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17 Mar 2019 - Actress Correctly Labels Abortion As ‘A Nightmare,’ Offers Bizarrely Illogical Solution

17 May 2019 - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Lies About Alabama Abortion Law To Gin Up Hatred

16 May 2019 - Alabama Senate Passes Ban On Abortion, With Few Exceptions

14 May 2019 - How One Of America's Largest Black Denominations Is Campaigning Against Abortion

13 May 2019 - Alyssa Milano Mocked For ‘Sex Strike’ Over Pro-Life Bill [What is there to say? She is a nut! – Dr. B. Carey]

10 May 2019 - Philadelphia Planned Parenthood Has Failed Majority Of State Inspections

10 May 2019 - Truth Of Abortion ‘Ugly And Barbaric,’ Gosnell Producers Tell March For Life

10 May 2019 - Paramedics Rush To Revive Unresponsive Newborn Found Abandoned On Top Of Garbage Can [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 May 2019 - NFL Star Gives Ocasio-Cortez A ‘Simple Biology’ Lesson After She Complains About Abortion Law

09 May 2019 - City Votes To Make Itself A “Sanctuary City” For Unborn Babies

09 May 2019 - Brian Sims May Face Criminal Investigation For Harassing, Doxxing Pro-Life Women

09 May 2019 - Democrats Vote To Fund Infanticide, Support Clinics That Refuse Care For Babies Born Alive

08 May 2019 - Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Signs ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Bill Over Celebrity Protests [Good for him for standing up against man and doing what God has commanded us. May God Bless and watch over and protect him for going God's Work and Will – Dr. B. Carey]

08 May 2019 - Georgia Bans Abortion After Heartbeat Is Detected, Recognizes Fetus As Natural Person

07 May 2019 - Trump Admin. Issues Rule Protecting Conscience Rights Of Medical Workers, Adoption Providers [That is FANTASTIC news!!! – Dr. B. Carey]

07 May 2019 - Ala. Dem Rep On Abortion: You Kill Unwanted Kids Now Or You Kill Them Later [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 May 2019 - Democrat Lawmaker Offers $100 To Doxx Pro-Life Minor Teenagers [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 May 2019 - NC Senate Delivers Stunning Abortion Defeat, Overrides Gov’s Veto Of Bill To Protect Newborns From Infanticide [Good for them! – Dr. B. Carey] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 May 2019 - Tim Tebow’s Mom Shares Incredible Moment She Refused Doctor’s Order To Abort Her Son [Has an embedded video on the web page]

01 May 2019 - Priestess Of Moloch Rages That Any Would Defy Oblations To Her Ravenous Master

01 May 2019 - Disgusting: Kansas Supreme Court Makes Shock Pro-Abortion Decision

01 May 2019 - Will The Sons Of Gomorrah Be Conditioned As Sodomites?

01 May 2019 - Louisiana Senate Committee Passes Bill Banning Abortions When Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins

01 May 2019 - Democrat Leader Defends Infanticide: It’s “Selfish” To Let A Disabled Baby Live “Just For The Sake Of Living”

01 May 2019 - Alabama House Passes Bill Banning Abortion, Would Make Killing Unborn Babies A Felony

01 May 2019 - North Carolina Senate Votes To Override Governor’s Veto Of Bill To Stop Infanticide

01 May 2019 - Joe Biden Wants To “Make America Moral Again,” But He Supports Abortions Up To Birth

01 May 2019 - Nancy Pelosi And Democrats Block Bill To Stop Infanticide For 34th Time, Refuse Care For Babies Born Alive

01 May 2019 - Twitter Bans Quotes From Mother Teresa To Silence Pro-Life Voices And Promote The Continued Mass Murder Of Human Babies

18 Apr 2019 - Jentezen Franklin, Abby Johnson Urge Thousands At Free Chapel Church To Not Stay Silent On Abortion

16 Apr 2019 - Planned Parenthood Killed 332,000 Babies In Abortions Last Year, But Gets 1/3 Of Its Revenue From Tax Dollars

16 Apr 2019 - Trump Sends Millions Of Planned Parenthood Tax Funding To Pro-Life Women’s Clinic [GOOD for Donald Trump! – Dr. B. Carey]

16 Apr 2019 - Abortionist Travels To Texas, Kills 50 Babies In 60 Hours

16 Apr 2019 - Thousands Of People Join Candlelight Prayer Vigils At 166 Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics

16 Apr 2019 - Dozens Of Pastors Slam Andrew Cuomo Legalizing Abortions Up To Birth: “He Cares More About Plastic Bags Than Babies”

15 Apr 2019 - Google Labels Pro-Life Film ‘Unplanned’ As ‘Propaganda,’ Quickly Backs Down After Backlash

12 Apr 2019 - Ohio Governor Signs Heartbeat Abortion Ban Into Law

12 Apr 2019 - Giant Billboard Launched In Times Square To Oppose New York’s ‘Abortion Extremism’ [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Apr 2019 - ‘Unplanned’ Director Reveals Large Number Of Abortion Workers Wanting To Leave Field After Seeing Film

08 Apr 2019 - Superman Actor Dean Cain Puts Alyssa Milano And Co. On Blast For Opposition To ‘Heartbeat Bill’: ‘Huge Mistake’ [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 Apr 2019 - Priestess Of Moloch Misquotes Scripture To Advance Heathen Rites

05 Apr 2019 - Perversion: Here’s How Alyssa Milano Used The Bible In Pro-Abortion Argument [Has an embedded video on the web page] [It is interesting how these people use very selective parts of the Bible only when it suits what they want and attack the rest of it and simply ignore the teachings of it as a whole. Usually what they use is taken so far out of context and has nothing to do with anything they are babbling on about. This unsaved ungodly heathen thinks her will is more important than anything else, including all of the Word and Will of God. All she will do is find herself burning in hell throughout eternity with the rest of those sinners who disrespect God and the Bible and twist His words in an attempt to try to justify their own evil. – Dr. B. Carey]

05 Apr 2019 - ‘Unplanned’ Makes Twice The Expected Box Office Sales Despite Social Media Censorship

05 Apr 2019 - Four US States Advance Abortion Bans, Conscience Protections, And More Pro-Life Measures

05 Apr 2019 - Georgia Gov Will Sign Abortion Ban Despite Alyssa Milano Protest: “Not Worried What Hollywood Thinks of Me” [GOOD for him! Her ungodly and inhumane opinions do not count for much anyway! – Dr. B. Carey]

05 Apr 2019 - Romania Cities Marching For Life Rises From 23 To 600 In Six Years

05 Apr 2019 - Alabama-Bill-Would-Ban-Abortions-Make-Killing-Unborn-Babies-A-Felony

05 Apr 2019 - Thousands Of Pro-Life People Stand Against Abortion At Virginia March For Life

02 Apr 2019 - Twitter’s Brief Suspension Of Pro-Life Movie ‘Unplanned’ Seriously Backfires

27 Mar 2019 - Cornell Univ. Disinvites Black Christian Pro-Life Speaker Because She Believes In Biblical Marriage

25 Mar 2019 - Alyssa Milano Calls For Boycott Of Entire State After Lawmakers Try To Protect Unborn Babies [This washed-up, has-been actress should be boycotted! – Dr. B. Carey]

18 Mar 2019 - Senator Who Just Voted To Allow Human Babies To Be Killed At Birth Now Wants To Protect… Kittens?

18 Mar 2019 - Young Pro-Life Activist Dismantles Major Abortion Argument In Matter Of Minutes [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Mar 2019 - 8 Democrats Join Republicans To Secure A ‘Stunning Victory For Pro-Lifers’

15 Mar 2019 - Republican Leaders Reveal Plan To Bypass Nancy Pelosi On Anti-Infanticide Bill

15 Mar 2019 - Planned Parenthood Has ‘No Right To Perform Abortions,' Ohio Can Defund: 6th Circuit [GOOD! – Dr. B. Carey]

11 Mar 2019 - Acolytes Of Moloch Insist Continued Sacrifices Key To Ongoing Blessing

11 Mar 2019 - Same Leftists Who Say Vaccines Promote The “Greater Good” Now Insist That ABORTION Is A “Moral Good” For Society

05 Mar 2019 - Former Planned Parenthood Worker Reveals Disturbing Baby ‘Plague’ Hit Clinic Employees [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Mar 2019 - Warren Visibly Flustered After Audience Member Corners Her On Infanticide Position [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Mar 2019 - #Metoo Pioneer Rose McGowan Claims She Had Abortion To Have More Time To ‘Change The World’ [Has an embedded video on the web page] [Obviously shows how really evil she is! – Dr. B. Carey]

05 Mar 2019 - Death Cult Democrats Say Killing Newborn Babies The Day They’re Born Is Good For The Economy, So What’s Next, Exterminating Senior Citizens?

01 Mar 2019 - NYT Tries To Fact Check Trump’s Tweet On Abortion, Immediately Ends Up Backfiring On Twitter

28 Feb 2019 - Acolytes Of Moloch Rally To Worship Their Depraved Deity

27 Feb 2019 - 'Shocking,' 'Inhumane,' 'Extreme': Senate Democrats Block Bill To Protect Babies Born Alive

25 Feb 2019 - Even Chelsea Wishes America Had Been Spared Clinton Horror

26 Feb 2019 - Vermont Passes Bill To Allow Abortion At Any Time For ANY Reason, Devalues Fetus By Law

22 Feb 2019 - Arkansas Passes Law Banning All Abortion Except To Save Mother’s Life If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned

21 Feb 2019 - Disturbing Video Surfaces Shows Ny Abortion Clinic Assuring Woman Baby Will Be Killed If Born Alive [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 Feb 2019 - Chelsea Clinton Complains Her Grandmother Did Not Have Access To Planned Parenthood

21 Feb 2019 - Chelsea Clinton: “I Refuse To Refer To [Pro-Life People] As Anything Other Than Anti-Choice”

19 Feb 2019 - State of California Forced To Pay Up To Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

19 Feb 2019 - Christian Group To Combat NY Abortion Law With Live Ultrasounds Played In Times Square

15 Feb 2019 - Derwin Gray’s Transformation Church Donates $50K To Pro-Life Pregnancy Center

15 Feb 2019 - Planned Parenthood President Admits Their Core Mission Is “Abortion,” Not Health Care

14 Feb 2019 - Infantucude Enthusiast Morally Bothered Over Consumption Of Chicken Ova

12 Feb 2019 - WARNING: Extremely GRAPHIC – Video Shows PROOF That Late-Term Abortion Is Outright Child Murder [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Feb 2019 - Haley Responds To Pelosi’s Climate Committee: Does Protecting God’s Creation Include Babies? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Feb 2019 - The Real Democrat Agenda Unveiled: Murder The Babies, Demolish All Buildings, Block The Sun, Kill Free Speech, Ban All Airplanes And Declare A New UTOPIA

11 Feb 2019 - Death Cult Democrats Say Killing Newborn Babies The Day They’re Born Is “Good For The Economy” … So What’s Next, Exterminating All Kids With Autism And Senior Citizens?

11 Feb 2019 - Boycott These 60 Companies That Donate Money To Fund The Systematic Murder Of Unborn Human Babies

09 Feb 2019 - Priestess Of Moloch Condemns Those Critical Of Sacramental Infanticide

07 Feb 2019 - If Babies Were Born With Guns, They Could SHOOT Post-Birth Abortionists In Self-Defense [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Jan 2019 - Woman Who Gave Birth To Baby She Knew Would Die Has A Message For NY Abortionists

06 Feb 2019 - Senate Democrats Block Bill To Protect Babies Who Survive Abortion

06 Feb 2019 - President Trump Rebukes Late-Term Abortion In SOTU, Draws Praise From Pro-Life Groups

06 Feb 2019 - Those Who Practice Natural Medicine And The Healing Arts Must Denounce The Pro-Infanticide Democrat Party… No Longer Compatible With Healing Or Compassion

06 Feb 2019 - Demoncrats’ Willingness To Murder Children Born Alive (Infanticide) Exposes Total Fraud Of Vaccine Mandates They Claim “Protect Children”

05 Feb 2019 - Governor Northam Who Endorsed Infanticide Received $2 Million From Planned Parenthood

04 Feb 2019 - Vermont Abortion Bill Goes Even Further Than New York, Virginia [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Feb 2019 - 3 Myths About Late-Term Abortion

01 Feb 2019 - Idaho Lawmakers Push Bill That Would Treat Abortion As What It Really Is — Murder

01 Feb 2019 - Ex-Abortionist Shares The Horrifying Story That Led Him To Quit After His 23rd Abortion [Has an embedded video on the web page]

01 Feb 2019 - Priests Of Moloch Sign Declaration Of War Against The Unborn

01 Feb 2019 - Virginia Governor Oks Women’s ‘Right’ To Kill Babies DURING And Even AFTER Birth [Has an embedded video on the web page]

01 Feb 2019 - Health Ranger Declares Natural News A “Pro-Life” Publisher, Dedicated To Protecting Life, Health And Truth For All Divine Beings [PRAISE GOD! – Dr. B. Carey]

01 Feb 2019 - The SILENCE Is Deafening: Not A Single Democrat Speaks Out Against Infanticide

01 Feb 2019 - Trump Predicted It In 2016 Debates: Democrats Would Push The Mass Murder Of Human Babies… The Media MOCKED Him [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 Jan 2019 - Charlie Daniels Excoriates Cuomo Over Disturbing NY Abortion Law: ‘Satan Is Smiling’

29 Jan 2019 - Boycott These 60 Companies That Donate Money To Fund The Systematic Murder Of Unborn Human Babies

29 Jan 2019 - Here Are The Names Of The Human Child MURDERERS In The NY Senate Who Passed The Bill Legalizing Infanticide

28 Jan 2019 - Satan’s Handmaidens Gave A Standing Ovation

28 Jan 2019 - OB-GYN Who Delivered Nearly 4,000 Babies Torches NY Abortion Law: ‘They Deserve Our Protection’ [Has an embedded video on the web page]

23 Jan 2019 - MSNBC Calls Pro-Life Teens Racist, Compares Them To Nazis And KKK [Has an embedded video on the web page]

23 Jan 2019 - Pro-Life Teens Face Death Threats After Media, Liberals Falsely Smear Them as Racists

23 Jan 2019 - Here’s The Response From Nick Sandmann Of Covington Catholic High School “Correcting The Outright Lies”

23 Jan 2019 - Planned Parenthood Celebrates 61 Million Abortions Under Roe, Wants Abortion Legal Up To Birth

23 Jan 2019 - Apostasy: Church Kicks Out Pro-Lifers - Welcomes Planned Parenthood [Has an embedded video on the web page]

23 Jan 2019 - New York Senate Passes Bill Legalizing Abortions Up To Birth

22 Jan 2019 - Martin Luther King Jr.’s Niece Says Planned Parenthood Is ‘Inhuman,’ ‘Inhumane’

17 Jan 2019 - RED-HANDED! Google’s Anti-Conservative Bias Revealed With SMOKING GUN

17 Jan 2019 - Arrest Google CEO Sundar Pichai For Lying Under Oath To Congress: Yes, Google Manually Alters Search Results

17 Jan 2019 - Pro-Abortion Speech Is HATE Speech Against Babies, Yet It’s Never Banned By The Same Tech Giants That Claim Criticism Of Abortion Is “Hate”

10 Jan 2019 - Seven Republicans Who Just Sided With Democrats And Voted For Abortion Funding

10 Jan 2019 - Disturbing Pro-Abortion Billboards Have Started Appearing [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Jan 2019 - Infantcide Partisan Suddenly Feigns Concern "For All Of God's Children"

04 Jan 2019 - Pro-Abortion Pelosi Has Gall To Say We Have ‘Moral Responsibility’ To Protect ‘All Children Of God’ [Remember a few years ago she also tried to dictate to the Pope as to what the Catholic Church believes and practices – Dr. B. Carey]

04 Jan 2019 - Pro-Choice Activist Tells Kids: Abortion Is 'Part Of God’s Plan,' ‘Like Dentist Appointment’ [PURE EVIL! What they are telling these kids are outright lies! – Dr. B. Carey] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Jan 2019 - Almost 42 Million Abortions Performed In 2018; More Deaths Than From Cancer, AIDS, Traffic Accidents [This form of SERIAL KILLING and MASS MURDER must be stopped! - Dr. B. Carey]