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Posted: 19 January 2005

Due to the numerous inquiries from individuals, the news media, and others, the Board of Directors of the World Natural Health Organization has decided to make the following official and public statement concerning Rich Bellon and the National Justice League.

In about September 2004, the National Justice League, whose president is Rich Bellon, contacted the World Natural Health Organization requesting support and endorsement of their organization and the lawsuits concerning aspartame they said they filed. The Board of Directors of the WNHO agreed to do so, providing the National Justice League provide us with copies of all of their licensing and credentials and resumes of the main individuals involved. They agreed to do so.

In November of that same year, after receiving nothing but the runaround and stall tactics concerning the required documents, the WNHO Board of Directors conducted an investigation into Rich Bellon and the National Justice League. To see the WNHO Investigative Report Concerning The National Justice League sent on 22 November 2004: Click Here (it will open in a new window). The National Justice League was then given an ultimatum, either produce the documents they promised or the World Natural Health Organization would remove everything pertaining to their lawsuits from its web site.

It was at this time that the National Justice League, only after being pressed for documentation, started claiming they were a volunteer organization and did not need any licensing or credentials. If this was the case, then why the charade and run around for the last couple of months concerning documentation? It was at this time that all information pertaining to the National Justice League and the aspartame lawsuits was removed from the World Natural Health Organization web site.

Below are the facts uncovered during the World Natural Health Organization investigation concerning Rich Bellon and the National Justice League:

  1. The National Justice League uses the address of:

    2205 Hilltop Drive - Suite 2022
    Redding CA 96002

    This gives the impression that it is an entity legally operating out of the state of California. A check of records at the California Secretary of State's Office reveals that the National Justice League is not licensed to operate in the state of California.

    The only record that the state of California has of anyone ever using the name of the National Justice League gives the following information:

    Number: C1919726
    Date Filed: 1/4/1995
    Status: suspended

    1741 BELL ST
    SACRAMENTO, CA 95825

    Agent for Service of Process:
    1741 BELL ST
    SACRAMENTO, CA 95825

    You can verify this fact for yourself by checking at:

    Additional checking in several other states can find no record of the National Justice League ever being licensed as a legal entity.

  2. On at least one of their press releases, the National Justice League has listed Britt Groom as their attorney at law using their California address. A check with the State Bar of California has revealed that there is not nor has there ever has been a Britt Groom licensed to practice law in California. You can verify this fact with the State Bar of California at: Additional checking has shown that Brit Groom's name is Britain Groom and that he is licensed to practice law in Idaho only.

    The following is from their press release dated September 15, 2004:

    "For more information or to request an interview, contact:

    Britt Groom, Attorney at Law,
    2205 Hilltop Drive #2022
    Redding, CA 96002

    Message or fax request to (530) 248-3483"

  3. On several occasions Rich Bellon has referred to himself as a paralegal. According to California State law the only ones who may do so in that state must be properly licensed through the state. Rich Bellon is not licensed in California as a paralegal, and as such his claims to being a paralegal are not valid.

  4. Both Rich Bellon and Britain Groom reside in Idaho. So the question is, if the National Justice League is a "volunteer organization," then why use a California address and claim to operate from there when in fact they are in an entirely different state?

  5. The National Justice League has claimed to have filed several lawsuits. Not one has been filed by them. They were in fact filed by private individuals, individuals who are either friends or relatives of Rich Bellon.

Now that you know the REAL facts concerning the National Justice League, you may want to ask yourself this,

"Do I really want to become involved with these people?"

We don't.

For current and accurate information regarding aspartame, other so-called artificial sweeteners, aspartame information and related topics and aspartame lawsuits being handled by real legal and licensed professionals, join the Official WNHO Aspartame Information Yahoo Group at: