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30 Dec 2015 - Vaccine Victory For New York City – So, Why Are Parents Being Kept In The Dark? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Dec 2015 - The CDC’s Latest ‘Tuskegee Experiment’ Prompts Open Letter From Bobby Kennedy Jr.

30 Dec 2015 - Three Vaccine 'Science' Fraudsters Who Should Probably Be (Or Already Have Been) In Jail: Poul Thorsen, Paul Offit And Henry Miller

29 Dec 2015 - Vaccine Failures Continue

28 Dec 2015 - Whooping Cough Vaccine Causes Permanent Disability To Father Of 5 Children

22 Dec 2015 - 5 Mothers Are Victorious Against The New York City Flu Vaccine Mandate

17 Dec 2015 - Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Will Not Vaccinate Their 7-Month-Old Son [Good for them! Hopefully when the “system” begins to apply pressure they will stand strong and resist the pressure brought against them and continue to refuse to give in!!! – Dr. B. Carey]

17 Dec 2015 - How To Detoxify And Heal From Vaccinations- For Adults And Children

17 Dec 2015 - Vaccines' Dark Inferno: What Is Not On Insert Labels?

11 Dec 2015 - Vast Experiments On Humans: A Forgotten Document

10 Dec 2015 - Indian Doctors Sue Bill Gates For Harming Children With Deadly 'Humanitarian' Vaccines

08 Dec 2015 - Why You'd Have To Be A Complete Idiot To Take A Flu Shot

08 Dec 2015 - FDA Uses 'Animal' Rule To Approve Anthrax Vaccine For Humans ... You're Just An Experimental Animal To The Vaccine Industry

08 Dec 2015 - Vaccine Whistleblower Book Exposes 32 Years Of CDC's Science Fraud

07 Dec 2015 - The Ignored Story Of Bailey Banks: Injured By The MMR Vaccine

02 Dec 2015 - Vaccines And Vets: Is Your Holistic Vet Really Holistic?

01 Dec 2015 - Washington Attorney Obliterates Big Pharma's Vaccine Propaganda While Promoting Real Public Health Measures

25 Nov 2015 - FDA Expediting Approval For Deadly Flu Shot Linked To Autoimmune Disorders, Paralysis And Death

24 Nov 2015 - The Worship Of Vaccination In The Holy Temple

20 Nov 2015 - 'Horrendous Adverse Effects' Of HPV Vaccines Finally Coming To Light In Court Testimony... Vaccine Industry Horrors Can No Longer Be Censored

19 Nov 2015 - CDC Issues Flu Vaccine Apology: This Year's Vaccine Doesn't Work! {Don’t they say the same thing every year, and then try to push their poison anyway? – Dr. B. Carey]

19 Nov 2015 - Moms Sue NYC Over Mandatory Flu Vaccinations

17 Nov 2015 - Top 10 Reasons To Skip The Flu Shot

17 Nov 2015 - Formaldehyde: A Poison And Carcinogen Used In Vaccines

17 Nov 2015 - Chickenpox Vaccine Now Causing Shingles Epidemic In Children And Adults

16 Nov 2015 - Vaccination And Homoeopathy

16 Nov 2015 - Teen-Age Boy Dies After Gardasil Vaccine – Lawsuit Filed In U.S.

16 Nov 2015 - The Vaccine Culture War In America: Are You Ready?

12 Nov 2015 - Is The Mainstream Media “Hogtied” About Reporting Adverse Vaccine Issues And Events?

10 Nov 2015 - Americans Being Poisoned Into Psychosis, Violence And Insanity By Prescription Drugs And Heavy Metals

10 Nov 2015 - Autism Epidemic Comes To Sesame Street After Elmo Endorses CDC's Experimental Vaccine Schedule

09 Nov 2015 - Student Who Refused To Lie About Vaccines And Was Kicked Out Of Nursing School Fights Back With Lawsuit

09 Nov 2015 - Evidence Of Vaccine Injuries Memory-Holed From U.S. Government Website

06 Nov 2015 - Healthy People Who Got Flu Shots Continue To Die

06 Nov 2015 - Florida Health Freedom Under Attack: New Bill (SB 646) Threatens Vaccine Exemptions; Forces Gov. Tracking Of Records

06 Nov 2015 - Indiana Baby Dies In His Sleep Days After Receiving 6 Vaccine Doses

04 Nov 2015 - School Children Vaccinated Without Permission

02 Nov 2015 - Reality Check: CDC Scientist Admits Data Of Vaccines And Autism Was Trashed [YouTube video]

02 Nov 2015 - Chiropractors Speaking Out Against Vaccines

02 Nov 2015 - Want To Protect Your Pet From Unnecessary Injections? Have A Personal Pet Vaccination Waiver!

30 Oct 2015 - The Reason Why The Amish Do Not Get Autism

30 Oct 2015 - After California's Forced Vaccination Mandate, Los Angeles Now Requiring Microchipping Of Pet Cats [How much longer until they require this for people? – Dr. B. Carey]

29 Oct 2015 - Vaccine Chernobyl: The $61 Million Dollar Injury Award

29 Oct 2015 - Why The CDC Pushes Flu Season Fear Like Clockwork: $1.6 Billion In Annual Revenue For Big Pharma

26 Oct 2015 - After Mandating Toxic Vaccines, California Gov. Jerry Brown Now Mandates State-Controlled Speech Of Pregnancy Centers

22 Oct 2015 - What’s Really Behind Mandatory Vaccines?

20 Oct 2015 - Lead Developer Of HPV Vaccines Comes Clean, Warns Parents & Young Girls It’s All A Giant Deadly Scam

20 Oct 2015 - Dr. Suzanne Humphries Explains How Vaccine Industry Policy Promotes Dishonesty

16 Oct 2015 - Professor Condemns HPV Vaccine After Winning $270k Federal Grant To Study It

16 Oct 2015 - Measles Outbreak Traced Back To VACCINATED Woman Who Spread The Disease

15 Oct 2015 - NEW List Of Vaccine Friendly Doctors State By State A-M

15 Oct 2015 - What Vaccines And GMOs Have In Common

13 Oct 2015 - California Officials Increase Mercury-Laced Vaccines For Children And Pregnant Women

13 Oct 2015 - Medical Madness: CDC Names 271 New Vaccinations - How Many Will Be Mandated At Gunpoint?

12 Oct 2015 - Catholic Schools Change Policies On Religious Exemption - Take Action Now!

12 Oct 2015 - California Mandatory Vaccination Bill Allows Courts To Order Forced Injection Of Neurotoxins Into Developing Children

09 Oct 2015 - What To Do About Forced Vaccinations

08 Oct 2015 - Most American's Can't Discern Lies From The Truth

08 Oct 2015 - Obama Administration Plotting Adult Vaccination Mandates

08 Oct 2015 - Top Gov't Scientists Say No To Vaccines For Their Kids

08 Oct 2015 - Why You Should NEVER Get A Flu Shot: Nurse Licensed By The New Jersey Board Of Nursing Uses Same Dirty Syringe To Vaccinate 70 People In A Row... WOW

08 Oct 2015 - Paul Offit Is Just As Corrupt And Biased When It Comes To Vaccines As Kevin Folta Is With GMOs

07 Oct 2015 - Why Is GM Fined $900 Million For Faulty Products That Kill People, But The Vaccine Industry Is Legally Immune When Its Own Faulty Products Kill People?

03 Oct 2015 - Dementia Now Striking People In Their 40s As Mercury From Vaccines Causes Slow, Degenerative Brain Damage

02 Oct 2015 - Top Videos To Watch Before You Get Your Flu Shot (What They Aren’t Telling You!) [Has embedded videos on the web page]

02 Oct 2015 - Vaccination: How The West Invades The World

30 Sep 2015 - Boggling Flu Hoax: Not For Prime-Time News

30 Sep 2015 - Vaccine Profiteer Paul Offit Admits To Fabricating Lies About Vaccine Safety Advocates

30 Sep 2015 - North Carolina To Deny Children An Education If They Don't Submit To Dangerous Vaccine Shots

28 Sep 2015 - Elmo Is A Corporate Whore Pushing Vaccines For Bill Gates And Big Pharma's Merck

25 Sep 2015 - California Vaccine Refusers To Get “Court Order” Or “CPS Visit” Under SB277

25 Sep 2015 - Anti-Vaxx To The Max: Idaho's Childhood Vaccination Exemption Rate Is The Highest In The Country

25 Sep 2015 - EU Launches Investigation Into Gardasil Following Wave Of Serious Adverse Event Reports

24 Sep 2015 - 5 Year Old New Jersey Girl Died From The MMR Vaccine, Holly’s Law Created

24 Sep 2015 - Vaccines Shown To Spur Growth Of Deadlier Viral Strains: Study

22 Sep 2015 - From Organ Harvesting To Vaccine-Induced Autism: How The US Government Censors The Truth About Children Being Butchered

21 Sep 2015 - Polio Vaccines Causing Worldwide Surge In Childhood Paralysis Cases

18 Sep 2015 - Informed Parents, Doctors And Lawmakers Fight Mandatory HPV Vaccination Law In Rhode Island

17 Sep 2015 - Harvard Trained Immunologist Demolishes California Legislation That Terminates Vaccine Exemptions

17 Sep 2015 - Despite Harassment, Arizona Anti-Vaccine Medical Doctor To Keep His License, Medical Board Rules

15 Sep 2015 - GOP Hero Ben Carson Supports Mandatory Vaccination

15 Sep 2015 - Oakland School District Calls Emergency Meeting Over Mandatory Vaccinations, Considers Asking Dept. Of Education For Exemption Waivers

15 Sep 2015 - Manufactured Epidemics: Big Pharma's Denial Of Truth Behind Polio Puts Human Species At Risk

08 Sep 2015 - Infant Dies Following 5 Vaccine Doses

08 Sep 2015 - 6 Reasons I Won't Give My Kids The Nasal Flu Vaccine [Has embedded videos on the web page]

08 Sep 2015 - Man Paralyzed By Vaccine Tells Story Of Senator Pan’s Corruption- Former Merck Salesman Reveals His Kids Are Unvaccinated [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 Sep 2015 - CDC's Wild Disease Hysteria Overestimates Disease Transmission By Up To 6,400%

04 Sep 2015 - How Aggressive Are Your Student’s College Vaccination Policies?

04 Sep 2015 - Petition To Overturn California's Forced Vaccination Bill Gains Traction, Despite One Politician's Refusal To Sign After His Own Son Was Injured By Vaccines

02 Sep 2015 - CDC Caught Wildly Overestimating Disease Epidemic Fatality Numbers To Boost Vaccine Sales

01 Sep 2015 - Too Big To Investigate: Vaccine Industry Now Enjoying Total Immunity From All Laws Due To Intimidated, Corrupt Lawmakers

01 Sep 2015 - Group Calls For Transparency Overhaul In Scientific Research To Combat Corporate Fraud In GMO, Vaccine And Pharmaceutical Studies

31 Aug 2015 - From Abortions To Vaccines To Chemotherapy: How Modern Medicine Is Steeped In A Culture Of Death And Denial

31 Aug 2015 - Dementia Now Striking People In Their 40s As Mercury From Vaccines Causes Slow, Degenerative Brain Damage

28 Aug 2015 - Roll Up Your Sleeves Folks: 271 New Vaccines In Big Pharma’s Pipeline

28 Aug 2015 - You Need To Know The Real Problem With The HPV Vaccine! [YouTube video]

27 Aug 2015 - Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Safeway, Panera Bread Harass And Threaten Volunteers Collecting Signatures To Overturn Calif. SB277 Vaccine Mandate

25 Aug 2015 - JFK’s Nephew Slams Mandatory Vaccinations: Political Insider Shares What He Knows

25 Aug 2015 - EU Agency Opens Investigation Into HPV Vaccine After Shot Damages Thousands Of Families

24 Aug 2015 - Reno County Health Department Says The Majority Of Whooping Cough Cases Were Found In Vaccinated Individuals

20 Aug 2015 - Govt Pushes Pneumonia Vaccine Despite 1 Percent Effectiveness Rate

20 Aug 2015 - Watch: Man Paralyzed By Vaccine Tells Story Of Senator Pan's Corruption; Former Merck Salesman Reveals His Kids Are Unvaccinated [Has an embedded video on the web page]

20 Aug 2015 - Narcolepsy, Brain Damage, And Autoimmunity: The Dark Side Of The Vaccine Agenda

20 Aug 2015 - Washington State Forces Children To Be Injected With Brain-Damaging Chemicals Before Attending Taxpayer-Funded Schools

18 Aug 2015 - Anti-Vaccine Activists Being Targeted By Big Pharma Hit Squad [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Aug 2015 - A Family Destroyed: Six-Month-Old Dies After Clinic Injects Baby With 13 Vaccines At Once Without Mother’s Informed Consent

17 Aug 2015 - Vaccine Industry Tries To Intimidate Licensed Doctors Into Vaccine Obedience; Fails Miserably Thanks To First Amendment

14 Aug 2015 - Guess Which GOP Candidate Wants To Force Vaccines Regardless Of "Religious" Beliefs?

13 Aug 2015 - Parents Of HPV Vaccine Victims Protest In The Streets Of Colombia

13 Aug 2015 - GSK Bills UK Government $92 Million To Compensate Victims Who Were Brain-Damaged By Its Own Vaccine For Swine Flu

11 Aug 2015 - HPV Vaccine Linked To Debilitating Illness In Teenage Girls

11 Aug 2015 - The CDC, Polio And The False History Of Vaccines

10 Aug 2015 - This Is The Most Ridiculous Of All The Vaccines! [YouTube video]

10 Aug 2015 - California To Throw Adults In JAIL If They Refuse Government-Mandated Vaccines

07 Aug 2015 - How Planned Parenthood And The Vaccine Industry Sacrifice The Lives Of Children On The Altar Of Medical Profits And Eugenics

05 Aug 2015 - Documentary Aired On Danish Television Exposes HPV Vaccines For Triggering Wave Of Disease Among Young Girls

04 Aug 2015 - Nature vs. Pharma (Recipe)

04 Aug 2015 - Austin Health Clinics Violate Medical Ethics By Turning Away Unvaccinated Children

03 Aug 2015 - Rhode Island Mandates 7th Graders Get Dangerous HPV Vaccine – Adverse Reactions Hidden From Parents

03 Aug 2015 - Bombshell: CDC Destroyed Vaccine Documents, Congressman Reveals

28 July 2015 - New Federal Bill Lowers Standards For Experimental Vaccine Licensing [The government is making it easier to kill us off! – Dr. B. Carey]

28 July 2015 - How Big Pharma Gets Away With Injecting Children With Neurotoxic Heavy Metals

27 July 2015 - While California Governor Surrenders Citizens To The Vaccine Industry, Texas Governor Fights For Liberty And Law

27 July 2015 - California Attorney And Assemblyman Challenges Mandatory Vaccination Law As Unconstitutional

23 July 2015 - Anti-GMO But Pro-Vaccine?

23 July 2015 - The Real Story Behind The Anti-Vaccine Billboards That Are Going Viral

23 July 2015 - Florida Congresswoman Proposes Fascist Mandatory Vaccination Law To Remove Parents' Rights Across Whole Country

23 July 2015 - Shingles Vaccine Made With Pig Gelatin, MSG And Residual Components Of Human DNA From An Aborted Fetus. Why?

22 July 2015 - Another Attack On Religious Freedom And Parental Authority

22 July 2015 - Casualties In The War: New Research Confirms Vaccines Do Have A Dark Side

22 July 2015 - There Is Deadly Formaldehyde In Clothing, Food, Cigarettes And Vaccines - What Will You Be Wearing, Eating, Smoking And Injecting Today?

21 July 2015 - Australia: Abbott Government Withdraws Childcare Payments For Anti-Vaccination Parents

21 July 2015 - Scientists Researching The Effect Of Aluminum Exposure Appeal To The Public

21 July 2015 - If Vaccines Don't Cause Brain Damage, Why Is GlaxoSmithKline Paying Out $63 Million To Vaccine Victims?

21 July 2015 - Anti-Vaccine Witch Hunt FAIL: Dr. Jack Wolfson Cleared Of All Charges For Exercising His Free Speech Rights On The Issue Of Vaccine Risks And The Stupidity Of Blind Medical Obedience

17 July 2015 - New Law Requires 2 Vaccines For Students By October

17 July 2015 - Whooping Cough Vaccines Could Be Causing A Resurgence In Deadly Disease, Scientists Warn

15 July 2015 - Senator Pan Caught Lying About Vaccine Ingredients After Taking Bribes To Push Mandatory Vaccination Bill

14 July 2015 - Senator Pan Received Bribes Equal To Twice The Average American Income To Push Mandatory Vaccination Law

10 July 2015 - Dangerous New Vaccine Legislation Pushed By The United States Federal Government

09 July 2015 - Echinacea Preparation As Effective As Tamiflu In Early Flu Cases In Large Clinical Trial

07 July 2015 - Vaccines Kill More People Than Sharks, Alligators, Bears, Snakes And Spiders Combined

07 July 2015 - After Children Are Damaged By Vaccines, Parents Are Intimidated And Bullied Into Silence

06 July 2015 - American Woman Who Died Of Measles Was Previously Vaccinated Against Measles... Total Failure Of Vaccine Covered Up By Quack Vaccine Propagandists

02 July 2015 - It’s Official – All Children Must Be Vaccinated To Attend Public And Private School In California

02 July 2015 - EXCLUSIVE: Why SB 277 Will Totally Backfire On The Vaccine Industry And Uncover The Truth About Vaccine Science Fraud

02 July 2015 - Jim Carrey Blasts Jerry Brown As A 'Corporate Fascist' For Signing Mandatory Vaccination Law

02 July 2015 - Danish Documentary Exposes Widespread Damage Caused By HPV Vaccine

01 July 2015 - U.S. Congress Considers Mandating Vaccinations For All School Children

01 July 2015 - SB277 Signed Into Law By Governor, California To Deny Vaccine Exemptions For School Children

30 June 2015 - Silent Vaccine Epidemic: Experts Explain Why Vaccines Are NOT Life Savers [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 June 2015 - Bought-Off California Lawmakers Approve SB 277 Mandatory Vaccination Law

26 June 2015 - Vaccines And Autism: Epidemic Accelerates As Cases In Young Vaccinated Children Explode Unabated

25 June 2015 - Police Officer Drops Bombshell On Vaccine Crimes [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 June 2015 - Unsuccessful Modern Medical Miracles: The Fraud Behind The Polio And Smallpox Vaccines

25 June 2015 - Mandatory Vaccination Is Mandatory Incarceration: Parents Being Jailed Over Vaccine Injuries

24 June 2015 - Same Corporations That Manufacture Vaccines Are Killing Half A Million People Annually With Deadly Psychiatric Drugs

23 June 2015 - If Doctors Offered Truthful Vaccine Consent Forms, No Sane Mom Would Get Her Child Vaccinated

19 June 2015 - Barbaric Practice Of Vaccination Is Modern-Day Version Of Bloodletting

18 June 2015 - Vaccines Are Inherently Risky; Mandatory Vaccination Violates Human Rights And Medical Ethics

15 June 2015 - Vaccines Have Never Damaged A Child, But Homeopathy's 'Side Effects' Could Kill You, Claim Pro-Vaccine Government "Experts"

15 June 2015 - Flu Shot Ingredients And How They Are Manufactured

15 June 2015 - Merck Mumps Vaccines Are A Total Fraud: Company Can Only Provide The Courts With Efficacy Data From 50 Years Ago

15 June 2015 - Alabama Child Services Abducts Autistic Boys Damaged By MMR Vaccine; Starves, Forcibly Drugs Them In Foster Care

12 June 2015 - CA Vaccine Bill Passes Health Committee, Heads To Full Assembly For Final Vote

12 June 2015 - Globalism And The Push For Mandatory Universal Vaccination

11 June 2015 - Whooping Cough Outbreak Occurred Among Student Population That Was 99.5 Percent Vaccinated

11 June 2015 - Vaccine Fanatics Try To Keep Vaccine 'Court' Secret As More Parents Seek Compensation For Damages

09 June 2015 - UK Newspaper Reveals The Injuries And Deaths From Specific Vaccines

08 June 2015 - Vaccine Propaganda Isn't Working - Research Finds Parents Still Saying NO To Jab-Pushing Doctors

05 June 2015 - India's Polio-Free Status A Cruel Joke

04 June 2015 - 4 Month-Old Infant From Tennessee Passed Away After Given 7 Vaccines

04 June 2015 - CDC Vaccine Price List

04 June 2015 - Government Wipes Recent Vaccine Injury Data from Website

04 June 2015 - UK Media Suddenly Covering All The Vaccine Injury Stories The U.S. Pharma-Corrupted Media Pretends Never Happened

04 June 2015 - A List Of Potential Adverse Reactions To The MMR Vaccine - It's Frightening

04 June 2015 - Vaccine Database Wiped By Government To Hide Uptick In Admitted Vaccine Injuries

03 June 2015 - A Look At The MMR Vaccine Ingredients

02 June 2015 - RFK Jr.: CDC Vaccine Program A 'Cesspool Of Corruption'

02 June 2015 - Govt Wipes Recent Vaccine Injury Data From Website

02 June 2015 - Whooping Cough Cases Rise In U.S Thanks To Failed Vaccine Science

02 June 2015 - What To Do Before Vaccination To Mitigate Risk

01 June 2015 - WARNING: Gardasil HPV Vaccine Damaging The Lives Of Thousands Of Young Girls [Has embedded videos on the web page]

01 June 2015 - The Dangers Of The Flu Shot

29 May 2015 - She Did the Vaccine Research-You Won't Believe What She Found! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 May 2015 - The Mercky Truth About Mandatory Vaccine Legislation

29 May 2015 - Newborn Baby Dies After Receiving Eight Vaccinations On Schedule; Pathologists Confirm Vaccines Responsible For Death

28 May 2015 - The Vaccine Racket: Amazing Infographic Reveals Financial Connections Behind Criminally-Run Vaccine Industry

26 May 2015 - A Truthful Vaccine Consent Form – That No Mom Could Ever Sign

26 May 2015 - Are Vaccines To Blame For Sudden Unexplained Death In Childhood? (SUDC)

19 May 2015 - FANTASY: “Vaccines Remarkably Safe And Effective”

19 May 2015 - Anti-Vaxxer Celebrities - How 'Against Vaccines' Are They?

15 May 2015 - Merck Vaccines Kill Two Babies In Mexico, Injure Dozens More

14 May 2015 - Michigan Baby Dies, Pathologists Confirm Vaccines Responsible

14 May 2015 - Vaccine Induced Mitochondrial Disease

11 May 2015 - Depopulation Test Run? 75% Of Children Who Received Vaccines In Mexican Town Now Dead Or Hospitalized

11 May 2015 - Doctors Cover Up Vaccine Damage After Killing Infant With 8 Simultaneous Vaccinations

11 May 2015 - ACLU Joins Fight Against A California Mandatory Vaccination Bill Pushed By Bought-Off Politicians

08 May 2015 - Homeschoolers Interrogated On Guns, Vaccines - Caseworker Demands: 'Follow Public School' Curriculum

08 May 2015 - Orthomolecular Treatment For Adverse Effects Of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccine

08 May 2015 - Corporations Pay American Council On Science And Health Big Money To Push Toxic Products - Science For Sale

08 May 2015 - California Senator Dr. Pan Bribed By Big Pharma To Push Elimination Of Vaccine Exemptions

07 May 2015 - Merck Vaccine Sales Surge After Over-Hyped Disneyland Measles Fiasco - Was It All Contrived?

06 May 2015 - Vaccine Agenda Herd Mentality Is Like A Pack Of Lemmings Unaware They're Running Over A Cliff

05 May 2015 - Vaccine Industry Has Suppressed And Intimidated All But Four Reporters In The Entire Country

04 May 2015 - Never Say These 4 Things To Parents With A Vaccine-Injured Child

01 May 2015 - Merck's "Mandatory Vaccine" Program Backfiring Nationwide

01 May 2015 - Surgeon General And Elmo Team Up To Deceive The Public About Vaccines

30 Apr 2015 - CA SB277 On Vaccines Moves Toward Disastrous Passage

29 Apr 2015 - 'Safe' Low Doses Of Mercury Linked To Autoimmune Disease, Children Still Injected!

27 Apr 2015 - Robert Kennedy, Jr. Is Right About Vaccines: A Medically Induced 'Holocaust' Is Now Upon Us

27 Apr 2015 - School Curriculum For Young Students Shamelessly Promotes GMOs, Vaccines

24 Apr 2015 - Vaccine Class Warfare: California's Mandatory Vaccination Law Is An Attack On The Poor

23 Apr 2015 - Why Do Vaccine-Pushers Chicken-Out Of Debates About Vaccines? [Has embedded videos on the web page]

23 Apr 2015 - Six Month-Old Baby Dies Just Five Days After Receiving 13 Vaccines

23 Apr 2015 - California Senate Stacks Committee To Pass Mandatory Vaccination Law - 'It Was RIGGED!'

23 Apr 2015 - California Senate Committee Passes Bill To Deny Education To Unvaccinated Children

23 Apr 2015 - Potential Presidential Candidate Calls For Mandatory Vaccination

23 Apr 2015 - Vaccines Cause Autism, Says Confidential Document From Corrupt Drug Company

21 Apr 2015 - Australia Vaccine War Update: The People, Slaves To The State

21 Apr 2015 - 10 U.S. States Now Considering Mandatory Vaccination

21 Apr 2015 - Big Pharma Blames Child Flu Vaccine's Utter Ineffectiveness On High Temperatures [Of course they do not want to take responsibility for their own inadequacies and want to put the blame elsewhere – Dr. B. Carey]

20 Apr 2015 - Warning! Vaccines Do Not Provide Immunity [Has an embedded video on the web page]

20 Apr 2015 - Daily Cup Of Cocoa Helps Prevent Flu

20 Apr 2015 - Hundreds Of Children Brain Damaged By The Swine Flu Vaccine To Receive $90 Million In Financial Compensation From UK Government

20 Apr 2015 - Pediatrician Concedes Vaccine Debate To Vaccine Rights Attorney!

16 Apr 2015 - Total Abandonment Of Medical Ethics: Vaccine-Pushing Doctors Announce They Will Refuse To Treat Anti-Vaccine Parents

15 Apr 2015 - Chris Christie: I Support Mandatory Vaccines [He wants to take away YOUR rights! – Dr. B. Carey]

15 Apr 2015 - Washington Kicks 143 Kids Out Of School For Not Vaccinating

15 Apr 2015 - Federal Government Colludes With Private Industry To Track Unvaccinated Adults, Pressure Them Into Getting Jabbed

15 Apr 2015 - Measles Vaccine Far More Dangerous Than Measles Itself

14 Apr 2015 - Robert Kennedy Ties SB 277 Forced Vaccine Bill To Corruption, Lies And Big Pharma Bribes [Has embedded videos on the web page]

14 Apr 2015 - Only 14% Of People In Disneyland Measles Outbreak Were Unvaccinated, But It's 100% Their Fault, Claims Propaganda

10 Apr 2015 - Nickson Would Be Celebrating Life If It Weren’t For Vaccines

10 Apr 2015 - Paul Offit's Vaccine Lies Deconstructed: A Mind-Blowing Interview With Dr. Suzanne Humphries

10 Apr 2015 - 73% Of Pregnant Women Are Deficient In Essential Omega-3s, But Big Pharma Says They Are Only Deficient In Vaccines

07 Apr 2015 - Breaking News: Whooping Cough Outbreak In Only Vaccinated Children

06 Apr 2015 - Vaccine Woman

06 Apr 2015 - Gardasil Vaccine: Spain Joins Growing List Of Countries To File Criminal Complaints Against Manufacturer

02 Apr 2015 - Vaccine Safety And Contamination Dangers At Manufacturing Plants

02 Apr 2015 - Shaken Baby Syndrome Used To Imprison Parents To Cover Up Vaccine Damage

01 Apr 2015 - Dr. Suzanne Humphries Exposes Myths And Lies Behind Vaccine Research At The Vaccine World Summit

31 Mar 2015 - Garda$ell: Snake Oil With A Bite [Has an embedded video on the web page]

31 Mar 2015 - Attempts To Silence Dr. Wakefield From Testifying Fail After Washington, Oregon Reject Forced Vaccinations

30 Mar 2015 - Government Directly Admits Vaccines Cause Injury And Death In Table Published By HHS

30 Mar 2015 - News Publishers Take Down Truthful Stories Reporting Vaccine Damaged Children After Being Threatened By Vaccine Fanatics

30 Mar 2015 - Doctor Faked AIDS Vaccine Research Just To Get Federal Money -- Vaccine Fraud Happens More Often Then You Might Think

30 Mar 2015 - Lawmakers Declare Vaccines Essential To 'National Security' After Taking Money From Big Pharma

27 Mar 2015 - Down The Memory Hole: Health Care Workers Refused Vaccine

27 Mar 2015 - Vitamin C Outperforms Vaccines

27 Mar 2015 - Why Are The Toxins In Cigarettes Considered Safe By "Science" When You Inject Them Into Your Blood?

26 Mar 2015 - Family Receives $2 Million In Damages From Vaccine Court; Mainstream Media Ignores Case

26 Mar 2015 - Measles And Cloudy Thinking

26 Mar 2015 - Pakistan Police Arrest Hundreds Of Parents Refusing To Vaccinate Kids With Deadly Vaccine Causing Paralysis Epidemic

24 Mar 2015 - The Worst Science Lies In History: Cigarettes Are Good For You, The Earth Is Flat, GMO Is Healthy And Vaccines Prevent Disease

24 Mar 2015 - Dissolving Illusions About The Measles Vaccine [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 Mar 2015 - Recently Vaccinated Individuals Found To Spread Disease

23 Mar 2015 - Doctor Prescribed Aspirin Killed Millions: Are ‘Mandatory’ Vaccinations Next?

23 Mar 2015 - New York Says Killing Yourself A Basic Human Right, But Protecting Yourself Against Vaccines May Be Outlawed

23 Mar 2015 - Vaccine Witch Hunt Accelerates As City Council Members Told They Cannot Have Opinions On Vaccines Unless The Opinions Match Official Propaganda

19 Mar 2015 - Vaccination Registration System Will Destroy Medical Freedom, Mirroring Gun Registration And Demise Of Gun Rights

19 Mar 2015 - Watch: Before Measles Vaccine Propaganda, Media Freely Joked About Benign Childhood Disease

18 Mar 2015 - The Vaccine Culture War In America: Are You Ready? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Mar 2015 - The Vaccine World Summit Reveals The Truth About Vaccines And Infectious Diseases

18 Mar 2015 - Meteoric Rise In Modern Diseases Could Be Synergistic Effect Of Glyphosate And Vaccines

16 Mar 2015 - Jodie’s Story: A Little Girl Lost After Illegally Given An Untested 8-In-1 Vaccine

13 Mar 2015 - Breaking: NJ Vaccine Exemptions Under Attack. Please Act Now!

13 Mar 2015 - It Is Time To End The US Vaccine Program: This Dangerous "Vaccine Construction" Needs To Be Disassembled

13 Mar 2015 - Dr. Andrew Wakefield Reveals Shocking News About MMR Vaccine In The Vaccine World Summit Audio Series Available Now

13 Mar 2015 - CDC Blatantly Lied About Vaccine Safety In Congressional Hearings

12 Mar 2015 - Vicious Vaccine Culture War Now Being Waged Against Informed, Intelligent Americans Who Seek To Protect Their Children From Deadly Side Effects

12 Mar 2015 - Mainstream Media Denials Of Vaccine Injury Sound Like Lance Armstrong's Claim He Never Doped

11 Mar 2015 - Merck's Mumps Vaccine Clinical Tests Were Totally Fabricated, Say Scientists

11 Mar 2015 - Militant Australian Vaccine And Fluoride Fanatics Seek To Eliminate All Forms Of Free Speech

10 Mar 2015 - FDA Approves Double The Aluminum In New Gardasil Vaccine

10 Mar 2015 - Was Disneyland Measles Outbreak Caused By Recently Vaccinated Children "Shedding" The Measles Virus?

09 Mar 2015 - The Truth About Vaccines: Questioning Is Vary Appropriate

09 Mar 2015 - The New Authoritarians, The Compulsory Vaccinators

09 Mar 2015 - Vaccine Court Awards $2 Million To Brain Damaged Child

09 Mar 2015 - Healing From Vaccine Injuries Through Homeopathy

09 Mar 2015 - Same Delusional People Who Say Vaccines Are Safe Also Insist GMOs, Glyphosate, Aspartame, Mercury And Radiation Are Safe, Too

09 Mar 2015 - Avoid Hypothyroidism By Avoiding The Causes

06 Mar 2015 - Italian Court Rules Mercury And Aluminum In Vaccines Cause Autism: US Media Continues Total Blackout Of Medical Truth

06 Mar 2015 - Three Reasons Why Modern Medicine Will Never Cure Chronic Disease

05 Mar 2015 - Jimmy Kimmel Quoted Me, So Here’s More On Vaccines

05 Mar 2015 - Hear Why He Calls The HPV Vaccine A Crime Against Kids! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Mar 2015 - Pro Vaccine Publicity Stunts Exposed

05 Mar 2015 - Vaccine Propaganda BACKFIRE: Overhyping Disease "Outbreaks" Lowers Vaccine Compliance

05 Mar 2015 - Flu Vaccine Paradox Spreading Globally As More Vaccinated People Catch The Flu

04 Mar 2015 - Politicians Don’t Believe In Free Exercise Of Religion

04 Mar 2015 - Attacking Ourselves: Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune System Against Us

04 Mar 2015 - Healing From Vaccine Injuries Through Homeopathy

04 Mar 2015 - BREAKING NEWS: Studies Show Measles Vaccine Spreads Virus

04 Mar 2015 - Ebola Hoax Update: My FOIA Request To The CDC

04 Mar 2015 - Are Illinois Lawmakers Supporting Big Pharma In Push To Mandate More Children Vaccinated?

04 Mar 2015 - Infographic: Vaccine Industry Science Lies Are Nothing More Than Recycled Big Tobacco Science Lies

04 Mar 2015 - Big Tobacco Ad From 1953 Sums Up The Scientific Fraud Of The Entire Vaccine Industry Today

04 Mar 2015 - Ebola Nurse Nina Pham Used As PR Pawn, Damaged By Experimental Medications

04 Mar 2015 - Recently Vaccinated Children A Threat To Public Health: Evidence Shows They Can SPREAD Disease And CAUSE Outbreaks

04 Mar 2015 - US Government Openly Admits Vaccines Can Cause Polio, Seizures And Death In Published 'Vaccine Injury Table'

04 Mar 2015 - Doctors Knowingly Violate The AMA's Code Of Medical Ethics With Vaccines

04 Mar 2015 - LA County To Pay Family $800,000 For Kidnapping Their Unvaccinated Children Without A Warrant

04 Mar 2015 - Routine Vaccination Makes Individuals More Susceptible To Influenza Virus, MSM Admits

02 Mar 2015 - Jimmy Kimmel’s Ignorant Vaccine Doctors

02 Mar 2015 - Hospital Warns Cancer Patients About Vaccinated People

02 Mar 2015 - If Vaccines Are Safe, Why Has The US Gov. Paid Out $3 BILLION To Vaccine-Injured Families?

02 Mar 2015 - Measles Hysteria Leads Daycare Directors To Order Parents To Subject Children To Invasive Blood Draws

27 Feb 2015 - Pincushion Pregnancy: New Data On The DTaP Vaccine

27 Feb 2015 - Hillary Clinton And Obama On Vaccines

27 Feb 2015 - MMR Vaccines Contain Cells From Aborted Human Babies

27 Feb 2015 - CDC Doctor Granted Official Whistleblower Status After Warning About Vaccine Autism Coverup

27 Feb 2015 - Medical Fascism Now Unfolding In Michigan As Judge Considers Forced Vaccination Of Children Taken From Their Family

27 Feb 2015 - Same Government That Says Unvaccinated Children Can Spread Disease Insists Genetically Altered Open-Air Crops Cannot Spread Genetic Pollution

26 Feb 2015 - Can You Trust What The Government Tells You About Vaccines? [Has embedded videos on the web page]

26 Feb 2015 - It Is Time To Kill The Drug Lord Vampires

26 Feb 2015 - Navy Proves Flu Shot Causes Flu [YouTube video]

26 Feb 2015 - Dr. Russell Blaylock Warns: Don’t Get The Flu Shot — It Promotes Alzheimer’s

26 Feb 2015 - California Infant Dies After 8 Vaccines, Family Gets Him Back From Hospital Cremated

26 Feb 2015 - NPR Keeps Lying To You About Vaccines: Here's The Truth

26 Feb 2015 - MMR Vaccines Actually Spread Measles And Cause Permanent Immune Damage, Doctor Warns

26 Feb 2015 - Public Comment Period On Government's Plan To Foment Vaccine Hysteria And Mandate Vaccination Ends May 19

25 Feb 2015 - Vaccine Propaganda

25 Feb 2015 - Chemist Says “Media Left Out Horrifying Facts About Measles Shot”

25 Feb 2015 - Adult Immunization Push: Medical Dictatorship

25 Feb 2015 - Parents Rights To Choice In Vaccines Threatened Around The Country And In Oregon SB442-3 Amendment

25 Feb 2015 - Oregon State Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward Calls For Government To Physically Violate Children By Force With Vaccine Mandate Echoing Nazi Crimes Against Humanity

25 Feb 2015 - If Vaccines Work So Well, Then Why Does The Science Have To Be FAKED?

25 Feb 2015 - Wakefield Is Not A Fraud - His Study Linking MMR Vaccine To Autism Vindicated

25 Feb 2015 - FDA Buries Scientific Misconduct To Protect Big Pharma

23 Feb 2015 - What If HPV Does Not Cause Cervical Cancer?

23 Feb 2015 - US Government Moves On Nationwide Adult Vaccination

23 Feb 2015 - Vaccines Don’t Work. Here Are The Fact

23 Feb 2015 - Food Chemicals, HFCS And Even Measles Vaccines Are Far More Dangerous To The Public Than The Measles Virus

23 Feb 2015 - Who Needs Facts? Associated Press Caught In Yet Another Bizarre Denial Of Mercury In Vaccines

23 Feb 2015 - Media Parades Dead Children As Victims Of Anti-Vaxxers Despite Medical Facts Contradicting The Narrative

23 Feb 2015 - What Sharyl Attkisson Told Me About Vaccines

20 Feb 2015 - Pharma-Connected Vaccine Pushers Chemically Abuse Children In Push For Medical Tyranny

20 Feb 2015 - Measles Poses No Risk To Healthy Children, Says Doctor

20 Feb 2015 - Vaccine Horrors: Medical Mutilation Of Innocent Children Exposed In GRAPHIC Photos Of "Safe" Vaccines Gone Horribly Wrong

19 Feb 2015 - FACTS: Only 25% Of Recent US Measles Cases Were Vaccine Refusers; There Have Been No US Measles Deaths Since 2003; Most Of Those With Measles Have Been Adults/ CDC

19 Feb 2015 - The Scary Facts Most Parents Don’t Know About Vaccine Injury Compensation

19 Feb 2015 - Studies Show: Live Virus Vaccines Can Spread Disease

19 Feb 2015 - There Is No Debate: Vaccine Data Is Largely Based On Research Fraud And Intimidation Of Scientists

19 Feb 2015 - Decades Of Scientific Data Prove That Vaccines Did Not Halt Measles

18 Feb 2015 - Parents Speak Out Against House Bill That Would Limit Vaccination Exemptions In State

18 Feb 2015 - Congress Moves To Step Up Vaccine Enforcement

18 Feb 2015 - Oregon Wants To Take Away Vaccine Choice And Mandate Vaccines

18 Feb 2015 - These Professors Want Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate To Pay A Tax [Now they want to tax you for exercising your Constitutionally given rights!]

18 Feb 2015 - The Big Measles Lie: Eradication Of Measles Happened BEFORE The Vaccine, Not After

18 Feb 2015 - The Deadly Folly That Is Vaccinations

17 Feb 2015 - It Is Time To Stop This Vaccine Nonsense... It Is All One Monstrous Horror Show...

17 Feb 2015 - The Top 6 Reasons Why Parents Are Choosing Not To Vaccinate Their Kids

16 Feb 2015 - Bully Doctor “Loses It” After Informed Mother Asks Questions About Vaccines

16 Feb 2015 - Fake Disney Measles Outbreak: Send In The Clowns

16 Feb 2015 - Measles Outbreak Documented Among Fully Immunized Group Of Children

16 Feb 2015 - CDC, WHO, And Merck Documents Prove The VACCINATED Are Spreading Measles

13 Feb 2015 - Parents Should Not Be Forced To Vaccinate Their Kids: Top Cardiologist

13 Feb 2015 - Measles Outbreak: 13 Reasons To Reject The Hype

13 Feb 2015 - Striking Similarities Between Vaccines And GMOs: Both Are Untested And Destroy Life

12 Feb 2015 - The Vaccine Safety Myth

12 Feb 2015 - Vaccine Safety News: What Are Your Legal Rights?

12 Feb 2015 - U.S. Media Blackout: Italian Courts Rule Vaccines Cause Autism

12 Feb 2015 - How Vaccine Hysteria Could Spark A Totalitarian Nightmare

12 Feb 2015 - Measles Fear Mongering By Mainstream Media Reaches Absurd Level

11 Feb 2015 - Did Vaccines Cause My Daughter’s Cancer?

11 Feb 2015 - Queen’s University Professor Under Fire For Anti-Vaccine Teachings Granted Leave From Course

10 Feb 2015 - Zero U.S. Measles Deaths In 10 Years, But Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths Reported

10 Feb 2015 - Vaccinations: Liberals Claim Parents Are Not Qualified To Decide

10 Feb 2015 - Vaccine McCarthyism: Did 2014 Mark The Collapse Of The Vaccine Establishment

10 Feb 2015 - Say Her Name: Vaccine Victim Hannah Poling

10 Feb 2015 - Science Proves Vaccines Cause Disease - Nutrition Is The Key To A Long, Healthy Life

10 Feb 2015 - Read Food Labels Before Eating Food? What About Vaccine Ingredients?

10 Feb 2015 - Top 3 Things That Show Vaccines Are Flawed And Antiquated

10 Feb 2015 - Measles In Disneyland: Third MMR Shot And Vaccine Exemption Ban [Has embedded videos on the web page]

09 Feb 2015 - Are Elite Sorcerers Conjuring The Measles Epidemic?

09 Feb 2015 - A Practical Alternative To Measles Hysteria

09 Feb 2015 - Chinese Medicine: The Powerful Heat Clearing Anti-Viral Herbs

09 Feb 2015 - How Vaccinated Kids Infect The Non-Vaccinated

09 Feb 2015 - Study Calls Into Question Primary Justification For Vaccines

09 Feb 2015 - Vaccine Safety: Why Media And Politicians Lie

06 Feb 2015 - CDC: Measles Spread By Vaccinated

06 Feb 2015 - Are Too Many Vaccines Destroying Kids' Immune Systems?

06 Feb 2015 - Evidence Emerges That Measles Outbreaks Are Deliberately Encouraged By Big Pharma To Ignite Vaccine Hysteria

06 Feb 2015 - Infographic: Vaccine Circular Logic

06 Feb 2015 - Woman Dies Of Sepsis After Getting Flu Shot; CDC Claims It As Flu Death, Urges Public To Get Vaccinated

05 Feb 2015 - If Vaccines Are So Effective At Halting The Spread Of Disease, Why All Of This Panic Among Those That Are Already Inoculated?

05 Feb 2015 - Mandatory Vaccine Critic: Risks Of Shots Understated [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Feb 2015 - Media Bias Rears Ugly Head In Vaccine Controversy

05 Feb 2015 - Breaking—CDC Vaccine Whistleblower Given Immunity To Testify

05 Feb 2015 - Measles Outbreak Likely Caused By Vaccinated Children, Science Shows

05 Feb 2015 - Measles Vaccines Kill More People Than Measles, CDC Data Proves

04 Feb 2015 - Gandhi's Anti-Vaccine Views Ring True A Century Later

04 Feb 2015 - Bill Would Require HPV Vaccine For Nevada School Enrollment

04 Feb 2015 - Measles: A Rash Of Misinformation

03 Feb 2015 - Chris Christie Defends The Anti-Vaccination Crowd!

03 Feb 2015 - SIDS Death Plausibly Linked To Vaccines In A 4-Month-Old Baby Boy

03 Feb 2015 - Pediatric Medicine – Vaccines, Medical Marijuana And The Measles

03 Feb 2015 - Merck Vaccine Scientist Threatened With Jail Time For Trying To Expose Massive Vaccine Data Manipulation And Fraud

03 Feb 2015 - Medical Mafia Calling For Gunpoint Quarantines Of Citizens Who Refuse Vaccinations

02 Feb 2015 - The Vaccinated Spreading Measles: WHO, Merck, CDC Documents Confirm

02 Feb 2015 - The FDA Approves A New HPV Vaccine Containing Over Twice As Much Aluminum As Its Predecessor

02 Feb 2015 - The 21 Curious Questions We're Never Allowed To Ask About Vaccines

30 Jan 2015 - Can We Continue To Justify Injecting Aluminum Into Children?

30 Jan 2015 - Five-Year-Old Girl Dies Of Very Same Flu Strain She Was Vaccinated Against

29 Jan 2015 - 9 Ways To Boost Your Confidence When Your Doctor Pressures To Vaccinate

29 Jan 2015 - Measles Outbreaks: Blame Merck -- Not The Parents

29 Jan 2015 - USA Today Columnist Calls For Arrest And Imprisonment Of Vaccine Skeptics

29 Jan 2015 - WA State Authorities Threaten To Kidnap Child If Entire Family Doesn't Get Flu Shot

28 Jan 2015 - CDC’s Own Data: Vaccine-Infant Death Link

28 Jan 2015 - Vaccines Cause Sudden Death, Proves Document Hidden By Big Pharma For Two Years

27 Jan 2015 - CDC Lies: Measles Outbreaks Confirmed Among Children Already Vaccinated

27 Jan 2015 - Measles Transmitted By The Vaccinated, Gov. Researchers Confirm

27 Jan 2015 - Vaccine Risks the Govt Won't Tell You About

27 Jan 2015 - Federal Court Tramples Parental Rights, Drugs Kids By Force

27 Jan 2015 - Flu Shot Hoax Admitted: "No Controlled Trials Demonstrating A Decrease In Influenza"

26 Jan 2015 - MMR Measles Vaccine Clinical Trial Results FAKED By Big Pharma - Shocking U.S. Court Documents Reveal All

26 Jan 2015 - Documentary “Shots In The Dark” Delves Into Catastrophic Vaccine Reactions [Has an embedded video on the web page]

22 Jan 2015 - What To Expect From Your Doctor When You Say No To Vaccines

22 Jan 2015 - The Widely Unknown Danger Of The Flu Epidemic

21 Jan 2015 - The 2013 Measles Outbreak: A Failing Vaccine, Not A Failure To Vaccinate

21 Jan 2015 - The Twisted Medicine Of Immoral America: Killing Your Baby Is A Choice; Protecting Your Baby Is A Crime

21 Jan 2015 - Washington State Threatens To Seize Baby Unless Entire Family Gets Flu Shot

21 Jan 2015 - CDC Caught Inflating Flu Deaths To Sell More Vaccines

21 Jan 2015 - Global Pattern Of Vaccine Injury, Death And Deception Haunts Humanity

20 Jan 2015 - Washington Department Of Health Services To Family: Get Flu Shots Or We're Taking Your Baby

20 Jan 2015 - Another Epic Fail For Influenza Vaccine [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 Jan 2015 - You Won’t Believe Which Big-Name Groups Are Opposed To Flu Vaccine Mandates

16 Jan 2015 - Vaccines Proven To Cause Sudden Death In Children – 67 Deaths Only Explicable As Caused By Vaccines – Drug Safety Regulators Had The Information For Over 2 Years And Let Children Die

16 Jan 2015 - CDC Still Pushing Flu Shots In Spite Of 23% Effectiveness

16 Jan 2015 - Vaccine Industry Intolerant Of Education: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Targeted For Offering Vaccine Safety Knowledge

15 Jan 2015 - Vaccines, Human Retrovirus, Chronic Illness, And Scientific Prejudice [Has an embedded audio file on the web page]

13 Jan 2015 - Parents Do Have A Vaccine Alternative

13 Jan 2015 - Navy Proves Flu Shot Doesn't Work

13 Jan 2015 - Why Is Australia's Vaccine Mafia Desperately Trying To Silence This Brilliant Scientific Researcher?

13 Jan 2015 - Ten Reasons Not To Vaccinate

13 Jan 2015 - Evolving Bacteria Outsmarts Vaccines [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Jan 2015 - Flu Vaccine Causes 5.5 Times More Respiratory Infections: Study

12 Jan 2015 - Mandatory Chickenpox Vaccination Increases Disease Rates, Study Shows

08 Jan 2015 - HPV Vaccines: 34 Deaths Reported In One Month?

08 Jan 2015 - American Academy Of Pediatrics: Parental Refusal To Vaccinate Resources

08 Jan 2015 - This Will Make You Think Twice About Getting That Vaccine! [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Jan 2015 - Epidemiologist For CDC Says He Would ‘NEVER Give His Pregnant Wife’ A Flu Shot [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Jan 2015 - Government Pays Compensation To 80 Flu Vaccine Injuries And Deaths

07 Jan 2015 - Studies Find Flu Shots Can Harm Your Heart, Infant And Fetus

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