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31 Dec 2012 - Vets Die Waiting For Obama VA Action

28 Dec 2012 - Music Helps Vets Combat Stress

28 Dec 2012 - Vietnam War Pilot Gets Arlington Burial After 46 Years

07 Dec 2012 - Vietnam Veterans Sue Military In Conn. Over PTSD

30 Nov 2012 - North Carolina School Orders 6-Year-Old Girl To Remove Word "God" From Poem She Wrote For Veteran's Day

19 Nov 2012 - Chicago Airport Injures And Humiliates Disabled War Veteran

15 Nov 2012 - Veterans Just Want Their Benefits For Christmas

14 Nov 2012 - 2012: Facts About Veterans

13 Nov 2012 - Sick Veterans Wait For Obama's Promise: Disability Claims Can Take Years

13 Nov 2012 - Veterans Rededicate Mojave Cross

09 Nov 2012 - Dangerous State Of Military Housing Making Service Members Sick Across The U.S.

24 Oct 2012 - VA Work-Study Program Isn't Paying Veterans On Time

12 Oct 2012 - Mother Of Slain Navy SEAL To Chickenhawk Mitt Romney: Shut The Hell Up

11 Oct 2012 - Victims Of Agent Orange

25 Sep 2012 - U.S., African Military Chaplains Collaborate At Conference

18 Sep 2012 - Military Chaplains: Bigotry Rampant vs. Christians! : Say True Impact Of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal Hidden From Public

14 Sep 2012 - Resolution Urges New Stolen Valor Law

14 Sep 2012 - House Passes Student-Veteran Protection Bill

11 Sep 2012 - Vietnam Vet Leaves This World - To Live In The Trees

29 Aug 2012 - More Veterans Being Illegally Detained For 'Thought Crimes'

20 Aug 2012 - Obama Campaign Staffers Assault Veterans [Has an embedded video on the web page]

15 Aug 2012 - Just Another Story From A Military Family Diagnosed But Never Treated

14 Aug 2012 - Government's Endless War Against Vietnam Veterans

14 Aug 2012 - Free Will Baptists Oppose City's Removal Of Religious Soldier Display

03 Aug 2012 - Army Changes PTSD Evaluations Forensic Methods; Had Led To Loss Of Pensions

03 Aug 2012 - VA Expanding Burial Options In Rural Areas

31 July 2012 - Military Atheist Group Unhappy With Christian Majority Chaplaincy In VA Care

25 July 2012 - Lawsuit Filed Against VA [Good! The VA is extremely slow with cases and has a habit of "losing" and "misplacing" paperwork a lot of the time!]

24 July 2012 - Evidence That Military Spiraling Downward

18 July 2012 - Federal Government Routinely Denies Medical Claims To Injured, Disabled Veterans

13 July 2012 - The History Of Exposing The Abandonment Of Gulf War Veterans By The VA/DOD

06 July 2012 - Former Marine Runs Across America For Good Cause

02 July 2012 - Obama To Military: Pay Up

29 June 2012 - Supreme Court Strikes Down Stolen Valor: You Can Lie About Military Service [More proof as to how immoral and unrighteous the Supreme Court really is. They have just told people to it is alright to outright lie!]

28 June 2012 - SCOTUS Strikes Down Stolen Valor Act [The Stolen Valor Act IS NOT about freedom of speech. It is about stopping people from lying and making claim to what they have not earned or deserved! All striking it down does is open the door for outright lies and fraud!]

26 June 2012 - US Supreme Court Declines Review Of Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial Cross Case

25 June 2012 - VA Claims Backlog Also Caused By High Error Rate, Not Only Processing Speed [They actually do make a lot of errors, done by their own people ad not by computers or anything else!]

25 June 2012 - Remembering The Korean War And Those Who Fought

22 June 2012 - World War II Veteran, 92, Wins PTSD Disability Benefits

20 June 2012 - Processing Of Retroactive Agent Orange Claims Nearly Complete [So they claim. We'll have to wait and see]

20 June 2012 - Soldier Missing From Korean War Identified

14 June 2012 - 2012 POW/MIA Poster Request Form

08 June 2012 - Veterans Hiring Fair At The Detroit COBO Center, June 26-28

08 June 2012 - Social Agenda Distracts From Military Mission

07 June 2012 - Obama Skips D-Day, Goes Fundraising Instead

30 May 2012 - OPERATION: Emotional Freedom

30 May 2012 - Veterans Stress Project

29 May 2012 - Memorial Day 2012: Time To Remember The Price Of Freedom

29 May 2012 - Buried Stories Of Decorated Marines Resurface For Memorial Day...With A Little Help From Their Friends

25 May 2012 - Veteran Fights VA To Keep PTSD Diagnosis

08 May 2012 - Robin Hood Partners With City To Help Veterans: The Foundation Will Donate $600,000 To Launch The Workforce 1 Veterans Career Center, Which Will Help Out-Of-Work Veterans Find Jobs

26 Apr 2012 - Court: Mojave Cross Can Stay

23 Apr 2012 - Take Action: Atheists Demand Crosses Be Removed From Marine Corps Base: Urge Gen. Vincent Coglianese To Dismiss The Complaints And Honor Fallen Marines By Allowing The Crosses To Remain

26 Mar 2012 - Veterans About To Get Shafted By The President

16 Mar 2012 - Obama Opposes FDR's Prayer At WWII Memorial

15 Mar 2012 - Vets Furious Over Obama's Face On US flag

28 Feb 2012 - Obama Cutting Health Care For Military

14 Feb 2012 - Veterans Administration Further Injures PTSD Veterans

13 Feb 2012 - Chaplains Risking "Treason"

13 Feb 2012 - If One Cross Is Unconstitutional ...

25 Jan 2012 - House OKs Religious Symbols On War Memorials: Legislation Inspired By Ruling Against 43-Foot Cross Atop Mt. Soledad

25 Jan 2012 - FDR's D-Day Landing Prayer Inclusion At The WWII Memorial In Washington, D.C. Passes The House Of Representatives And Moves To The Senate

19 Jan 2012 - VA To Host Major Veteran Career Fair In Washington D.C.

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