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31 Dec 2009 - Vermont Tragedy May Bring Change In Law

31 Dec 2009 - Salem Judge Disfavors Street Preacher

30 Dec 2009 - Humane Society Animal Cruelty Ad Make You Sad? What About Abortion Victims?

28 Dec 2009 - Senate Passes Health Care Bill: Funds Abortions, Mandates Insurance Coverage

28 Dec 2009 - Democrats Pass ObamaCare Horror On Christmas Eve

24 Dec 2009 - Slain Pro-Lifer Recognized

23 Dec 2009 - North Carolina School Rethinks Action Against Pro-Life Student

23 Dec 2009 - After Senate, Lawmakers Will Have To Decide Between Abortion And Health Care

23 Dec 2009 - Poll: 72 Percent Of Americans Oppose Paying For Abortions In Health Care Bill

23 Dec 2009 - Kathleen Sebelius Admits, Covers Up Abortion Funding In Health Care Measure

22 Dec 2009 - Abortion Battle May Spoil Democrats' Healthcare 'Victory' [GOOD!!!]

22 Dec 2009 - Sen. Nelson 'Betrayed' Pro-Lifers Back Home: Some Nebraskans Are Upset With Senator Ben Nelson Over His Change Of Heart On Healthcare Reform

22 Dec 2009 - Canadian Panel To Study Euthanasia Stacked With Pro-Euthanasia Academics

21 Dec 2009 - Abortion Coverage Battle On Health Bill Continues

17 Dec 2009 - Operation Rescue Names Slain Pro-Life Activist James Pouillon 2009 'Person Of The Year' : "Jim Gave His 'Last Full Measure Of Devotion' To The Cause Of Life."

17 Dec 2009 - Interview: Pro-Life Counselor Says She was Threatened with Gun by Off-Duty Officer

17 Dec 2009 - Joe Lieberman Alright With Forcing Taxpayers To Fund Abortions In Health Care

15 Dec 2009 - Citizens Ignored In Abortion Money Approval

15 Dec 2009 - Pro-Life Attorney Stymied In Attempt To Practice His Profession

15 Dec 2009 - Urgent Webcast Tonight To Combat Abortion-Funding Healthcare Bill

15 Dec 2009 - Important Family Services Cut From Spending Bill: Billions Will Be Spent On Government Services, But Little If Any Of The Money Will Go To Family-Friendly Causes

15 Dec 2009 - Obama Calls Democrats For Meeting As Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill Implodes

14 Dec 2009 - America Is Deeply Offended By The Truth Of The Bible

14 Dec 2009 - What If Mother Mary Had Obamacare?

14 Dec 2009 - US Senate Poised To Approve Bill Funding D.C. Abortions, Overseas Abortion Providers

14 Dec 2009 - Dem Senator Seeks To Alter Filibuster Rules To Pass Health Bill: Nelson Holds Ground Against Abortion, Public Option; Casey Uncommitted

14 Dec 2009 - New York Mulls Fetal-Homicide Bill

10 Dec 2009 - Stupak Defends Pro-Life Amendment To Health Care: Even As The Senate Kills A Pro-Life Amendment, Rep. Bart Stupak Says It's Necessary

10 Dec 2009 - Martin Luther King Jr's Niece Blasts Harry Reid On Abortion Bill-Slavery Comments

10 Dec 2009 - Senators Feinstein, Mikulski Call Taxpayer Funding Of Abortion "Morally Correct" [There is nothing at all correct about it, morally or otherwise!]

09 Dec 2009 - The Big Picture

09 Dec 2009 - Pro-Abortion Measures Being Smuggled Through Congress

09 Dec 2009 - Senate Kills Nelson Amendment Restricting Abortion Funding

09 Dec 2009 - Science Czar's Guru Backed Eugenics: Sought To Limit 'Unfit' From 'Breeding' To Save Civilization

09 Dec 2009 - Pro-Life Resolution To Appear On Texas Ballot [GOOD!]

08 Dec 2009 - 35 Senators Warn Against Smuggling Pro-Abortion Policy Changes Into Omnibus Appropriations Bill [This is a copy of the actual Senate letter]

08 Dec 2009 - Abortion, Public Option Could Derail Senate's Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill

08 Dec 2009 - President Obama Again Violates No Abortion Funds Pledge By Backing Senate Bill

04 Dec 2009 - Church Leaders Refuse To 'Compromise Their Conscience'

04 Dec 2009 - Embryonic Stem-Cell Funding - An Incentive To Kill

04 Dec 2009 - Pro-Life Group Faces Senate In Uphill Healthcare Battle

04 Dec 2009 - Senate Backs Mikulski Amdt, Could Require All Insurance Plans To Cover Abortions

03 Dec 2009 - Senate Passes Amendment That Could Mandate Abortion Coverage In Insurance Plans

03 Dec 2009 - 50,000 March For Life In Costa Rica Capital

03 Dec 2009 - Massachusetts Law Limiting Pro-Life Free Speech Should Go To Supreme Court

02 Dec 2009 - Senate Health Care Bill Amendment Would Define Abortion As Preventative Care [This is WRONG and pure EVIL! This form of serial killing (abortion) is NOT preventative care. It is MURDER plain and clear!]

02 Dec 2009 - Conscience Protections For Pro-Life Medical Professionals Not In Senate Health Bill

02 Dec 2009 - Los Angeles Times Attacks Pro-Life Manhattan Declaration Signers As "Dangerous" [They are dangerous because they are standing up against this evil!]

01 Dec 2009 - Assisted Suicide - Where Will Canada Draw The Line?

01 Dec 2009 - Harvard Study: Planned Parenthood Is An Abortion Business And Business Is Bad [Good! Hopefully they will shut down once and for all!]

01 Dec 2009 - Poll Shows Canadians More Concerned About Killing Animals Than Unborn Children

01 Dec 2009 - Northern Ireland Court OKs Pro-Life Group's Challenge Of Govt's Abortion Rules

01 Dec 2009 - ACLU Sues To Block AK Personhood Initiative

30 Nov 2009 - Over 150,000 Sign Manhattan Declaration In Less Than A Week

30 Nov 2009 - French National Assembly Rejects Euthanasia Bill By Wide Margin [GOOD!]

30 Nov 2009 - Italian Senate Delays Sale Of RU 486: Cites Safety Of Women...Not "Ideology" [Hopefully they will just ban it altogether!]

30 Nov 2009 - Princeton Rejects Abstinence Center

30 Nov 2009 - Planned Parenthood Drops Lawsuit Against Former Abortion Center Director

30 Nov 2009 - CEDAW Treaty Committee, Which Bashed Pro-Life Nations, Releases New Report

30 Nov 2009 - U.S. Pressured To OK UN Convention On The Rights Of The Child, Abortion Concerns

25 Nov 2009 - Alleged Forced Abortion Victim Says Abortionist "Ripped The Life" Out Of Her

25 Nov 2009 - Senate Health Care Bill Contains Rationing Provisions, Pro-Life Group Warns

25 Nov 2009 - Baltimore City Council OKs Bill To Attack On Pregnancy Centers Over Abortion

25 Nov 2009 - Arizona Laws To Reduce Abortions Can Get Pro-Life Legal Group's Help, Court Says

24 Nov 2009 - Text of H.R.3200 as Reported in House: America's Affordable Health Choices Act Of 2009 [This is the so-called "ObamaCare" health care plan]

24 Nov 2009 - Someone Did Read The Entire House Bill 3200: The Affordable Health Care Choices Act Of 2009 [Michael Connelly - Retired attorney, Constitutional Law Instructor, Texas about the New Health Care Bill]

24 Nov 2009 - Health Care Support Drops To Below 40 Percent After Senate OKs Pro-Abortion Bill

24 Nov 2009 - Abortion-Expanding Senate Health Care Bill Passes Procedural Vote

24 Nov 2009 - Right Of Hospitals To Opt Out Of Abortion Must Be Removed: Council Of Europe Resolution

20 Nov 2009 - Senate Health Care Bill Void Of Pro-Life Protections; Pro-Life Groups Call Majority Leader Harry Reid's Proposal 'Totally Unacceptable.'

20 Nov 2009 - Stop The Washington Takeover Of Our Health Care System - Urgent: Contact Your Senators Today!

20 Nov 2009 - 6 Out Of 10 Of Americans Oppose Public Funding Of Abortion: 51% Said That They Would Even Oppose Allowing Private Insurance To Pay For Abortions

20 Nov 2009 - Clinton: Family Planning A 'Positive' Choice For Society [What she means by 'family planning" is the form of serial killing called abortion!]

20 Nov 2009 - Conservative Christians Issue Declaration, Warning

18 Nov 2009 - N.J. Teen Barred From Abortion Protest Sues School

18 Nov 2009 - RU Safe And Simple?

17 Nov 2009 - White House Advisor Indicates Obama Will Work To Abolish Pro-Life Health Amendment [That is because Obama has NO respect for the sanctity of life!]

16 Nov 2009 - Going To Extremes: Pro-Aborts Argue Pro-Life Health Amendment "Paves The Way To Religious Discrimination" [They will say or do anything to take away the sanctity of life and keep abortion available on demand!]

16 Nov 2009 - House Health Care Legislation Still Has End-Of-Life, Assisted Suicide Problems

16 Nov 2009 - Taxpayers Forced To Fund Security Cameras At LeRoy Carhart's Abortion Business

13 Nov 2009 - Research: Women In China See 17% Higher Breast Cancer Risk From Abortion

13 Nov 2009 - Planned Parenthood And ACLU Sue To Block Personhood Initiative

13 Nov 2009 - From The 'What Were They Thinking' Department: RNC Plan Covers Abortions

12 Nov 2009 - New Hampshire Committee Votes Against Assisted-Suicide Bill [GOOD!]

11 Nov 2009 - Planned Parenthood Restraining Order Request Thrown Out [GOOD! They tried to silence those telling the truth about how evil their organization really is and it didn't work!]

11 Nov 2009 - Obama: Health Bill's Handling Of Abortion Needs "More Work" : 'This Is A Health Bill, Not An Abortion Bill'

11 Nov 2009 - 4th Pro-Life World Congress Calls Abortion "Mega-Genocide"

11 Nov 2009 - Boston CBS Affiliate Won't Run Pro-Life Group's Ads On Abortion, Health Care

10 Nov 2009 - Former PP Director Describes Watching Unborn Child Struggle Before Being Aborted

09 Nov 2009 - University Pro-Life Group Has "Same Mentality" As Tiller Murderer: Student Union Leader

09 Nov 2009 - Student Body President Recalled For Pro-Life Stance

09 Nov 2009 - President Barack Obama Officially Endorses Abortion-Funding Health Care Bill

09 Nov 2009 - Pro-Life Groups Run New Ad On CNN Exposing Abortion Funding In Health Care Bill

06 Nov 2009 - Public Being Misled On Use Of Fetal Tissue

06 Nov 2009 - Pro-life Proposal A Sham?

06 Nov 2009 - Healthcare Bill - The End Of Physician 'Right Of Conscience'

06 Nov 2009 - Obama Violates Pledge, Heads To House To Promote Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill

06 Nov 2009 - 32 States Saw Personhood Initiatives In 2009 - Movement Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

05 Nov 2009 - Newly Identified Corporate Supporters Of Planned Parenthood Named

05 Nov 2009 - Amendment To Health-Care Bill Would Undercut Pro-Life Proposal

05 Nov 2009 - Planned Parenthood Attempting To Silence Ex-Director Who Quit Abortion Business

05 Nov 2009 - Surgeon General Koop Letter Against Abortion Funding Closes Harry Reid's Office

04 Nov 2009 - Abortion Still Alive In ObamaCare

04 Nov 2009 - 11,000 On Abortion Mandate Webcast Warned Against Phony Compromises In Healthcare Bill

04 Nov 2009 - Planned Parenthood Director Resigns, Teams With Pro-Life Group

03 Nov 2009 - Move Over, KKK

03 Nov 2009 - Officers Hush Pro-Life Speech

03 Nov 2009 - Court Rejects PA. Buffer Law On Abortion Clinics

02 Nov 2009 - Planned Parenthood's Declaration Of Debauchery [Has an embedded video on the web page]

02 Nov 2009 - Ministers Of Euthanasia - Part 3

02 Nov 2009 - Abortion funds Leak Into Indian Health Service

02 Nov 2009 - Has Pro-Life Movement Struck A Nerve?

02 Nov 2009 - ACLU Fights Illinois Parental Notification Law

02 Nov 2009 - Believe It...Abortion Funding Is In Healthcare Bill

29 Oct 2009 - Pro-Life Democrats Say 'No' To Abortion Funding In Health-Care Reform

29 Oct 2009 - Graphic Obama-Themed Abortion Display Clashes With Strong Pro-Abortion Presence At UC Berkeley

29 Oct 2009 - Bizarre Beauty Secret Based On Unethical Technology

27 Oct 2009 - The Importance Of Values And Principles

27 Oct 2009 - Saved From Abortion: The Remarkable Stories behind Four Pro-Life "Saves"

27 Oct 2009 - "Law & Order" Abortion Episode Outrages Pro-Abortion Groups

26 Oct 2009 - NRTL Warns U.S. House On Coming Vote To Set Up Federal Abortion-Funding Program In "Public Plan"

26 Oct 2009 - B.C. Civil Liberties Association Demands Equal Treatment For University Of Victoria Pro-Life Student Club

26 Oct 2009 - Abortion In Health-Care Reform May Hurt Minorities The Most

26 Oct 2009 - View The Entire Pro-Life Petition News Conference Video

23 Oct 2009 - Pro-Life Canadian Student Placed In Isolation For Joining Abortion Awareness Day

23 Oct 2009 - President George W. Bush Awarded By Canadian Pro-Life Group For Abortion Fight

23 Oct 2009 - Arizona Pro-Lifers Take School Officials To Court

23 Oct 2009 - Director Of 40 Days For Life Complains About Obama's Pro-Abortion Volunteer Site

23 Oct 2009 - Pro-Life Students Ignore Ridicule, Speak Up For Unborn, Prevent Friends' Abortions

23 Oct 2009 - Obama Administration's HHS Web Site Promotes Pro-Abortion Health Care Bills

23 Oct 2009 - Associated Press: ObamaCare Does Pay For Abortion

22 Oct 2009 - Focus Action Delivers Health-Care Petitions To Lawmakers: Thousands Of Signers Tell Their Representatives On Capitol Hill To Vote 'No' To Public Funding Of Abortion

20 Oct 2009 - Santorum: The Triumph Of Socialism in U.S. Requires Destruction Of Family And Church

20 Oct 2009 - Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Key In Health-Care Debate: As Health-Care Reform Moves Forward, Pro-Lifers Aren't Backing Down From Their Fight To Exclude Abortion Funding From The Bill

20 Oct 2009 - Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Focuses On Abortion In Health-Care Reform

20 Oct 2009 - Lawsuit Targets Illinois Parental-Notification Law

20 Oct 2009 - Millions March In Spain Against Govt Effort To Expand Abortions, Exclude Parents

20 Oct 2009 - Pennsylvania Student Free To Wear Pro-Life Abortion Shirt While Case Continues

19 Oct 2009 - Lawsuits Continue To Block Parental Notification Law

19 Oct 2009 - Police Relieve Pro-Lifer Of His Jesus Picture

19 Oct 2009 - Obama Administration "Hyding" Taxpayer Funding Of Abortion In Health Care Bills

19 Oct 2009 - Pro-Abortion Group Says Abortion Drug That Has Killed 13 Women "Saves Lives" [This is pure STUPIDITY!]

19 Oct 2009 - Organ Harvesting: Now Defining Defenseless Human Beings As Natural Resources [PURE EVIL!!!]

16 Oct 2009 - Mom Wants Baby After Trying To Have It Killed

16 Oct 2009 - Barack Obama Wrong To Trample On Conscience Rights Of Pro-Life Advocates

16 Oct 2009 - Obama United Nations Official Redefins UN Terms In Speech To Promote Abortion

15 Oct 2009 - Abortionist Reflects On Dismembering One Baby While Feeling Her Own Flutter In Her Womb

15 Oct 2009 - Groundbreaking In-The-Womb Photos Now Improved And Republished

15 Oct 2009 - Ever Wonder Who Took Those Aborted Baby Pictures?

14 Oct 2009 - Pro-Life Groups Take A Stand Against Health Care Bill: 'We Will Not Support Any Bill That Funds Abortion.'

14 Oct 2009 - "Globally-Acceptable Truth" And The Crime Of Thinking - Part 2

14 Oct 2009 - Pennsylvania School Targets Student With "Abortion Is Not Health Care" T-Shirt

13 Oct 2009 - Video Pokes Holes In Abortion Funding Denials

13 Oct 2009 - Associated Press Again Confirms Health Care Bills Include Abortion Funding

13 Oct 2009 - Pro-Life Groups Representing 30 Million: Do Health Care Right, Keep Abortion Out

13 Oct 2009 - New York Times Applauded For Showing Pictures Of Babies Killed In Abortions

13 Oct 2009 - Hundreds Of Thousands Of Pro-Life Students To Stand In Solidarity On Abortion

12 Oct 2009 - School Rejects Pro-Life T-Shirt On Day Of President's Speech

12 Oct 2009 - Obama Wins Nobel Prize, Exported Tax-Funded Abortions At Time Of Nomination

12 Oct 2009 - Obama Spokesman Robert Gibbs Again Misrepresents Health Care, Hyde, Abortion

12 Oct 2009 - Pro-Abortion President Obama Not Fit To Share Nobel Prize With Mother Teresa

09 Oct 2009 - Supporters Of Health-Care Reform Continue To Reject Abortion Ban: Polls Show More Americans Now On The Side Of Life

09 Oct 2009 - Chicago Buffer-Zone Ordinance Goes Too Far

09 Oct 2009 - Next Vote on Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill Tuesday, Reid May Shut Out Pro-Lifers

09 Oct 2009 - Pro-Life Group: Obama Rep's Comment Shows President Would Fund Abortions

09 Oct 2009 - Poll: 23 Percent To Donate To Breast Cancer Research, Funds Go To Abortion Biz

09 Oct 2009 - Pro-Life Advocates Mark 20 Years Since UN Convention On The Rights Of The Child

08 Oct 2009 - Is Capitol Hill Ignoring 71% Of Americans?

08 Oct 2009 - White House Continues Push For Health-Care Reform: 'Sadly, There Are People Out There Who Are More Interested In Their Agenda Than They Are With The Health Care Of Their Neighbors.'

08 Oct 2009 - Obama Spokesman Falsely Claims Hyde Amendment Stops Abortion In Health Care

08 Oct 2009 - Hospital Counselor Leaves Abortion Unit During 40 Days For Life

07 Oct 2009 - Ohio Poll Shows Majority Oppose Abortion, Concerned About Health Care Rationing

07 Oct 2009 - Obama Has Only Read "A Decent Part" Of The Pro-Abortion Health Care Bills

06 Oct 2009 - President Obama To Keynote Pro-Abortion Group's Weekend Fundraising Dinner

06 Oct 2009 - Barack Obama Names Pro-Abortion ACLU Lawyer Chai Feldblum To EEOC Panel

06 Oct 2009 - Poor Weather Doesn't Stop LifeChain From Telling America Abortion Kills Children

06 Oct 2009 - Prison Officials in Kansas Take Raped Inmate To Planned Parenthood For Abortion

06 Oct 2009 - YWCA Misinforms Raped Inmate About Adoption, Pays For Coerced Abortion

06 Oct 2009 - Abortion Advocates Attack Crisis Pregnancy Centers After New Report Released

05 Oct 2009 - Ministers Of Euthanasia - Part 1

05 Oct 2009 - House Members Working On Second Phony Compromise On Abortion In Health Care

05 Oct 2009 - Outrage Over ACORN, But Not Abortion

05 Oct 2009 - 40 Days for Life: 123 Babies Saved - So Far!

05 Oct 2009 - 183 Congressional Reps Tell Speaker Pelosi: No Abortion Coverage, Or No Health-Care Bill

02 Oct 2009 - Giant '71' To Remind Congress Of Opposition To Abortion

02 Oct 2009 - Senate Expected To Debate Pro-Abortion Health Care Reform Bill In Mid-October

02 Oct 2009 - Pro-Life Day Of Silent Solidarity Grows As Teens Prepare To Oppose Abortion

30 Sep 2009 - California Pro-Lifers Launch Human Rights Amendment Petition Campaign

30 Sep 2009 - Abortion Clinic Mocks Pro-Life Demonstrators

30 Sep 2009 - Healthcare Reform - Yes; Abortion Coverage - No: There's More Confirmation That The Public Does Not Want Abortion Funded In Any Healthcare Reform

30 Sep 2009 - Congressman Defends Saying Obama The "Enemy Of Humanity" Due To Abortion [The simple fact is, Obama is The Enemy of Humanity because of abortion and other issues!]

30 Sep 2009 - California Pro-Life Activists Lila Rose, Walter Hoye Behind Personhood Campaign

29 Sep 2009 - Responding To Banned Books Week: A Pro-Family Group Is Suggesting A Creative Way For Families To Act As "Salt And Light" In Response To The American Library Association's (ALA) So-Called Banned Books Week

29 Sep 2009 - 40 Days For Life Saves 38 Babies From Abortion, Another Clinic Staffer Quits

29 Sep 2009 - African-American Leaders Oppose Black Pastors Backing Pro-Abortion Health Care

29 Sep 2009 - New UN Head Says Homosexuality "Totally Unacceptable"

29 Sep 2009 - Court Gets Brief In Planned Parenthood $180 Million Birth Control Fraud Case

29 Sep 2009 - Bill Clinton Attacks Pro-Life Americans, Pushes "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy"

29 Sep 2009 - Spokane Community Colleges Settle Lawsuit Over Discrimination Against Pro-Lifers

29 Sep 2009 - Judge In Case Of Arrested Notre Dame Pro-Lifers Is Married To Pro-Abortion ND Professor [That is called a conflict of interest. The judge should have removed herself from the case because of this. She obviously decided to keep this information to herself!]

28 Sep 2009 - Funding - A Major Factor In Viable Healthcare Reform

28 Sep 2009 - Fear Grows Among Pro-Life Activists

28 Sep 2009 - Report Details 40 Years Of Pregnancy Centers Helping Women Avoid Abortion

28 Sep 2009 - 40 Days For Life Event Results In California Abortion Center Employee Quitting

28 Sep 2009 - Virginia Abortion Advocates Attack Choose Life License Plates, Pregnancy Centers

28 Sep 2009 - Britain Already Has A "Government Policy Of Silent Euthanasia": Anti-Euthanasia Activists

25 Sep 2009 - Baby Saved On First Day Of 40 Days For Life Campaign

25 Sep 2009 - More On Dominican Republic Passage Of Complete Abortion Ban [More countries and their leaders and people need to follow their example and stand up against this evil and put a stop to it]

25 Sep 2009 - John Wild, 95, Created 'Window To The Womb'

25 Sep 2009 - Lawsuits Swirl As Arizona Pro-Life Law Set To Take Effect [They do not like it when limits are put upon them form of mass murder and serial killing!]

25 Sep 2009 - Pro-Life Harvard Prof Glendon, Rejected Notre Dame Honor, Gets National Award

25 Sep 2009 - Pro-Life Pastors To Participate In Second Pulpit Freedom Sunday To Challenge IRS

25 Sep 2009 - University of Calgary Pro-Lifers Hold Abortion Display Despite Free Speech Denial

24 Sep 2009 - Pro-Life Leader Worries House Won't Allow Vote To Ban Abortion In Health Care

24 Sep 2009 - Pro-Lifers Urge Notre Dame To Choose Life

24 Sep 2009 - Wisc. Schools Reject Pro-Life Newspaper Ad

24 Sep 2009 - Florida, California Pro-Lifers Launch Personhood Campaigns Against Abortion

24 Sep 2009 - Ottawa 40 Days For Life Off To A Great Start

23 Sep 2009 - Catholic Medical Association Comes Out Publicly Against ObamaCare

23 Sep 2009 - Congressional Resolution Honors Slain Pro-Life Abortion Protestor Jim Pouillon

23 Sep 2009 - Spanish Pro-Lifers Prepare Massive Demonstration In Madrid

23 Sep 2009 - Wisconsin Right To Life Launches Ad Campaign

23 Sep 2009 - Senate Panel Opens Abortion Debate On Baucus Bill, Pro-Life Amendments Coming

23 Sep 2009 - Media Analysis Says Pro-Life Group Right, Baucus Health Care Bill Funds Abortions

22 Sep 2009 - Congressman: Abortions Could Increase By One-Third Under Health Care Bills

22 Sep 2009 - Black Pro-Life Leader Says Opposition To Pro-Abortion Health Care Plans Not Racist

22 Sep 2009 - Abortion Killings Worldwide Overtake WW2 Slaughter

22 Sep 2009 - Northern Ireland Guidelines Will Establish Abortion On Demand By "Bureaucratic Stealth" : Currently, Northern Ireland Allows Abortion Legally Only In Cases Where It Is Clear That A Pregnancy Threatens The Life Of The Mother

22 Sep 2009 - Commentary: Will Babies With Down Syndrome Just Disappear?

22 Sep 2009 - Abortion Advocates Upset by Dogged Pro-Life Campaign On Health Care Bills [There is NO place in healthcare for this form of serial killing and murder!]

22 Sep 2009 - Pro-Life Group To Continue Ads Targeting Harry Reid Over Abortion, Health Care [GOOD!]

22 Sep 2009 - Pro-Life Advocates Condemn Attack On Pro-Life Arizona Man Over Abortion Sign

21 Sep 2009 - Countdown: Fall 2009 40 Days For Life Campaign Begins Wednesday

21 Sep 2009 - Christian Health Professionals Address 'Right Of Conscience'

21 Sep 2009 - Life Advocates To Line Streets Across America [GOOD!]

21 Sep 2009 - Liberal Lie #15 - The Right Is Against Science; The Left Promotes It: John Holdren, Obama's Frightening "Science" Czar

21 Sep 2009 - NEA: Big Time Supporter Of ACORN

21 Sep 2009 - White House Noncommittal On Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

21 Sep 2009 - Mexican State Of Oaxaca Becomes Sixteenth To Pass Pro-Life Constitutional Amendment: More Than Half Of Mexico's 31 States Have Passed Such Amendments In The Last Two Years

18 Sep 2009 - Washington Teachers Leave National Education Association [Good for them for exercising their rights and taking a stand in support of their morals and values and opposing what is EVIL!]

18 Sep 2009 - Latest 40 Days For Life Campaign Against Abortion Begins Nationwide Next Week

18 Sep 2009 - More Pro-Life Groups Say Baucus Health Care Bill Contains Abortion Funding

18 Sep 2009 - White House Mtg Doesn't Alleviate Concerns Over Abortion Funds In Health Care

18 Sep 2009 - Philippine Catholic Bishops To Create Pro-Life, Pro-Family Coalition Of Lay Groups To Support Politicians

17 Sep 2009 - Baucus Bill Pressures Doctors To Ration Health Care Via Financial Incentives

17 Sep 2009 - Over 100 Quebec Doctors Say No To Euthanasia

17 Sep 2009 - Baucus Bill Would Offer Abortion Funding In Health Care: 'We Don't Care About Rhetoric When It Comes To Protecting Innocent, Preborn Lives. We Care About Results.'

17 Sep 2009 - Analysis Finds Baucus Health Care Bill Contains Abortion Subsidies, Mandates

17 Sep 2009 - Czech Pro-Life Group Urges NO To Irish Lisbon Vote

16 Sep 2009 - Focus Action Asks People To Keep Up Pressure On Health Care: 'People Need To Keep Contacting Their Members Of Congress Asking Them To Specifically Exclude Abortion Funding From Any Health-Care Proposal.'

16 Sep 2009 - Baucus Health Care Bill Draws Initial Opposition, Abortion Funding Ban Needed

16 Sep 2009 - Newly-Confirmed Obama Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein Pro-Abortion, Pro-Cloning

16 Sep 2009 - Pro-Life Advocates With Disabled Children Worried By Health Care Bills' Rationing

16 Sep 2009 - A Young Pro-Lifer Writes To The President

15 Sep 2009 - President Obama Waits Two Days To Release Statement On Shooting Of Pro-Lifer

15 Sep 2009 - MEDIA BIAS: CBS News Ignores Killing Of Pro-Life Advocate Pouillon, ABC Biased In Reporting

15 Sep 2009 - Spanish Doctors Will Choose Jail Over Committing Abortion [May God bless them and protect them for taking a stand against this EVIL!]

15 Sep 2009 - Doctors And Patients Sue White House Over Free Speech Violations

15 Sep 2009 - Arizona Planned Parenthood Sues To Overturn New Pro-Life Laws Limiting Abortions [They simply do not like having limitation on their form or mass murder and serial killing!]

14 Sep 2009 - "Jim the Sign Guy": Slain Pro-Lifer, Father of Two, Remembered By Friends As Cheerful, Peaceful Activist

14 Sep 2009 - Obama Administration Issues No Response To Slaying Of Pro-Life Advocate [This doesn't come as a surprise since they fully support abortion!]

14 Sep 2009 - Rape Victim Says God Granted A "Rush Of Love" For Her Unborn Child Moments Before Abortion

14 Sep 2009 - Pro-Abortion Groups Silent In Wake Of Pro-Life Activist's Slaying

14 Sep 2009 - HR 3200 Provides Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

11 Sep 2009 - Obama Accuses Right Of 'Bogus Claims': 'The Truth Is, He Seeks To Cover Up His Intention To Use ... Government Subsidies To Pay For Health-Care Plans That Cover Abortion.'

11 Sep 2009 - Summit Will Promote Conservative Values

11 Sep 2009 - President Obama "Lies" On Abortion Funding During Health Care Reform Speech

11 Sep 2009 - Obama Misleads On Federal Abortion Conscience Clause In Health Care Speech

11 Sep 2009 - UNFPA Prohibits Pro-Life Advocates From Pro-Abortion Conference In Germany

11 Sep 2009 - Center for Reproductive Rights Uses $13 Million To Push International Abortions

11 Sep 2009 - Kansas State Fair Official Under Fire For Denying Booth To Pro-Life Group

11 Sep 2009 - Obama Depopulation Policy Exposed! [YouTube video]

10 Sep 2009 - The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost

10 Sep 2009 - B.C. City Proclaims "Protect Human Life Week"

09 Sep 2009 - Pro-Lifers to Spend Two Weeks Protesting Health Care Bill [GOOD! Everyone should be protesting it!]

09 Sep 2009 - Surgeon Says Abortion Ups Breast Cancer Risk, Full-Term Pregnancy Helps Lower It

09 Sep 2009 - MEDIA BIAS: Los Angeles Times: Massive Tax-Funding Of Abortion A Reasonable Compromise [There is nothing reasonable about it! It is still MURDER no matter what you call it or how you word it!]

09 Sep 2009 - Christian Band BarlowGirl Hits On Women's Post-Abortion Pain In Song Tears Fall

09 Sep 2009 - Care Net Pregnancy Center Conference To Give Boost To Groups Helping Women

08 Sep 2009 - Internet Censoring Going Global

08 Sep 2009 - Stopping Intentional Blindness: Tell Congress That Abortion Is Not Health Care

08 Sep 2009 - Leader Of United Nations Population Fund Calls For Global Abortion Funding: Wants $23 Billion A Year To Guarantee Access To The Deadly Procedure Worldwide

08 Sep 2009 - Pro-Life Youth Groups: Students Should Protest Obama Speech To Schools

08 Sep 2009 - Writer: President Barack Obama Not Forthright On Abortion Funding In Health Care

08 Sep 2009 - British Pro-Life Leader Tells SPUC Conference: More Abortion Than War Deaths

08 Sep 2009 - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Demands Public Option In Pro-Abortion Health Care

04 Sep 2009 - Bob Casey Claims No Abortion Funding In Senate Health Care Bill, Draws Rebuke [This is an outright LIE on his part, for it is in there!]

04 Sep 2009 - Black Pro-Life Advocates Say Obama's Abortion Support Has Racist Outcome

04 Sep 2009 - Obama-Funded UNFPA Promotes Conference Of Pro-Abortion Activists In Germany

04 Sep 2009 - Montana Attorney General Approves Language For Personhood-Abortion Ballot Prop

03 Sep 2009 - Catholic Bishops From Kansas Urge Congress To Not Fund Abortion In Health Care

03 Sep 2009 - British Experts Say Terminally Ill Patients Pushed By NHS To Die Prematurely

03 Sep 2009 - Effort To Manipulate Science, Dismiss Women's Post-Abortion Problems Continue

02 Sep 2009 - Republican Party Runs New Health Care Ad Blasting Rationing, Targets Seniors

02 Sep 2009 - New UNESCO Sex Education Guidelines Call On Children To Promote Abortions

01 Sep 2009 - Catholic Priest: Imagine The Funeral If Kennedy Was An Anti-Semite Rather Than Pro-Abortion

01 Sep 2009 - Medical Journal Blames Disabled People "Who Want To Live" For Confusion On Assisted Suicide Debate [What confusion? So what if people choose to live instead of wanting to die. Assisted Suicide is just another name for MURDER and is EVIL!!!]

01 Sep 2009 - MEDIA BIAS: Newsweek's Eleanor Clift Wrong: Hyde Amdt Doesn't Stop Abortion In Health Care

01 Sep 2009 - White House Reality Check Web Site Still Silent On Abortion In Health Care

01 Sep 2009 - Ted Kennedy's Death Further Used To Promote Pro-Abortion Health Care Bills

01 Sep 2009 - Quit Using Ted Kennedy's Death To Advance The Pro-Abortion Health Care Agenda

01 Sep 2009 - Illinois Pro-Life Advocates Want Parental Notification On Abortion Enforced Now

31 Aug 2009- Barack Obama's 2007 Speech To Planned Parenthood [Has an embedded video on the web page]

31 Aug 2009 - Speaker Nancy Pelosi Releases Misleading Factsheet On Abortion, Health Care

31 Aug 2009 - Alaska Pro-Life Advocates Kick Off Campaign For Parental Consent On Abortion

31 Aug 2009 - Group Questions Catholic Funeral For Kennedy [a lot of what he stood for a did goes against the teachings of his own church!]

31 Aug 2009 - ObamaCare Will Put Planned Parenthood Inside Your Child's School

31 Aug 2009 - Healthcare Reform Bill A 'Feeder System' For Abortion

28 Aug 2009 - Liberals Use Kennedy's Death To Push ObamaCare

28 Aug 2009 - Ted Kennedy Death Used To Build Support For Pro-Abortion Health Care Bills

28 Aug 2009 - Wall St. Journal Also Confirms House Health Care Bill Has Tax-Funded Abortions

28 Aug 2009 - Congressman Takes Mic Away From Pro-Life Advocate At Health Care Town Hall

28 Aug 2009 - Judge Denies Oakland's Request To Deny Pro-Life Pastor's Free Speech Rights

28 Aug 2009 - Australia Insurance Company Won't Cover Doctors Who Dispense Abortion Drug [GOOD!!!]

27 Aug 2009 - Health Care "Reform" Bills Would Exacerbate Death Panels Already In Texas

27 Aug 2009 - That's Where The Money Is: Geezers Beware ObamaCare

27 Aug 2009 - Illinois Pro-Life Pharmacists Win Injunction In Conscience Rights Lawsuit

27 Aug 2009 - AARP Ramps Up Support For ObamaCare With TV/Radio Ads [They claim that they do not officially endorse it, yet here they are supporting it!]

26 Aug 2009 - Nebraska Abortionist Vows To Train Others [An EVIL MAN promoting more of his EVIL!!!]

26 Aug 2009 - ABC Bans Television Commercial Opposing Pro-Abortion Govt Health Care Plan

26 Aug 2009 - Veterans Hospitals Offer End-of-Life Counseling [This is not only WRONG, it is EVIL!!!]

26 Aug 2009 - Catholic Archbishop Chaput Steps Up Pressure On ObamaCare: Funding Abortions Not 'Common Ground'

26 Aug 2009 - Abortion 'Explicitly' Covered Under ObamaCare

25 Aug 2009- Time For The Elderly To Check Out?

25 Aug 2009 - Women In SD Must Be Told Unborn Child Is A Human Being: Federal Judge [GOOD!!!]

25 Aug 2009 - Abortion Coverage In ObamaCare Is No 'Fabrication': "As For The House Bill As It Stands Now, It's A Matter Of Fact That It Would Allow Both A 'Public Plan' And Newly Subsidized Private Plans To Cover All Abortions," Writes Director [Obama knew this and LIED to the American people about it anyways! So what else is he lying about?]

25 Aug 2009 - Obama Continues Saying Pro-Life Advocates Lying About Health Care, Abortion [Obama knows it is in there! He is the one who is lying!]

25 Aug 2009 - Bowling For Death Panels II: Obama Administration Promotes "Death Book" For Veterans [More proof of the EVIL in the Obama health care plan!]

25 Aug 2009 - Senator Wants Hearings On Obama Admin Veterans Guide Promoting Euthanasia

25 Aug 2009 - Time Magazine Confirms Health Care Bills Include Taxpayer-Funded Abortions

25 Aug 2009 - American Psychiatric Association Continues Denying Abortion's Mental Health Risks

25 Aug 2009 - Australia Hospitals In Queensland Stop Doing Abortions As Legal Debate Continues

24 Aug 2009 - Will Court Enforce Rules About RU-486?

24 Aug 2009 - South Dakota Abortion Law Stands [GOOD!!!]

24 Aug 2009 - The Death Book For Veterans: Ex-Soldiers Don't Need To Be Told They're A Burden To Society [Obama Administration Tells Veterans To Consider Euthanasia]

21 Aug 2009 - 'Alternate Routes' To The Fairness Doctrine [There is NOTHING fair about the so-called "Fairness Doctrine," and actually limits free speech and opinion!]

21 Aug 2009 - Obama Calls Abortion Funding In Healthcare Legislation A "Fabrication" [This is am outright LIE on his part. He knows it is in there. It is carefully worded, but it is in there nonetheless!]

21 Aug 2009 - Healthcare Reform And Abortions - What's The Truth?

21 Aug 2009 - Bowling For Death Panels: Euthanasia Group Behind "End-Of-Life" Counseling

21 Aug 2009 - Commentary: American Health Care Reform - A Good End Does Not Justify Evil Means

21 Aug 2009 - South Dakota Abortion Centers Must Tell Women Abortion Kills Children

21 Aug 2009 - Missouri Budget Keeps Abortion Alternatives Funding Despite Health Department

20 Aug 2009 - Ad Campaign Stresses Moral Objections To Healthcare Reform

19 Aug 2009 - In Gov We Trust

19 Aug 2009 - Pro-Life Coalition Releases Video

19 Aug 2009 - Catholic Bishop Nickless: "No Health Care Reform Is Better Than The Wrong Health Care Reform" [AMEN!!!]

19 Aug 2009 - Pro-Life Syndicated Columnist Bob Novak Dies, Enjoyed Writing Against Abortion

18 Aug 2009 - Catholics Urge National Fight Against Abortion In ObamaCare Bills

18 Aug 2009 - Health Care Reform Bill Would Allow Abortion Business In Public School Clinics

18 Aug 2009 - White House Disables Email To Snitch On Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill Opponents

17 Aug 2009 - White House Under Fire For Sending Unsolicited Emails Promoting Health Care Bills

17 Aug 2009 - Planned Parenthood Continues Boasting Close Ties With White House On ObamaCare Bill

17 Aug 2009 - Media Bias: New York Daily News Joins Media In Abortion-Health Care Funding Coverup

14 Aug 2009 - Sarah Palin Strikes Back Against Obama On "Death Panels": Has Massive Facebook Following Of 735,000 "Supporters" [May God bless her for standing up against this EVIL that is under the guise of "health care"]

14 Aug 2009 - UN Health Data Show Liberal Abortion Laws Lead To Greater Maternal Death: African Nations With Most Pro-Life Laws Have By Far The Lowest Maternal Death Rates On The Continent

14 Aug 2009 - Democrats Disagree On Abortion Coverage: Two Years Ago, President Obama Promised Planned Parenthood A 'Public Plan That Will Provide All Essential Services, Including Reproductive Services.'

14 Aug 2009 - Senate Committee to Drop Controversial "Death Panel" Provision From Health Bill

14 Aug 2009 - White House Official Won't Retract Obama Misstatement On Senator, Euthanasia [And yet again Obama makes another false claim about someone support his health care program. Seems that he is doing this more and more!]

14 Aug 2009 - Media Bias: New York Times Taken To Task, Covers Up Abortion Funding In Health Care Bills

14 Aug 2009 - Planned Parenthood President Attends Special White House Health Care Meeting [This is the second time the Obama administration gave special privileges to Planned Parenthood]

14 Aug 2009 - CDC Figures Show Teen Abortions Lower In States Accepting Abstinence Funds

14 Aug 2009 - Pro-Abortion Legal Group Wants UN To Say Abortion Advocates Back Human Rights [Abortion has nothing to do with "human rights." It is nothing but a form of murder, a form of serial killing!]

13 Aug 2009 - Health-Care Conference Call Misleads: President Barack Obama Will Participate In A Conference Call Wednesday, Aug. 19, To Promote His Health-Care Agenda [Organized by Faith in Public Life, it includes several groups that belong to the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC). The RCRC's stand on health-care reform includes the inclusion of "reproductive health services," a code word for abortion.]

13 Aug 2009 - Congressman: Pro-Life Advocates Who Oppose Health Care Bill are "Political Terrorists" [First we are called "un-American" and now they are calling us "Political Terrorists." If anyone is being un-American and a Political Terrorist, it is those who are telling us that we cannot exercise our freedom of choice, freedom to think for ourselves, and the freedom to voice our opinion!]

13 Aug 2009 - Obama Wrongly Says Senator Backs Pro-Euthanasia Provisions In Health Care [He seems to be making a lot of FALSE claims as to who is support his health care bill]

13 Aug 2009 - Cat Out Of The Bag: Dem Congresswoman Admits ObamaCare Covers Elective Abortions

13 Aug 2009 - Kenyan Vice President Vows Cabinet Will "Shoot Down" Any Bill Leglaizing Abortion [GOOD! More of the leaders around the world should follow his example and take a stand against this EVIL!!!]

13 Aug 2009 - Obama Admin Used Pro-Abortion, Conspiracy Sites To Say Pro-Lifers Extremists

13 Aug 2009 - Member Of Congress Admits House Health Care Bill Includes Abortion Funding

13 Aug 2009 - North Dakota Judge Refuses To Overturn Abortion-Ultrasound Law, Clarifies Section [GOOD!!!]

12 Aug 2009 - New FCC Chief Supports Fairness Doctrine [There is NO fairness in the Fairness Doctrine!]

12 Aug 2009 - Personhood Amendment Making Inroads In Colorado

12 Aug 2009 - USCCB Pro-Life Office: No Health Care Reform While Abortion Mandate Remains

11 Aug 2009 - Speaker Nancy Pelosi Calls Opponents Of Pro-Abortion Health Care "Un-American" [If anyone is being un-American it is those who don't want people to exercise their freedom of thought and freedom of speech and want to take away your rights. Do you hear me Nancy Pelosi? Take a hint!]

11 Aug 2009 - Catholics Fear 'Stealth' Abortion Push In Healthcare

11 Aug 2009 - Obama "Reality Check" Web Site Doesn't Dispute Abortion In Health Care Plan

11 Aug 2009 - House Health Care Bill Gives Doctors Financial Incentive To Push Euthanasia

11 Aug 2009 - Kansas Governor Parkinson Criticized For Cutting Funding For Abortion Alternatives

10 Aug 2009 - A Falling Away - Part 1

10 Aug 2009 - So-Called Common Ground Abortion Bill Requires Tax-Funded Abortions Nationwide

10 Aug 2009 - Teachers Dissatisfied With Pro-Abortion, Homosexualist NEA Turn To Ethical Alternatives

07 Aug 2009 - When Murder Becomes A "Human Right," The First Victim Is The Truth: Amnesty International Has Issued A Report Filled With Falsehoods And Distortions In Attempt To Smear Pro-Life Nicaragua

07 Aug 2009 - CBS News Covers Up Abortion Funding In Health Care In Misleading Factcheck

07 Aug 2009 - Mike Huckabee Calls Barack Obama Most Pro-Abortion President In History

07 Aug 2009 - Planned Parenthood Continues Ignoring Debate Request On Abortion, Health Care [Of course they do and will continue to do so. They do not want to be part of anything that may expose their true agenda!]

07 Aug 2009 - Pro-Life Nurses Group Urges Congress: Keep Abortion Out Of Health Care

06 Aug 2009 - ObamaCare Likely To Mandate Free "Sex-Change" Surgeries [Obama's health care plan is insane and seems to be getting more so all the time!]

06 Aug 2009 - AP Confirms Health Bill Radically Opens Federal Funds To Abortion

06 Aug 2009 - Maclean's Mag: Kids "Hurt Your Career, Your Marriage, Your Social Life, Your Bankbook. Why Bother?" [This magazine is promoting EVIL!!! The Bible tells us that children are a blessing from God!]

06 Aug 2009 - Over 100,000 Letters Sent Urging Congress To Keep Abortion Out Of Health Care

06 Aug 2009 - Media Finally Admit Health-Care Reform To Include Abortion

06 Aug 2009 - White House: Snitch On People Who Oppose Pro-Abortion Health Care Bills

06 Aug 2009 - IRS Backs Down, Approves New NonProfit Tax Status For Iowa Pro-Life Group

06 Aug 2009 - Colorado Abortion-Personhood Amdt Gets OK To Move Ahead by Title Board

05 Aug 2009 - Planned Parenthood Challenges Alaska Pro-Life Law [More of trying to force their EVIL upon everyone!]

05 Aug 2009 - Congressman: I Would Rather Save My Soul Than Support Abortion-Promoting Health Care Bill

05 Aug 2009 - Amnesty International Calls Protection Of Unborn In Nicaragua A "Great Horror": Claims Pro-Life Legislation Is Harming Women's Health, Despite Falling Maternal Mortality Rates [Clearly shows that Amnesty International really has no respect for life!]

05 Aug 2009 - New Video Exposing Overpopulation Myths Gains Traction, Hate From Opponents

05 Aug 2009 - New Zealand High Court Ruling On Abortion Committee Called Pro-Life Victory

04 Aug 2009 - Pro-life Amendment To Health-Care Reform Rejected: Lawmakers On Capitol Hill Continue To Wrangle Over Health-Care Reform, Including Whether Abortions Will Be Covered

04 Aug 2009 - Associated Press Misleads Readers On Abortion, Health Care, And President Obama

04 Aug 2009 - Nancy Pelosi Again Avoids Question Of Abortion In Government-Run Health Care

03 Aug 2009 - House Pro-Abortion Health Amendment Passes: Pro-Life Amendment Passed Then Struck Down: Waxman Predicts Committee Passage Today

03 Aug 2009 - Pro-Abortion Group Calls For Government Funding Of Abortion, Complains Of Abortionist Decline

31 July 2009 - Rep. Joseph Pitts: Healthcare Bill Promotes Abortion [Has an embedded video on the web page]

31 July 2009 - President Barack Obama Awards Abortion Advocates With Medal Of Freedom [This is a DISGRACE! It dishonors all of those who have received it in the past and what it stand for!]

30 July 2009 - Over 13 Million Abortions Per Year In China: Chinese Government Won't Budge On One Child Policy

30 July 2009 - Obama Science Advisor John Holdren Also Said Newborn Baby Not Fully Human [He is obviously an idiot!!! How can it not be human? If the mother is human and the father is human, then the unborn baby has to be human! This is an example of those who promote this evil turning a blind eye to the truth!]

30 July 2009 - New United Nation's Treaty Obama Favors Targets Disabled Unborn With Abortion

29 July 2009 - Fred Thompson Interviews Betsy McCaughey Concerning Health Care Reform [Everyone should hear this brief interview about health reform - it ought to be called death reform, even with consultations to end your life]

29 July 2009 - New U.N. Treaty Targets The Disabled Unborn

29 July 2009 - Democrats Purport To Seek 'Compromise' On Abortion: Life Advocates Say The Effort Only Confuses The Issue [There is NO COMPROMISE!!! Murder is still murder no matter what you say or want to compromise!]

29 July 2009 - House Lawmakers Say Obama Health Care Plan An Abortion Industry Bailout

28 July 2009 - More Abortion Funding Found in Senate Bill: As Lawmakers In Washington Consider Appropriations Bills, More Evidence Surfaces Of Their Attempts To Use Taxpayer Money To Fund Abortions

28 July 2009 - Media Dismisses Concern Of Taxpayer-Funded Abortions For Federal Employees

27 July 2009 - The U.N. Seizure Of Parental Rights - Part 1

27 July 2009 - Healthcare Reform Moving Toward Euthanasia: Rationing Of Health Services Advocated By Emanuel

27 July 2009 - Senate Bill Would Force Taxpayer Funding Of Abortions For Federal Employees

24 July 2009 - Call Congress: No On Obama's Health Care

24 July 2009 - Senate Leader Postpones Vote On Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill Until September

24 July 2009 - Her Highness Technology

24 July 2009 - Obama Staffer Speaks At Planned Parenthood Event, Urges Pro-Abortion Lobbying

24 July 2009 - Pro-Life Advocates Don't Trust Obama Saying He Wants No Abortion In Health Care

24 July 2009 - Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Gets Enough Money, Time to De-Fund It

24 July 2009 - BREAKING: Pence Amendment Passes Rules Committee, Up For House Vote Friday

23 July 2009 - National Education Association's Top Lawyer Touts Their Real Purpose: Says Those Who Promote Traditional Values Are A Group Of "Right-Wing B****rds"

23 July 2009 - MEDIA BIAS: Associated Press Falsely Claims 90 Percent Of Insurance Plans Cover Abortion

22 July 2009 - Walter Cronkite's Push For Abortion And Homosexuality, 1965-2003: "As Long As The Abortion Laws Remain Unchanged, Abortion Will Continue To Be A Critical Problem," Stated Cronkite In 1965

22 July 2009 - YouTube Yanks Another Pro-Life Exposť Video

22 July 2009 - Is Aborted Fetal DNA In Vaccines Linked To Autism?

22 July 2009 - Planned Parenthood Blasts Pro-Life Groups For Opposing Abortion In Health Care [Planned Parenthood wants it passed because it means a lot more money and business for them]

22 July 2009 - White House: Obama Would Defer To "Experts" On Abortion In Govt Health Care [He is referring to Planned Parenthood, the number one mass serial killer of the unborn!]

22 July 2009 - Congressional Democrats' Common Ground Abortion Legislation Is A Pro-Life Fraud

22 July 2009 - Maryland Pro-Life Group Upset County Gives 25K For Research Destroying Life

21 July 2009 - Indiana's Pence Seeks To Deny Tax Dollars To Planned Parenthood

20 July 2009 - Congressman To Offer Amendment To De-Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

20 July 2009 - Study: Abortion Funding Cuts Reduce Abortions, Why Does Obama Want More?

20 July 2009 - Ohio Bill Would Include Father's Right's In Abortion Decision-Making Process

20 July 2009 - Swedish MP Seeks To Force Ireland, EU To Accept Abortion As "Right" With 1,000,000 Signature Campaign [Another attempt to force this evil on those who want no part of it!]

20 July 2009 - 20,000 March Against Abortion In Cameroon, Africa

17 July 2009 - Sotomayor Calls Abortion A "Right" At Final Hearing [She clearly shows her true colors and motives!]

17 July 2009 - Health Care Bill May Mandate Abortion Coverage: 'This Will Affect Americans Across The Country Throughout All Walks Of Life.'

17 July 2009 - Astronauts Launch New Pro-Life TV Commercial After CNN, NBC Reject Ads

17 July 2009 - Amnesty International Releases New Report Calling For Peru To Legalize Abortions

16 July 2009 - Senate Committee Adopts Health Care Reform Bill That Funds, Promotes Abortion

16 July 2009 - House Committee Rejects D.C. Scholarship Amendment, Adds Funding For Abortion

16 July 2009 - Appeals Court Upholds Illinois Parental-Notification Law [GOOD!]

16 July 2009 - Pro-Life Senators Offer Amendments To Prevent Abortion Funding

16 July 2009 - White House: Like Obama, Surgeon General Nominee Regina Benjamin Backs Abortion

16 July 2009 - House Democrats Prohibit Vote To Stop Obama's Tax-Funded Abortions In DC

16 July 2009 - Sonia Sotomayor Continues Ducking Abortion Questions in Wednesday Hearing

16 July 2009 - Obama Pick Regina Benjamin's Support For Abortion Education Prompts Questions

16 July 2009 - Sonia Sotomayor May Oppose Supreme Court OKing Partial-Birth Abortion Ban

16 July 2009 - Members Of Congress Concerned Obama Health Care Agenda Includes Abortions

16 July 2009 - Missouri Health Department Suggests Cutting Funds For Abortion Alternatives Efforts

15 July 2009 - Arizona Governor Signs Pro-Life Legislation [GOOD!!!]

15 July 2009 - Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor Calls Roe Abortion Case "Settled Law"

15 July 2009 - Sotomayor Evades Questions About Board Membership On Pro-Abortion Group

15 July 2009 - Senate Panel Continues Promoting Abortion In Health Care, More Votes Expected

15 July 2009 - President Obama's Science Czar John Holdren Once Backed Forced Abortions

14 July 2009 - Senate Committee Votes To Permanently Kill Mexico City Policy

14 July 2009 - Obama Healthcare Reform Bound To Include "Largest Expansion Of Abortion Since Roe v. Wade": NRLC, Chris Smith - NRLC's Johnson Said The Bills As They Stand "Have Kind Of A Built-In Freedom Of Choice Act."

14 July 2009 - "Roe" Of Roe v. Wade Arrested for Protesting Hearing Of Pro-Abortion Supreme Court Nominee

14 July 2009 - Grade 11 Student Shares March For Life Experience In School Newsletter

13 July 2009 - Obama Tells Pope He Wants To Reduce Abortions In U.S. [That is a LIE on Obama's part. His actions clearly show he is pro-abortion and has no intention of reducing the number of abortions. You do not claim you want to reduce abortion, then pass laws that will make it more readily available]

13 July 2009 - Justice Ginsburg Links Abortion To Population Control

13 July 2009 - Abortion Drug, President Obama, Health Care, Sonia Sotomayor, Ginsburg

13 July 2009 - House Committee Defeats Amendment To Stop Obama's Tax-Funded Abortions in DC [Tax money should NOT be used to pay for this form of serial killing!]

13 July 2009 - PETA: Upset President Obama Would Hurt A Fly, But Abortion Another Story

10 July 2009 - IRS Demands That Pro-Life Group Swear It Will Not Oppose Planned Parenthood: Thomas More Attorneys Request IRS Stop Violating Coalition's Constitutional Rights To Legal Protests [The government once again stepping over their imaginary line of separation of Church and State and dictating their policy on the Church! Seems they do this more and more and it suits them!]

10 July 2009 - Congress Squashes Latest Attempts To Revive Mexico City Policy: Despite Gallup Poll Finding That Americans Opposed, 65 Percent To 35 Percent, Obama's Executive Order Reversing The Policy

10 July 2009 - RU-486 Cited In Rise Of Chemical Abortion [This pill of murder needs to be banned!]

10 July 2009 - NEA General Counsel Complains Of Attacks From "Right-Wing Bastards"

10 July 2009 - Abortion Advocacy Group Uses "Extreme Case" At UN To Punish Peru For Pro-Life Laws

10 July 2009 - Sotomayor Supported Censoring Biblical Verse On Homosexuality From New York City Billboard

09 July 2009 - Pro-Life Amendment Defeated In House Committee

09 July 2009 - Pro-Life Ireland Unites Against Threat Of Abortion From London, UN And EU

08 July 2009 - Obama Policy Encourages Embryo Destruction: Guidelines For Federal Funding Of Embryonic Stem-Cell Research Offer Incentives For Experiments That End Human Life And Have Not Successfully Treated Disease

08 July 2009 - National Education Association Defeats Measure To Take Neutral Abortion Stance

08 July 2009 - "Victory": Assisted Suicide Amendment Defeated In House Of Lords

08 July 2009 - Obama Admin Ignored Majority Who Opposed Embryonic Stem Cell Research Rules

08 July 2009 - IRS Holds Tax Status Over Pro-Life Iowa Group That Opposes Planned Parenthood

07 July 2009 - The Age Of Despotism

07 July 2009 - Fetal Tissue In Vaccine Production May Be Linked To Autism In Children Claims Campaign Group

07 July 2009 - NIH Releases Obama's Rules For Tax-Funding Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

07 July 2009 - Obama Administration Calls for Universal Access To Abortion At UN Meeting

07 July 2009 - Some Pro-Life Doctors Could Quit If Obama Removes Abortion Conscience Laws

07 July 2009 - When A Celebrity Dies The Nation Mourns, But When A Baby Dies From Abortion...

07 July 2009 - California Mom Sues Over Daughter's Right To Wear Pro-Life T-Shirt To School

07 July 2009 - Alaska Certifies Bid for Signatures For Parental Consent Before Teen Abortion

06 July 2009 - Attorney General To Classify Pro-Life, Pro-Gun Americans As Terrorists

06 July 2009 - Bipartisan Amdt Expected Tuesday To Stop Obama's Tax-Funded Abortions in DC

06 July 2009 - Virginia Law Allowing Choose Life License Plates Goes Into Effect, Available Now

02 July 2009 - Christians, Here Come The Lions - The End Of Our Religious Freedom In America Could Be At Hand

02 July 2009 - Pro-Abortion Groups Ramp Up Efforts To Keep Abortion In Health Care Reform Bill [Abortion has no place in a health bill. It has nothing to do with health! It is murder and a form of serial killing!]

02 July 2009 - Ohio Supreme Court: Abortion Centers Can't Put Women At Risk With Abortion Drug [This drug, the pill of murder, should be outright banned!]

02 July 2009 - California Pro-Life Advocates Protest Tax-Funded Abortions to Schwarzenegger

01 July 2009 - Catholic Cardinal Rigali: You Can't Claim To Be "Reducing Abortions" But Publicly Funding Them In D.C.

01 July 2009 - Thanks to President Obama Federal Abstinence Education Funding Expires Today

30 June 2009 - House Health Care Bill Gets More Criticism for Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Coverage [Taxes should NOT fund the form of serial killing known as abortion!]

30 June 2009 - Obama Health Secretary Sebelius Claims Govt. Health Care Won't Include Rationing

30 June 2009 - Suit Filed Challenging Distribution Of Morning After Pill To Minors Over-The-Counter

30 June 2009 - Planned Parenthood Concludes TV Ad Campaign On Health Care, Ignores Abortion

29 June 2009 - Pro-Life Democrats Unite to Protect Unborn Children In Healthcare Restructuring

29 June 2009 - New UNFPA Annual Report Prioritizes "Reproductive Health," Meaning Abortion

29 June 2009 - Sarah Palin Leads Republicans In Ratings As Obama Keeps Promoting Abortion

29 June 2009 - Pro-Life Group Wants Justice Department To Investigate Death Threats, Gets Refusal

25 June 2009 - Signs Of The Times: First The Bad News, Then The Good - Part 7

25 June 2009 - Court Upholds VA Partial-Birth Abortion Ban - Judge Says Future Generations Will "Shudder"

25 June 2009 - YouTube Bans New Video Of Planned Parenthood Telling Customer Abortion Photos "Not Real" [Trying to hide the truth!]

25 June 2009 - Pro-Life Women In Congress Want To Stop Obama's Bid For Tax-Funded Abortions

25 June 2009 - Pro-Life Bills Close To Law In Arizona

25 June 2009 - Tennessee Ends Planned Parenthood Funding

24 June 2009 - MEDIA BIAS: PBS Celebrates Late-Term Abortions, Attacks Pro-Life Advocates, Religious People

24 June 2009 - House Health Care Restructuring Bill Funds Pro-Abortion Planned Parenthood

24 June 2009 - Louisiana Abortion-Conscience Bill Strengthened, Senate OKs Pro-Life Measure

24 June 2009 - Republic of Slovakia Approves Bill To Inform Women Of Abortion's Risks, Dangers

24 June 2009 - British Report Ignores Forced Abortions, Human Rights Abuses In Population Control

23 June 2009 - Obama Disbands Bush Bioethics Panel: Group Advised White House On Issues Such As Embryonic Stem-Cell Research And Human Cloning

23 June 2009 - Royals Balk At Recognizing Pro-Life Group

23 June 2009 - Pro-Lifer Advocates Prevail On Abortion At Geneva Human Rights Council Meeting

23 June 2009 - Teenager From Ohio Wins National Pro-Life Oratory Contest With Abortion Speech

22 June 2009 - Global "Safe Abortion" Conference Denies Conscience Protections, Risks Of Abortion

19 June 2009 - Pro-Life Provisions Remain In Key Legislation

16 June 2009 - FRC Calls Nation To Pray

16 June 2009 - The First Christians Condemned Abortion As "Among The Worst Of Sins" [Abortion is nothing but MURDER and a form of SERIAL KILLING!]

16 June 2009 - Obama-Clinton's Worldwide Abortion Propaganda Unit

16 June 2009 - Barack Obama Health Care Speech Lacks Details On Funding, Promoting Abortions

16 June 2009 - Pro-Life Advocates Rally Outside Barack Obama Speech, Abortion Not Health Care [Of course abortion is NOT health care. It is MURDER and a form of SERIAL KILLING!]

16 June 2009 - Hillary Clinton Swears In Melanne Verveer To Lead Obama's Intl Abortion Agenda

16 June 2009 - Media Bias: Does ABC Stand For The Abortion Broadcasting Company?

15 June 2009 - California Pro-Life Group Backs Petition To Stop Schwarzenegger Funding Abortion

15 June 2009 - East Timor Resists Pressure From United Nations, NGOs To Allow Abortions

15 June 2009 - Planned Parenthood To Put Center Near Eastern Washington Elementary School

12 June 2009 - House OKs Foreign-Relations Bill That Could Promote Abortion

12 June 2009 - Senator: Sotomayor Says She "Never Thought About" Rights Of Unborn

12 June 2009 - UK Government Uses Tiller Killing As Excuse For Concealing Abortion Stats

11 June 2009 - More Pro-Life Groups Want House To Reject President Obama's Intl Abortion Agenda

11 June 2009 - Ten Years Later, 'Choose Life' License Plates Going Strong

11 June 2009 - Foreign-Relations Bill Could Promote Abortion

11 June 2009 - Hundreds Of Mexican Health Care Workers And Hospitals Seek Exemption From Requirement To Provide Abortions

11 June 2009 - Pro-Life Advocates To Protest National Education Association Convention Next Month

09 June 2009 - Choose Life License Plate Effort Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary, Saves Lives

08 June 2009 - Life Advocates To March For The Preborn

08 June 2009 - Pro-Life Group Urges Opposition To State Dept Bill Over Obama Abortion Agenda

08 June 2009 - President Obama Names Head Of Fake Catholic Pro-Life Group To Top HHS Post

05 June 2009 - MEDIA BIAS: Watchdog Says Media Bias Evident In Coverage Of Killing Of Abortion Practitioner

05 June 2009 - Legislation Would Protect Minors From Abortion [GOOD!]

05 June 2009 - Tennessee Votes Next Week On Cutting Funds To Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

05 June 2009 - Pro-Life Advocates Head To Amsterdam In August For World Congress Of Families

05 June 2009 - Maryland Judge Rules For Pro-Life Advocates Shackled, Strip-Searched By Police

04 June 2009 - National Poll Finds 61 Percent Of Americans Say Abortion Issue Still Important

04 June 2009 - Top Pro-Abortion Senator: Sonia Sotomayor Will Support Roe On Supreme Court

04 June 2009 - Slovak Republic Loses Free Speech Lawsuit After Police Shut Down Pro-Life Rally

03 June 2009 - Poland: Through The Pouring Rain, Thousands March For Life And Family

03 June 2009 - CNN Shows Pro-Abortion Bias In Smearing Reputation Of Pro-Life Advocates

03 June 2009 - Order Of Canada Sees Three Quit Over Award For Abortion Practitioner Morgentaler

02 June 2009 - Commentary: President Obama Calls Tiller Killing A Heinous Act Of Violence But Ignores Heinous Violence Of Abortion

02 June 2009 - Pro-Life Leaders: Murder Is Always Wrong: 'Violence In The Name Of Protesting Abortion Is Immoral, Unjustified And Horribly Harmful To The Pro-Life Cause.'

02 June 2009 - Abortion Proponents "Exploit" Tiller Killing, Label Pro-Life Advocates "Domestic Terrorists" : Claim That Pro-Life Activism Is A Form Of "Terrorism" And Call For Department Of Homeland Security To Investigate

01 June 2009 - Canadian National Pro-Life Organization Details Great Success Of March For Life

01 June 2009 - Pro-Life Forces Fear Obama Backlash After Abortion Doc's Murder

01 June 2009 - White House Says Obama Comfortable With Sonia Sotomayor's Abortion Views [This is scary then since Obama is obviously pro-abortion!]

01 June 2009 - Obama' Pro-Life Apologists: Covering Up His Pro-Abortion, Pro-ESCR Record

01 June 2009 - National Right To Life Convention Focuses On Obama's Pro-Abortion Agenda

01 June 2009 - Nebraska Legislature Approves Abortion-Ultrasound Bill, Model For Other States

29 May 2009 - Pro-Abortion Group Funded by Development And Peace Removes Evidence From Website

29 May 2008 - Medical Professionals Deserve Conscience Rights On Abortion, Bioethics Practices

29 May 2009 - International Activists Push Abortion At UN With So-Called Maternal Health Rights

29 May 2009 - UN Committee Claims Nicaragua's Pro-Life Laws On Abortion Violate Torture Treaty

28 May 2009 - Pro-Life Group Condemns Recent Secret Meeting Of Pro-Abortion Billionaires Club

28 May 2009 - California Planned Parenthood Upset Schwarzenegger Cutting Taxpayer Funds

28 May 2009 - Louisiana Senate Committee To Consider Pro-Life Medical Conscience Clause Bill

28 May 2009 - Nebraska Lawmakers To Vote On Abortion-Ultrasound Bill For Final Time On Friday

28 May 2009 - Oklahoma Bans Gender-Selective Abortions

27 May 2009 - 'Extremism' Report 'Tip Of The Iceberg' - Lawyer: Napolitano's Promise To 'Reword' Document 'Scary'

27 May 2009 - Thirteenth Mexican State Passes Pro-Life Constitutional Amendment with Overwhelming Majority

26 May 2009 - Department Of Homeland Security: A "Man-Caused Disaster"

26 May 2009 - Commentary: Obama Aide - Not Our Goal To Reduce Abortions

26 May 2009 - Liberal Party Of Canada Leader: Party Will Never Open The Door To Limiting Abortion

21 May 2009 - Does Legalizing Abortion Abroad Protect Women's Health? : Analysis Shows That Modern Medicine, Not Abortion, Holds The Key To Reducing Maternal Mortality In The Developing World

21 May 2009 - House Committee Approves Flawed State Department Bill

21 May 2009 - CNN Poll: Interested Americans Oppose Obama's Pro-Abortion Record Nearly 2-1

21 May 2009 - Congressional Committee Won't Limit Obama's Women's Office's Abortion Agenda

21 May 2009 - South Dakota Planned Parenthood Wants To Stop Law Telling Women Abortion Kills [They are afraid of the truth and want it silenced!]

21 May 2009 - Waterboarding, Abortion & Liberal's Appalling Inconsistency

21 May 2009 - Legislation Would Protect Kids From Morning-After Pill

21 May 2009 - ADF Takes Pro-Life License Plates To Supreme Court

21 May 2009 - Lawlessness Will Abound

20 May 2009 - A False Theology: Obama's Appeal To Faith Runs Contrary To Christian Faith

20 May 2009 - Abstinence Funding In Jeopardy

20 May 2009 - Congressmen Challenge President Obama On Abortion-Conscience Clause Promise

20 May 2009 - Pro-Life Ad On Adoption, Abortion Confirmed For American Idol Finale Tonight

20 May 2009 - New Pro-Life Video Features Latest 4-D Ultrasound "Window To The Womb"

20 May 2009 - Tennessee Pro-Life Advocates Get Big Victory, House OKs Abortion Amendment

20 May 2009 - Illinois Lawmaker Wants To De-Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz In Budget

20 May 2009 - Illinois Choose Life License Plate Gets Second Legal Brief At Supreme Court

20 May 2009 - Arizona Gov Jan Brewer Drops Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz From Health Fair

20 May 2009 - Congressmen Challenge Obama To Follow Through On Notre Dame Statement, Stop Efforts To Repeal Conscience Regulation

20 May 2009 - Amnesty International Calls For Nicaragua To Overturn Abortion Restrictions

19 May 2009 - Pro-Life Leaders Dismayed By Obama's Abortion Remarks At Notre Dame

19 May 2009 - Obama Stirs Up Abortion Debate At Notre Dame: President Says We Need To Work Together To Reduce Abortions, But His Policies Tell A Different Story.

19 May 2009 - Oklahoma Legislature Bans Human Cloning [GOOD!!![

19 May 2009 - Fox News Poll Confirms Gallup: More Americans Say They're Pro-Life On Abortion

19 May 2009 - Pro-Life Women's Group: Obama Notre Dame Speech Hypocritical On Abortion

18 May 2009 - Obama Covers Up Pro-Abortion Record At Notre Dame, Heckled During Speech [No matter what Obama claims or says, he is definitely 100% for abortion!]

18 May 2009 - Adult Stem Cells Solve Embryonic Research Problems

18 May 2009 - Gallup Poll: Majority Of Americans Pro-Life On Abortion, Highest Levels In 15 Years

18 May 2009 - UNICEF Promoted Abortion In Dominican Republican, Hides Agenda Afterwards

11 May 2009 - Are You A Terrorist?

11 May 2009 - New Obama Budget Pays For Legal Services Corporation To Litigate For Abortions

11 May 2009 - Pro-Life Doctor: Obama's Repealing Conscience Rules Would Hurt Health Care

11 May 2009 - Kansas Senate Fails To Override Sebelius Veto Of Bill To Limit Late-Term Abortions

08 May 2009 - House GOP Demands Probe Of Obama Admin Report Saying Pro-Lifers Extremists

08 May 2009 - President Obama's New Budget Calls For Tax-Funded Abortions In Nation's Capital

08 May 2009 - George Washington University Honors Group That Vandalized Pro-Life Display

07 May 2009 - Pro-Life Student Group To Obama: We Oppose Abortion, But We're Not Terrorists [AMEN! Why would those who support life be classified as terrorists? It is because those who support the form of serial killing known as abortion are afraid of those of us who stand up against their EVIL and stand for the truth and for life!]

07 May 2009 - Canada March For Life Marks 40 Years Of Abortions, Pro-Life Group Seeks Debate

07 May 2009 - Texas House Gives Initial Approval To Choose Life License Plate After Senate OK

07 May 2009 - South Carolina Senate Panel Backs Born Alive Bill For Babies Who Survive Abortion

06 May 2009 - Obama Admin Terrorism Dictionary Calls Pro-Life Advocates Violent, Racist [They are so scared of the truth that they have to classify it and those who take a stand for and speak the truth as terrorists!]

06 May 2009 - 9-Day Count-Down To March For Life Canada - Action Item 2 - Send Out This Video [Has an embedded video on the web page]

05 May 2009 - Fewer Americans Support Abortion: 'We Want Justice And Peace - For The Unborn As Well As The Born.'

04 May 2009 - Texas Senate Gives Initial Approval To Allowing Ultrasound Viewing Before Abortion

01 May 2009 - 340,000 Support Doctors' Freedom Of Conscience: 'If The Bush Regulations Are Reversed And The Trend To Discriminate Continues, People Of Faith And Strong Conviction Will Stop Going Into Medicine.'

01 May 2009 - Hillary Clinton Position On Family Planning And Abortion Violates Cairo Agreement

01 May 2009 - Mainstream Media Give Biased Reporting On Human Cloning, Stem Cell Research

01 May 2009 - Texas Senate Approves Choose Life License Plate, State House Sitting On Bill

30 Apr 2009 - President Obama's First 100 Days: Major Abortion Promotion, Attacking Pro-Lifers

30 Apr 2009 - NARAL President Celebrates Barack Obama's 100 First Days Of Promoting Abortion

30 Apr 2009 - New Effort Calls For Janet Napolitano's Removal After Memo Targeting Pro-Lifers

30 Apr 2009 - Tennessee House Subcommittee Approves Amendment To Limit Pro-Abortion Court

30 Apr 2009 - Abilene, Texas Planned Parenthood Now Gives Women Dangerous Abortion Drug

30 Apr 2009 - Missouri House OKs Conscience Amendment For Pharmacies On Morning After Pill

29 Apr 2009 - A Look Back At Obama's First 100 Days: 'I Would Hope He Would Do More To Protect Families In This Country.'

29 Apr 2009 - Indiana House Democrats Attempt To Sink Bill Limiting Abortion, Protecting Women

29 Apr 2009 - Montana Supreme Court Gets Pro-Life Legal Brief Opposing Assisted Suicide

29 Apr 2009 - Mexico Catholic Archdiocese Says Abortion On Demand Has Transformed Capital Into A "Homicidal City"

29 Apr 2009 - Spokane, Washington College Subject Of Hearing In Pro-Life Discrimination Case

29 Apr 2009 - Pennsylvania Pro-Life Advocates Win Free Speech Decision In Federal Court

28 Apr 2009 - President Obama's Health Care Plan Could Require Rationing, Warnings Begin

28 Apr 2009 - Backers Of Pro-Abortion Health Nominee Sebelius Abuse Swine Flu Concerns

28 Apr 2009 - Obama Women's Ambassador Touts Funding Pro-Abortion United Nations Group

28 Apr 2009 - Two More Mexican States Approve Pro-Life Constitutional Amendments By Heavy Majorities: Pro-Abortion Opposition Announces Strategy To Defeat Measures Using "Human Rights" Complaints

28 Apr 2009 - Washington State Receives First Two Prescriptions For Drugs For Assisted Suicides [PURE EVIL!!!]

27 Apr 2009 - Napolitano's DHS Report Damages Bond With Military

24 Apr 2009 - I Am NOT A Terrorist

24 Apr 2009 - Secretary Of State Clinton Admits Obama Will Work To Dismantle Abortion Laws Around The World

23 Apr 2009 - FDA Set To OK 'Morning-After Pill' For 17-Year-Olds [This is totally INSANE! And will only further to cause death and increase the form of serial killing known as abortion!]

22 Apr 2009 - Time Magazine Promotes Euthanasia Kits Making Sure Assisted Suicide Really Kills [This is wrong and purely EVIL!!!]

22 Apr 2009 - "We Are At War!": Catholic Bishop Finn Delivers Rousing Clarion Call To The "Fight For Life" In America

22 Apr 2009 - Texas Committee Backs Choose Life License Plates Helping Pregnancy Centers

22 Apr 2009 - Ireland Government Files Legal Papers Defending Abortion Ban At European Court

21 Apr 2009 - Napolitano Defends Putting Pro-Life Advocates In Terrorism Report, Backlash Starts

21 Apr 2009 - No Surprise, Abortion Advocates Misread Pro-Life Gov. Sarah Palin's Speech

20 Apr 2009 - Obama Official: Report Should Not Have Linked Pro-Life Advocates To Terrorists, Lawsuit Filed [The ONLY reason they are coming forward and saying this now is because of the great number of people who have come forward to criticize this and take a stand against their EVIL!!!]

20 Apr 2009 - "Most Proficient Killing Machine In The United States": Planned Parenthood Committing More Abortions Than Ever, Brings In Over $1 Billion A Year - A Third From Government Funding

20 Apr 2009 - Pro-Life Group Calls Obama Embryonic Stem Cell Research Guidelines A Human Cloning Bait And Switch

20 Apr 2009 - Lumping Pro-Lifers In With "Rightwing Extremism," Obama Admin's Latest Abortion Move

17 Apr 2009 - DHS Report Says "Disgruntled Military Veterans" Might Be "Rightwing Extremists [PURE INSANITY!!! So much for freedom of thought and freedom of choice! This is nothing more than an outright attack on those who stand up for Biblical truths! How long until they try to outlaw Christianity?]

17 Apr 2009 - Palin Stands Against Abortion During Ind. Speech [Good! More people need to take a public stand against this evil!]

17 Apr 2009 - Commentary: UNICEF, WHO Want ' Alliance' With Church But Promote Abortion

17 Apr 2009 - Obama-Funded UNFPA To Prevent Pro-Life Advocates From Attending Abortion Conference

17 Apr 2009 - Pro-Life Advocates Win Judgment Against Nebraska City For Falsely Arresting Abortion Protesters

16 Apr 2009 - Pro-Life Advocates Blast Obama Admin Document Saying Pro-Lifers May Engage In Extremism [Why is Obama doing this? Because he is afraid of those who stand up against him and speak the truth concerning the EVIL he is supporting!]

16 Apr 2009 - Homeland Security Targets Abortion Opposition As Warning Sign Of "Rightwing Extremism": Department Document Authored Under Virulent Pro-Abort Janet Napolitano [EVIL trying to silence and threaten those who stand against it!]

16 Apr 2009 - President Obama And Planned Parenthood Will Promote Abortion At Summit Of The Americas [What he is doing is EVIL!]

16 Apr 2009 - Pro-Life Group Condemns President Barack Obama For Turning Tax Day Into Abortion Funding Day

15 Apr 2009 - President Barack Obama Pushing Abortion Hard At United Nations, Pro-Life Group Says

15 Apr 2009 - Obama Administration Tells Local Police Pro-Life Advocates May Engage In Violence, Extremism

15 Apr 2009 - Wisconsin Governor Removes Health Care For Pregnant Women, Unborn Children From Budget

14 Apr 2009 - 300,000 Preborn Babies Killed At Planned Parenthood

14 Apr 2009 - NBC Talk Show Host Jay Leno Under Fire For Hosting Fundraiser For Pro-Abortion Group

14 Apr 2009 - President Barack Obama Warped And Twisted Science With Embryonic Stem Cell Order

14 Apr 2009 - Planned Parenthood Staffer Condemns Women Who Say They Regret Their Abortions

14 Apr 2009 - Minnesota Abortions On Low-Income Women Decrease Thanks To Positive Alternatives Program

10 Apr 2009 - A Red Letter Day

10 Apr 2009 - Florida Legislator Hoping To Get Abortion-Ultrasound Bill Approved Before Deadline

10 Apr 2009 - Nebraska Legislative Committee Backs Bill To Allow Ultrasound Before Abortion

09 Apr 2009 - Abortionists Ignore Real Needs Of Women: They Do Not Touch On The Root Causes That Drive Women To Abortion Clinics

09 Apr 2009 - Americans Support Medical Professionals' Freedom Of Conscience

09 Apr 2009 - Pro-Life Legislation Moves Through Tennessee House

09 Apr 2009 - Planned Parenthood Annual Report: Abortion Totals, Government Funding Increase

09 Apr 2009 - Doctors Group Warns Obama Not To Overturn Protections Against Forced Abortions

09 Apr 2009 - Pro-Life Pastor Convicted Of Helping Women Avoid Abortions Released From Jail

09 Apr 2009 - Thanks To President Obama, Congress, U.S. Now Funding China Forced Abortions

08 Apr 2009 - Doctors Refuse To Help Patients Kill Themselves [GOOD!!!]

08 Apr 2009 - President Obama Puts More Abortion Advocates On White House Faith Council

08 Apr 2009 - White House Staffer: Two Million Red Envelopes Came To Obama Against Abortion

08 Apr 2009 - Doctor Mehmet Oz Tells Oprah's Audience Embryonic Stem Cell Research Debate Is Dead

08 Apr 2009 - Tennessee House Panel Passes Amendment To Limit Court Decision On Abortion

08 Apr 2009 - Ohio Law To Stop Pressuring Women Into Having Abortion Goes Into Effect Today

08 Apr 2009 - Notre Dame Pro-Life Students Stage Successful Rally Against Coming Obama Speech

07 Apr 2009 - Montana Doctors, Hospitals, Refusing To Allow Patients To Have Assisted Suicide [GOOD!]

07 Apr 2009 - Canadian Catholic Archbishop: 'Early Induction' On Babies With Lethal Fetal Anomaly Is "Direct Abortion"

07 Apr 2009 - North Dakota Personhood Bill Defeated In Senate, Informed Consent And Ultrasound Bills Pass

07 Apr 2009 - Illinois Judges Upholds Pharmacists' Conscience Rights

07 Apr 2009 - Pastor Enters Third Week In Jail For Pro-Life Stand

07 Apr 2009 - Latest 40 Days For Life Pro-Life Campaign Ends, Abortion Centers Close As Result

06 Apr 2009 - Mexican Catholic Bishop Braves Attacks By Pro-Abortion And Homosexualist Groups After Issuing "Ten Electoral Commandments"

06 Apr 2009 - Notre Dame's Betrayal Of Faith

06 Apr 2009 - UN Commission On Population and Development Ends With Delegations Saying No To Abortion

06 Apr 2009 - Alaska House Passes Bill Providing Parental Consent Before Teenager's Abortion

03 Apr 2009 - Texas Governor Proclaims April As Abortion Recovery Awareness Month

03 Apr 2009 - Pro-Life Lawmakers Take A Stand: Special Meeting On The House Floor Addresses Planned Parenthood, Pro-Abortion Nominee Dawn Johnsen

03 Apr 2009 - South Carolina Senate Committee Passes 24-Hour Abortion Waiting Period Bill

03 Apr 2009 - Senator To Oppose Budget Because Of Pro-Life, Pregnancy Center Donation Cutoff

03 Apr 2009 - Countries Face Off At United Nations Conference On Population Control And Abortion

03 Apr 2009 - Pro-Life Women's Group: In Tough Economy, Women Need Real Abortion Alternatives

03 Apr 2009 - Kansas House Gives Final OK To Bill Limiting Late-Term Abortions, Senate To Vote

02 Apr 2009 - "I Just Can't Take It Any More": Thanks To 40 Days For Life, Woman Wants Out Of Abortion Business

02 Apr 2009 - Right To Life Disinvited From Annual Michigan Parade

02 Apr 2009 - Senate May Vote Thursday On Abortion-Conscience Rights For Medical Staff

01 Apr 2009 - Hillary Clinton: Abortion At Top Of International Agenda [EVIL promoting more EVIL!!!]

01 Apr 2009 - Four Years Later: Remembering Terri Schiavo - Second Annual Terri's Day Fosters Education, Prayer And Activism Regarding Discrimination Against The Disabled

01 Apr 2009 - Religious Head Asks President To Rethink Abortion

01 Apr 2009 - Good News: Federal Legislation Would Stop Abortion Based On Race, Gender

01 Apr 2009 - Hundreds Of Thousands March For Life In Spain

01 Apr 2009 - Notre Dame Student Coalition To Hold Prayer Rally In Respone To Obama Scandal On Sunday

01 Apr 2009 - Democratic Senators Tell Obama Not To Rescind Abortion Protections For Doctors

01 Apr 2009 - President Barack Obama Should Receive One Million Red Envelopes On Abortion

01 April 2009 - Minnesota Legislators Introduce Bill To Ban Forced Abortions, Pressuring Women

01 Apr 2009 - Congressman Introduces New Bill Banning Sex-Selection, Race-Based Abortions

31 Mar 2009 - Abstinence Education Funding Cut; Population Fund [forced abortion and sterilization] Gets $50M

31 Mar 2009 - Facing Confirmation Hearings, Sebelius Signs Pro-Life Bill

31 Mar 2009 - Spain Sees Half A Million Pro-Life Advocates Rally Against Abortion Expansion

31 Mar 2009 - Virginia Governor Tim Kaine Signs Bill Creating Choose Life License Plates

31 Mar 2009 - Christendom College Will Honor Pro-Life Leader At Graduation Ceremonies In May

31 Mar 2009 - Alaska Legislators, Governor Sarah Palin, Discussing Abortion-Parental Consent

31 Mar 2009 - Idaho Legislators Approve Conscience Clause Legislation For Pro-Life Pharmacists [GOOD!!!]

30 Mar 2009 - UNFPA To Push Abortion At Population Commission

30 Mar 2009 - National 40 Days For Life Campaign Sees Abortion Centers Temporarily Closing

30 Mar 2009 - Scientists Make Major Advance In Embryonic Stem Cell Research Alternative [This alternative does NOT involve the destruction of human life!]

27 Mar 2009 - UK Catholic Bishop Warns TV Commercials For Abortionists Will "Result In Deaths Of Many" Unborn Children

27 Mar 2009 - Calgary Pro-Life Students Handed Trespassing Notices, Again

27 Mar 2009 - Obama Administration Announces $50 Million For Pro-Forced Abortion UNFPA [EVIL!!!]

26 Mar 2009 - MEDIA BIAS: USA Today Criticized For Telling Pro-Life Advocate What To Write In Editorial

26 Mar 2009 - Abortion Industry Needs "Pride" Movement: Brown University Bioethicist and Author [PURE EVIL!!!]

26 Mar 2009 - President Obama Claims To Back Adult Stem Cell Research, But Removed Order For It [Shows his true colors and that he can't be trusted!]

26 Mar 2009 - Obama Falsely Claims Embryonic Stem Cell Research Will Cure Alzheimer's [Typical, will say or do whatever he wants to achieve his goals!]

26 Mar 2009 - Reduce UK Population by Half: Leading Government Green Advisor [This is EVIL!]

26 Mar 2009 - Planned Parenthood Will Honor Pro-Abortion Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton [EVIL promoting and honoring EVIL!!!]

26 Mar 2009 - Illinois Pro-Life Groups Band Together To Stop State Version Of Pro-Abortion FOCA

26 Mar 2009 - Indiana Committee Approves Unborn Victims Bill: Justice For Women And Babies

26 Mar 2009 - Documentary Provides Hope For Those Hurt By Abortion

25 Mar 2009 - Judge Orders Morning-After Pill Be Made Available To Teen Girls: 'This Ruling Jeopardizes Girls' Health And The Ability Of Parents To Care For Their Daughters' Physical And Emotional Well-Being.' [This is WRONG and EVIL! No judge should have the power to order this!!!]

25 Mar 2009 - Pro-Life Groups Upset Judge Forces FDA To Allow Morning After Pill Sales To Minors

25 Mar 2009 - West Virginia Hearing On Tax-Funded Abortion Ban Yields No Vote, Legal Threat

25 Mar 2009 - Notre Dame's Bishop Will Not Attend Obama-Honoring Graduation, Criticizes University's Decision - Bishop: "Notre Dame Must Ask Itself If It Has Chosen Prestige Over Truth" [Praise God!]

24 Mar 2009 - Group Funded By Development And Peace Supports Mexico City's Abortion On Demand Law: Executive Secretary Admits Group Supports Availability Of Abortion, Does Not Recognize The Right To Life Of The Unborn

24 Mar 2009 - New Zealand Pro-Life Group Opposes Family Planning Bid To Sell Abortion Drug

23 Mar 2009 - Congressman Misleading Constituents On Pro-Abortion Freedom Of Choice Act

23 Mar 2009 - Pro-Life Pastor Walter Hoye Begins Serving 30-Day Abortion-Related Jail Sentence

22 Mar 2009 - Pope Condemns Promotion Of Abortion As Health Care In Africa, Impacts Obama [GOOD!!!]

22 Mar 2009 - West Virginia Pro-Life Advocates Rally At Capitol Against Tax-Funded Abortions

20 Mar 2009 - Obama's Attack On Medical Civil Liberties

20 Mar 2009 - Abortion Backers Propose New Congressional Bill To Weaken Abstinence Education

20 Mar 2009 - Medical Professionals Ask Obama To Keep Abortion Conscience Protections

20 Mar 2009 - One Thousand Scientists, Physicians, And Intellectuals Sign Manifesto Against The Further Legalization Of Abortion In Spain: Science Demonstrates That Life Begins At Fertilization, Say Experts

20 Mar 2009 - Pro-Life Advocates Work To Halt Funding Pro-Abortion Groups Through GIVE Act

20 Mar 2009 - Texas Senate Committee Debates Abortion-Ultrasound Bill To Help Women

20 Mar 2009 - North Dakota Legislature Sends Governor Bill To Help Stop Forced Abortions

19 Mar 2009 - MEDIA BIAS: Media Ignores Adult Stem-Cell Successes: 'We Ought To Be Pouring All Of Our Resources On The Ethical And Successful Adult Stem Cells.'

19 Mar 2009 - Brazilian Government May Force 13 Year Old Girl To Have An Abortion: Girl Does Not Want To Have An Abortion

19 Mar 2009 - Obama Admin Sends UN Population Fund $50 Million, Abortion Backers Want More

19 Mar 2009 - Pro-Life Groups' New Web Site Responds To Obama Ditching Abortion Protections

19 Mar 2009 - Kansas OKs Abortion-Ultrasound Bill, Gov Kathleen Sebelius Pressured To Sign

19 Mar 2009 - Florida Abortion-Ultrasound To Help Women Approved By House Panel Wednesday

18 Mar 2009 - South Carolina Senate Panel To Hear 24-Hour Abortion Wait Bill On Wednesday

18 Mar 2009 - President Obama Brings Back Pro-Abortion American Bar Association Reviews

18 Mar 2009 - Pro-Life Watchdog Group: Many California Wineries On Pro-Abortion Boycott List

18 Mar 2009 - Australia Internet Censors Fine Site For Link To Pro-Life Page With Abortion Pics

18 Mar 2009 - Oklahoma House Votes For Resolution Condemning Radical Pro-Abortion FOCA Bill

18 Mar 2009 - Kansas Legislators Pass Abortion Bill, Now Hangs On Sebelius Approval

18 Mar 2009 - Missouri House Passes Stricter Abortion Bill

17 Mar 2009 - Pro-Life Group Says Planned Parenthood Hurting Women With Home Abortions

17 Mar 2009 - More Oregon Patients Killed Via Assisted Suicide As Activists Infiltrate Hospice

17 Mar 2009 - Mexican State Of Puebla Approves Pro-Life Amendment To Constitution

17 Mar 2009 - Texas Lawmakers Want To Deny Women Info On Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

17 Mar 2009 - Human Rights Council Notes Children's Rights, Ignores Abortion Kills Children

17 Mar 2009 - University of Calgary Students Plead Not Guilty To Trespassing On Their Campus

16 Mar 2009 - Obama's Attack On Medical Civil Liberties

16 Mar 2009 - Obama Administration Denies Negative Effects Of Abortion At UN Women's Meeting [EVIL trying to downplay itself!]

16 Mar 2009 - At UN Obama Reps Push For "Sexual And Reproductive Health" [Fancy names to hide the fact that this is about serial killing (abortion)]

13 Mar 2009 - College Buckles Under Public Pressure, Lifts Campus Ban On Pro-Life Students Who Videotaped Planned Parenthood Event

13 Mar 2009 - Illinois "FOCA" Moves To House Floor - Would Eliminate All Abortion Restrictions In State

13 Mar 2009 - North Dakota Abortion Ban Could Have National Implications

13 Mar 2009 - Bill Clinton Shows His Ignorance On Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Biology

13 Mar 2009 - Arizona State House Approves Omnibus Pro-Life Bill, Partial-Birth Abortion Ban

12 Mar 2009 - Commentary: Obama's Murderous Executive Order - What Should Science Trump?

12 Mar 2009 - ADF Sues After College Rejects Pro-Life Event

12 Mar 2009 - Mexico Succumbs To International Pressure To Provide Abortions In Public Hospitals: Mexican Pro-Lifers Take To Streets In Protest

11 Mar 2009 - Embryonic Research Is Financially Risky, Scientifically Unproven: Obama Is Demanding Taxpayers Pour Their Hard-Earned Dollars Into Risky Investments And Go Where Most Venture Capitalists And Drug Companies Fear To Tread

11 Mar 2009 - Australia Also Drops Ban On Foreign Aid To Abortion Providers After Obama Decision: Conservative Opposition Senator Ron Boswell Says Government Has Betrayed Voters

11 Mar 2009 - Arizona House Will Soon Vote On Omnibus Pro-Life Bill With Many Abortion Limits

11 Mar 2009 - Georgia Committee Approves Bill Limiting In-Vitro Fertilization, Embryo Research

10 Mar 2009 - Obama Creates Incentive To Destroy Tiny Human Embryos: In Another Blow To Family Advocates, The President Also Wants To Overturn Rules That Protect Health Care Providers' Freedom Of Conscience [More proof that he has absolutely no respect for human life!]

10 Mar 2009 - Pro-Life Groups Blast Obama For Funding Research Destroying Human Life

10 Mar 2009 - Abortion Advocates Label "Violence" Any Pro-Life Opposition To President Obama [EVIL trying to silence those who stand up against it!!!]

10 Mar 2009 - Obama Funding Embryonic Stem Cell Research Seen As Ideological, Not Scientific

10 Mar 2009 - Ohio Supreme Court To Hold Hearing On Abortion Drug Safety Law On Tuesday [This drug of death and murder needs to be completely banned!]

10 Mar 2009 - Virginia Pro-Life Group Renews Call To Kaine To Sign Choose Life License Plates

10 Mar 2009 - Commentary: So Much For The "Mythical" Freedom Of Choice Act

10 Mar 2009 - State Senator Says "Regents Of The University Of California Have Been Conducting An Experiment On Women" By Allowing Planned Parenthood To Train Non-Physicians To Perform Abortions

09 Mar 2009 - Choices: The Real Truth Detector

09 Mar 2009 - Obama Can't Say He's Pro-Choice By Dropping Protections For Pro-Life Doctors

09 Mar 2009 - Obama To Sign Executive Order Monday Opening Public Funding Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research [PURE STUPIDITY!!! All this will do is cause the deaths of many more unborn children, and millions of dollars to go into research something that is a dead end and will NOT work!]

09 Mar 2009 - Pro-Life Hero Richard Doerflinger: The Obsession With Stem Cells Obtained By Destroying Embryos Has Little To Do With Evidence Of Therapeutic Benefit, And A Great Deal To Do With Being Able To Manipulate Human Life.'

09 Mar 2009 - Ten Principles Of School Choice Podcast: Private Schools Should Remain Self-Governing

09 Mar 2009 - At UN, Norway Rep Slams "Those Who Claim To Be Pro-Life And Yet Wish To Abolish Abortion"

09 Mar 2009 -">Public Comment On Removing Conscience Protections For Health Care Workers Starts Today

09 Mar 2009 - Planned Parenthood Promotes Abortion At White House Health Care Summit [More of evil promoting itself!]

09 Mar 2009 - Radical Pro-Abortion FOCA Bill Coming Soon, Pro-Life Advocates Must Prepare

06 Mar 2009 - Silent No More, 40 Days For Life Team Up To Help Women Suffering From Abortion

06 Mar 2009 - Pro-Life Provisions Face A Battle In 2010 Spending Bills

06 Mar 2009 - Senate Rejects Amendment To Stop Taxpayer Funding Of UNFPA-Forced Abortions

06 Mar 2009 - Planned Parenthood Ups Number Of Abortion Centers, More Sell Abortion Drug

05 Mar 2009 - Catholic Bishop Vasa: Parents Should Protest Fetal Vaccines From Aborted Babies

05 Mar 2009 - Missouri House Begins Debate On Bill to Help Women, Ban Coerced Abortions

05 Mar 2009 - Red Envelopes Represent Abortion Deaths: Maybe It Will Change The Heart Of The President.'

05 Mar 2009 - Utah Senate Approves Fetal Pain Abortion Bill, Sends To Governor Huntsman

05 Mar 2009 - Women And Men Who Regret Their Abortions To Join 40 Days For Life On March 10

04 Mar 2009 - The Ethic Of Control: Margaret Sanger, Eugenics, And Planned Parenthood

04 Mar 2009 - Senator Offers Amendment To Stop Taxpayer Funding Of UNFA-Forced Abortions

04 Mar 2009 - Abortion Activist Chosen To Lead Federal Health Department: There Is Nobody In America That Is More Radically Sold Out To The Abortion Lobby Than Kathleen Sebelius.'

04 Mar 2009 - Senate Bill Amdt Would Strip Tax Funds From Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

04 Mar 2009 - Washington State To Become Second To Legalize Assisted Suicide On Thursday [PURE INSANITY!!!]

04 Mar 2009 - Kansas House OKs Pro-Life Bills Limiting Late-Term Abortions, Helping Women

04 Mar 2009 - Kentucky State Senate Approves Ultrasound Bill Helping Women Avoid Abortions

03 Mar 2009 - Obama Seeks To Take Away Religious Rights Of Doctors And Health Care Providers Who Refuse To Perform Abortions - Urgent: Send Your E-Mail To The White House Today!

03 Mar 2009 - Pro-Life Advocates: Obama Record Proves He Doesn't Want To Reduce Abortions

03 Mar 2009 - Personhood Amendment Passes Montana Senate

03 Mar 2009 - Latest 40 Days For Life Campaign Sees 33 Babies Saved From Abortion Nationwide

03 Mar 2009 - North Carolina Legislature May Consider Bill On Crimes Against Pregnant Women

02 Mar 2009 - President Obama Starts Process Of Removing Doctors' Protections On Abortions [Shows his true colors and disregard for like!]

02 Mar 2009 - Medical Group Upset President Obama Will Remove Abortion Conscience Clause

02 Mar 2009 - Montana State Senate Approves Personhood Legislation That Could Ban Abortions

27 Feb 2009 - House OKs Spending Bill With UNFPA-Forced Abortion Funds, Abstinence Cuts [EVIL!!!]

27 Feb 2009 - Parental Consent Required For Tattoos In Maryland, But Not For Abortion

27 Feb 2009 - Virginia Legislature Gives Final OK To Choose Life Plates, Gov. Kaine To Decide

27 Feb 2009 - "Brain Death" Is Life, Not Death: Neurologists, Philosophers, Neonatologists, Jurists, And Bioethicists Unanimous At Conference

27 Feb 2009 - Oklahoma State House Approves Pro-Life Bill Prohibiting Sex-Selection Abortions

26 Feb 2009 - South Carolina House Passes 24-Hour Abortion Wait Bill, Born Alive Measure

26 Feb 2009 - Democrats Shut Down Pro-Life Move To Stop UNFPA-Forced Abortion Funding

26 Feb 2009 - Arizona House Committee Passes Omnibus Bill With Pro-Life Limits On Abortion

26 Feb 2009 - Denver Catholic Archbishop To Toronto Audience: "We Can't Build A Just Society With The Blood Of Unborn Children": Warns That Party Loyalty Can Be "A Lethal Kind Of Moral Laziness", " A Dead End"

26 Feb 2009 - Montana Senate OKs Legislation To Revive Parental Notification Law On Abortion

25 Feb 2009 - Congressional Democrats Seek To Restore, Increase Funding To Pro-Abortion UNFPA

25 Feb 2009 - Pro-Abortion Group Falsely Claims Family Planning Programs Reduce Abortions

25 Feb 2009 - Abortion-Breast Cancer Link Is Real, Pregnancy Reduces Risk, Researcher Says

23 Feb 2009 - Arkansas Enshrines Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Into State Law

23 Feb 2009 - More Countries Revolt Against Abortion Push By United Nations CEDAW Panel

23 Feb 2009 - CNN Rejects Life-Affirming Obama Ad - 2nd Major Network To Do So

23 Feb 2009 - Wyoming House Panel Defeats Bill Failing To Protect Pregnant Women, Unborn

21 Feb 2009 - North Dakota House Passes Personhood Bill Tuesday

21 Feb 2009 - Man With Pro-Life Anti-Obama Sign Pulled Over, Faces Police, Secret Service

21 Feb 2009 - More Than 13 Million Abortions A Year In China, 55 Percent Of Women Have One

21 Feb 2009 - Abortions Need More Funding Than Medical Surgeries Oregon Health Plan Says [Pure INSANITY!!!]

19 Feb 2009 - National Pro-Life Group Tells Obama Before Canadian Visit: Stop The Black Genocide By Abortion

19 Feb 2009 - It's Never Too Late To Become Pro-Life: Why Education On Abortion Still Works

19 Feb 2009 - Catholic Priest Returns Italian Award After Nation Allows Killing Of Eluana Englaro

19 Feb 2009 - Latest 40 Days For Life Campaign Sees Canada, Australia, Northern Ireland Join

19 Feb 2009 - Brazilian Government Shuts Down Websites Distributing Abortion Drugs [GOOD!!!]

19 Feb 2009 - North Carolina Choose Life License Plates Get Support At Local Legislative Rally

19 Feb 2009 - Birmingham Police Return Pro-Life Group's Cameras Just Before Press Event

17 Feb 2009 - 12-Year-Old Stuns Pro-Choice Teacher And School With Pro-Life Presentation [Good for her for taking a stand against this EVIL!!!]

17 Feb 2009 - 12-Year-Old Speaks Out On The Issue Of Abortion [YouTube video]

17 Feb 2009 - Barack Obama's So-Called Desire To Reduce Abortions Doesn't Make Him Pro-Life

17 Feb 2009 - Hawaii House Committee Approves Bills De-Funding Abstinence Education Efforts [This is a BIG mistake! Abstinence Education does work!!!]

17 Feb 2009 - British Pro-Life Group Starts Election Campaign, Focus On Abortion, Euthanasia

17 Feb 2009 - Virginia Governor Kaine Won't Commit To Bill Allowing Choose Life License Plates

17 Feb 2009 - Amnesty International Demands That Mexico Force Doctors To Do Abortions

17 Feb 2009 - Pro-Life Advocates Arrested In Birmingham Say Police Hiding Camera Evidence

17 Feb 2009 - North Dakota House Backs Bill Telling Women Abortion Kills A Human Being

17 Feb 2009 - Canadian Universities Do Their Best To Suppress Pro-Life Message

16 Feb 2009 - Pro-Life Feminist Group Will Hold Open House At Susan B. Anthony's Home

16 Feb 2009 - New York Times Bias Exposed Again As Company Caught In Donation To Planned Parenthood

13 Feb 2009 - Abortion And Premature Birth Link Confirmed Again In Study Of German Women

13 Feb 2009 - Take Up Pro-Life Legislation: Lawmakers In Arizona, Arkansas And Kansas Defend Human Life

13 Feb 2009 - Arizona Bill Tackles Teen Abortions, Informed Consent, Protects Pro-Life Medics

13 Feb 2009 - Arkansas House OKs Partial-Birth Abortion Ban, Gov. Mike Beebe Will Sign It

13 Feb 2009 - Utah House Approves Legal Defense Fund For Abortion Ban, Senate Votes Next

12 Feb 2009 - Mexico's Most Pro-Abortion Political Party Seeks To Legalize Abortion-On-Demand, Hard Drugs, Homosexual "Marriage"

12 Feb 2009 - Glamour Magazine Stories Point To Need For More Post-Abortion Help For Women

12 Feb 2009 - Arkansas Committee Passes Partial-Birth Abortion Ban After Heated Debate

10 Feb 2009 - Italian PM Accuses President Of Complicity With Murder

10 Feb 2009 - Italy's "Terri Schiavo" Dies Suddenly

10 Feb 2009 - Black Pro-Life Advocates Say Obama Faith Office Promotes Abortion, Not Faith

10 Feb 2009 - Catholic Archbishop Calls President Obama's Abortion Reduction Mantra A Fraud

10 Feb 2009 - Missouri Bill Introduced For Ultrasound, Better Informed Consent Before Abortion

09 Feb 2009 - Italian Prime Minister Seeks To Stop Starvation Of Handicapped Woman With Emergency Legislation: Says He Will Even Seek A Constitutional Amendment If Necessary [Allowing her to starve is not only wrong it is MURDER and PURE EVIL!!!]

09 Feb 2009 - South Carolina Committee Approves Botched Abortion-Born Alive Protection Bill

09 Feb 2009 - Your Tax Money Will Promote Abortion Promotion In Mexico Thanks To Obama

06 Feb 2009 - Why Is The U.S. Exporting Death Instead Of Life?: Obama Already Has Broken His Campaign Promise To Reduce Abortion

06 Feb 2009 - Reader Thanks Lifesitenews For Convincing Her To Not Abort Her Fourth Child: Because Of Lifesitenews She Says, "I Have Changed My View To Pro-Life, Not Pro-Choice"

06 Feb 2009 - University Of Calgary Pro-Life Group May Lose Club Status

06 Feb 2009 - Wisconsin University Hospital Board OKs Abortion Center Plan, Fight Continues

06 Feb 2009 - Wyoming House Labor Committee Kills Bill Allowing Ultrasound Before Abortion

05 Feb 2009 - President Barack Obama's New Faith-Based Advisors Include Abortion Advocates

05 Feb 2009 - Obama Nominates Pro-P*Rn, Pro-Abortion Lawyer For The Number 2 Position In The Office Of The Attorney General: Phone Calls Need Now!

04 Feb 2009 - Obama Steers Clear Of Embryonic Stem-Cell Research: Americans Are Not Happy With His First Anti-Life Decision

04 Feb 2009 - Pregnancy Center Group Wants To Defend Pro-Life Doctors On Abortion

04 Feb 2009 - South Carolina Panel Sends 24-Hour Abortion Waiting Period Bill To Full House

04 Feb 2009 - Pro-Life Advocates Not Surprised Americans Oppose Obama On Foreign Abortions

04 Feb 2009 - Utah House Approves Illegal Abortion And Fetal Pain Bills, Now Head To Senate

03 Feb 2009 - Global-Warming Alarmist Advocates Abortion: U.S. Population Expert Calls Hyped-Up Report An 'Economic Death Warrant.'

03 Feb 2009 - Several States Take Up Pro-Life Legislation

03 Feb 2009 - George Washington University College Democrats Vandalize Pro-Life Display

03 Feb 2009 - Lawyer Offers To Adopt And Raise Baby Threatened With Death By Abortion

02 Feb 2009 - Obama Deputy Attorney General Nominee: Childbirth Worse Than Abortion [PURE EVIL!!!]

02 Feb 2009 - Pro-Life Hero Nancy McDonald: 'I Have Never Met A Woman Who Was Glad She Had Chosen Abortion.'

02 Feb 2009 - Pro-Abortion Forces Sue To Overturn State Pro-Life Amendment In Mexican Supreme Court

02 Feb 2009 - Thank Rep. Boehner For Defending The Preborn

30 Jan 2009 - Senate Rejects Helping Unborn Children, Pregnant Moms Get Health Care Coverage

30 Jan 2009 - NBC Rejects Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad Educating Viewers On Obama And Abortion

30 Jan 2009 - North Dakota House Panel Approves Bill For Ultrasound Viewing Before Abortion

30 Jan 2009 - Missouri Pro-Life Advocates Applaud Gov Nixon Not Cutting Abortion Alternatives

29 Jan 2009 - Yet Another Media Blackout On The March For Life Show Clear Abortion Bias

29 Jan 2009 - Pro-Life Groups Continue Campaigns To Stop Pro-Abortion Freedom Of Choice Act

29 Jan 2009 - Mexican State Of Colima Rejects Legalization Of Abortion 19-1

29 Jan 2009 - Wisconsin Pro-Life Advocates Submit Thousands Of Petitions Against Abortion Plan

29 Jan 2009 - Pittsburgh's Limits On Pro-Life Free Speech Get Federal Appeals Court Hearing

28 Jan 2009 - Obama Tells Democrats To Drop Planned Parenthood Stimulus Funds After Outrage

28 Jan 2009 - Exposing The 'Abortion Reduction' Scam

28 Jan 2009 - To President Obama: Pro-Life Advocates Will Return To March For Life Next Year

28 Jan 2009 - Think Obama's Plans Will Reduce Abortion? "This Is Delusional" Says Princeton Prof

28 Jan 2009 - Texas Gov. Rick Perry Backs Abortion-Ultrasound BIll In State Address

27 Jan 2009 - Tens Of Thousands Crowd San Francisco Waterfront, Rally Against Abortion

27 Jan 2009 - Congressional Democrats Put Abortion Industry Funding In Economic Stimulus Bill

27 Jan 2009 - Ask Obama To Stop Using Tax Dollars To Support Abortion Industry

27 Jan 2009 - Pelosi Accused Of Saying Children Hurt Economy In Defending Abortion Bailout

27 Jan 2009 - Bolivia Passes Constitution Containing Pro-Abortion, Homosexualist Language

27 Jan 2009 - New York Times Totally Ignores Pro-Life March Of 300,000

26 Jan 2009 - Prepare Now For Huge Battles

26 Jan 2009 - Vatican Denounces Obama Administration's Decision To Fund Pro-Abortion Groups

26 Jan 2009 - Oregon's Catholic Bishop Vasa Says : "Those Who Profess To Love God, But Back Abortion, Are Liars" [AMEN!!!]

26 Jan 2009 - Pro-Life Advocates: Obama Has Already Betrayed Promise To Reduce Abortions

26 Jan 2009 - Contrary To Mainstream Media, Hundreds Of Thousands at Giant Washington March For Life: Nellie Gray Says Larger Number This Year A Reaction To Obama Election

26 Jan 2009 - Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Niece Challenges Barack Obama On Abortion Today

23 Jan 2009 - Abortion And Homosexuality Movements Are Linked In Their War Against Life And Marriage

23 Jan 2009 - Barack Obama Statement: Reduce Abortions By Honoring Pro-Abortion Decision [This statement makes no sense at all and is contradictory! It does nothing to reduce the number of people killed by this form of serial killing!]

23 Jan 2009 - Roe v. Wad Costs 45 Million Babies Their Lives

23 Jan 2009 - Ranking Of States On Abortion Finds Pennsylvania Most Pro-Life, California Least

23 Jan 2009 - Wisconsin Lawmakers Want University Hospital To Drop Plans To Do Abortions

23 Jan 2009 - Republican Lawmakers Defend Life On House Floor

23 Jan 2009 - Congressman Introduces Bill To De-Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

22 Jan 2009 - Obama Acts Quickly, Lays Out His Abortion And Gay Homosexual Agenda

22 Jan 2009 - Obama Reveals The 'Change' He Will Bring: 'This Is The Most Bold And Comprehensive Pro-Homosexual, Abortion-Friendly Administration Agenda We've Ever Seen.'

22 Jan 2009 - Women Who Regret Their Abortions Will Speak Out At Upcoming March For Life

22 Jan 2009 - Obama Plans To Use Tax Dollars To Fund Abortions Overseas

22 Jan 2009 - Thousands Show Up For Washington State March For Life On Inauguration Day

22 Jan 2009 - Arizona House Committee Unanimously Approves Partial-Birth Abortion Ban

22 Jan 2009 - March For Life Organizers Invite Pro-Abortion President Obama To Pro-Life Event

22 Jan 2009 - North Dakota Legislature Holds Hearing On Allowing Ultrasound Before Abortion

22 Jan 2009 - Abortion Opponents In 118 Cities Launch 40-Day Campaign To Counter Roe V. Wade And New Administration

21 Jan 2009 - White House Web Site Becomes Pro-Abortion After Obama Takeover

21 Jan 2009 - Maryland May Force Doctors To Provide Information On Suicide [This is WRONG and EVIL!]

21 Jan 2009 - True Heroism: NY Times Tells Story Of Woman Who Chose Homeless Shelter Over Abortion

20 Jan 2009 - University Of Wisconsin Plans Late-Term Abortion Clinic

20 Jan 2009 - Obama Officials Confirm He Will Fund Foreign Abortions Starting Wednesday [Pure EVIL! Our tax dollars should NOT be used for this form of serial killing!]

19 Jan 2009 - Hillary (Jezebel) Clinton: "It Is God's Law To Kill Babies" [PURE EVIL!!!]

19 Jan 2009 - A Word For (From) The Clintons

16 Jan 2009 - President Bush Declares Sunday National Pro-Life Day, Last Before Obama

16 Jan 2009 - Georgia Right To Life Launches The Nation's First 'Virtual' Abortion Holocaust Memorial Wall

16 Jan 2009 - Cameroon Tells Pro-Abortion UN Committee "Abortion Is Murder" [AMEN! More countries need to stand up against this EVIL!!!]

16 Jan 2009 - The Coming Anti-Life Onslaught: Obama's Abortion Agenda At Home And Abroad

15 Jan 2009 - Post-Abortion Counselor Confirms Abortions Cause Women Mental Health Issues

15 Jan 2009 - Illinois Parental Notification On Abortion Law Heads Back To Court Today

14 Jan 2009 - Mexican Socialists Threaten Catholic Church For Opposing Abortion, Homosexual "Marriage," Euthanasia

13 Jan 2009 - ACLU Sues Bush Admin For Letting Catholic Bishops Spare Women Abortions [More INSANITY from those who hate God and His Word!]

13 Jan 2009 - National 40 Days For Life Campaign Prepares For Exciting Spring Pro-Life Events

13 Jan 2009 - U.K. Mother Pregnant with Siamese Twins Resists Abortion Pressure [Everyone needs to pray that God will give her the strength to continue to stand up against and resist this evil!]

13 Jan 2009 - Pennsylvania Abortion Alternatives Program Helps Nearly 20K Women Last Year

13 Jan 2009 - Toronto, Canada: Gibbons Freed From Custody After Judge Quashes Charge

13 Jan 2009 - Front Royal, Virginia: Christendom College To Cancel Classes So Entire Student Body Can March For Life

12 Jan 2009 - Forced Abortions - America's Secret epidemic

12 Jan 2009 - [This is not only wrong, it is EVIL!!!]

Hospital Could Force Staff To 'Dismember Preborn Babies'

09 Jan 2009 - Pro-Life Catholic Luminary Father Richard John Neuhaus Dies After Cancer Battle

08 Jan 2009 - Washington Assisted Suicide Backers Outspent Opponents Nearly 3-1 On I-1000 [Suicide in NEVER the answer! It is throwing the gift of life that God gave you back into His face!]

08 Jan 2009 - Arizona Commission Unanimously Approves New Choose Life License Plates

07 Jan 2009 - Ask Senate Committee To Reject Daschle As Health Secretary: Nominee Shares Obama's Radical Abortion Views

07 Jan 2009 - Federal Court Sides With Life Advocates

07 Jan 2009 - Pro-Life Group Promotes March For Life Event To Oppose Obama On Abortion

06 Jan 2009 - Pro-Family Leaders: 'We've Got To Be Active Citizens': Obama Administration Threatens Marriage, Life, Other Family Values

06 Jan 2009 - Black Pro-Life Advocate Doubts Barack Obama Will Positively Change Abortion

06 Jan 2009 - Montana Catholic Bishop Promises to Fight Assisted Suicide Court Ruling [GOOD! Doctors are suppose to "do no harm", not help people commit suicide!]

06 Jan 2009 - British Schools Giving Morning After Pill To Girls As Young As 11, Without Parents Knowledge [More INSANITY!!!]

05 Jan 2009 - Pro-Lifers Push To 'Stop Subsidizing' Abortion Industry

05 Jan 2009 - Alan Guttmacher Institute Attacks Research Showing Pro-Life Laws Work

05 Jan 2009 - Walk for Life West Coast Launches Post-Abortion Billboard, Pro-Life March Coming

05 Jan 2009 - Illinois Supreme Court Allows Morning After Pill Conscience Case To Proceed

02 Jan 2009 - Merck Stops Producing Vaccines Without Cells From Babies Killed In Abortions

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