By Dr. Charles E. Sanders, Jr.

Posted: 30 May 2005

Dr. Charles E. Sanders. Jr., the WNHO Hawaii District President, is doing research for an upcoming book and would like your help. Below you will find a question he is posing to everyone. If you are interested in being of help with this valuable research, read the question below and think about it for a day or two before answering it. Then email your answer, response, or suggestion to us and we will make certain Dr. Sanders gets it. Send your emails to:

Thank you your help is very much appreciated.

Is addiction a symptom of the disease caused by the crisis that generated the Post Traumatic Disorder or is addiction a disease that uses that disease Post Traumatic Disorder as an excuse or justification. Most of the Vietnam Veterans I counsel and assist in filing claims started out using drugs, alcohol, and prescription drugs as an escape, then the addiction began, first psychological, then physiological, then a combination of both. The second part of the question is, was the person with the addiction prone or preprogrammed to the disease of addiction even if the crisis that caused the disease of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder had never occurred. Lastly, can the disease of addiction be held in remission or stopped without intervention or assistance by the individual at will if necessity dictates through life/death situations or for the sake of love. If for the sake of Love, is the sake of love in reality the fear of loss and being alone. If that were the case, other than the fact we are unique, why is it that too many lose everything and actually set up their personal relationships to fail, extracting of course the conscience or unconscious effort to prevent anyone or anything from penetrating the barriers we set up to prevent anyone from getting to close so we will not get hurt.