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19 Dec 2011 - EMPs And Automobiles: The Ultimate Traffic Jam

17 Dec 2011 - What To Do If You Fall Through The Ice [Has embedded videos on the web page]

12 Dec 2011 - Update: News Channel 5 Confirms Door-To-Door Questioning Of Food Supplies In Tennessee While Canneries Downplay Initial Reports [About 10 or so years ago FEMA was going around telling people that they should stock pile on food, water, medical supplies, etc. About a month later the FBI started announcing that if you see your neighbors storing food and supplies that you should report them to the FBI as they may be part of a terrorist cell group. Now here is the government wanting a list of what everyone has. My answer to that is IT IS NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS! If they show up at my door I will tell them it is NONE of their business! Then I will point out and tell them to go back and read the "Private Property No Trespassing" sign at the front of the driveway and that if they return I will press charges! Remember the parable of the ten virgins (Matthew 25:1-13) - Dr. B. Carey]

08 Dec 2011 - Growing Your Family's Pharmacy

08 Dec 2011 - Homemade Cheeses For Beginners

07 Nov 2011 - How To Find Free Food And Medicine All Around You, No Matter Where You Live

31 Oct 2011 - Water Filtration vs. Purification: What's The Difference?

31 Oct 2011 - Off-The-Grid Bathroom Solutions, Part 2

25 Oct 2011 - Extreme Survival: Are Your Off-Grid Survival Skills Good Enough?

20 Oct 2011 - A Suggested Survival List [Many other things can be added (remember a Bible), but this article and the list in it will give you a good start on preparing for emergencies. Remember the parable of the ten virgins - Matthew 25:1-13]

18 Oct 2011 - Grow Herbs All Year Long: Make A Cold Frame For Herbs

10 Oct 2011 - Winter's Coming: Are Your Home And Property Ready?

04 Oct 2011 - Plants That repel Insects

03 Oct 2011 - Organic Farming: Real Skills, Real Cheap

26 Sep 2011 - First Aid For You And Your Family

26 Sep 2011 - Preparing Your Pets For An Emergency

26 Sep 2011 - Gardening For The Long Term

23 Sep 2011 - Planting And Caring For Strawberries

13 Sep 2011 - Do You Now Understand Why You Need To Prepare For Emergencies? This Has Been The Worst Year For Natural Disasters In U.S. History

15 Aug 2011 - Growing Your Own Popcorn

11 Aug 2011 - Survival Medicine And Food

08 Aug 2011 - First Aid From Your Kitchen

08 Aug 2011 - Organic Weed Control

01 Aug 2011 - Beautiful And Edible Ground Covers

11 July 2011 - Fruit Leathers And Dried Fruit Snacks

05 July 2011 - Canning 203: Introduction To Meats - Poultry And Rabbit

20 June 2011 - Survivalist Time Management

13 June 2011 - Safe Or Sorry: Sterilizing Your Water Supply

06 June 2011 - Freezing Basics For Vegetables

16 May 2011 - Freezing: Fruit Basics

16 May 2011 - Fresh Milk On Tap: Goats For Home Milk Production

04 May 2011 - Green Gardening Secrets: How To Eliminate Bugs And Pests Without Using Poison

27 Apr 2011 - FREE E-BOOK: Fresh From The Garden - Recipes And Tips For Enjoying Your Harvest

27 Apr 2011 - Canning 201: The Pressure Canner

11 Apr 2011 - Prepper Canning 102:The Water Bath Canner

04 Apr 2011 - Prepper Canning 101: The Water Bath Canner

04 Apr 2011 - Diabetes And The Grid: Living Off It And Thriving

28 Mar 2011 - Prepper Baking 101: Making Your Own Yeast

28 Mar 2011 - Solar Water Heaters

23 Mar 2011 - Food Production: Greenhouses

21 Mar 2011 - One Spice Beats Pain, Helps The Brain: Curcumin Is A Disease-Fighting Superstar

08 Mar 2011 - Beyond The Alcohol And Beer: Fermenting Foods

08 Mar 2011 - Creature Comforts: 5 Things To Add To Your Preparedness Plans

23 Feb 2011 - Dehydrating: Preserving The Harvest

14 Feb 2011 - Water, Water, Everywhere: Long Term Water Storage

05 Jan 2011 - Growing Your Own Medicinals [YouTube video]

05 Jan 2011 - Living Off The Land [Has an embedded video on the web page]