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27 Dec 2012 - The Vagus Nerve: Your Friend In Weight Loss And A Better Mood

26 Dec 2012 - Popular Weight Loss Drug May Cause Permanent Liver And Kidney Damage

21 Dec 2012 - Fruits And Vegetables Won't Make You Less Hungry: Loading Up On Produce Won't Help You To Lose Weight

05 Dec 2012 - Weight Loss Soda? Don't Believe The Hype! : Nothing Special About Pepsi Special

04 Dec 2012 - Artificial Sweeteners Cause Greater Weight Gain Than Sugar, Yet Another Study Reveals

26 Nov 2012 - 10 Spices, Herbs That Aid Weight Loss [Has an embedded slide show on the web page]

20 Nov 2012 - Study: Aspartame, Saccharin Cause Greater Weight Gain Than Sugar

19 Nov 2012 - Why Weight Loss Surgery Is NOT A Sound Treatment Choice For Type 2 Diabetes

12 Nov 2012 - Why Weight Loss Won't Always Help Diabetics: When Losing A Little Weight Just Isn't Enough

05 Nov 2012 - Skipping Breakfast Leads To Bigger Lunches: On A Diet? Don't Skip Breakfast!

02 Nov 2012 - High-Intensity Interval Training And Intermittent Fasting - A Winning Combo For Fat Reduction And Optimal Fitness

30 Oct 2012 - New Revelations Support Diet And Exercise To Reverse Leptin Resistance, Thereby Promoting A Healthy Weight

26 Oct 2012 - Confirmed: Belly Fat Is Far More Dangerous Than Having A Total BMI In Obese Range [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Oct 2012 - Double Standard: Women Must Typically Work Harder To Lose Weight [Has an embedded video on the web page]

16 Oct 2012 - When You Peel An Orange, Don't Throw Away The White Part Under The Skin: Bioflavonoids Help Fight Cancer And Obesity

16 Oct 2012 - Watermelon Plays A Significant Role In Lowering Heart Disease Risk And Aiding Weight Management

05 Oct 2012 - How Exercise Influences Hunger And Weight Loss [Has an embedded video on the web page]

03 Oct 2012 - Obesity Epidemic Not Due To High Fructose Corn Syrup?

21 Sep 2012 - Your Drugs Are Making You Fat: Common Meds Cause You To Pack On The Pounds

04 Sep 2012 - Why Half Of America May Have Impaired Brain Function By 2030 [Has an embedded video on the web page]

31 Aug 2012 - U.S. Kids Drowning In Diet Drinks

30 Aug 2012 - Excess Belly Fat - How It Happens And How To Get Rid Of It For Good

24 Aug 2012 - The Power Of Exercise And Intermittent Fasting

23 Aug 2012 - Fructose Promotes Hormonal Imbalance And Weight Gain

20 Aug 2012 - Melt Away Health Harming Belly Fat With A Nutrient-Rich Diet

20 Aug 2012 - How Fructose Turns ON Your "Fat Switch" [Has an embedded video on the web page

17 Aug 2012 - 'Wheat-Belly' 101 - Five Clues That Your Excess Weight Is Caused By Gluten

14 Aug 2012 - How To Conquer A Weight-Loss Plateau

10 Aug 2012 - Fat, Not Glucose, Is The Preferred Fuel For Your Body

09 Aug 2012 - Artificial Sweeteners May Be Worse Than Sugar For Diabetics [Has an embedded video on the web page]

06 Aug 2012 - Inflammation Is A Major Reason Why You Can't Lose Weight

01 Aug 2012 - Kettlebells For Weight Loss, Conditioning And Improved Back Health

01 Aug 2012 - Psyllium Husk - Promote Weight Loss And Cleanse Your Colon

11 July 2012 - Use These Supplements To Stop Cravings, Burn Fat And Energize Your Workouts

10 July 2012 - Low-Carb Diets Don't Hurt Kidneys: Another Low-Carb Myth... Busted!

10 July 2012 - Anti-Obesity Vaccine Shot Offers False Promise Of Staying Slim Even On A Junk Food Diet

05 July 2012 - Weight-Loss Pharmaceutical That Caused Tumors In Animal Studies Approved For Lazy America

29 June 2012 - The Right To Bare Arms: Get Rid Of Your Jiggly Arm Fat

28 June 2012 - Want To Lose Weight? Eliminate Fast Food

15 June 2012 - 6 Ways to Shrink Your Belly (And 5 Don't Include Exercise!)

15 June 2012 - Why BMI Is Not A Great Indicator Of Body Composition

12 June 2012 - Infographic - Ten ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar

04 June 2012 - Magnesium - The Weight Loss Cure

17 May 2012 - Common Ingredient In Soft Drinks Causes Damage To Brain Function

07 May 2012 - Attacks Your Liver Like Alcohol - Is This What's Making You Flabby And Sick? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

26 Apr 2012 - Chocolate Consumption Linked To Lower BMI

18 Apr 2012 - The Skinny On Fat Genes

13 Apr 2012 - Five Ways Soda Puts Your Health In Danger

13 Apr 2012 - Fast Food Not Only Makes You Fat, It Also Contributes To Depression

05 Apr 2012 - How To Lose Belly Fat - Real Weight Loss Tips That Work

30 Mar 2012 - Three Benefits Of Dark Chocolate That Will Help You Lose Weight

20 Mar 2012 - Dangerous? Sure! But Take It Anyway: Rejected Diet Drug Is Back From The Dead

16 Mar 2012 - Nothing Fit About Wii Fit

16 Mar 2012 - What Will Cause You To Lose More Fat -- Exercising Fasted Or Non-Fasted?

12 Mar 2012 - Forget Diet Drugs: Learn How Natural Vitamin D Can Help You Maintain A Healthy Weight

08 Mar 2012 - Vitamin D-3 May Cut Fat Mass And Boost Heart Health Markers

07 Mar 2012 - New Weight Loss Drug Could Cause Nervous System Problems, Says Expert

29 Feb 2012 - FDA Advisory Panel Green-Lights Toxic Weight Loss Pill

20 Feb 2012 - Pasta, Not Bacon, Makes You Fat. But How?

17 Feb 2012 - Take Artichoke, Bean Or Vinegar Supplements As An Appetite Suppressant For Quick Weight Loss

17 Feb 2012 - Eat 15g Or Less Of This Daily To Help Slim Your Waistline

16 Feb 2012 - Numerous Chemicals Linked To Difficulty Losing Weight

14 Feb 2012 - Flax May Fill You Up For Longer And Aid Weight Management

01 Feb 2012 - $29 Billion Reasons To Lie About Cholesterol [Has an embedded video on the web page]

20 Jan 2012 - An 'F' For Fat Kids: New Plan To Punish Obese Children

19 Jan 2012 - Are You Addicted To Food?

13 Jan 2012 - Soda Increases Dangerous Fat Deposits

13 Jan 2012 - Seaweed Fibers Boost Weight Loss

13 Jan 2012 - Try This Simple Trick To Slim Down And Build Muscle Faster [Has embedded videos on the web page]

12 Jan 2012 - Major Trouble Ahead - If You Don't Fix This Deadly Deficiency

09 Jan 2012 - The REAL Risks Of Weight-Loss Surgery: FDA Cracks Down On Lap-Band Ads

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