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31 Dec 2014 - Pentagon Meets Resistance On Benefit Cuts

29 Dec 2014 - Phoenix VA Director Sharon Helman Canned – Not For Falsifying Wait Times, But For Beyonce Tickets [So they fire her for some trivial thing and not for her dereliction of duty, falsifying reports, etc.]

23 Dec 2014 - Group Rallies Around Chaplain Cited For Using Scripture

22 Dec 2014 - Veterans Group: Hillary ‘Can’t Hide’ From Failures As Secretary Of State

17 Dec 2014 - Top Watchdog: The VA LIED To Media And Congress Over Deaths

15 Dec 2014 - U.S. Army Chaplain's Constitutional Rights Violated

12 Dec 2014 - Army Chaplain Refuses To Censor The Bible In His Work [PRAISE GOD! May God watch over and protect him and richly bless him for standing up and doing the right thing and saying “NO” to evil!]

05 Dec 2014 - Pearl Harbor: What It Meant, Why We Remember

24 Nov 2014 - VA And Government Dishonesty Continues

21 Nov 2014 - Marine Dad Takes Stand After Daughter Gets ‘F’ For Refusing Islamic Indoctrination

20 Nov 2014 - Marine Dad Banned From School Property; Daughter Gets Failing Grade For Refusing Islamic Indoctrination -- The Thomas More Law Center Steps In

20 Nov 2014 - Museum Will Remove World War II-Era Rifles Because Of New State Law

20 Nov 2014 - Missouri Cops Beat 80-Year-Old Hearing Impaired Veteran For Not Getting Off Of His Tractor

18 Nov 2014 - Army Officer Files Federal Lawsuit After Being Punished For Stopping Lesbian “Makeout” At Formal Ball [This is insane. He gets punished for following military regulations and enforcing them! If it had been a man and a woman nothing would have been done about him enforcing the rules. This is just an example of the double-standards and extra right and protections that no one should have being given to the homosexuals. Enough is enough! People must stand up and say “NO” to this evil once and for all! – Dr. B. Carey]

18 Nov 2014 - Army Officer Enforces Regs On Lesbians, Gets Canned

17 Nov 2014 - VA Officials Have Ignored Three Cases

17 Nov 2014 - U.S. Government Houses Veterans In Dilapidated Building Filled With Mold, Bedbugs And Disease-Carrying Rats

12 Nov 2014 - Liberals Say Honoring Soldiers Is ‘Childish' And 'Frightening'

12 Nov 2014 - On Eve Of Veterans Day, Salon Publishes Post Dissing Vets, Military

27 Oct 2014 - Army Bars Transgender From Female Restrooms - Charged With Discrimination [The homosexual community feels they can do whatever they want and do not care about anyone else or who they offend of the rights of others!]

24 Oct 2014 - Navy's LGB Survey Ripped As More 'Misuse' Of U.S. Military

14 Oct 2014 - Obama’s Disdain For The Military Is Not Just A Disgrace, It’s Dangerous

14 Oct 2014 - Army Refuses To Release Findings Of Bergdahl Investigation [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Oct 2014 - Veterans Invited To “Armed To Farm” Event

13 Oct 2014 - US Airways Under Fire For Disgraceful Treatment Of Decorated Soldier

02 Oct 2014- Louisiana VA Hospital Lacks Pajamas And Sheets, But Spends Millions On New Furniture, TVs And Solar

25 Sep 2014 - Obama Snubs Marines With Disrespectful Salute [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 Sep 2014 - Does Anyone Find It Odd Obama Is Sending Ground Forces To Defeat Ebola But Not ISIS?

18 Sep 2014 - Sodomite Rapists Trolling The Ranks Of The U.S. Military

16 Sep 2014 - Obama Orders Boots On The Ground! [He would have sooner or later. That was a given from the start. You can trust his word as he always says one thing and does something else!]

12 Sep 2014 - Subway Restaurant Expels Vet With Service Dog

12 Sep 2014 - Army Officer Denied Entry Into Daughter’s School Because Uniform Might ‘Offend’ Students

09 Sep 2014 - IG Let Veterans Affairs Officials Alter Report To Absolve Agency In Phoenix Deaths

08 Sep 2014 - Airman Refuses To Say 'So Help Me God,' Denied Reenlistment

28 Aug 2014 - Forget ISIS, Obama Has Pentagon Focused On Allowing Transgenders To Serve In Military

27 Aug 2014 - Shrink Diagnoses Marine 'Dangerous' Without Ever Seeing Him: Accused Of Being 'Mentally Ill,' Held In Psych Ward For Weeks

27 Aug 2014 - Cat Welcomes Home Soldier [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 Aug 2014 - I DON’T THINK THEY LIKE HIM: Obama’s Speech To American Legion Was An Epic Fail [That os because they can see through his lies and empty words. Obama is very anti-military, except when he wants something!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 Aug 2014 - Michael Reagan: Obama Shows Feelings Toward Military [Yeah he is very much against the military, except when he needs votes or to use them as pawns] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 Aug 2014 - Military T-Shirt Led To Denied Entry At Six Flags

13 Aug 2014 - Guess the Boots Are Levitating Off the Ground? U.S. Sends 130 More ‘Advisers’ To Northern Iraq [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Aug 2014 - Obama Administration Cuts Military – Army Major Writes Open Letter Condemning System

12 Aug 2014 - U.S. Navy Booting Bibles From Base Lodges

12 Aug 2014 - Attorney Files Suit On Behalf Of 'Chick-Fil-A' Sergeant

08 Aug 2014 - VA Apologizes, Says 'Confusion' Caused Misstated Number Of Deaths [Confusion, what confusion? There was NO confusion! This is yet just another empty and meaningless apology! They gave the wrong numbers on purpose in an attempt to cover it up!]

06 Aug 2014 - The Purge By Obama Continues: While Obama Demands $$Billions For Illegal Alien Parasites, Hundreds More Military Commanders Get Pink Slips, Many While Still In An Active War Zone [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 Aug 2014 - ISLAM IN THE USA: ‘Tolerant’ Pro-Palestine ‘Peace Activists’ Attack A Marine During March [Has an embedded video on the web page]

31 July 2014 - No One At Veterans Affairs Fired – No One Accountable

29 July 2014 - Military Bans Troops From Being Honored By Vacation Bible School Over Fears People Would Be “Offended”

15 July 2014 - No, Mr. Holder, This Has Nothing To Do With Race

15 July 2014 - Pentagon ‘Laying Off’ Thousands of Military Officers

11 July 2014 - Albuquerque Veteran Dies Waiting For Ambulance....While At The VA [Has embedded videos on the web page]

11 July 2014 - Outrageous: Combat Troops to Receive Pink Slips While Deployed Overseas

08 July 2014 - The VA's Dirty Little Secret - Incompetent Doctor Care

08 July 2014 - You Will Never Guess What The PC Police Are Attacking Now

07 July 2014 - US Marine Still Held In Mexican Prison

07 July 2014 - Why Are We Sending Green Berets Into Northern Iraq?

02 July 2014 - VA Attempts To Book Appointment With Terminally Ill Veteran, Two Years Too Late

01 July 2014 - Military Bans Bibles But Forces Soldiers To Adhere To Ramadan Rules [This is so WRONG and so EVIL for a number of reasons!!!]

30 June 2014 - RESPECT: Actress Amy Adams, A U.S. Soldier and A Lesson For Us All

30 June 2014 - FIRST CLASS: Amy Adams Gives Up Her 1st Class Seat To Soldier

30 June 2014 - We Can’t Take Care of Vets, But Central America Gets $250 Million?

30 June 2014 - MORE PC BS: Now Naming Our Military Helicopters ‘Apache’, ‘Blackhawk’, Is ‘Injustice’

27 June 2014 - An Apology To All Veterans

25 June 2014 - Exposed: How The VA Red-Flags 'Disruptive' Vets

25 June 2014 - Liar-In-Chief Barack Obama Claims #Iraq Troop Withdrawal 'Wasn't A Decision Made By Me...' [What a load of RUBBISH and outright total LIE! He IS the one who ordered it!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

25 June 2014 - Florida Vet May Lose Home Over Display Of American Flag

20 June 2014 - Kerry: Foreign Gov’ts Must Accept Same-Sex Spouses Of US Personnel Stationed Abroad [Yet another EVIL man pushing more EVIL!!! So by what right does he have to tell a foreign country what they have to do? He is nothing but an arrogant fool!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 June 2014 - Obama: US Will Send Up To 300 Military Advisers To Iraq [Here we go again. Nothing but a repeat of Vietnam!!!]

17 June 2014 - “Obama’s Treatment Of The Military And Veterans Is A Disgrace”

17 June 2014 - If Possible - The VA Scandal Just Got Worse [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 June 2014 - Coburn To Expose VA ‘Incompetency’ [We’ll see if he actually does something or if it is all talk like everyone else seems to be doing so far!]

16 June 2014 - Wounded Warrior Say Obama Is Throwing Away Soldiers’ Sacrifice

13 June 2014 - 100,000 Veterans Experienced Long Waits For VA Appointments

13 June 2014 - VA Crises Getting Lost In Scandal Overload

13 June 2014 - The Obama Administration Is Trying To Cover Up The VA Scandal By Issuing Subpoenas To Whistle-Blower Sites

13 June 2014 - Seventy Years After D-Day

13 June 2014 - Bergdahl Was Discharged From Coast Guard For ‘Psychological Reasons’ Before Army

13 June 2014 - Bombshell: Benghazi Filmmaker CONFIRMED To Be An Agent Of Eric Holder Justice Department [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 June 2014 - Majority Of Americans Oppose Bergdahl Deal; Want Him Charged If He Deserted

10 June 2014 - Strange Bedfellows: Chaplain And LGBT Pride

10 June 2014 - Government Retaliates Against 37 VA Hospital Whistleblowers Who Showed The Courage To Tell The Truth

09 June 2014 - Atheist Chaplain? Not Gonna Happen, Says Navy [GOOD!]

06 June 2014 - World Honors D-Day's Fallen, 70 Years On

06 June 2014 - Liberal Groups Reject FDR'S D-Day Prayer

06 June 2014 - Acting VA Chief: 18 Vets Died On Phoenix Wait List

06 June 2014 - White House Changes Bergdahl Story Again

06 June 2014 - And We Are Obligated To Lodge Out Noses Up The Backside Of A Veteran That Betrayed America To The Enemy Why?

06 June 0214 - How Other Presidents Handled ‘Deserters’

06 June 2014 - Bergdahl, Here We Go Again

06 June 2014 - Chambliss: We Gave Away Bin Laden's Top Generals

05 June 2014 - Vietnam Vet: 'Inhumane' To Let Hanoi Jane Give UCLA Speech [This traitor has no right to be allowed such an honor. If anything, she should be brought up on charges for treason!!!!]

05 June 2014 - VA Medical Center Pulls Curtain To Hide Jesus, Cross And Altar

05 June 2014 - New WH Spin: Criticism Of Taliban Swap Is Really Obama ‘Hatred’ [More nonsense and garbage from those who feel they are above everyone and can break the law as they want!]

05 June 2014 - General: Deserter Should Never Draw A Free Breath

05 June 2014 - Five Terrorists For A 'Deserter'?

04 June 2014 - Obama Apologizes For Breaking The Law [WOW talk about ARROGANT!!! If we broke the law (especially if we did so deliberately like the President) and apologized for it, we would still be facing criminal persecution. Just because he is the president he is NOT entitled to special treatment and privileges when he breaks the law, especially when he does so intentionally!!!]

04 June 2014 - One Veteran’s Ordeal With The VA: This Is The Kind Of Healthcare You Can Look Forward To Under ObamaCare

04 June 2014 - VA Hospital Axed Veteran Programs While Approving $1 Million In Bonuses

04 June 2014 - Marine Watchdog: VA Deaths Actually 'In Thousands'' - It Was All Deliberate, And It Was All In The Name Of An Almighty Dollar' [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 June 2014 - Obama Attacks Credibility of Soldiers Who Served With Bergdahl [This ARROGANT FOOL does not like it when people confront him with the truth and shows what he is saying is a pack of lies!]

04 June 2014 - Obama Administration Lied To Families Of Fallen Soldiers!

04 June 2014- Obama At West Point: The Psychology Of Surrender

02 June 2014 - Obama Knew About VA Problems, But Did Nothing To Fix Them

02 June 2014 - Hanoi Jane Fonda To Keynote 2014 UCLA Commencement Ceremony [I would be “BOOING” this traitor to America as loudly as I could if I were there! – Dr. B. Carey] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 May 2014 - Military Members Died Defending Our Rights, Will You Allow Their Sacrifice To Be Mocked

30 May 2014 - VA's Shinseki Resigns Amid Healthcare Scandal [GOOD! It’s about time he’s out of there!!! Now it’s time to get the rest of those who are at fault out of there once and for all!]

30 May 2014 - DELUSIONAL: ‘Not One Single Complaint,’ About VA Hospitals, Says FL Congresswoman [Another one ignoring the facts and the complaints!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 May 2014 - Democrats Says VA Is Great! No Problems Here [They are obviously not only blind but stupid as well. There most definitely IS a PROBLEM!!!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 May 2014 – President Obama Crashes And Burns At West Point [What else do you expect from someone who is as anti-military and anti-veteran as he is?] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 May 2014- GREEN BERET SLAMS GWYNETH PALTROW: There’s A Big Difference Between Real War & Twitter

29 May 2014 - IG Report Shows VA Problems Much Worse Than We Knew

29 May 2014 - Chuck Norris: Veterans, PTSD, And US Government Abandonment

28 May 2014 - DHS Labels Veterans "Violent" "Extremists" Who Are "'Disgruntled' About The Takeover Of The US." [Because I served in the Marine Corps and openly speak against the government, the Department of Homeland Security has classified me as a terrorist. I would rather be classified as a terrorist than be on their friends list – Dr. B. Carey]

28 May 2014 - Atheist Group Sues To Force Removal Of Veterans' Peace Cross [Here we go again!][Has an embedded video on the web page]

28 May 2014 - Inexcusable: Veterans Wait 115 Days For Care In Phoenix Veterans Affairs System

27 May 2014 - Tourists Get Rowdy At The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier - Until A Soldier Teaches Them A Lesson [GOOD for him for setting the right example!!!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 May 2014 - Obama Should Apologize For Treating Military Veterans Like Garbage For The Past 5 Years

27 May 2014 - Triple Amputee Veteran Brian Kolfage Blasts Obama In Powerful Memorial Day Letter: You Were Raised To Hate America

27 May 2014 - BS FROM BACK THEN: Obama In 2008, The ‘VA Will Be Leader Of Health Care Reform’ [Obviously one of his many outright and numerous lies as he is extremely anti-military and anti-veteran!!!]

27 May 2014 - WWII Veteran Who Participated In D-Day Gets Benefits Reduced From $300 To $6/Month

27 May 2014 - Seven Moving Images To Honor Our Heroes This Memorial Day

27 May 2014 - My 60-Year-Old Document Shows VA Used Civilian Hospitals

27 May 2014 - Pelosi Blames Bush For VA scandal [Here they go once again blaming others for their own shortcomings, mistakes and stupidity!]

27 May 2014 - We Do Not Honor the Dead Today By Attacking What They Defended: Senator Assaults 2nd Amendment [Has an embedded video on the web page]

27 May 2014 - Bikers Rally In DC To Honor Veterans

23 May 2014 - American Legion Commander: Much More Action Needed To Fix VA Issues

23 May 2014 - How America Treats Illegal Aliens vs. Veterans

23 May 2014 - Obama Denies Wait Times At VA Led To Deaths [Of course he denies it, just like he always denies everything and blames it on others that shows his own shortcomings and fallacies]

23 May 2014 - VA Doctor Almost Killed Me

23 May 2014 - U.S. Senator On VA Scandal: Action, Not More Reports

22 May 2014 - Open Letter To Obama: Instead Of Fending Off Scandals, How About Looking Out After Our Veterans?

22 May 2014 - Florida VA Boots Vets With PTSD Over Service Dogs

22 May 2014 - Be Picky: The New Face Of Military Recruiting

22 May 2014 - Lawyer: VA Delay Killed Washington State Man

21 May 2014 - Demand Release Of Sgt. Tahmooressi From Mexico Imprisonment

21 May 2014 - VA Scandal Spreading – Secret Waiting Lists Also Used At Florida Hospital [Has an embedded video on the web page]

21 May 2014 - VA Hospital Officials Placed On Leave

20 May 2014 - VA Foul-Up Murders America’s Finest: Federal Health Care Boobs Are Killing American Veterans

20 May 2014 - VA's 'Callous Disregard' For Vets On Display

20 May 2014 - VA Hospital Officials Shredded Documents To Hide Existence Of Secret Waiting Lists That Killed U.S. Veterans

19 May 2014 - Obama Breaks Promise To Veterans [This seems to be normal for him to do!]

19 May 2014 - Obama: Best President In History? Fallacy #9: He Is For Veterans

19 May 2014 - Veterans Advocate Says It’s Time For ‘Swift Accountability’ In VA Scandal

19 May 2014 - CNN Reporter To White House: “How Many Dead Veterans Do You Need?” [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 May 2014 - The First False Flag Of The Veterans Health Administration Scandal

19 May 2014 - Police Arming For War against Veterans [Has embedded videos on the web page]

19 May 2014 - ONLY IN OBAMALAND: On Armed Forces Day Obama Honors Gays Homosexuals & Trannies Instead Of Armed Forces [Yes we crossed out the word gays and replaced it with homosexuals because gay means happy and since homosexuality is a sin, a sinner has nothing to be happy about] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 May 2014 - VA Investigation Nothing But Talk

16 May 2014 - Convicted Traitor Bradley Manning Wants Sex Change Operation - Tax Payers Might Get Stuck With Bill [This is insane! He betrays the country, ends up in prison, and now wants to waste our tax dollars for himself! Our tax dollars are NOT to be used for this EVIL!!!]

16 May 2014 - HERE’S SOME BS: Vets Die While A Transvestite Traitor Gets VIP Health Care

16 May 2014 - Gulf War Illness Found To Be Caused By Toxic Chemicals

15 May 2014 - ERIC HOLDER: No Investigation Into Secret Waiting Lists, Veteran Deaths At VA Hospitals [it is a PROVEN FACT that something is going on and is not right there. They obviously do NOT care about the veterans or the services that all veterans were promised. But then, this is a very anti-military administration!!!]

14 May 2014 - Triple Amputee Soldier And Hero Destroys President Obama In Open Letter

14 May 2014 - Transgenders In The U.S. Military: ‘I’m Open To That,’ Hagel Says [PURE EVIL!!!]

14 May 2014 - CBS: Chicago VA Hospital Also Using Secret Wait List To Hide Delays

08 May 2014 - Dellinger Calls For VA Secretary, 2 Others To Step Down [Has an embedded video on the web page]

01 May 2014 - Military Vet Fights For 'God Bless America'

01 May 2014 - Obama administration Sides With Chemical Company Against Cancer Victims To Avoid Liability For Sick Marines

30 Apr 2014 - Veterans Affairs Problems Extend Far Beyond Phoenix Woes

29 Apr 2014 - Rep. Gohmert On Veteran Deaths At VA: 'This Is Where ObamaCare Is Going'

28 Apr 2014 - Soldier Loses Healthcare Then Has President Obama Lie To Him

28 Apr 2014 - Vile NY Times Op-Ed Tries To Link White Supremacists To Veterans [Yet another reason NOT to trust the evil and ungodly media and those who run things! As a Veteran I take great offense about this – Dr. B. Carey]

28 Apr 2014 - New York Sanitation Worker Saves American Flags From The Garbage Heap

25 Apr 2014 - OUTRAGE!! VA Hospital Deaths Allegedly Tied To Delayed Care

25 Apr 2014 - Lib Atheist Group Demands Army Back Out of National Day Of Prayer Event

23 Apr 2014 - Military Suicides: Psychiatry's Greatest Secret Experiment

21 Apr 2014 - Air Force Captain Beat Up By Cop For Being In His Own Home [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Apr 2014 - Unemployed Veteran: ‘We’re Not Looking For Special Handouts’ [Has an embedded video on the web page]

07 Apr 2014 - Yummy! Scientists Say Antioxidant In Cocoa Stops Weight Gain And Lowers Blood Sugar

03 Apr 2014 - The Air Force Continues To Persecute Its Christians

03 Apr 2014 - HIPPIE DOWN: Bad-Ass Marines Take American Flag From Hippie Protester [Has an embedded video on the web page]

03 Apr 2014 - Update: Police Officer Who Shot WWII Veteran Charged With Class IV Felony [Good he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law and if found guilty should be given the maximum penalty allowed!]

02 Apr 2014 - Will Obama Use His Pen And Phone To Save Veterans’ Lives Or Just His Egotistical Legacy?

02 Apr 2014 - Veteran Told She Wasn’t Right For Job At Macy’s Because She Served In Afghanistan

28 Mar 2014 - Billboard Confronts Air Force Censorship Of Religion: 'Are You Free To Say So Help Me God?'

28 Mar 2014 - Butte College Instructor Calls Veterans Unteachable, Study Refutes Claim [Is this just this IDIOT’S opinion or does it represent what the school’s philosophy? If it is just hers then she should be FIRED. If it is the school’s then the school should be boycotted!]

24 Mar 2014 - Military Declares War On The Gideons

24 Mar 2014 - Military Groups Blast Republicans For Killing A Bill To Support Veterans

21 Mar 2014 - WW2 Hero Refuses Medical Care, So Cops Kill Him In His Nursing Home

18 Mar 2014 - Congress Wants Answers On USAFA Religious Liberty Incident

18 Mar 2014 - Air Force: Christians’ Religious Speech Not Legally Protected Right [They must have a different Constitution from the rest of us]

07 Mar 2014 - Mansions Of The Lord [Has an embedded video on the web page]

04 Mar 2014 - Vietnam Veterans Sue Military Over PTSD

03 Mar 2014 - VA Destroys Veterans' Records Rather Than Treating Them

03 Mar 2014 - US Senate Sinks To A New Low – Holding Veterans Hostage

28 Feb 2014 - VA Data Breach Compromises Veteran’s Private Information While Using Facebook

28 Feb 2014 - Study Confirms Air Crews’ Exposure To Agent Orange

28 Feb 2014 - California College Student Wins Settlement In Free Speech Case

27 Feb 2014 - Veteran/Second Amendment Supporters Take Over Anti-Gun Rights Meeting! [Good for them for doing the right thing and taking a stand against those who would take away our rights to defend ourselves!]

26 Feb 2014 - Department Of Veterans Affairs Employees Destroyed Veterans’ Medical Records To Cancel Backlogged Exam Requests

25 Feb 2014 - Pentagon Budget Slashes Benefits [All veterans were given promises and now the government is taken them back! Since they want to cut something, let them cut their own paychecks!!]

25 Feb 2014 - Deceitful Department Of Veterans Affairs' Body Count On The Rise

25 Feb 2014 - Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: Military Cuts Make 'No Sense'

24 Feb 2014 - George W. Bush: I Have A Duty To War Vets

24 Feb 2014 - NY Times: Obama To Propose Shrinking Military To 'Pre-World War II Level’

21 Feb 2014 - Funeral Services For 86 Year Old Vet, Beaten And Stabbed In Attack…Update: Murder Charges Withdrawn Because Death Due To ‘Complications From Surgery’

20 Feb 2014 - President Obama's War On The Military Continues [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Feb 2014 - Veteran Cuts Down US Flag Flown Under Mexican Flag In Reno: “I Took This Flag Down In Honor Of My Country” [Has an embedded video on the web page]

11 Feb 2014 - Starbucks Bans Amputee Veteran’s Service Dog

11 Feb 2014 - When Will Veterans Affairs Tell American Taxpayers About Their Wasteful Spending?

10 Feb 2014 - Disabled Veteran Denied Service At Starbucks

06 Feb 2014 - Texas: Senior Master Sgt. Monk Says, ‘Thank You’

06 Feb 2014 - Hey Obama...The G.I. Bill Is NOT Welfare And The IRS Is Indeed Corrupt

30 Jan 2014 - Our Veterans Died Fighting Against What America Is Tolerating

30 Jan 2014 - Retired General: Obama Hypocritical To Use Army Vet On SOTU

30 Jan 2014 - Oregon Man Scams Veterans Out Of Wages, Some Left Destitute [Has an embedded video on the web page]

24 Jan 2014 - The American Legion To VA: Protect Veterans Personal Information

22 Jan 2014 - Michelle Obama: Hanoi Jane's My Role Model [Evil patterning itself after evil!]

20 Jan 2014 - Veterans Backlash Against Obama – We’ve Had Enough!

20 Jan 2014 - Embarrassed Department Of Veterans Affairs Retaliates Against Disabled Veteran Activist – Hear The Audio Evidence Here

14 Jan 2014 - VA Under Fire For Proposed Disability Filing Rule

13 Jan 2014 - Cutting Veterans Pensions vs Cupboard Is Bare

13 Jan 2014 - Vets Groups Slam Obama Administration’s Proposed VA Disability Filing Rule

07 Jan 2014 - USDA-Approved Agent Orange Ingredient: Coming To A Farm Near You

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