Posted: 25 July 2018

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By Robert Cohen

Sugar, ahhh - - honey honey
you are my candy girl
and you got me wanting you
I just can't believe the loveliness of loving you
(I just can't believe its true)
I just can believe the wonder of this feeling too
(I just can't believe its true)

--Wilson Pickett, 1970 (Written by Barry and Andy Kim)

We are witnessing the dawning of a sci-fi food revolution. A new technology. A new food group. Amazingly, my research uncovered something nobody has ever revealed before in a column, newspaper article, or magazine expose. The next time you read "artificial flavor" on a food label, you should be aware that a component of that new genetically engineered food additive may be embryonic kidney cells from aborted human fetuses.

The new high-tech artificial flavors are not flavors at all. Instead, they contain chemicals which have been engineered to fool human taste buds. Future foods will need no salt, sugar, MSG, or artificial sweeteners. Instead, sensory perceptions will become warped by modern science. Brains will taste things that are not really there. Illusions. Deceptions. Memories of taste which are now artificially induced.

You may not understand the abstract of the most recent publication from this new food science, as published in the May 2, 2008 issue of the Journal of Biochemistry. I will translate.

The Abstract:


J Biol Chem. 2008 May 2;283(18):11981-94.
Small molecule activator of the human epithelial sodium
channel.Lu M, Echeverri F, Kalabat D, Laita B, Dahan DS, Smith RD, Xu H, Staszewski L, Yamamoto J, Ling J, Hwang N, Kimmich R, Li P, Patron E, Keung W, Patron A, Moyer BD.
Senomyx, Inc., San Diego, California 92121.

The epithelial sodium channel (ENaC), a heterotrimeric complex composed of alpha, beta, and gamma subunits, belongs to the ENaC/degenerin family of ion channels and forms the principal route for apical Na(+) entry in many reabsorbing epithelia.

Although high affinity ENaC blockers, including amiloride and derivatives, have been described, potent and specific small molecule ENaC activators have not been reported. Here we describe compound S3969 that fully and reversibly activates human ENaC (hENaC) in an amiloride-sensitive and dose-dependent manner in heterologous cells. Mechanistically, S3969 increases hENaC open probability through interactions requiring the extracellular domain of the beta subunit. hENaC activation by S3969 did not require cleavage by the furin protease, indicating that nonproteolyzed channels can be opened. Function of alphabetaG37Sgamma hENaC, a channel defective in gating that leads to the salt-wasting disease pseudohypoaldosteronism type I, was rescued by S3969. Small molecule activation of hENaC may find application in alleviating human disease, including pseudohypoaldosteronism type I, hypotension, and neonatal respiratory distress syndrome, when improved Na(+) flux across epithelial membranes is clinically desirable.


OK, so what does it all mean? Another question:

What's $6 today and $100 in the Near Future? SNMX trades on NASDAQ

From the Senomyx website:

Translation: Senomyx is re-inventing food and flavor by genetically engineering taste bud receptor cell triggers. Foods of the future will contain "flavor enhancers" which fool human taste buds into perceiving the sensations of sweetness, sourness, saltiness, and bitterness.

Remember the artificial sweetener controversies? Chemical sugar-replicating compounds are listed on food labels. The new chemicals made by biotech companies will require no such labels. Although they are not actual flavors, they will be called "artificial flavors."

How did Senomyx accomplish the task? A (multi-hour) review of their patents reveals that it all began with the cloning of human embryonic kidney cells. Step two was a recombinant process involving the combination of genetic material from embryonic kidney cells and human adeno-virus. If I had the ability to recall ten thousand abbreviations for the amino acid sequence, plus hundreds of complex combinations of ACTG (adeneine, cytosine, thymine, guanine) I'd describe the structure to you. For those curious scientists, do a google search with the keywords 'Senomyx and patents' and the third link ( will provide more info than you need to know. See: United States Patent #5,993,778.

How far into the future will these new biotech wonders appear in our food supply? The future is now. The next time you read "artificial flavor" on a food label, pause to consider what you've read here today. Content labels should read: Embryonic kidney cells from aborted human fetuses.

Senomyx is presently developing new products with many of the world's largest food manufacturers including Campbell's and Coca Cola. In fact, if you eat Nestle's foods, your taste buds are being artificially stimulated by biotech products developed by Senomyx. You may now know what you are eating, but I take this opportunity to paraphrase 17th century author Miguel Cervantes, who wrote in Don Quixote:

"The proof is in the pudding."

Robert Cohen

From Martini: In a letter received from someone who saw the aspartame file being sold by the German police before it was brought to the US under Operation Paperclip, one of the comments in it was the fact it causes infertility was good before it helped with depopulation. Aspartame is an endocrine disrupting product, stimulates prolactin, changes the menses, and causes infertility. If you're off of it and get pregnant and get back on it, aspartame is an abortifacient and if the baby survives its a teratogen. In original studies it caused neural tube defects, spina bifida and cleft palate for starters. Dr. Woodrow Monte in "While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills" is his chapter on aspartame and autism.


By María Celsa Rodríguez * - When a decriminalization project of abortion begins to make noise, behind it are the death lobbies that influence political parties or some feminist activists with public office, to achieve their goals: that abortion be legal . For this they use three elements: the ideological, the political and the economic. Theories of natal control and eugenics are at the roots of the abortionist banners

Abortion has a negative influence on human capital, something that is a determinant of wealth, but over time, as a generation passes, population reduction and real aging will be cause for poverty. And there is immigration that will be favored when taking jobs, is what is happening in Europe.

The flirtation of the government with foundations and international organizations of family planning and population control is a clear fact that what is desired with abortion, which is to reduce the birth rate. The NGOs that are financed by the IPPF are those that expose in favor of abortion in the public debate in the Chamber of Senators. Just the Guest Foundation represented by Dr. Cahn, who shamelessly mitigated in the Senate and before the cameras that do NOT receive money from Planned Parenthood. From its headquarters in London, in the United States, and with offices and clinics in 152 countries, it turns out to be the network that works to perform abortions and instruct and educate young women in sexual relationships and promote abortions. It is estimated that per year they perform 5 million abortions. But in Argentina they finance a series of organizations that defend and promote the Campaign for legal, safe and free abortion. Millions of dollars have been allocated to all organizations so that Argentina is another country that facilitates the death of babies in gestation.

In Argentina the representative of the IPPF is Casa Fusa, with a clinic in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, which says to give "health services to adolescents with a gender focus", where gynecological care is provided as the page says. And the Venezuelan actress Catherine Fulop is on the page of Casa Fusa by UNFPA ( ) which is the population fund of the United Nations, a population control body. She says on her page: "UNFPA: Contributing to a world where every pregnancy is desired, every birth is without risks and every young person reaches its full development". ( ) It is known that many abortions are done after the argument of risks, malformations or health problems.

Mrs. Fulop who at the table of Mrs. Mirha Legrand confessed that she had not read the abortion decriminalization bill that is being debated in the Senate, but says that she defends legal abortion, that is, Ms. defends something that does not even know the content that is being discussed in the Senate. The question is, how do you defend something you did not even read?

During the primary election campaign, Hillary Cinton received $ 20 million from the

Planned Parenthood, while Hillary was committed to defending and supporting the work of PP that was at the same time financed with public money, since the Obama administration delivered more than 500 million dollars to PP, while the financing of the campaign of Clinton was from the sale of the organs of the aborted fetuses. This activity of the PP is evident after several videos that showed PP authorities confirming and explaining the manipulation of the fetuses and the obtaining of economic benefits came to light. ( ) As the campaign progressed to the White House and the polls gave Clinton the winner, Cecil Richards PP President decided to support her with another 30 million dollars to "beat" Trump, while Hillary promised her help from the government to PP.

Trump, with the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh as judge of the Supreme Court, worries the world's abortionist organization for being a judge in favor of life. And because they can lose the contributions they receive from the government, which comprises almost 40% of the income that is coming from the taxpayers. However PP has companies and industries that finance their activities. The portal identifies the list of "nonprofit companies and organizations that have directly funded Planned Parenthood."

For years we have talked about the purposes that human fetuses have in the cosmetic industry to create facial creams for wrinkles, healing and wounds.

For his part Dr. Theresa Deisher, a molecular and cellular physiologist, internationally recognized in re-generative medicine said in a speech: "that the bodies of unborn children are being used" not only as biomedical research tools, but as therapies real doctors'. He said that "the fetuses of 12, 14, 16 and 18 weeks of gestation are crushed and their cells are implanted in people who have suffered strokes or Parkinson's disease". And they are also used in the production of vaccines.

But there is more:

"Dr. Mercola writes on his page that:" For several years, anti-abortion activists have been warning that a new technology to enhance flavors such as sweet and salty, uses in its process cells of aborted fetuses.

The biotechnology company that uses this novel process, Senomyx, has signed contracts with Pepsi, Ajinomoto Co. (manufacturer of aspartame and glue of meat), Nestle and other food and beverage companies in recent years.

The main goal of many of these processed food companies is to make their food and drinks more delicious while reducing the sugar and salt content.

While Senomyx refuses to disclose the details of the process, its patent applications indicate, in fact, that part of the secret involves the use of human kidney cells, known as HEK293, from an aborted baby.

It is worth noting that in fact in the final product, there are no renal cells, or part of them. Rather, they are part of the process used to discern new flavors, which we will discuss later.

That said, for many, this is "on the line." Two years ago, anti-abortion groups launched a boycott campaign against Pepsi Co., inviting them to reconsider the use of flavorings derived from a process that involves the use of embryonic kidney-aborted cells "....

"According to a CBS News report in June 2011, 70 of the 77 Senomyx patents filed at that time named the use of HEK 293. These are the embryonic kidney cells originally harvested from a healthy fetus, voluntarily aborted by the 1970s. The "HEK" identifies the cells as kidney cells, and the "293" indicates that the cells come from the 293rd experiment.

These cells have been cloned for decades, since they offer a reliable way to produce new proteins, through genetically modified foods. Senomyx has manipulated HEK293 cells to function as taste receptor cells in humans, such as those presumably used by the Pepsi Co. de-tasting robot. This was done by isolating the taste receptors found in certain cells, and adding them to HEK cells. HEK cells are also widely used in pharmaceutical and cell biology research, for the same or similar reason. It is, however, the first time that HEK cells have been used in the food industry, which for many carries a certain "unpleasant" factor. There is also the problem of not knowing how these new flavors are created.

PP is following the development of the abortion law debate from the United States while their puppets paid by the abortionist institutions of Argentina continue with the circus around the Congress indoctrinated to more young people with their green scarves mark a line that defend death. And as the journalist Mariano Obarrio wrote in a twit we can see: "The links of International Planned Parenthood Federation with Minister Rubinstein ...