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05 Aug 2022 - Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Suspends 'Soros-Backed' State Attorney Who Refused To Enforce Abortion Ban: Desantis Says Andrew Warren Refused To Enforce Numerous Florida Laws And Wouldnt Work With Police [Good!]

04 Aug 2022 - Twenty five U.S. Corporations Pledge To FUND ABORTIONS For Their Employees, But Won't Give Money To Employee Moms Who Decide To HAVE Their Babies

04 Aug 2022 - Dirty tricks In Kansas Via Text: Does Yes Actually Mean No? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Aug 2022 - Biden Signs Executive Order To Aid Women Crossing State Lines For Abortions [He wants to keep pushing it above all else - Dr. B. Carey]

04 Aug 2022 - DOJ Sues Over Idaho's Abortion Law

04 Aug 2022 - Whoopi Goldberg Suggests God Supports Abortion [She has no idea what she is talking about and needs to read the real Bible as well as shut her ungodly and blasphemous mouth. The Word of God clearly speaks against this form of serial killing and mass murder - Dr. B. Carey]

04 Aug 2022 - Legal abortions fall By 90% In Poland After Court Eliminates Exception For Fetal Defects

01 Aug 2022 - Religious Liberty Groups Condemn Biden's Proposed Rule Forcing Doctors To Do abortions, Trans Surgeries

01 Aug 2022 - YouTube's New Policy On Abortion 'Misinformation' May Lead To More Of It, Pro-Life Group Warns

01 Aug 2022 - McDonough: VA Looking At 'Reproductive Health Care' Options In States With Abortion Restrictions [The term "Reproductive Health Care" is their sugar-coated politically corrent term for the form of mass murder and serial killing known as ABORTION. With all of the other concerns and probelms in this country and around the world, Biden and his administratiion are putting pushing abortion above all else! - Dr. B. Carey]

01 Aug 2022 - Indiana State Senate Passes Abortion Ban, First Since 'Dobbs' Decision

01 Aug 2022 - Big-Spending Abortion Backers Target Kansas Ballot Measure, But Pro-Lifers Hope For Win

27 July 2022 - South Carolina's 6-Week Abortion Ban Can Continue For Now

27 July 2022 - Pence To Young America: Take Pro-Life Cause 'To Every Statehouse In America'

25 July 2022 - Texas Sues HHS, Says Biden Admin. Trying To 'Transform Every Emergency Room In The Country Into Walk-In Abortion Clinic'

25 July 2022 - Republican AGs Threaten To Sue Google If It Censors Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

25 July 2022 - School Board Delays Vote On Opening Planned Parenthood At High School After Parents Protest

22 July 2022 - House Democrats Block Republican Resolution Condemning Violence At Churches, Pregnancy Centers

22 July 2022 - English Grandmother Arrested For Praying Near Abortion Clinic Wins Religious Freedom Challenge

22 July 2022 - Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer strikes funding For Pro-Life Programs

07 July 2022 - Even As Threats Continue To Rise Globally, Biden's Pentagon Gets Its Priorities In Order: Protecting Access To Abortion

07 July 2022 - Mississippi Trigger Law That Bans Most Abortions Can Take Effect Thursday: Judge

06 July 2022 - Timeline Of Events That Led To Supreme Court Overturning Roe v. Wade

06 July 2022 - POLL: Surge In Public Support For Abortion Restrictions Following Roe Reversal

05 July 2022 - Kamala Harris Seemingly Compares Overturning Of Roe v. Wade To Slavery [Is she really that stupid? Or is she just plain dumb and ignorant? - Dr. B. Carey]

01 July 2022 - Democratic Senators Press Biden To Use 'Full Force' Of Federal Government To Protect Dbortion [espite the ruling from SCOTUS, they are still trying to push and force this evil on everyone - Dr. B. Carey]

01 July 2022 - Californians To Vote On Enshrining Abortion Rights In State Constitution After Roe's Reversal [This is PURE EVIL - Dr. B. Carey]

01 July 2022 - Louisiana AG Warns Doctors Against Performing Abortions [GOOD!]

01 July 2022 - Chaos, Rage, Firebombs: Is More Violence Against Pregnancy Centers On The Way?

01 July 2022 - Major Retail Chains Ration Plan B As States Enact Abortion Bans After Overturn Of Roe v. Wade [This pill is nothing but MURDER! They is no beneficial reason for it and it should be completely banned! - Dr. B. Carey]

29 June 2022 - Roe Decision Brings Us CLARITY On The LUCIFERIANS Running The Abortion Child Sacrifice Cult

29 June 2022 - Rev. Graham To Newsmax: 60M Abortions Since Roe 'Genocide Against Unborn' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 June 2022 - Rep. Waters To Protesters: 'The Hell With The Supreme Court, We Will Defy Them' [Another LOSER POLITICIAN violating her oath of office - Dr. B. Carey]

29 June 2022 - Legal Clashes Await Companies Covering Workers' Abortion Costs

29 June 2022 - Instagram, Facebook Pull Posts Offering Abortion Pills, Some In Error

29 June 2022 - Instagram, Facebook Pull Posts Offering Abortion Pills, Some In Error [They just need to completely to stop and do away with these PILLS OF DEATH - Dr. B. Carey]

29 June 2022 - Pro-Abortion Extremists Set Colorado Pregnancy Center On Fire following Roe Reversal [This is the typical reaction by evil when good puts its foot down and says enough is enough - Dr. B. Carey[

29 June 2022 - Violent Portland Pro-Abortion Protesters Destroy, Vandalize Property

29 June 2022 - Rioting Over Abortion Threatened Arizona Senate, Caused 'Criminal Damage': Authorities

29 June 2022 - Proposed Sex Strike Potentially A Secondary Pro-Family Culture War Victory

29 June 2022 - More Legal Cases Still To Come Over The SCOTUS Roe Ruling

29 June 2022 - Conservative Groups Urge House GOP Leaders On Heartbeat Law

27 June 2022 - Gov. Noem: South Dakota Will Prosecute Doctors Performing Abortions [GOOD! They should be and charged with MURDER! - Dr. B. Carey]

27 June 2022 - 'The Post-Roe Generation': Pro-Lifers Set Their Eyes On Heartbeat Bills, Chemical Abortion Bans

27 June 2022 - Rep. Ralph Norman To Newsmax: Biden 'Hypocrite' On 'Saving Lives'

24 June 2022 - US Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade [GOOD! PRAISE GOD!!! It's about time this form of serial killing and mass murder was stopped! - Dr. B. Carey]

24 June 2022 - Supreme Court Overturns Roe vs. Wade, Other Pro-Abortion Precedents

24 June 2022 - Undercover Footage Allegedly Exposes Gruesome Details Of D.C. Abortion Clinic Practices [Has an embedded video on the web page]

23 June 2022 - Vandals Target Pregnancy Center In Dearborn Heights: Employees Believe The Vandalism Wasn't Random

23 June 2022 - Louisiana Gov. Edwards Signs Bill Making Mailing Of Abortion Pills A Crime [Good! No one really need these pills of murder anyways. They should be completely banned! - Dr. B. Carey]

23 June 2022 - Democrats Push Google To Limit, Label Search Results For Pro-Life Centers Ahead Of Abortion Decision

23 June 2022 - VP Kamala Harris: 'Nothing' About Abortion Requires Abandoning, Changing 'Faith' [Has an embedded video on the web page] [What a LIAR and a FRAUD she is. It goes against everyting Christianty represents and stands for. No matter what she says or does, it will never justify this form of mass murder and serial killing - Dr. B. Carey]

23 June 2022 - Planned Parenthood Wisconsin Has Stopped Scheduling Abortions... For Now

20 June 2022 - Crisis Pregnancy Centers Attacked, This needs To stop [YouTube video]

20 June 2022 - Graphic Pro-choice Protest Held at Justice Coney Barrett's Home

20 June 2022 - Radical Group 'Jane's Revenge' Vows To Escalate Acts Of Terror Against Pro-Life Groups

15 June 2022 - Report: 23 Pro-Life Organizations Vandalized, Firebombed By Pro-Abortion Activists In Recent Weeks

15 June 2022 - Catholic Bishops Urge Gov't Leaders To Speak Out Against Attacks On Churches, Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

14 June 2022 - Nearly Naked Activist Shouting Pro-Abortion Chants Sisrupts Catholic Mass In Michigan

14 June 2022 - Abortion Activists Protest At Supreme Court Justices' Homes After Man Arrested For Assassination Plot

13 June 2022 - Ruth Sent Us Is Now Planning To Protest And Harass Amy Barrett's Children [YouTube video] [This clearly shows how evil and ungodly those who support the form of serial killing and mass murder known as abortion really are - Dr. B. Carey]

13 June 2022 - 'Ruth Sent Us' Group Hinted At Targeting Supreme Court Justice Barrett's Children, Church: Group Gave Details On Barrett's Routine, Her Children's School And Family's Spiritual Life [Has an embedded video on the web page]

13 June 2022 - Pro-Abortion Group 'Ruth Sent Us' Suggests Targeting Amy Coney Barrett's Children [This tells you how crazy and ungodly these people really are - Dr. B. Carey]

09 June 2022 - Colorado Catholic Bishops Ask Lawmakers Who Back Abortion Rights To Forgo Communion

09 June 2022 - Kamala Harris Holds Abortion Roundtable With Religious Leaders [Knowing where this unamerican, anti-Christan witch stands on abortion, all she will be doing is telling them why they need to compromise on Biblical teachings and beliefs and go along with what she tells them - Dr. B. Carey]

09 June 2022 - Pelosi: We Must Protect Children From Gun Violence [But she wants to sacrifice them to the form of serial killing and mass murder known as abortion - Dr. B. Carey]

09 June 2022 - Armed Man Arrested Outside Kavanaugh's House Wanted To Kill Him Over Draft Roe v. Wade Reversal

09 June 2022 - Radical Pro-Abortion Group's Website Down After Gunman Arrested Outside Justice Kavanaugh's Home

07 June 2022 - Louisiana Legislature Passes Bill To Ban The Shipment Of Abortion Drugs [GOOD! No one needs those drugs of death anyways! - Dr. B. Carey]

07 June 2022 - SEE IT: DC Anti-Abortion Pregnancy Center Vandalized, 'Jane Says Revenge'

02 June 2022 - Pro-Life Group To Counter Abortion Activists' 'Summer Of Rage' With 'Summer Of Service'

02 June 2022 - Catholic Accountability Project: Nancy Pelosi Dossier [Has embedded videos on the web page]

02 June 2022 - EXCLUSIVE: 48 Senate Republicans Tell Schumer They Will Block Any Bill Undermining Hyde Amendment

31 May 2022 - Maybe Nancy Pelosi Should Do As The Babylon Bee Suggests: Take Communion At The Church Of Satan [YouTube video]

27 May 2022 - Ending Life In The Womb Unconstitutional

27 May 2022 - Democrats Weaponize School Shooting To Attack Pro-Lifers, Republicans On Abortion

26 May 2022 - Nancy Pelosi Receives Communion, Speaks Out Against Archbishop Who Banned Her From Eucharist [Just excomminicate the evil witch already - Dr. B. Carey]

26 May 2022 - AOC Criticized By Non-Christians After Blaming 'Fundamentalist Christians' For Abortion Opposition

25 May 2022 - Nancy Pelosi Doubles Down On Abortion Support In Response To Communion Ban [Has an embedded video on the web page] [She is PURE EVIl - Dr. B. Carey]

25 May 2022 - State Farm In Retreat After Getting Caught Pushing LGBTQ Agenda On 5-Year-Olds

25 May 2022- Indiana Lawmakers Override Governor's Veto To Enact Law Banning Males From Girls Sports

24 May 2022 - SPIRITUALLY DE-PLATFORMED: San Francisco Archbishop Bans Speaker Pelosi From Receiving Holy Communion For Supporting ABORTION [Has an embedded video on the web page]

23 May 2022 - Pelosi Barred From Communion For Extreme Abortion Advocacy [After numerous attempts to speak with Speaker Pelosi to help her understand the grave evil she is perpetrating, the scandal she is causing, an the danger to her own soul she is risking, I have determined that she is not to be admitted to Holy Communion - Catholic Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone] [It's finally about time. Just a few years ago she was trying to tell several of their Bishops what they do and do not teach and they reprimanded her for it and threatened to ban her from communion. Now they need to stand up and do the same thng with Biden and the others! I am not pro-Catholic Church and openly stand against most of their practices and teachings, but I have to applaud them for finally standing up to this evil witch and putting her in her place! - Dr. B. Carey]

23 May 2022 - Nancy Pelosi's Archbishop Denies Her Communion Over Abortion Support

23 May 2022 - Here Is A List Of Catholic Bishops Speaking Out In Support Of Archbishop Cordileone [Good for them for taking this stand against evil! - Dr. B. Carey]

23 May 2022 - Precedent: The OTHER Catholic Politicians Who Were Denied Communion

23 May 2022 - The Pelosi Record: 10 Times Nancy Pelosi Repudiated Her Catholic Faith

20 May 2022 - DHS Warns Of Threats To Burn Down Supreme Court, Kill Justices As Abortion Decision Looms

20 May 2022 - Latino Voters Rejecting 'Anti-Christian, 'Anti-Religious Liberty' Democratic Party Policies: Pastor

18 May 2021 - Backlash Builds After Dems Vote To Legalize Abortion Up To Birth

17 May 2022 - Tolerancemongers In Apoplexy Over Jan 6 Nod With Approval Towards Marauding Molochites

17 May 2022 - Disciples Of Moloch Eager To Loot Domiciles Of Jurists Failing To Embrace Diversity & Inclusion

17 Mar 2022 - Women's March Promises 'Summer Of Rage' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 May 2022 -- GOP Congressman Calls On Attorney General To Prosecute Abortion Rights Activists Demonstrating At Homes Of SCOTUS Justices [Good they should be prosecuted - Dr. B. Carey]

11 May 2022 - Pro-Abortion Mob Targets Pro-Life Students In Arizona As Police Stand By

11 May 2022 - Politico: Alito's Draft Opinion On Overturning Roe v. Wade Remains Only One

10 May 2022 - Franklin Graham condemns Biden's Insinuation That Abortion Rights Come From Being 'A Child Of God'

10 May 2022 - Majority To Overturn Roe Remains Months After Leaked Draft Opinion Written

10 May 2022 - Protesters March To Homes Of Brett Kavanaugh, John Roberts

10 May 2022 - Wisconsin Pro-Life Group's HQ Set Ablaze In Apparent Arson Attack, Police Say

10 May 2022 - Mike Pence Urges Biden To Speak Out Against Disruption At Churches, Potential Violence Against Justices

10 May 2022 - Left-Wing Abortion Terrorists Vow To Target Conservative Supreme Court Justices Who Signed On To Draft Tepeal Of Roe v. Wade

05 May 2022 - SB116 Betsy's Law Has Been Signed By Governor Brian Kemp!

05 May 2022 - Amazon To Pay Up To $4K To Reimburse Employees' Travel For Abortions: Pro-Life Leader Says New Policy 'Degrades Motherhood'

04 May 2022 - SCOTUS Poised To Overturn Roe vs. Wade - Baby Murderers To ERUPT With Demonic ANGER And VIOLENCE As Their "Right" To Violently Murder Their Own Children About To Be Stripped Away [Knowing how the government is, I suspect that this "leak" was done intentionally. Either to see the public's reaction to all of it, or to distract everyone from something else that the government is pulling or is about to pull - Dr. B. Carey]

02 May 2022 - Planned Parenthood, Other Abortion Rights Groups To Spend $150 M On Midterms

20 Apr 2022 - Oklahoma Passes Texas-Style Abortion Ban

29 Apr 2022 - Students For Life Of America Kicked Off TikTok For 'Posting Life-Affirming Content'

27 Apr 2022 - University Pays $365K Settlement To Family Of Woman Who Died During Risky 4-Day Abortion

25 Apr 2022 - California Democrats Are Pushing A Bill Opening The Door To 'Decriminalizing Infanticide,' Pro-Lifers Warn

25 Apr 2022 - Judge Halts Abortion Law That Would Have Shut Down Last Two Clinics In Kentucky

25 Apr 2022 - Steve Harvey tells 'Family Feud' Audience God Has Given Every Living Soul A 'Gift'

20 Apr 2022 - Massachusetts City Bans Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Centers

15 Apr 2022 - Kentucky Lawmakers Override Governor's Veto of Abortion Restriction [That is not good! - Dr. B.Carey]

13 Apr 2022 - Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill To Make Abortion Illegal [Fantastic news!!! - Dr. B. Carey]

11 Apr 2022 - Idaho Supreme Court Temporarily Halts Abortion Ban

07 Apr 2022 - GOP Lawmakers Demand D.C., DOJ Investigate Bodies Of Aborted Babies Uncovered By Pro-Life Activists

05 Apr 2022 - Judge Jackson should Not Be On The SCOTUS [YouTube video]

31 Mar 2022 - Arizona Enacts 15-Week Abortion Ban - Same As Mississippi Law Supreme Court Now Weighing

25 Mar 2022 - Arizona Legislature Passes Abortion Ban Similar To One Being Considered By Supreme Court

25 Mar 2022 - Data Show A Durable Decline In Abortions Performed In Texas

24 Mar 2022 - Idaho Gov. Brad Little Signs Texas-Style Abortion Ban

24 Mar 2022 - Pro-Abortion Pelosi Describes Herself As 'Devout,' 'Practicing' Catholic, Jokes Pro-Lifers Would 'Like To Throw Me Out' [This OLD HAG claims to be such a good and faithful Catholic, yet she goes against Catholic Church teaching - Dr. B. Carey]

22 Mar 2022 - Democrats Propose Bill Allowing Babies To Be Killed Up To 28 Days After Birth [This is murder and whoever proposed this law should be identified and impeached for wanting to make into law the ability to commit murder legally. This is one of the most despicable things I've ever written. It brings to light the scripture: "Satan is the god of this world. Anyone involved should receive within themselves the recompense for their error." (2 Corinthians 4:4, NWT) - Dr. B. Martini]

17 Mar 2022 - Catholic Mexican diocese To Deny Communion To Catholic Politicians Who Voted To Legalize Abortion

17 Mar 2022 - Idaho Passes Abortion Bill With Texas-Style Enforcement Mechanism

14 Mar 2022 - Catholic Vote Accuses Biden Of 'Touting His Faith While Promoting Pro-Death Policies' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 Mar 2022 - Virginia City Abandons Plan For 'Abortion Provider Appreciation Day' Following Pushback [Having it was a STUPID and EVIL idea! - Dr. B. Carey]

01 Mar 2022 - Radical Abortion Bill Fails, But Marks Dems Ahead Of Midterms

25 Feb 2022 - Catholic Bishops Confront Democrats Over Radical Abortion Bill

18 Feb 2022 - Arizona Senate Passes Bill To Ban Abortions After 15 Weeks

16 Feb 2022 - Pro-Life Group Relaunches Database For Women Facing Unplanned Pregnancies: 'You're Not Alone'

08 Feb 2022 - '1 Percent Chance' Baby Whose Mom Refused Abortion At 20 Weeks Thrives: 'Raise Awareness'

04 Feb 2022 - Boy Whose Mom Was Told He Wouldn't Live Past 2 Turns 17, Dreams Of Becoming Police Officer

24 Jan 2022 - Gov. Kristi Noem Introduces Two Pro-Life Bills On March For Life Day

24 Jan 2022 - March For Life Speaker Recalls Hemorrhaging In School After Abortion, Feeling Deceived By Clinic