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22 Nov 2017 - Life Legal At The Ninth Circuit On Behalf Of David Daleiden

08 Nov 2017 - A Call To Defend Personhood

03 Nov 2017 - Planned Parenthood Hired Fusion GPS To Create Fake Report

31 Oct 2017 - In A Victory For Life, Judge Rules CA Law Violates State Constitution

10 Oct 2017 - Thank You, Mr. President! Trump Administration Adds Rules To Protect The Conscience Of Americans

06 Oct 2017 - ACLU Sues To Force Every Pharmacy In America To Sell The Abortion Drug To Kill Babies [Show how EVIL and UNGODLY the ACLU really is – Dr. B. Carey]

29 Sep 2017 - Every Church And Every Christian Called To Stand Against The Continuing Murder Of Innocent Children This Sunday -- Abortion Must End

29 Sep 2017 - Pro-Life Leader Calls For McConnell's Resignation Over Senate Inability To Defund Planned Parenthood

26 Sep 2017 - China's One (Now Two) Child Policy Turns 37; Chinese Woman Dies After Husband Pressures Her to Abort Four Girls

22 Sep 2017 - National Right To Life Supports Graham-Cassidy Legislation

22 Sep 2017 - Pro-Abortion Kaine Chooses To Be Blind To The Truly “Least Of These,” The Unborn Child

08 Sep 2017 - Evangelist Alveda King: Remembering The Pain Of Abortion And The Loss Of Our Children In The Wake Of 9/11 Memorial

07 Sep 2017 - Lies Exposed: Toledo Abortion Business Misrepresents True Emergency Policy In Court Documents

24 Aug 2017 - Think The Bible Says Nothing About Abortion? Here’s A Passage That Clearly Condemns It

24 Aug 2017 - Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Has Closed 338 Clinics In Twenty Years. Here’s Its Desperate Next Move

17 Aug 2017 - Iceland Uses Eugenics To “Eliminate” Down Syndrome, Media Cheers [Fancy words they use to try to sugarcoat their use of the form of MASS MURDER and SERIAL KILLING known as ABORTION! – Dr. B. Carey]

11 Aug 2017 - Court Says Police Can Use Noise Ordinance To Silence Pro-Life People Outside Abortion Clinics

11 Aug 2017 - Medical Waste Firm That Processed Aborted Babies Cancels Contracts With Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics

11 Aug 2013 - Franklin Graham Slams Planned Parenthood: “Abortion Is Murdering An Unborn Child. What Kind Of Parenting Is That?”

11 Aug 2017 - Mom With Brain Cancer Refuses Abortion And Treatment To Save Her Unborn Baby Girl’s Life

05 July 2017 - Google Censors Popular Abortion Information From Operation Rescue's Website

29 June 2017 - Twitter Censors Pro-Life Group’s Ads, Must Oppose Defunding Planned Parenthood To Advertise

29 June 2017 - Planned Parenthood Doc Caught Saying She’d “Break The Baby’s Neck” If Baby Born Alive After Abortion [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 June 2017 - Nancy Pelosi: Republicans Are “Dishonoring God” By Attempting To Defund Planned Parenthood [Not only is she a NUT CASE, she is an outright LIAR and BLASPHEMER! Standing up against this form of MASS MURDER and SERIAL KILLING is NOT dishonoring God. If anything it IS honoring Him and the sanctity of life! – Dr. B. Carey]

23 June 2017 - Court Dismisses Bogus Charges Against David Daleiden For Exposing Planned Parenthood [GOOD! For he has done nothing wrong in exposing their continual evil! – Dr. B. Carey]

23 June 2017 - A Hospital is Holding This Boy Hostage, Won’t Let His Parents Seek Treatment Elsewhere

23 June 2017 - Trump Admin Tells United Nations: Abortion Is Not ‘Family Planning’

15 June 2017 - Aborted Human DNA And Fetal Calf Blood Are Ingredients In Children’s Vaccines

12 June 2017 - Court Rules Hospital Can Override Parents And Yank Their Disabled Son’s Life Support [This is PURE INSANITY! The parents should have the final say NOT the hospital – Dr. B. Carey]

06 June 2017 - Pro-Life Leader Beaten And Arrested

31 May 2017 - Planned Parenthood Annual Report: Abortion Biz Killed 328,348 Babies In Abortions In 2015

16 May 2017 - Holocaust Survivor Arrested At Kentucky's Last Remaining Abortion Mill

16 May 2017 - Hollywood Icon James Woods Destroys Planned Parenthood CEO With One Tweet

05 May 2017 - Facebook Bolstering Censorship Team Under “Hate Speech” Ruse

05 May 2017 - House Passes Bill To Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz [It’s about time they finally did something to stop our tax dollars from funding this house of serial killing and mass murder!!! – Dr. B. Carey]

01 May 2017 - Pro-Life Leaders Deeply Troubled By Republicans In Congress And Trump Administration Funding Planned Parenthood In New Budget Agreement

28 Apr 2017 - Students Deliver 200K Baby Socks To Congress To Show How Many Babies Planned Parenthood Has Killed

28 Apr 2017 - Once Again, Planned Parenthood Leadership Boasts Of Violating Federal Law

26 Apr 2017 - Religious Liberty Attacked In California

25 Apr 2017 - Democrat Party Chair: No Place For Pro-Life Democrats, Get In Line With Abortion Or Get Out

19 Apr 2017 - Chelsea Clinton Celebrated For Surviving Hillary's Womb [Now she NEEDS to find God and say “thank you” for her surviving and being born, especially since her mother is the Abortion Queen of Planned Parenthood – Dr. B. Carey]

14 Apr 2017 - Pro-Abortion Nancy Pelosi: “What You Have Done For The Least Of My Brethren You Did For Me” [Has an embedded video on the web page] [There is a special place in hell for people like her that twist God’s Holy Word to fit their own blasphemous practices and evil]

14 Apr 2017 - Charges Against Pro-Life Investigative Journalist David Daleiden Are Totally Bogus. Here’s Why

14 Apr 2017 - Abortion Giant Planned Parenthood To Honor Hillary With ‘Champion Of The Century’ Award[And for pushing the form of serial killing and mass murder known as abortion] [Has embedded videos on the web page] [“And they built the high places of Baal, which are in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire unto Molech; which I commanded them not, neither came it into my mind, that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.” Jeremiah 32:25 (KJV)]

14 Apr 2017 - Judge Says Hospital Can Remove Baby’s Life Support Without His Parents’ Consent

14 Apr 2017 - Court Rules Nurse Fired For Refusing To Assist Abortions Must Do Abortions To Keep Her Job

14 Apr 2014 - Abortion Activist Caught On Camera Destroying Pro-Life Display Not Once But Twice

14 Apr 2017 - President Donald Trump Signs Bill To Overturn Obama Rule Forcing States To Fund Planned Parenthood

14 Apr 2017 - Planned Parenthood Slams President Trump for Overturning Obama Rule Forcing States To Fund It

14 Apr 2017 - Two Lies The Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Wants You To Believe

06 Apr 2017 - Catholic Cardinal Sarah: Fight Against Abortion Is ‘Part Of The Final Battle…Between God And Satan’

04 Apr 2017 - OVERTURNED: VP Mike Pence Brings Congress One Giant Step Closer To Defunding Planned Parenthood [Has embedded videos on the web page]

04 Apr 2017 - Aborted Human DNA & Fetal Calf Blood Are Ingredients In Children’s Vaccines

04 Apr 2017 - Professor At Kentucky Mountain Bible College Responds To The Continued Baby-Murdering Tyranny By The Federal Judiciary

30 Mar 2017 - Senate Votes Thursday On Bill To Overturn Obama Rule Forcing States To Fund Planned Parenthood

24 Mar 2017 - Truth & Grace: Murder She Cried

17 Mar 2017 - ACLU Says Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Off Baby’s Limbs are “Humane” [The ACLU is fill of a bunch of IDIOTS! The tearing apart of a human being is not “humane” it is totally disgusting! – Dr. B. Carey]

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