By Robert and Amanda Shrewsbury

Posted: 09 May 2005

President Bush
The White House
Washington D.C.
P.O. Box 70
Spring City, UT 84662

May 08, 2005

Regarding "We The People" - A Letter To President Bush

Our family uses things as herbs, vitamins, oils and amino acids to cope with problems the medical profession acknowledges it often can't heal or relieve. We still use medical drugs for crisis care, acknowledging their place in help.

We have followed the intent to control the vitamin/supplement industry for over 20 years, including individual access to supplies.

One of the premises in the U.S. is that competition is generally a good thing. It makes people think, come up with better knowledge, methods and prices.

The Pharmaceutical Industry has already arranged for themselves to be protected from this competition. They have combined the use of patents, legislation, lobbying and a lack of free-market exposure resulting statistically in astronomical costs for consumers, which further are on a sharp increase in the last few years.

It has also been a consideration in the U.S. that company takeovers should be voluntary, nor should we have large monopolies. After seeing the past, present and time-released harm caused by controlled communication and the insurance business, the U.S. moved some, on behalf of the people, to try and prevent such reoccurrences.

A world level economic power, the Pharmaceutical Industry has been buying up major vitamin and supplement companies in the U.S. However, many small businesses still exist independently of them. Can a complete monopoly be gained?

Using the World Trade Organization, the World Health Organization and their Codex Alimentarius standards, both a forced merger and monopoly will be done, if inadvertently, FOR the Pharmaceutical Industry. Supplements generally available will be eliminated from purchase by the public. Only the Pharmaceutical Industry will be able to produce supplements of "higher" doses and medical doctors will have to write prescriptions for their use.

This is perhaps one of the LARGEST orchestrated TAKEOVER OF ALL TIME in progress. It will adversely affect peoples worldwide. Even the simplest remedies that could stop cleft palate, eyesight loss and such will be illegal and unaffordable to those most needing them.

Further, growing up when the idea of vitamin and herb use became more common, at the time we thought the medical schools had realized their importance and increased teaching nutrition and natural healing. For example, some 2/3 of cancer is probably preventable if sound nutrition were applied. The latest data says medical schools did not effectively increase implementing teaching nutrition in the last 20 years.

Instead of 2-4 years of nutrition and natural healing classes, over 2/3 of medical schools today STILL offer no formal nutritional education. The remaining minority offer from a few hours to less than two weeks of time, in some eight years of expensive and intensive medical schooling.

Branches of healing that do cover some, to a lot, on nutrition include acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathic, naturopaths. ALL our healers should know more.

The few medical doctors who have self-taught themselves nutrition are a blessing to our country but the others who are ignorant or even contemptuous are a potential danger. Prevention and healing are vital to our nation's well being, productivity, mental alertness, health and finances.

The most common cause of bankruptcy currently is medical bills. The social care system is struggling against collapse, in part from so many ill and disabled people, with the huge increase in childhood diabetes a major upcoming issue as well as iatrogenic diseases of epidemic proportions. Even health care providers are suffering burnout and injuries from trying to care for the many chronically ill and prematurely dying.

In the U.S., many people have struggled to learn how to help themselves. Many more are trying. Nutritional education, healthy nutritious fresh foods, and available supplemental nutritional items are not something we as a nation can afford to give away, or give over control to other countries, organizations or corporations. The risk and inevitability is always that they will not be able to have our best interests at heart above their commercial interests.

The projected results of the Codex Alimentarius applied to our country look to be blatantly harmful and destructive to our country and elsewhere.

"....A joint resolution introduced into the House by Bernard Sanders (I-VT) and Ron Paul (R-TX), HJR 27, will be voted on before June (2005) is out. It takes us out of the WTO and returns decisions for our country back to people who live in this country who love and want to preserve what we have left...." Editorial by Chapp Chappell, Bicknell, UT May 2005.

We add our vote that the Codex Alimentius standards are unconstitutional, treasonous and inimical to the welfare of this country, the Earth and its peoples. We request the U.S. withdrawal from the WTO by June 2005. The option to withdraw is available every five years, from the data we read, and this is the year to activate that option.