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31 Dec 2009 - Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care Products Found In New York City Water Supply

22 Dec 2009 - Why Are Millions In The US Drinking Filthy Water - Even In Upscale Suburbs? [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 Dec 2009 - Cement Factories Release Huge Quantities Of Toxic Mercury Into The Air

10 Dec 2009 - Millions In U.S. Drink Dirty Water, Records Show

01 Dec 2009 - Pesticide Exposure May Make You Want To Kill Yourself

23 Nov 2009 - France Finds Monsanto Guilty Of Lying

12 Nov 2009 - Latest Threat To Earth: Golf Balls! [This insanity is brought to you by the same kooks who brought you global warming! It's not about the environment, it's about control]

23 Oct 2009 - Pesticides Destroying 60 Percent Of Honeybees

20 Oct 2009 - The 10 Best Pollution-Busting Houseplants

13 Oct 2009 - Most Vegetables And Fruits Have 'Unacceptable' Levels Of Pesticides

24 Sep 2009 - U.S. Pharmaceutical Factories Dumping Huge Quantities Of Drugs Into Public Sewers, Rivers And Waterways

24 Sep 2009 - Dangerous Mercury Contamination Of Human Body Increasing, Study Finds

16 Sep 2009 - Pesticides Linked To Parkinson's

09 Sep 2009 - Hudson River Dredging Increases PCB Levels

31 Aug 2009 - How Safe Are Your Drinking & Agriculture Water Supplies?

24 Aug 2009 - Firestorm In Spokane [Spokane the first city in America to reject the sustainability fraud]

24 Aug 2009 - Another Poison Hiding In Your Environment

19 Aug 2009 - Coca-Cola, Pepsi On Beijing's Worst Polluter List

14 July 2009 - Pesticide Linked To Parkinson's Disease

09 July 2009 - Flame Retardant Chemicals Found In U.S. Coastal Waters And Great Lakes

06 July 2009 - Toxic Chemicals Release Report Shows Mercury, PCB Pollution Rise Dramatically

11 May 2009 - MSG Is Being Sprayed On Fruits, Veggies, Nuts, Grains And Seeds: As They Are Growing...Even Those Used In Baby Food

01 May 2009 - Pesticides Shown To Be Huge Parkinson's Disease Risk

29 Apr 2009 - US Does About-Face On Camp Lejeune's Tap Water

20 Apr 2009 - AP IMPACT: Tons Of Released Drugs Taint US Water

01 Apr 2009 - First Trial Begins In Series Of Suits Charging Monsanto Tainted Food And Water In Anniston

25 Mar 2009 - Study: Range Of Pharmaceuticals In Fish Across US

05 Mar 2009 - Aluminum In Water Increases Alzheimer's Risk

10 Feb 2009 - Hospitals Flush 250 Million Pounds Of Expired Drugs Into Public Sewers Every Year

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