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31 Dec 2012 - Hobby Lobby Will Defy Obama Mandate - Risking Millions In Fines [May God watch over and bless and protect them and richly bless them for standing up against this evil and saying "NO"]

31 Dec 2012 - Obama Administration: We Can And Will Force Christians To Act Against Their Faith [This shows just how EVIL and UNGODLY they really are!]

28 Dec 2012 - Hobby Lobby To Defy Sotomayor Ruling On Morning-After Pill [GOOD! Everyone should support them for taking a stand against this evil and standing up for what is right, moral, and Biblical!]

28 Dec 2012 - Sotomayor Denies Hobby Lobby Request On Obama HHS Mandate

28 Dec 2012 - Push For New Pro-Abortion Law In Ireland Built On A Lie

28 Dec 2012 - As the 40 Year Memorial Of Roe V. Wade Approaches, The Failure Of America's Mega Churches To Publicly Confront Ending Abortion Is Extremely Troubling

27 Dec 2012 - Judge Confirms Oklahoma Can Cut Planned Parenthood Funding [GOOD! Our tax dollars should NOT be paying for this EVIL!]

27 Dec 2012 - Judge Stops Georgia Fetal Pain-Based Abortion Ban After ACLU Suit [Of course the ACLU (a tool of Satan) would be there to try to stop this. They are anti-God, anti-morality, anti-decency, and support the form of mass murder and serial killing known as abortion!]

27 Dec 2012 - Washington Activists Push Bill Again To Force Tax-Funded Abortions [They just will not take NO for an answer. All they want to do is force this form of serial killing and mass murder upon everyone and have our tax dollars pay for it!]

21 Dec 2012 - Belgium To Legalize 'Accelerated Deaths' For Minors And Alzheimer's Pts. [The term "accelerated deaths" is their way of saying MURDER! Murder is still murder no matter what you call it!]

20 Dec 2012 - Federal Court Reinstates Colleges' Lawsuits Against HHS Mandate

19 Dec 2012 - Judge Overrules Obama Admin On HHS Mandate

19 Dec 2012 - Christian Colleges Score Win: Court Orders Rewrite Of Birth Control Mandate

18 Dec 2012 - Domino's Farms Files Lawsuit Against HHS Mandate

17 Dec 2012 - Obama Administration's War On Religion

17 Dec 2012 - Catholic Pope: True Peace In The World Requires End Of Abortion And Gay Homosexual 'Marriage' [Yes we crossed out the word gay and replaced it with homosexual because gay means happy and since homosexuality is a sin, a sinner has nothing to be happy about]

17 Dec 2012 - Pro-Life Action League Goes Christmas Caroling At Chicago-Area Abortion Facilities: Musical Reminder Of Christ Child Encourages Women To Choose Life For Their Babies

14 Dec 2012 - Pastor: 'Wimpy' Won't Cut It In Culture War

14 Dec 2012 - Planned Parenthood, YWCA, Girl Scouts Head Pro-Abortion Conference

12 Dec 2012 - Free Speech vs. Sound Of Silence

11 Dec 2012 - Regent University Supports Lawsuit Against HHS-Abortion Mandate

11 Dec 2012 - Planned Parenthood And The Government v. Religious Liberty And Women's Wellbeing

11 Dec 2012 - Planned Parenthood: Your Voice Counts, Unless You're A Baby

11 Dec 2012 - Judge Finds NC 'Choose Life' Plates Unconstitutional [They are NOT unconstitutional, it is this judge and his decision that IS unconstitutional!]

11 Dec 2012 - Judge Rules 'Choose Life' License Plates Violate The First Amendment [This judge is a IDIOT! It does not violate the First Amendment. In fact, he is by limiting the First Amendment rights of others!]

11 Dec 2012 - Pro-Life Activist Fined $5,000 For 'Trespassing' On Public Sidewalk

10 Dec 2012 - The Satanic Elite: American Mind Control And World Government

07 Dec 2012 - There Is No 'Trust Us' Clause In Constitution: Catholic NY Archdiocese Wins Ruling On HHS Mandate

07 Dec 2012 - Free Speech Trial Of Pro-Life Advocates Begins In Jackson, Mississippi: Life Legal Defense Foundation Champions Rights Abused By High School Officials

06 Dec 2012 - Fighting With The Authorities

06 Dec 2012 - Oklahoma Supreme Court Strikes Down Abortion Restrictions As 'Unconstitutional' [There is NOTHING unconstitutional about them. If anything is unconstitutional, it is the court and its decision!]

06 Dec 2012 - Crossroads Announces First Pro-Life Walk Across Australia

05 Dec 2012 - U.N. Treaty Fails In U.S.: Parental Rights Maintained

04 Dec 2012 - ACLU Sues To Block Georgia's Fetal Pain Abortion Ban

30 Nov 2012 - Business Owner Gains Temporary Hold On Mandate

30 Nov 2012 - Censorship Of Web Sites Increasing

28 Nov 2012 - What Has 40 Years Of Abortion Done To America?

27 Nov 2012 - U.S. Supreme Court Orders Review Of HHS Mandate

21 Nov 2012 - Judge: Obama Admin Can Force Hobby Lobby To Obey HHS Mandate [This judge has no right to make such an order. We must remember what the word of God tells us when we are told to do something that goes against what God has said. "Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men." - Acts 5:29, KJV]

21 Nov 2012 - Judges Offer Conflicting Views On ObamaCare Mandate

20 Nov 2012 - Bible Publisher Gets Good News On ObamaCare Mandate: A Federal Judge Has Blocked Enforcement Of The Health And Human Services Mandate To Provide Free Insurance Coverage Of Abortion-Causing Pills In ObamaCare

20 Nov 2012 - Five-Hour Energy Drinks Linked To Death, Convulsions And Spontaneous Abortion

19 Nov 2012 - It's Final In Ireland: Kids, Gov't Rule In Home Over Parents

19 Nov 2012 - UN Report: Religious Objections To Contraception And Abortifacients Violate Human Rights [More proof as to just how evil, anti-God, immoral and indecent the UN really is!]

16 Nov 2012 - Dozens Of States Reject Participating In Pro-Abortion ObamaCare

16 Nov 2012 - President Obama Meets Privately With Pro-Abortion Activist

15 Nov 2012 - Tyndale Publishers Begin Court Hearing Over Contraception Mandate

14 Nov 2012 - Only Prosecutor Ever To Criminally Charge Planned Parenthood Goes Before Ethics Panel Thursday

14 Nov 2012 - 'The Adoption Option' - Pro-Life Ad Now Airing On Oxygen TV Network

13 Nov 2012 - China Has Not 'Abandoned' One-Child Policy -- Think Tank

13 Nov 2012 - 'We Will Defy' Obama's Birth Control Mandate, Says New Nebraska Catholic Bishop

09 Nov 2012 - 'ObamaCare Is The Law Of The Land': Boehner Says House Will Not Repeal [Has an embedded video on the web page] [The American people have now been betrayed, yet again. The Republican Party, which promised to stand up against ObamaCare at all costs, have made yet another in a long line of compromises and will no longer stand up against and try to stop the outrage and the illegal actions that are violating your health rights and personal freedoms.]

09 Nov 2012 - HHS Mandate Lawsuit Count Reaches Milestone Monday

09 Nov 2012 - England: Government Regulates Church Communion: Says Faith Community Cannot Limit Observance To Members [No government no matter where they are, has the right to tell a Church what it may or may not believe and what it may or may not practice! This is yet another attempt by those who are against God to take control over the House of God and those who serve the One and Only True God!]

08 Nov 2012 - Montana Approves Parental-Consent Law [GOOD! Children should never be allowed to participate in this form of serial killing and mass murder, especially without parental consent! A child cannot get a piercing without parental permission, a child cannot get a tattoo, yet those who perform abortions want children to get them whenever they want without the knowledge or consent of their parents!]

08 Nov 2012 - Massachusetts Rejects Assisted Suicide Bill [FANTASTIC! All life is sacred and a gift from God! It is NOT up to us to end it!]

02 Nov 2012 - 2nd Judge Halts Enforcement Of ObamaCare Mandate: Confirms Companies Do Have 1st Amendment Rights

02 Nov 2012 - States Keep Pro-Life Amendments Coming [GOOD!]

01 Nov 2012 - Auto Lighting Company Sues Obama Administration

01 Nov 2012 - Antidepressant Drugs Are Murdering Babies Before They're Even Born: SSRIs Cause Birth Defects, Miscarriages And Complications

31 Oct 2012 - What If You Are Wrong?

31 Oct 2012 - Group Funded By American Billionaire Launches Complaint Against Ireland's Pro-Life Laws

31 Oct 2012 - American Nurses Association Issues Draft Statement Opposing Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia [GOOD!!!]

30 Oct 2012 - Mr. Bean Star Calls For Repeal Of British Hate Speech Law [This law has also been used as a means of attack against Conservative Bible-believing Christians!] [Has an embedded video on the web page]

30 Oct 2012 - 469 Babies Saved From Abortion During 40 Days For Life...So Far

30 Oct 2012 - No Turning Back For Susan G. Komen

26 Oct 2012 - Obama Justice Dept. Targets Christian-Owned Businesses

26 Oct 2012 - Family Research Council May Challenge HHS Contraceptive Mandate

26 Oct 2012 - Christian Bale Honors Chen Guangcheng, Denounces Forced Abortion In China

25 Oct 2012 - 7th Circuit Forces Indiana To Continue Funding Planned Parenthood [This is CRAZY! No court should have the power to order the State to use OUR tax dollars to fund this or any other type of EVIL!!!]

25 Oct 2012 - Democrat Blasts ObamaCare Slavery Of Pro-Life Health Workers

25 Oct 2012 - UMC Court To Determine Denomination's Relationship With Pro-Choice Group [There is no such thing as "pro-choice"! You are either for abortion or against it. No middle ground. If someone claims to be pro-choice, they are stating that they still believe in it, therefore, they are pro-abortion. This totally contradicts Scripture!]

24 Oct 2012 - Michelle Obama Lobbied For Partial Birth Abortions

24 Oct 2012 - Canadian MP To Mainstream Media: Abortion Is 'Butchery' And 'Savagery'

23 Oct 2012 - Evangelicals, Catholics File Two More Lawsuits Against Obama Administration

22 Oct 2012 - Ohio Life Collaboration Campaign Applauds 2011 Record Abortion Decrease: 12% Fewer Abortions Than 2010

22 Oct 2012 - Pro-Life vs. Social Justice: A False Dichotomy

19 Oct 2012 - Powerful New Video Exposes Harm Caused By Obama-Funded Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics

19 Oct 2012 - Pro-Life Activists - One In Jail - Receive Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal For Fighting For Pre-Born [Has an embedded video on the web page]

19 Oct 2012 - Planned Parenthood Flooded With Calls To Schedule 'Imaginary Mammograms' After Obama Gaffe

18 Oct 2012 - Planned Parenthood Marks 96th Birthday With 6 Million Abortions

18 Oct 2012 - Chicagoans To Rally In Record Numbers Against ObamaCare HHS Mandate On Saturday: Citizens To Stand Up For Religious Freedom In Third Coast-To-Coast Event On October 20

18 Oct 2012 - Religious Liberty In The 'None' Generation

18 Oct 2012 - Obama Criticized For Misleading Voters On Abortion During Debate

18 Oct 2012 - AFTAH Interviews Bishop E.W. Jackson - Part One

16 Oct 2012 - Abortion, homosexuality Not Constitutional Rights [Not only that, but the Bible has clearly said they are evil and NOT for the children of God!]

15 Oct 2012 - Doctors File Legal Brief; 20-Week-Old Babies Feel Pain During Abortion

15 Oct 2012 - Pro-Abortion Protesters Storm Church Chanting, 'If Mary Had Aborted, We Wouldn't Have This Nonsense' [This is pure evil!]

15 Oct 2012 - 198 babies Saved From Abortion...So Far!

12 Oct 2012 - Healthcare Mandate Not About Saving Lives

12 Oct 2012 - Taxpayers Still Paying To 'Destroy Human Life'

12 Oct 2012 - Former Planned Parenthood Clinic Director Slams Obama For Parroting 'Mammogram' Lie

11 Oct 2012 - Alaska Court Affirms Parental Notification [GOOD!]

11 Oct 2012 - Texas Baptist Universities Sue Federal Government Over HHS Mandate [GOOD! Everyone should be doing the same thing against this ungodly and evil mandate!]

09 Oct 2012 - Study Claiming ObamaCare Would Reduce Abortions Debunked

09 Oct 2012 - New York Life Chain Stretches 19 Miles Long, Report Says

09 Oct 2012 - Another Secular Business Sues Obama Administration

08 Oct 2012 - 'Your God Is Wrong' Judge Smacked Down By Colleague On Appeal

05 Oct 2012 - Obama Admin Sues To Force Arizona Fund Planned Parenthood

05 Oct 2012 - UN Human Rights Council Attempts To Create Global Abortion Right [What they are really wanting to do is create worldwide serial killing and mass murder!]

04 Oct 2012 - A Viral Video On Religious Freedom

04 Oct 2012 - Health Exchange Grants Fund 'Propaganda'

03 Oct 2012 - Obama: Bible Publisher Not 'Religious' : Tyndale House Challenges Mandate To Violate Christian Beliefs

02 Oct 2012 - Judge Dismisses Suit: HHS Mandate No Threat To Religious Freedom [This judge is either stupid or an idiot or both! It is a clear violation of Biblical teaching!]

02 Oct 2012 - 40 Days For Life Event Saves 51 Babies From Abortion, So Far

02 Oct 2012 - New Billboard Campaign Exposes How Abortion Takes The Place Of Fathers

01 Oct 2012 - Opening The Gates Wide To Population Control Abuse

28 Sep 2012 - New Jersey Legislature Introduces Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill [Suicide is self-murder. All this bill does is open the door to doctor assisted self-murder. So whatever happened to the Hippocratic Oath where is says to do no harm...period!?]

27 Sep 2012 - Updated List Identifies Corporate Supporters Of Planned Parenthood

25 Sep 2012 - NY Schools Give Teens Plan B Behind Parents' Backs: Catholic Cardinal Dolan Says 'Tragic And Misguided'

25 Sep 2012 - NYC Parents Sign Off On Aspirin But Not Morning-After Pills Given Out At Schools

25 Sep 2012 - Federal Judge Hits The Brakes On Another FACE Case

24 Sep 2012 - Remove The Blinders And Accept The Truth, Part 3

24 Sep 2012 - Record-Breaking 40 Days For Life Campaign Starts Next Week

24 Sep 2012 - Pregnant Rape Victims: Quit Assuming We Want an Abortion

24 Sep 2012 - Abortion-Parental Notification Battle Returns To Illinois Court

24 Sep 2012 - Surpasses 3,000 Document Uploads Showing Widespread Abortion Abuses

20 Sep 2012 - Video: President Obama Pledges Support For Religious Liberty [Why should we believe him now? Everything he has done so far has been an attack against religious freedom and liberty and there is NO reason to believe he will suddenly change or stop!]

20 Sep 2012 - Canada: Letters 4 Life Smashes Goal Of 100,000 Pro-Life Letters To Parliament

18 Sep 2012 - Missouri School Challenges 'Restrictive' ObamaCare Mandate

18 Sep 2012 - College Head Calls ObamaCare 'Gov't At Its Worst;' Declares Lawsuit

18 Sep 2012 - Rep. Tim Huelskamp Is Absolutely Correct -- Planned Parenthood Founded For The Purpose Of Killing Children Like His

18 Sep 2012 - Catholic Archbishop Chaput On Voting For Obama: 'I Certainly Can't Vote For Somebody Who's Pro-Choice'

18 Sep 2012 - All Charges Dropped Against UK Pro-Life Group Using Graphic Images

17 Sep 2012 - City Prepares To Outlaw First Amendment

17 Sep 2012 - Despite Recent Report Chinese Government Has Not Banned Forced Abortion

14 Sep 2012 - Missouri Victorious Over HHS Mandate As Conscience-Protection Veto Override Passes

14 Sep 2012 - Hobby Lobby: First Evangelical-Led Business Files Lawsuit Against HHS Mandate

14 Sep 2012 - Christian Retail Owners Fight $1.3 Million-Per-Day HHS Mandate Fine In Court

14 Sep 2012 - Planned Parenthood Text Program Targets Kids With Sex, Abortion

14 Sep 2012 - Obama Backed Infanticide: Pro-Lifers Had It Right All Along

14 Sep 2012 - Largest Pro-Life Youth Group Launches 'I Vote Pro-Life First' Campus Tour [Has am embedded video on the web page]

11 Sep 2012 - New Book, Planned Bullyhood, Exposes Planned Parenthood's Shakedown Of Cancer Group Susan G. Komen For The Cure

11 Sep 2012 - Ann Romney: Marriage, Birth Control Mandate 'Distract' From Real Voting Issues [She's NUTS! Those ARE Real voting issues!]

11 Sep 2012 - Multinational Novena For The Protection Of Unborn Human Persons

10 Sep 2012 - How To Get Fired From A Seminary

10 Sep 2012 - Abortion Drugs Linked To Maternal Deaths In Developing World

04 Sep 2012 - UK Christians Plead With Human Rights Court To Affirm Religious Rights

30 Aug 2012 - Vietnamese Woman Has Buried 4,000 Aborted, Abandoned Babies Found In The Trash

29 Aug 2012 - When You Dispense With God, It's Easier To Kill The Unborn

29 Aug 2012 - Movie 'Aborted Sun' Inspires Hope For Miscarriage And Abortion Grief

27 Aug 2012 - Guilty: Homosexual Activist Admits Sending Death Threats To Pro-Life, Pro-Marriage Leader [So much for their claim of being all for tolerance. The only tolerance is if you go along with them and do not question or speak out about their evil!]

24 Aug 2012 - More Christian Colleges Sue Over Contraceptive Mandate

23 Aug 2012 - ObamaCare Sued By 'Best Place To Work For Women' To Stop Forced Group Insurance Coverage For Abortifacients, Sterilization, And Contraception

23 Aug 2012 - 5th Circuit Sides With Texas

22 Aug 2012 - 'Fetal Flaw': The New Eugenics Rising

17 Aug 2012 - Medical Group Denies Babies Human Until Birth: Canada's Largest Association Of Doctors Attempting To Stonewall Looming Abortion Debate [Let's try a little bit of logic and common sense. If the mother is human and if the father is human, then the unborn child is also human. What don't they understand?]

17 Aug 2012 - Media Outlets Ignore Or Downplay Shooting At Pro-Life Office

17 Aug 2012 - Shooter Told Family Research Council: I Don't Like Your Politics

17 Aug 2012 - Family Research Council President Blames Left-Wing Groups For Shooting

17 Aug 2012 - Court Reverses Ten Commandments Decision

17 Aug 2012 - LivePrayer To File $100 Million Lawsuit Against Southern Poverty Law Center

16 Aug 2012 - We Are Woman Rally, ObamaCare Mandate Represent War On Women's Health

16 Aug 2012 - Texas Fraud Suit Against Planned Parenthood Moves Forward

16 Aug 2012 - Christian Nurse Fired For Sharing Pro-Life Views Settles Out Of Court With National Health Service

15 Aug 2012 - Five Things This Hero Taught Us About Fighting Evil

15 Aug 2012 - Kansas Supreme Court Judge Biased: Should Be Recused In Former Attorney General Case

14 Aug 2012 - U.S. March For Life Founder Nellie Gray Passes Away

14 Aug 2012 - Media Repeatedly Ignores Violent Attacks Against Pro-Lifers, But Lots Of Tom Cruise Divorce Coverage

14 Aug 2012 - Marked 4 LIFE 7.0 Abortion Update Various Countries; Personal Experience With Abortion [YouTube video]

13 Aug 2012 - Where Have Our Values Gone?

09 Aug 2012 - Polanski Presbyterians

09 Aug 2012 - Planned Parenthood, NARAL 'Thrilled' HHS Mandate Is Now Law

08 Aug 2012 - Missouri Residents Vote On Religious Freedom Amendment Today

08 Aug 2012 - Pope: U.S. Faces Threats To Religious Freedom Of 'Unprecedented Gravity'

06 Aug 2012 - ObamaCare's Sacrifice Of Religious Freedom

06 Aug 2012 - Obama: I Won't 'Give Any Ground' On 'Vital' Planned Parenthood Funding [More proof as to his real intentions. Since when is the mass murder and serial killing of the innocent vital?]

03 Aug 2012 - Obamacare Pro-Abortion Mandate Now In Effect

03 Aug 2012 - Wheaton College Fights HHS Mandate

01 Aug 2012 - Beyond Creepy: Obama Uses Daughters To Push Abortion

01 Aug 2012 - Georgia's 'Personhood Amendment' Passes With A Super Majority

31 July 2012 - Leading Pro-Abortion Activist Appointed Head Of Ireland's Health Service

31 July 2012 - The Truth About 'Morning-After Pills'

31 July 2012 - Judge To Let Arizona's Abortion Ban Take Effect

31 July 2012 - Court Blocks Oklahoma Personhood Initiative

31 July 2012 - Judge To Let Arizona's Abortion Ban Take Effect

31 July 2012 - Court Blocks Oklahoma Personhood Initiative

30 July 2012 - Score One For Religious Freedom

30 July 2012 - Liberal Media Fabricate Another 'Scandal'

30 July 2012 - Abortion: A Symptom Of The Real Problem Of Our Nation

30 July 2012 - One Of Many Reasons To Defund Planned Parenthood

30 July 2012 - Abortion Giant Marie Stopes Threatens Leading Pro-Life Pregnancy Centre With Lawsuit

30 July 2012 - Billy Graham: If God Smote Sodom, What Does That Mean For An America That Aborts Millions?

27 July 2012 - Emergency Effort Against HHS Mandate

27 July 2012 - The Trouble With Girl Scouts...

25 July 2012 - Pro-Life Group Calls For Planned Parenthood Probe After Botched Abortion Death

25 July 2012 - Pregnancy Center Founder Comments On Appeals Court Decision

23 July 2012 - Church Vandalism: Sign Of America's Moral Degradation

23 July 2012 - Americans Fight For Freedom Of Conscience

20 July 2012 - We Have Forgotten God. That's Why All This Has Happened

20 July 2012 - Pro-Lifers Are "Hostile" For Wanting To Protect Babies?

20 July 2012 - Scalia Schools Piers Morgan: Abortion Not In The Constitution

19 July 2012 - Wheaton College, Catholic University Jointly Sue Over Birth Control Mandate

19 July 2012 - House Committee Moves Fetal Pain Legislation Forward

19 July 2012 - Scientologist: I Suffered From 'Severe Emotional Distress' After Forced Abortion

19 July 2012 - FBI Questions Pro-Life Advocate

18 July 2012 - Interview With A Planned Parenthood Worker [Has an embedded video on the web page]

18 July 2012 - Homeschool Organization Warns About Imminent U.S. Passage Of UN Treaty

17 July 2012 - Pro-Life Leaders: Obama's FBI Is Gathering Intelligence On The Pro-Life Movement [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 July 2012 - Pro-Life Group: Obama 'Beholden' To Planned Parenthood

17 July 2012 - 'It's Good Business': National Food Company Boasts Huge Pro-Life Billboards On Semi-Trailers

17 July 2012 - Pope: Church Must Preach What God Says Not What People Want To Hear

17 July 2012 - Obama Administration Bypasses Third State

16 July 2012 - The Tragedy Of Miscarriage And Abortion 'Rights'

13 July 2012 - Senate Considers Adopting U.N Measure Regarding Disabled People

13 July 2012 - Planned Parenthood Targets African-American Music Festival: Black Pro-Life Leaders Furious

13 July 2012 - Doctors, Women Increasingly Dislike ObamaCare

12 July 2012 - Congressional Bill Would Gut Pro-Abortion HHS Mandate

12 July 2012 - House Votes To Repeal Pro-Abortion, Pro-Rationing ObamaCare

11 July 2012 - Premier Black Music Festival -- Planned Parenthood Partnership Condemned

10 July 2012 - Obama: Never Mind The States, Voters Want ...

09 July 2012 - Pro-Life? Obama Considers You A Terror Suspect

05 July 2012 - 69-Year-Old Pro-Life Personhood Petitioner Attacked, Suffers Broken Hip

03 July 2012 - ObamaCare Expands Taxes, Abortion

02 July 2012 - Catholic Bishops Reject Supreme Court's ObamaCare Ruling [This is something everyone should do, reject this EVIL and UNGODLY ruling!]

28 June 2012 - 'We Will Not Comply': ObamaCare Upheld By Supreme Court [Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men. - Acts 5:29 KJV]

28 June 2012 - 5 Unelected Judges Seal The Fate And Future Of 310 Million Americans

28 June 2012 - SCOTUS Declares ObamaCare Constitutional [This is INSANE! The individuals mandate and other provisions of ObamaCare and NOT Constitutional. They are in fact immoral and opens up widely the way for evil to grow and proliferate!]

28 June 2012 - Supreme Court Upholds Pro-Abortion, Pro-Rationing ObamaCare

28 June 2012 - Supreme Court Rules For ObamaCare: Supreme Court Ruling Puts The Nanny State In Control

28 June 2012 - Bill McCollum: War Against ObamaCare 'Has Just Begun'

27 June 2012 - Obama Preaches Planned Parenthood, Gays Homosexuals In The Military To High School Students [Yes we crossed out the word gays and replaced it with homosexuals because gay means happy and since homosexuality is a sin, a sinner has nothing to be happy about]

26 June 2012 - Daughter Of Auschwitz Survivor Compares WHO To Hitler Over Abortion Guide

26 June 2012 - If The Media's Consistent ...

26 June 2012 - Partial Reversal Of ObamaCare Won't End Abortion Funding Concerns

26 June 2012 - Obama Plugs Birth Control And Planned Parenthood In Pitch To High School Students

25 June 2012 - World Health Organization Publishes Manual On Best Ways To Kill Unborn Babies [More proof that they are not about life and well-being, but more concerned with the serial killing and mass murder of unborn babies!]

25 June 2012 - Breakthrough Prenatal Surgery At 17 Weeks Saves Miami Girl's Life: Doctor Suggested Abortion

22 June 2012 - Analyst: ObamaCare Bad For Women, Men

20 June 2012 - Planned Parenthood: Doctors Must Obey Us [Planned Parenthood has no right or authority to tell anyone, even doctors, what they must or must not do or who they must or must not obey. This is how evil is. It wasn't to take over and control everyone and silence those who stand up against it!] [Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity? - Psalm 94:16, KJV]

20 June 2012 - ObamaCare And In-School Abortion Clinics

19 June 2012 - U.S. Government On A Collision Course With Science, Law, And The Church: Life Legal Defense Foundation Files To Stop The HHS Abortion Mandate

19 June 2012 - Planned Parenthood: Doctors Who Disagree With Us Are A Threat

19 June 2012 - Komen Announces New Funding For Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

19 June 2012 - Ashley Judd To Fundraise For Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

18 June 2012 - British Medical Journal Campaigns For Legalized Euthanasia [PURE EVIL!]

18 June 2012 - Pro-Lifers Doused With Chocolate Milk While Protesting Abortion In Thunder Bay

14 June 2012 - ABC, NBC, CBS Ignore 164 Rallies For Religious Freedom - Contact Their Offices!

14 June 2012 - Franciscan, Ave Maria, And ObamaCare

14 June 2012 - How Far Will Christians Be Pushed?

14 June 2012 - Video: Hawaii Planned Parenthood Helps Patients Get Sex-Selection Abortions On Taxpayers' Dime [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 June 2012 - Myopic Morality

13 June 2012 - Video Reveals Dangers Of ObamaCare

13 June 2012 - PP 'Twisting' Bible's Words To Advance Agenda

13 June 2012 - Protester Arrested For Vandalizing Pro-Life Display

12 June 2012 - Cops Stomp On Religious Freedom Rally: Put Your Signs Downs And Slowly Step Away ... [I guess they never heard of our Constitutionally guaranteed rights to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion]

12 June 2012 - A Woman's Right To Choose...The Sex Of Her Baby? [PURE EVIL! This is still serial killing and mass murder]

12 June 2012 - Senate Defeats Filibuster Against Pro-Abortion Obama Judge

12 June 2012 - United Methodist Church Continues Its Pro-Abortion Ways

12 June 2012 - Former Abortion Workers Share Their Stories As Abby Johnson Launches New Pro-Life Ministry

12 June 2012 - Report: Chinese Woman Forcibly Aborted At Seven Months (Warning: Extremely Graphic)

11 June 2012 - New Yorkers Join Religious Freedom Rally To Protest ObamaCare

11 June 2012 - Killing 'Defective' Pre-Born Babies Said To Be 'Scientific' [Scientific how can this be scientific? This is just MURDER plain and clear!] [For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. - Psalm 139:13-14, KJV]

11 June 2012 - Ministry Brings Workers Out Of Abortion Industry

11 June 2012 - PP Sets Up Clinic On High School Campus

11 June 2012 - China: Five Month Pregnant Woman Still In Danger Of Forced Abortion

11 June 2012 - Gattaca Becomes Reality As Scientists Start To Screen, Abort Human Babies Based On 3,500 'Genetic Faults'

08 June 2012 - 160 Cities Across U.S. Gear Up For Rallies Protesting Obama Mandate Friday

07 June 2012 - TIME Magazine Pushes Death Agenda: Remove Feeding Tubes From The Dying Elderly (And Get A Cash Bonus!)

06 June 2012 - ObamaCare Premium Could Give Abortion Industry $1 Billion Yearly

06 June 2012 - Christian Law Group: ObamaCare Is Worse Than You Think

06 June 2012 - Planned Parenthood Targets Teens At School-Based Clinic In L.A.

05 June 2012 - Abortion Seller Fights Religious Freedom Amendment In North Dakota [The providers of this form of serial killing and mass murder known as abortion will stop at nothing to push their evil on everyone and silence those who stand up and expose it for what it is!]

05 June 2012 - Planned Parenthood's $1.4 Million Obama Ad Campaign 'Out Of Step With Women,' Pro-Life Group Says

05 June 2012 - Louisiana Passes Three Pro-Life Bills, NC Restricts Planned Parenthood Funding, And More

05 June 2012 - Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally II In San Francisco

04 June 2012 - Ky. Billboard Condemning Homosexuality, Abortion Goes Missing

04 June 2012 - Obama vs. The Catholic Church

01 June 2012 - House Fails To Ban Sex-Selective Abortions

01 June 2012 - Obama Opposes Banning Abortion Based On Gender [That is because he fully supports the form of mass murder and serial killing known as abortion!]

31 May 2012 - Don't Sue The Philistines, Defy Them

31 May 2012 - Planned Parenthood: Obama 'Has Our Back' And Gets Our Vote

31 May 2012 - Congress: U.S. Does Less To Stop Sex-Selection Abortion Than China

31 May 2012 - Democrats: Sex-Selection Abortion Ban Is Anti-Woman [That is an obvious lie and a load of rubbish! It is NOT anti-women. It is saving lives!]

31 May 2012 - Catholic U. On HHS Mandate: Obama Admin 'Showed No Sign Of Taking Us Seriously'

31 May 2012 - Former Planned Parenthood Director Launches New Ministry To Abortion Workers

30 May 2012 - Anti-Abortion Protests To Take Place In Front Of The United Nations In New York And Russian Embassies In Washington, DC, And Montreal, QC [All abortion is, is a form of serial killing and mass murder!]

30 May 2012 - New Catholic Archbishop Of Denver: There's 'Tremendous Joy When You Know You've Saved An Unborn Child'

30 May 2012 - Mental Health Worker Punished For Sharing Pro-Life Views, Lawsuit Claims

29 May 2012 - The Strange Diffidence Of Pro-Family Leaders On Homosexuality Versus Pro-Life Issues: Pro-Life Advocates Would Never Abandon Defense Of Their Core Truths, Neither Should We...

29 May 2012 - Video: Planned Parenthood Encourages Woman To Get Sex-Selection Abortion [Has an embedded video on the web page]

29 May 2012 - Obama Promotes Planned Parenthood, Abortion At Campaign Stops

29 May 2012 - Briton Sues NHS For Firing Her Over Her Pro-Life Views

25 May 2012 - Obama Has Declared War On God Not The Catholic Church

24 May 2012 - Romney Was Not Forced To Provide Free Abortion In RomneyCare, Says Personhood USA [What he did was of his own free will!]

23 May 2012 - Pretty Much Everyone Thinks Religious Freedom Trumps ObamaCare

23 May 2012 - Vermont Ordinance Could Ban Pro-Lifers From Protesting At Planned Parenthood Clinic

23 May 2012 - I Killed Two Of My Children: Fifteen Years Later And Silent No More

22 May 2012 - A Dozen Federal Lawsuits Challenge Health Care Mandate

21 May 2012 - Maine Says 'No' To Planned Parenthood [GOOD!]

18 May 2012 - Mitt Romney Holds Fundraiser With Manufacturer Of The Morning After Pill [This shows where his heart really is! The morning after pill is also known as the abortion pill, this pill largely contributes to this form of serial killing and mass murder!]

17 May 2012 - RIP: Father Weslin, A Lion Of God For Babies, Has Left This Life -- Video Of Father Weslin Being Arrested At Notre Dame

17 May 2012 - Statement On The Passing Of Fr. Norman Weslin, Founder Of Lambs Of Christ

16 May 2012 - Franciscan University Of Steubenville Drops Student Health Plan Over HHS Mandate

16 May 2012 - Kansas Gov. Brownback Signs Bill Protecting Pharmacists' Conscience Rights [GOOD!]

16 May 2012 - Criminal Charges Against Pro-Life Advocates Dropped In South Dakota [They NEVER should have been charged in the first place! This was yet another attempt to silence those who speak up against the form of serial killing and mass murder known as abortion!]

15 May 2012 - Methodist Pro-Life Leader Blasts UMC Conference's Continued Ties To Pro-Abortion Religious Group

15 May 2012 - Catholic Archdiocese Slams Georgetown U. Invitation Of Obama HHS Secretary Sebelius

11 May 2012 - 'I Did The Right Thing By Not Aborting': Video Of Young Mom With Disabled Baby Goes Viral [Has an embedded video on the web page]

08 May 2012 - Federal Court: Texas Must Resume Funding Planned Parenthood

08 May 2012 - Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay Homosexual 'Marriage' Socialist Francois Hollande Wins French Election [Yes we crossed out the word gay and replaced it with homosexual because gay means happy and since homosexuality is a sin, a sinner has nothing to be happy about]

08 May 2012 - ABC, NBC Ignore Chen Guangcheng's Fight Against Forced Abortions

08 May 2012 - Abortion, "Reproductive Freedom" Oppose The Laws Of Nature

08 May 2012 - Arizona Gov. Signs Bill De-Funding Planned Parenthood [Great news!!!]

08 May 2012 - Kansas House Passes Comprehensive Pro-Life Bill On Abortion

07 May 2012 - Universities That Censor Speech Put On Notice: Letter Campaign Suggests Fixes To Policies That Violate Student Rights

07 May 2012 - What's The Real Reason YouTube Pulled Christian Channel?

04 May 2012 - Minn. Governor 'Hooked In' With Planned Parenthood

03 May 2012 - Justice Department Seeks To Have ObamaCare Case Dismissed

02 May 2012 - Catholic Group Responds To Obama's Desperate Attempt To 'Dismiss' Lawsuit Against ObamaCare

02 May 2012 - Court: No More Money For Planned Parenthood - For Now [GOOD! They should get NONE of our tax dollars. This organization's primary purpose is pushing the form of serial killing and mass murder known as abortion!]

02 May 2012 - Georgia Governor Signs Ban On Assisted Suicide

01 May 2012 - Georgia Governor Signs Fetal Pain Law [GOOD!!!]

01 May 2012 - Federal Judge Stops Texas From De-Funding Planned Parenthood [This is EVIL! No judge or anyone else should have the authority to make an order demanding someone to support this EVIL and form of SERIAL KILLING and MASS MURDER!]

01 May 2012 - Another Case Against Unacceptable Mandate

01 May 2012 - Tory Minister: Abortion 'Cannot Be Eliminated' And Is 'Part Of The Human Condition' [He is obviously an idiot and has a total disregard for human life and morality]

01 May 2012 - Seminary To Honor Planned Parenthood Officials [This is NOT right! They should be condemning, not honoring, these supporters and sponsors of the form of serial killing and mass murder known as abortion!]

30 Apr 2012 - Auschwitz And Planned Parenthood (The American Death Camps)

30 Apr 2012 - Boycott Ends: PepsiCo Will Not Use Aborted Fetal Cell Lines For Flavor Enhancers

30 Apr 2012 - Australian Father Of Seven To Spend 8 Months In Jail For Protecting Unborn

30 Apr 2012 - What About Religious Freedom?

27 Apr 2012 - 'Legal War' For IRS If Churches Are Attacked For Speaking Out On Issues

26 Apr 2012 - Obama Lawyers Desperately Try To 'Dismiss' Lawsuit By Pro-Life Catholic Group Against ObamaCare

26 Apr 2012 - The REAL War Against Women -- Forced Abortion And Gendercide In China

26 Apr 2012 - Miss America Contestant Told Not To Mention Pro-Life Views

26 Apr 2012 - No Disease, Disability Can Take Away Our Human Dignity

26 Apr 2012 - 10 Year-Old leaves Girl Scouts Over Planned Parenthood Ties

24 Apr 2012 - Catholic Bishops Call For Two Weeks Of Action Against Obama

24 Apr 2012 - University Police Do Nothing To Stop Desecration Of Crosses In Pro-Life Display

24 Apr 2012 - Americans United For Separation Of Church And State Uses Gestapo Tactics Against Catholic Priest Who Criticized President Obama's Policies

24 Apr 2012 - Denver Catholic Priest 'Pulls Out The Big Guns' On Planned Parenthood: Says Mass On The Street Outside Clinic

23 Apr 2012 - Chuck Colson, Evangelical Giant Against 'Culture Of Death,' Dies At 80

23 Apr 2012 - Susan G. Komen Donations Flow To Planned Parenthood: Let Susan G. Komen Know You Oppose Their Planned 2012 Funding To At Least 17 Planned Parenthood Clinics

13 Apr 2012 - Accused Vandals Of Pro-Life Campus Display Say Destruction Was 'Free Speech' [This is a bunch of hogwash! It is evildoers trying to defend their evil actions against those who stand up against them!]

13 Apr 2012 - Hit '180' Movie And 'Personhood' Movement: Pro-Life Activists Asking Lawmakers To See The Facts [Has an embedded video on the web page]

12 Apr 2012 - Planned Parenthood Sues to Stop Texas From Enforcing Law [Planned Parenthood wants to get our tax dollars so they can use it to perform their evil form of serial killing and mass murder, known as abortion!]

12 Apr 2012 - AZ Pro-Lifers Applaud Bill Limiting Abortions [GOOD! Now they need to get this form of serial killing and mass murder completely done away with!]

11 Apr 2012 - Canada: After Judge Tells Arrested Pro-Life Activist 'Your God's Wrong,' Lawyers File Appeal [This judge is an IDIOT! He has no place to judge God or make his anti-God statements!]

11 Apr 2012 - Wyoming Supreme Court Rules Says City Violated Pro-Lifers First Amendment Rights

02 Apr 2012 - Homeland Security Unites With Abortion Industry To Silence Gospel

02 Apr 2012 - Terri's Death

02 Apr 2012 - Movie 'October Baby' Champions Life, Forgiveness

02 Apr 2012 - Subcontractor Quits When He Learns He's Building Huge Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic

30 Mar 2012 - ObamaCare Hearings Test Of Constitution ... And Kagan

29 Mar 2012 - California Mayor: I Will Fight New Planned Parenthood Clinic 'Even If It Costs Me Personally' [Good for him! May God bless him for taking a stand against this evil!]

29 Mar 2012 - Pastors' Anti-ObamaCare Role [May God bless him for standing up against this evil that threatens us all!]

28 Mar 2012 - Pepsi Named One Of "World's Most Ethical Companies" Despite Exploitation Of Aborted Babies

28 Mar 2012 - Medical Professionals Can Practice Their Faith While Practicing Medicine: HHS Mandate Is A Battle, The War Is Rights Of Conscience, Says Life Legal Defense Foundation

23 Mar 2012 - When Gov't Takes Religious Freedom Away

23 Mar 2012 - Stabbing Death Of Unborn Child In The District Of Columbia Reveals Total Lack Of Right To Life For All 9 Months Of Pregnancy

22 Mar 2012 - Aborted Babies Are Being Chopped Up And Sold To Researchers All Over America

22 Mar 2012 - State Of Alabama Joins EWTN Lawsuit Against HHS Mandate: Cites Citizens' Conscience Protections Under State Constitution

22 Mar 2012 - U.S. Department Of Justice Drops 'FACE' Lawsuit Against Denver Pro-Lifer

22 Mar 2012 - PepsiCo On Fetal Cell Research -- Deny, Deny, Deny

22 Mar 2012 - '282 Corporations Have Stopped Funding Planned Parenthood' [GOOD!]

22 Mar 2012 - 5 Abortion Workers Quit During 40 Days Campaign

21 Mar 2012 - Texas Sues Obama Admin For Pulling Low-Income Health Funds Over Planned Parenthood Defunding

21 Mar 2012 - Religious Freedom Rallies To Be Held This Friday

21 Mar 2012 - Idaho Senate Passes Ultrasound Bill

20 Mar 2012 - The New Bioethics-Hopefully Not!

20 Mar 2012 - Color Video Of Human Life From Conception To Birth [YouTube video]

20 Mar 2012 - What The Media Doesn't Want You To Know: Americans Hate The HHS Mandate

20 Mar 2012 - 352 Babies Saved From Abortion During 40 Days...So Far

20 Mar 2012 - Defy The Forces Of Darkness

20 Mar 2012 - Rehashed Accounting Gimmicks Re: ObamaCare

20 Mar 2012 - Secular Businessman Taking On ObamaCare

20 Mar 2012 - ObamaCare And The Private Sector

16 Mar 2012 - Obama's Abortion Funding Plan: Another Shoe Drops Forcing Americans To Pay For Abortion Coverage

16 Mar 2012 - Court Orders Obama Administration To Release Paperwork

16 Mar 2012 - The Numbers Planned Parenthood Doesn't Want You To Know

16 Mar 2012 - FDA Permits Use Of Fetal Brain Tissue In Lab Experiments

16 Mar 2012 - School's Change Of Heart Isn't Enough

15 Mar 2012 - VA Ban On Detention Of U.S. Citizens Opens Debate: Can Pro-Lifers Be Indefinitely Detained?

15 Mar 2012 - After Being Slapped With A Lawsuit, University Recognizes Pro-Life Christian Student Group

15 Mar 2012 - Personhood Mississippi Issues Statement On The Heartbeat Bill

13 Mar 2012 - Obama Admin Finalizes Rules: $1 Abortions In ObamaCare

13 Mar 2012 - Christians May Be Denied Right To Practice Medicine

13 Mar 2012 - Advocacy Group Launches World Down Syndrome Day Video To Protect The Unborn

12 Mar 2012 - Federal Court Unseals Planned Parenthood Lawsuit

12 Mar 2012 - Born-Alive Infant Protection Bill Makes Headway

09 Mar 2012 - Virginia Governor Signs Ultrasound Bill Originally Decried By Pro-Aborts As 'Rape' Measure [GOOD! Those who support this form of serial killing and mass murder will say and do anything to stop those who stand in their way!]

09 Mar 2012 - Obama Mandate About Helping Planned Parenthood, Not Birth Control

09 Mar 2012 - School: No 1st Amendment Here! - Officials Order Arrest Of Protesters Delivering Pro-Life Message

09 Mar 2012 - International Women's Day A Travesty For Chinese Women And Blind Forced Abortion Opponent Chen Guangcheng

09 Mar 2012 - Pro-Life Youth Arrested Outside School And Held In Jail For 24 Hours

09 Mar 2012 - House Panel Discusses Circumvention Of Parental-Notification Laws [GOOD! There should be a law preventing this!]

08 Mar 2012 - Why Are Christians Silencing Christians?

08 Mar 2012 - Let The Sparks Fly

08 Mar 2012 - Pro-Life Youth Arrested For Peaceful Free Speech Activity On Public Sidewalk: Life Legal Defense Foundation Defends Activists In Mississippi

08 Mar 2012 - I Am A Human Being: Campaign Life Launches New Website To Support Woodworth Motion

08 Mar 2012 - Victory In Court For Personhood Colorado; Petition Set To Move Forward [GOOD!]

08 Mar 2012 - How Some Kids With A Van Are Changing The Pro-Life Movement

08 Mar 2012 - Maryland Police To Get Training About Pro-Lifers' Rights, Says Agreement: 'Constitution 101' Classes Required After Police Illegally Arrested And Strip-Searched Pro-Life Advocates

08 Mar 2012 - Utah Legislature Passes Abstinence Ed Bill

08 Mar 2012 - Australian Children To Be Sterilized Without Parental Consent Under New Eugenics Law [PURE INSANITY and PURE EVIL!!!]

07 Mar 2012 - Pro-Life 'Justice Ride' Begins State-Wide Florida Tour March 12

07 Mar 2012 - Planned Parenthood Now Sex, Inc.? : Pro-Lifers Say Abortion Business Shows Children To How-To's

07 Mar 2012 - Nothing Sweet About SEC's Response

07 Mar 2012 - Utah Legislators Pass Abortion Waiting-Period Bill

06 Mar 2012 - ObamaCare Fines Religious Institutions $100 A Day Per Employee For Failing To Provide Contraception [ObamaCare's definition of contraception also includes the form of serial killing and mass murder known as abortion!]

06 Mar 2012 - It's Not Just Pepsi: Drug, Food, Cosmetic Companies Use Aborted Baby Cells, Says Scientist [This is PURE EVIL!!!]

05 Mar 2012 - Obama Agency Rules Pepsi Use Of Cells Derived From Aborted Fetus 'Ordinary Business' [This is NOT 'ordinary business.' It is DISGUSTING and EVIL!]

05 Mar 2012 - Taxpayers Fund Abortions, Transgender Treatments For Illegal Aliens Under New Obama Admin Rules [It does not matter if the person is here legally or illegally, our tax dollars are NOT to be used to fund this EVIL!]

05 Mar 2012 - Parents' Role In Abortion: A Legal Dilemma?

02 Mar 2012 - President Obama Elevates Providing Abortion Inducing Drugs And Sterilization Above Religious Freedom And The First Amendment

02 Mar 2012 - 'Cookies For Life': 10-Year-Old Ex-Girl Scout Raises Thousands For Pro-Life With Home-Baked Cookies

02 Mar 2012 - The Contraceptive Mandate -- A Power Struggle Between Ideologies

02 Mar 2012 - Canada: Home Schoolers' Family Values Not Allowed

02 Mar 2012 - When Do We Get To Euthanize The Medical Ethicists Who Say Murdering Newborn Babies Is Good For Society?

01 Mar 2012 - Don't Let Harry Reid Bully Your Religious Freedoms Any Longer: Harry Reid And ObamaCare Violate Religious And Moral Convictions By Forcing Americans To Pay For Drug-Induced Abortions

01 Mar 2012 - Arizona Senate Passes Religious Protections Bill

01 Mar 2012 - Obama Loyal To Planned Parenthood [They still makes claims about using the funds they receive are being used for mammograms or cancer treatments, which is NOT true! Their funding is used to push and provide the form of serial killing and mass murder known as abortion!]

01 Mar 2012 - Jesus Says Obama Is Not A Christian -- Pastor: 'Obey God And Turn Away From Obama' [Not only should this apply to Obama, but is should also be applied equally to everyone that is running for public office!]

01 Mar 2012 - A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words -- An Ultrasound Image May Save A Life

01 Mar 2012 - Medical Journal: Legalize 'After-Birth Abortions', 'Infants Are Not People' [Yet another act of murder and they get away with it under the name of medicine!]

01 Mar 2012 - Illinois Supreme Court Considering Parental Notification Law

01 Mar 2012 - Texas Protecting The Health Of Women

29 Feb 2012 - House Judiciary Committee Contemplates Contraceptive Mandate

29 Feb 2012 - Obama Pulls Texas Medicaid Funds Over Planned Parenthood De-Funding [Isn't what Obama is pulling called extortion and blackmail? These are still against the law aren't they?]

29 Feb 2012 - Texas Defunds Planned Parenthood Completely [GOOD! More states should follow their example and stop funding this business of murder and serial killing!]

29 Feb 2012 - Georgia House Set To Vote On Fetal Protection Bill

28 Feb 2012 - Senate Prepares To Vote On Religious Protections Bill

28 Feb 2012 - Planned Parenthood Policy Document: Restructure Family; Encourage Homosexuality

28 Feb 2012 - Video Back On YouTube Exposing Planned Parenthood Targeting Kids

28 Feb 2012 - SHOCK: Ethicists Justify Infanticide In Major Medical Journal

28 Feb 2012 - Indiana Senator Refuses To Honor Girl Scouts Because Of Planned Parenthood Connection [GOOD! More people need to stand up and follow his example and say NO to this evil that the Girl Scouts has allowed to come in!]

27 Feb 2012 - The Heart Of Obama's 'Contraception Mandate' Is Abortion

27 Feb 2012 - Attorneys General Teaming Up Against Mandate

27 Feb 2012 - 'She Left With Tears Of Joy, Rather Than Sorrow': 65 Babies Saved During 40 Days Campaign

27 Feb 2012 - Girl Scouts, Planned Parenthood Still Denying Link

24 Feb 2012 - Why I No Longer Buy Girl Scout Cookies [In addition, the article does not mention this, but they are also not very healthy for you either!]

24 Feb 2012 - Texas Defies Obama Administration, Bars Abortion Providers From Medicaid [GOOD! More states need to follow this example and stand up against this evil and say NO!]

24 Feb 2012 - DOMA Defense Should Be Election Issue

24 Feb 2012 - 7 States Challenge Birth Control Coverage Rule

22 Feb 2012 - Judge Defends Forced Abortion, Sterilization Ruling Against Mentally Ill Woman [Thus is not only MURDER it is PURE EVIL!]

22 Feb 2012 - 'Ideological Commitments' Afoot In Healthcare Mandate

22 Feb 2012 - Missouri School Destroys Pro-Life Poster

21 Feb 2012 - Ob-Gyn: Santorum Was Right, Prenatal Testing Used To Abort Disabled

21 Feb 2012 - At Issue: Planned Parenthood's Illegal Gov't Funding

20 Feb 2012 - Alabama Supreme Court In Landmark Ruling: 'Each Person Has A God-Given Right To Life'

20 Feb 2012 - Pro-Life Women Don't Count? Cecile Richards Misleads That No Women Testified About HHS Mandate [Has an embedded video on the web page]

20 Feb 2012 - Bills Address Obama's Birth-Control Mandate

20 Feb 2012 - Santorum: ObamaCare's Prenatal Mandate Leads To Abortion Of Disabled Babies

17 Feb 2012 - American Association Of Religious Bigots (AARB)

17 Feb 2012 - Rights For Unborn Children Passes: With Senate Approval, The Personhood Measure Heads To The House

17 Feb 2012 - Facebook Censors Pro-Life Image, Allows DIY Abortion Instructions

16 Feb 2012 - The World Is Enveloped In Confusion

16 Feb 2012 - Planned Parenthood Guilty Of Tens Of Millions Of Dollars In Fraud Charge Whistleblowers, New Report

16 Feb 2012 - The Fight Over Obama's Mandate Is The Fight Of A Lifetime For Religious Freedom

16 Feb 2012 - School OK With Zombies, But Not Pro-Life Posters: Students Say Their Free Speech Is Censored

16 Feb 2012 - Boycott Komen's Race For The Cure Events, Sham Cancer Fundraisers Prey On Pinkwashing Quackery

16 Feb 2012 - Passage Of Oklahoma Personhood Act Paves Way For State Constitutional Personhood Amendment

15 Feb 2012 - Lawsuit Against ObamaCare And HHS Mandate Filed In Federal Court Today On Behalf Of All U.S. Employers

15 Feb 2012 - ObamaCare Lawsuits Heat Up

15 Feb 2012 - Palin: Birth-Control Controversy Epitomizes ObamaCare's Folly

15 Feb 2012 - Obama Tramples Religious Liberties: Obama Continues His Assault On The Christian Faith

15 Feb 2012 - Va. House OKs 'Personhood,' Ultrasound Bills: Follows Statute On Books For Over 20 Years In Missouri

15 Feb 2012 - Now Planned Parenthood Bullies Catholic Food Bank For Saying No To Them

14 Feb 2012 - UNESCO Official Calls For National Registry Of Doctors Who Object To Abortion: Spain

14 Feb 2012 - How Planned Parenthood Hooks Kids On Sex (WARNING: Graphic Material) [Has an embedded video on the web page]

14 Feb 2012 - Healthcare Reform Violates First Amendment: Forces Abortion Insurance Mandate: Life Legal Defense Foundation Submits Brief To Supreme Court Arguing Mandate Is Unconstitutional

14 Feb 2012 - 12 State Attorneys General: We Will File Lawsuit Against Obama Mandate 'In Weeks, Not Months'

14 Feb 2012 - U.S. Catholic Bishops Vow To Fight Obama Mandate After 'Accommodation': White House Says It's Final

14 Feb 2012 - Catholic Fr. Frank Pavone: No compromise - The Mandate Has To Go, Period

14 Feb 2012 - Should Birth Control Get All The Credit?

13 Feb 2012 - Chaplains Risking "Treason"

10 Feb 2012 - New Obama Scam (You Must Pay, But Nobody Pays) Lays Groundwork For Future National Abortion Mandate

10 Feb 2012 - Activist: Planned Parenthood NOT In Healthcare Business

10 Feb 2012 - Bill Donohue: Obama's Mandate About Abortion, Not Birth Control

10 Feb 2012 - RomneyCare Required Anti-Catholic Regulations Like ObamaCare's

09 Feb 2012 - EWTN Files Lawsuit Against Obama Mandate

09 Feb 2012 - Southern Baptist Leader: If Obama Mandate Isn't Changed, Christians Will Go To Jail

09 Feb 2012 - Church Leader: Jail Over ObamaCare

08 Feb 2012 - Santorum: Obama Contraception Stance 'Tramples' 1st Amendment

07 Feb 2012 - The Hidden Agenda Behind The Media War On Komen

06 Feb 2012 - CA Rep. Wants Immediate End To Forced Birth Control Coverage, Rest Of ObamaCare

06 Feb 2012 - Take Action: Obama Mandates Pro-Abortion Policy On Faith-Based Organizations

06 Feb 2012 - Komen Disgraces Its Own Cause

03 Feb 2012 - Susan G. Komen Apologizes For Cutting Off Planned Parenthood Funding [They try to push that Planned Parenthood does a large amount of breast cancer screening and what they call "other preventative services." What falls under this category of "other preventative services", is what their main purpose is, to push the form of serial killing and mass murder known as abortion!] [A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. [James 1:8, KJV)]

03 Feb 2012 - Komen Foundation Caves To World's Leading Baby Killer With Help From The Media

03 Feb 2012 - Coalition On Abortion/Breast Cancer Chastises Uninformed Democratic Senators: Planned Parenthood Doesn't Do Mammograms And Damages Women's Health / Susan G. Komen For The Cure Was Right To Halt Planned Parenthood Funding

02 Feb 2012 - Pelosi: Girl Scouts Ties With Planned Parenthood, Other Organizations, 'Very Valuable' [Very valuable? Pelosi is either blind or an idiot or both!]

02 Feb 2012 - The Impotent American Church

01 Feb 2012 - This Isn't Just About Catholics Vs. Obama -- This Is Also About Women: HHS Mandate Latest Salvo In Skirmish Over Life ... And Human Dignity

01 Feb 2012 - Komen For The Cure Abandons Planned Parenthood Funding

01 Feb 2012 - Komen: No More Money To Abortion-Provider

01 Feb 2012 - Mitt Romney Skips Third Pro-Life Personhood Event [That is because, despite what he says, he is very much pro-abortion and supports this form of serial killing and mass murder!]

31 Jan 2012 - Catholic Church Rejects Surrender Terms From Obama [Neither Obama or anyone else has the right or authority to tell a church to go and do what is against its teachings, especially when they are being told to allow and commit murder!]

31 Jan 2012 - Planned Parenthood Ad Campaign Reveals True Agenda

31 Jan 2012 - Washington Post's Own Ombudsman Criticizes Paper's March For Life Coverage

27 Jan 2012 - Speak Honestly: Abortion Is 'The Killing Of Tiny Human Beings In The Womb' - Denver Catholic Bishop

27 Jan 2012 - Pro-Life Activist Prevails Against The U.S. Department Of Justice

27 Jan 2012 - Reuters Promotes Eugenics With 'Abortion Is Safer Than Giving Birth' Headline [What they are promoting is pure EVIL!]

26 Jan 2012 - Oklahoma Senator Correct -- Mainstream Media Wrong: Aborted Fetal Cells Are Used In Development Of Flavor Enhancers For Food Products

26 Jan 2012 - African Genocide: Planned Parenthood To Ramp Up African 'Abortion Services' By 82%

26 Jan 2012 - Major Victory For Life In Europe: 'Euthanasia Must Always Be Prohibited'

26 Jan 2012 - Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants To Stop Pepsi From Using Aborted Fetus Cells In Soda Flavoring Research

25 Jan 2012 - New York Times Ignores March For Life For Fifth Year In A Row: WaPo Focuses On Pro-Aborts

25 Jan 2012 - Pro-Lifers: Extension Proves WH 'Addicted' To Abortion

25 Jan 2012 - Catholic Parish Bans Girl Scout Troops Over Ties To Planned Parenthood

24 Jan 2012 - Legalized Abortion: 39 Years Later

24 Jan 2012 - The Fox News Feminists

23 Jan 2012 - Obama Orders Catholics To Act Against Their Faith; Bishops Call It 'Unconscionable' [So who made him GOD? And what happened to the supposed Separation of Church and State"? Seems his highness thinks he is above Biblical teachings and individual and Constitutional rights, something that he thinks ObamaCare is greater than!]

23 Jan 2012 - Acid-Tongue Obama On Christian Right

23 Jan 2012 - Obama Praises 'Fundamental Constitutional Right' To Abortion [This clearly shows just how EVIL he really is. He knows that abortion is NOT a "Fundamental Constitutional Right." Abortion is nothing but a form of serial killing and mass murder!]

23 Jan 2012 - Where States Stand On Life

23 Jan 2012 - March To Recognize Lost Generation

23 Jan 2012 - Obama Defends Roe v. Wade As Way for 'Our Daughters' To Have Same Chance As Sons To 'Fulfill Their Dreams' [A pure EVIL and one sided statement being used in an attempt to justify this form of serial killing and mass murder!]

20 Jan 2012 - State Department Of Health Defends Seeking Forced Abortion For Mentally Ill Woman

20 Jan 2012 - LifeSiteNews Interviews Ron Paul: Protect Family, Marriage, Life By Protecting Subsidiarity

19 Jan 2012 - Second Grader: Defeat Obama, "He Says You Can Kills Babys"

19 Jan 2012 - Four Ultrasound Bills Introduced In Virginia

19 Jan 2012 - Planned Parenthood Wants To Increase Abortions Globally 82%

19 Jan 2012 - No More Will We Coexist With Child-Killing

18 Jan 2012 - Postmodern Political Correctness And Christianity 2

18 Jan 2012 - Say No To Girl Scout Cookies

18 Jan 2012 - The 'Death Panel' Buried Deep Inside The Healthcare Law

18 Jan 2012 - The Silliest Pro-Abortion Argument Ever (Is One You Hear All The Time)

18 Jan 2012 - NH House Votes To Strip Abortion Providers Of Taxpayer Funds

17 Jan 2012 - Abortion Film Debuts On JUMBO Screen At DC March For Life

17 Jan 2012 - Teen Christian Singer: Graphic Abortion Pics Moved Me To Write Pro-Life Song [Has an embedded video on the web page]

17 Jan 2012 - Martin Luther King Jr's Niece: My Uncle Would Be Pro-Life

17 Jan 2012 - Planned Parenthood Uses Martin Luther King to Promote Abortion [That is because this EVIL organization of mass murder and serial killing will do anything they can to push their evil, including using the face of a man like Dr. King, who they know would be against it!]

17 Jan 2012 - Fla. Pro-Life Advocate Wins Battle To Counsel Outside Abortion Clinic

13 Jan 2012 - Brand New 'Guidelines' Pushing Radical, Explicit Sex Ed Agenda On Schools Nationwide

13 Jan 2012 - 445 Babies Saved From Abortion Thanks To Free 'Bella' Movie, Popcorn

12 Jan 2012 - Thousands Expected At 8th Annual Walk For Life West Coast In Heart Of San Francisco: West Coast's Largest Pro-Life Event In Heart Of San Francisco

12 Jan 2012 - Leading British Pro-Life Group, SPUC, Launches Campaign Against Gay Homosexual Marriage [Yes we crossed out the word gay and replaced it with homosexual because gay means happy and since homosexuality is a sin, a sinner has nothing to be happy about]

12 Jan 2012 - Planned Parenthood's Main Agenda For Women Is Abortion

12 Jan 2012 - Wyoming Sued For Censoring Pro-Life Display In Capitol

12 Jan 2012 - 'Prove Unborn Aren't Human' Says Canadian MP In Challenge To Abortion Supporters

12 Jan 2012 - Planned Parenthood Starts "Women Are Watching" 2012 Campaign [This is just another attempt to intimidate those who would stand against this evil and for of serial killing and mass murder]

12 Jan 2012 - Girl Scouts Quash Pro-Lifer

12 Jan 2012 - Leaders: Texas Sonogram Bill Ruling A Key National Victory - But Not Over Yet

11 Jan 2012 - Arizona College Student Quits Girl Scouts Over Pro-Life T-Shirt Ban

11 Jan 2012 - Gaudy Salaries For An Ungodly Job

10 Jan 2012 - How Girl Scouts And Planned Parenthood Connect And More!

10 Jan 2012 - Presidential Debate Exposes Media's Anti-Christian Bigotry [Has an embedded video on the web page]

10 Jan 2012 - Pregnancy Help Centers To Argue Against Coerced Abortion: Judge Allows Counselors To Join Lawsuit Over State Requirement

10 Jan 2012 - Appeals Court Says Texas Can Enforce Abortion Law

10 Jan 2012 - PETA Wants Personhood For Animals, Not For Unborn Humans

05 Jan 2012 - Planned Parenthood Gets A Half-Billion Dollars To Kill Preborn Babies

05 Jan 2012 - '180' Nears 2 Million Views -- Producer Of Fireproof And Courageous Calls It 'Gutsy And Powerful'

03 Jan 2012 - Cancer-Stricken Teen Mother Dies To Give Her Baby Life [Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends - John 15:13 KJV]

03 Jan 2012 - Addressing Abortion In The Church

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