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17 Dec 2011 - VA Cemetery Leader Accused Of Bias Transferring

16 Dec 2011 - Santorum: Our Soldiers Deserve Much Better Than This - Says High Veteran Suicide, Homelessness, Unemployment Demand Solutions

08 Dec 2011 - U.S. Military To Rescind Policy Banning Bibles At Hospital: 'No Religious Items Are Allowed To Be Given Away Or Used During A Visit'

08 Dec 2011 - What Everybody Ought To Know About The Military Bible Ban

08 Dec 2011 - Air Force Dumped Ashes Of At Least 274 Troops In Landfill: Numbers Far More Than Military Had Acknowledged Previously

08 Dec 2011 - Atheists Put Bull's-Eye On Another Cross: Oppose Plans To Replace Burned Memorial At Camp Pendleton

07 Dec 2011 - Pearl Harbor At 70: A Survivor Remembers - Exclusive: Rees Lloyd Interviews Vet Who Urges Us Never To Forget

17 Nov 2011 - Veterans Group Vows To Win Landmark Court Case For Veterans

16 Nov 2011 - Veterans Law Library

14 Nov 2011 - A Veterans Benefit That Far Too Many Vets Overlook

10 Nov 2011 - United States Marine Corps 236th Birthday Tribute [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Nov 2011 - Marine Stuns A Tea Party With The Fourth Verse Of The Star Spangled Banner [Here is "The Star Spangled Banner" where the previous omitted verse is now sang! So much for a secular Nation?] [YouTube video]

10 Nov 2011 - 2011 Marine Corps 236th Birthday Message [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Nov 2011 - Navy Vet Faces Eviction For Flying Old Glory?

08 Nov 2011 - Applebees Restaurant: Veterans And Active Duty Eat Free On Nov 11th [Thank you Applebees! All of us veterans appreciate it!]

08 Nov 2011 - Olive Garden Restaurant: Veterans And Active Duty Eat Free On Nov 11th [Thank you Olive Garden! All of us veterans appreciate it!]

08 Nov 2011 - CIA Continues To Hide Evidence On Vietnam Era MIAs

27 Oct 2011 - Veterans In Defense Of Liberty Denounces The Cancellation Of The Preserving Freedom Conference

19 Oct 2011 - VA Backs Down: No More Religious Discrimination: Houston National Cemetery Agrees To Allow Prayer And Religious Speech At Funerals For Our Veterans [GOOD!!!]

18 Oct 2011 - The Agent Orange Flim-Flam Man Commeth

18 Oct 2011 - Veterans' Jobless Rate 2.6 Points Above Nation's

18 Oct 2011 - Cross Case Going To SCOTUS

13 Oct 2011 - VA To Build Polytrauma-Blind Rehabilitation Center In Palo Alto, CA

13 Oct 2011 - VA Launches Outreach Campaign To Eliminate Homelessness Among Veterans

20 Sep 2011 - HOW DARE THE NY Times, Call Our Military's Retirement Program A Welfare Benefit... FURIOUS [More government insanity! Both the Republicans and Democrats are guilty of lining their pockets with OUR tax dollars. Their solution to everything is to cut what belongs to The People and yet keep what they have, and add more to it, then use their BS line about how all of us need to make sacrifices. Let's see them make some sacrifices for a change and practice what they preach! If they want to cut something they should cut their own paychecks and benefits and vacations at our expense (DO YOU HEAR ME OBAMA?) instead of going after people's Social Security and the military's retirement. - Dr. B. Carey]

14 Sep 2011 - Scientists Find Gulf War Veterans Have Chronic Abnormal Blood Flow In Brains

09 Sep 2011 - Military Admits Gulf War Illness Is From Aspartame

03 Sep 2011 - The Widely Prescribed Drug That's No Better Than A Placebo Post-Traumatic Stress Drugs For Veterans Found Ineffective

27 Aug 2011 - Cemetery Where 'God' Banned Accused Of Discrimination: 'We're Going To Declare These Policies Unconstitutional'

25 Aug 2011 - Religious Freedom Under Attack In The Military

25 Aug 2011 - Veterans Administration Actions Insufferable To Widows Of War Veterans: Cemetery Director Shows Hateful Malice Toward Religion And The Families Of Our Heroes

23 Aug 2011 - Families Help Battle Cemetery's Religious Eradication

18 Aug 2011 - Vietnam Veterans Tribute: WELCOME HOME And Thank You For Your Service! [Has embedded videos on the web page]

04 Aug 2011 - Widely Used PTSD Drug Fails Test In Combat Veterans

01 Aug 2011 - Korea: Remembering The Forgotten War, Forgotten Warriors

22 July 2011 - VA On Censorship -- Deny, Deny, Deny

21 July 2011 - Lung Problems Found In Recent Veterans

14 July 2011 - San Francisco VA Study Confirms Exposures For Gulf War Veterans

14 July 2011 - Free Military "I Served" Stickers

14 July 2011 - AFA Taking Action In Veteran Cemetery Case

13 July 2011 - The Secret History Of Monsanto, Agent Orange And The Mutilation Of Innocent Vietnamese

11 July 2011 - Getting Back To The Problem Of Agent Orange And Other Toxins

11 July 2011 - Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses

07 July 2011 - Texas Senator Calls For Probe Into Censored Religious Speech At Cemetery

07 July 2011 - VA Creates Women Veterans Call Center

30 June 2011 - VA Veterans Cemetery Bans The Words "God," "Jesus" -- Offensive, No Longer Allowed

30 June 2011 - Vietnam Vet Threatened With Legal Action For Flying Stars And Stripes Outside His Home [Has an embedded video on the web page]

13 June 2011 - El Toro Marine Awarded 100% Disability

03 June 2011 - 18 U.S. Veterans Commit Suicide Daily; Largely Due To Psychiatric Drugs

02 June 2011 - My Daddy Is A US Marine

01 June 2011 - African-American Church Leaders Petition Senate On Behalf Of Military Chaplains

27 May 2011 - Awesome!!!

27 May 2011 - Veterans Defending 'Religious, Offensive' Memorials

26 May 2011 - Soldiers Touch Many Lives, Who Do YOU Salute This Memorial Day

25 May 2011 - Memorial Day Tribute [Has embedded videos on the web page]

23 May 2011 - My Little Tribute To Our Bravest [Has embedded videos on the web page]

13 May 2011 - High Cancer Rates For Vietnam Veterans

09 May 2011 - Soldiers May Pay More For Healthcare

03 May 2011 - Veteran's Benefits Administration Not Giving Veterans Proper Benefits, And Refuses To Correct Mistakes

02 May 2011 - Honoring Our Veterans: 'The Story Of Stars And Stripes Honor Flight'

28 Apr 2011 - Should Atheists Be Chaplains In Military? NAE Thinks Not

28 Apr 2011 - Military Advocacy Group Sues To Stop Evangelical Speaker

27 Apr 2011 - Former President Accompanies Injured Vets On Grueling Bike Ride

26 Apr 2011 - Deadly New Scourge For Vietnam Vets

07 Apr 2011 - Ohio Congressman Calls For A Congressional Investigation Into The VA System

05 Apr 2011 - How VA Lies Killed The Agent Orange Equity Act In The 111th Congress

04 Apr 2011 - Eight Ways Monsanto Is Destroying Our Health

28 Mar 2011 - Veteran's Administration Information

28 Mar 2011 - Senate Declares March 30th Welcome Home Vietnam Vets Day

28 Mar 2011 - Agent Orange Primer 2011

28 Mar 2011 - Vietnam Vet's Fight To Save America's Military History

24 Mar 2011 - VA Cancels Portion Of Deadly COPD Readmission Study

14 Mar 2011 - Minn. Vietnam Vet Links Agent Orange To Parkinson's

07 Mar 2011 - Tell Congress Start With Their Own Benefits Before They Go After Veterans

02 Mar 2011 - Agent Orange Effects Linger In Vietnam: The Vietnam War Is A Sore Spot In The Memories Of Many American Citizens

02 Mar 2011 - A Soldier's 39-Year Battle

02 mar 2011 - VA Caught Red-Handed Scaming Veterans, Spouses, Parents

21 Feb 2011 - DoD Proposes Higher TRICARE Fees

14 Feb 2011 - Obama's New Genetics Experiments With Veterans Raising Questions

04 Feb 2011 - VA Attacks Own Revised PTSD Rules, Promotes Anti-Veteran Dr. Sally Satel

31 Jan 2011 - VA / Privatization = Loss For Vets: New Folks In The House Of Representatives Say They Are Looking To "Cut Spending" And Reduce The Size Of Government. There Is A Movement To Repeal The Affordable Care Act

28 Jan 2011 - VVA Agent Orange Brochure

26 Jan 2011 - Vietnam War-No Light At End Of Tunnel For Agent Orange Victims

17 Jan 2011 - Agent Orange's Toxic Legacy Hits Home

17 Jan 2011 - Veterans And Mesothelioma: A Case Study In Systemic Negligence And Denial

12 Jan 2011 - VFW Sues Obama Administration Over Mojave Cross: 'The Way Our Government Has Treated Veterans In This Case Is A Disgrace'

07 Jan 2011 - America's Cruxified Veterans: Holy Distraction, The Battle Of The Crosses

07 Jan 2011 - VA Posts Annual Medical Quality Report

05 Jan 2011 - U.S. Court Says Christian Cross Is Unconstitutional: Ninth Circuit Ignores Supreme Precedent In Mojave Case

05 Jan 2011 - 'Slap In The Face' Of Vets' Families: Unfavorable Ruling Not End Of Memorial Battle

03 Jan 2010 - Agent Orange Cleanup To Start At Former US Base In Vietnam