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31 Dec 2008 - Modesty 'irrelevant' At Univ. Of Chicago

30 Dec 2008 - Rick Warren: Opposed To Gay Homosexual Marriage, Not Gay Homosexual Partnerships [This is still promoting EVIL!!!]

30 Dec 2008 - U.S. Sides With Traditional Marriage...For Now

30 Dec 2008 - Bailout Recipients Fannie, Freddie Gave $ To 'Gay Homosexual' Groups

23 Dec 2008 - Gays Homosexuals Outraged By Pope's 'Homophobic Attack' [Homophobic attack, what homophobic attack! Whenever anyone speaks the truth of the Bible against this evil, those that participate in it call it homophobic! If anyone is phobic, it is the homosexuals against those who believe in God and in His Holy Word the Bible!]

23 Dec 2008 - Pro-Family Group Stirred Up Over Campbell's

22 Dec 2008 - California Attorney-General Turns Against Prop 8 [Whatever happened to doing the will of the people!]

22 Dec 2008 - UN General Assembly Receives Dueling Declarations On "Sexual Orientation" [Pure INSANITY and more trying to give extra and special protections and rights to those who participate in their abomination against God!!!]

22 Dec 2008 - Maine Begins Battle To Preserve Traditional Marriage

19 Dec 2008 - Subverting The Word Of God

19 Dec 2008 - Campbell Soup Company Embraces Homosexual Agenda

19 Dec 2008 - 'Catch 22' Custody Crisis For Christian Mom

19 Dec 2008 - Most Wyoming Voters Support Marriage

18 Dec 2008 - Puberty-Halting Drug 'Tragic,' 'Ethical Bankruptcy' [PURE INSANITY!!!]

18 Dec 2008 - Obama's Secretary Of Education Pick Proposed Homosexual High School

18 Dec 2008 - Controversy In New Education Czar's Past

17 Dec 2008 - N.Y. Lists Two Moms, Two Dads On Birth Certificates [PURE INSANITY!!!]

17 Dec 2008 - Despite Threats And Intimidation From Homosexualist Government, Spanish Judge Stands Firm: Judge Criminally Prosecuted For Refusing Adoption To Homosexual Lover Of Parent, Refuses To Apologize [PRAISE GOD! We need more people like this who stand up against this evil and refuse to bow down to it!]

17 Dec 2008 - Married Parents, Church Attendance Spell Success For Kids: 'Policymakers Should Strongly Consider Whether Their Policy Proposals Give Support To Such A Family Structure.'

17 Dec 2008 - Lithuanian Law: Public Agitation For Homosexual Acts Is Detrimental to Minors

16 Dec 2008 - Vermont Judge Reportedly Threatens To Transfer Custody Of Child For Refusal Of Unsupervised Visits With Lesbian "Mother

16 Dec 2008 - Maine Prepares For Battle Over Same-Sex 'Marriage'

16 Dec 2008 - Iowa Latest Target For Homosexual Marriage [More of EVIL trying to spread itself!]

16 Dec 2008 - Will United Nations Cave To Homosexual Pressure?

12 Dec 2008 - Officer Fired For Expressing Christian Views On Homosexuality Says Dismissal Is "Destroying" Him And His Family

12 Dec 2008 - 5.4 Million Names Submitted To UN In Favor Of The Family And The Right To Life

11 Dec 2008 - Newsweek Accused Of 'Journalistic Malpractice'

11 Dec 2008 - Another State Moves Toward Same-Sex 'Marriage': N.J. Commission And Its Report Are 'Nothing Other Than Window Dressing For A Strategy That Was Decided Upon Long Ago.' [Pure EVIL and BLASPHEMY against God!!!]

11 Dec 2008 - Medical Group Suggests Delaying Puberty In Gender-Confused Youths [INSANITY!]

09 Dec 2008 - Christmas Hijacked With 'Gay Homosexual' Nativity: Manger Scene To Feature 2 Josephs, 2 Marys At Homosexual Festival [EVIL and BLASPHEMOUS]

09 Dec 2008 - Newsweek Trashes The Bible In Support Of Homosexual Marriage [PURE EVIL!!!]

09 Dec 2008 - Liberal Episcopals vote For More Homosexual Clergy [More of those who ignore God's Word, the Bible, and accept EVIL and will bring about God's eternal damnation upon themselves!]

08 Dec 2008 - Most Iowans Support Marriage

08 Dec 2008 - UN Gives Awards To Promoters Of Abortion And Homosexual Agenda

08 Dec 2008 - Tolerance Gone Amok

05 Dec 2008 - 'Double Standard' Allows Christian-Bashing: Litigation Firm Says University's Defense Reveals Pro-'Gay Homosexual' Agenda

05 Dec 2008 - Marriage Support In California Widespread [GOOD NEWS!!!]

04 Dec 2008 - Social Conservatism Is Alive And Well: 'The Pro-Family Movement Has Friends Out There, And It's Wonderful That The National Rifle Association And Its Members Are Among Them.'

03 Dec 2008 - New 'Bible': Heterosexuality Is Sin: 'There Are Many Different Versions: I Don't See Why We Can't Have One' [PURE EVIL AND PURE BLASPHEMY!!!]

03 Dec 2008 - Double Standard In Gay Homosexual Community: Silence 'Deafening' Over Murder By Homosexual

03 Dec 2008 - Talk Show Terminated After Prop 8 Discussion: Hosts Criticized Councilwoman For Her Call For Business Boycott

03 Dec 2008 - Talk Show Terminated After Prop 8 Discussion: Hosts Criticized Councilwoman For Her Call For Business Boycott

03 Dec 2008 - Vatican Attacked For Defending Natural Family

02 Dec 2008 - Homosexuality Editorial Puts 1st Amendment On Trial: Woman Sues After She Was Fired For Saying Being 'Gay Homosexual' Is Not Same As Being Black [She is right! being homosexual is NOT a racial issue. It is a moral issue and something that someone has freely chosen to follow. Seems that anyone who criticizes or stands up against this EVIL is attacked in one manner or another! May God bless her for standing up and doing the right thing!!!]

02 Dec 2008 - Australian Health Minister Fires Men's Health Ambassador For Documenting Risks Of Homosexuality

02 Dec 2008 - Anger Expressed Over eHarmony Decision

02 Dec 2008 - Activists Backing Anti-Marriage Judges

01 Dec 2008 - Another Shephard Slain, But No Outcry Follows: 'Silence Of Homosexuals Is Deafening When It Comes To Their Own Murdering Innocent People'

26 Nov 2008 - Madrid Hospital Under Investigation For Telling Truth About Abortion And Sodomy: Angry Health Official Says That Such Material Is "Expressly Prohibited" In City Hospitals [So why are the health officials there so afraid of the truth?]

26 Nov 2008 - Catholic Cardinal On Biblical Condemnation Of Homosexuality: We're Not Allowed The Cowardice Of "Politically Correct" Silence - "A Page Of The Inspired Book That No Human Authority Can Force Us To Censor"

26 Nov 2008 - Australian Senate Passes De Facto Same-Sex "Marriage" Laws [Insanity!]

26 Nov 2008 - Georgia Billboards Support Marriage

26 Nov 2008 - Young Evangelist Attacked By Angry Homosexual

24 Nov 2008 - Emergent Church Leader Says 'Gay Homosexual' Can Be Biblical Lifestyle: Cutting-Edge Christianity Debates: Should We Accept Homosexuality [Homosexuality is not a Biblical lifestyle! Not only is it WRONG and EVIL, it goes against the teachings of the BIBLE!!!]

21 Nov 2008 - 'Gay Homosexual' Activists Engage In 'Hate Crimes' Against Christians [They hate everything that Christians, Christianity, The Bible and God stand for!]

21 Nov 2008 - Prop. 8 Opponents Rejecting Democracy

21 Nov 2008 - California Supreme Court To Rule On Marriage Amendment: 'We Are Confident Proposition 8 Will Be Upheld.'

21 Nov 2008 - Legal Battle Over Calif. Marriage Amendment Opens New Chapter

21 Nov 2008 - The Insane Rage Of The Same-Sex 'Marriage' Mob

21 Nov 2008 - eHarmony Forced to Match Homosexual Couples [This is not only completely wrong, it is evil!!!]

20 Nov 2008 - Prop. 8 Opponents Show 'Intolerance', 'Hypocrisy' [This is exactly how those who are against morality, decency, and the Word of God are! They claim to believe in and want tolerance, but their actions show otherwise!]

20 Nov 2008 - President-Elect Obama Lays Out Pro-Gay Homosexual Agenda

19 Nov 2008 - Sparks Fly As 'Gay Homosexual' Activist Mob Swarms Christians: Residents Of Homosexual District: 'We're Going To Kill You. We Know Who You Are' [More violence and evil brought to you by those who say they are all about tolerance!]

19 Nov 2008 - In Schools, Gay Homosexual Activists Increasingly Set The Agenda

19 Nov 2008 - California Attorney General Asks Supreme Court To Rule On Prop. 8 [So whatever happened to voting and the words, "WE THE PEOPLE......"?]

19 Nov 2008 - "Homophobic" Speech Ruling Overturned In France: Parliamentarian Suffered Three Years Of Litigation For Calling Homosexuality "Inferior" To Heterosexuality

18 Nov 2008 - Marriage Advocates: 'We Will Not Be Silenced'

18 Nov 2008 - Homosexualists Protest Against True Marriage In Over 100 Cities

17 Nov 2008 - Elderly Prop. 8 Supporter Roughed Up, Filing Charges [GOOD People should stand up against this EVIL and not back down no matter what!]

17 Nov 2008 - With Homosexual 'Marriage' Christian Freedoms Will Be Under Greatest Threat In Hawaii, Wisconsin

17 Nov 2008 - From California With Hate

17 Nov 2008 - Calif. Homosexuals Try To 'Gut Democratic Process'

17 Nov 2008 - Update: Nationwide Homosexual Anarchist Organization Behind Attack On MI Church Planning Further Disruptions

17 Nov 2008 - Radical Homosexuals Plan Day Of 'Intolerance'

17 Nov 2008 - Methodist Group Ordains Lesbian For Inclusivity's Sake [This not only goes against the teachings of the Bible, but is EVIL! There is no place in the Christian Church for homosexual ministers!]

17 Nov 2008 - Fort Worth Episcopals Vote To Leave Liberal Denomination [Good! No one should have to be part of a Church that goes against the Word of God]

14 Nov 2008 - PepsiCo Gives $500,000 To Promote The Gay Homosexual Agenda In Workplace

14 Nov 2008 - New International Planned Parenthood Document Tells States To Guarantee Sweeping "Sexual Rights" [EVIL promoting EVIL!!!]

14 Nov 2008 - Pelosi: California Voters Just Didn't Grasp The Meaning of Proposition 8 [They do grasp the meaning of it. She just wants to promote the EVIL she supports and ungodly ways of life!]

13 Nov 2008 - Activist: 'Pastor To Presidents' Replaced By Gay Homosexual Bishop

13 Nov 2008 - California Democratic Legislators Urge Judges To Void Prop. 8 [They obviously have no morals, respect of life, or know what the words "WE THE PEOPLE..." mean]

13 Nov 2008 - Homosexual 'Marriage' -- New York On deck?

13 Nov 2008 - Same-Sex Couples 'Marry' In Connecticut [This is pure EVIL and a mockery of what real marriage, as instituted by God Himself, is all about]

12 Nov 2008 - Lawsuits Seek To Silence Voters On Prop. 8 [More proof of the intolerance of the so-called "tolerance movement"]

12 Nov 2008 - Lesbians, Condoms Go Wild In Attack On Christian Church: Making Out At Pulpit, Shouting Blasphemies In Front Of Children [More proof of the fact that these followers of EVIL have no respect for anyone and are willing to commit several blasphemous acts in the house of God in an attempt to force their EVIL on everyone!]

12 Nov 2008 - Obama Offers 'Open Door' To Gender-Confused [Pure LUNACY!!!]

12 Nov 2008 - Gay Homosexual Activist Tim Gill And Friends Claim Victory In 106 Races: Focus Action Will Continue To Defend Marriage In The Public Square

12 Nov 2008 - Schwarzenegger Assures Same-Sex Couples Previous "Marriages" Intact: Legal Scholars Divided On Fate Of Same-Sex "Marriages" Contracted Under Supreme Court Decision [So much for following the will of the people that he said he would put above all else!]

11 Nov 2008 - Watch Church Lady Meet Same-Sex 'Marriage' Protesters: Cross-Carrying Senior, Reporter Face Screams, Threats [This shows the real intent of the so-called 'tolerance movement" and their EVIL agenda!!!]

11 Nov 2008 - Gay Homosexual Activists Call For Boycott Of Utah [More of EVIL trying to force itself upon everyone]

11 Nov 2008 - Schwarzenegger On Proposition 8: 'We Will Undo That' - Governor Encourages Same-Sex Marriage Advocates Not To Give Up [He shows his true colors in his support of this EVIL and in his going against the will of the people, which he claimed he supported above all else!]

10 Nov 2008 - Another Episcopal Diocese Departs

07 Nov 2008 - Homosexuals Seek To Overturn Marriage Amendment [More proof of the intolerance of the so-called tolerance movement, and how they only care about themselves and what they want and have no concern for anyone else!!!]

07 Nov 2008 - Same-Sex "Marriage" Supporters Furious at California Loss: Lawsuits Filed Challenging Proposition 8 [EVIL just can't stand it when people stand up against it and battle it and stop it from spreading!]

07 Nov 2008 - Kindergartners Given Homosexual 'Pledge Cards' [There is no place in the public school, especially for kindergartners for this EVIL!!!!! This teacher should be fired!!!]

07 Nov 2008 - Support For Marriage Remains Steadfast

07 Nov 2008 - Irish Catholic Cardinal Warns Against Homosexual "Marriage"

06 Nov 2008 - 'Gay Homosexual' Threats Target Christians Over Same-Sex 'Marriage' Ban: 'Burn Their F---ing Churches, Then Tax Charred Timbers' [EVIL wants to silence and destroy those who stand up and speak against it. More PROOF that there is no tolerance inside the so-called tolerance movement for anyone that does not agree with them!]

06 Nov 2008 - Victory: California Marriage Proposition 8 Passes In Historic Battle

06 Nov 2008 - Marriage, Family Prevail At The Polls: 'When We Unite Around Timeless Values Like Marriage, We Can Win.'

05 Nov 2008 - California Voters Approve Gay Homosexual-Marriage Ban [PRAISE GOD!!! That is fantastic news!!!]

05 Nov 2008 - Florida, Arizona, California Defining Marriage: Joining 27 Other States In Calling For 1-Man-1-Woman Limits [GOOD!!! That is how got instituted marriage, between 1 man and 1 woman only, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!]

05 Nov 2008 - Florida Voters Pass Amendment Banning Gay Homosexual Marriage [GREAT NEWS!!!!]

04 Nov 2008 - Kindergarten Teacher Under Fire For Promoting Gay Homosexual Agenda In Classroom [This teacher should be fired for promoting this EVIL!!!]

04 Nov 2008 - 10,000 Gather In Prayer For Marriage And The Nation

03 Nov 2008 - President Of California NAACP Stands Against Traditional Marriage

03 Nov 2008 - Queen Of Spain Denounces Abortion, Euthanasia, And "Gay Homosexual Marriage" [GOOD!!!]

31 Oct 2008 - Hate In The Name Of Love: 'It Is The Proponents Of Same-Sex Marriage Who Express Nearly All The Hate.'

30 Oct 2008 - Lisa Miller Held In Contempt Of Court For Refusing Child Visitation To Former Lesbian Lover: Judge Schedules More Visitation Dates Despite Evidence Of Damage To Miller's Daughter

29 Oct 2008 - Homosexual Propaganda Rampant In Mass. Schools

29 Oct 2008 - Star Parker Fights For Traditional Marriage

28 Oct 2008 - AFA Counters Denver Post Poll On Homosexuality Can Homosexuals Change? : Post Readers Say No

28 Oct 2008 - Arkansas Voters Have Opportunity To Protect Children, Families

28 Oct 2008 - California's Marriage Amendment Draws Big Names On Both Sides

28 Oct 2008 - Mother To Face Contempt Charges For Refusing Custody Of Daughter To Former Lesbian Lover: Christian Ex-Lesbian Could Face Total Loss Of Custody Or Jail Time For Defying Visitation Order [More INSANITY in the courts!!! This is what happens when EVIL is allowed to run wild!]]

28 Oct 2008 - U.K. Relationship Counselor Sacked For Refusing To Give Homosexual Sex Advice

27 Oct 2008 - 'Gay Homosexual' Advocates Fail To Unseat Christians: California College Students Support Endorsement Of Marriage Protection Amendment

27 Oct 2008 - California Teachers Association Gives $1.25M To Fight Marriage Amendment

24 Oct 2008 - Lutherans Oppose Same-Sex 'Marriage' [GOOD!!!!! More churches need to follow their example and stand up against this EVIL!!!]

24 Oct 2008 - California Elementary School Parents Blindsided By Homosexual "Coming Out Day": Discovery Of Homosexual Event At School Lends Steam To Pro-Marriage Proposition 8 Campaign [This is EVIL!!!!! The school has no right teaching, promoting, or pushing this or any other EVIL ways!!!]

24 Oct 2008 - Marriage Amendments Elicit Passion From Both Sides: Dr. Mohler And Others Explain What's At Stake In The Debate Over Same-Sex 'Marriage.'

23 Oct 2008 - School Holds Surprise 'Gay Homosexual' Day For Kindergartners: Parents Outraged At Public Elementary's Secretive 'Coming Out' Event [This is PURE EVIL!!!!! The parents of the children at this school should sue the school for pushing this evil upon their children!]

22 Oct 2008 - Love Won Out Celebrates 10th Anniversary: God TV Will Record Conference At Focus On The Family This Weekend And Share It With Millions

22 Oct 2008 - Campaign Exposes Obama's Anti-Parent Agenda: 'Barack Does Not Share Our Traditional Values Of Defending Innocent Life'

22 Oct 2008 - Marriage Amendments Gain Support: Marriage-Protection Amendments In California, Arizona And Florida Are Gaining Support

22 Oct 2008 - Biden Opposes State, Federal Marriage Amendments

21 Oct 2008 - Palin On Faith, Prayer, Homosexual "Marriage", And Abortion: Says She Feels That In Giving Interviews With Mainstream Media "You Set Yourself Up To Just Continually Be Mocked"

21 Oct 2008 - Mom Continues Fight For Custody Of Her Daughter: Virginia Woman Who Has Overcome Homosexuality Could Lose Her Biological Child To Former Partner [PURE LUNACY!!!! This is what happens when this sort of EVIL is allowed to run wild!]

21 Oct 2008 - Prop. 8 Supporters Not Folding Their Tents

21 Oct 2008 - Palin Supports Federal Marriage Amendment [GOOD!!!]

18 Oct 2008 - The 'How-To' Plan To Criminalize Christianity: 'Homosexuals Know They Must Silence The Church And That's What's Behind This'

17 Oct 2008 - 62,000 People Contribute To California Marriage Amendment

17 Oct 2008 - Another Australia Bill Granting Same-Sex Rights Passes Senate As Systematic Overhaul Of Marriage Continues

17 Oct 2008 - UK Traditional Wing Of Anglicans To Leave Church Of England

15 Oct 2008 - Windy City Proposes 'Gay Homosexual'-Friendly School

15 Oct 2008 - Connecticut Catholic Bishops Denounce Supreme Court for Bulldozing Democratic Process In Same-sex "Marriage" Ruling

15 Oct 2008 - New Research Study Debunks Claim Christians Are "Homophobic"

14 Oct 2008 - Judicial Attacks On Marriage Continue: 'Americans Are Tired Of Being Told By Judges They Know What's Best For Them.'

13 Oct 2008 - School Takes 1st-Graders To See Lesbian Teacher Wed: 'This Is An Overt Indoctrination Of Children Who Are Too Young' [This is completely WRONG!!!! And promoting this and other EVILS is NOT what public schools and public education should be promoting or involved with!!!]

13 Oct 2008 - Shock: Connecticut Supreme Court Strikes Down State Ban On Same-sex "Marriage"

10 Oct 2008 - How Does Gay Homosexual 'Marriage' Affect Education?" "The Supreme Court Has Made It Clear That Once A State Orders Gay Homosexual 'Marriage,' Public Schools Are Going To Be Teaching About Gay Homosexual 'Marriage' "

10 Oct 2008 - Mcdonald's Surrenders! Boycott Declared Over: Family Group Says Fast-Food Giant Agrees Not To Promote 'Gay Homosexual' Agenda

10 Oct 2008 - UN Issues Stern Warning To UK On "Homophobic Bullying" [What they mean by "Homophobic Bullying", is people who think for themselves, voice their opinion, and who are willing to stand up against this EVIL!!!]

10 Oct 2008 - EU Declaration Tabled Demanding All Member States Recognize Same-Sex "Marriage"

10 Oct 2008 - Does Same-Sex 'Marriage' Affect My Marriage?: Let Me Count The Ways

10 Oct 2008 - Support For Traditional Marriage Pulls Ahead In Polls

09 Oct 2008 - Young Voters Boost California Marriage Amendment: Television Ad, Door-To-Door Campaigning Shift Momentum

09 Oct 2008 - Church Of England Minister Apologises For Criticisms of Homosexual Lifestyle [This is WRONG! There is nothing wrong with or a need to apologizing for, taking a stand against and speaking up against this VILE and EVIL chosen lifestyle that goes against the teachings of God found in the Bible!!!]

09 Oct 2008 - Mandatory Homosexual Indoctrination In Grade School Survives After Supreme Court Turns Down Case

08 Oct 2008 - Blue Cross Blue Shield Fights Florida's Marriage Amendment

07 Oct 2008 - 'Bride' And 'Groom' To Be Restored To Calif. Forms

07 Oct 2008 - San Francisco Catholic Charities Ends Relationship With The US' "Gayest Homosexualest Adoption Agency"

07 Oct 2008 - Mistrial Declared In "Gay Homosexual Pride" Parade Lawsuit

07 Oct 2008 - Iowa Supreme Court Sets Date For Gay Homosexual 'Marriage' Case

06 Oct 2008 - Arizona Fights For Traditional Marriage

06 Oct 2008 - Pa. Episcopal Diocese Oks Split Over Bible, Homosexuals

03 Oct 2008 - Catholic Bishop Stuns Homosexual Conference With Biblical Message [GOOD for him for standing up and speaking the truth]

02 Oct 2008 - College Students Condemn 'Gay Homosexual' Marriage - Councilman: 'I Feel A Responsibility To Protect Our Traditional Family Values'

02 Oct 2008 - Scorecard Tracks Pro-Family Votes In Congress

02 Oct 2008 - Same-Sex 'Marriage', Biblical Authority Causes Anglican Church To Split From Diocese

01 Oct 2008 - 'Fireproof': A Sizzling Life Lesson: Hot Film Reminds Couples: 'Never Leave Your Partner Behind'

01 Oct 2008 - Marriage Opponents Expand Efforts; Polls Touted By The Mainstream Media Claim The Three Amendments Could Be In Jeopardy

01 Oct 2008 - Ecuador Approves Constitution With Pro-Abortion, Pro-Homosexual Language

30 Sep 2008 - Fireproof Opens No. 4 At Box Office: Even The Mainstream Media Have Been Forced To Add Their Accolades

30 Sep 2008 - Levi Jeans Funds Push For Homosexual "Marriage" In California: Massive Corporate Support For Homosexualist Movement

30 Sep 2008 - Google Urges Voters: Trash Traditional Marriage: 'We Should Not Eliminate Anyone's Fundamental Rights To Marry The Person They Love'

30 Sep 2008 - Beer Boycott To Resume After MillerCoors Again Supports Sadomasochistic Sex Fair

29 Sep 2008 - 'Fireproof' Lights Up The Screen

29 Sep 2008 - Marriage Advocate Gary Thomas: 'I'm Excited By The Prospect Of Churches Coming Together To Invest In Their Own Marriages.'

26 Sep 2008 - Two Hollywood Men Take A Stand For Values: 'We Want To Make Movies And Projects That Really Uphold And Have A High View Of That Which Is Beautiful And Wonderful In Our Culture.'

25 Sep 2008 - Powerful Pro-Marriage Film "Fireproof" Opens In Theatres This Friday

25 Sep 2008 - University Of Pittsburgh Lets 'Transgender' Students Choose Their Dorm [This is INSANE!!!]

25 Sep 2008 - California Pastors Calls For Prayer And Fasting Over Prop 8

25 Sep 2008 - 2008-2009 Television Season To More Than Double Homosexual Characters

24 Sep 2008 - Protecting Marriage To Protect Children: Marriage As A Human Institution Is Constantly Evolving. But In All Societies, Marriage Shapes The Rights And Obligations Of Parenthood

24 Sep 2008 - Court Slams Lesbian 'Adoption': 'Judicial Activism Is A Cancer That Eats Away At The Rule Of Law'

24 Sep 2008 - Miller Beer Clarifies: No "Sponsorship," Just A Full-Page Centerfold Ad In Pornographic Sadomasochistic Program: Guide Once Again Carries A Photo Of The Last Supper Mockery That Landed The Company In Hot Water Last Year

23 Sep 2008 - Trial Begins For Firefighters Suing City Over Forced Participation In Gay Homosexual Pride Parade

23 Sep 2008 - Miller/Coors Beer Again Supports Sadomasochistic Gay Homosexual Street Orgy: Boycott Urged

23 Sep 2008 - Biden 'Honored' To Speak At Pro-Homosexual Gala

23 Sep 2008 - Bible-Believing Bishop Thrown Out By Episcopal Leaders

23 Sep 2008 - Judge Rules In Favor Of 'Transsexual' Job-Seeker

23 Sep 2008 - Assault Doesn't Deter Marriage Backers

23 Sep 2008 - Family Advocates Challenge PG&E's Donation To Defeat Marriage Amendment: 'It Is Outrageous That A Mammoth Utility Used My Money To Undermine The Values Of Families In My Community.'

18 Sep 2008 - Two Decisions Underscore Importance Of Having A Mom And Dad: Family Advocates In Arkansas And Kentucky Put Children's Needs First.

18 Sep 2008 - Arizona Marriage Amendment Enters Final Lap [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 Sep 2008 - University Opens Women's Dorms To Men: 'I Don't Think They've Thought Through The Ramifications'

15 Sep 2008 - Pastor Warns Against Taking Homosexuality Lightly [God has condemned any and all forms of homosexuality and has called it an abomination in His eyes!!!]

13 Sep 2008 - Record 259 Corporations Honored For 'Gay Homosexual' Support: Foundation Lauds Businesses Toeing Line Of Social Campaign [This is disgusting, honoring companies for supporting a vile and evil lifestyle!]

13 Sep 2008 - America's Pro-Homosexual Giants: 2009: 259 U.S. Businesses Recognized For Benefiting 'Lesbian, Gays Homosexuals, Bisexual, Transgender' Employees [All of these so-called lifestyles, no matter what you call them, still go against the teachings of the Bible and are considered EVIL!!!]

13 Sep 2008 - Californians' Utility Bills Back Homosexual Marriage: Group Outraged By Natural Gas Supplier Giving $250,000 To Stop Proposition 8

12 Sep 2008 - Return Of 'Hate Crimes' Plan Looms In Congress: Legal Crackdown On Biblical Condemnation Of Homosexuality Feared [This is INSANE!!!! No one, absolutely no one, deserves extra rights, privileges, or protections, especially a group of vile individuals who have freely chosen to transgress the Word of God! Not only that, a law such as this is clearly a violation of the Constitution of the United States of American, which guarantees us Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion! It is laws like this and other actions against Christians and Christianity that reminds one of how the Jewish people were treated prior to and during World War II. Are we about to see a repeat of history, this time against the Christians, just as the Bible predicted?]

12 Sep 2008 - Does Focus On The Family Really Hate Gay Homosexual People?: 'The Hearts Of Those Who Serve At Focus Are Full Of Such Compassion, Grace And Love.'

12 Sep 2008 - Florida Judge Rejects State Law, Allows Gay Man To Adopt [Who is this judge to take it upon himself to play God and decide what is right and what is wrong and what is legal and what is illegal? And where does he have the right to decide that a state law is wrong?]

11 Sep 2008 - Cayman Islands To Ban Same-Sex "Marriage": Bill Passed 2nd Reading In Unanimous Vote

11 Sep 2008 - What Do Dead Voters Have To Do With Coed Restrooms?: Court Says Challenge To 'Discrimination' Ban Failed Because Dead Voters Not Represented [PURE STUPIDITY!!!]

10 Sep 2008 - Gay Homosexual Activists Carp Over Focus On The Family's Love Won Out Conference [Embedded video on web page]

10 Sep 2008 - Michelle Obama Promotes Fatherless, Motherless Families: Sen. Obama Grew Up Without A Dad, And Apparently Doesn't Mind If Other Kids Are Forced Into The Same Situation

10 Sep 2008 - McDonald's Sends Employees To Homosexuality Conference

10 Sep 2008 - MD Voters 'Up The Creek' On Gender Identity Law [This is pure INSANITY!!!! No one, especially a group of ungodly followers of EVIL, deserves special or extra rights!]

10 Sep 2008 - Hundreds Show Support For Gov. Palin's Church

10 Sep 2008 - ADF Appeals New York Ruling To Recognize Out-Of-State Gay Homosexual 'Marriages'

10 Sep 2008 - Homosexual Agenda In Brazil Suffers Defeats

09 Sep 2008 - California Bans 'Brides,' 'Grooms': License Rejected For Couple Seeking Traditional Marriage [This is not only WRONG, it is EVIL!!!]

09 Sep 2008 - ACLU Donates $1.2 Million To Anti-Marriage California Proposition 8

09 Sep 2008 - Media Pounce On Palin Over Focus On The Family Conference: Love Won Out Takes Biblical Message On Sexuality To Anchorage, Alaska

09 Sep 2008 - Complaint Filed against Australian Christian Resort For Refusing Homosexual Youth Group [More of EVIL trying to force itself on everyone!]

09 Sep 2008 - Mickey D's Offers Employees Pro-Homosexual Training

07 Sep 2008 - Family Champion Cathi Herrod: 'We Have A Small Window Of Time In Which To Secure The Definition Of Marriage For Our Children And Grandchildren.'

05 Sep 2008 - Two Birds With One Stone: Australian Homosexual Bill Promotes Polygamist Agenda [EVIL promoting yet more EVIL!!!]

05 Sep 2008 - France To Call For UN Action To Decriminalize Homosexuality [Another attempt to make EVIL no longer against the law!]

05 Sep 2008 - More U.S. Companies Cater To 'Transgendered' Employees [This is pure INSANITY!!! No one, especially those practicing EVIL deserves extra rights, benefits, or privileges!]

04 Sep 2008 - Claiming God's On Your Side?

04 Sep 2008 - The RNC Platform Plank Remains Conservative On Marriage Defining It As A Union Between One Man And One Woman. [Just as God created it, between one man and one woman ONLY!]

04 Sep 2008 - Marriage Advocates Win Harassment Lawsuit

04 Sep 2008 - Traditional Marriage Still Exists In DC

02 Sep 2008 - California Extreme: Your Faith Or Your Job

30 Aug 2008 - Homosexual Activists Target California Businesses That Support Pro-Marriage Proposition [EVIL trying to silence those that would stand up against them!]

30 Aug 2008 - Friday Five: Family Champion Ron Prentice: 'Same-Sex "Marriage" Is The Most Radical Human Experiment Yet, Putting Children At Risk And Threatening Generational Stability.'

28 Aug 2008 - $1.2M Grant Aims To Add Gay Homosexual-Affirming Churches [EVIL trying to buy out God and His people for money!!!]

28 Aug 2008 - 'Socially Responsible' Investor Blacklists McDonald's

28 Aug 2008 - Calif. Court Dismisses Challenge To Traditional Marriage

28 Aug 2008 - Jews, Muslims, Evangelicals, Catholics, Mormons, Sikhs And Hindus Join To Fight Homosexual "Marriage" In California: 1 Million Lawn Signs Campaign In The Works

28 Aug 2008 - Gay Homosexual Activists Mislead Floridians On Marriage Amendment [EVIL trying to trick and lie its way into acceptance!]

28 Aug 2008 - MassResistance Finding Resistance Over Pro-Family Petition

27 Aug 2008 - Mainstream Media Admits Anti-Family Bias: NBC To 'Gay Homosexual' Activists: 'Your Victories Are Our Victories': The News Media Loudly Proclaimed Its Support For The Homosexual Activist Agenda At The National Lesbian And Gay Homosexual Journalists Association Convention In Washington, D.C.

26 Aug 2008 - Majority Voters Bash Obama 'Family' Values - Poll: Americans Back Man-Woman Marriage, Also Believe Life Commences At Conception

26 Aug 2008 - Homosexual Adoption Ban To Appear On Ballot: Family Group Obtains Required Signatures To Let Voters Decide

26 Aug 2008 - Care Enough To Send Hallmark Your Very Best

25 Aug 2008 - Hallmark Pushes Same-Sex Marriage: Ask Them To Stop Promoting A Lifestyle That Is Not Only Unhealthy, But Is Also Illegal In 48 States

25 Aug 2008 - Employers And Same-Sex 'Marriage'

25 Aug 2008 - DNC Embraces Homosexual Agenda

23 Aug 2008 - National Latino Leaders To Stand Together In Denver To Honor Marriage And Family

22 Aug 2008 - Take Action: Hallmark, Newspapers Sidestep State Marriage Amendments [Guilty of promoting EVIL!!!]

22 Aug 2008 - EU Agency Calls For A Re-Definition Of Marriage, Criminalization Of "Homophobia" [Another attempt to destroy traditional marriage, take away freedom of speech, and force everyone to accept this EVIL!]

22 Aug 2008 - Oregon Tribe To Allow Same-Sex Marriages [This is WRONG!!! Why are they accepting and allowing this EVIL there?]

22 Aug 2008 - Louisiana Governor Supports Equal Protections For All Employees [This law is NOT about equal protection, but special and extra rights for one group of individuals. "These types of laws are simply an attempt to silence and penalize the religious convictions of employers"]

22 Aug 2008 - 'Transsexual' Man Sues Library Of Congress Over Job Offer [More of EVIL trying to force itself upon everyone!]

22 Aug 2008 - Levant Target Of Latest Human Rights Complaint By Homosexual Activist

21 Aug 2008 - PG&E Pushes Same-Sex 'Marriage' In California [Why does it seem that more and more companies and people are endorsing this evil and ungodly abomination?]

21 Aug 2008 - More Than 1,000 Newspapers Accept Gay Homosexual 'Wedding' Announcements [They will answer to God for their endorsement of this EVIL!!!]

21 Aug 2008 - Hallmark Embraces Homosexual 'Marriage'

20 Aug 2008 - Gay Homosexual Activist Tim Gill Rewards N.Y. Lawmakers Who Voted To Gut Marriage

20 Aug 2008 - Lithuanian Government Bans EU Pro-Homosexual Tour Truck [Good for them for standing up against this evil and saying NO!!!]

20 Aug 2008 - Oregon Citizens Denied Vote On Marriage Issue

19 Aug 2008 - Babies' Rights And The Definition Of Marriage: Values Voters Should Look Closely At What The Presidential Candidates Had To Say On The Issues That Matter

19 Aug 2008 - Calif. Court: Homosexual Rights Trump Christian Convictions [This is pure stupidity!!!]

19 Aug 2008 - New York Considers Special Rights For 'Transgendered' Students [This is pure STUPIDITY!!! There is NOTHING to consider. NO ONE deserves special rights no matter who they are!]

19 Aug 2008 - California Supreme Court Tramples Doctors' Religious Beliefs [So, when did judges get the right to play at being God???]

16 Aug 2008 - Democratic National Committee Funds California Push For Same-Sex 'Marriage'

14 Aug 2008 - McDonald's Does It Again

14 Aug 2008 - PG&E Gives Money To Destroy Traditional Marriage

13 Aug 2008 - Marriage Advocates Let California Ballot Language Stand

11 Aug 2008 - Legislature Passes Bill For "Gay Homosexual Day" Celebrations In California Public Schools [This is WRONG!!! You DO NOT celebrate SIN in a public school or anywhere else!]

11 Aug 2008 - Christians Nationwide Warned Of California Vote Consequences

11 Aug 2008 - Judge Nixes Suit Over Wording Of California Marriage Proposition: Critics Argue Wording Biases Voters Against Proposition 8: Marriage Proponents Say They Will File Immediate Appeal, But Time Is Running Short

08 Aug 2008 - Homosexual Activist Says There's No "Gay Homosexual Gene" [Has embedded video on web page]

08 Aug 2008 - Gainesville, Fla., Voters To Decide On Gender-Identity Law

07 Aug 2008 - Of Christians, Bigotry, And Public Policy

07 Aug 2008 - Will Prop. 8 Be Retroactive? Opinions Differ

06 Aug 2008 - As Marriage Declines, Church Attendance Falls: 'Marriage Is A Gateway Into Family Life, And Family Life, In Turn, Is Often A Gateway Into Church Attendance.'

06 Aug 2008 - Is Marriage Dying?: Marriage Is Increasingly Seen As Optional, Disposable And Redefinable.

06 Aug 2008 - Labour MP Attempts To Remove Religious Freedom Of Conscience After Christian Marriage Registrar Victory

06 Aug 2008 - Canadian Same-Sex "Marriage" Forces Spousal Insurance Coverage In New York

05 Aug 2008 - McDonald's Sponsors Gay Homosexual Pride Parade

04 Aug 2008 - Radio Hall Of Fame Will Not Bow To Homosexual Pressure To Dump Dobson

04 Aug 2008 - 'It's Self-Evident That The Natural Order Of The Family Is A Mother And Father.'

04 Aug 2008 - Montana Baptist Church In Court On Political Conviction

04 Aug 2008 - U.N. Grants Status To Homosexual-Rights Groups: Opponents Fear Loss Of Sovereignty, Ties To Pedophilia Advocates

04 Aug 2008 - Uganda First Lady Decries Increase In Risky Sexual Behavior While West Threatens To Pull Funding Over Ugandan "Homophobia"

04 Aug 2008 - Florida City Hopes To Resolve Gender Identity Issue

01 Aug 2008 - Gay Homosexual Activists Want Dr. Dobson Booted From Radio Hall Of Fame: 'The Focus On The Family Broadcast Was Created As, And Remains, A Means Of Helping Families Thrive.'

01 Aug 2008 - 20,000 Gather In Opposition To Legalizing Homosexual "Marriage" In Costa Rica

01 Aug 2008 - California's 'Homosexual Marriage' Public Utility

31 July 2008 - McDonalds Homosexual Advocacy Increases - Now Funds Pride Parade

31 July 2008 - Battle Over Marriage Sweeps The Nation: Massachusetts Ready To Export Gay Homosexual 'Marriage'; California Guts Amendment Wording [This is what happens when EVIL is allowed to run wild and spread!]

31 July 2008 - Legislation Grants Special Status Based On Sexual Orientation [This is completely WRONG! No one, absolutely no one, should be given special rights or privileges, especially a bunch of individuals who reject the Word of God and commit what God Himself has called an ABOMINATION!]

31 July 2008 - Obama Opposes California Marriage Amendment While McCain Supports It

31 July 2008 - California Attorney General Heavily Biases Ballot Initiative Wording In Favor Of Same-Sex 'Marriage'

30 July 2008 - McDonald's Profits Help Fund Naked Homosex-Fest

30 July 2008 - Lawsuit To Seek Halt In 'Gay Homosexual' Lobbying Inside Voting Booth: California Officials Change Reference To Marriage Protection Amendment

30 July 2008 - Mass. House Votes To Let Out-Of-State Homosexuals 'Marry' [This is what happens when evil runs rampant!]

30 July 2008 - Those Mcfabulous Rainbow Arches

30 July 2008 - Poll Shows Distorted View Of Cohabitation: 'One Of The Best Ways To Sandbag A Marriage Before It Starts Is To Live Together Before Marriage.'

30 July 2008 - Britain's Largest Adoption Agency To OK Same-Sex Parents [This is wrong and should not be allowed to happen!]

29 July 2008 - Anglican Head Surprises Lambeth Conference: Affirms Traditional Christian Doctrine On Homosexual Sex [GOOD! More churches need to take a stand against this EVIL!!!!]

29 July 2008 - Attorney: Prop. 8 'Rework' Could Spell Defeat

29 July 2008 - Garlow Details Urgency Of Passing Prop. 8

29 July 2008 - 'Deck Stacked' Against Pro-Family Representatives

28 July 2008 - State Changes Description Of Marriage Amendment [In voter pamphlets, California's Secretary of State has changed the description of a proposed constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriage, taking a decidely "pro-homosexual" position.]

28 July 2008 - PFOX: Children Incapable Of Self-Identifying Sexually

28 July 2008 - California Homosexuals' Boycott Fizzles

28 July 2008 - Evangelists Cleared Of 'Hate-Crime' Charges

26 July 2008 - 'Gay Homosexual' Marriage Battle Goes To Kindergarten: Voters Worry Education Mandates May Reinforce Homosexual Agenda [Evil hopes that the marriage amendment in California does not pass because then it can move forward to have its evil taught in the public schools!]

26 July 2008 - Rick Warren, 'Gay Homosexual' Advocate Team Up To Host Obama-McCain: Joint Appearance At Saddleback Church Co-Sponsored By Faith Group Challenging 'Right' [Warren's evangelical Saddleback Church is co-sponsored by a left-leaning group led by a Unitarian-Universalist minister who once headed her denomination's homosexual advocacy office]

26 July 2008 - Pennsylvania: Supremes Strike 'Hate Crime' Statute: 'Preaching About Sin Of Sodomy Should Not Be Made Illegal'

25 July 2008 - Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules that Homosexual 'Hate Crimes' Law Violates Pennsylvania Constitution [GOOD! No one, no matter what or who, should be allowed special protections or rights!]

25 July 2008 - 'Bible' Lawsuit May Be Sign Of Things To Come [This goes to show just how evil the world is and how much evil is running wild and think it can get away with anything, even attacking the Word of God!]

23 July 2008 - McDonald's Hears: 'I'm NOT Lovin' It!': In Front Of Local Restaurants, Fed-Up Christians Protest Company's Support Of Same-Sex Marriage [Good for them for standing up against this EVIL!!!]

23 July 2008 - Homosexuals In The Armed Forces: Debate Renewed: The Military Today Is About To Be Hit With The Full Force Of Extreme Social Engineering.' [There should be NO debate. As a former Marine I can tell you that there is NO place in the military at all, or anywhere else, for this EVIL!!!!]

23 July 2008 - Legislation To Give Special Rights To Gay Homosexual Students Stuck In N.C. Legislature [This is WRONG!!! No one deserves special or extra rights, especially a group that has chosen to turn their back on the Word of God and do EVIL!]

23 July 2008 - U.K. Police Constable Fights Back Against Pro-Homosexual Police Force Over Discrimination

22 July 2008 - Mississippi State University Launches Marriage Initiative

22 July 2008 - Prominent Christian Theologian Dr. James Packer Speaks Out On Homosexuality

21 July 2008 - Mississippi Boosts Marriage, Family

21 July 2008 - Dems Showing True Colors On Proposition 8?: The Democratic National Committee Is Actively Working To Foil The Campaign To Ban Same-Sex "Marriage" In California

19 July 2008 - Same-sex "Marriage" Will Not Be Counted In 2010 U.S. Census [GOOD!!!! Because this is NOT real marriage, it is a blasphemous corruption of what marriage is, as God Himself instituted it, between one man and one woman ONLY!!!!]

19 July 2008 - Boycott Over McDonald's 'Gay Homosexual' Promotions Grows: Ronald 'Needs To End Corporate Subsidies For Homosexual And Transsexual Behavior'

19 July 2008 - Is South Carolina 'So Gay Homosexual'? [This was another attempt by evil to pull a fast one into tricking everyone into accepting and promoting it! Evil falsely believes that it is justified in doing anything and everything in obtaining its goals!]

19 July 2008 - 9th Circuit to Decide On Constitutionality Of Anti-Catholic Resolution: San Francisco Calls The Catholic Church's Teachings Hateful, Defamatory And Insensitive

19 July 2008 - Dutch Replace Maiden Name With "Birth Name" To Accommodate Homosexual "Marriage" [This is pure LUNACY!!!]

19 July 2008 - ADF Defends Teacher Who Was Fired After Homosexuality Discussion

18 July 2008 - Court Says 'Gay Homosexual' Rights Trump Christian Rights: Dismisses Free-Speech Case Filed By Philadelphia 11 [This is pure stupidity! EVIL should never be allowed more rights or privileges than anyone else, especially over those that are exposing what God Himself has called EVIL and an ABOMINATION!!!]

18 July 2008 - Definition Of 'Family' Targeted As Well

17 July 2008 - Brazil: Offend A Homosexual ... Go To Prison For 5 Years: Teachers, Pastors Facing 'Criminalization Of Homophobia' [This is PURE LUNACY!!!! What those participating in this abomination find offensive is the TRUTH, GOD'S TRUTH, which condemns them of their SIN!!!]

17 July 2008 - Voters Given Chance To Ban Same-Sex 'Marriage': Black Robes Say Proposed Constitutional Amendment Will Be On Ballot [This is GOOD NEWS!!!! The reason behind the homosexuals move to keep this off of the ballot was because they know most people support Traditional Marriage and NOT their blasphemous version of it!]

17 July 2008 - Massachusetts Moves To Define Marriage For The Nation: Pro-Family Legislators Threatened By Those Pushing The Homosexual Agenda [More of EVIL trying to force itself on everyone!]

17 July 2008 - Christian Counselor Fired For Trying To Help Lesbian: Referral To Another Adviser Classified As 'Homophobic'

17 July 2008 - California High Court Says Marriage Amendment Stays On Ballot: 'The Lawsuit Was An Act Of Desperation By Those Who Fear The Democratic Process In California.'

17 July 2008 - Oregonians Fight For Disenfranchised Voters, Natural Marriage

17 July 2008 - Mass. '1913 Law' Being Misrepresented

16 July 2008 - Lawmakers 'Cowardly' In 'Sleazy' Vote On Marriage Law

16 July 2008 - McDonald's Boycott Blows Into Chicago

16 July 2008 - Major U.S. City Officially Condemns Catholic Church Because It Stand Up Against The Abomination Of Homosexuality!

16 July 2008 - Out-Of-State Homosexual 'Marriages' On East Coast Horizon [This is PURE EVIL and needs to be stopped now!!!]

16 July 2008 - Washington Post Tells Kids Homosexuality Is Fine [This is completely wrong!]

15 July 2008 - McCain: "No, I don't Believe In Gay Homosexual Adoption" [GOOD!!!!]

14 July 2008 - NC 'Anti-Bullying' Bill Masks Homosexual Agenda

14 July 2008 - Massachussetts To Expand Same-Sex Weddings: Change Would Allow Out-Of-State Duos To 'Marry' [This is pure EVIL!!!]

14 July 2008 - Massachusetts Brewing A 'Recipe For Chaos'

12 July 2008 - Dr. Dobson Slammed By Gay Homosexual Activist: Radio Hall Of Fame Nomination Elicits Insults From The Left; Your Vote Is Needed

12 July 2008 July 2008 - FRC Panel Studies Effects Of Gay Homosexual 'Marriage' On Religious Liberties: 'Churches (Are) Being Forced Or Intimidated Or Threatened To Perform Same-Sex "Marriages." '

12 July 2008 - Registrar's Religious Liberties Upheld

12 July 2008 - California: Prop. 8 Vote Crucial In Culture Battle

12 July 2008 - Christian Challenging State Commission On Fine

11 July 2008 - Boycott Mcdonald's: Throwing Out Any Pretense Of Being Neutral In The Culture War, Mcdonald's Has Taken Up The Rhetoric Of Gay Homosexual Activists, Suggesting Those Who Oppose Same-Sex Marriage (SSM) Are Motivated By Hate [Has embedded video on the web page]

11 July 2008 - Coast-To-Coast Battle Over Marriage: Massachusetts To Vote On Exporting Gay Homosexual 'Marriages': 'It's Shameful That This State Would Try To Push Its Radical Social Agenda On Other States.'

11 July 2008 - UK Tribunal Rules That Christian Cannot Be Forced To Conduct Gay Homosexual Partnership Ceremony [GOOD! No Christian should have any part in this EVIL ABOMINATION!!!]

11 July 2008 - Poll Shows Importance Of State Marriage Amendments: 'This Whole Attempted Institution Of Same-Sex "Marriage" Is On A Collision Course With Traditional Christian Views And Values.'

11 July 2008 - Divorce Continues To Damage Kids, U.K. Study Shows

10 July 2008 - 'Gay Homosexual' Man Sues Bible Publishers: $70 Million For Emotional Distress Because Homosexuality Cast As Sin [Evil again attacking and trying to silence the Word of God. Evil wants to silence God and His Word because they condemns these evil individuals for their abomination!!!]

10 July 2008 - Homosexual Researchers 'In Denial': A West Coast Psychologist Believes Pro-Homosexual Researchers Are Not Being Honest Regarding Children Raised In Homosexual Homes

10 July 2008 - Oklahoma Supreme Court Rejects Gay Homosexual 'Divorce' Case: 'Recognizing A Same-Sex Divorce Would Mean Recognizing A Marriage That Doesn't Exist.'

09 July 2008 - FRC Hosts Discussion On Gay Homosexual 'Marriage,' Religious Liberties

08 July 2008 - Counties To Supreme Court On 'Gay Homosexual' Marriage: Drop Dead: 'This Will Be As Inspirational As Alamo, Without The Guns' [Amen to them for standing up and saying No to this EVIL!!!]

08 July 2008 - Alberta Pastor Convicted Of Hate Speech Appeals Human Rights Commission Ruling [Whatever happened to Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and being able to preach the Bible?]

08 July 2008 - 'Inventive' Argument Offered Against Marriage Petition

07 July 2008 - How Heterosexuals Destroyed Marriage

05 July 2008 - New Mexico Accused Of Violating 'Free Exercise' Of Religion: Appeal Contests $6,600 Fine For Photographers Who Refused To Perform 'Gay Homosexual' Ceremony

05 July 2008 - Sinister Forces Want To Silence Talk Radio

05 July 2008 - Golden Arches Awash In Rainbow Colors: Family Group Boycotts Mcdonalds For Support For Homosexual Agenda

05 July 2008 - Marriage Is The Key To Saving Our Civilization

03 July 2008 - AFA Calls For Mcdonald's Boycott

03 July 2008 - School Forcibly Transfers 'Conservative' Teacher: District Silences Union Critic, Claims He Insulted 'Gay Homosexual' Staff Member

03 July 2008 - Pro-Homosexuals Hijack Anti-Discrimination Forum

02 July 2008 - Legislator: Law Allows Banishment Of Bible: 'This Is Written So Anybody Can Take Any Part And Grow It Into Monstrosity'

02 July 2008 - Children In The 'Gay Homosexual Marriage' Crosshairs

02 July 2008 - Attorney Challenges Ruling Over Justice's Links To 'Gays Homosexuals': Lawyer In Preacher's Defamation Case Hit With $90,000 Penalty

02 July 2008 - Federal Marriage Amendment Reintroduced In Senate: 'Children Are Best Served By Having Both A Mother And A Father.'

02 July 2008 - Civil War Era Law Prevails In Church Case

01 July 2008 - 'Gay Homosexual' Rights Group To Supremes: Don't Let People Vote: Lawyers Try To Cut California Marriage Amendment From Ballot

01 July 2008 - Arizona Marriage Amendment Headed To Ballot: 'All One Needs To Do Is Look At California To See Why Arizona Needs To Have A Constitutional Amendment On Marriage.'

01 July 2008 - Half Of States Reject Abstinence-Education Funding: 'This Whole Effort Is Being Orchestrated By Planned Parenthood.'

01 July 2008 - Court Upholds South Dakota's Informed-Consent Law

01 July 2008 - Wal-Mart Drops Planned Parenthood Promotion

30 June 2008 - Marriage Bill Exposes Judicial Activism

30 June 2008 - Homosexuals March On Jerusalem

30 June 2008 - Presbyterian Assembly Votes To Drop Homosexual Clergy Ban [This is WRONG!!! There is NO PLACE in the Church or the Kingdom of God for homosexuals! God has said they are an abomination and any church that compromises the teachings of the Bible is in grave error and is inviting the wrath of God to come down upon them!]

30 June 2008 - Kmart Exec Leaves To Fight Against Traditional Marriage

27 June 2008 - United States Senator Roger Wicker Introduces Federal Marriage Amendment

27 June 2008 - International Hate Crimes Meeting Puts Emphasis On "Homophobia" And "Transphobia": Member States Were Expecting To Discuss Crimes Motivated By Racism, Xenophobia, Anti-Semitism And Religious Intolerance [EVIL again trying to silence those who proclaim the Word of God and stand up against this abomination!]

27 June 2008 - Not To Offend Lesbians And Single Mothers, Father's Day Banned In Scottish Schools [This is pure STUPIDITY!!!]

27 June 2008 - 'Religion In Private' OK, Says ACLU: New Limits On Christians Leave Family Groups Reeling [EVIL again trying to silence those who stand up against them and proclaim the Word of God!]

27 June 2008 - House Subcommittee Considers Protections For 'Transgendered' Individuals [EVIL trying to get more special rights and protections! NO ONE deserves, no matter who, deserves special rights or protections above any one else!]

27 June 2008 - Health Care Providers Told Their Faith Is Irrelevant: Religious Freedom Tossed To The Wayside In Favor Of Liberal Agenda [So much for freedom of religion! Neither the courts nor anyone else has the right to dictate to one when and where they can follow and practice their faith!]

26 June 2008 - Canada: New Vancouver School Policy: Parents Refused Right To Pull Kids From Pro-Homosexual Lessons

26 June 2008 - Gender Confusion Goes To The Hill [This is INSANE! No one deserves special or extra rights!!!]

26 June 2008 - County Clerk Reneges On Religious Accommodation

26 June 2008 - Brazilian Homosexuals Accused Of Manipulating Statistics To Further Political Agenda

25 June 2008 - Promoting The 'Trendy' Sin Of Homosexuality: Pro-Family Activist Peter Labarbera Is Blasting Chicago's PBS Television Station For Airing Alleged Anti-Christian Bigotry During A Broadcast Celebrating "Gay Homosexual Pride" Month

25 June 2008 - Judicial Tyranny And California Lunacy: Recent Court Decisions On Marriage And Home Schooling

25 June 2008 - Attorney: Attempt To Halt Calif. Vote 'Desperate' [A feeble attempt by those who are part of and support this abomination to stop those who would stand up to them and their evil. They seem to forget that the Constitution of the United States of America says, "WE THE PEOPLE..." and NOT "Those of us who want to force everyone to go along with us if they want to or not!!!]

25 June 2008 - The War On Boys: Where Feminists And Men's Rights Go Wrong

25 June 2008 - Scottish Schools Ban Father's Day Cards

25 June 2008 - Anglicans Angered At U.S., Canadian Counterparts

25 June 2008 - Twin Cities Catholic Archbishop Nixes Gay Homosexual Pride Service [GOOD!!!!]

24 June 2008 - Gay Homosexual Activists Sue To Remove Marriage Amendment From Calif. Ballot [More proof behind the real motives of this EVIL! They want to force everyone to accept their blasphemy and NOT voice their own opinion or that of anyone or anything else if it is contrary to theirs. They do not want to hear or be told just how EVIL what they are doing is! But no matter what, EVIL is still EVIL!!!]

24 June 2008 - Romanians Oppose European Attempts To Force Gay Homosexual "Marriage" [Good for them for taking a stand against this EVIL!]

23 June 2008 - Denomination To Consider Homosexual 'Marriage' Initiative [This is totally WRONG!!!! There is nothing to consider! God has said it is wrong and has called it an abomination, and as such the answer must always be NO! Anything else, no matter how small a comprise goes against the teachings of the Bible. As we said, there is nothing to consider. The answer must always be NO!!! Any church that goes along with this nonsense is wrong and goes against the teachings of the Bible!]

23 June 2008 - Calif. Homosexuals Launch Effort To Stop Marriage Referendum [Evil once again trying to silence those who stand up against it. They claim to be tolerant, but only as long as you go along with them and do not question or criticize them or their evil way of life! What happened to the "We The People....?"]

23 June 2008 - German Lutherans Poised To Elect Homosexual Bishop [This is totally wrong and goes against the teachings of the Bible. Any church that participates or allows this abomination is inviting the wrath of God!]

23 June 2008 - Bush Honors Retired Marine; Homosexuals Up In Arms [EVIL mad because the truth about them has been brought out again. Evil does not like to be told that it is evil or immoral because it condemns them of the abominable lifestyle!]

23 June 2008 - TN Prepared To Fend Off Attack On Marriage

21 June 2008 - Clerks Reassigned After Refusing To Perform Gay Homosexual 'Marriages' [Good for them for refusing to participate in this EVIL!!!]

21 June 2008 - The Science Of The U.N.

20 June 2008 - Homosexual Activists: Don't Sue Over Marriage - Now: 'As Society Gets More Used To Gay Homosexual And Lesbian Couples, It Will Be Easier To Win Cases' [This is PURE EVIL and contrary to the Word of God and should never be accepted or allowed under any circumstances!!!]

20 June 2008 - PC(USA) To Consider Homosexual 'Marriage' Initiative [This is totally wrong! There is nothing to consider! The Bible clearly states that this is EVIL and an ABOMINATION, so the clergy and the Church should have nothing to do with it!]

20 June 2008 - Transgenders In New York Jails Call The Shots [This is wrong!]

19 June 2008 - Homosexual Activists Release 'Marriage Battle Plan'

19 June 2008 - Spotlight On Media's Pro-Homosexual Bias

19 June 2008 - Ecuador's Proposed Constitution Would "Establish Penalties" For Groups That "Promote Homophobia" [And yet another attempt to silence those voicing the truth about this abomination!]

19 June 2008 - HRC Endorses Obama, Calls Him 'Understanding'

18 June 2008 - Transgender Activists Remove Clothing In Public: 'We're Going To See This All Over The Nation. This Was A Trial Balloon' [Just another example of how evil, vulgar, and immoral these people are in their attempt to force their evil on everyone!!!]

18 June 2008 - As If It Wasn't Bad Enough - Human Rights Commissions To Review How To Best Police 'Hate' On The Internet [Another attempt to control our freedom of speech and censor what the Bible has to say about many issues!]

18 June 2008 - Respecting Objections To Same-Sex 'Marriage'

18 June 2008 - After Day Of Theatrics Sun Sets On Traditional Marriage In California: Los Angeles Catholic Bishops Issue Statement To Defend Marriage; Episcopal Bishop Adds Fuel To Internecine Conflict In Anglican Communion

18 June 2008 - Restricting Judges' Associations

18 June 2008 - Media In Party Mode With Same-Sex 'Marriage'

17 June 2008 - Criminal Crackdown Targeting Christians: 'Biggest Danger Is To Religious Conscience Of Business Owners'

17 June 2008 - Gay Homosexual 'Marriage': All Hope is Not Lost: "God Is Not Having An Anxiety Attack Over Same-Sex 'Marriage.' "

17 June 2008 - Dangerous 'Accommodation' Laws Put Women, Children At Risk: Colorado, Maryland, Iowa And Florida Let 'Transgendered' Individuals Choose Either Rest Room

17 June 2008 - Several California Counties Quit Performing Marriages Rather Than Perform Homosexual "Marriage [GOOD for them for refusing to participate in this EVIL!!!!]

17 June 2008 - Alberta's Conservative Government Sought Conviction Of Christian Pastor For "Hate Speech": "The Lion's Share Of The Responsibility For This Christophobia Must Rest With Premier Ed Stelmach And His Progressive Conservatives": Ezra Levant

17 June 2008 - SBC Leader Highlights Four Battles Facing The Family: Christians Encouraged To Stand Strong On Homosexuality, Sanctity Of Life, Internet Porn, Islamic Influence

17 June 2008 - Same-Sex 'Marriage' ...

17 June 2008 - Lesbian Judge Raises Concern

16 June 2008 - Biblical Marriage Vs. CA Courts: Ruling Today

16 June 2008 - Southern Baptists Continue To Resist Public School Concerns

16 June 2008 - SBC Passes Resolutions On Marriage, Life

16 June 2008 - Rhode Island Judge Won't Hear Lesbian Couple's 'Divorce' Case

16 June 2008 - Norway Okays Homosexual Marriages, Adoptions [They obviously want to experience the wrath of God firsthand for promoting this EVIL!!!]

16 June 2008 - Police Arrest Lesbians For 'Torturing' Boy, 5: Forced Him To Put His Hands On Hot Stove, Burned His Body, Genitals With Cigarettes

13 June 2008 - Canadian Pastor Fined After Speaking Against Homosexuality: Human-Rights Tribunal Also Orders Him To Stop Sharing His Bible-Based Beliefs [Trying to silence the Word of God yet again! No matter what they say or do, they will NEVER silence God, His Word, or those who speak it!!!]

13 June 2008 - Follow Constitution, 'Same-Sex Marriage' Judges Told: 'Supreme Court Cannot Rewrite Statutes; Such Must Be Done By The Legislature'

13 June 2008 - Cohabitation Becomes Mainstream Around The World

13 June 2008 - New York Lets Troubled Kids Choose Their Gender [This is PURE INSANITY!!!!]

13 June 2008 - Norway OK's Homosexual "Marriages" And Adoptions [This is completely WRONG!!!]

13 June 2008 - Homosexuality Takes Congress By storm

12 June 2008 - Church's Acceptance Of Homosexuality [There is NO place in the Church or the Kingdom of God for this EVIL!!!!]

12 June 2008 - Gay Homosexual Activists Reiterate Strategy To Redefine Marriage: State Courts And Legislatures Targeted En Route To National Acceptance

12 June 2008 - Colorado - Biblical Message Now Criminalized: Penalties Created For Those Who Criticize Homosexuality Outside Church Walls [EVIL again trying to silence the Word of God and those who proclaim it!]

12 June 2008 - Gays Homosexuals Are "Deeply Unhappy": Russian Orthodox Priest Warns Of Dangers of Homosexual "LifeStyle"

11 June 2008 - US Court Again Dismisses Challenge To Military Ban On Gays Homosexuals [The courts have NO place making or changing policy for the military and this abominable evil has no place in the military or anywhere else in a real Christian society!]

11 June 2008 - Countering Dems' Anti-Marriage Stance

11 June 2008 - Lithuanian Government Reaffirms Traditional Marriage

10 June 2008 - Canadian Government To Pastor: Renounce Your Faith!: Now Banned From Expressing Moral Opposition To Homosexuality

10 June 2008 - Clearing Up 'Gender Confusion' In Maryland: Homosexual Activists Are Trying To Stop The Residents Of One Maryland County From Voting On A Controversial "Gender Identity" Bill [Of course they are trying to stop it. They do not care about what anyone else thinks, only about their own selfish ungodly needs and chosen lifestyle! EVIL does like to be told that it is EVIL and WRONG!!!]

10 June 2008 - Redefine Marriage ... Get Sued

10 June 2008 - Homosexual Bishop Participates In Civil Union Ceremony [This is pure BLASPHEMY!!! A minister, who is suppose to be setting an example for his congregation and the community should not have any part in this EVIL. The Church should remove him immediately! Failure to do so would not be living up to the teachings of the BIBLE!!!]

10 June 2008 - Brazilian President: Opposition To Homosexuality Is A "Perverse Disease" [Standing up and calling EVIL for what it is, is NOT a "perverse disease!" The perverse disease is those who participate in and support this ungodly lifestyle!]

10 June 2008 - Britain's Catholic Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor Will Defy Law Forcing Homosexual Adoption [Good for him for standing up against this EVIL!!! More people need to do the same thing!]

10 June 2008 - Virginia Sides With Lesbian 'Mother' [This is totally wrong! This is just one of the many reasons that these sorts of unions should not be tolerated!!!]

10 June 2008 - N.Y. Assembly Adds Special Protections For 'Gender Identity' [Even more special rights for those participating in this evil abomination! No one should be entitled to special rights or privileges, especially a group of evil sinners!]

10 June 2008 - Jakes Continues To Draw Fire For Obama Remarks [Good for him!!! No Christian, let alone a minister of the Gospel, should be praising someone who is in support of abortion and same sex marriage!]

10 June 2008 - WHO Official Admits No Pandemic Of AIDS Amongst Heterosexuals: "Men Who Have Sex With Men...Is Something That Is Going To Have To Be Discussed Much More Rigorously."

10 June 2008 - Northern Ireland MP Investigated For "Homophobic" Remarks [More proof that the so-called tolerance movement is NOT abut tolerance. It is only about forcing their evil lifestyle upon others and attacking those who criticize or stand against them!]

10 June 2008 - Fascism Has Come To Canada: "The State Dismisses The Spiritual Authority And Usurps Its Role. In History This Is Called 'Statism,' Better Known As Fascism," Writes Editor Of Catholic Magazine

10 June 2008 - County Clerk Cancels Civil Wedding Services: Promises To Process Same-Sex Papers, But Won't Provide Ceremonies

09 June 2008 - Ministry Leader Upset With Homosexual Book At Barnes And Noble Store

09 June 2008 - Dems Back Gay Homosexual Pride Month

09 June 2008 - After 120 Years Of Service UK Catholic Adoption Agency Forced To Close Doors Over Forced Gay Homosexual Adoptions

09 June 2008 - Belgian Bishop Hauled Before Court For Church Teaching On Homosexuality Cleared Of Charges

09 June 2008 - Where Do Obama And McCain Stand On Pro-Family Issues?: Both Candidates Could Do More For Life, Marriage, Family

09 June 2008 - Taking The Plunge In A Pool With No Water: Commentary On Same-Sex "Marriage"

09 June 2008 - Episcopal Church Extends Lawsuit Against Cal. Bishop

09 June 2008 - Controversial Pro-Abortion/Pro-Homosexual Human Rights Chief To Step Down From UN Post [GOOD!!!]

06 June 2008 - Virginia Court Rules In Favor Of Parental Rights: Biological Mom Maintains The Rights To Her Child Conceived During Lesbian Relationship

06 June 2008 - Parents To Supreme Court: Allow Civil Rights Lawsuit Over School's Homosexual Indoctrination Of Children

05 June 2008 - Prominent Homosexual Activist Says Bestiality OK "As Long As The Animal Doesn't Mind" [Pure insanity!!! More of evil promoting even more evil!!!!! Purely an abomination!]

05 June 2008 - ADF Sues New York Governor Over Same-Sex 'Marriage' Directive

05 June 2008 - In The Image Of Gill: Behind The Scenes, Software Mogul Tim Gill Is Ambitiously Campaigning To Remake American Politics In Accord With Homosexual Activism

04 June 2008 - ExxonMobil Resists Homosexual Agenda: Gay Homosexual And 'Transgender' Activists Are Targeting Corporate America To Bring About Widespread Cultural Change

04 June 2008 - Latvian MPs Challenge "Gross Interference" Of EU Gay Homosexual And Lesbian Group Into Nation's "Internal Affairs": Conservative MPs Protest Attempts To Silence Critics Of Homosexual Acts

04 June 2008 - Balancing Truth And Grace: The Mission Of The Love Won Out Conference Is To Lift High The Name Of Jesus While Striking A Delicate Balance

04 June 2008 - 'Gay Homosexual Marriage' Moves Forward In CA

04 June 2008 - California Marriage Amendment Qualifies For November Ballot

03 June 2008 - New Poll Finds Majority Of Californians Support Traditional Marriage

03 June 2008 - In Praise Of Marriage And Parenting

03 June 2008 - State Attorneys General Ask California Court To Delay Same-Sex 'Marriage': Twenty-Two States Could Be Vulnerable To Judicial Activism In California

03 June 2008 - 'Vile' Activities At Chicago Hotels [WARNING: This story contains content not appropriate for children]

03 June 2008 - Wisconsin Court Upholds Marriage Amendment

03 June 2008 - Marriage Protection Initiative Qualifies For CA Ballot

02 June 2008 - Ten States, Including SC, Ask CA Court To Delay Gay Homosexual Marriage [It shouldn't just be delayed, this abomination should be STOPPED!!!]

02 June 2008 - Rallying The Church To Defend Marriage In CA

02 June 2008 - California: County Clerks Urged To Ignore Same-Sex Marriage Ruling: Opponents Argue Issuing Licenses To Same-Sex Couples Unconstitutional

02 June 2008 - Colorado: Guv Strikes State's Gender-Specific Restrooms: 'Who Would Have Believed It Would Be Legal For Men To Enter Women's Locker Rooms?'

30 May 2008 - New York Recognizes Out-Of-State Same-Sex 'Marriages': 'Marriage Is Not A Legal Vehicle For The Purpose Of Equality; It's A Social Institution With Children At Its Heart.'

30 May 2008 - No More "Brides" And "Grooms" When California Opens Wide Gates To Same-Sex Marriage June 17 [This is pure EVIL!!! It destroys everything that God has established for real marriage!]

29 May 2008 - 'Sex Indoctrination Opponents Are Like Hitler': Board Member Blasts Critics Of State's 'Gay Homosexual' Promotions [So much for their claim of being "tolerant." Seems the word "tolerant' to them means you must agree with them and NOT voice your own opinion if it criticizes or questions them! More proof that there is NO tolerance in the so-called tolerance movement!]

29 May 2008 - Opposition Forms Against NY Homosexual Marriage Rights

29 May 2008 - Dr. Dobson Sounds The Alarm On 'Restroom' Legislation: Bill Would Threaten Religious Liberties, Too

29 May 2008 - Ex-'Gay Homosexual' Event, Disney 'Gay Homosexual' Promo Hit Orlando: Learning Homosexuality Is A Choice Can Be A 'World-Rocker'

29 May 2008 - Scouts Sue To Stay In Headquarters

28 May 2008 - Most Californians Support Traditional Marriage

28 May 2008 - Now It's EX-'Gays Homosexuals' Getting Pummeled: Verbal To Violent, Attacks Rise Against Former Homosexuals

27 May 2008 - Marriage Still Sacred In Oregon [PRAISE GOD!!!!]

26 May 2008 - South Carolina Principal Resigns Due To High School's Gay Homosexual-Straight Alliance Club [Good for him for taking a stand and doing the right thing! More people need to take a stand against this EVIL!!!]

26 May 2008 - 9th Circuit Challenges Military Policy On Homosexuals: 'Advocates Are Trying To Put Judges In Control Of The Military.'

26 May 2008 - ADF Asks California Supreme Court To Delay Same-Sex 'Marriage'

23 May 2008 - Sheep Without Shepherds

23 May 2008 - Federal Marriage Amendment Reintroduced: It Is The Only Way To Protect Marriage From Activist Judges Like The Ones In California

23 May 2008 - So. Baptists Revive School Exodus Issue

23 May 2008 - Maryland High Court Upholds Parental Rights: The State Rightly Does Not Recognize 'De Facto Parenthood.'

23 May 2008 - "Climate Of Fear" Growing In Britain For Christian Civil Marriage Registrars: "Terrified" That The Homosexualist Agenda Will Force Them To Either Give Up Their Jobs Or Violate Their Religious Beliefs

22 May 2008 - Colorado Legislation 'Tramples Religious Freedoms': All 'Public Accommodations,' Including Restrooms, Would Be Opened To Men, Women, Bisexuals, Transsexuals And Transgendered Individuals [Not only is this STUPID it is totally INSANE!!!]

22 May 2008 - Maine's Marriage Referendum In A Battle

22 May 2008 - Land Of Anne Of Green Gables, Prince Edward Island, Re-Writes Laws To Recognize Same-Sex Marriage: The Last Canadian Province To Remove "Husband," "Wife," "Bride," And "Groom" From Laws

21 May 2008 - Brazil: Government-Sponsored National "Youth Conference" Promotes Abortion And Homosexuality: Participants Given Preliminary Materials Defending Abortionist And Homosexual Agenda

21 May 2008 - Most Americans Say Divorce Is Morally Acceptable: A Growing Acceptance Of Divorce Is Leading To The Demise Of The Family

20 May 2008 - Family Advocates Call For Obscenity-Law Enforcement: 'Today, We Are Declaring That We Have Not Abandoned Our Culture To Pornographers.'

20 May 2008 - Supremes Arrogance

20 May 2008 - 'Gay Homosexual' Day Squashed On Campus: School Administrators Refuse Participation In Pro-Homosexual Event [GOOD! Everyone should refuse to have anything to do with the promotion of this EVIL!!!]

20 May 2008 - Transgender Lobby To Intimidate Petitioners: Targeting Supporters Of Pro-Family Referendum

20 May 2008 - Dr. Dobson Examines 'Breathtaking' California Marriage Ruling

20 May 2008 - Will Judges Let People Define Marriage?: Advocate Plans To Request 'Stay' Of Homosexual-Union Ruling

20 May 2008 - California Battle Over Same-Sex Marriage Not Over: Overwhelming Response To Amendment Drive Makes November Vote Likely

19 May 2008 - California Supreme Court Asked To Stay "Gay Homosexual Marriage" Order Until November Public Ballot

19 May 2008 - CA Marriage Decision Trumps The People's Vote

19 May 2008 - Will Californians Submit?

19 May 2008 - Judges Were 'Arrogant'

19 May 2008 - Governor Schwarzenegger Vows To Fight Reinstatement Of Traditional Marriage

19 May 2008 - Youngsters Attend Boston Homosexual Pride Event [More of EVIL promoting itself!]

19 May 2008 - California Gay Homosexual Marriage: A State In Irreversible Decline

19 May 2008 - Why Dialogue About Sin?

16 May 2008 - Gay Marriage Opponents Vow To Fight Calif. Ruling [Good!!! Everyone needs to stand up against this mockery of what real marriage is!]

16 May 2008 - California's Top Court Legalizes Gay Marriage [This is WRONG and completely EVIL! This is an ABOMINATION and is nothing but a mockery of what real marriage is as established by God Himself!!!]

16 May 2008 - California Supreme Court Imposes Homosexual 'Marriage' On State

16 May 2008 - 'Judicial Fiat' Triumphs In CA Marriage Ruling

16 May 2008 - Calif. Ruling Akin To 'Legal Tsunami'

16 May 2008 - California Rules In Favor Of Same-Sex 'Marriage'; Dr. Dobson Outraged: 'The Justices Have Undermined And Endangered The Basic Building Block Of Society.'

15 May 2008 - Gay Homosexual-Activist Group Launches 'Faith-Based' Training: Nationwide Clergy Initiative Focuses On 'Transgender' Education [More of evil trying to force itself upon everyone!]

14 May 2008 - 'Ground Zero' In Minneapolis?

14 May 2008 - Arizona Marriage Amendment Moves Forward: The Measure Must Pass The Senate Before Going To Voters In November

13 May 2008 - Gay Homosexual Activists Visit Six Mega-Churches: Christians Encouraged To Respond With 'Compassion, Not Compromise.' [The Church should NEVER compromise on any of it's beliefs or teachings!]

12 May 2008 - 3rd-Graders Asked To Help Classmate In Gender Change: Parents Given 1-Day Notice Of Presentation Explaining Boy Would Now Wear Girl Clothes [This is pure INSANITY! This BOY is still a BOY no matter what! Forcing people, especially other children, to accept this EVIL as something that is normal is WRONG!!!]

10 May 2008 - NY Must Recognize Homosexual 'Marriages' [This is pure INSANITY! No one should be forced to recognize this mockery of marriage (Marriage was instituted by God Himself and is suppose to be between, and only between, one man and one woman!)]

06 May 2008 - Enough With The 'Gay Homosexual' Stuff!

06 May 2008 - Gay Homosexual Activists Target Minneapolis Schools With New Curriculum

06 May 2008 - University Suspends Staffer Over View Of Homosexuality: African-American Condemned For Stating In Local Paper Being 'Gay Homosexual' Not The Same As Being Handicapped Or Black

06 May 2008 - Commentary: Gay Homosexual Activists Turn Their Attention To 'Transgenderism': Oregon's 'Pregnant Man' Has Always Been A Woman

06 May 2008 - Court Rules In Favor Of T-Shirt

05 May 2008 - 'Gays Homosexuals' shut down discussion of faith: Psychiatrists pull symposium on 'The Religious Dimension'

05 May 2008 - Poll Shows Less Than 3 Percent Of Americans Are Gay Homosexual

05 May 2008 - PC(USA) Sends Confusing Message On Marriage

05 May 2008 - Lesbians Riot At Smith College Speech: 'This Is No Civil Rights Movement, But A Sexual Special Interest Lobby'

02 May 2008 - Ministry Fined For Firing Homosexual Employee [This is wrong! No one should tell a Christian organization whom they can hire or fire, especially if this individual goes against the Word of God and against the teachings of the organization!]

02 May 2008 - Eminent Psychiatrist Says Homosexuality Is A Disorder That Can Be Cured: Says Studies Show 70-80 Percent Chance That Child Adopted By Homosexuals Will Develop Same Tendencies

01 May 2008 - Marriage Initiative On The Move In Calif.

01 May 2008 - Presbyterian Court Sides With Pro-Homosexual Pastor [Denominational law or not, this is clearly a violation of BIBLICAL LAW, which is over all other laws!]

28 Mar 2008 - Why Canadians Are Forbidden To Express Their Church's Teaching: Homosexualists Desire To Remake Society, While Denying Canadians The Right To Publicly Oppose Them

28 Mar 2008 - Brazilian Government Punishes Dissenters Of Pro-Homosexuality Policy [Forcing people to accept this EVIL and UNGODLY lifestyle!]

28 Mar 2008 - San Diego Sets Apart A Day To Honor ACLU: 'Radical, Extremist Organization' Has Cost Taxpayers Nearly $1 Million.' [Pure LUNACY!!!]

27 Mar 2008 - Transgender Adults Seek Congressional Support In Workplace [EVIL once again trying to force acceptance of itself and get extra and special rights!]

27 Mar 2008 - Arizona Legislature Set To Vote On Marriage Amendment

27 Mar 2008 - 'Gay Homosexual' Activists Risk Your Life - Tolerate It!

27 Mar 2008 - Brazilian Government Punishes Dissenters Of Pro-Homosexuality Policy

26 Mar 2008 - Only Two European Mayors Decline To Participate In Campaign For Gay Homosexual Pride Parades [Good for them for refusing to participate in this evil!!!]

26 Mar 2008 - Homosexual 'Nuns' Mock Christianity: 'Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence' Hold 'Hunky Jesus' Competition

25 Mar 2008 - Threatened Oklahoma Politician Refuses To Apologize For Saying Homosexuality Is Dangerous And Sinful: "I See No Reason To Apologize For What God Says, That Homosexuality Is A Sin, I Will Not Apologize. I Did Not Say Anything False. I Did Not Say Anything Malicious Or Hateful." [More people need to follow her example and stand up against this evil!!!!]

25 Mar 2008 - California Marriage Amendment Petition Drive Enters Final Stretch

20 Mar 2008 - Australian Study Shows Dramatic Drop In Abortion, Low Proportion Of Homosexuals

20 Mar 2008 - Oklahoma Lawmaker Threatened By 'Gays Homosexuals': Police Investigate After Legislator Badgered With 30,000 E-Mails [More proof as to just how intolerant the so-called "tolerance" movement is. They will tolerate you and allow you to say what you want, as long as you don't question them or say something against them!]

20 Mar 2008 - American Psychological Association: No Consensus On Cause Of Homosexuality

19 Mar 2008 - Argentine President's Administration Urges Parliament To Legalize Abortion, Homosexual "Marriage" [This is evil! This just goes to show that evil is as evil does!]

17 Mar 2008 - 'Gender Identity Is Very Important To God.'

17 Mar 2008 - Washington Governor Increases Domestic-Partner Benefits [Another example how EVIL attacks and tries to destroy what God Himself has established!]

17 Mar 2008 - Death Threats And Thousands Of Hate Emails From Homosexual Activists Hit Oklahoma Politician: Rep. Kerns Calls Comments Exercise Of Free Speech, Not Hate Speech [Evil does not like it when people stand up against it and speak God's truths! Evil wants to just silence everyone who does not go along with it!]

14 Mar 2008 - Homosexual Day of Silence - Is Your Child's School on the list? [This "Day of Silence" is yet another means of indoctrination by those who promote this evil lifestyle!]

14 Mar 2008 - Lawmaker Faces Death Threats Over Statements On Homosexuality: 'What Is Truly Outrageous Is That A Christian Elected Official Can Be Vilified Over Simply Speaking About The Bible's View Of Homosexuality.'

14 Mar 2008 - Lesbian Ontario Education Minister Hires "Homophobia" Watchdog For Schools [More of evil trying to silence those who speak the truths of God's Word that condemn their evil ways!]

14 Mar 2008 - Plan Pushes For Last Step In Eliminating Marriage: Would Extend Benefits Of Commitment To Any Duo [This is completely WRONG and is pure EVIL!!!]

14 Mar 2008 - Same-Sex 'Marriage' On Hold In Maryland: Legislation Opposing Traditional Marriage Is Likely To Die In Committee

14 Mar 2008 - Conservative Says NY Anti-Family Agenda Likely To Continue Sans Spitzer

13 Mar 2008 - Episcopal Leaders Oust Bible-Believing Bishop: Leaders Of The Episcopal Church Have Voted To Remove A California Bishop Who Has Rejected The Denomination's Pro-Homosexual Agenda [The ones who should be ousted are those who have chosen to reject God's Word and are following the evil ways of the world! Any Church that has rejected the Bible and its teachings is an abomination and is against God!]

13 Mar 2008 - Dr. James Dobson Exhorts Christian Broadcasters To Answer The Call: 'Who Will Defend The Unborn Child? Who's Going To Fight For The Institution Of Marriage?'

13 Mar 2008 - Commentary: The Boycott That Didn't Happen - The AFA's Massive And Successful Boycott Of Ford Was Practically Ignored By The Mainstream Media

12 Mar 2008 - Christian Librarian Takes 'Gay Homosexual' Professors To Federal Court: Accused Of Sexual Harassment For Recommending 'Marketing Of Evil' As Required University Reading

12 Mar 2008 - Homosexual Couple Sues University Over Married-Housing Denial [They are not a married couple (1 man and 1 woman only) so of course they are denied married housing! This is just another example of how evil and those who practice it try to force its acceptance upon everyone!]

11 Mar 2008 - UMC Officials Expected To Address Issue Of 'Transgendered' Clergy At Upcoming Meeting [There is NO issue! There is No place within the Church for transgendered clergy. It is completely wrong and goes against the Word of God. So no issue, period!]

11 Mar 2008 - Tennesseans Stand Behind Traditional Marriage

11 Mar 2008 - Pro-Abortion Socialists Win National Elections In Spain": "Conservative" Opposition Party Presented Little Difference On Life And Family Issues

11 Mar 2008 - Maryland Residents To Vote On Gender-Identity Bill

11 Mar 2008 - Flinch! Ford Finally Bends, Homosexual Boycott Over: Activists Say Carmaker Meets Conditions As Sales Plunged 8% Per Month Since '05

11 Mar 2008 - Caution Voiced On 'Mental Health Parity' Bill

10 Mar 2008 - Parents Urged To Boycott Homosexual Indoctrination: 'Day Of Silence' In Schools 'About Coercing Students To Repudiate Traditional Morality'

10 Mar 2008 - Hillary's Scheme To Revamp The Traditional Family

10 Mar 2008 - Obama Lobbies 'Gays Homosexuals' For Edge Over Hillary: Letter To 'LGBT Community' Affirms He'd Dump Defense Of Marriage Act

10 Mar 2008 - Oregon Ruling Denying Petitioners' Rights Appealed: 'Government Bureaucracy Cannot Be Allowed To Disenfranchise Voters'

10 Mar 2008 - "Homosexualism Does Not Correspond To Moral Principles Of Society": Ukraine Parliamentary Committee

10 Mar 2008 - Effort To Protect Traditional Marriage In Iowa Falls Short

10 Mar 2008 - Pro-Family Leader: Consequences Of Spiritual Decline Rampant Across Europe

07 Mar 2008 - Freedom Of Speech Isn't Free

07 Mar 2008 - Take Action: Protect Marriage In Pennsylvania: Senate Judiciary Committee Needs To Hear From You Today

07 Mar 2008 - Sermon On The Mount Question Dodged: 'I Welcome Your Questions, But I'm Not Going To Comment On '08'

06 Mar 2008 - ...And The Pulpits Are Silent

05 Mar 2008 - Court Asked To Protect 1-Man, 1-Woman Marriage: California Supremes Hear Arguments Over Stunt By San Francisco Mayor

05 Mar 2008 - Obama Would Use 'Bully Pulpit' To Advance Homosexual Agenda

05 Mar 2008 - The Gospel According To St. Barack?

05 Mar 2008 - UK Labour's Tax And Benefit System Penalizes Families That Stay Together: Conservative's Cameron Says, "We Have The Highest Rate Of Family Breakdown In Europe. And We Have The Worst Social Problems In Europe

04 Mar 2008 - Marriage On Trial Before The California Supreme Court: "A Victory For Traditional Marriage In California Will Throw A Big, Wet Blanket On The Nationwide Push For Same-Sex 'Marriage.' "

04 Mar 2008 - Anthropologists Agree On Traditional Definition Of Marriage: 'A Family Is A Unit That Draws From The Two Types Of Humanity, Male And Female.'

04 Mar 2008 - Obama Uses Scripture In Defense Of Civil Unions [He's not even a Christian and yet he tries to use the Bible to prove his support of EVIL and takes what is said in God's Word out of context!]

04 Mar 2008 - Prescription For A Successful Marriage: Six hundred people share their secrets

03 Mar 2008 - Romanian Pro-Family Forces Fight For Traditional Marriage

03 Mar 2008 - Virginia Lawmakers Reject 'Anti-Family' Bill

03 Mar 2008 - Massachusetts Tourism Campaign Features Homosexual Couples [EVIL!!!]

29 Feb 2008 - Announced Project Proof Of 'Gay Homosexual Agenda,' Says DC Activist

29 Feb 2008 - New York Judge Permits Lesbian Divorce Despite State's Non-Recognition Of Same-Sex "Marriage" [This is pure stupidity!]

29 Feb 2008 - Virginia Parents Succeed Against Pro-Homosexual Book

28 Feb 2008 - Pro-Family Legislation Sees Success In South Dakota: 'You Realize That God's Favor Was Clearly All Over This.' [AMEN!]

28 Feb 2008 - Petitions Against Gender-Bender Bill Spawn Harassment, Possible Lawsuit

28 Feb 2008 - Wisconsin Marriage Amendment Could Hinge On High Court Election: Whoever Fills Open Seat Could Decide The Future Of Traditional Marriage

28 Feb 2008 - FRC Hosts Lecture About Future Of Marriage

28 Feb 2008 - Million$ To Pro-Homosexual Groups Bad News For Christians, Says Activist

28 Feb 2008 - PA United Way chapter Shuns Boy Scouts

28 Feb 2008 - BSA Spokesman: Boy Scouts A Place Of Fun, Not Sexuality

28 Feb 2008 - "Human Rights Watch" Targets Morocco: Urges Government To Repeal Anti-Sodomy Laws

28 Feb 2008 - Canadian Human Rights Commissions Under Unprecedented Scrutiny For Attacks On Freedom Of Expression

28 Feb 2008 - Another UK Couple Rejected For Fostering Children Over Religious Beliefs On Homosexuality [Evil once again trying to force the acceptance of itself!]

27 Feb 2008 - County Appeals Ruling That Attacks Traditional Marriage In New York

27 Feb 2008 - Love Won Out Offers Hope At Memphis Conference

26 Feb 2008 - Homosexuals Rip Penn. Principal For Wearing Boy Scout Uniform

26 Feb 2008 - Christian Magistrate Loses Conscientious Objection Appeal: Accuses Britain Of "Totalitarianism": Says "There Is A Weakening Of Our Democracy... There Is A Totalitarian Element"

26 Feb 2008 - Boy Scouts Must Endure, Says TX Governor

22 Feb 2008 - Most Children Still Live In Two-Parent Homes, Census Shows: 'Marriage Continues To Be One Of The Greatest Gifts A Parent Can Give A Child.'

22 Feb 2008 - Pro-Homosexual Booklet To Be Distributed To All 16,000 US School Districts: Book Specifically Instructs Teacher To "Avoid" Discussing The Idea That Homosexual Inclinations Can Be Changed [More brainwashing by evil!]

22 Feb 2008 - The Many Benefits Of Long-Term Marriage: According To Jacob Silverman There Were 1,138 Federal Benefits, Rights And Responsibilities Associated With Marriage

22 Feb 2008 - Bill Banning Discussion On Homosexuality In Tennessee Schools Fails

22 Feb 2008 - Homosexual Pair Attempts "Matrimony" In Argentina: Event Staged As Test Case To Force Legalization Through The Courts [Evil once again trying to force itself upon everyone!]

21 Feb 2008 - N.J. Gov. To Sign Gay Homosexual 'Marriage' Bill - After Election: He Caters To Homosexual Activists But Wants To Avoid Angering The Majority Of His State [That is how evil accomplishes most things, doing them behind everyone's back!]

21 Feb 2008 - Pro-Gay Homosexual Booklet Sent To Every School District In America: Schools Are Told That Messages About Leaving Homosexuality Are Harmful [More brainwashing by those who are evil and hate God!!!]

21 Feb 2008 - Dad Challenging 'Manipulation' Of Kids : 'Their Little Minds Should Not Be The Battleground For Culture Wars'

21 Feb 2008 - Maryland Residents Work to Overturn Transgender Law [GOOD!!! NO ONE deserves special or extra rights!]

21 Feb 2008 - Virginia Superintendent Pulls Pro-Gay Homosexual Book off School Shelves [Good for him for taking this evil propaganda and brainwashing material out of the school and way from the children there!]

21 Feb 2008 - Jean Chretien to Receive Order Of Canada For His "Legacy" - "Same-Sex Unions" [This is pure STUPIDITY!!! You do not reward evil for promoting evil!]

20 Feb 2008 - Ugandan Anglican Church Threatens To Quit Communion over Homosexuality

19 Feb 2008 - Pastor Opposes 'Sex Club' At Daughter's High School

19 Feb 2008 - American Counseling Association Urged To Reconsider Homosexuality Statement: National Group Allows Only Gay Homosexual-Affirming Therapy

19 Feb 2008 - Countering Pro-Gay Homosexual Arguments: How To Challenge Non-Biblical Ideas In The Secular Arena

19 Feb 2008 - Anglican Bishops Use Threats To Force Compliance With New Homosexuality Doctrines: Seven Parishes Vote To Leave Canadian Anglican Church Over The Weekend With More To Follow [THIS IS COMPLETELY WRONG!!! The church is to stand against this EVIL and NOT support it. The false teachings of this church and this compromise on what God Himself has said in the Bible is an abomination in the eyes of God!]

19 Feb 2008 - Exodus International Sees Dramatic Growth: 'People Are Hungry For A Hopeful Message About Homosexuality.'

19 Feb 2008 - Students Can Speak Up Regarding The Day Of Silence

19 Feb 2008 - Indiana Marriage Amendment Remains Stuck In State House

18 Feb 2008 - Washington Pastor Says Public School Is 'Going To Pay': A Pro-Family Pastor In Washington State Is Demanding That The Pro-Homosexual Teachers Who Interrupted A School Assembly At Which He Was Speaking Be Fired

18 Feb 2008 - Federal Court Rules Against Christian Student: The Case Began In 2004 When The Student Wore A T-Shirt With The Words, 'Homosexuality Is Shameful. Romans 1:27' [So much for freedom of speech and freedom of religion!]

18 Feb 2008 - Pro-Sodomy Bill Sparks California Public School Exodus

15 Feb 2008 - Top "Gay Homosexual" Organization Comes Clean: "HIV Is A Gay Homosexual Disease

15 Feb 2008 - U.S. Hispanic Leaders Rally For Traditional Marriage Amendment

14 Feb 2008 - Defending Marriage: Twenty-Seven States Have Amended Their Constitutions To Protect One-Man, One-Woman Unions [All states need to do something to protect the sanctity of marriage!]

14 Feb 2008 - California Gets Ready To Vote On Marriage: More Than 1 Million Signatures Are Needed By April 1

14 Feb 2008 - Pennsylvania Voters Want The Opportunity To Protect Marriage: Legislature Considers Constitutional Amendment

13 Feb 2008 - Arizona Lawmakers Consider Marriage Amendment: Voters Could Get To Decide Constitutional Issue In November [Marriage, as God Himself has ordained it, is ONLY between one man and one woman!]

13 Feb 2008 - School Allows Second-Grade Boy To Dress As A Girl [This is pure INSANITY! He is a boy, should dress and act as a boy, and be treated as a boy!]

13 Feb 2008 - New Mexico Senate Committee Tables Domestic-Partnerships Bill: Focus Action Director Gives Convincing Testimony On Marriage [Good!!! The sanctity of the family and of marriage must be preserved and kept safe from those who would pervert it and destroy it!]

13 Feb 2008 - California Ripped As 'Too Queer For School': 'Students To Endure Gender-Bending Education Unless Parents Rescue Them'

13 Feb 2008 - Homosexual Group Labels Catholic Church "Most Homophobic" Institution In Chile: Blasts Church Authorities For Opposing Homosexual Civil Unions And "Non-Discrimination" Legislation [EVIL resorting to name calling once again against those who would expose and stand up against their acts of abomination!]

13 Feb 2008 - Hillary In Exclusive Homosexual Mag Interview: I'm More Pro-Homosexual Than Obama: Says That If Elected She Would Be The First U.S. President To March In A Homosexual-Pride Parade [EVIL promoting EVIL!!!]

12 Feb 2008 - UK Anglican Bishop Fined 47,345 And Sent For "Re-Education" In Gay Homosexual Employment Case [This so-called "re-education" is nothing but brainwashing and is completely wrong and evil!!!!]

11 Feb 2008 - 8-Year-Old Boy Returning To Class As Girl: Teachers Making Accommodations, Preparing To Counsel Other Students [Pure INSANITY and STUPIDITY!!!!]

11 Feb 2008 - Black Pastor Booed, Gay Homosexual-Activist Group Welcomed [This shows exactly how evil HATES the WORD OF GOD and those who teach it!!!]

11 Feb 2008 - Spanish Presidential Candidate Says He Would Eliminate Homosexual Adoptions: Also Promises To Abolish Pro-Homosexual "Education For Citizenship" Program In Spanish Schools [Good for him for wanting to do the right thing!]

11 Feb 2008 - Alliance Defense Fund Fights For Marriage In Puerto Rico

11 Feb 2008 - Marriage Under Attack In Maryland: 'This Is An All-Out Attack, An Assault By The Homosexual Activists And The Homosexual Lobby.'

08 Feb 2008 - 'Mom,' 'Dad,' Banned; Now 600,000 Students Could Go: Alternatives Offered To Parents Worried About 'Repudiation' Of Christian Morals

08 Feb 2008 - California Supreme Court To Decide On Gay Homosexual 'Marriage' By June

08 Feb 2008 - Judge: Teaching How To Use Condom And That Homosexuality Is Inborn To 8th And 10th Graders Is OK [This is pure EVIL!!!!]

07 Feb 2008 - Values Voter Pledge: Will You Pledge To Support Only Pro-Life, Pro-Faith And Pro-Family Candidates?

06 Feb 2008 - California Assemblyman Seeks State Holiday Commemorating Homosexual Activist [Pure NONSENSE! And totally EVIL!!!]

06 Feb 2008 - Florida Voters To Decide Fate Of Marriage In November

06 Feb 2008 - University Bows To Homosexual Pressure, Cancels Blood Drives: Local Blood Center Worries About Shortage

06 Feb 2008 - Judge Tosses Signatures Seeking To Stop Oregon Domestic Partnerships: 'This Decision Should Send Shockwaves Not Just Through Oregon, But Every Single State.'

04 Feb 2008 - Judges: 'Gay Homosexual' Exposure OK For Kindergarteners: Parents Citing Religious Beliefs Vow To Take Case To U.S. Supreme Court

04 Jan 2008 - Keyes: Romney Responsible For Same-Sex Marriage Fiasco: Charges 'Complete Misunderstanding' Of Role As Governor, Significance Of Court's Opinion>

04 Feb 2008 - Appeals Court Rules In Favor Of Pro-Gay Homosexual Grade-School Curriculum: Parents' Rights Stripped In Massachusetts School District

01 Feb 2008 - Now Brits Ban 'Mum' And 'Dad': New Rules Demand Sensitivity For 'Gays Homosexuals'

01 Feb 2008 - Parliamentary Panel Says Lithuania Must Thwart Adoptions By Homosexuals

01 Feb 2008 - Colorado Bill Targeting Religious Groups Draws Fire From Vatican: Dangerous Legislation Could Force Charities That Run Soup Kitchens And Homeless Shelters To Hire Homosexuals

01 Feb 2008 - Iowa Supreme Court Taking Arguments In Case To Decide On Gay Homosexual 'Marriage'

31 Jan 2008 - UK Government Education Guidelines: Don't Use terms "Mom" And "Dad

31 Jan 2008 - Christian Photographer Hauled Before Commission For Refusing Same-Sex Job [More insanity being caused by those who oppose God and His Word!]

30 Jan 2008 - Hillary Ripped For Special Funding Of 'Gay Homosexual' Activist Group

30 Jan 2008 - Focus Action Hands Out True Blue Awards To Congress: 154 Lawmakers Honored For Commitment To Protect And Strengthen The Family

30 Jan 2008 - Spanish Catholic Bishop Angers Homosexuals By Mentioning Church Doctrine [They are angry because they don't want do hear the truth and hate anything that condemns them for their sin!!!]

30 Jan 2008 - Crowd Packs Barcelona Convention Center To Defend the Family

30 Jan 2008 - 'Gender Identity' Enshrined By Florida City Law: Protected Is 'Inner Sense Of Being, Without Regard To Sex At Birth'

30 Jan 2008 - Traditional Marriage Under Fire In Penn.

30 Jan 2008 - Canadian Auto Workers Union Funds Gay Homosexual Lobby Group To Promote Homosexuality In Schools

29 Jan 2008 - Driven A Ford Lately? Not if You're Boycotting [Columnist Says AFA Boycott Of Ford Effective, Being Ignored By Main Stream Media]

29 Jan 2008 - Al Gore Backs Homosexual 'Marriage'

29 Jan 2008 - Petition Drive Targets Iowa Judge Who Struck Down Marriage Law: More Than 6,000 People Call For Impeachment Of Activist Judge

26 Jan 2008 - Gay Homosexual Activists Target Pro-Marriage Lawmakers In N.Y.

26 Jan 2008 - Ontario's Gay Homosexual Health Minister Blasted For Opposing Health Canada Safety Guidelines On Organ Donations

25 Jan 2008 - ABC Takes A Bow For Gay Homosexual-Affirming Television Programming: NY Times, Oprah Also Honored For Glamorizing Homosexuality [This just goes to show you how corrupt the world is when it endorses EVIL as something good!]

25 Jan 2008 - Love Won Out Goes To Memphis: Conference On Homosexuality Balances Truth And Grace

25 Jan 2008 - European Court Overturns French Child Protection Laws On Gay Homosexual Adoption

24 Jan 2008 - Iowa Governor: "We'll Do Whatever It Takes To Protect Marriage"

24 Jan 2008 - Time Running Out For Florida Pro-Marriage Amendment

24 Jan 2008 - Pennsylvania Marriage Amendment Needs Senate Co-Sponsors

24 Jan 2008 - Marriage Commission Proposes Legislative Changes In Virginia

23 Jan 2008 - Indiana Marriage Amendment Stuck In Legislature: Speaker Of The House Needs To Hear From Those Who Support Traditional Marriage

23 Jan 2008 - Conservative Activist Upset Over C-SPAN's Pro-Homosexual Christmas Eve Broadcast

23 Jan 2008 - Iowa Supreme Court Affirms Same-Sex Adoption: Ruling By Activist Judges Contradicts State Law [This is completely! A family consists of one mother and one father, not two mothers or two fathers! This goes totally against everything that a family stands for!]

19 Jan 2008 - Threat Of MRSA Infection Increased By Homosexual Transmission?

18 Jan 2008 - Gay Homosexual Activists Unveil Their Agenda For The New Year: Priorities Include Hate-Crimes Laws, Special Rights For Employees

18 Jan 2008 - Florida Marriage Amendment Attracts Gay Homosexual-Activist Group

18 Jan 2008 - Love In Action Ministers To Those Wanting Out Of Homosexual Lifestyle

17 Jan 2008 - Did Jesus Follow Romans 13?

17 Jan 2008 - ACLU Backs Gay Homosexual Sex In Public Toilets Under "Privacy" Provisions [Well what else would you expect from an EVIL organization that has absolutely no sense of decency or morality!]

17 Jan 2008 - POLL: Homosexual Campaign Targets Mega-Churches

16 Jan 2008 - America Votes To Protect Marriage

16 Jan 2008 - Flesh-Eating Bacteria Striking Gay Homosexual Men: Disease Spread Primarily Through Anal Intercourse

16 Jan 2008 - Increase Sentences For Gay Homosexual "Hate Crimes": Scottish Parliament

16 Jan 2008 - Take Action: Florida Marriage Amendment In Danger: 22,000 Signatures Needed In The Next Two Weeks To Put The Issue On The November Ballot

16 Jan 2008 - State-Run Chinese Publication Endorses Sodomy: Front Page Article Signals Sea-Change In Chinese Policy Towards Homosexuals

16 Jan 2008 - Activist Couple Responsible For Nova Scotia Same-Sex "Marriage" Calls It Quits

16 Jan 2008 - Toronto Church Is First Anglican Parish In Canada To Approve Weddings For Homosexuals [This is wrong! The Church is NOT to be approving EVIL!!!! This church is an abomination and is promoting EVIL!]

15 Jan 2008 - Drug-Resistant Staph Passed In Gay Homosexual Sex

15 Jan 2008 - New Jersey Expands 'Hate Crimes' Law, Media Yawns

15 Jan 2008 - Wal-Mart's Pro-Family Strategy Pays Off: Retailer Wishes Customers A 'Merry Christmas,' And They Return The Favor

15 Jan 2008 - Calif. Conservatives: Fight Against School Indoctrination Law Not Over Yet

15 Jan 2008 - Spanish Homosexuals File Criminal Charges Against Bishop For Condemning Sodomy

14 Jan 2008 - Motion To Protect Religious Freedom And Speech Defeated In UK Gay Homosexual Hate Crimes Bill

14 Jan 2008 - Lawsuit To Stop Pro-Homosexual Calif. Law Moves Forward

14 Jan 2008 - Spanish Socialists Attack Catholic Church In Wake Of Pro-Family Demonstration

14 Jan 2008 - Catholic Hospital Sued After Refusing To Operate On Transsexual: 'The Protection Of Religious Entities - Even Churches - Could Be On The Chopping Block Tomorrow.' [This is pure STUPIDITY! NO hospital should be forced to do this or any other type of mutilating surgeries!]

14 Jan 2008 - TV Reality Show Adds To The Confusion About Sexuality

14 Jan 2008 - N.J. Lawmakers Steer Clear Of Same-Sex 'Marriage' Legislation

11 Jan 2008 - Prof Teaches 'Being Gay Homosexual' With Taxpayer Funding: 'Being Homosexual Doesn't Mean You Don't Learn How To Become One'

11 Jan 2008 - Pope Says The "Future Of Society" Is "Clearly At Stake" From Attacks Against The Family Based On Marriage

11 Jan 2008 - War Over Indoctrination Moves To Initiative Arena: Pro-Family Groups Seeking To Overturn 'Gay Homosexual' Mandates

11 Jan 2008 - Romney: Strong Economy = Marriage Values?

10 Jan 2008 - Canadian Homosexuals Barred From Organ Donations As High Medical Risk

09 Jan 2008 - New Jersey Passes Dangerous Hate-Crimes Bill: Legislation Adds Gender Identity As A Protected Status

09 Jan 2008 - Marriage Amendments Getting Ready To Go On Ballot In Four States

09 Jan 2008 - Effort Under Way To Repeal MD County's 'Gender Identity' Law

09 Jan 2008 - Ford's Continued Homosexual Support Part Of Financial Woes, Says Pro-Family Group

08 Jan 2008 - Six States Work To Pass Amendments To Protect Traditional Marriage: Florida, California, Arizona And Indiana May Get To Vote This Year

07 Jan 2008 - Pope Renews His Support For Traditional Marriage: Homosexual Community Calls New Year's Message An Assault

04 Jan 2008 - Arizona Family Groups Fight Domestic-Partnership Benefits [No one except married couples (1 man and 1 woman only) should enjoy the benefits of a married couple!]

04 Jan 2008 - Well Over One Million Spaniards Demonstrate For Marriage And Family: Mainstream Media Systematically Misreports Attendance Figures - Reuters, Associated Press Deflate Official Figures

04 Jan 2008 - Key State - New Hampshire - Okays Same-Sex Unions [It seems that those responsible for this happening want to experience the wrath of God!]

04 Jan 2008 - District Allows Boy In Girls' Restrooms: Grandfather Accuses Officials Of Discriminating Against Heterosexuals [This is completely wrong!!!! Boys and girls have their own restrooms for a reason. Just because a boy decided to say he is a girl doesn't change the FACT that HE is still a BOY and must use the boy's restroom!]

03 Jan 2008 - How Sodomy Was Sold To America

03 Jan 2008 - Gay Homosexual-Activist Group Targets Several Megachurches: Same-Sex Couples Who Are Raising Children Are Being Recruited For 'Family Outing.'

03 Jan 2008 - Judge Halts Implementation Of Oregon Homosexual "Domestic Partnership" Law [GOOD!!!]

03 Jan 2008 - View: Reject Pro-Abortion Rudy Giuliani For GOP Nomination

03 Jan 2008 - Gay Homosexual Chamber Of Commerce Puts Pressure On Small Businesses

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