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31 Dec 2008 - Pharmacists Sue IL Governor Over Right Of Conscience

31 Dec 2008 - Washington March For Life 2009 Conference And Activities Schedule

31 Dec 2008 - Poll: Plurality Of Americans Want All Or Most Abortions Illegal, Want Pro-Life Laws

31 Dec 2008 - Women Increasingly Leading Nationwide Pro-Life Battle Against Abortions

30 Dec 2008 - A Christmas View Of Abortion: The Bible's Clear, Indirect Pro-Life Message

30 Dec 2008 - 'Choose Life' Car Tag Campaign Goes To Texas

22 Dec 2008 - Regulations Protect Doctors' Freedom Of Conscience [GOOD!!!]

22 Dec 2008 - Bush Administration Finalizes Rule Protecting Medical Professionals On Abortion

22 Dec 2008 - Texas Governor Rick Perry Holds Press Conference To Promote Choose Life License Plates

19 Dec 2008 - Obama Planning Billion-Dollar 'Bailout' For Abortion Industry [OUR tax dollars should NOT be used to bailout an organization whose primary purpose is the serial killing murder of unborn children!]

19 Dec 2008 - Outgoing Bush Administration Enacts Conscience Protection For Pro-Life Health Care Workers - Can Refuse To Participate In Abortion: Rule Goes Into Effect On Inauguration Day [FANTASTIC!!!]

19 Dec 2008 - Illinois Pharmacists Can Challenge Discriminatory Rule [GOOD!!!]

17 Dec 2008 - Choose Life License Plate Director Says Pro-Life Plates Had Incredible Year

17 Dec 2008 - It Is "Illegal" To Stop Food And Hydration Of Vulnerable Patients: Top Italian Minister

17 Dec 2008 - New Jersey Pro-Life Sign Across From Church Victim Of Pro-Abortion Vandalism

16 Dec 2008 - Doctors Take Pledge Against Assisted Suicide [GOOD!!!]

12 Dec 2008 - Abortion Clinics -- 'Modern-Day King Herod'

12 Dec 2008 - Pro-Life World Coming To The Defence Of Luxembourg Monarch's Stand Against Euthanasia

12 Dec 2008 - 5.4 Million Names Submitted To UN In Favor Of The Family And The Right To Life

09 Dec 2008 - Planned Parenthood End-Of-Year Report Excludes Abortion, Has 3 Million Clients

09 Dec 2008 - British Government Criticized For Keeping Abortions On Disabled Babies A Secret

08 Dec 2008 - Assisted Suicide Ruled 'A Patient's Right': 'We Put Animals Out Of Their Misery; We Can Do It For Human Beings' [This is pure INSANITY!!!]

08 Dec 2008 - UN Gives Awards To Promoters Of Abortion And Homosexual Agenda

08 Dec 2008 - Religious Order Returns Two Orders Of Canada Over "Outrage" Of Award To Abortionist Henry Morgentaler

08 Dec 2008 - Hillary Clinton At State Department Worries Veterans Of UN Abortion Wars

05 Dec 2008 - Researcher: Johns Hopkins Paper Biased On Abortion-Mental Health Issues

05 Dec 2008 - Johns Hopkins Review Of Abortion, Depression Link Ignores Three New Studies

05 Dec 2008 - Ohio Teacher Sues National Education Association, Union For Pro-Abortion Dues [GOOD!!!]

04 Dec 2008 - No 'Common Ground' In Obama's Pro-Abortion Picks

03 Dec 2008 - Franklin Graham, Son Of Billy Graham, At California Megachurch: "Abortion Is Murder" [AMEN!!!!]

03 Dec 2008 - YWCA Proudly Supports Abortion: Organization With Christian Roots Embraces The Overreaching Freedom Of Choice Act

02 Dec 2008 - Second New Study: Mental Health Problems Up 30% For Women Having Abortions

02 Dec 2008 - YWCA Backs FOCA Bill For Unlimited Abortions, Overturning All Pro-Life Laws

01 Dec 2008 - Abortion Now Number One Cause Of Death In Spain: New Report Reveals Immense Toll Taken By Abortion In Formerly Catholic Country

26 Nov 2008 - College Threatens Pro-Life Students With Arrest - University's Lawyers Offer Choice: Turn Signs Around Or Go To Jail

26 Nov 2008 - Madrid Hospital Under Investigation For Telling Truth About Abortion And Sodomy: Angry Health Official Says That Such Material Is "Expressly Prohibited" In City Hospitals [So why are the health officials there so afraid of the truth?]

26 Nov 2008 - Illinois Choose Life License Plate Backers Want Court To Reverse Bad Ruling

25 Nov 2008 - Abortion Advocates Downplay Potential For Passing Radical FOCA Bill

24 Nov 2008 - Virginia Pro-Life Advocates: Cut Planned Parenthood Funds To Balance Budget [GOOD! They should be getting NO government funding!]

20 Nov 2008 - Court Orders Approval Of Ariz. 'Choose Life' License Plates: Order Follows U.S. Supreme Court's Denial Of State's Appeal

20 Nov 2008 - University Of Calgary Once Again Attempting To Censor Campus Pro-Life Club: "Driving Onto Campus Is Like Crossing The Border From A Democratic Country Where We Have Free Speech To A Dictatorship Which Suppresses Speech."

19 Nov 2008 - Bush Admin Could Issue Rules Soon Protecting Medical Personnel On Abortion [GOOD!!! Those in the medical field should not be forced to perform this form of murder, this form of serial killing!]

18 Nov 2008 - Long Live The Chickens, How California Voters Hurt Girls And Parents On Abortion

17 Nov 2008 - Web Site Encourages Doctors, Caregivers To Pledge No To Assisted Suicide

17 Nov 2008 - Uruguayan President Vetoes Pro-Abortion Legislation

17 Nov 2008 - China Officials Trying To Force Woman Six-Months Pregnant To Have Abortion

17 Nov 2008 - El Salvador Praised For Rejecting Pro-Abortion Ibero-American Convention

14 Nov 2008 - Doctors, Hospitals Stand Against Washington's Assisted-Suicide Law [GOOD!!!]

14 Nov 2008 - Ireland May Need Amendment To Protect Pro-Life Laws From International Attack

14 Nov 2008 - New International Planned Parenthood Document Tells States To Guarantee Sweeping "Sexual Rights" [EVIL promoting EVIL!!!]

14 Nov 2008 - Obama Wants Unrestricted Abortion Rights

13 Nov 2008 - Obama Takes Aim At Pro-Life Policies: Planned Parenthood Expects To See 'Real Change.'

12 Nov 2008 - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's Niece: Abortion Means Obama Doesn't Fulfill Dream

12 Nov 2008 - Irish MEP: Increasingly Influential EU A Threat To Rights Of Unborn Children, Families: In Ireland 80 Per Cent Of The Laws That Go Through The Dail (The National Parliament) Originate From Non-Irish Meps In Brussels

12 Nov 2008 - Uruguay Senate Approves Bill Legalizing Abortion, President Vasquez Will Veto

12 Nov 2008 - New York Subway Riders Respond To Ad And Share Post-Abortion Grief, Agony

11 Nov 2008 - Washington Post Admits Bias For Obama, Calls Pro-Life Policies "Offensive"

10 Nov 2008 - Health Care Providers In Washington State Refuse To Perform Assisted Suicide [GOOD!!!! Glad to see they are taking a stand against this EVIL!!!]

10 Nov 2008 - Billy Graham Won't Advise Obama, Son Mentions Strong Pro-Abortion Position

07 Nov 2008 - Payback Time: What Planned Parenthood Expects From Barack Obama

07 Nov 2008 - Planned Parenthood's Christmas Wish List For Obama Includes Forced Abortions

07 Nov 2008 - United Nations Expected To Promote Worldwide Abortion Right With Obama

06 Nov 2008 - Barack Obama Pushes Abortion On Day One With Rahm Emanuel As Chief Of Staff

06 Nov 2008 - Pro-Life Advocates Urged To Renew Efforts Against Abortion After Election Loss

06 Nov 2008 - Pro-Life Movement Faces Major Abortion Challenges In 2009 With Barack Obama

06 Nov 2008 - Defeat Of Personhood Bill In Colorado Sparks National Movement For Initiatives

05 Nov 2008 - Catholic Archbishop Burke: War Not Same As Abortion, Democrats Pro-Death

05 Nov 2008 - Barack Obama Captures Win Over John McCain, Expected To Promote Abortions

05 Nov 2008 - Washington Becomes Second State To Legalize Assisted Suicide In Election Vote [Not only is this legalized serial killing and murder it is EVIL!!!]

05 Nov 2008 - California Very Narrowly Opposes Third Try For Parental Notification On Abortion

05 Nov 2008 - South Dakota Voters Defeat Second Ballot Measure To Ban Most Abortions

05 Nov 2008 - Colorado Voters Soundly Defeat Personhood Ballot Measure Affecting Abortion

04 Nov 2008 - Denver Catholic Archbishop: "Senator Obama Is The Most Active Pro-Abortion Politician To Run For The Presidency"

03 Nov 2008 - Queen Of Spain Denounces Abortion, Euthanasia, And "Gay Homosexual Marriage" [GOOD!!!]

03 Nov 2008 - Churches Can Ignore Catholics United, Pro-Life Literature Distribution Not Illegal

30 Oct 2008 - Pro-Life Group Asks Obama Why He Supports Removing All "Common Sense" Restrictions On Abortion

30 Oct 2008 - College Of Alameda, California Officials Have Pro-Life Advocates Arrested

29 Oct 2008 - South Dakota Voters Have Opportunity To Ban Abortion

29 Oct 2008 - Group Reminds Voters Barack Obama Wants All Pro-Life Laws Overturned

29 Oct 2008 - 6th-Grader Wins Fight To Wear Pro-Life T-Shirt: Despite Ridicule, Threats, 12-Year-Old Prevails In Court, School

29 Oct 2008 - Black Pastor Can't Support Barack Obama Because He's Extreme On Abortion

29 Oct 2008 - British Officials Lump Pro-Life Advocates In With Terrorists In New Travel Ban

22 Oct 2008 - Campaign Exposes Obama's Anti-Parent Agenda: 'Barack Does Not Share Our Traditional Values Of Defending Innocent Life'

21 Oct 2008 - Palin On Faith, Prayer, Homosexual "Marriage", And Abortion: Says She Feels That In Giving Interviews With Mainstream Media "You Set Yourself Up To Just Continually Be Mocked"

21 Oct 2008 - Hundreds Of Thousands Of Pro-Life Students To Silently Protest Abortion Tuesday

21 Oct 2008 - California Police Officer Says Parental Notification Law On Abortion Helps Teens

21 Oct 2008 - South Dakota Pro-Life Group Files Lawsuit Over Misleading Abortion Ban Ads

20 Oct 2008 - Catholic Archbishop Charles Chaput To Douglas Kmiec: Saying Obama Pro-Life Is Wrong

20 Oct 2008 - Pro-Life Activist Fights 'Obscene'-Sign Charge: Anti-Abortion Gubernatorial Candidate In Court After Campaign Banner Seized

17 Oct 2008 - '268 Lives Saved, Planned Parenthood Irritated': Promoters Declare Pro-Life Campaign Success Halfway Through

17 Oct 2008 - Abortion Activists Sue Over Oklahoma's New Ultrasound Law

15 Oct 2008 - NJ Mom Sues Abortion Clinic For False Information

14 Oct 2008 - Associated Press Continues Covering Up Barack Obama's Pro-Abortion Views

13 Oct 2008 - Canadian Pro-Life Leader Gives Last Minute Information To Federal Election Voters: Interview With Mary Ellen Douglas, National Organizer For Campaign Life Coalition

13 Oct 2008 - After Two Weeks Of 40 Days For Life - 114 Babies Saved From Abortion

10 Oct 2008 - President Bush Signs Bill To Help Reduce Abortions On Disabled Unborn Children

10 Oct 2008 - Pregnancy Centers Could Face National Attack If Barack Obama Wins

10 Oct 2008 - FRC Discusses Post-Abortion Effects

10 Oct 2008 - Pro-Life Petition To United Nations Beats Pro-Abortion Petition By 40-1 Count

09 Oct 2008 - MEDIA BIAS: Tom Brokaw's Filter Prevents Any Abortion Discussion in Town Hall Debate

09 Oct 2008 - Colorado Gov. Ritter Will Oppose Ballot Vote On Abortion-Personhood Measure

09 Oct 2008 - West Virginia Pro-Life Group Takes On State Election Law Limiting Free Speech

08 Oct 2008 - University: Stem-Cell Study Used Falsified Data [Seems like ALL of these stem cell studies are falsifying their data. They know that their studies and research are worthless and nothing will ever come of them, but they keep it up anyway, obviously for the MONEY!!! We need to put an end to this and this line of study NOW!!!]

08 Oct 2008 - Top Researchers To Discuss How Abortion Hurts Women's Mental Health

08 Oct 2008 - Obama Campaign Silent On Health Care Plan Including Tax-Funded Abortions

08 Oct 2008 - Pro-life Hero Linda Gibbons Arrested Again, Only Days After Acquittal

08 Oct 2008 - Canadian Catholic Bishops Consider Mass Mobilization For 2009 March For Life

07 Oct 2008 - California Parental Notification Measure Tops 50 Percent In Latest State Poll

07 Oct 2008 - Legislators Seek Abortion-On-Demand For Every State In Mexico: Liberals Seek To Legalize Abortion Throughout Country; Conservatives Propose Stronger Pro-Life Legislation

07 Oct 2008 - USAID Decision Points To How Barack Obama Would Fund US, Intl Abortions

07 Oct 2008 - Remarkable Pro-Life Women Share Their Stories

07 Oct 2008 - Americans Take Pro-Life Message On Abortion To The Streets In Life Chain

07 Oct 2008 - Arizona Choose Life License Plates Move Forward With Supreme Court Ruling

07 Oct 2008 - Kenyan Catholic Cardinal Blasts Government Attempt To Legalise Abortion: Abortion Has No Place In African Cultures And Traditions

06 Oct 2008 - LA Times: Election Could Decide Future Of Roe V. Wade Abortion Case

06 Oct 2008 - Prop. 4 Supporters Ahead In California Polls

04 Oct 2008 - Chile President Bachelet Concerns Pro-Lifers With Pro-Abortion UN Speech

04 Oct 2008 - Northern Ireland Health Dept Accused Of Promoting Abortion, Defying Law

03 Oct 2008 - Even Two-Year-Olds Are Pro-Life, Understand Abortion Destroys A Human Life

02 Oct 2008 - Pro-Life Students Prepare For Day Of Silent Solidarity For Abortion Victims

02 Oct 2008 - California Approves Nurse-Assisted Suicide: Schwarzenegger Signs Bill Authorizing Dehydration, Starvation Of Patients [PURE INSANITY!!!]

02 Oct 2008 - Lawmakers Call For Investigation After Spike In Federally Funded Abortions

01 Oct 2008 - Utah Pro-Life Legislator To Introduce Abortion Ban, Personhood, Fetal Pain Bills

01 Oct 2008 - Martin Sheen Stars In Ad Opposing Assisted Suicide In Washington State

01 Oct 2008 - Ecuador Approves Constitution With Pro-Abortion, Pro-Homosexual Language

30 Sep 2008 - Canada Prime Minister Harper: Not Now, Not Ever Will Conservative Government Protect Unborn Children: "This Government Will Not Open, Will Not Permit Anyone To Open The Abortion Debate"

30 Sep 2008 - National Life Chain Set For Sunday

30 Sep 2008 - New York's 15-Foot No Speech Abortion Bubble Zone Bill Denounced As "Unconstitutional"

30 Sep 2008 - New Study Shows More Contraception, Birth Control Don't Reduce Abortions

30 Sep 2008 - Catholic Bishop Says Democrats Becoming "Party Of Death" Over Abortion

30 Sep 2008 - Pro-Life Group Launches Prayer Campaign To Convert Abortion Practitioners

29 Sep 2008 - Supreme Court Asked To Decide Whether Abortion Kills Human Being

29 Sep 2008 - California Parental Notification On Abortion Measure Gets Boost In Second Poll

29 Sep 2008 - 'Come What May' Movie Prepares For Premiere

29 Sep 2008 - Indiana Grassroots Crack Down On Abortionists

29 Sep 2008 - Pastors Endorse John McCain Over Abortion To Overturn IRS Regulations

29 Sep 2008 - Planned Parenthood Guilty Of Fraud?

26 Sep 2008 - Two Hollywood Men Take A Stand For Values: 'We Want To Make Movies And Projects That Really Uphold And Have A High View Of That Which Is Beautiful And Wonderful In Our Culture.'

26 Sep 2008 - New York Pro-Life Advocates: Law Limiting Abortion Protests Hits Free Speech

26 Sep 2008 - U.S. House Extends Bush's Pro-Life Policies

26 Sep 2008 - Top Canadian Pro-Life Political Experts Will Speak On A LAW FOR LIFE At International Pro-Life Conference

26 Sep 2008 - Pro-Life Apostle Still Saving Babies Behind Bars

25 Sep 2008 - 40 Days For Life Campaign Kicks Off Today [Actually yesterday, 24 Sep]

25 Sep 2008 - Canada: Time Is Running Out To Register For The International Pro-Life Conference, Oct. 2-4

25 Sep 2008 - Abortions Among Minors Drop When Parents Involved In Decision

25 Sep 2008 - Pro-Life Advocates Have Last Chance to Help Pro-Life Doctors Avoid Abortions

25 Sep 2008 - Oregon Euthanasia Activists Empty Coffers To Pass Washington State Assisted Suicide Bill

25 Sep 2008 - Senate Approves Bill To Reduce Abortions On Babies With Down Syndrome

25 Sep 2008 - Barack Obama's "Freedom Of Choice Act" Would Mean 125K More Abortions

24 Sep 2008 - Catholic Bishops To Congress: "We Can't Reduce Abortion By Promoting Abortion"

23 Sep 2008 - Obama Ad Goes To War With Abortion Survivor: Video Slams Woman For 'Despicable Lie' [There is also an embedded video on the web page]

23 Sep 2008 - Email Urges Planned Parenthood Abortion Donations On Sarah Palin's Behalf [EVIL yet again attacking those who stand against it!!!]

23 Sep 2008 - Australian Catholic Archbishop Says Catholic Hospitals Set To Close In Face Of Mandatory Abortion Bill

23 Sep 2008 - Post-Abortive Men Finally Speak Out

23 Sep 2008 - Black Pro-Life Advocate Says Barack Obama Still Misleads On Abortion Votes>

18 Sep 2008 - Pro-Life Groups Launch Campaign To De-Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

17 Sep 2008 - South Dakota Gets Ready To Ban Abortion

17 Sep 2008 - The L.A. Times' Pointless Correction On Abortion And Down Syndrome: "We Have Discovered The Cure For Down Syndrome, And It Is Death."

16 Sep 2008 - Virginia Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Backed By Pro-Life Group's Legal Brief

16 Sep 2008 - 14 Catholic Bishops And Counting Correct Senator Biden

15 Sep 2008 - Sarah Palin Tells Charlie Gibson She Is Pro-Life On Abortion, Stem Cell Research

15 Sep 2008 - Prominent Feminist Admits "Abortion Is Murder" But "I Am A Firm Supporter"

15 Sep 2008 - When Does A Baby Get Human Rights? Barack Obama's Abortion Vote Answers

13 Sep 2008 - International Planned Parenthood Abortion Primer Distorts International Law

13 Sep 2008 - Man Drowns Saving Son With Down Syndrome

12 Sep 2008 - Catholic Pro-Life Group Debuts Web Site To Educate Voters On Abortion, Election

12 Sep 2008 - Colorado Abortion Advocates Launch Effort Against Abortion-Personhood Amdt

11 Sep 2008 - Palin Shifts Paradigm By Embracing Son with Disability: 'Unconditional Acceptance Of Trig Has Illuminated The Stark Differences Between The Culture Of Life And The Culture Of Death.'

11 Sep 2008 - Catholic Cardinal Archbishop Of Montréal: "I Am Returning My Order Of Canada Insignia"

10 Sep 2008 - Joe Biden Attacks Sarah Palin On Abortion, Calls Her "Backwards Step For Women"

10 Sep 2008 - Psychologists: APA Deceptive On How Abortion Adversely Affects Women, Men

10 Sep 2008 - YouTube Blocks More Videos On Racist Planned Parenthood Abortion Donations

09 Sep 2008 - Italian Doctors Take A Stand For Life

09 Sep 2008 - Mexican Church To Create "Sanctuary For The Victims Of Abortion" In Response To Court Ruling: Over 1,500 Married Couples In Mexico Have Expressed Their Desire To Adopt Children In Danger Of Abortion

08 Sep 2008 - Sarah Palin Told Pro-Life Group: Have Always Known Abortion An "Atrocity"

07 Sep 2008 - Speaker Pelosi "In Opposition" To Church Teaching On Abortion: San Francisco Archbishop

07 Sep 2008 - Canadian Physicians Attack Unborn Victims Of Crime Bill

05 Sep 2008 - Sarah Palin Mentions Abortion Refusal, Birth Of Down Syndrome Daughter In Acceptance Speech

05 Sep 2008 - Lawsuit: Young Pro-lifers Jailed, Shackled, Strip Searched For Peacefully Sharing Message

05 Sep 2008 - Media Bias: Media Watchdog Says MSNBC's GOP Coverage Biased On Abortion, Palin And Obama

05 Sep 2008 - YouTube Blocks Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood's Support For Race-Selective Abortion

05 Sep 2008 - California Pro-Life Advocates Say Their State Out Of Touch On Parental Rights And Abortion

05 Sep 2008 - Obama Flexes His Pro-Abortion Muscles

04 Sep 2008 - Claiming God's On Your Side?

04 Sep 2008 - Catholic Leaders Continue Correcting Nancy Pelosi Over Abortion, Human Life [She obviously does NOT care about what is correct and about the truth! She only wants to push her anti-God agenda on everyone!]

04 Sep 2008 - California Bill Promotes Killing, Not Educating, The Public On End Of Life Issues

03 Sep 2008 - Obama Launches Ad Campaign Attacking McCain For Pro-Life Policy

03 Sep 2008 - Republican VP-Hopeful Palin's Daughter Bristol Pregnant, Chooses Life

03 Sep 2008 - Media On Palin - A Sudden Case Of 'Family Values'?

02 Sep 2008 - YouTube Again Accused Of Censoring Pro-Life Videos, This Time On Planned Parenthood

02 Sep 2008 - New Zealand Right To Life Says Canterbury Women Not Getting Counseling Before Abortion

30 Aug 2008 - John McCain Selects Pro-Life Champion Sarah Palin For Vice Presidential Slot

30 Aug 2008 - Michelle Obama: Barack's Pro-Abortion Stand OKs "Sacredness" Of Parenthood

30 Aug 2008 - Sarah Palin Develops Strong Pro-Life Record On Abortion As Alaska Governor

30 Aug 2008 - Why Does APA Ignore Evidence Showing Abortion A Risk To Women's Health?

30 Aug 2008 - Brazilian Representative Seeks Answers Regarding Suspicious Vaccination Program: Pro-Abortion World Health Organization Denounces Internet "Rumors" That Vaccines Include Sterilizing Agents

29 Aug 2008 - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Niece To Obama: My Uncle Would Oppose Abortion

29 Aug 2008 - Your Tax Dollars Fund Planned Parenthood's Shocking New Web Site For Youth

29 Aug 2008 - Priests For Life Announces National Pro-Life Prayer Campaign For 2008 Elections

29 Aug 2008 - Over 100 MPs Oppose Morgentaler Order Of Canada - List Released Today

29 Aug 2008 - McCain Himself Accuses Obama Of Courting Infanticide

29 Aug 2008 - Two More Catholic Bishops Make 8 Who Have Come Out Against Pelosi's 'Catholic' Abortion Theology

28 Aug 2008 - Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton Hit John McCain On Abortion at Emily's List Lunch [Evil building itself up and attacking those who would take a stand against it!]

28 Aug 2008 - US Report: Over 900,000 Doses RU-486 Have Been Prescribed: Report says FDA Did Not Err In Fast-Tracking RU-486 Abortion Pill Approval [Obviously they DID! Look at the numbers of people this so-called "medicine" has killed!!!]

28 Aug 2008 - Pelosi Claims Human Life Irrelevant

28 Aug 2008 - Pro-Life Feminist Group: Planned Parenthood Stole Our Line On Women, Abortion

28 Aug 2008 - McCain: "If I Am President, Advancing The Cause Of Life Will Not Be Above My Pay Grade"

27 Aug 2008 - Poll: Majority Of Americans Disagree With Barack Obama On When Life Begins

27 Aug 2008 - Faith Forum Peddles Social Propaganda From The Left: Liberals At Democratic Convention Ignore Sin, Redemption, Salvation And Personal Responsibility

27 Aug 2008 - Catholic Leader Blasts Nancy Pelosi For Misrepresenting Catholic Church Abortion Position

26 Aug 2008 - National 40 Days For Life Event Hits 170 Cities And Canada To Oppose Abortion

26 Aug 2008 - Majority Voters Bash Obama 'Family' Values - Poll: Americans Back Man-Woman Marriage, Also Believe Life Commences At Conception

26 Aug 2008 - Obama OK'd 'Live Born' Abortion

26 Aug 2008 - Democratic Party Approves Platform Mirroring Barack Obama's Pro-Abortion View

26 Aug 2008 - When Does Human Life Begin? Obama's Pro-Abortion Answer His Downfall

26 Aug 2008 - Democrats Told Abortion One Of Their 'Core Moral Values'

23 Aug 2008 - Former Abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson: 'I Know That Human Life Begins At Conception.'

23 Aug 2008 - Barack Obama's Sole Article In Harvard Law Review Promotes Abortion

23 Aug 2008 - California Judge Sides With Life Advocates On Ballot Language

23 Aug 2008 - Pro-Life Groups Applaud President Bush's New Rule Protecting Docs On Abortion

23 Aug 2008 - Planned Parenthood's 'A' Word Campaign Targets Cincinnati Teenagers

23 Aug 2008 - Pro-Life Women's Group Doubts Veracity Of GAO Report On Abortion Drug

23 Aug 2008 - When Does A Baby Get Human Rights? Barack Obama's Abortion Confusion

22 Aug 2008 - Barack Obama's Own Words Contradict Claims On Opposing Anti-Infanticide Bill

22 Aug 2008 - Bush Admin Officially Releases Regulations Protecting Doctors On Abortion [Now that is good news!!!]

22 Aug 2008 - Planned Parenthood Takes Illinois Residents To Court Over Protests [So much for Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech!]

22 Aug 2008 - Deception On Infant Protection Bill Haunts Obama

22 Aug 2008 - African American Pro-Life Leader Tells Barack Obama: No We Can't OK Abortion

22 Aug 2008 - Pro-Life Hero Tasha Danvers-Smith Shuns Abortion, Still Earns Olympic Medal

22 Aug 2008 - UN World Health Organization Circumvents Abortion Laws In Bangladesh

21 Aug 2008 - Obama In Hot Water Over Abortion Vote: Mainstream Media Are Forced To Report On His Failure To Protect Babies Who Survive Abortion

21 Aug 2008 - Pro-Life Advocate Responds To Obama Camp's Gripes About Abortion Flack

21 Aug 2008 - Pro-Life Group Urges Response To Biased Report On Abortion, Mental Health

21 Aug 2008 - Canada Pro-Life Activists Compile 30,000 Petitions Against Morgentaler Award

20 Aug 2008 - Barack Obama Campaign Calls Abortion-Infanticide Criticism "Offensive" [That is because those who support and endorse evil do not like to be told that what they are doing is wrong!]

19 Aug 2008 - Babies' Rights And The Definition Of Marriage: Values Voters Should Look Closely At What The Presidential Candidates Had To Say On The Issues That Matter

19 Aug 2008 - Niece of Martin Luther King Jr. To Lead Prayer Vigil Outside Largest U.S. Abortion Centre - Monday August 25

19 Aug 2008 - Obama Caught Red-Handed In Abortion Lie

18 Aug 2008 - Obama, McCain Differ Greatly On Abortion Issue [In reality there is NO issue! God said it is wrong! Period! No room for discussion, no issue]

16 Aug 2008 - United Nations Staff Secretly Meet With Abortion Advocates For Intl Strategy

16 Aug 2008 - Massive Pro-Life Rally Of Evangelical Youth To Hit Washington Mall Saturday August 16

16 Aug 2008 - Abortion Leader Confirms That Democratic Platform Is More Pro-Abortion Than Ever

16 Aug 2008 - U.S. Foundations Give Millions To Law Firm To Promote Abortions Worldwide

16 Aug 2008 - Maryland Officials Drop Charges Against Pro-Life Advocates On Abortion Protest

15 Aug 2008 - Women Hurting From Abortions Say APA Report Discounts Their Experiences

14 Aug 2008 - APA Claims Abortion Doesn't Affect Mental Health Of Women: Life Advocates Say The Needs Of Millions Of Women Are Not Addressed In This Report.

14 Aug 2008 - Healing After Abortion

14 Aug 2008 - New Web Site Helps Pro-Life Investors Avoid Companies That Back Abortions

14 Aug 2008 - Barack Obama Supports The Murder Of Newborn Infants [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Aug 2008 - University Of Maryland Will Accommodate Pro-Life Group

13 Aug 2008 - Second National Conference Highlights Men's Regret After Abortion Involvement

12 Aug 2008 - Australian Report Says Babies Harm the Economy: Family Advocates Argue, 'Babies Are Blessings, Not Burdens.' [Those behind this report must be total IDIOTS!!!]

12 Aug 2008 - Assisted Suicide Backers Mislead The Public: Not About Alleviating Suffering [Assisted suicide is just another fancy term for MURDER!]

12 Aug 2008 - Could Obama Strike Down All State Pro-Life Laws?

11 Aug 2008 - Bush Administration Responds To Pro-Abortion Criticism Of Rule Protecting Docs

11 Aug 2008 - With Abortion Backing, Is It Fair To Say Barack Obama Supports Infanticide?

11 Aug 2008 - Post-Abortion Group Urges APA To Review New Abortion-Depression Link Study

11 Aug 2008 - United Nations AIDS Conference In Mexico City Pushes Abortion, Bashes Abstinence

08 Aug 2008 - New Study From Norway Substantiates Link Between Abortion And Depression

08 Aug 2008 - Pro-Life Senator Tom Coburn, Under Fire For Delivering Babies For Free

07 Aug 2008 - Pro-Life Hero Phill Kline Loses Primary Election In Kansas

07 Aug 2008 - Leading Researcher Confirms Unborn Children Can Feel Pain at 20 Weeks

07 Aug 2008 - Planned Parenthood Still Attacking Bid To Protect Pro-Life Docs On Abortion

07 Aug 2008 - Australia Agency Claims Having Babies Hurts Economy, Pro-Lifers Outraged

07 Aug 2008 - Colorado Abortion-Personhood Amendment Gets OK From Top Pro-Life Group

06 Aug 2008 - New Web Site Clearinghouse Features Info On Abortion's Risks, Complications

06 Aug 2008 - California Abortion Practitioner Arrested For Assault On Pro-Life Advocate

06 Aug 2008 - Top NARAL Activist Promises To Keep Democratic Party Platform Pro-Abortion

05 July 2008 - Chinese Christian Couple Talks About Escaping Potential Forced Abortion

04 Aug 2008 - Austrians Hold "1000 Crosses Funeral March" In Memory Of The Unborn

04 Aug 2008 - CEDAW United Nations Committee Re-Elects Pro-Abortion Members

04 Aug 2008 - California Abortion Advocates Go After Details Of Parental Notification Proposal

04 Aug 2008 - UNFPA's Annual Report Focuses On "Reproductive Health," Meaning Abortion

01 Aug 2008 - CEDAW Demands Northern Ireland Drop Abortion Law: UN Organization Said To Have "A Long History Of Bullying Countries Where Abortion Is Illegal Or Restricted." [More of them trying to push their form of serial killing and evil upon everyone!]

01 Aug 2008 - Abortion Decline In US Leads To Long-Term Reduction in Infant Mortality Rates

01 Aug 2008 - Poland Is A Profoundly Pro-Life Culture Thanks To Lay Activists: Pro-Life Leader: Number Of Abortions Has Come Down From Over 600,000 Per Year Under Communism To Only 360 In 2006

01 Aug 2008 - Temporary Stoppage Of South Dakota Abortions Points To Abortion's Risks

31 July 2008 - Oregon Tells Patients State Will Pay For Assisted Suicide, Not Health Care [This is INSANE! For a supposedly advanced society this type of barbaric and ungodly practice is NOT acceptable! This is nothing but murder. No state has a right to refuse a person medical assistance!]

31 July 2008 - University Denies Students Funds For Pro-Life Week

30 July 2008 - Canadian Media News Blackout On Massive Poll Showing Majority Oppose Morgentaler Award

30 July 2008 - Federal Children's Health Program Partners With Planned Parenthood Abortion Chain

29 July 2008 - WIC Provides Planned Parenthood Referral

29 July 2008 - The Triumph of Peter Singer's Values: Animal Rights More Important Than Human [This is pure LUNACY!!!]

29 July 2008 - Forced Abortion Opponent's Wife Wants China To Stop Pre-Olympics Harassment

29 July 2008 - Colorado Abortion-Personhood Amendment Gets Backing Of 70 Physicians

28 July 2008 - Abortion Advocate Nominated For Top Human Rights Post At U.N.

26 July 2008 - American Psychological Association May Hide Abortion's Risks In August Report

26 July 2008 - Michigan Pro-Life Group Disputes Results Of New Media Poll On Abortion

26 July 2008 - WIC Program Blasted For Web Link To Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

26 July 2008 - Wayne State University In Michigan Subject Of Pro-Life Discrimination Lawsuit

26 July 2008 - Pro-Life Group Says Negligence In Abortion Death Case A Nationwide Problem

25 July 2008 - Doctors' Religious Rights Under Attack: Abortion Advocates Target Federal Guidelines Protecting Pro-Life Medical Workers.

25 July 2008 - Likely New United Nations Human Rights Chief Pillay Supports Abortions

25 July 2008 - Lawsuit: Wayne State University Denied Funds, Access To Pro-life Student Group

25 July 2008 - Congressional Cmte OKs Olympics Resolution On China's Forced Abortions

25 July 2008 - Pro-Abortion Congressmen Draft Letter To Bush Against Protecting Doctors

25 July 2008 - Post-Abortive Woman Releases New Christian Healing Guide For Abortion Pain

24 July 2008 - MEDIA BIAS: Christian Medical Group Highlights Media Bias On Bush Abortion Proposal

24 July 2008 - Barack Obama's Pledge To Overturn Every Pro-Life Abortion Law One Year Old

24 July 2008 - Obama Worse Than Clintons On Abortion Says National Right To Life Leader: Interview: "I Fear For Our Nation, Should He Become President"

24 July 2008 - Pro-Life Leaders Say Call President Bush Today To Ensure Conscience Rights for Doctors

24 July 2008 - The View Co-Host Sherri Shepherd Talks About Her Numerous Abortions

24 July 2008 - Northern Ireland Pro-Life Group Condemns MPs Plan To Legalize Abortion

23 July 2008 - More Canadians Return Order Of Canada After Abortion Practitioner Awarded

23 July 2008 - New Canada Poll Finds Citizens Opposed To Award For Abortion Practitioner

23 July 2008 - Hillary Clinton Opposes Bush Plan To Protect Pro-Life Doctors On Abortion [Of course she is against it. She doesn't care about the sanctity of human life!]

23 July 2008 - Pro-Life Groups May Sue Over Abortion Protest Limits At Democratic Convention

23 July 2008 - California Voters Leaning Towards Supporting Parental Notification On Abortion

19 July 2008 - Phill Kline Fights Critical Primary Campaign To Keep Planned Parenthood Case Alive - Asks Pro-Life Movement For Help: Campaign Looking For 6,000 Individuals And Families To Donate $50 Each In Next Four Days

19 July 2008 - Haunted By Their Abortion Decision, Husband And Wife Share Pain And Regret

19 July 2008 - Planned Parenthood -- 'The LensCrafters Of Family Planning'?

18 July 2008 - U.S. Exports Dangerous Abortion Pill [This pill of murder needs to be banned completely!]

18 July 2008 - Planned Parenthood Teams Up With Girls Inc For Pro-Abortion Workshops

18 July 2008 - Mexican Pro-Lifers To UN: Stop Murdering Our Children - Organization Accuses United Nations Of Complicity In "Genocide" Against Mexicans

18 July 2008 - South Dakota Will Begin Enforcing Law Telling Women Abortion Kills Children

18 July 2008 - Bush Works To Protect Pro-Life Health Care Workers: Programs Receiving Federal Aid Would Have To Respect Moral Convictions Of Workers [Good News!!!]

18 July 2008 - Filipino Catholic Church Plans Massive National Demonstration Against Abortion Bill July 25

18 July 2008 - Fall 40 Days For Life Campaign Could Be Largest One Combating Abortion

18 July 2008 - United Nations Pressures Lithuania, Slovakia, Others To Promote Abortion

16 July 2008 - Planned Parenthood In Hysterics Over Bush Memo Defining Abortifacient Contraception As Abortion: Pro-Abortion Organization Launches Campaign To Quash Rule [The TRUTH hurts and they do not want the truth known!!!!]

16 July 2008 - Why Is the Pro-Life Movement So Christian, and Should it be?: Commentary

16 July 2008 - Bush Admin Helps Pro-Life Doctors, Nurses Avoid Abortion Discrimination

16 July 2008 - NAACP Convention Sees Black Pro-Life Advocates Condemn Abortion

16 July 2008 - Washington Post Tells Kids Homosexuality Is Fine [This is completely wrong!]

16 July 2008 - Black Churches Hold Pro-Abortion Meeting, Call Pro-Lifers "Fetus Lovers"

16 July 2008 - World Bank Promotes Abortion

16 July 2008 - Is State Regulation Targeting Religious Believers?

15 July 2008 - Pro-Life Kansas Prosecutor Invites National Support

15 July 2008 - Health Care For America Now Campaign Would Include Tax-Funded Abortions

15 July 2008 - Clinic: Doctors Have Stopped Abortion Work: 'Physicians Discontinued Providing These Services Effective Immediately' [GOOD!!!!]

15 July 2008 - Poll: Voters Don't Know Barack Obama Pro-Abortion, John McCain Pro-Life

15 July 2008 - Young Conservatives In Connecticut Unite: 'Our Concern Was For The Future Of The Pro-Life And Pro-Value Movement.'

14 July 2008 - The Murphy Court: Human Life Has No Value [PURE INSANITY!!!]

14 July 2008 - YouTube Bashed Again For Removing Another Pro-Life Video Exposing Abortion

12 July 2008 - Pastor Challenges United Way For Funding Abortion Group

11 July 2008 - Pro-Life Lawmakers Call For Defunding Of Planned Parenthood [GOOD!!!! They should NOT be entitled to any government money for their form of SERIAL KILLING known as ABORTION!]

11 July 2008 - 22 MPs And Counting Publicly Voice Disgust At Morgentaler's Appointment To Order Of Canada: MPs Say Majority Of Constituents Oppose Decision [PRAISE GOD that they are willing to take a stand and speak up against this evil and those who participate in it!!!]

11 July 2008 - Barack Obama Slams John McCain For Opposing Abortion, Activist Judges

11 July 2008 - Brazil Parliament Rejects Government Bill That Would Have Legalized Abortion [GOOD NEWS!!!!]

10 July 2008 - Former Lieutenant Governor Of New Brunswick And Others Return Order Of Canada: Morgentaler's Order Of Canada A "Disgusting Appointment [May God Bless them immensely for taking a stand against this EVIL!!!]

10 July 2008 - Prominent North American Rabbi Condemns "Disorder Of Canada" Award To Abortionist: "A Terrible Reflection On A Country That Can Honor A Person Based On His Self-Professed Elimination Of 100,000 Preborn Children"

10 July 2008 - Barack Obama So Extreme On Abortion He Would Let Babies Die Who Survive Them

10 July 2008 - Ruling: British GP "Did Nothing Wrong" In Helping Women Choose Against Abortion: Refused To Sign Abortion Referral Forms And Said A Third Of These Patients Did Not Go Ahead With Abortions

10 July 2008 - Washington Debate On Pharmacists And Morning After Pill Heads To Court

10 July 2008 - 'Right To Know' Abortion Law Upheld

09 July 2008 - Planned Parenthood Backs Barack Obama To Reward Pro-Abortion Position

09 July 2008 - Mich. Voters To Decide On 'Dr. Death,' Embryonic Stem Cells: Family Advocates Encouraged To Make Their Voices Heard At The Polls

09 July 2008 - YouTube Restores Video From Pro-Life Group Exposing Decency Gap Movie

08 July 2008 - Pro-Life Group Warns Doctors, Patients On Abortion-Based Polio Vaccine

08 July 2008 - Web Site Monitors Media Coverage Of Pro-Life Prosecutor

08 July 2008 - Black Pro-Life Advocates Finalize Abortion Protest Plans For NAACP Convention

08 July 2008 - Doctors And Families Asked To "Just Say No To New Aborted Fetal Vaccine!"

07 July 2008 - CNN Runs Biased News Story Covering Up Barack Obama's Pro-Abortion Record

07 July 2008 - Abortionists' Latest Ruse: Claim To Be Against DV

07 July 2008 - Pro-Life Group: NEA Endorsement Of Pro-Abortion Barack Obama Is Ironic

05 July 2008 - DVD On Euthanasia And Assisted Suicide: Turning The Tide

05 July 2008 - Fred Thompson Opens National Right To Life Convention With Pro-Life Passion

05 July 2008 - Planned Parenthood Targets Suburbia: 'They Are Following The Money, Which They Have Done Since The Beginning.'

05 July 2008 - President Bush Greets Pro-Life Advocates With Special Video Message Against Abortion

05 July 2008 - Pro-Life Advocates Protest Abortion At National Education Association Convention

05 July 2008 - Michael Clancy: The Photographer Whose Amazing Pro-Life Picture Changed The World

03 July 2008 - Abortionists In South Dakota Now Required To Admit Abortion Kills a "Whole, Separate, Unique, Living Human Being"

03 July 2008 - South Dakota Law Requiring Telling Women Truth About Abortion Upheld by Federal Court

03 July 2008 - Portland, Oregon Builder Talks About Stopping Work on Planned Parenthood Abortion Center

02 July 2008 - A Silent Issue: 'Inside The Beltway, The Obvious Gets Murky When The Unsettling Abortion Issue Comes Up.'

01 June 2008 - Parents Outraged by Library Link To Planned Parenthood Web Site: 'The Premise Is That Everyone Is Sexually Active, Regardless Of What Their Values Are, Regardless Of What Their Parents Believe.'

01 July 2008 - Court Affirms Law Calling Unborn 'Living Human Beings': Ruling Lifts Planned Parenthood Injunction Against State's Abortion Statute

01 July 2008 - Half Of States Reject Abstinence-Education Funding: 'This Whole Effort Is Being Orchestrated By Planned Parenthood.'

30 June 2008 - Canadian Pro-Life Groups Appalled That Abortionist Morgentaler May Be Awarded Order Of Canada July 1st

30 June 2008 - Planned Parenthood: A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing?

27 June 2008 - Health Care Providers Told Their Faith Is Irrelevant: Religious Freedom Tossed To The Wayside In Favor Of Liberal Agenda [So much for freedom of religion! Neither the courts nor anyone else has the right to dictate to one when and where they can follow and practice their faith!]

26 June 2008 - Pro-Life Walkers Continue Putting Miles On Their Shoes To Oppose Abortion

26 June 2008 - New Zealand Pro-Life Advocates Will Keep Fighting To Ban Euthanasia Book

25 June 2008 - Norma McCorvey Takes Pro-Life Message To Television: 'Jane Roe' Of Roe V. Wade Records First TV Spot

25 June 2008 - Planned Parenthood Affiliate Backs Pro-Abortion Barack Obama Endorsement

25 June 2008 - Texas Pro-Life Groups Celebrate Closing Of Dallas Late-Term Abortion Business [All of them need to be closed!!!]

25 June 2008 - Black Pro-Life Advocates Hope Candidates Refuse Planned Parenthood Funds

25 June 2008 - Canada Should Protect Pregnant Women, Unborn From Violence Poll Says

25 June 2008 - Why Do Doctors Withhold Abortion's Medical, Mental Health Risks From Women?

24 June 2008 - Christian Leader At Barack Obama Meeting Says He's Strongly Pro-Abortion

24 June 2008 - Abortion Better Than Adoption Says European Parliamentary Assembly Proposal [PURE EVIL!!!!]

24 June 2008 - Black Pro-Lifers To Protest NAACP Convention: Civil-Rights Group Refuses To Advocate For The Rights Of The Preborn

24 June 2008 - Planned Parenthood Becomes Wal-Mart Giant Of The Abortion Industry

24 June 2008 - Canadian MP Introduces Bill To Legalize Euthanasia Again

21 June 2008 - The Science Of The U.N.

21 June 2008 - United Nations Agencies Use Stealth Strategy To Promote Abortion In Documents

21 June 2008 - Ohio Law Allowing Women To See Ultrasound Before Abortion Goes Into Effect

21 June 2008 - Mexican State Legislators Reject Legalization Of Abortion

21 June 2008 - Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Funding Removed From Troop Bill

21 June 2008 - British Pro-Life Group Wants Parliament Not To Open Door For More Abortions

21 June 2008 - Obama's Baby Mamas

21 June 2008 - California Planned Parenthood Spends 700K Against Parental Notice On Abortion

21 June 2008 - Minnesota Makes 4.7M In Grants To Help Women Find Abortion Alternatives

20 June 2008 - New York Pro-Life Advocates Celebrate Closing Of New City Abortion Center

19 June 2008 - Barack Obama's Flowery Words Can't Cover Up Extreme Pro-Abortion Position

19 June 2008 - California Pro-Life Advocates Rally At Capitol Against Tax-Funded Abortions

19 June 2008 - Canada Politician's Wife Says Abortion Protests A Domestic Terrorism Threat [Evil trying to intimidate and silence those speaking up against this atrocity!!!]

19 June 2008 - Minnesota Pro-Life Group Celebrates 40 Years Of Protecting Human Life

19 June 2008 - Media Bias: Los Angeles Times Favors PR For Planned Parenthood Over Abortion Scandals

18 June 2008 - Ecuadorian Obstetricians And Gynecologists Issue Thundering Manifesto Against Abortion

18 June 2008 - Poll Shows Support For Abortion Drops To Seven-Year Low, Pro-Life Views Up

18 June 2008 - Pro-Life Groups Announce Abortion Protest Plans For Democratic Convention

18 June 2008 - Norma McCorvey Of Roe V. Wade Abortion Case Makes First Pro-Life TV Ad

17 June 2008 - Despite Attempts To Explain It Away, Human Life Begins At Conception Not Birth

17 June 2008 - SBC Leader Highlights Four Battles Facing The Family: Christians Encouraged To Stand Strong On Homosexuality, Sanctity Of Life, Internet Porn, Islamic Influence

17 June 2008 - Michigan Governor Again Vetoes Partial-Birth Abortion Ban

16 June 2008 - American Medical Association Attacking Pro-Life Pharmacists On Plan B Drug

16 June 2008 - Ireland Rejects EU Treaty By Wide Margin: Treaty Threatened Irish Constitutional Protection For Unborn, Given Almost Universal Acceptance And Promotion Of Abortion At EU Level

16 June 2008 - Black Pro-Life Advocates Plan Massive Abortion Protest Outside NAACP Mtg

16 June 2008 - SBC Passes Resolutions On Marriage, Life

13 June 2008 - British Teenager Becomes 14th Woman To Die From Dangerous Abortion Drug

13 June 2008 - Women's Group Says Georgia Case Highlights Problem Of Coerced Abortions

13 June 2008 - Disabled Woman's National Television Show Will Focus On Terri Schiavo

13 June 2008 - Democratic Party Chair Howard Dean Gets Abortion Facts, Figures Wrong

13 June 2008 - Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm Will Again Veto Partial-Birth Abortion Ban

13 June 2008 - Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland Vetos Ban On Taxpayer Funding of Human Cloning

13 June 2008 - Texas Pro-Life Group Continues New Tradition Of Pro-Life College Scholarships

13 June 2008 - West Virginia Abortions Rise As Local Centers Expand Business, Offer Drugs

12 June 2008 - Brazilian Pro-Lifers Seek To Amend Constitution To Protect Life "From the Moment Of Conception"

12 June 2008 - Oakland Pro-Life Activist Expected To Plead Not Guilty In Free Speech Case

12 June 2008 - El Salvador Lawmakers Sign Petition To Oppose Abortion, Other Nations To Follow

11 June 2008 - Obama's Abortion Bombshell: Unrestricted Abortion Over Wishes of Individual States A Priority For Presidency

11 June 2008 - Embattled Pro-Life Prosecutor Seeks Re-Election: Phill Kline Says He Wants To Restore The Rule Of Law In The Lawless State Of Kansas

11 June 2008 - Oregon Offers To Pay For Cancer Patient To Kill Herself [Pure INSANITY!!!]

11 June 2008 - Minn. 6th-Grader Stands Up For Life

11 June 2008 - Black Religious Leaders Wrongly Giddy Over Pro-Abortion Barack Obama

11 June 2008 - Planned Parenthood Begins Process To Endorse Pro-Abortion Barack Obama

10 June 2008 - Obama Makes Promise To Planned Parenthood: The So-Called Freedom Of Choice Act Could Wipe Away Every State Law Limiting Abortion

10 June 2008 - Planned Parenthood Engages In Abortion Racism Targeting Native Americans

10 June 2008 - Jakes Continues To Draw Fire For Obama Remarks [Good for him!!! No Christian, let alone a minister of the Gospel, should be praising someone who is in support of abortion and same sex marriage!]

10 June 2008 - Family Fights To Keep Woman Alive After Stroke: Committee Will Determine Whether Florida Woman On Feeding Tube Lives Or Dies

10 June 2008 - New Zealand Judge Agrees Abortions Wrongly Classified As Mentally Necessary

10 June 2008 - Pro-Life Members Of European Parliament Intervene On Abortion in Lithuania

09 June 2008 - Pro-Life Group Wants Planned Parenthood Abortion Money Out Of Iraq Bill

09 June 2008 - Where Do Obama And McCain Stand On Pro-Family Issues?: Both Candidates Could Do More For Life, Marriage, Family

09 June 2008 - Doctor Claims Efforts To Keep Disabled, Still Responsive Man Alive "Grotesque" And "An Abomination"

09 June 2008 - Maternal Deaths Dropped After Nicaragua Pro-Life Law On Abortion In Place

09 June 2008 - Controversial Pro-Abortion/Pro-Homosexual Human Rights Chief To Step Down From UN Post [GOOD!!!]

09 June 2008 - Poll Of Mostly Younger Voters Finds Abortion 4th Most Important Political Issue

09 June 2008 - Canada Liberal Party Leader Vows To Block Bill Protecting Pregnant Women

06 June 2008 - 'Palliative Care' Or Murder?

06 June 2008 - Canadian City Backpedals On Decision To Censor Pro-life Bus-Shelter Ads

05 June 2008 - Pro-Life Voters Must Work Overtime To Stop Pro-Abortion Barack Obama

05 June 2008 - Yale University President Compares Pro-Lifers To Extremists After Abortion Flap

05 June 2008 - John McCain Should Talk About The Abortion Industry's Obscene Profits

05 June 2008 - Habitat For Humanity Disassociates With Planned Parenthood Abortion Center

05 June 2008 - Oregon Offers To Pay To Kill, But Not To Treat Cancer Patient

05 June 2008 - Florida Disabled Woman On Feeding Tube Could Become Next Terri Schiavo

04 June 2008 - School Harasses Minnesota Sixth Grader Wearing Pro-Life T-Shirts - Legal Action Underway: Singled Him Out For Ridicule In Front Of His Classmates, Removed Him From Class, Threatened Him With Suspension

04 June 2008 - Arizona Soon Could See 'Choose Life' License Plates

04 June 2008 - Associated Press Hides Barack Obama's Pro-Abortion Views In New Analysis

04 June 2008 - Washington Assisted Suicide Drive Gaining Momentum, Pro-Lifers Worried

04 June 2008 - Missouri Pro-Life Group Repeats Call For Special Session On Forced Abortions

03 June 2008 - Planned Parenthood Takes Credit For Abortion Decline In Michigan: Pro-Life Laws Earn The State Top Rating From Americans United For Life [How can they take the credit for a decline in abortions? All they do is want to make their form of serial killing available upon demand!]

03 June 2008 - Campaign Unmasks 'Comprehensive' Sex Education: Parents For Truth Aims To Recruit 1 Million Parents Over Three Years To Fight Groups Like Planned Parenthood

03 June 2008 - Media Bias: Redbook Magazine Tells Women Only One Side Of Abortion Story

03 June 2008 - Pro-Life Leaders Back Abortion Protest At National Education Association Event

03 June 2008 - Campus Tirade Against Pro-Lifers

02 June 2008 - South Carolina Governor Officially Signs Abortion-Ultrasound Measure

02 June 2008 - Historic Chance To Defeat Roe V. Wade On The Ballot In Colorado

02 June 2008 - Canada Supreme Court Backs Pro-Life Nurse In Abortion-Free Speech Case

02 June 2008 - Minnesota School Sued For Prohibiting Pro-Life Student's Shirt Against Abortion

30 May 2008 - Planned Parenthood Creates New Abortion Center Again With Fictitious Name

30 May 2008 - Michigan Legislature Bans Partial-Birth Abortions

30 May 2008 - Switzerland Center Helps Nearly 900 People Kill Themselves

30 May 2008 - United Nations Population Fund Presents Awards To Abortion Advocates

30 May 2008 - Colorado Abortion-Personhood Amendment Will Appear On November Ballot

30 May 2008 - Ohio Senate Passes Amendment To Ban Taxpayer-Funding of Human Cloning

29 May 2008 - GOOD NEWS: For Pro-Lifers, A Fine 48 Hours In South Carolina

29 May 2008 - National Law Banning "Live Birth" Abortions Needs Better Enforcement

29 May 2008 - Canadian Federation Of Students Passes Motion To Support Ban On Pro-Life Groups At All Campuses

29 May 2008 - North Carolina House Committee Approves Measure With Choose Life Plate

28 May 2008 - Newspaper Sticks To The Facts On Pro-Life Prosecutor: Phill Kline Has Charged Planned Parenthood's Kansas City Clinic With 107 Criminal Counts

27 May 2008 - Americans More Pro-Life On Abortion Than Europeans, Muslims Are Too

27 May 2008 - Misplaced Priorities Of Animal Rights, Plant Activists Leave Out Human Beings

27 May 2008 - Poland Embraces Successful March For Life And Family In Face Of 'Human Rights' Movement

27 My 2008 - United Methodist Church Continues Decades-Long Crawl To Pro-Life Direction

27 May 2008 - Potential Obama Running Mate Sebelius Would Be Vice President For Abortion

27 May 2008 - Women Injured By Abortion Confront Florida Barack Obama Supporters

26 May 2008 - Christian Ministry 'Habitat For Humanity' Agrees To Work With Abortion Giant Planned Parenthood [This is totally wrong!!!]

23 May 2008 - Sheep Without Shepherds

23 May 2008 - Americans Taxed To Fund Abortions

23 May 2008 - President Bush Signs Genetic Nondiscrimination Act Protecting Both Born And Unborn: Act Protects Women From Financial Pressure To Abort Children With Genetic Disorders

22 May 2008 - British MPs Defeat All Pro-Life Provisions In The HFE Bill: Report Stage Is Next - Onslaught Of Anti-Life Amendments Expected

22 May 2008 - Ohio Pro-Life Group Files Lawsuit To Protect Free Speech Political Rights

21 May 2008 - Brazil: Government-Sponsored National "Youth Conference" Promotes Abortion And Homosexuality: Participants Given Preliminary Materials Defending Abortionist And Homosexual Agenda

20 May 2008 - Arizona Nursing Board Allows Nurse Practitioners To Perform Abortions: Life Advocates Disturbed By Unexpected Ruling

19 May 2008 - Ohio House Committee To Vote On Bill To Stop Pressured, Forced Abortions

19 May 2008 - Pro-Abortion Expression Permitted, Pro-Life Forbidden On Campus At Australia University

19 May 2008 - Battling The Abortion Mentality On Campus

16 May 2008 - South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford Signs Abortion-Ultrasound Bill, 18th State

16 May 2008 - Canada: Pro-Abortion Liberal Introduces Bill To Counter Unborn Victims Of Crime Bill

16 May 2008 - Minnesota Taxpayers Forced To Pay For More Abortions Than Ever Before

15 May 2008 - Taking 'Sedation' To An Extreme

15 May 2008 - Kansas Attorney Takes On The Abortion Industry (Part 1 of 3)

15 May 2008 - Kenya Activists Re-Launch Campaign To Dump Pro-Life Law Banning Abortions

14 May 2008 - Princeton Prof: Fetuses Are Like Plants, They Don't "Count Morally In The Way That People Do" [This professor is a nut, and obviously has no idea what she is talking about!!!]

14 May 2008 - 131,000 Coloradans Endorse 'Personhood' Plan: Ballot Initiative Would Extend Constitution's Protections To Pre-Born

14 May 2008 - Unsealed Court Records Show Attorney General Actively Undermined Planned Parenthood Prosecution

14 May 2008 - Coast Guard Backtracks On Forced Vaccine: Catholic Officer Wins Right To Reject Shot Made From Aborted Fetus

14 May 2008 - Wanna Help Planet? 'Let's All Just Die!': Group Pushes To Improve Earth's Ecosystem By Ensuring Human Species Does Not Survive

14 May 2008 - University Student Senator Who Vandalized Pro-Life Display Gets Another Term

14 May 2008 - New Book From Steve Mosher Explodes The Pro-Abortion Myth Of Overpopulation

13 May 2008 - All Four Northern Ireland Party Leaders Say No To Legalizing Abortion

13 May 2008 - Planned Parenthood Uses Mother's Day To Solicit Funds: Mothers And Daughters Laud Legacy Of 'Choice,' But The Real Legacy Is One Of Death

13 May 2008 - Bill To Protect Preborn Babies Is Stuck In U.S. Senate

13 May 2008 - Colorado Pro-Life Group To Submit Enough Signatures For Abortion Amendment

10 May 2008 - Researcher: 46 Percent Of American Health Insurance Plans Cover Abortion

10 May 2008 - Post-Abortion Group Upset Planned Parenthood Exploited Mother's Day

09 May 2008 - Smashing Defeat For Pro-Abortion Forces In Brazil: Legislative Committee Defeats Abortion Decriminalization In Unanimous Vote

09 May 2008 - Largest Canadian March For Life Ever - 8,000 Attend Massive Rally On Parliament Hill

06 May 2008 - States Legalize A Woman's Right To Know [Has an embedded video on the page]

06 May 2008 - United Methodist Church Takes Small Pro-Life Steps To Oppose Abortion

06 May 2008 - Jamaica Nurses Association Says Promote Better Health Care, Not Abortion

05 May 2008 - Good News: Life Memorial Replaces Abortion Clinic In Alabama

05 May 2008 - Over 760 Registered To Date For Canadian National March For Life Youth Conference May 9: Popular Event Has Been Wowing Students In Recent Years With Top Notch Presentations On Life Issues

05 May 2008 - Missouri Choose Life License Plate Unveiled, Available For Purchase Statewide

02 May 2008 - Italian Mother "Lays Down Her Life" For Her Unborn Child: Paola Brenda Sacrifices Life For "Gift Of Motherhood, The Gift Of Having Children"

02 May 2008 - Pro-Life Groups Plan Funeral For Babies Killed In Abortions At Dumpster Clinic

02 May 2008 - Uruguay President Tabaré Vázquez Vetoes Bill To Legalize Abortion

02 May 2008 - Time For Pro-Life Advocates In Belize To Stand Up To Legalized Abortion

01 May 2008 - Tennessee House May Vote On Constitutional Abortion Amendment Thursday

01 May 2008 - Indiana Prosecutor Wants Unborn Victims Law To Apply Throughout Pregnancy [Good it should be!]

01 May 2008 - Unforgettable Looks Of An Abortion, How Seeing The Procedure Changes Minds

28 Mar 2008 - Texas Pro-Life Group's Abortion-Breast Cancer Billboard Draws Newspaper's Ire

28 Mar 2008 - Ecuador Churches Submit 100,000 Signatures To Prevent Constitutional Recognition Of Abortion

28 Mar 2008 - Tucson, Arizona Newspaper Wants Gov. Janet Napolitano To Veto Abortion Bills

27 Mar 2008 - Wisconsin Appeals Court Upholds Pharmacist's Right Of Conscience

26 Mar 2008 - Canada: Nursing Association Attempts To Silence Christian Activist, Fellow Nurse At Supreme Court

26 Mar 2008 - Tennessee Lawmaker Pushes For Vote On Abortion Amendment On House Floor

26 Mar 2008 - Idaho House Approves Bill Making Coercing Woman's Abortion A Crime

26 Mar 2008 - Arizona Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Heads To Governor Janet Napolitano To Sign

26 Mar 2008 - Malta Government Won't Legalize Abortion Despite Council Of Europe Pressure [Good for them for standing up against this evil!]

26 Mar 2008 - Alaska House Approves Partial-Birth Abortion Ban, Heads To State Senate

25 Mar 2008 - Pro-Life Film "The Human Experience" Promotes Consistent Respect for Human Life

25 Mar 2008 - Ohio Governor Ted Strickland Signs Abortion-Ultrasound Bill Helping Women

25 Mar 2008 - Barack Obama, African-American Leaders Must Confront High Abortion Figures

25 Mar 2008 - Good News: Planned Parenthood Florida Affiliates Shut Down

24 Mar 2008 - Florida House Cmte Approves Abortion-Ultrasound Bill Giving Women More Info

24 Mar 2008 - British Psychiatrists' Group Right To Acknowledge Abortion-Mental Health Link

21 Mar 2008 - The Nation's Largest Abortion Provider Is Being Accused Of Racism, Overbilling And Violating State Abortion Laws - And Americans Are Starting To Notice

21 Mar 2008 - South Dakota Shows Ultrasounds To Women before Abortions: A Dozen States Take Advantage Of Technology To View Preborn Babies

21 Mar 2008 - The Pro-Life Pentecost In Brazil, And What It Means For The Rest Of The World

21 Mar 2008 - Canada Pro-Abortion Group Slams Poll Showing Support For Bill To Protect Women

20 Mar 2008 - In Heap Of Trouble, Planned Parenthood Funds Pro-Abortion Candidates: Local Affiliates Accused Of Racism, Overbilling And Violating State Abortion Laws

20 Mar 2008 - Response To Caller 'A Serious Mistake,' Says Planned Parenthood Of Idaho: They Also Criticized The Advocate For Trying To Discredit Employees With Recorded Phone Calls [Even though they will make claims to the contrary, they still follow the traditions of eugenicist Margret Sanger, their founder!]

20 Mar 2008 - Australian Study Shows Dramatic Drop In Abortion, Low Proportion Of Homosexuals

20 Mar 2008 - ADF Challenges Pittsburgh Ordinance That Stifles Free Speech

20 Mar 2008 - What We Did Not Know: The Aftermath Of Thirty Years Of Legal Abortion

20 Mar 2008 - Mississippi Pro-Life Bills Die In Committee

20 Mar 2008 - Abortionist Tiller Admits To Performing Abortions The Day Before Delivery: His Speech at National Education Association

20 Mar 2008 - Following Lawsuit, Pro-Life Club Allowed To Meet In School Building

20 Mar 2008 - Pro-Life Student Group Releases Full Tape Of Abortion Speaker At NEA-Based Event

20 Mar 2008 - Mississippi House Cmte Kills Pro-Life Bills On Abortion Drug, Protecting Teens [This pill of death should be completely banned! Not only does it murder the unborn child, but also threatens the life of those who take it!]

20 Mar 2008 - Colorado Lawmakers Endorse Abortion-Personhood Initiative, Sign Ballot Petitions

19 Mar 2008 - Argentine President's Administration Urges Parliament To Legalize Abortion, Homosexual "Marriage" [This is evil! This just goes to show that evil is as evil does!]

19 Mar 2008 - National Education Association Under Fire For Letting Abortion Practitioner Speak

19 Mar 2008 - Pro-Life Groups Proceed With Plans To Protest Abortion At Democratic Convention

19 Mar 2008 - Kansas House Gives Final Approval To Abortion Limits By Veto-Proof Majority

19 Mar 2008 - Virginia Legislature Kills Effort To Stop Taxpayer Funding For Planned Parenthood

19 Mar 2008 - South Dakota School District Allows Pro-Life Advocates To Use Building For Events

18 Mar 2008 - U.S. Senate Rejects Pro-Life Amendment To Health Bill

18 Mar 2008 - US Health Secretary: Refusing Certification To Docs Who Refuse To Refer For Abortion Is Illegal: College Of Ob/Gyns Could Lose Federal Funding If They Deny Conscience Rights To Pro-Life Docs

18 Mar 2008 - Pennsylvania Pro-Life Nurse Files Appeal In Abortion Center Free Speech Case

17 Mar 2008 - Michigan Abortionist Tosses Patient Records, Aborted Babies Into Trash: 'This Is Obviously Part Of How This Guy Operates.'

17 Mar 2008 - Ohio Legislature Backs Abortion-Ultrasound Bill, Heads To Governor Strickland

17 Mar 2008 - Sunday Marks End Of Second 40 Days For Life Effort, Lives Saved From Abortion

17 Mar 2008 - Obama And Clinton Join Senate Against Helping Pregnant Women, McCain Disagrees

17 Mar 2008 - New Hampshire House Kills Teen Abortion Bills, Counseling Measure Advances,p> 17 Mar 2008 - Kentucky House Fails To Get Comprehensive Abortion Bill Out Of Committee

14 Mar 2008 - Reporter Wins National Journalism Award For Article On Carrying Ill-Fated Pregnancy To Term: The Importance Of Establishing Perinatal Hospices All Over North America

14 Mar 2008 - Dr. James Dobson Calls For Future Generations To Rise To The Call Of Pro-Life Leadership

14 Mar 2008 - Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Join Senate Against Parental Involvement On Abortion [Clearly shows that they have NO respect for human life!]

14 Mar 2008 - Bank Of America, Wachovia Accused Of Denying Gifts To Abortion Business

14 Mar 2008 - Seventy Percent Of Canadians Back Unborn Victims Bill, Deny Abortion Distortion

14 Mar 2008 - Catholic Church Tells Philippines Bishop To Reject Pro-Abortion Donations [Accepting money from them is just like accepting money from the devil himself!]

14 Mar 2008 - South Dakota Gov Signs Bill Allowing Ultrasound Of Baby Before Abortion [Great news!!!]

13 Mar 2008 - Dr. James Dobson Exhorts Christian Broadcasters To Answer The Call: 'Who Will Defend The Unborn Child? Who's Going To Fight For The Institution Of Marriage?'

13 Mar 2008 - Woman Sues Hospital For Misinformation Leading To Abortion

13 Mar 2008 - PRI Comments On Planned Parenthood's Loss Of Taxpayer Funding In Virginia: PP's Supporters Have Come To Think Of Taxpayer Funding For Its Sterilization And Contraception Programs As A Right [That is how evil thinks. It thinks it has the right to do anything it wants to!]

13 Mar 2008 - Lifeway Christian Bookstore Releases Bible Study For Post Abortion Healing

13 Mar 2008 - Michigan Senate Backs Rules To Stop Teen Abortions Without Parental Consent

13 Mar 2008 - Minnesota Pro-Life Group Supports House, Senate Bills To Ban Saline Abortions

13 Mar 2008 - Florida Bill For Justice For Pregnant Women, Unborn Children Advances

13 Mar 2008 - South Dakota Pro-Life Group Confident Abortion Ban Will Reach November Ballot

12 Mar 2008 - Canada Bill Protecting Pregnant Women, Unborn Still Under Pro-Abortion Attack

12 Mar 2008 - Mississippi Becomes 20th State Showing Pro-Life Republican Majority On Abortion

11 Mar 2008 - Suit Set To Expose Planned Parenthood's "Extensive, Organized Fraud": Former Planned Parenthood Executive Reports That PP's Illegal Practices Cost Taxpayers More Than $180 Million

11 Mar 2008 - Pro-Abortion Socialists Win National Elections In Spain": "Conservative" Opposition Party Presented Little Difference On Life And Family Issues

11 Mar 2008 - American Idol Under Fire For Second Program Supporting Pro-Abortion Groups

11 Mar 2008 - New York Pro-Life Advocates Must Stop Governor Eliot Spitzer's Abortion War

10 Mar 2008 - "Extensive, Organized Fraud": Lawsuits Allege Planned Parenthood Ripped Off Taxpayers For More Than $180 Million, Fired Whistleblower

10 Mar 2008 - Cinema Vita Film Festival Showcases Pro-Life Movies Focusing On Abortion, Bioethics

10 Mar 2008 - European Union Split Widens As Abortion Roils United Nations Negotiations

10 Mar 2008 - Oklahoma Lawmakers Will Vote On Handful Of Pro-Life Abortion Bills This Week

10 Mar 2008 - Connecticut Catholic Bishops Back Bill To Require More Teen Abortion Counseling

10 Mar 2008 - South Dakota School District Denies Prohibiting Pro-Life Group Access To Building

07 Mar 2008 - Canada: Victims' Families Cheer Advancement Of Unborn Victims Of Violence Act

07 Mar 2008 - British Woman Having One Of The First Legal Abortions Regrets It 40 Years Later

07 Mar 2008 - Forensic Report Indicates Manslaughter At Florida Abortion Mill - Baby Was Born Alive

07 Mar 2008 - Pro-Life Group Wants John McCain To Keep Republican Platform Against Abortion

07 Mar 2008 - Michigan Panel Approves Rules To Stop Teen Abortions Without Parental Consent

07 Mar 2008 - Missouri Pro-Life Group Says Attempted Forced Abortion Points To Need For Bill

07 Mar 2008 - Arizona House Approves Bill To Stop Nurses, Non-Doctors From Doing Abortions

06 Mar 2008 - ...And The Pulpits Are Silent

06 Mar 2008 - Canadian Unborn Victims Of Violent Crime Bill Passes Second Reading

06 Mar 2008 - Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. Calls Abortion A Major Crime

05 Mar 2008 - Nurse Practitioner Seeks Right To Perform Abortions: Nine States Don't Require Surgical Abortions To Be Performed By A Medical Doctor

05 Mar 2008 - Baby Born Healthy After Doctors Advise Aborting Him

05 Mar 2008 - Abortion Rights Politicians Unwilling To Stand Up For "Choice" To Allow Unborn Life: Second Hour Of Debate On Canadian Unborn Victims Of Crime Bill

05 Mar 2008 - Planned Parenthood Targets Alaska Natives For More Abortions, Rates Skyrocket

05 Mar 2008 - Federal Court Dismisses Pro-Life Lawsuit Over FDA Morning After Pill Decision [This pill is extremely dangerous and deadly, and not just to the unborn child!]

04 Mar 2008 - Canada: "Airbrushing Diversity": Parents Of Down Syndrome Children Tell Of Abortion Pressures

04 Mar 2008 - Brazil Approaches Historic Decision On The Personhood Of Embryos: Despite Overwhelming "Catholic" Majority, Media Predicts Decision Against Life

04 Mar 2008 - Scientists, Govt Ignore Abortion-Breast Cancer Link Leading Surgeon Says

04 Mar 2008 - Alaska Committees Approve Partial-Birth Abortion Ban, Parental Consent Bill

04 Mar 2008 - Notre Dame Honors Actor Martin Sheen, In Part For His Pro-Life Abortion Views

03 Mar 2008 - MLK's Niece: 'Abortion A Racist, Genocidal Act'

03 Mar 2008 - Abortion Takes A Toll On The African-American Community

03 Mar 2008 - Planned Parenthood Of Idaho Backtracks On Apology For Racist Abortion Donation

03 Mar 2008 - Florida Bill Allows Women To See Ultrasound Of Unborn Baby Before Abortion

03 Mar 2008 - World's Shortest Mom Rejects Abortion To Give Birth To Healthy Baby

03 Mar 2008 - African-Americans Should Use Their Boycott Power To Protest Abortion

29 Feb 2008 - Poland And Malta Stand Up To European Union, United Nations On Abortion [Good for them for standing up against this evil and doing the right thing!]

29 Feb 2008 - Virginia State Senate Committee Continues Tradition of Killing Bills To Limit Abortions

29 Feb 2008 - Rare European Union Split At UN Over Attempt To Shift Agenda To Include Abortion: Secretary-General Refers To "Greatest Resource For Development: Mothers Raising Children"

29 Feb 2008 - Ralph Nader Picks Strongly Pro-Abortion Running Mate Matt Gonzalez

29 Feb 2008 - Pro-Life Leaders Close Out Black History Month With Condemnation of Abortion

29 Feb 2008 - British MP Thanks Conservative David Cameron On Limiting Late-Term Abortions

29 Feb 2008 - Kosovo Constitution Threatens Unborn Children By Promoting Abortion

29 Feb 2008 - N.Y. Legislation Would Force Abortion On Religious Hospitals: They Would Have To Kill Preborn Babies Or Make Referrals

28 Feb 2008 - Obama Calls Vote To Help Terri Schiavo Biggest Mistake: 'Whether It's Abortion Or End-Of-Life Issues, He's Been Consistently Anti-Life.'

28 Feb 2008 - Planned Parenthood: Wanting Fewer Blacks 'Understandable': Abortion Provider Says 'Yes' When 'Donor' Wants To Reduce Minorities

28 Feb 2008 - US Senate Passes Pro-Life Amendment To Indian Health Care Bill

28 Feb 2008 - Virginia Senate Bans Tax-Funding Of Planned Parenthood With Bolling's Help

28 Feb 2008 - Student Magazine Says Planned Parenthood Probe Finds Abortion Racism

28 Feb 2008 - Georgia Pro-Life Group Gets 150K Grant To Help Pregnant Women Avoid Abortions

27 Feb 2008 - Senate Amendment Targets Federal Funding Of Abortions

27 Feb 2008 - Lack Of Interest Forces Planned Parenthood To Leave University [GOOD!]

27 Feb 2008 - Senate Passes Pro-Life Amendment To Indian Health Care Bill: Constituents Played A Key Role In Victory

27 Feb 2008 - Pro-Life Groups Call On Catholic Colleges To Stop Inviting Pro-Abortion Speakers

27 Feb 2008 - Mike Huckabee Endorses Colorado Personhood Amendment To Stop Abortions

27 Feb 2008 - Second California University, College Of The Sequoias, Limits Pro-Life Free Speech

26 Feb 2008 - Doctors Advised Abortion; Baby Born Healthy: How Many Other Babies Are Killed Who Would Have Turned Out To Be Completely Healthy?'

26 Feb 2008 - Death Of Illinois Woman's Fetus Declared A Homicide

26 Feb 2008 - Amendment Would Prevent Federal Money From Funding Abortions

26 Feb 2008 - Dr. Martin Luther King's Niece Upset Abortion Business Using Uncle's Image

26 Feb 2008 - California Group Halfway On Signatures For Parental Notification On Abortion

25 Feb 2008 - Massachusetts Attorney General Claims 35-Foot Clinic Barrier Supports Freedom Of Speech [This does NOT support freedom of speech. It is just another attempt by those who support this evil to silence those speaking out against it!]

25 Feb 2008 - Mike Huckabee Compares Abortion To Slavery, Possibly Setting Up 2012 Race

25 Feb 2008 - Human Rights Group Calls For Releasing Pro-Life Cuban Doctor Oscar Biscet

25 Feb 2008 - Cypress College In California Accused Of Squelching Pro-Life Group's Free Speech

22 Feb 2008 - Colorado Center Helps Men And Women Deal With Post-Abortion Trauma

22 Feb 2008 - Abortionist Who Killed 22-Year-Old Barred From U.S. Medical Practice: Mother of young girl vows to spend her life fighting abortion, says that God "is the head of the pro-life movement and He will guide and direct and empower us if we but hear His voice and follow His heart."

22 Feb 2008 - South Dakota Abortion-Ultrasound Bill Heads To Governor Rounds To Sign

21 Feb 2008 - Pro-Life Doctors Group Challenges OBGYN Org On Abortion Conscience Rights [Good for these doctors for taking a stand against this evil!]

21 Feb 2008 - Georgia House Panel Kills Personhood Bill Protecting Unborn On Abortion

20 Feb 2008 - Missouri Conscience Bill Seeks To Reclassify MAP As Abortifacient [Good!]

20 Feb 2008 - Planned Parenthood Plans Six-Story Clinic In Houston: An Entire Floor Will Be Dedicated To Abortions

20 Feb 2008 - Students Upset By Professor's Stance That Down Syndrome Babies Should Die

20 Feb 2008 - New York Pro-Life Advocates Oppose Bill To Promote Unlimited Abortions

20 Feb 2008 - Missouri Bill Would Stop Pressuring Women Into Having Coerced Abortions

19 Feb 2008 - Prenatal-Care Clinic Replaces Abortion Clinic

18 Feb 2008 - Clinton: "If You Were Really Pro-Life, You Would Want To Put Every Doctor . . . In Prison" - Bill Caught On Camera Lashing Out At Pro-Life Students In Steubenville [More proof of how arrogant and hateful these individuals are who are against God's Word and those who follow it!

18 Feb 2008 - Aurora Residents Sue City And Planned Parenthood Over Giant Abortion Mill's Zoning Violations

18 Feb 2008 - Pro-Abortion Magazine "The Nation" Paints Worldwide Pro-Life Group As Racist [My question is, "What is so racist about standing up for human life?]

18 Feb 2008 - United Nations Committee Pushes Countries To Promote Abortion In CEDAW Mtg

18 Feb 2008 - Pro-Abortion Groups In Canada Continue Misleading On Unborn Victims Bill

18 Feb 2008 - South Dakota House Panel Approves Abortion-Ultrasound Bill Helping Women

15 Feb 2008 - Abortion Backers Can't Ignore New York Times Story That Babies Feel Pain

15 Feb 2008 - Women Victimized By Abortions Not Surprised By Mental Health Link Study

15 Feb 2008 - Arizona State House Committee Approves Bill Banning Partial-Birth Abortions

15 Feb 2008 - South Dakota Pro-Life Advocates Get Backing In School Access Lawsuit

14 Feb 2008 - Without Natural Affection

14 Feb 2008 - California Public School Teacher Placed On Leave After Showing Abortion Film [They don't like it when their lies are exposed and the truth is shown!]

14 Feb 2008 - The War Continues: Brazil Catholic Bishops Take Pro-Life Battle To The United Nations, And International Foundations: "Declaration Of Aparecida In Defense Of Life" Is A Call To War Against Globalist Population Control

14 Feb 2008 - Study Finds Women Who Have Abortions Experience Post-Traumatic Stress

14 Feb 2008 - Aurora Pro-Life Advocates Sue City Over Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

14 Feb 2008 - Texas Criminal Court Again Upholds Conviction Under Unborn Victims Law

14 Feb 2008 - Did Planned Parenthood Follow The Law? Grand Jury Investigates [It wouldn't be the first time that they have. They seem to ignore the law and do whatever they want when they want!]

13 Feb 2008 - The War Against Abortion: Brazilians Come Out Swinging At Massive Pro-Life Conference - Denounce International Organizations Imposing Population Control And Sexual Immorality On Latin America

12 Feb 2008 - Bush's Them And Us - "Abortion On Demand" VS "Adoption And The Right To Life"

12 Feb 2008 - Planned Parenthood Radio Ad Bashes John McCain For Opposing Abortion [This comes as no surprise. Both they and their supporters will bash anyone who stands up against their evil!!!!]

12 Feb 2008 - If A University Forbids A Pro-Life Club, Pro-Life Students Should Not Be Forced To Pay

12 Feb 2008 - Leading Physician Convinced Babies Feel Pain At 20 Weeks Of Pregnancy

11 Feb 208 - Bush Administration Opposes HIV/AIDS Bill Over Abortion Funding, Abstinence

11 Feb 2008 - Pro-Life Groups, Lawmakers Renew Call For Abortion-Neutral AIDS Legislation

08 Feb 2008 - Abortion Law Protecting Pro-Life Doctors And Hospitals In Legal Limbo

08 Feb 2008 - Prayer And Fasting Campaign Works To Protect Preborn Life: 40 Days For Life Credited With Saving Hundreds Of Babies

08 Feb 2008 - South Africa Parliament Promotes Abortions, Allows Nurses To Do Them

08 Feb 2008 - Planned Parenthood Works To Increase Its Share Of Abortion Market: Abortion Provider Is Shuttering Small Sites While Building Mega-Centers

08 Feb 2008 - Virginia State Senate Committee Rejects Three Bills Limiting Abortions

07 Feb 2008 - Values Voter Pledge: Will You Pledge To Support Only Pro-Life, Pro-Faith And Pro-Family Candidates?

06 Feb 2008 - Virginia House OKs Pro-Life Legislation on Ultrasounds, Fetal Pain

04 Feb 2008 - Rhode Island Governor And Wife Attend Pro-Life Rally

04 Feb 2008 - Pro-Life Groups Say FDA Must Address China Abortion Drug Health Concerns

01 Feb 2008 - Abortionist: "World Is A Kinder, Gentler Place" Because Of Abortion [PURE RUBBISH!!!]

01 Feb 2008 - Tennessee Senate Passes Uncompromising Pro-Life Amendment

01 Feb 2008 - Pro-Life Advocate Accuses Politicians Of Using Faith For Political Means

01 Feb 2008 - Manufacturer Of RU-486 Paralyzes Patients With Tainted Drug: FDA Continues To Refuse To Investigate Chinese Manufacturer

31 Jan 2008 - Liberal 9th Circuit Rules In Favor Of Pro-Life License Plates: First Amendment Wins The Day; A Dozen Other Lawsuits Are Pending

31 Jan 2008 - Alaska Right To Life Endorses Mike Huckabee For Republican Presidential Bid

31 Jan 2008 - Brazilian Carnival Distributes Morning-After Pill [This is WRONG!!! This pill is very dangerous and should be completely banned! Not only does it kill an unborn child, but in many cases it has killed the mother as well!]

31 Jan 2008 - South Dakota State Senate, House Approve Similar Abortion-Ultrasound Bills

31 Jan 2008 - Calgary Mainstream Newspaper Editorial Suggests Limits On Abortion

30 Jan 2008 - Pro-Life Youths Make Their Voices Heard

30 Jan 2008 - Mother Teresa's Successor Adds Voice To Vatican Call For Moratorium On Abortion

30 Jan 2008 - Virginia Legislature Moves Abortion-Ultrasound Bills To House Floor For Vote

29 Jan 2008 - Planned Parenthood Tries To Get U.S. Pro-Life Ads Booted From Radio Stations: Pro-Life Activists Strongly Encouraged To Write In To Thank Stations For Running Ads

29 Jan 2008 - National Right To Life: No Pro-Abortion Democrat Or Rudy Giuliani For President

29 Jan 2008 - More Canadian City Officials Censor Pro-Life Ads: Pro-Life Advocates Encouraged To Contact Mayor And Metrobus

29 Jan 2008 - Tennessee Right To Life Next Pro-Life Group To Endorse Mike Huckabee

29 Jan 2008 - Vatican-Led Global Anti-Abortion Campaign Finds Unusual Supporters

29 Jan 2008 - Arizona Choose Life License Plate Ruled Constitutional By Appeals Court

29 Jan 2008 - Canada: The Only Civilized Nation With No Legal Restriction On Abortion: Physicians For Life Comments 20 Years After Morgentaler Decision

29 Jan 2008 - California Abortion Center Owner Charged With Unlicensed Medical Practice

29 Jan 2008 - Missouri Initiative To Stop Forced Abortions Redone For Better Ballot Details

28 Jan 2008 - Roe V. Wade Left Abortion Stain On America's Character With Millions Killed

28 Jan 2008 - Jamaica Parliament Creates Group To Examine Legalizing Abortion There

28 Jan 2008 - Kansas Unborn Victims Law Protecting Women, Children May Get Test Case

26 Jan 2008 - Pro-Life Hero Wesley J. Smith: 'Science Needs Ethical Boundaries Beyond Which It Should Not Go'

26 Jan 2008 - After Successfully Avoiding Abortion, Northern Ireland Launches "40 Days For Life"

25 Jan 2008 - Barack Obama: My Pro-Abortion Views Can Appeal to Evangelical Voters [There is NO place in the Church for the evils of abortion!]

25 Jan 2008 - Abortion Leaders Admit that Pro-Life Arguments are Convincing: Express concern about pictures of abortion shown to public

25 Jan 2008 - Court Allows Missouri To Offer Pro-Life License Plates

25 Jan 2008 - Pro-Abortion Clergy Bless New York Abortion Business As "Sacred Ground" [This is wrong! This so-called member of the "clergy" will suffer the wrath of God for promoting this evil as good and going against the Word of God!]

25 Jan 2008 - Nicaraguan President Defends Abortion Policy Before European Delegation: Underlines Nicaraguan People's Devotion To Human Life

25 Jan 2008 - Tennessee Lawmakers Back Change To Constitutional Amendment On Abortion

25 Jan 2008 - Ohio Supreme Court Won't Hear Teen Abortion Case Where Parents Shut Out

25 Jan 2008 - Massachusetts Abortion Protest Buffer Zone Subject Of Pro-Life Firm's Lawsuit

25 Jan 2008 - Missouri Choose Life License Plates Must Be Approved, Judge Rules

24 Jan 2008 - Mike Huckabee Leads Georgia Abortion Rally For Proposed Pro-Life Amendment

24 Jan 2008 - 225,000 Take Part In National March For Life In Washington

24 Jan 2008 - Poll Finds Majority Of Americans Don't Want Abortion In Health Care Coverage [GOOD!!!]

24 Jan 2008 - Michigan And Alaska A Step Closer To Banning Partial Birth Abortion

24 Jan 2008 - 'Demonic' Grunts, Barks Confront Prayer Warriors: Film Reveals Vitriol, Hatred Directed At Pro-Life Activists

24 Jan 2008 - Michigan Senate Sends Partial-Birth Abortion Ban To House

24 Jan 2008 - Black Pro-Life Leaders: Martin Luther King, Jr. Would Have Opposed Abortion

24 Jan 2008 - Federally Supported Abortion Clinics Labeled 'Safe Havens For Child Rapists': The First Prosecutor To Obtain Abortion Records Since Roe V. Wade Says Planned Parenthood "Has Become A Safe-Haven For Child Rapists."

24 Jan 2008 - Pro-Life Former Candidate Duncan Hunter Endorses Mike Huckabee's GOP Bid

24 Jan 2008 - Hillary Clinton Confirms She Will Appoint Pro-Abortion Judges As President [What happened to her wanting to represent and do what the people wanted? Most people in the country are against abortion!]

24 Jan 2008 - Barack Obama Celebrates Abortion, Warns Supreme Court Could Reverse Roe

24 Jan 2008 - NCAA Moves Toward Protecting Pregnant Athletes From Needing Abortions

23 Jan 2008 - President Bush Tells March For Life Participants Abortion Destroys Human Lives

23 Jan 2008 - Britain Destroys More Than 1 Million 'Excess' Embryos: Life Advocates In U.S. Focus On Embryo Adoption [Life begins at conception, so that means that this was the murder of over 1 million innocent lives!]

23 Jan 2008 - Life is Winning In America: Compassion Is Overcoming Convenience, Life Is Defeating Despair, And Hope Is Vanquishing A Lifetime Of Regret

23 Jan 2008 - Planned Parenthood To Spend $10M To Support Pro-Abortion Candidates [They will spend any amount they need to in order to keep doing their serial killing known as abortion!]

23 Jan 2008 - Pro-Life Leader: Movement Making Strong Gains, Victory In Sight

23 Jan 2008 - Portuguese Medical Association Defies Government Order To Accept Abortion

23 Jan 2008 - March For Life Mourns 35 Years Of Abortion, Sees Hope For Pro-Life Future

23 Jan 2008 - Australian Women Taking Dangerous Abortion Drug In Large Numbers

23 Jan 2008 - Abortion Drop Not Due To Politics, Say Pro-Life Leader

23 Jan 2008 - Bloggers Fight For The Rights Of Preborn Babies

23 Jan 2008 - Arizona Doesn't Want Federal Funding For Abstinence Education

23 Jan 2008 - Women Victimized By Abortion Say 35 Years Is Enough Pain And Agony

23 Jan 2008 - Next Generation Of Pro-Life Students Learns Leadership At Abortion Conference

23 Jan 2008 - Missouri Must Take Pregnant Prisoners For Abortions At Taxpayer Expense

22 Jan 2008 - President Bush Declares National Pro-Life Day Sunday, Opposing Abortion

22 Jan 2008 - Thirty-Five Years and 45 Million Preborn Babies Later: Life Advocates Have Hope For A Future Where Every Baby Gets To Live

22 Jan 2008 - West Coast Walk For Life Sees Record 25,000 Pro-Life People Participate

22 Jan 2008 - Pro-Life Advocates Prepare Second 40-Day Campaign Against Abortion

22 Jan 2008 - ADF Sues Over Buffer Zones Around Massachusetts Abortion Clinics

22 Jan 2008 - Pro-Life Group Wants United Methodist Church To Abandon Pro-Abortion View [No Church or Christian should ever be in favor of this form of murder and serial killing!]

22 Jan 2008 - Abortion And America's Future

21 Jan 2008 - Los Angeles Times Denies Abortion's Link To Breast Cancer, Depression

21 Jan 2008 - Kansas Gov Appoints New Attorney General, Replacing Pro-Abortion Morrison

21 Jan 2008 - Utah Voters Back Tightening Parental Consent Abortion Law, Poll Shows

21 Jan 2008 - Teens Take Pro-Life Activism To DC

19 Jan 2008 -- Americans Flunk Test On Roe v. Wade: Results Confirm That Most People Do Not Realize The Widespread Impact Of Abortion Ruling

19 Jan 2008 - Friday Five: Pro-Life Hero Rita Marker: Has Assisted Suicide Gone From Something Considered Terribly Tragic To Just Another Form Of Medical Treatment?

19 Jan 2008 - Philippine President Orders National Drive To "Shun Abortion As A Health And Moral Hazard"

19 Jan 2008 - Precedent Setting Ruling Reinstates Canadian Pro-Life Activist's Nursing License, Cancels Fine

18 Jan 2008 - Annual Report Ranks States On Pro-Life Efforts: Michigan Wins Top Honor For Third Year In A Row: Oregon Finishes Last

18 Jan 2008 - Dangerous Abortion Drug Maker Happy Report Shows Increased Usage

18 Jan 2008 - U.S. Abortion Rate Hits 30-Year Low: In 2005, 1.2 Million Babies Were Killed In The Womb

18 Jan 2008 - 'TeenPact' Urges House Action On Right-To-Life Bill

18 Jan 2008 - San Jose Public School Accused Of Discriminating Against Pro-Life Club

18 Jan 2008 - Senator Aims To Keep Federal Indian Funding Away From Abortion [GOOD!!! Federal taxpayer money should NOT be used for MURDER!]

18 Jan 2008 - ABC News Criticized For Promoting Author Who Says Abortion Reduces Crime

18 Jan 2008 - Michigan State Senate Panel Approves New Partial-Birth Abortion Ban

18 Jan 2008 - Canadian City Pulls Pro-Life Bus Shelter Ads Citing "Offensiveness"

18 Jan 2008 - Calgary Nursing Faculty Offers "Bizarre" Counselling Training For Abortion Facility Staff

17 Jan 2008 - Did Jesus Follow Romans 13?

17 Jan 2008 - Pro-Abortion Religious Leader Bemoans Lack Of Clergy Backing Roe V. Wade [Maybe he needs to read the Word of God. The Bible clearly states that abortion is MURDER and should NOT be endorsed by the clergy, a church, or any Christian!]

17 Jan 2008 - Kevorkian Denounces Unnamed "Tyrant," Pushes For Euthanasia In Florida Speech: Angrily Defends "Right" To Carry Cocaine, To Smoke Marijuana In Interview With Local Newspaper

17 Jan 2008 - Paediatric Neurosurgeons Criticize Dutch Practice Of Euthanasia On Babies With Spina Bifida

17 Jan 2008 - Pro-Life Advocate Shari Richard Releases Amazing New Ultrasound Video

17 Jan 2008 - Abortion Advocates Still Peddle Misleading Story On Becky Bell's Death

17 Jan 2008 - California Pro-Life Student Group Files Lawsuit In School Discrimination Case

17 Jan 2008 - West Virginia Pro-Life Group Tackles Taxpayer-Funded Abortions Again

17 Jan 2008 - Virginia House Committee Signs Off On Abortion Facility Regulation Bill

17 Jan 2008 - Missouri Governor Matt Blunt Touts Pro-Life Values During State Speech

17 Jan 2008 - South Dakota Lawmakers Try Again To Require Ultrasound Before Abortion

16 Jan 2008 - Magazine Portrays Partial-Birth Abortion As Fashionable: Mom Claims She Chose Gruesome Procedure 'Out Of Love.' [Love of what? Evil? Because that is exactly what this is!]

16 Jan 2008 - Pro-Life Organization Ranks States On Passing Good Abortion, Bioethics Laws

16 Jan 2008 - House Bill Would Protect Alternative-To-Abortion Services

16 Jan 2008 - Pro-Life Club Sues Calif. School Over Lack Of Recognition

16 Jan 2008 - Suspect In Killing Of Pregnant Marine Could Face Federal Unborn Victims Law

16 Jan 2008 - Tennessee Senate Will Debate, Vote On Abortion Amendment Next Week

16 Jan 2008 - Alert to World's Students: Ask The UN 'Why Abortion'?

16 Jan 2008 - New Pro-Life Group Launched In Canada

16 Jan 2008 - Michigan, Louisiana And Pennsylvania "Most Pro-Life States"

15 Jan 2008 - Washington State Pursues Assisted-Suicide Ballot Initiative: 'We're Not Really Giving People A Right To Die, We're Giving Doctors A Right To Kill.'

15 Jan 2008 - Planned Parenthood, Viacom Sell 'Safe-Sex' In The Skies

15 Jan 2008 - Another Pro-Life Student Group Denied Official Club Status

15 Jan 2008 - Barack Obama Holds Media Conference Call To Defend Pro-Abortion Views

15 Jan 2008 - Every Student At Catholic Christendom College To Participate In March For Life

14 Jan 2008 - March For Life 2008 Conference And Activities Schedule

14 Jan 2008 - Friday Five: Pro-Life Hero Dennis Stafford: North Carolina Dad Counts His Blessings After Ignoring Abortion Advice

14 Jan 2008 - New American Psychiatric Association President Strong Abortion Supporter

14 Jan 2008 - Paintball Vandals Shoot Up "Thou Shalt Not Kill" Billboard Outside Abortion Clinic

14 Jan 2008 - Vogue Magazine Under Fire For Promoting Partial-Birth Abortions

14 Jan 2008 - Indiana Bill Gives Women Information On Baby's Pain During Abortion

14 Jan 2008 - Pro-Life Advocate Says Barack Obama The Most Pro-Abortion Candidate

11 Jan 2008 - Pro-Life Americans Prepare To March For Life, Oppose 35 Years Of Abortion

11 Jan 2008 - Pro-Life Groups in Oklahoma Can Keep Funds From License Plates: Abortion Group Went All The Way To The Supreme Court In Hunt For Money

11 Jan 2008 - CBS News Takes Cheap Shot At Abstinence Education

11 Jan 2008 - American Pro-Life Leaders Help Jewish Officials In Israel Oppose Abortion

11 Jan 2008 - Indiana Panel Backs Pharmacist Conscience Clause On Abortion, Euthanasia [Good! Glad to see that they are doing the right thing!]

11 Jan 2008 - Pro-Life March Scheduled To Shake Up Beach Resort Town In Brazil: Organizer Blames Wealthy Countries For Imposing Population Control On The Poor

11 Jan 2008 - New Argentine Health Minister Gives Indications Of Pro-Life Position

10 Jan 2008 - Abortion Objector Fights Back With Military Lawsuit

10 Jan 2008 - Virginia Pro-Life Groups Press For Abstinence Funds, Abortion-Fetal Pain Bill

10 Jan 2008 - Liberty Bell speech limits case delayed: Government unprepared for arguments over rangers' censorship

10 Jan 2008 - Washington Begins Assisted Suicide Debate As Former Governor Files Papers

10 Jan 2008 - Michigan Pro-Life Group Will Push For New Partial-Birth Abortion Ban

09 Jan 2008 - Canada: Women's Health Group Urges Readers To Sign Unborn Victims Of Crimes Bill Petition

09 Jan 2008 - Fifteen States Turn Up Noses At Money For Abstinence Education

09 Jan 2008 - Nicaraguan President Denounces International Media for Campaign Against Country's Anti-Abortion Laws

08 Jan 2008 - I'd Be A Voice For Life...If I Knew What To Say! [Free Pro-Life Handbook]

08 Jan 2008 - Focus On The Family TV Ads Spread Pro-Life Message: Ultrasound Images Show Living, Breathing Preborn Babies

08 Jan 2008 - Couple Welcome Quintuplets Despite Pressure To Abort [Good for them for standing up and doing the right thing and saying "NO" to this evil!!!!]

08 Jan 2008 - Univ. Of Alabama Hospital Using Tax Dollars For Abortions

08 Jan 2008 - Family Advocates Ask Bush To Pull Planned Parenthood Funding: Title X Funds Continue To Be Used By Abortion Providers

08 Jan 2008 - Planned Parenthood Throws Condoms At Youths - Literally [More proof of their lack of morals!]

08 Jan 2008 - Leaders Of Planned Parenthood Watchdog Group Endorse Mike Huckabee

08 Jan 2008 - Pro-Abortion Group Attacks Mike Huckabee, Bashes Him With New Hampshire Calls

07 Jan 2008 - United Nations Population Agency Puts Abortion At Top Of World Agenda

07 Jan 2008 - Spanish Abortion Rate Skyrockets To Over 100,000 Annually

07 Jan 2008 - Canada's Government Expected To Vote On Unborn Victims Bill In March

07 Jan 2008 - Are Your Smarter Than A 7th-Grader? What Pro-Life Teens Say About Abortion

07 Jan 2008 - Operation Rescue: Police Looked Other Way In Attack On Pro-Lifer

04 Jan 2008 - United Nations Rolls Out Liberal Agenda For 2008: Abortion And Global Warming Rise To The Top Of The List

04 Jan 2008 - Planned Parenthood Entices Teens With "Mile High Club"

04 Jan 2008 - Planned Parenthood Watchdog Releases New List Of Corporate Supporters

04 Jan 2008 - Man, 69, Gets Bones Broken Counseling Against Abortions: Sidewalk Adviser Knocked Unconscious, Police Let Suspect Flee

03 Jan 2003 - Chief Rabbis Of Israel Rule Abortion "A Grave Sin"

03 Jan 2008 - Pro-Life Czechs March To Commemorate Victims Of Abortion

03 Jan 2008 - Black Pro-Life Advocates Will Address Abortion Issues In January Conference

03 Jan 2008 - Mississippi Governor Names Pro-Life Congressman Roger Wicker To Senate [Good! We need more pro-life people in Washington!]

03 Jan 2008 - Pro-Abortion Group Will Spend $500K Promoting Hillary Clinton In Iowa [They want someone who will keep their method of serial killing legal!]

03 Jan 2008 - View: Reject Pro-Abortion Rudy Giuliani For GOP Nomination

03 Jan 2008 - California Legislature To Hear Bill On Pain Babies Experience During Abortion

03 Jan 2008 - "Fair & Balanced" Network Limits Choice

03 Jan 2008 - Hillary Clinton Tells Iowa Campaign Rally "I Am In Favor Of Abortion"

03 Jan 2008 - Pro-Life Groups Ask President Bush To Separate Abortion, Family Planning [Abortion is nothing but serial killing and murder, and has NO place with family planning!!!]

03 Jan 2008 - Kansas Legislator Apologizes For Assaulting Pro-Life Advocate At Rally

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