On 'Marriage' Up In The Air

18 Jan 2010 - Will Democracy Prevail In Prop. 8 Trial?

15 Jan 2010 - U.S. Supreme Court Scolds District Judge For Suggesting Courtroom Cameras

15 Jan 2010 - Attorney: Prop. 8 Detractors Struggling

14 Jan 2010 - Judge On Hot Seat In Historic Same-Sex "Marriage" Case

13 Jan 2010 - US Catholic Bishops: Defense Of Marriage "One Of The Premier Social Justice Issues Of Our Time"

13 Jan 2010 - Pastors Meet To Develop Strategy Against Same-Sex 'Marriage'

13 Jan 2010 - Mexico Catholic Church Faces Violent Reaction For Defending True Marriage

13 Jan 2010 - Iowans Rally For Marriage: Last Year's Court Decision On Hot-Button Issue Was Unpopular

13 Jan 2010 - Marriage Supporters Gather In Washington, D.C.

12 Jan 2010 - It Is Time For Us To Declare Our Convictions!

12 Jan 2010 - Homosexual Icon Frank Kameny Calls The God Of The Bible A 'Sinful Homophobic Bigot' Who Needs To Repent: Obama Praised 'Gay Homosexual' Activist As "Civil Rights Pioneer" And Said, "We Are Proud Of You, Frank" [This shows how EVIL and BLASPHEMOUS, and God hating all of them really are!]

12 Jan 2010 - Televising Of Prop. 8 Trial Paused

11 Jan 2010 - Gay Homosexual Marriage Ban On Trial In Calif [And yet again we see another attempt by those who support homosexuality trying to force their EVIL and ABOMINATION on everyone!]

11 Jan 2010 - Obama's 'Safe Schools' Chief Behind 'Gay Homosexual' Propaganda Play: Uses Violent Death Of College Student To Condemn Biblical View As Hateful

11 Jan 2010 - Media, Homosexuals, Bash Uganda's Christians

11 Jan 2010 - Elected Officials Bail On U.S. Marriage Law: Citizens Who Support Prop. 8 Must Defend Constitution Because Attorney General Refuses

11 Jan 2010 - Church Votes To Split From ELCA [GOOD for them for taking a stand and doing the right and Godly thing!]

11 Jan 2010 - New Hampshire Struggles With Marriage Legislation

08 Jan 2010 - Gay Homosexual Agenda Not About Rights, It's About Approval

08 Jan 2010 - Children Best Served By Mom's Lesbian Relationship?

08 Jan 2010 - New Jersey Senate Kills Gay Homosexual "Marriage" Bill

08 Jan 2010 - Ontario Gov't Initiative Would Force Catholic Schools To Violate Church Teaching

08 Jan 2010 - YouTube To Broadcast California Marriage Trial

08 Jan 2010 - Portugal Parliament Votes To Permit Gay Homosexual Marriage

07 Jan 2010 - Multiculturalism Is Societal A.I.D.S.

07 Jan 2010 - Nambla-Gate: The Strange Case Of Kevin Jennings - Part 3

07 Jan 2010 - White House Silent On Obama Transgender 'Appointee'

07 Jan 2010 - NM Tries To Fill In The Marriage Law Gaps

06 Jan 2010 - Public Schools Embrace Debauchery & Apostasy Over Christmas Music

06 Jan 2010 - Brit Hume Starts Out The New Year The Right Way - By Offering Christian Forgiveness To Tiger Woods: Homosexual Activist Besen Mocks FOX Analyst For His Sincere Expression Of Faith [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 Jan 2010 - Iowans Rally For Marriage

06 Jan 2010 - Sour Notes - 'Homophobia' And Music Ed

06 Jan 2010 - NJ Homosexual 'Marriage' Advocates Try To Beat The Clock

05 Jan 2010 - President Appoints 'Transgendered' Individual To Federal Post: Appointee To The Commerce Department Has Ties To Gay Homosexual Activist Groups

05 Jan 2010 - Public Can Weigh In On Marriage Debate In California

05 Jan 2010 - Christian Mom Does Not Relinquish Daughter To Former Lesbian Partner

05 Jan 2010 - Author Of Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill Fears For His Life

04 Jan 2010 - Ex-Lesbian Lisa Miller "Disappears" As Date Passes For Court-Ordered Transfer Of Daughter To Former Lover [The court had no right ordering her to give her child up to a woman that is not a relative! It is her child and not the other woman's. She obviously felt she had to disappear to protect her child from this evil the courts were ordering her to be subjected to!]

04 Jan 2010 - Iowa Fights For Public Vote

04 Jan 2010 - N. Dakota Church Votes To Split From ELCA Over Homosexual Clergy [GOOD! There is NO place in the Kingdom of God or in the Church for homosexuality, especially among the clergy!]

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